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Aguinalde. Custodio. Payno. Santos & Versoza

BA 175 : Global Marketing | Prof. Tubianosa

The Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign:


With the research, and entry strategies covered, Kamiseta is now ready to let its presence be known to Malaysia. This
would be accomplished through AT FIRST SIGHT: The Kamiseta IMC Campaign for Malaysia

The Campaign Title Rationale: At First Sight is a frame of mind that could be attributed to anything that moves a
person instantly, be it love, fun or comfort whichever makes a person respond upon something they see. Whether its
seeing the ads of Katie Holmes by the billboards or just looking at fashion articles displayed the store window;

At First Sight talks to the consumer that they must take a closer look at the clothes of Kamiseta, examine the details, to
feel it, to wear it and let Kamiseta be a part of her.

What we see, make us think and when they do, sparks fly. With Kamisetas captivating, laid back, cool casual classics
brightened by its fun and elegant persona all of which radiates from not only its products, but with the store, it ads and its
people, girls are bound to be smitten at first sight.

The At First Sight Campaign for Kamiseta is a three-phase campaign which will commence in a span of one year and will
be sustainable for the upcoming years. The core objectives of the campaign are as follows:

(1) Awareness Creation, (2) Induce Trial and Build Likeability and (3) Brand Loyalty Creation;

Phase 1: Getting to Know You
Objective - Create Awareness and Interest
Duration: 1-2 Months
Implementation of the 1st phase would be through the following Mediums:

1. Print Advertising - Fashion Magazines based in Kuala Lumpur and such as Cine Fashion Magazine, Nur, and Jelita
2. Billboard Advertising - Will contain the same endorser/s (Katie Holmes) and feel, with the exception of showing too
much skin on the pegs/images found therein.
3. Product Launch - Store openings wherein Key Influencers and Local Celebrities will be invited so as to gather more
local media mileage for Kamiseta. This should create enough advertorials to let people know Kamiseta is now in

Phase 2: Hanging Out
Objective - Induce trial and Build Brand Likeability
Duration: 1-2 Months
Implementation of the 2nd phase would be through the following Mediums:
1. Online Public Relation - Have online writers female fashion bloggers to write a review on the Kamiseta stores,
services and provide them sponsored product lines to try on.
2. Product Activation - A Photobooth will be set up where consumers can try on Kamiseta product and get a
picture with it and if they like it, they can immediately buy their tried outfit.
3. Kamiseta Best Photo Contest - Fun moments of being girl could happen anytime and anywhere and with
anybody youre with, with this contest aims to
4. Kamiseta Fashion Designing Contest - Kamisetas brand personality aside from the 3 Cs is that it is friendly,
approachable and really understands what being a girl/ woman is. This contest aims for Kamiseta to interact more
with its consumers and get insights on the designs or styles that are unique to Malaysian women.


Aguinalde. Custodio. Payno. Santos & Versoza
BA 175 : Global Marketing | Prof. Tubianosa


Phase 3 - Best Friends Forever
Objective - Create Brand Loyalty
Duration: 6 months onwards.
Implementation of the 2nd phase would be through the following Mediums:

1. Online Social Media - Create a feedback page (through Facebook or any other popular social networking site)
for the customers of Kamiseta in Kuala Lumpur, this will serve as a place for them to share their experiences with
the Kamisetas stores and clothes.

Furthermore, in order to optimize Kamisetas Online Social Media. A Facebook page will be created to support an
interactive activity with its customers. Kamiseta will post directions and guidelines for customers to send their
photos wearing Kamiseta clothes in a certain place/occasion/event that highlights the fun moments in being a

2. The Kamiseta Card - A rewards system which entitles loyal Kamiseta buyers to avail certain privileges, By doing
so this will make the customers a feeling of true ownership and sense of belonging to Kamiseta. Such privileges
will/would include:

Availing of Discounts
Special Offers
Priority/Exclusive Invite and Access to Kamiseta Events, such as Fashion Shows or Sneak Peeks at Upcoming
Product Lines
Kamiseta Complimentary Giveaways during Holiday Celebrations or Store Anniversaries


With all these programs, Team Kamiseta believes that At First Sight campaign will definitely achieve its objectives
over the course of one year. Through our campaign we will enable the target market to be truly smitten with
Kamiseta, At First Sight.