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5th International Forum of the

European Youth Parliament

10-18 August 2014
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Presidents Note
Note from the Organis-
ing Team
Travel Guide
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Presidents Note
Dear all,
It is an honour and a pleasure to be a part of Thessaloniki 2014. The or-
ganising team have been working tirelessly on the session for quite some
time and I am delighted to be on board with them in the final months of
preparation for what will be one of the highlights of the EYP calendar.
This is an incredibly exciting project that will bring together academic ex-
cellence through resolutions which will be collected, developed and de-
bated through Committee Work discussions, and an electric atmosphere
that frame this international working environment through Team Building
and participation in other events planned for the conference.
To say that the team behind this forum is devoted to the cause would be an
understatement. They are a group of utterly committed and creative peo-
ple who are doing everything within their power to ensure the session is
the ultimate success. Thessaloniki is the European Youth Capital for 2014,
and what better place to gather some of the brightest minds in Europe to
discuss the future of our continent and
meet a host of interesting people along
the way.
I encourage you all to recognise and take
each and every opportunity this forum
can provide. I look forward to the chal-
lenges we will face as we work together
to create a truly unique event with real
solutions to real problems. Most of all,
I cannot wait to meet you all in Thessa-
Lucy Bradfield
Note from the Organising Committee
Dear participants,
We, as the Organising Committee, would like to warm-heartedly welcome
you all to the Thessaloniki International Forum. Both Thessaloniki and
Chalkidiki are regions that all of us love and have lived in for the past years of
our lives. Consequently, it is far more than enjoyable for us to have an event as
big happening in our own city. The session itself has given us a chance to both
re-discover our city and enrich our knowledge on what we already knew.
It is in a sessions nature to create friendships, memories and bonds that
can last almost forever. So, in a session as lengthy as this, it is only subse-
quent for you to meet new people, make new frienships and maybe learn
a few things all while you get to express yourself and make you own voice
Thus, creating and nurturing that opportunity for all of you by hosting the
Thessaloniki International Forum is something that not only gives us great
joy but also helps us become better ourselves.
The vision we share as team for the
session is a great one. And we only
hope you are able to enjoy it as much.
We cannot wait to see you in Thes-
The Organising Committee.
Sunday, August 10th
Arrival of delegates
All delegates are expected to arrive at Thessaloniki by 20:00.
Monday-Tuesday, August 11th-12th
Teambuilding will take place at the camp in Metamorfosi, our accommoda-
tion venue for the first two days of the session. All delegates will engage
in outdoor and indoor activities throughout the two days with their com-
Dress code : Comfortable, sports/outside activity clothing (provide rain
During Eurovillage, you will have the opportunity to present as a national
delegation some of your countrys foods and cultural elements at EYPs
famous Eurovillage. So bring lots of food! You are strongly encouraged to
wear your countrys traditional clothing,bring flags and other material to
decorate your stand. Please inform the Organising Committee beforehand
to discuss the possibility of refrigerating or warming up food on site.
Dress code: Casual or National Costumes.
Wednesday-Thursday, August 13th-14th
The accomodation venue will be changing as we will be moving to Hotel
Vergina which is positioned in the center of Thessaloniki.
Opening Ceremony
The session is formally declared open by its President in the Opening Cer-
emony, during the morning of the 13th. Dress Code: Formal (suit, shirt, tie,
dress/skirt. No jeans or casual wear)
Committee Work (2 days)
Committee work will begin during the day and as its conclusion each com-
mittee will create a resolution on their respective topic with the help of an
experienced Chairperson. It will take place at the Mediterranean College
Thessaloniki (old Hotel Vienni, historical monument of the city).
Dress Code: Smart Casual (Not formalwear- ripped jeans, t-shirts, shorts
are discouraged)
Committee dinners
For Thursday evening, the organising team will have booked tables at a
selection of local restaurants for each committee to go out for a meal to-
gether. This is a very special moment for the committee, which can spend
some time together off committee work enjoying fine local cuisine.
Friday, August 15th
Free Day
Delegates will have a free morning to spend time and relax with new
friends and visit sights in the city of Thessaloniki. There will be alternative
routes provided for a guided tour around the city by organisers.
Euroconcert is an opportunity for artists amongst the participants (music,
dance, ballet, poetry, acting etc.) to exhibit their skill and talent to the rest
of the session.
Musicians should bring their own instruments. The Euroconcert venue
will provide a grand piano and music stands.
Auditions will be held before announcing the programme of Euroconcert
so that an appropriate standard of quality is upheld. Therefore, perfor-
mances must be well-rehearsed. A full rehearsal at the Euroconcert venue
will also be possible right before the event and there will possibly be other
opportunities for rehearsing as well.
Dress Code: Formal/Elegant
Saturday-Sunday, August 16th-17th
General Assembly
General Assembly will be the perfect setting for sharing ideas and discuss-
ing all the resolutions produced during the week. It will take a full two
days happening in the confress center Nikolaos Germanos inside the
Thessaloniki International Fair.
Dress Code: Formal
Monday, August 18th
Departures of delegates, officials and guests. Please note that breakfast
will be offered at the hotel. Organisers will assist you on your departures
from Thessaloniki.
Travel Guide
All delegates are expected to arrive by Sunday August 10th at the city
of Thessaloniki, before 20:00. Departures are on Monday, August 18th
from the city of Thessaloniki, as well. Make sure to inform the Organising
Committee on your exact date and time of both arrivals and departures
through the (upcoming) Travel Detail Form. This will help arrange pick-
ups and transportation to Chalkidiki, which will be provided by the Organ-
ising Committee.
Thessaloniki is accesible in a number of different ways. You can reach the
city by airplane, by bus, by train and in some rare cases by boat. The air-
port is going to be the starting point for the transportation to Chalkidiki;
transportation to Chalkidiki will be provided by the Organising Team.
The airport is easily accessible by public transportation from the city
center. There is a bus line connecting the Macedonia Bus Station, Railway
Station and the city center with the airport. There will be organisers in all
the arrival points to help and guide you as soon as you arrive.

The most convenient way would be by airplane. You can fly to Thessa-
loniki at the Macedonia Airport (SKG) which is connencted with direct
flights with many cities throughout Europe. The aiport serves a variety of
airlines (including low-cost ones).
Thessaloniki is connected with every part of Greece by bus lines and also
with a few countries abroad.
For connections with greek cities, Bulgaria, Albania and Germany visit
the following website:
There are also neighbour coutries that offer bus lines from a number of
cities to Thessaloniki through travel agencies.
Thessaloniki has a central Railway Station that connects the city with
Skopje, Belgrade and Sofia. For more information visit the following web-
Participation Fee
The participation fee for delegates is set at 80 euros. All delegations are
required to deposit the fee by June 30th, 2014.
You may request a refund, in case of cancelation, until July 21st (20 days
prior to the session).
The participation fee covers:
-Accommodation from August 10th to August 18th (checkout August 18th)
-Transportation within the same period (after participants arrival at Thes-
saloniki, until the closing of the session)
-Meals and coffee breaks from August 11th to August 17th (including
breakfast on August 18th).
*Please remember that along with the fee, international banks charge a
standard commission for the transfer. We suggest you deposit the fees as a
group, in order for the commission to be the lowest possible and be evenly
distributed amongst the delegation.
Note: Participants must carry enough money for their tickets home, the
committee dinner and an emergency budget. Beyond that it is up to the
participants discretion.
Participants eligible for a European Health Insurance Card are urged to
obtain and bring their card, in order to ensure that they will get easy ac-
cess to state healthcare. Please find more information about the EHIC and
how to obtain it here.
It is also suggested that participants have their own personal travel insur-
ance. Travel insurance should be covering loss of luggage, accidents, dis-
ease etc. Insured participants ought to make sure they bring their insur-
ance card with them if their insurance company requires it.
Special Needs
Participants with special needs concerning allergies, medical treatment,
medication or facilities for people with disabilities, should inform the Or-
ganising Committee through the and Registration Form, that is going to
be sent out soon. Also, you can always send an email with all the relevant
information to
Alcohol and Prohibited Substances Policy
Alcohol will be available at some events. Greek legislation prohibits alco-
hol consumption for persons under 18 years of age. Participants should
also be mindful of their own countrys relevant legislation.
As young ambassadors of their country, the delegates are expected to un-
derstand that EYP Greece would not wish the delegates experience to be
ruined by misbehaviour. EYP does not condone overindulgence. Partici-
pants that overindulge alcohol will be excluded from the session regard-
less of whether they were legally entitled to consume alcohol.
EYP operates a zero-tolerance policy on drugs. Participants that use any
substance prohibited by Greek law will be excluded from the session with
no refund option provided.
Delegates are encouraged to prepare for Committee Work by researching
their topics and following relevant news items. This will both enable them
to creatively contribute to their committees discussion and raise the aca-
demic level of the session. Delegates will soon have the chance to select
topics and will receive guidelines for their research.
Please check for visa and other document requirements at the website of
the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
If you require any assistance in obtaining a visa please contact us at thes- as soon as possible. A formal invitation let-
ter can be provided if necessary.
What to bring to Thessaloniki International Forum
Absolutely Necessary
Travel tickets
Valid identification documents
Visa (if required)
Bathing suit, Flip-flops, Bath towels (not provided by the camp)
Light jacket (in case of cooler weather - suggested)
Insurance (suggested)
European Health Insurance Card (strongly suggested)
Mobile phone
Comfortable, warm clothing suitable for outdoors activities
Sun cream
Committee Work
Smart casual clothing
Preparation papers and notes (in-session printing is not provided)
Food and material
National flag
Traditional clothing (optional)
Opening Ceremony, General Assembly, Euroconcert
Formal clothing (skirts, dresses or suits for ladies; suits for gentlemen)
Musical instruments (only piano provided)
Sheet music

or at the e-mail address :

Ilias - Marios Oikonomou
Head Organiser
Member of the Executive Board of EYP
: +30 6975784776
: ilias-marios.oikonomou@eypgreece.
Despina Dimitrakopoulou
Contact Person
: +30 6972799776
Achilleas Platanitis
Head Organiser
Vice - President of EYP Greece
: +30 6983202326
: achilleas.platanitis@
Despina Papadopoulou
General Secretary of EYP Greece
T: +30 6981852690
E: despina.papadopoulou@
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