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Climate change adaptation

in the business sector

Keynote presentaton by Rowan Douglas
Rowan Douglas serves as the Chairman of Willis Research
Network (WRN). Mr. Douglas served as Chief Executve Ofcer
of Willis Re Global Analytcs at Willis Group Holdings Public
Limited Company and Willis Re Inc. Mr. Douglas leads Willis
Re Inc. analytcs functons including regulatory, enterprise
risk management, actuarial, credit and catastrophe risk
modeling teams and capabilites. In 2008, he was appointed
by the U.K. Science Minister to Natural Environment Research
Council (NERC) which oversees public environmental science
Plenary panel discussion
Panel discussion focussing on how business is responding to
the challenges of adaptaton. Panelists are Stephen Martn
(CEDA Chair), Chi Mun Woo (KPMG) and Jason West (BHP
A range of panel sessions
Creatng and sustaining value in light of climate change:
insights from food and beverage value chains.
Is cost beneft analysis useless for informing adaptaton
Parallel sessions
Productvity and prosperity in a changed climate
Business and economics
Business as usual
Economics to support decision making
All of these will take place amongst a raf of other pertnent
and interestng talks and poster presentatons.
The conference dinner (included in your registraton) promises
to be a great evening and will include the announcement of
NCCARFs Adaptaton Champions Award, including the winner
of the business and industry award.
Join us and contribute to the discussion of challenges and opportunites in dealing with climate change
Gold Coast, Brisbane
30 Sept - 02 Oct 2014
National conference hosted by
Climate change afects business and industry and presents a range of risks and opportunites
Hear from experts, engage in discussion with peers in our multdisciplinary and mult-sectoral
climate change adaptaton conference
The Climate Adaptaton 2014 Conference, co-hosted by NCCARF and CSIRO, has a strong focus on how
business and industry are responding to future climate risks and opportunites.
Business, industry, researchers and policy-makers will come together over the course of the three-day
conference to share knowledge and experience in preparing for the impacts of climate change.
We invite members of the business and industry sectors to join us on the Gold Coast to network and
engage with peers in what promises to be a signifcant step forward in the discussion.
register online today at