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August 2014
What do those three dates have in
common? They happen to be the
dates of death for three former mem-
bers of St. Marks. The three mem-
bers were Herbert Reim, David
Schumann and Elsie Sellnow. These
three saints of God have something
in common besides being believers
in Jesus Christ and now dwelling in
heaven. These believers were led by
the Holy Spirit to generously give of
the blessings that God had entrusted
them to manage while here on this

Mr. Reim left St. Marks the mineral
rights for property in North Dakota.
Recently we have begun receiving
oil royalty checks of about $8,000
per month which have been designat-
ed to help pay off our school mort-

Mr. Schumann left St. Marks 10%
of his family trust. These monies
were designated for the St. Marks
School mortgage.

Mrs. Sellnow left St. Marks over
$180,000 which was designated by
her family for the restoration and
refurbishing of our 90 year old pipe

There have been and are many mem-
bers of St. Marks who have remem-
bered their congregation in their
wills and estates. God blessed them
while they were here on this earth.
He first and foremost gave them the
gift of faith in Jesus as their Savior.
He also gave them the gift of giving.
November 27, 1982 September 18, 2012 February 24, 2013
In love for their Savior and out of
concern that the Gospel of Jesus con-
tinue to be spread they freely and
generously gave to Gods church
even in their death.

Through the years we have received
estates of more than a million dol-
lars. We have received estates of sev-
eral thousand dollars. All these mon-
ies have been put to good use to
maintain the ministries here at St.
Marks, at Lakeside and in the Wis-
consin Synod.

We praise and thank our God that he
moves people to give because the
Lord has given to them.

We may have members in our con-
gregation who may want to know
how they can do this also. If you
have questions, you may contact the
WELS Ministry of Giving. Its direc-
tor is a member of St. Marks, Pastor
Kurt Lueneburg. This ministry has
planned giving counselors who are
able to give advice and direction in
carrying out your wishes and plans.
Another member of St. Marks is a
planned giving counselor who is
semi-retired, Pastor David Dolan.
You may wish to contact one of
these two men, if you have questions
or are seeking guidance and advice.

The Lord gives us many ways in
which we are able to give to him, not
just with our money, but also with
our time and talents.
- Pastor Jim Werner

The members of St. Marks Church contributed a total $151,875.11 in June.

$101,006.08 was received for the general operating fund in June and the operating needs were $100,815.07, leav-
ing an overage of $191.01. With the carryover balance from 2013 and the contributions to the debt reduction fund,
no borrowing has been needed this year.

$25,947.21 was received for the month of June toward our goals for missions, Lakeside, Property Maintenance,
Debt reduction, Hispanic Outreach, and the ROC. The needs for our goals were $29,452.64. Contributions toward
the goals were $3,505.43 below the needs.

$24,921.82 was received toward Stay the Course in June to pay for the school expansion and renovation. Needs
were $17,760.00. Contributions were $7,161.82 above needs.

Weekly contribution needs, for operation, is $27,266.08. $7,218.53 is needed weekly toward goals for Missions,
Lakeside, Property Maintenance, Debt Reduction, Hispanic Outreach and the ROC.
- Submitted by, Larry Schuett, Treasurer

Financials - St. Marks Mission Statement Page 2
St. Marks Evangelical Lutheran Church
Our Mission
To serve all people in Gods world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the basis of Holy Scripture.

Our Objectives
1. To proclaim Law and Gospel
2. To strengthen believers through the means of grace
3. To equip believers in sharing the Gospel of Jesus with others
4. To provide a Christian Day School

Pebbles from the ROC - Library News - Elders Page 3
Pebbles From the ROC...
Our gracious Lord blessed us with a beautiful day and a great Golf Outing for THE ROC Youth Center, held on
Sunday, June 22
. For the presentation, two young adults, who had attended the ROC in the past, Brandon
and Bryan Fisher, shared their thoughts about why they think THE ROC is such a blessing. Brandon is now a
manager at Hardees and Bryan is on the Johnson Creek Fire Department. Brandon also brought his family and
mentioned how he and his wife were married by Pastor Mueller and their new baby, Noel, had been baptized that
morning by Pastor Mueller. Their strong feelings about THE ROC touched the hearts of those who attended. The
Gospel of our Savior, taught and proclaimed at THE ROC, has touched thousands of teen hearts. Since WELS
Kingdom Workers can no longer fund the outing, an additional encouragement came with an individual anony-
mously donating $5,000 matching funds. The amount raised for THE ROC totaled $11,324 which includes the
matching funds from the donor and Thrivent. Next years Golf Outing will be on Sunday, June 28th, 2015. A look
into dinner options will be needed as the price is going up for the buffet. Thank you to everyone who worked so
hard on the event and all those who donated to make it successful.

Come and support our Watertown Recreation & Outreach Center (THE ROC) For Youth by stopping for
lunch (brats, special Packer Brat, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, sauerkraut, chips, soda or water) at Glenns
Market Brat Stand (722 W. Main St.) Friday, August 1
, between 10:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M. Our ROC Staff,
Friends & Youth will be cooking and serving. See you for lunch. Anyone who would like to help cook or serve is
asked to call Pastor Mueller at 920-206-9581. Thank you.
Elders Work: Some Volunteer Opportunities
St. Marks Board of Elders considers its chief labor: foster-
ing an atmosphere of regular church attendance. You can
help more specifically with this effort.

Every couple of months, 37 people each phone seven of
our member families, inviting them to one of our special
church services. Pastor Walther provides the names, the
numbers, and the script. This phoning is very effective.
Please consider volunteering!

Also: every three months, when a new copy of Meditations
arrives, seven fellows each visit six homes of our mem-
bers: bringing them the Meditations and inviting them to
church. Pastor Walther provides the names, addresses, and
materials. Again: Please consider volunteering!
Library News
The Library Committee is looking for
at least three or four volunteers to
help out getting the library rooms
ready for the new school year. The
dates are Tuesday afternoons during
the Summer, as well as 6-8 PM those
evenings. Anyone who can volunteer
their time will be greatly appreciated!

For more information or to volunteer,
contact Darlene Bushie at 920-988-
0706 or

Thanks to ALL who donated books
this past school year. We are accept-
ing only gently-used books during the
Summer - NO encyclopedias or maga-
zines. Donations can be dropped off at
Mrs. Bushies residence.
Christian Doctrine - Handbell Choir - Messenger Page 4

Christian Doctrine:
Christs Threefold Office
When Jesus arrived, he was the
first to serve as Prophet, Priest,
and King simultaneously. Jesus
was anointed by the Holy Spir-
it himself, very visibly, at his
baptism (Acts 10:37-38).

So, Jesus served as Prophet. As
Prophet, Jesus not only spoke
Gods Word, he is Gods
Wordthe Lords full revela-
tion of himself (Luke 4:18).

Being the Anointed One, Jesus
was Priest. As Priest, Jesus not
only made a sacrifice, he is
Gods sacrificeand no further
sacrifice of animals need ever be
made again (He 9:26).

Anointed by the Holy Spirit, Je-
Thousands of times the New
Testament calls Jesus the
Christ (Greek) or
Messiah (Hebrew). These
terms mean The Anointed

In Old Testament times, three
types of men were anointed: they
had a specially spiced blend of
olive oil poured out on them,
signaling the Holy Spirits pres-
ence upon them. These were
prophets, priests (from Levi),
and kings (from Judah).
To include an article or notice in The Messenger, drop off your information
at the church office or e-mail to:

The Messenger Deadline is the 15th of the month.
Information received AFTER that date is NOT guaranteed inclusion.

Articles, notices, etc., are only printed once - unless otherwise requested, and all articles are subject
to modification by the editor. Special requests will be taken into consideration, however please
understand that for various reasons and space, your request may not be honored.
sus is King. As King, Jesus not
only represented God (the
King of Kings), he is the Lord
himself, the King of Kings. And
as our Shepherd King, he res-
cued us (John 19:19).

Nowadays, Christians are this
worlds anointed ones. You
are a chosen people, a royal
(kingly!) priesthood (priests!), a
holy nation, a people belonging
to God, that you may declare the
praises of him (prophets!) who
called you out of darkness into
his wonderful light. (1 Pt 2:9)

In Christ, the Anointed One, our
status is an amazing and blessed
one indeed!
Hand Bells
Members are needed for the Handbell Choir this Fall! Prof.
Bill Birsching has offered to direct the Bell Choir this year.
For more information, call him at 261-1388.
The Work of Our Pastors & Others: Baptisms at Saint Marks?

Good Samaritans - Summer Bible Series - St. Marks Church Staff Page 5
Coordinator & Outreach/Discipleship - Pastor James Werner (262-8506)

Education & Youth - Pastor Michael Jensen (262-8505)

Hispanic Outreach & Elders - Pastor Karl Walther (262-8504)

Spanish Deacon - Dale Hella (285-6261)

Church Administrative Assistant Linda Stark (262-8500)

Church Accountant - JoAnn Wollinger (262-8500 Ext. 224

Church/School Maint. Mgr. A.J. Ritschke (262-8501 Ext. 304)
The Good Samaritan Group will be holding the Annual Fall Festival in October.We will
soon be starting to think about Raffle Gifts and various donation thoughts and ideas. If you
are interested in making any donations of craft items to sell, donations for the Raffle Auc-
tion or prizes for the kids gamesORwe are also always looking for additional hands to
help run the Festival, please feel free to contact Kathi Strohbusch at (920) 988-7769. All
proceeds go to our Good Samaritan Fund, which in turn helps our own St. Mark's members
and community members in need.
Summer Bible Series
The Summer Bible Series on the parables of Jesus
continues through Tuesday, August 12th. Sessions
are held in the Parish Center Multipurpose Room at 7
PM, and led by Pastor David Dolan.

Page 6 Pastoral Acts/Membership Updates - Voters Meeting Update - Summer Mission Fest
Baptisms... Birth Baptism Parents
Kaydy Solis 6-12-10 7-26-14 Able Solis & Mayra Leon
Eder Solis 7-12-13 7-26-14
Kate Rowan Schmitz 4-21-14 7-27-14 Jeffrey & Jennifer Schmitz

Funeral... Date of Death Funeral
Elna Tomhave 6-23-14 6-28-14
John Wittchow 7-23-14 7-30-14
Nancy Green 7-26-14 8-02-14


7-4-14 Kirk Kussmann & Julie Richart
7-5-14 Nathan Loersch & Rebecca Engelbrecht
7-12-14 Joshua Jensen & Aimee Ulm
7-12-14 James Zehren & Lynn Filenius
7-26-14 Karl Zimmerman & Valerie VanTussi

Transfer In: Linette Schleef

Transfers Out: Nathan Walther, Amanda Walther, Audrey Murray, Dorothy Schmied, Joey Dach

Confirmation: Ryan Tanner, Leanna Westenberg

Profession of Faith: Jubal Bischoff

Release: Randy Rueth

Removals: Mike Higgins & child, Krystal Maasch, Belinda Maass, Jeremy Rocker, Michelle Schil-
ling, Kurt Zuehlke, Lilly Schultz
Quarterly Voters Meeting Update
Voters approved the appointment of Pastor Jensen as the
Coordinating pastor at Pastor Werners retirement.

Also approved
$10,000 for missions
$13,200 for security doors at school
$26,700 for maintenance projects from the Stange estate

The following men will serve on the nominating committee:
Larry Schuett, John Borchardt, Jeff Wetzel, & Jeff Kube
Summer Mission Festival
Mission Festival will be ob-
served on August 20, 23, & 24.
The focus will be on Wisconsin
Lutheran Seminary and the im-
portance of encouraging young
men to consider serving their
Savior and His people in the pas-
toral ministry.

Prof. Daniel Leyer will be the
guest speaker.
Page 7 Worship Schedule - Meals-on-Wheels - Sermons Online - Spanish Outreach

Worship This Month...

August starts with the conclusion of our series on post-exilic
times, at the very end of the Old Testament.

July 30, August 2, 3
Pentecost 9: Ne 1:4-11, 2:4-6
Nehemiah Prays & Asks to Visit Jerusalem

August 6, 9, 10
Pentecost 10: Ne 2:16-18, 6:15-16
We Cant Continue in This Manner!

August 13, 16, 17
Pentecost 11: Ne 8:1-9
Nehemiah Has Ezra Proclaim Gods Law

August 20, 23, 24 Mission Festival...
Prof. Dan Leyrer preaches on Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
Matthew 9:35-38
The Harvest is Still Plentiful

August ends with the start of a series on 1 John.

August 27, 30, 31
Pentecost 13: 1 Jn 1:8-2:2
Spanish Language Outreach
August is the month for inscripcin (registration)both for twenty Mexican families at our school and
the two families who additionally have students at Lakeside Lutheran High School this year.

Pastor Dale has kept himself busy so far this summer (& will continue to do so!). His every member vis-
its, with the subject of Holy Matrimony, have been very fruitful and encouraging. He also substituted
twice in quick succession on Sundays for Pastor Walther.

Pastor Walther has had four young ladies (about to enter 7
grade) in preparacin para primera co-
munin (pre-communion classes). Besides his brief quarterly visits upon all families, Pastor Walther has
contact with nearly everyone every couple of days via text messaging in bulk.

In August, the Spanish-speaking congregation will consider the Apostle Pauls first three epistles, written
in connection with his first two missionary journeys: Glatas & 1 y 2 Tesalonicenses (Galatians and 1&2
St. Mark's will be delivering Meals On
Wheels the week of August 11-15. If
you are willing to help, please call
Yvonne at 920-261-5844. Thank you.
Sermons On Line
Did you know you can watch a weekly St.
Marks Church Service (English or Spanish)
on your computer? To do so, go to the
Livestream link at, then
on the church tab, scroll down to find the link.
You can also go to

If you have any questions, call the Church
Office at 920-262-8500 or send an e-mail to-

Memorials - Senior Nutrition Program Page 8
Memorials for St. Marks Church, School, Missions, School Building Fund, the ROC, St. Marks
Scholarship Fund, etc. These memorials have been given to the Glory of God and in loving memory of
the following:
William Billy Lenius
Dave & Cathy Hensler

Jerry Lillge
Sylvia Tester, Raymond & Caroline
George Lueder
Todd & Kari Buske

Charles G. Naatz
Dale & Carol Lenius

Beverly Ann Sauey
Robert & Donna Long, James &
Judy Tyrer, Katherine Ammon, Paul
& Sherri Brigowatz, Jane Nehls,
Lavern & Ardis Nickels, Gerald
Huffman, Dertha Hanley, Randy &
Kathleen Head, Kyle & Heather
Maron, other family & friends

Carl Seeber
Kevin & Kristi Zubke

Robert Stangler, Sr.
Earl & Sue Zubke

Elna Tomhave
Suzanne Herzog, Mr. & Mrs. Robert
Heese, Mr. & Mrs. J. Paulsen, Cindy
Fitzsimmons, Mrs. Gert Boelter, Mr.
& Mrs. Tom Justmann, Helen Waller,
Rev. & Mrs. Myron Kell, Robert Ku-
gler, Carol Erickson, Prof. & Mrs.
Bill Birsching, Elaine Hoppe, Rev. &
Mrs. R. Schultz, Dave & Carol May,
Mr. & Mrs. Ruben Schwefel, Doro-
thy Steinbrecher, St. Marks Ladies
Aid, Carolyn Birkholz, Kay Uhlhorn,
Lee & Ruth Dahlberg, Mr. & Mrs.
Ron Steindorf, Joanne Hemker, Joan
Kentopp, Armin & Kay Schuetze,
Dale & Cheryl Henning, Rev. & Mrs.
James Werner, Irene Kittel, Ellen
Balge, Lavern & Ardis Nickels, Dale
& Carol Lenius, Sylvia Tester, Eric &
Carol Schloesser, Doris Buchta, Rev.
& Mrs. Andrew Schultz, Mr. & Mrs.
Timothy Boldt, Dorothy Zubke, Mar-
gie Eickelberg, Phyllis Westenberg,
& Catherine King, Rev. & Mrs. Bill
Hein. Prof. & Mrs. Alan Jeffers, Jim
& Karen Huhn, Dorothy Zubke

William Wolfgang
Kevin & Susan Roddy, Mary Herauf,
Todd & Kari Buske

Gifts given to church or school...

Everett & Marleen Borth gave a gift
to the church in honor of their 56

wedding anniversary on June 28

Edwin Buske
AJ & Rhonda Ritschke

Tom Doering
Marlin & Lorraine Kube

Joyce Dorn
George & Lou Engelke

Carl Duckworth
Kevin & Kristi Zubke

Anne Hahm
Dale & Carol Lenius

Carol Kohlhoff
Diane Stai

Lorretta Kottwitz
Prof. & Mrs. James Thrams,
Wesley Altwies

Mary Krueger
Jim & Arlene Krause

We apologize for any missing or misspelled names.
Senior Nutrition Program
The Watertown Senior Center, 514 S. First Street, Wa-
tertown, is the Senior Dining Site. Enjoy conversation
and a delicious Noon meal. Reservations are required
one day in advance by calling 920-261-7013 between
10 AM and Noon. The site serves Monday through Fri-
day and the suggested donation is $3.50 for those age
60 and over. Volunteers are always welcome. Call the
number above for information.

Confirmation, New Member, & Video Bible Classes Page 9
Parents of Middle School
& 7
Send your kids to Confirmation classes this Fall!

They take place:
Wednesdays - 3:45 5:15
Beginning September 3

Classes include:
Bible reading, Bible videos, Memory work, A bit of

We meet:
Parish Center - Downstairs - Room B-2

Students: no need to bring anything but yourselves.

Get connected to Christ your Savior!
Its time for you to learn his Word!

Pastor Walther: 920-262-8504
A Fresh Look at Gods Word
in All Its Detail

Christianity differs from every major
religion in this: It is actual factual histo-
rycomplete with dates and places and
witnesses (all found in Scripture). These
are some of the things the Holy Spirit has
used to convince us that Christ is truly
the worlds Savior.

These things also enable people to make
videos of the Bible. In fact, five of the
most crucial books of the Bible are now
on videoword for word.

Well use snippets from the ACTS video
to continue studying Gods Word in All
Its Detail. This Bible Class will take
place Thursdays, at 9 AM or 4 PM,
beginning September 4
and running
through this school year, downstairs in
our Parish Center.
Would you like to become a member?

This also includes our high school students
who have not yet been confirmed!

Bible Information Class

Anyone, really - especially those not confirmed
in a conservative Lutheran church

When does it start?
September 3

What time of week?
7:00 8:30 on Wednesday nights

For how long?
Through December

Parish Center: Room B-2 Downstairs

What to bring?
A pencil, if youd like

Need more info?
Pastor Walther: 920-262-8504

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

ROC Brat Fry at
Glenns Brat House
12:30: Quinceaera
Yazmin Montalban
6PM Church Service
3 Church Services
7:30, 9:00 & 10:45AM
6:30PM Spanish Service

6PM Praise Singers
7PM Leadership Bible
Study (School)
8PM Standing Bds
7:50AM: Board of
Pastoral Ministry

7PM AA Mtg B1

(10AM) (2PM) (6PM)
10AM Golden Living
2:30PM Highland House
3PM: Hispanic School
7PM Church Service
(10AM) (2PM)(6PM)

8 9
11AM: Quinceaera
Leilany Emilio

6PM Church Service
10 Church Services
7:30, 9:00 & 10:45AM
8:45AM Saviors
Message B-1
6:30PM Spanish Service

7PM Praise Singers
7PM Ministry Council
7PM AA Mtg B1

10:15AM Marquardt
2:30PM Johnson Arms
7PM Church Service

10:30AM Zinzendorf

15 16
1PM Stark/Indra
6PM Church Service

17 Church Services
7:30, 9:00 & 10:45AM
8:45AM Saviors
Message B-1
6:30PM Spanish Service
10A-Noon Circuit Mtg.
@ St. Marks/WTTN
7PM Praise Singers
19 7PM AA Mtg B1
8AM 1
Day of
classes at Lakeside
10:15AM: Lakeside
Opening Service & New
Faculty Installation

10AM Golden Living
7PM Church Service
Summer Mission


22 23 10:30AM
Ayala/Pineda Wedding
1PM Peirick/Fredrick
6PM Contemporary
Church Service
Summer Mission Fest.
24 Summer Mission
Church Services
7:30, 9:00 & 10:45AM
8:45AM Saviors
Message B-1
1:30PM LPS Opening
6:30PM Spanish Service
7:30AM 1
Day of
classes at Luther Prep

6PM Sch. Min. Bd.

7PM Praise Singers

7PM AA Mtg B1

10:15AM Marquardt
7PM Church Service

10:30AM Zinzendorf

6PM Good
Group Meeting (MP)
29 30
1PM Cruz
Renewal of Vows

@ 7:55AM

August 2014 - St. Marks Ev. Lutheran Church Calendar
215 N. 6
Street, Watertown, WI 53094 Phone (920)-262-8500

School Home visits from August 11
Central Pastors Conference--St. Johns/WTTN
706 Jones Street
Watertown, WI 53094
Phone: 920-262-8501 Fax: 920-262-8517
SUMMER NEWS 2014-2015
2014-2015 Theme
As we celebrate our congregations160th anniversary our school theme this year will be
"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever" Hebrews 13:8
The local stores are setting up all the displays for school supplies. That means that August will be here
soon and the new school year is fast approaching. Please note that this year we have registration the first full week
of August. Wednesday and Thursday, August 6
and 7
will be the registration days. The format will be the
same as the past two years. We will meet every four hours at 10:00 am, 2:00 pm, and 6:00 pm. Parents are
asked to attend one of those times on either of the two days. The joint meeting will take about 45 minutes followed
by the registration process of 30 minutes. Volunteer training will be held for any NEW families that were not
trained last year. Please note that the volunteer training is good for two years, so if you were trained last year you
are set for one more year.
May God provide His richest blessings to our families, parents, students, teachers, Board members, and
pastors this school year. Serving Gods people at St. Marks, Mr. Uttech

Assistant Principal and Upper Grade Teacher Accepts Call to St. Marks
Mr. Tim Kassulke accepted our call to serve as our upper grade teacher and assistant principal. Mr.
Kassulke served our congregation in Norfolk, Nebraska for 23 years and a teacher and principal. After serving in
Nebraska, Mr. Kassulke served our congregation in Waukesha, WI as the principal. Now he will be serving the
members of St. Marks. We pray that the Lord will provide Mr. Kassulke and his family many long years of
service at St. Marks. Mrs. Tammie Kassulke, Mr. Kassulkes wife, will be serving as the first grade teacher at
Trinity-St. Lukes this coming year. We wish Mrs. Kassulke the Lords blessings at TSL. The Kassulkes have
several grown children and one daughter who will be in 8
grade this year.
We wish Mr. Tim Kassulke and his family the Lords richest blessings.

Christian Education Sunday
St. Mark's Ev. Lutheran School will celebrate Christian Education on September 7th in the 9:00 A.M.
Church Service. We welcome all of our teachers back for another school year. Our new teacher, Mr.
Kassulke, will be installed in the 9:00am service Please join us for this special celebration on Sunday,
September 7th for the 9:00 A.M. Service. A reception will follow the service in the School Commons.

The first day of school for all students will be Tuesday, September 2nd. Doors open at 7:00AM and classes
begin at 7:55AM and end at 3:00PM. Those students attending half-day Pre-K classes will be dismissed at
11:00AM each day. Opening service will be held in church at 8:30 A.M. Parents and congregational members
are invited to attend the opening service.

As we continue to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the children of St. Marks and the Watertown community,
please bring a neighbor or a friend that is looking for a church home along with you to church. Also invite them to
consider enrolling their children in our wonderful Jesus-based school. If you have a friend that is interested in St.
Marks, bring them along to registration so that we can meet and talk with them.
Many new families will be joining our St. Marks School family this year. If you meet one of our new families,
please go out of your way to make them feel welcome. Introduce yourself and offer to answer any question the
new family members may have. We thank the Lord for all of our families at St. Marks.

St. Mark's School Office
The school office has been closed since June 15
. The office will open for the new school year on August 18
The office will begin office hours on Monday August 18
. After that date the office will open Monday through
Thursday 9am until 12 noon until school starts on September 2nd. No office hours will be held on Fridays. After
school starts the office hours will be 7:30am until 3:30pm when school is in session. The office will be closed
whenever school is not in session throughout the school year. These office hours help the congregation save
considerable money. Therefore we hope you understand.
If you need assistance until the office opens in August, please contact your childs teacher, the church office, or
Mr. Uttech.

Master Calendar 2014-2015
Copies of the Master Calendar will be printed and distributed when school starts. Each family will receive one
professionally printed copy when it arrives. Families can request additional calendars if needed. Paper copies of
the annual school calendar will be available at registration. The August Calendar is attached.

A Classroom Supply List was sent out on with the last newsletter in May. If you did not receive a copy of the list,
please contact Mr. Uttech by email at A printed-paper copy has been delivered to Wal-
Mart, ShopKo, Fleet Farm, and Walgreens. A printed copy may also be picked up at church either in the front or
the back of church. A copy is also attached to this newsletter.

Over the past few years the number of children needing extra assistance with academic learning has grown significantly.
Therefore many changes needed to be made to the remedial program for our school. Our Learning Coordinator is ! time and
only can handle so many students; therefore the Board of School Ministry has authorized a major restructuring of the
program. The new program will focus exclusively on the children in the lower grades (K-4). Early intervention is the best
approach for the students that need extra help. The older students in grades 5-8 will be assisted by the classroom teachers
and parent volunteers. It is vital then that parents would be willing to volunteer to assist the classroom teachers in grades 5-8
to help the students that require extra assistance with their academic learning. Please consider signing up to volunteer for
one of the classroom teachers in the upper grades. If you have any questions, please speak with Mr. Uttech or the classroom
teachers in grades 5-8.

This year the teaching staff will be still have two fewer teachers than two years ago. This was the result of the church
budget cuts. Therefore, many volunteers are needed. Please read through the following list and offer your services
whenever possible.
Pre-K Helpers Monday - Friday 7:50-11:00 any day of the week
Kitchen Servers Monday - Friday 11:00 -12:30pm any day of the week
Lunch Room Supervision Monday Friday 11:00-12:30pm any day of the week
A.M. Commons Supervision Monday Friday 7:00-7:40am any day of the week
Recess Supervision Monday Friday Various times throughout the day
Forensics Coordinator/Helper Monday Friday September-Mid-November
Upper Grades (5-8) Monday Friday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

The cost of education for a child at St. Marks School is $3,400. The congregation covers most of the cost and
asks the parents to pay the following fees:
2014-2015 SCHOOL FEES Technology Fee Included
Grade 1
Child 2
+ Child
3 Pre-K (3days) $ 850.00 $550.00
4 Pre-K (5 days) $1,125.00 $700.00
Kindergarten $1,000.00 $500.00
$1,050.00 $550.00
Fee Assistance forms will be available at registration.
Staff for the 2014-2015 School Year
PreK-3 Mrs. Kari Deglow Grade 3 Mrs. Jaymie De Frain
PreK-4 Mrs. Carol Tetzlaff Grade 4 Mr. Matt Nottling
Kindergarten Mrs. Sue Hahn Grade 5 Mrs. Gretchen Fiemeyer
Grades K&1 Mr. Adam Igl Grade 6 Mr. Casey De Frain
Grade 1 Mrs. Marilin Bock Grade 7 Mr. Tim Kassulke
Grade 2 Miss Becky Hafemesiter Grade 8 Mr. Jeff Korth
PreK Aide Mrs. Julie Higgins Remedial Mrs. Jan Schadt
K Aide Mrs. Kathy Stern Administration Mr. Tim Kassulke
K&1 Aide Mrs. Monica Borchardt Administration Mr. Fred Uttech
Aide Mrs. Lisa Slayton Administration Pastor Jensen
Cook Mrs. Sharon Burow Extended Care Mrs. Ruth Uttech
Cook Mrs. Deb Archambeau School Office Mrs. Carol Schloesser
Cook Mrs. Becky Fischer School Office Mrs. Becca Palacios
NSLP Admin. Mrs. Quinn Jimenez Maintenance Mr. A.J. Ritschke
Board Chair Mr. Todd Buske Board Member Mr. Ryan Strohm
Board Member Mr. Nate Scharrer

Registration & Parent Meeting Information
Once again this year we will hold registration and our parent meetings together. The parent meetings will
be 45 minutes long and the registration process should take less than an hour. Registration and the parent meetings
will be held every four hours on those two days. Please mark your calendars for these meetings and attend one
session on either of the registration days. The registrations dates are Wednesday, August 6
and Thursday, August
. The parent meetings on those days will be held at 10am, 2pm, and 6pm. Please choose which session you will
attend. Registration cannot take place without attendance at one of the parent meetings. If you have any
questions, please contact Mr. Uttech at
The teachers will be making HOME VISITS once again this year. The teachers will be calling to set up a
time when they can come by for the home visit. Please make every effort to accommodate the teachers schedule.
Some teachers have to make as many as 34 home visits. The home visits will start August 11th and will continue
for the next two weeks in the month of August.
Mr. Kassulke will be holding his home visitation meetings at school this year due to the fact that he will be
moving to Watertown during the month of August. Mr. Kassulke will contact each of the 7
grade families with
times and dates for those meetings.
May God bless our registration process and our school year.
Registration Days
Wednesday August 6th 10am, 2pm, 6pm
Thursday August 7th 10am, 2pm, 6pm
Wednesday August 6
3pm to 5pm Hispanic Families Pastor Walther and Pastor Hella

Our band program will continue for interested students in grades 5-8. Sign-up forms will be available
from Mr. Duwe, our band instructor at registration. We need our band to grow larger and we pray that
you would consider signing your child up for band.
If you have not signed up your child for piano and you are planning on piano lessons for your son or daughter,
please call Mrs. Ruth Huebner at 262-3150 now to get your name on the list. There is a non-refundable registration
fee due to hold your spot. Additional information will be available at registration.

Please make sure your children are up-to-date on all required immunizations, especially Pre-K, Kindergarten, and
grade children and any new students to St. Marks. The Watertown Dept. of Public Health located at 515 S.
First St. will gladly answer your questions. The Watertown Dept. of Public Health will be offering a special
vaccination clinic for students entering kindergarten through 12
grade for the 2014-15 school year. Please call the
Health department for additional information or you can contact Mrs. Helen Zellmer our school nurse at 920-261-
7780 or 929-941-1040. Mrs. Zellmers email is

The Extended Child Care is located in the school (lower level). It is available to St. Marks School families who
have children ages 3-14 and the 3&4 year old children who are bathroom self-sufficient. It is open from 6:30AM
7:45AM and again from 11:00-6:00PM. It will be open every day that classes are in session.
Children using the ECC may purchase breakfast, hot lunch through the school lunch program. Fees for the
Extended Child Care Center are $3.50/hour for the first child and $3.25/hour for the second child (plus a $35.00
annual family registration fee.)
PLEASE NOTE: The ECC is looking for part-time help. Any interested adult members should contact
Mrs. Ruth Uttech
Have a blessed remainder of the Summer!