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Max. Hours: 40
The present course aims at familiarizing the participants with arious aspects of economic! social!
political an" cultural enironment of In"ia# This will help them in gaining a "eeper un"erstan"ing
of the enironmental factors influencing In"ian $usiness organizations#
UNIT- I ( S!ss"o#s)
Business Enironment%&eaning! Importance! Enironmental 'actors! Recent (olitical
Enironment! Recent Economic an" 'inancial Enironment! (lanning In In"ia%(lanning
Commision%)i$eralisation an" (lanning! In"ustrial (olic*: +ew tra"e polic*%,--, onwar"s!
In"ustrial )icensing in In"ia# (atterns of In"ia.s in"ustrialisation
UNIT-II (10 S!ss"o#s)
In"ian 'inancial S*stem : &onetar* /n" 'iscal (olic*! Economic Tren"s! (rice (olic*! Stoc0
E1change Of In"ia! Role of regulator* instituions in In"ian financial s*stem 2 RBI an" SEBI !
+ational Income!Role of In"ustr* in Economic 3eelopment! 'oreign Tra"e an" Balance of
(a*ment!(oert* in In"ia! Unemplo*ment in In"ia! Inflation! 4uman 3eelopment! Rural
3eelopment! (ro$lems of 5rowth# Competitie enironment! In"ian capital mar0et
UNIT-III ( S!ss"o#s)
3irect 6 In"irect Ta1es 7&O3V/T8!7CE+V/T8!Competition /ct 9::9 6 'E&/ /cts !Business
Ethics! Corporate 5oernance! (hilosoph* an" strateg* of planning in In"ia# Corporate social
UNIT-IV ( S!ss"o#s)
)i$eralisation! (riatization an" 3isinestments! Special Economic ;one 7SE;8 an" their role
an" impact in International Business Enironment!<orl" Tra"e Organisation 7<TO8! Re"efining
Value (reposition to &S&Es
UNIT-V (1$ S!ss"o#s)
Social Responsi$ilit* of $usiness enterprises! +ew Economic (olic*! 5lo$alization! E=I& polic*
an" role of E=I& $an0! '3I polic*! &ultinational Corporation 7&+Cs8 an" Transnational
Corporations 7T+Cs8! 5lo$al Competitieness! technolog* an" competitie a"antage!
technolog* transfer % importance an" t*pes! /ppropriate technolog* an" technolog* a"aptation#
Su%%!s&!' R!a'"#%s:
,# Shai0h 6 Saleem % Business Enironment 7(earson! 9n" E"ition8
9# 'rancis Cherunilam 2 Business Enironment! Te1t an" Cases 74imala*a (u$lishing 4ouse! >th
?# &ittal % Business Enironment 7E1cel Boo0s8#
@# V# +eelamegam 2 Business Enirnoment 7Vrin"a (u$lications ! 9n" E"ition8
A# 'ernan"o%Business Enironment 7(rentice hall8
B# &ishra S C 6 (uri V C % Economic Enironment of Business 74imala*a (u$lishing 4ouse! ?

D# (aul Justin % Business Enironment Te1t an" Cases 7Tata &c 5raw 4ill8#