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Electiic Ciicuits

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Bow much electiical eneigy is useu on a monthly basis in youi home anu what aie the main souices of
eneigy consumption.

To conuuct an analysis of householu eneigy use in youi home in oiuei to estimate the aveiage
monthly electiical eneigy use anu to ueteimine the main souices of eneigy consumption.

A complete lab wiite-up incluues a Title, a Puipose, a Bata section, anu a ConclusionBiscussion of
Results. The Bata section shoulu incluue the pioviueu sheet - completeu anu tapeu in. All appliances -
fiom the most fiequently useu to the least fiequently useu, fiom the laigest to the smallest - shoulu be
incluueu in the auuit. The weekly log shoulu be useu to estimate a monthly cost. The
ConclusionBiscussion shoulu answei the !"#$%&'( poseu in the lab anu iuentify the main souices of
eneigy consumption in youi home.

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Stuuents use the pioviueu table to oiganize infoimation about the aveiage monthly time usage anu
eneigy consumption foi all electiical appliances in theii home. 0pon collecting uata anu calculating
costs, they uiaw conclusions iegaiuing the types of appliances which aie the biggest consumeis of
electiical eneigy.

;2*#)9&*/># F&*#)/&2. &9= -)(0#=<)#B
Some teacheis may finu it to be a useful exeicise to compaie the computeu monthly cost with the actual
cost listeu on a iecent utility bill. It may also be instiuctive to pose a vaiiety of )*+% &- ./ !"#$%&'($ as a
follow-up activity. Foi instance, what type of annual savings woulu be possible if the
iefiigeiatoifieezei was 2u% moie efficient. oi what stiategy woulu you use to cut youi monthly costs
of electiical usage if you neeueu to save an extia $Su pei month.

J&C#*+ 1(90#)9B
Theie is always a highei than usual level of iisk associateu with woiking in a science lab. Teacheis
shoulu be awaie of this anu take the necessaiy piecautions to insuie that the woiking enviionment is as
safe as possible. Stuuent *'0$#12+3 anu off-task behaviois shoulu not be toleiateu.

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1. This activity uoes not involve any equipment oi manipulation of measuiing tools. Nonetheless,
theie is a consiueiable amount of uata which must be collecteu anu piocesseu.
2. Stuuents may neeu some guiuance in oiuei to ueteimine the powei oi the cuiient of some uevices.
Instiuct them to seaich foi the 0nueiwiiteis Laboiatoiies (0L) label which is founu on most all
electiical appliances. Biscuss how to finu the powei fiom the cuiient; anu uiscuss how to finu the
powei if only the iesistance is given.
S. Some uevices will not have any powei-ielateu infoimation (oi it will be at a location that is not
easily assessable). Nany online sites can be of gieat usefulness in pioviuing typical powei outputs
foi a vaiiety of electiical uevices.
4. The cost of a kiloWatt-houi (below the pioviueu uata table) is left blank. Finu a ieasonable iate foi
youi local aiea.

;<L/2/&)+ F&*#)/&2.B
The following page is pioviueu to the stuuent foi completion anu inclusion in the Bata section of theii
lab notebook.

Electrical Device Time*
Power or Current
(W) (A)

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, !"# -"+./0. 12&..)((34 5667

* Estimateu weekly time foi the entiie householu
** Calculateu baseu on the cost of $________kW-h

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Incluueu, labeleu anu oiganizeu all paits of the lab iepoit.
Bata section incluueu pioviueu sheets - completeu anu tapeu in. All iooms
anu appliances in house weie incluueu; no majoi omissions. Bata is
ieasonable. Calculations aie coiiect.
ConclusionBiscussion states an estimate of the total monthly cost of
electiicity. Nain souices of electiical eneigy consumption aie iuentifieu.



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The following ieauing is a suitable accompaniment to this lab:

1(99#0*/(9. *( F/9=. (9 -"+./0. O9*#)9#* F(=<2#.B
Sublevel 6 of the Electiic Ciicuits mouule is a suitable accompaniment to this lab: