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Course Contents.........................................................................................................................6
1. Astrological Days, Signs, Planets and Horoscopes................................................................7
2. Nas!atr.................................................................................................................................."
3. #riends!ip and $n%ities o& Planets......................................................................................12
'. (agna....................................................................................................................................1)
*. +our ,oon Sign.....................................................................................................................21
6. Aspects.................................................................................................................................23
7. P -Position. A -Aspect. C -Con/unction................................................................................2*
". P.A.C Practice Horoscopes...................................................................................................33
). Learning Some Basics of Predictive Principles....................................................................36
10. Persons whom these Planets Represent in Daily Life........................................................'1
11. 1!e Spirituality Associated 2it! Houses............................................................................''
12. 2!at is to seen &ro% 3!ic! House.....................................................................................'7
13. 4se&ul In&or%ation A5out 6as!is........................................................................................')
1'. $7panded ,e%ory 1a5let D. A. 6. $. S..............................................................................*2
1*. 1!e Consolidated C!ec8(ist..............................................................................................72
16. ,oon and +our Psyc!ology................................................................................................73
17. Why the oon !..................................................................................................................7*
1". Broad "nderstanding of oon#s $nfl%ence in different Ho%ses..........................................76
1). &o%r Psychology and oon $ll%strations............................................................................."1
Your Psychology and Moon Illustrations
1!ese (essons are 5eing 3ritten &or t!ree types o& students9
To Avoid Calculations
#irst, t!ose 3!o 3ant to a:oid t!e %at!e%atical part o& astrology eit!er 5ecause t!ey do not no3 t!e su5/ect or,
&eel t!at co%puters can do all t!is &or t!e%. ;ut still, t!ey %ust no3 so%e 5asics o& astrology and are a5le to
appreciate 3!en a !oroscope is discussed. 1!ey 3ant to !a:e a <uic and syste%atised %et!od o& doing and
understanding astrology. 1!is 5oo is 5eing 3ritten %ainly &or 5eginners 3!o can learn Hindu astrology 3it!out
!a:ing to learn anyt!ing 5y rote. 1!ey %ust do t!e e7ercises gi:en at t!e end o& eac! c!apter syste%atically,
again and again. I& t!ey a:oid doing t!at, t!ere is no !ope o& t!eir e:er learning astrology.1!e 3ord used
originally =edic !as 5een dropped as I read recently t!at S3a%i Dayananda Saras3ati, t!e great social re&or%er
o& t!e last century, o5/ected to astrology, ->yotis!a. saying t!at =edas !ad no predicti:e astrology at all. 1!e use
o& t!e 3ord =edic astrology in t!e 4SA is o5:iously 3rong.
To Cure Astrological Constipation
1!e second category is o& t!ose 3!o !a:e read %any 5oos on astrology and de:eloped an incura5le
astrological constipation. It 3ill 5e di&&icult &or t!e% to start 3it! a clean slate as t!ey cannot unlearn 3!at t!ey
!a:e. +et, t!is 5oo %ay !elp t!e% re%o:e so%e o& t!e co53e5s in t!eir %inds. I !a:e not seen t!e% succeed
%uc!. 1!ey !a:e t!eir %inds cluttered 3it! dog%as 3!ic! t!ey %istae &or astrology. 1!ey read 5oos on
astrology and as t!e <uestion, 3!ere are t!e secrets o& predicti:e tec!ni<ues in t!e 5oo. 1!ey do not no3
!o3 to see e:en in a case study, !o3 t!ese predicti:e tec!ni<ues are discussed in a 5oo. It is %ore so in t!e
2est, 3!ere t!eir attitude to3ards any su5/ect including astrology is totally %ec!anistic.
Those Who Have No Time
1o t!e t!ird category 5elong so%e elitist groups lie engineers 3!o are used to a %et!od and syste% o& analysis
o& a su5/ect. 1!e 5oos in t!e %aret, e:en t!e te7t 5oos are only a %ere repetition o& 3!at is also 3ell no3n.
Not one o& t!ese 5oos can sol:e t!e pro5le% o& &inding a %et!od o& assessing t!e potentiality o& a !oroscope. I
!a:e recei:ed appreciation &ro% t!is group. 1!ey !a:e realised t!e :alue o& a syste%atic approac!.
1!e &irst and t!e t!ird categories %entioned !ere 3ill 5ene&it %ost, as !as 5een %y e7perience o& teac!ing
astrology &or o:er t3o decades.
Appreciate the Method and Technique of Hindu Astrology
1!e essential purpose o& 3riting t!is is to s!o3 t!at in astrology t!ere is a %et!od, a tec!ni<ue and a scienti&ic
analysis 3!ic! !as to 5e learnt to 5e appreciated. It is a&ter t!is only t!at eac! astrologer can 3or !ard and
de:elop !is predicti:e style. 1!is t!en is a 5oo on teac!ing a style along 3!ic! one can proceed to e:ol:e a
predicti:e %et!od.
Advice !se the Computer Intelligently"
Manual Casting
1. It %ust 5e e%p!asised !ere t!at t!e student %ust read a good 5oo and learn %anual
casting o& !oroscopes to a:oid so%e o& t!e traps into 3!ic! t!ose 3!o depend on t!e
co%puters, &all, :ery &re<uently, as !as 5een %y e7perience in t!e 4SA, and no3 also in
#eveloping Predictive A$ility
2. It is 3!en you are casting a !oroscope %anually t!at you de:elop astrological predicti:e
a5ility. ,ost o& t!e astrologers 3!o !a:e su58standard a5ility are t!ose 3!o /ust do not no3
!o3 to proceed 3it! t!eir analysis o& a !oroscope unless t!e co%puter gi:es out all t!e
details. 1!e co%puter 3!ic! can 5e o& great !elp, is also a 5ig !andicap &or %any reasons,
t!e %ain 5eing t!e 3ell8no3n :erdict on t!e a5ility o& a co%puter, ?gar5age in and gar5age
3. (et %e point out t!e de&ects I !a:e &ound in nearly t3enty co%puter progra%%es I !a:e
seen so &ar. 1!e %ost irrational addition 5eing %ade t!ere are so%e co%puter predictions,
3!ic! is idiotic. A co%puter gi:es t!e degrees o& a planet e:en as, 2'060A.
Computers Cannot Predict
a. ,ost o& t!e progra%%ers !a:e poor predicti:e or no predicti:e astrological a5ility. 1!ey can
ne:er no3 3!at is 3rong 3it! t!e progra%%es and !o3 to correct t!e%, e:en i& t!e %istae
is pointed out to t!e%. In t!e 4SA t!ey are al3ays in suc! a great !urry to produce >yotis!a
progra%%es t!at 3!ile so%e o& t!e% are dependa5le, %ost o& t!e% are 3rong and, :ery
ele%entary co%pared to %any Indian progra%%es.
Irrelevant Information
5. In t!e co%peteti:e 3orld in 3!ic! 3e li:e, t!ese co%puter progra%%es co%e out 3it! lot o&
irrele:ant in&or%ation, li&ted &ro% 5adly and unintelligently translated 5oos o& Hindu astrology
into $nglis!.
%atalistic %eelings
c. Co%puters encourage a %ec!anistic :ie3 o& astrology 5ecause t!e Hindu 3ord, /yotis!a,
3!ic! %eans lig!t is 3!at no co%puter can e:er pro:ide. 1!is %ania o& gi:ing literal %eaning
o& yogas and place%ent o& planets in di&&erent !ouses and t!eir %eanings causes &atalistic
&eelings. No good and 3ell8researc!ed 5oo on yogas !as 5een 3ritten yet. So%e coo
5oos on yogas !a:e 5een produced 5y greedy 3riters 3!o 3anted to %ae so%e <uic
%oney. In India, a young %an co%%itted suicide a&ter reading so%e 3ritten predictions in a
co%puter printout. 1!e reason 3as t!at t!e co%puter li&ted literally all t!e negati:e %eanings
&ro% t!e 5adly translated 5oos a:aila5le in t!e %aret. 1!ese 5oos !a:e 5een 3ritten 5y
3riters 3!o !a:e done no original researc! o& t!eir o3n to gi:e a positi:e and ne3 %eaning to
%any outdated concepts o& t!e agricultural and pastoral age in 3!ic! t!ese 5oos 3ere
#evelop a Personal &tyle
d. In doing /yotis!a you !a:e to de:elop your style. Ho3 t!en to de:elop itB #irst o& all, looing
at a !oroscope you s!ould 5e a5le to see 3!et!er t!e casting o& t!e !oroscope appears to 5e
correct or not. I& not, tae a set o& ep!e%eris and c!ec it yoursel&. It is a&ter doing t!is t!at
you 3ill understand 3!y co%puter progra%%es, suc! a great &acility, also du%p into your
!ead lot o& irrational and negati:e in&or%ation 3!ic! can create only gloo%.
e. #inally, as I !a:e seen in t!e 4S depart%ental stores, i& t!e co%puter is out o& order, t!e
girl at t!e counter -or t!e young %an. cannot e:en tell you !o3 %uc! you !a:e to pay. In
/yotis!a, i& you cannot calculate %anually or %entally, at least once in a 3!ile, you !ad 5etter
not learn it.
Strong words! &es. We are living in an age of what $ call 'comp%diots( and the $nternet on which anyone can p%t
his gar)age. Recently* $ saw the claim made )y an American comp%ter programmer on astrology a)o%t medical
diagnosis of a disease+ ,here is no astrologer-doctor who has made any )rea.thro%gh in this field yet. How
co%ld this claim )e made! Were yo% to read s%ch a medical diagnosis* all that will happen is disaster. We have
allopathic doctors who do their diagnosis and prescription of medicines )y a)o%t a do/en anti)iotics. ,here are
ay%rvedic doctors who do not .now astrology. Astrological-medical diagnosis is 0%st in a r%dimentary form.
Course Contents
Astrology (esson 19 Astrological Days,Signs, Planets and Horoscopes
Astrology (esson 29 Nas!atr so%e astrological e7ercises to deepen our understanding o& t!e
concepts 3e !a:e learnt.
Astrology (esson 39 #riends!ip and $n%ities o& Planets
Astrology (esson '9 (agna
Astrology (esson *9 +our ,oon Sign
Astrology (esson 69 Aspects
Astrology (esson 79 P -Position. A -Aspect. C -Con/unction.
Astrology (esson "9 P.A.C Practice Horoscopes
Astrology (esson )9 (earning So%e ;asics o& Predicti:e Principles
Astrology (esson 109 Persons 3!o% t!ese Planets 6epresent in Daily (i&e
Astrology (esson 119 1!e Spirituality Associated 2it! Houses
Astrology (esson 129 2!at is to seen &ro% 3!ic! HouseB
Astrology (esson 139 4se&ul In&or%ation a5out 6as!is
Astrology (esson 1'9 $7panded ,e%ory 1a5let D. A. 6. $. S.
Astrology (esson 1*9 A -Aris!ta or ,ale&ic In&luences.
Astrology (esson 169 6 -6a/ayogas.
Astrology (esson 179 $ 8 -$7c!ange o& (ords o& Houses.
Astrology (esson 1"9 S 8 -Special #eatures.
Astrology (esson 1)9 1!e Consolidated C!ec8(ist
Astrology (esson 209 ,oon and +our Psyc!ology
Astrology (esson 219 2!y t!e ,oonB
Astrology (esson 229 ;road 4nderstanding o& ,oonAs In&luence in di&&erent Houses
Astrology (esson 239 +our Psyc!ology and ,oon Illustrations
Astrological #ays' &igns' Planets and Horoscopes
#ays' &igns' Planets
1!is 5oo is 5eing 3ritten 3it!out dealing 3it! t!e %at!e%atical part. I& you read it step 5y step and t!en see
your o3n and ot!ers@ !oroscope, you 3ill 5e a5le to understand, tec!nically, t!e astrological discussion. +ou 3ill
also get &a%iliar 3it! t!e ter%inology o& Hindu astrology.
#ays of the Wee(
)" 1o do t!at re%e%5er t!e &irst lesson in t!ree parts9 start counting t!e 3eedays C Sunday,
,onday, 1uesday, 2ednesday, 1!ursday, #riday and Saturday. 1!ese se:en days represent se:en
planets C Sun, ,oon, ,ars, ,ercury, >upiter, =enus and Saturn.
*. In Hindu astrology 3e %ae use o& t3o ot!er planets, called t!e s!ado3y planets, called Rah%
and 1et%. 1!is gi:es you a total o& nine planets. It is 3!y 3e !a:e t!e &a%ous navagraha stotra or
3ors!ip o& nine planets.
Note 9 In Hindu astrology 3e do not use, 4ranus -Hersc!el., Pluto and Neptune. In t!e sc!e%e o&
stotra t!ese planets !a:e no place, t!oug! an A%erican !as gi:en %antras &or t!ese t!ree planets
also in !is 5oo 3!ic! is not gi:en in any 5oo o& Hindu astrology 3e !a:e or no3 o&.
Note 9 No3, also re%e%5er t!e sacred nu%5er 10" 3!ic! are t!e nu%5er o& 5eads 3e !a:e in t!e
garland, o& ,%lsi or R%dra.sha 3it! 3!ic! 3e do our 2ap.
+" 1!e part o& t!e &irst lesson is9 t!ere are 34 5a.shatr or Asteris%s or (unar %ansions t!at 3e
%ae use o& in Hindu astrology. It is a :ery re%ara5le, 5rilliant and su5tle di:ision 3!ic! is 5eing
e7plained later.
$ac! nas!atr !as &our e<ual parts. Again you 3ill see t!at t3enty8se:en %ultiplied 5y &our gi:es
you one !undred and eig!t nu%5er -10".
No3 see all t!is in t!e ta5le gi:en !ere9
Name of #ay ,uler of the #ay
1. 6a:i:ar or Sunday 1. 6a:i, Surya, ;!anu or Sun
2. So%a:ar or ,onday 2. C!andra, Indu or ,oon or (una
3. ,angal:ar or1uesday 3. ,angal, Du/a or ,ars
'. ;ud!a:ar or 2ednesday '. ;ud!a or ,ercury
*. ;ri!aspati:ar or 1!ursday *. Euru, ;ri!aspati or >upiter
6. S!ura:ar or #riday 6. S!ura, ;!arga:a or =enus
7. S!ani:ar or Saturday 7. Saturn, S!ani, or ,anda
Note 9 No days are allotted &or 6a!u or Detu. Sout! Indian astrologers allot a speci&ied ti%e on eac! o& t!e days &or 6a!u and
call it 6a!uaal during 3!ic! ti%e t!ey a:oid all auspicious 3or.
Note9 6a!u and Detu cannot 5e seen t!roug! any telescope lie ot!er planets. +et, !o3 e&&ecti:e and accurate is t!eir use in
Hindu astrology clearly pro:es t!at t!e ancient saints co%5ined t!eir no3ledge o& p!ysical sciences 3it! %etap!ysical
no3ledge 3!ic! 3e call +ogic.
No3 you %ust no3 so%et!ing a5out t!e t3enty8se:en nas!atr. $ac! nas!atr taes 13 degrees and 20
%inutes uni&or%ly. I& 13A20 is %ultiplied 5y 27 it gi:es you 360 3!ic! is t!e total e<ual to t!e t3el:e !ouses
re&erred to earlier.
1!ere are t3o %et!ods o& ta5ulating t!ese Nas!atr.
Fne %et!od s!o3s t!e degrees o& Nas!atr &ro% 0 to360 and t!e ot!er s!o3s t!e degrees occupied 5y eac!
Nas!atr in eac! sign.
Model -.ercise )
Note9 Step 5y step t!e di&&erence !o3 t!e representation in t!e nort! Indian !oroscope is di&&erent &ro% t!e
sout! Indian one.
)" 1!e (agna or t!e ascendant or t!e rising sign is Dara. 1!e lagna is calculated on t!e 5asis o&
t!e ti%e o& 5irt! and 3ill 5e e7plained later. In t!e nort! Indian c!art t!e nu%5er o& t!e ras!i,
nu%5er ' !as 5een %entioned.

The /agna is sho0n at the top" In the south Indian chart no shifting has $een $een done"
*" 1!e Sun is in =risc!ia -nu%5er ".. In t!e nort! Indian c!art it !as 5een %ared, not in t!e sout!
Indian one.
+" 1!e ,oon is in Dara -nu%5er '.. In t!e nort! Indian c!art it !as 5een %ared, not in t!e sout!
Indian one.
1" ,ars is in Danya -nu%5er 6.. In t!e nort! Indian c!art it !as 5een %ared, not in t!e sout!
Indian one.
2" ,ercury is in 1ula -nu%5er 7.. In t!e nort! Indian c!art it !as 5een %ared, not in t!e sout!
Indian one.
3" >upiter is in D!anu -nu%5er ).. In t!e nort! Indian c!art it !as 5een %ared, not in t!e sout!
Indian one.
4" =enus is in 1ula -nu%5er 7.. In t!e nort! Indian c!art it !as 5een %ared, not in t!e sout! Indian
5" Saturn is Si%!a -nu%5er *.. In t!e nort! Indian c!art it !as 5een %ared, not in t!e sout! Indian
6" 6a!u is in ,it!una -nu%5er 3.. In t!e nort! Indian c!art it !as 5een %ared, not in t!e sout!
Indian one.
)7" Detu is in D!anu -nu%5er ).. In t!e nort! Indian c!art it !as 5een %ared, not in t!e sout!
Indian one.
+ou s!ould get used to 5ot! types o& !oroscopes 5ut use one particular &or% intensely &or your daily
use, and later, &or predicti:e purposes.
1!en t!ere is t!e ,ait!ili, Friya or t!e ;engali style -used in parts o& t!e country, lie And!ra also..
1!e ,ait!ili, Friya or t!e ;engali style

Note Here too t!e &or% is &i7ed lie t!e sout! Indian !oroscope.
Note ;ut t!e %o:e%ent or direction is lie t!e nort! Indian !oroscope.
&pecial Note I !a:e deli5erately %entioned t3o nu%5ersG t!e &irst is t!e &i7ed
nu%5er lie 1 &or ,es!a, 2 &or =ris!a etc. 1!en I !a:e renu%5ured t!e !ouse, starting
3it! t!e (agna as t!e &irst !ouse. In t!is re8arranged sc!e%e t!e counting is done
1st 2nd 3rd 't! *t! 6t!
,es!a 1 2 3 ' * 6
(agna 10 11 12 1 2 3
7t! "t! )t! 10t! 11t! 12t!
,es!a 7 " ) 10 11 12
(agna ' * 6 7 " )

Note In t!e nort! Indian &or% t!e lagna is not s!o3n, as it !as al3ays to re%ain at
t!e top centre. #or instance, !ere t!e (agna is Si%!a -nu%5er *.
Note In t!e nort! Indian &or% t!e lagna is not s!o3n, as it !as al3ays to re%ain at
t!e top centre. #or instance, !ere t!e (agna is Si%!a -nu%5er *.
%riendship and -nmities of Planets
Allotment of 8odiac Houses for Planets
1!e pro5le% is to allot t3el:e !ouses, 3it!out partitioning a single one to se:en planets, Sun, ,oon, ,ars,
,ercury, >upiter, =enus and Saturn. I& t!ese t3el:e !ouses 3!ic! are to 5e allotted to se:en planets eac! planet
3ill get 1.71H !ouse.
1!e solution gi:en in Hindu astrology is9 t!e Sun o3ns only one !ouse or 6as!i, (eo or Si%!a and t!e ,oon
o3ns only one 6as!i, Cancer or Dar. Solution no3 t!ere are ten !ouses and &i:e planets a3aiting allot%ent.
1!e easy solution t!at e%erges out no3 is allotting t3o !ouses to eac! o& t!e &i:e planets.
1!e Sc!e%e o& Allot%ent t!us arri:ed at is9
ars is allotted esha 6Aries7 8 9rishchi.a 6Scorpio7* two each.
9en%s is allotted 9risha)ha 6,a%r%s7 8 ,%la 6Li)ra7* two each.
erc%ry is allotted ith%na 6:emini7 8 1anya 69irgo7* two each.
2%piter is allotted Dhan% 6Sagittari%s7 8 eena 6Pisces7* two each.
Sat%rn is allotted a.ara 6Capricorn7 8 1%m)ha 6A;%ari%s7* two each.
1!ere is a :ery easy 3ay to re%e%5er it. Di:ide t!ese t3el:e ras!is into t3o di:isions si7 5elonging to t!e ,oon
and si7 5elonging to t!e Sun.
1!e ras!i nu%5er o& t!e ,oon is &our -Dara. proceed in 5ac3ard direction &ro% !ere ', 3, 2, 1, 12 and 11. 1!e
ras!i nu%5er o& t!e Sun is &i:e -Si%!a. and proceed in &or3ard direction &ro% !ere *, 6, 7, ", ) and 10.
The /unar Half 1 + * ) )* ))
The &olar Half 2 3 4 5 6 )7
No3 6e8arrange It 1!us9
/unar Half Mercury' 9enus' Mars' :upiter and &aturn
&olar Half Mercury' 9enus' Mars' :upiter and &aturn
1o su% up ,ercury, =enus, ,ars, >upiter and Saturn %o:e in a 5ac3ard direction &ro% Dara. 6epeat it &ro%
Si%!a in &or3ard direction.
Happy and !nhappy Conditions of Planets
Hindu astrology 3!ic! deals 3it! t!e !appy and un!appy conditions o& !u%an 5eings 3!o are !appy or un!appy
or indi&&erent or :ery co%&orta5le in so%e surroundings, co%&orta5le in so%e, less co%&orta5le in so%e,
unco%&orta5le in so%e and %isera5le in so%e, so too planets !a:e di&&erent conditions and di&&erent %oods. 1!e
condition o& planets in a !oroscope re&lects it.
Note #o not ta(e it literally $ecause there are many $rilliant e.ceptions to these rules" If that is not remem$ered' only a gloomy
and fatalistic vie0 of a horoscope 0ill have to $e ta(en' as many astrologers do"
:ust as the company of different human $eings and different surroundings create different moods in you so do planets in a
horoscope" Planets are happy in some conditions and unhappy in some other conditions" There are varying emotional states"
;efore you learn the follo0ing lesson' overcome the mechanistic attitude of the age 0e live" Astrology of Hindus is not a set of
formulae to $e applied in a push<$utton 0ay" What is being given here is for a quick understanding of the fundamentals only. Do
not take them as final pronouncements. If you commit that mistake, you will become dogmatic.
Hindu astrology is 0orld=s most developed astrology $ecause India is the land 0here astrology originated and' 0as developed
over a period of thousands of years" Here many astrological e.periments have $een done and many techniques tested and re<
tested" Avoid dogma $ut follo0 the steps given $elo0" The more fle.i$le $ut' not romantically stupid' you are in learning astrology'
the $etter are the chances of your developing proper astrological a$ility" Remember it step by step
-.altation > #e$ilitation
A planet is in an e7tre%ely !appy condition 3!en !e is e7alted and is in an e7tre%ely %isera5le condition 3!en
!e is de5ilitated -It is not al3ays true, ;ut t!is &unda%ental principle is use&ul &or prediction.. 2!en and up to
3!at degrees in a sign is a planet e7alted is t!e &irst lesson you learn.
Note 9 $7cept ,ercury 3!o is e7alted in Danya no ot!er planet gets any e7alted status in its o3n !ouse.
Note9 All e7alted planets get de5ilitated in t!e se:ent! !ouse &ro% t!eir points o& e7altations. #or instance t!e
Sun is e7alted in ,es!a. No3 count in t!is 3ay C ,es!a &irst, =ris!a second, ,it!una t!ird, Dara ending 3it!
1ula 3!ic! is t!e se:ent! !ouse &ro% Aries.
1!e second 5est condition &or planets is called as t!e ,oolatrion. 6e%e%5er it.
&un in &imha upto *7 degrees
Moon in 9risha$ha upto *4 degree
Mars in Mesha upto )* degrees
Mercury in ?anya upto *7 degrees
:upiter in #hanu upto )7 degrees
9enus in Tula upto )2 degrees
&aturn in ?um$ha upto *7 degrees
Note9 $7cept t!e ,oon all ot!er planets get t!e ,oolatrion condition in one o& t!eir o3n !ouses.
@0n House
1!e t!ird 5est condition &or a planet is to 5e in its o3n !ouse -ot!er t!an ,oolatriona !ouse 3!ic!, e7cept in t!e
case o& t!e ,oon is o& course its o3n !ouse.. 6e%e%5er it t!us9
Note 9 Sun, ,ars, ,ercury, >upiter, =enus and Saturn recogniIe t!e sa%e !ouse in 3!ic! t!ey are in a
%oolatriona condition, as t!eir o3n !ouses. ;ut t!eir ot!er !ouses are also t!eir o3n !ouses. 1!e only
e7ception is t!e ,oon.
,hese are three of the happiest conditions for planets in different ho%ses.
5e<t a planet is happy in the ho%se of a friend.
How then to decide the friendships and enmities among planets and* the third condition called ne%trality.
In International (a3 t!ere are t!ree parts C 2ar, Peace and Neutrality. A%ong planets t!ese types o&
relations!ips !a:e e7isted since t!e (ord created t!e 3orld, planets and stars.
Principle Num$er @ne A The lords of the fifth and the ninth houses and the lords of the second'
fourth' eighth and t0elfth houses from a planetBs moolatrikona house are its friends"
1!e moolatri.ona !ouse o& ,ars is ,es!a. #ro% t!is point -,es!a. t!e lord o& t!e &i&t! !ouse -Si%!a., t!e Sun
and t!e lord o& t!e nint! !ouse -D!anu. >upiter are t!e &riends o& ,ars.
Again &ro% ,es!a, t!e lord o& t!e &ourt! !ouse -Dara., t!e ,oon, o& t!e eig!t! !ouse, ,ars !i%sel&, and o& t!e
t3el&t! !ouse -,eena. >upiter.
+ou t!us no3 no3 3!o are t!e &riends o& ,ars. 1!ey are =enus -t!e second lord., ,oon -t!e &ourt! lord., ,ars
!i%sel& -5eing t!e eig!t! lord. and >upiter -t!e t3el&t! lord..
9isual -.ercises
Start &ro% t!e %oolatriona !ouses and %ar &irst t!e lords o& t!e &i&t! and nint! !ouses.
1!en %ar t!e lords o& t!e second, &ourt!, eig!t! and t3el&t! !ouses. +our no3 !a:e a total picture o& &riends!ips
a%ong planets. In a ta5ular &or% it is 5eing gi:en no3.
1. 2!ere:er a planet s!o3s gesture o& &riends!ip t3ice to anot!er planet !e 5eco%es !is great &riend. Here you
&ind t!at9 1!e great &riend or &riends o& 1!e Sun are >upiter and ,ars C F& t!e ,oon, ,ercuryG F& ,ars, >upiterG
F& ,ercury =enusG F& >upiter ,arsG F& =enus 5ot! ,ercury and SaturnG F& Saturn 5ot! ,ercury and =enus.
2. 2!ere a planet !as e7pressed its gesture o& &riends!ip only once a suspicion arises a5out t!e ot!er unno3n
relations!ip. Actually it is no3n a&ter seeing t!e ot!er relations!ip.
3. 1!ere&ore to decide t!e %utual en%itites o& planets re%e%5er t!at a planet o3ning t!e t!ird, si7t! and
ele:ent! !ouse and t!en also t!e se:ent! and tent! !ouse 5eco%es, &ro% its %oolatriona !ouse, its ene%y.
1!is is 5eing e7plained in ta5ular &or%.
In t!e earlier ta5le o& &riends!ips it !as 5een seen t!at so%e planets 5eco%e &riends t3ice and so%e once.
In t!e preceding ta5le it !as 5een seen t!at so%e planets 5eco%e ene%ies t3ice and so%e once.
In t!e t!ird category are t!ose planets 3!o 5eco%e &riends in one 3ay and ene%ies in anot!er 3ay 1!ese
planets 5eco%e neutrals.
So let us prepare a t!ird ta5le o& neutrals.
1. 2!at !as 5een gi:en so &ar is 3!at is no3n as neutral, &riendly and !ostile relations!ip. 1!is !as to 5e
%odi&ied 5y looing at t!e te%poral principle o& &riends!ips o& planets.
Planets in t!e second, t!ird and &ourt! &ro% eac! ot!er and planets in t!e tent!, ele:ent! and t3el&t! !ouses
5eco%e &riends. See t!e &irst t!ree !ouses in t!e &or3ard direction and t!e last t!ree in t!e 5ac3ard directions.
2. Ne:er o:ere%p!asiIe t!e &riends!ips or en%ity &actor. (ot o& ne3 &actors !as to 5e looed into and ne3
researc! !as to 5e done.
3. All t!at is 5eing stressed !ere is re%e%5ering t!e principle 5ut do not o:erstress t!ese &actors. Also do not
ignore t!e%. 1!e art o& /udg%ent in astrology is t!e art o& de:eloping a /udicial 5alance.
In :arious ancient te7ts, di&&erent results are gi:en &or t!e conditions o& planets. 1!ey, i& used li5erally, not literally
%ae an astrologer a:oid dog%atic interpretation o& !oroscopes, a :ery co%%on 3eaness and &ault o&
Ei:en 5elo3 is t!e result o& di&&erent conditions 3it! certain re%ars.
In &act de5ilitated Saturn and ,ars gi:e !u%ility. De5ilitated planets !a:e to !a:e t!eir 3eanesses. 1!ey
%ani&est in di&&erent 3ays at di&&erent ti%es.
1. 1!e a5o:e gi:en results get %odi&ied t!roug! t!e association or aspects o& ot!er planets 3it! t!e%. 1!ey can
i%pro:e or get 3orse.
2. A planet 3it!in, say, a5out t!ree degrees o& t!e Sun is said to 5e co%5ust and is said to gi:e 5ad results. In
our e7perience it is not al3ays so, t!oug! &or a 5rie& period t!ere can 5e %ental pain.
3. A planet de&eated in a planetary 3ar is t!e planet 3!ic! is al%ost o& t!e sa%e degree as anot!er one -not t!e
Sun and also ot!er e7ceptions.. 1!is !as 5een interpreted di&&erently 5y di&&erent 3riters. 1!ere is no sound
researc! to guide us.
'. A planet 3!en retrograde -ot!er planets e7cept t!e Sun, t!e ,oon. gets into retrograde %otion. 6ead a little
5it o& astrono%y to learn a5out it.. No astrologer s!ould /u%p to any conclusion 3it!out a sound researc! and
Note 1!e interpretation o& t!e results o& all t!ese, particularly o& retrograde planets !as 5een %ostly done
t!roug! loose generaliIations. Suc! an approac! and tendency %ust 5e a:oided.
(esson 39 ,odel $7ercise 2
)" Jueen $liIa5et! o& $ngland 3as 5orn 3it! !er Sun e7alted 3!ile !er &irst c!ild C!arles !as a de5ilitated Sun
in !is !oroscope. 1!e %eaning is clear. 1!e Sun o& t!e Jueen is in ,es!a 3!ile t!at o& t!e Prince is in 1ula.
*" 1!e >upiter o& Princess Diana is de5ilitated. 1!e %eaning is clear. >upiter is in ,aar.
+" A person !as de5ilitated ,ars in !is !oroscope. 1!e %eaning is clear. It is in Dara.
)" In !is !oroscope a person !as t!ree e7alted planets, Saturn, >upiter and t!e Sun. 2!ere are t!ese planetsB
*" In !is !oroscope, a person !as e7alted >upiter and de5ilitated ,ars toget!er. 2!ere are t!ese planetsB
+" In !is !oroscope, a person !as e7alted Sun, e7alted =enus 5ut de5ilitated ,ercury. 2!ere are t!ese planetsB
a ras!i. 2!ere is t!e SunB
1" In !is !oroscope, a person !as t!e Sun and t!e ,oon e7alted 5ut >upiter in its %oolatriona !ouse. 2!ere
are t!ese planetsB
2" In !is !oroscope, a person !as t!e Sun de5ilitated, >upiter de5ilitated, t!e ,oon de5ilitated 5ut ,ercury
e7alted. 2!ere are t!ese planetsB
3" In !is !oroscope, a person !as all planets, ot!er t!an t!e Sun and t!e ,oon, e7altedB 2!ere are t!ese
planetsB 7. In t!e !oroscope o& 6a%aris!na Para%!a%sa, Saturn is e7alted, =enus is e7alted, ,ars is e7alted .
2!ere are t!ese planetsB
+ou 3ere 5orn on so%e day o& so%e %ont! o& so%e year at a particular ti%e and in a
particular place 3it! your lagna 5eing one o& t3el:e9 ,es!a,=ris!a, ,it!una, Dara, 1ula,
=ris!c!i, D!anu, ,aar, Du%5!a or ,eena. 1o arri:e at a (agna so%e calculations are to 5e
done. Since, 3e are, !o3e:er, a:oiding %at!e%atics, only a roug! %et!od o& c!ecing t!e
!oroscope in a Hindu c!art is e7plained.
In Hindu astrology t!e Sun c!anges &ro% one ras!i into anot!er in t!e %iddle o& $nglis!
%ont!s. I& you re%e%5er t!is, you 3ill no3 3!ere your Sun s!ould 5e at t!e ti%e o& your
Deep calculating at t!is rate, t!e lagna c!anging a&ter e:ery t3o !ours. #our cardinal points
are use&ul to do t!is e7ercise easily.
At sunrise t!e Sun 3ill 5e in t!e (agna.
During t!e %id8day in t!e &ourt! !ouse &ro% t!e Sun.
At sun8set in t!e se:ent! !ouse &ro% t!e Sun.
At %id8nig!t in t!e tent! !ouse &or% t!e Sun.
1. Do not apply t!is 5lindly. It is a :ery roug! %et!od %ade use o& 5y astrologers to ans3er <uestions -!orary or
pras!na astrology. 3!en t!ey are re<uired to ans3er <uestion 3!ile in a train or an airplane 3!ere t!ey cannot
calculate 3it! t!e tools 3!ic! t!ey eep 3it! t!e%.
2. Sunrise and sunset c!ange &ro% place to place and country to country. Still t!is %et!od 3ill 5e &ound to 5e
3oring satis&actorily. Fn t!is 5asis I predicted t!e :ictory o& Colu%5ia against S3itIerland in >une 1))' at San
#ransisco. 1!e calculation 3as done %entally 3!ile sitting in t!e &oot5all stadiu%, 3atc!ing t!e 2orld Cup
#oot5all -in 4SA t!ey call it soccer. %atc!es. I repeated it at Santa #e 3!en I 3as 3atc!ing t!e &inals 5et3een
;raIil and Italy on t!e tele:ision. ,y prediction 3as t!at ;raIil 3ould 3in and one o& t!e Italian players 3ould 5e
in/ured. 1!is prediction too ca%e out correct, e7actly.
3. ;ut !o3 can 3e apply t!is to arctic regions 3!ere t!ere are si78%ont!s o& day and si78%ont!s o& nig!t. I !a:e
no ans3er 5ut I a% con&ident I can sol:e t!is pro5le%, i& gi:en so%e astrological data. I a% not a3are i& any
Indian astrologer !as an ans3er to it.
'. A&ter %aing suc! %ental calculations see your co%puter cast !oroscope &or an analysis.
*. Deep doing t!e e7ercise. It 3ill !elp you concentrate on a !oroscope, 3!ic! in turn, 3ill s!arpen your
predicti:e po3ers.
See t!e e7a%ples gi:en !ere. It is a roug! %et!od o& %entally calculating t!e lagna 3!en t!e duration o& day
and nig!t are %ore or less e<ual or do not !a:e %uc! di&&erence.
1!e position, %ont! 5y %ont! &or 200" -al%ost all years. 3ill 5e as &ollo3s C
1. >anuary 1't!, ,aar or Capricon at 10 a%.
2. #e5ruay 12t!, Du%5!a or A<uarius at 11902 p%.
3. ,arc! 1't!, ,eena or Pisces at 79*) p%.
'. April 13K1' %idnig!t at '931 a%. -In India t!e day 5egins at sunrise.
*. ,ay 1'K1* at 1923 a%.
6. >une 1*t! at 79*) a%.
7. >uly 16t! at 69*1 a%.
". August 16K17 at 391' a%.
). Septe%5er 16K17 at 39) a%.
10. Fcto5er 17t! at 39' a%.
11. No:e%5er 16t! at 29') p%.
12. Dece%5er 1*K16 at '926 a%.
#or a 5irt! in t!e 4.S.A. or any ot!er country t!is 3ill undergo so%e c!ange 5y so%e !ours only. A good
co%puter progra%%er 3ill sol:e t!is pro5le%.
Calculate your /agna or the Ascendant of the ,ising &ign
+our s!ould still 5e a5le to calculate %entally on t!e 5asis o& your Sun8sign -as gi:en in Hindu astrology. t!e
5irt! ascendant o& yours, at least appro7i%ately. It is done t!us.
1. See 3!ere t!e Sun is at t!e ti%e o& your 5irt!. Suppose you 3ere 5orn on April 20, you t!en no3 t!at your
Sun8sign -in Hindu Astrology. is ,es!a or Aries. 6oug!ly eac! ascendant lasts &or t3o !ours. 1!ere&ore start
&ro% your Sun8sign and proceed t!us C
2. Sun at 5irt! is in ,es!a or Aries, so &or t3o !ours in t!e %orning t!e ascendant or (agna 3ill 5e ,es!a. A&ter
t3o !ours, t!e (agna 3ill 5e 1aurus or =ris!a5!a.
3. Anot!er easy 3ay o& re%e%5ering it is, I& you 3ere 5orn at sunrise your Sun 3ill 5e in your (agna. A&ter t3o
!ours it 3ill %o:e to ne7t sign.
Your Moon &ign
=rom the foregoing disc%ssion a)o%t yo%r Lagna* it m%st have )ecome clear to yo% what yo%r S%n-sign 6Hind%7
B%t in Hind% astrology yo% m%st .now yo%r oon-sign also.
#egrees of the Moon
+our ,oon 3ill 5e at certain degrees in so%e ras!i !ence in so%e nas!atr, say o& Detu, =enus, Sun, ,oon,
,ars, 6a!u, >upiter, Saturn or ,ercury -one o& t!ese nine..
Moon &ign' /agna and the &un &ign can $e different
+our ,oon8sign is your ras!i as distinguis!ed &ro% your lagna. I& a speci&ic <uestion is put to you, tell %e your
lagna, t!e ,oon8sign and t!e Sun8sign, you no3 no3 t!at t!ey are t!ree di&&erent points in your !oroscope to
5e %ade use o& &or predictions. So t!e ans3er can 5e.
-a. (agna is ,es!a, ,oon8sign or ras!i is ,it!una 5ut t!e Sun8sign is Danya, all t!e t!ree at t!ree di&&erent
-5. 1!ey can also 5e at t3o points i& t!e (agna or t!e ,oon or t!e Sun or t!e (agna and t!e ,oon and Sun are
in only t3o signs.
-c. All t!e t!ree can 5e in one sign only.
+our %ay !a:e so%eti%e or t!e ot!er read a5out your li&e on t!e 5asis o& Sun8signs or t!e ,oon8signs and %ay
e:en !a:e 5een reading daily, 3eely, %ont!ly or e:en yearly &orecasts. No3 can t!e patterns o& destiny o& t!e
entire %anind 5e di:ided only in t3el:e signs, since t!ere are only t3el:e ras!isB Ha:e you seen t!e a5surdity
o& t!e situationB So do not get addicted to suc! prediction.
Your :anma Na(shatr
Fn t!e 5asis o& your ,oon, you can see 3!at 3as your >an%a nas!atr -or 5irt! constellation.. It !as to 5e one
o& t!e t3enty8se:en constellations %entioned earlier.
1. +our /an%a8nas!atr is i%portant &or calculating t!e ti%e8cycle descri5ed as t!e =i%s!ottari das!a o& 120
years. Depending on your /an%a nas!atr 3!at period o& 3!ic! planet your are passing t!roug! is t!e %ost :ital
&actor &or predictions.
2. I& you 3ere 5orn in t!e nas!atr o& Detu -7 years. it 3ill 5e &ollo3ed 5y t!at o& =enus -20 years. etc. See t!e
c!art on nas!atr.
3. 1!ese are called %a!adas!as. $ac! %a!adas!a is su58di:ided into nine antar8das!as or su58periods. and
eac! antar8das!a is su58di:ided into nine pratyantar das!a, eac! prayantar das!a is di:ided into nine soos!%a
das!as, eac! soos!%a das!a is di:ided into nine prana das!a. 1!is &i:e8&old di:ision o& das!a is t!e %ost
e7traordinary and unparalleled syste% o& ti%ing e:ents in t!e !istory o& astrology.
'. Do not 5e surprised i& I tell you t!at t!oug! t!e =i%s!ottari das!a is t!e %ost popular, in Hindu astrology t!ere
are &orty8&i:e >ai%ini das!a8syste%s and anot!er &i&ty8&our nas!atr das!a syste%s o& Paras!ara, t!e greatest
astrological genius t!e 3orld !as e:er produced.
#ivisions of #ashas for Timing -vents
*. 2e 3ill 5e using only t!e =i%s!ottari das! in t!e 5oo and all our illustrations 3ill re&er to
-a. 1!e ,a!adas!a -t!e %a/or period.
-5. 1!e Antar das!a -t!e su58period. and
-c. 1!e Pratyantar das!a -t!e su58su58period. only.
No use o& t!e &ourt! di:ision -soos!%a das!a or t!e &i&t! di:ision prana das!a. is 5eing %ade use o& !ere. ;ut
in t3o cases 3!en I %ade use o& 3!ere I 3as a5solutely assured t!at t!e 5irt! ti%e noted 3as 3it!out any error
and t!e calculation o& t!e !oroscope 3as cast !undred percent correct.
1. Do not /u%p to any conclusion, generally pessi%istic or opti%istic, only on t!e 5asis o& t!e das!a8antardas!a
etc. ;ut rest assured t!e si7ty percent o& correct predictions are 5ased on it. 1!is is t!e 5est e:er %et!od o&
ti%ing e:ents e:er de:ised 5y %anind.
2. A&ter you !a:e 5eco%e &a%iliar 3it! t!e use o& t!e das!a syste%, use transits o& planets. 1!ose 3!o o:er8
e%p!sise t!e role o& transit o& planets 3it!out &irst e7a%ining t!e pro%ised results o& das!a, are lie people 3!o
are %easuring t!e siIe o& an elep!ant on t!e 5asis o& t!e lengt! its tail. ;ut &irst re:ise 3!at you !a:e 5een
taug!t so &ar, step 5y step.
A&ter re:ising it no3 t!e &irst preli%inary step taes you into predicti:e astrology. 1!is is t!e aspect o& planets.
1!ese aspects are general and special. (et %e &irst tae up general aspects.
All planets aspect t!e se:ent! !ouse &or% t!eir position. It can ta5ulated t!us.
Deep practicing t!is lesson &irst.
1ae up any !oroscope and see 3!ic! planets, Sun, ,oon, ,ars, ,ercury, >upiter, =enus and Saturn are
aspecting t!e 7t! !ouse &ro% its location in a !oroscope. 1!is %ust 5eco%e a natural !a5it 3it! you.
+ou %ust re%e%5er t!at planets gi:e t!eir e&&ects not %erely &ro% 3!ere t!ey are in a !oroscope 5ut also
produce t!ese e&&ects in t!e !ouse 3!ic! t!ey aspect.
1!ree planets ,ars, >upiter and Saturn !a:e special aspects. ,ars !as t3o additional aspects t!e &ourt! and t!e
eig!t!. >upiter !as t3o additional aspects t!e &i&t!e and t!e nint!. Saturn !as t3o additional aspects t!e t!ird and
t!e tent!.
So ,ars, >upiter and Saturn 3ill !a:e t!ree aspects, one general and t3o special. 1!ese are 5eing gi:en in a
ta5ular &or% !ere.
Note A ,ars 3ill in&luence &our !ouses, t!e &irst t!e !ouse 3!ere !e is positioned in and t!en t!ree ot!er
!ouses t!roug! !is general and special aspects.
,emem$er A $:en 3!en ,ars is in transit !e 3ill 5e aspecting t!ree !ouses and is positioned in one !ouse. I
!a:e %ade an e&&ecti:e use o& t!is in %y 5oos* >Planets and Children>
P DPositionE A DAspectE C DConFunctionE
,emem$er that first leg of the Memory Ta$let PAC is P"
Ho3 t!is P is applied is 5eing s!o3n !ere. A&ter t!is try any ot!er !oroscope.
Why you must start 0ith P firstG
1. 6e%e%5er 5y doing P you start your astrological ad:enture o& collecting in&or%ation, intelligence and clues
a5out t!e lord o& eac! !ouse o& a !oroscope. A particular lord %ay 5e e7cellently placed 3!ile anot!er %ay 5e in
a 5ad condition.
2. No3 you 5egin to see t!at li&e is ne:er a story o& all round /oy or total sorro3.
3. ;ut P is only t!e opening c!apter o& a se:en layered story o& your li&e 3!ic! t!is 5oo 3ill teac!.
'. &o proceed patiently first $y doing this e.ercise intensely"
1!ere is no 5oo on Hindu astrology in 3!ic! suc! ta5les !a:e 5een gi:en to o:er8si%pli&y t!e understanding o&
aspects and earlier, o& &riends!ips and en%ities o& planets, as !ere. It !as 5een done %ainly 3it! t!e intention to
!elp people a:oid %e%oriIing. 1!e traditional su5/ect, late in t!eir li:es, and !a:e no capacity to %e%orise.
2!en learning t!roug! rote %e%ory is not possi5le, 3!at is surely possi5le is to learn t!roug! associati:e
My Advice
1. Ne:er start t!e analysis o& any !oroscope 3it!out applying t!e Memory Ta$let coined 5y %e to %ae
learning o& astrology easy, %et!odical and scienti&ic.
2. As you 3ill see in t!e gi:en e7a%ple o& >o!n # Dennedy, t!e tragedy o& !is career is 3ell e7plained 5y 3rong
place%ent o& %any lords o& di&&erent !ouses
3. +ou can de:elop your o3n astrological sill 3!en you apply t!e &irst o& t3o ,e%ory 1a5lets, I a% teac!ing and
eep repeating it... t!e &irst li%5 o& PAC is P.
;ut t!e astrological PAC is %eant to control anarc!ical and c!aotic analysis o& a !oroscope.
1!ere&ore I !a:e e:ol:ed a %e%ory ta5let, t!e &irst part o& 3!ic! is 9
PAC A P stands &or t!e position a planet !as occupied in a !oroscope. Instead o& taing &rag%entary,
con&used and unsynt!esiIed :ie3, it is 5etter, to proceed syste%atically so t!at you are a5le to arri:e at a
%eaning&ul conclusion.
In all !oroscopes &irst o& all see !o3 t!e lord o& a particular !ouse is placed.
1!ere&ore let %e read a ser%on to you &irst a dangerous ser%on, 3!ic! i& you re%e%5er, you 3ill not tae a
&rag%entary, %uddle8!eaded and /u%5led :ie3 o& a !oroscope.
ermon !ne
1. Hindu astrologers are in t!e !a5it o& re&erring to 3!at t!ey t!in are classics 3it! in&alli5le principles and t!ey
turn t!e% into dog%as. 1!ey in:ite disaster.
2. Hindu astrologers are in t!e !a5it o& turning t!ese dog%as t!eir predicti:e 5ase. 1!ey in:ite greater disaster.
3. Hindu astrologers are in t!e !a5it o& using t!is predicti:e 5ase &or a negati:e prediction. 1!ey create &rig!t in
t!e !earts o& t!eir clients.
'. Hindu astrologers are in t!e !a5it o& creating gloo% t!roug! t!eir readings and a gna3ing &eeling o& &atalis%.
1!ey !a:e done no researc! o& t!eir o3n. 2!at t!ey %istae &or classics, pro:ides t!e% a protecti:e co:er
t!roug! a Sansrit <uotation. It is s!eer lac o& co%%onsense and sanity. 1!ey %ust no3 !o3 to /udge a
!oroscope, 3it!out 5eing dependent on 3!at t!ey t!in is a classic.
(et %e gi:e a case study !ere. A :ery 3ell esta5lis!ed A%erican 3o%an insisted on !a:ing a reading 5y %e
a&ter !earing %e spea. ,y style o& reading surprised !er. Her pro5le%s 3!ic! could 5e seen in >uly 1))* 3!en
I did t!e reading &or !er 3ere9
1. It 3as =enus8,ars period 3!en s!e !ad 5een !a:ing land dispute.
2. S!e is a de:oted 3i&e and !ad %ade an7ious in<uiries a5out !er !us5and@s !ealt!. I told !er t!at 3it! t!e 5est
%edical &acilities a:aila5le in !er country, s!e s!ould get !i% c!eced properly.
Note A S!e !ad taen readings &ro% so%e =edic astrologers in India and t!e 4SA and !ad &elt t!at Hindu
astrology stressed negati:ity. I taled o& t!e pleasant e:ents o& !er li&e and counselled !er to !a:e proper
%edical c!ec up &or !er !us5and. S!e ca%e out, and 3a:ing !er !ands, re%ared, Lt!e 3all 5et3een %e and
=edic astrology !as :anis!ed &ro% today.L 1!is e7tre%e reaction is e7plaina5le. In t!e 3estern astrology t!ey
!a:e no a5ility to predict e:ents. 1!ose 3!o !a:e learnt Hindu astrology and practise it in t!e 3est, particularly
also do only psyc!ological reading as t!ey a:oid predicti:e side, t!oug! t!ey !a:e piced up so%e rudi%ents o&
it 5y 1))6. It 3ill tae at least a decade &or t!e% to ac<uire so%e standard. In t!e %eanti%e, to Aplay t!eir
astrological tradeA, t!ey 3ill do %ore o& astro8psyc!ologiIing t!an e%p!asise t!e predicti:e side. 1!ere is also a
good reason &or it. In t!e 4SA you can 5e sued &or anyt!ing. 1!oug! astrology is not recognised as a pro&ession,
and treated as an Aentertain%entA in 4SA.
1!e Hindu astrologers s!e re&erred to in t!e 4SA and India predicted a disastrous %arriage 3!ereas I
straig!ta3ay congratulated &or a long and good %arriage inspite o& 5eing an A%erican 3!ere t!e di:orce rate is
:ery !ig!. I traced !er career pattern &ro% t!at o& a dancer to an aut!or. ;ut I !ad not!ing good to predict &or !er
!us5and. I toned it do3n considera5ly. S!e &elt !appy and relie:ed %ainly 5ecause !er career pattern and !appy
%arried li&e is 3!at %any astrologers cannot see 5ecause t!eir attention 3ill 5e ri:eted on negati:e &actors in t!e
!oroscope only.
Her pre/udice against Hindu -=edic in t!e 4SA. 3as :ery strong. I& you do not e:ol:e a scienti&ic %et!od o& t!e
analysis o& a !oroscope, you 3ill eit!er 5lu&& or stress negati:e &actors as Hindu and no3 =edic astrologers o& t!e
4SA, can, and do. 1!e art o& synt!esis and t!e greater art o& searc!ing t!e lig!t t!at can 5e seen e:en in a
gloo% is 3!at Hindu astrologers cannot de:elop inspite o& a great predicti:e astrology. 1!e reason is t!e
dog%as &illed in t!eir %inds 5y a cluttered reading o& 5oos o& astrology, 3it!out any intelligent assi%ilation.
I told !er t!at Hindu astrology no3n as =edic astrology in t!e 4SA 3as in a :ery rudi%entary &or%. In India,
Hindu astrologers, 3!o 3ere good, 3ould not o:erco%e t!eir !a5it o& negati:e readings &or %any %ore decades.
(etAs tae an e7a%ple
P DpositionE
Dennedy@s (agna is Danya. His ,oon is in Si%!a and in t!e nas!atr o& =enus, 3!ic! is 3!y at 5irt! !e got t!e
5alance o& =enus o& t!ree years and t!ree %ont!s.
Planets and (agna C (agna is Danya 3!ose lord is ,ercury. 2!ere placed and 3!o is t!e lord o& t!at !ouseB
1. ,ercury is placed in t!e eig!t! !ouse. Count t!us M
-a. 1!e &irst lord -t!e lagna is ,ercury. t!e lord o& lagna. Counted &ro% Danya, -1st !ouse., 1ula -2nd !ouse.,
=ris!c!ia -3rd !ouse., D!anu -'t! !ouse., ,aar -*t! !ouse., Du%5!a -6t! !ouse., ,eena -7t! !ouse. and
,es!a -"t! !ouse..
2. 1!e second lord -lord o& 1ula. is =enus and is placed in t!e nint! !ouse.
3. 1!e t!ird lord -lord o& =ris!c!ia. is ,ars and is placed in t!e eig!t! !ouse.
'. 1!e &ourt! lord -lord o& D!anu. is >upiter placed in t!e nint! !ouse.
*. 1!e &i&t! lord -lord o& ,aar. is Saturn placed in t!e ele:ent! !ouse.
6. 1!e si7t! lord -lord o& Du%5!a. is Saturn placed in t!e ele:ent! !ouse.
7. 1!e se:ent! lord -lord o& ,eena. is >upiter placed in t!e nint! !ouse.
". 1!e eig!t! lord -lord o& ,es!a. is placed in !is o3n !ouse in t!e eig!t! !ouse.
). 1!e nint! lord -=enus. is in =ris!a in t!e nint! !ouse and also !is o3n !ouse.
10. 1!e tent! lord -lord o& ,it!una. ,ercury is placed in t!e eig!t! !ouse.
11. 1!e ele:ent! lord -lord o& Dara. is in t!e t3el&t! !ouse.
12. 1!e t3el&t! lord -lord o& Si%!a. Sun is placed in t!e nint! !ouse.
Memory Ta$let
1!e ,e%ory ta5let you %ust apply is P.A.C. In t!is description 3e !a:e only s!o3n !o3 LPL is to 5e used.
A A DAspect or AspectsE
No3 re%e%5er t!at A is t!e %iddle part o& t!e ,e%ory 1a5let PAC. Here, re%e%5er al3ays, A %eans aspect
or aspects. 6e%e%5er t!en to analyse &ull nor%al aspects -7t!. and t!e t!ree special aspects o& ,ars, >upiter
and Saturn.
1!roug! t!ese aspects, -:ery special to Hindu astrology and :ery e7traordinary. %any !idden stories o& a
!oroscope get re:ealed.
No3 continue 3it! t!e !oroscope o& >o!n # Dennedy 5y applying A.
1!e second part o& t!e ,e%ory 1a5let P.A.C. is aspect. No3 analyse t!ese aspects !ouse and planet.
1. 1!e &irst !ouse -Danya. or t!e (agna recei:es t!e t!ird aspect o& Saturn and t!e &i&t! aspect o& >upiter. ;ut
t!ere is no planet in t!e (agna.
2. 1!e second !ouse -1ula. !as no planet 5ut recei:es t!e se:ent! aspects o& 5ot! ,ars and ,ercury.
3. 1!e t!ird !ouse -=ris!c!ia. !as no planet 5ut recei:es t!e se:ent! aspects o& Sun, >upiter and =enus and
also t!e eig!t! aspect o& ,ars.
'. 1!e &ourt! !ouse -D!anu. !as 6a!u in it 5ut recei:es no aspects. -Detu@s aspect is not considered. At any
rate, I do not..
*. 1!e &i&t! !ouse -,aar. !as no planet 5ut recei:es t!e se:ent! aspect o& Saturn and >upiter.
6. 1!e si7t! !ouse !as no planet 5ut recei:es t!e aspect o& ,oon.
7. 1!e se:ent! !ouse !as no planet and no aspect.
". 1!e eig!t !ouse !as ,ars and ,ercury and recei:es t!e aspect o& Saturn.
). 1!e nint! !ouse -=ris!a. !as Sun, >upiter and =enus 5ut no aspect o& any planet is t!ere.
10. 1!e tent! !ouse !as Detu 5ut does not recei:e any aspect o& any planet. -6a!u@s aspect is not counted
11. 1!e ele:ent! !ouse !as Saturn and recei:es t!e &ourt! aspect o& ,ars &ro% ,es!a.
12. 1!e t3el&t! !ouse !as t!e ,oon 5ut recei:es no aspect o& any planet.
C A DConFunctionE
1!e t!ird li%5 o& t!e ,e%ory 1a5let is LCL or con/unction, 3!ic! %eans 3!en a planet /oins anot!er planet in a
!ouse it is said to 5e con/unct 3it! t!e planet.
1. (agna C t!ere is no planet and !ence no con/unction.
2. 1!e second !ouse !as no planet and no con/unction.
3. 1!e t!ird !ouse !as no planet and no con/unction.
'. 1!e &ourt! !ouse !as 6a!u 5ut !as no con/unction.
*. 1!e &i&t! !ouse !as no planet and !as no con/unction.
6. 1!e si7t! !ouse !as no planet and !as no con/unction.
7. 1!e se:ent! !ouse !as no planet and !as no con/unction.
". 1!e eig!t !ouse !as ,ercury con/unct 3it! ,ars.
). 1!e nint! !ouse !as t!ree planets con/unct 3it! eac! ot!er >upiter, =enus and t!e Sun.
10. 1!e tent! !ouse !as Detu and t!ere is no con/unction.
11. 1!e ele:ent! !ouse !as Saturn and t!ere is no con/unction.
12. 1!e t3el&t! !ouse !as ,oon and t!ere is no con/unction.
No3 tae up your o3n !oroscope or o& anyone no3n to you and do a si%ilar e7ercise.
Apply PAC 0ithout fail"
/ets ta(e another e.ample horoscope
Illustration (wo
1!e type o& e7ercise 3e !a:e done in t!e case o& >o!n # Dennedy 3ill 5e repeated !ere, 5ut 3it! so%e
additional &eatures.
6epeat t!e sa%e e7ercise. It 3ill 5e done 5rie&ly !ere. 1ae up t!e !oroscope o& Jueen $liIa5et! C
Planets and degreesHMinutes /ords of Na(shatr
Sun 07N 2)A As!3ini -Detu.
,oon 1)N1"A As!les!a -,ercury.
,ars 2"N0'A D!anista -,ars.
,ercury 12N1'A 4ttar ;!adrapad -Saturn.
>upiter 00N01A D!anista -,ars.
=enus 21N1'A Pur:a ;!adrapad ->upiter.
Saturn -6. 01N3*A =is!a!a ->upiter.
6a!u 21N10A Punar:asu ->upiter.
Detu 21N10A Pur:asad!a -=enus.
(agna 00N21A 4ttaras!ad!a -Sun.
Note A;alance o& ,ercury ,a!adas!a o& 13 years, 7 %ont!s and 21 days
#escriptions A @ne
1. 1!e (agna o& t!e Jueen is ,aar, -Capricorn.
2. Her 6as!i -,oon8sign. is Dara -Cancer.
3. Her /an%a nas!atr is As!les!a 3!ose lord is ,ercury.
'. Since As!les!a 5egins at 16o'0 degrees in Dara and t!e Jueen@s ,oon is at 1)o1" s!e got t!e 5alance o&
,ercury. Ho3B
*. +ou no3 &ro% t!e ta5le o& nas!atr t!at ,ercury !as a total period o& se:enteen -17. years. So t!e si%ple
calculations is 17 years %inus 13 years, 7 %ont!s and 21 days %eans.
6. 1!e e7pired portion is 3 years, ' %ont!s and ) days.1!e
Jueen t!us gets at 5irt! t!e ,a!adas!a o& ,ercury. No person gets &ull %a!adas!a at 5irt!. i& !e li:es long
enoug! !e gets ot!er das!as in &ull. At !is deat! !e again gets only part o& t!e das!a 3!ic! !appens to 5e
running t!en.
No3 t!e calculation o& 3!at t!e Jueen is passing t!roug! no3 is done t!us9
In t!is case do &ull PAC.
1!en locate t!e nasatras o& all planets
/agna &un Moon Mars Mercury :upiter 9enus &aturn ,ahu ?etu
72I))J 7+I13J)7I17J *6I)1J *2I+)J *4I2+J *5I)1J )7I11J 75I+2J 75I+2J
I& you !a:e done all t!e e7ercises gi:en so &ar, you are prepared no3 to go into t!e second M-M@,Y
1!at 3ill tae you into t!e predicti:e aspects o& Hindu astrology.
1!e ne7t step is to &ind out 3!ic! su58period in t!e %a/or period o& 6a!u s!e is running no3. Instead o& s!o3ing
it !ere, e7a%ples 3ill 5e gi:en later in so%e ot!er illustrations.
So t!e in&or%ation you !a:e no3 is t!at t!e Jueen is passing t!roug! !er das!a o& 6a!u, 3!o is positioned in
t!e si7t! !ouse 3!ic! represents di&&iculties, o5stacles, opposition etc. No 3onder t!at is is in t!is period t!at t!e
Jueen !as 5een !a:ing all trou5le &ro% !er c!ildren particularly &ro% !er !eir8apparent, Prince C!arles and
Princess Daina.
1. (agna lord -Saturn. is in t!e ele:ent! !ouse o& ,ars.
2. 1!e second lord -Saturn. is in t!e ele:ent! !ouse o& ,ars.
3. 1!e t!ird lord ->upiter. is in t!e second !ouse o& Saturn and is con/oined 3it! =enus, t!e &i&t! and t!e tent!
'. 1!e &ourt! lord ,ars is in t!e (agna aspected 5y Saturn.
*. 1!e &i&t! lord -=enus. is 3it! >upiter, t!e t!ird and t!e t3el&t! lord in t!e second !ouse.
6. 1!e si7t! lord -,ercury. is in t!e t!ird !ouse o& >upiter 5ut is de5ilitated.
7. 1!e se:ent! lord, t!e ,oon is in !is o3n !ouse, Dara
". 1!e eig!t! lord, t!e Sun is in t!e &ort! !ouse o& ,ars and is 5eing aspected 5y e7alted ,ars -t!e &ourt!
). 1!e nint! lord -,ercury. is in t!e t!ird !ouse, de5ilitated.
10. 1!e tent! lord -=enus. is 3it! >upiter in t!e second !ouse.
11. 1!e ele:ent! lord -,ars. is e7alted in t!e (agna.
12. 1!e t3el&t! lord ->upiter. is in t!e second !ouse 3it! =enus.
Note so%e special &eatures in t!e !oroscope o& t!e Jueen. S!e 3as not an !eir8apparent
3!en s!e 3as 5orn. ;ut !er uncle &ell in lo:e and sacri&iced !is ingdo% &or t!e sae o& !is
lady lo:e. $liIa5et!@s &at!er 5eca%e t!e ing o& $ngland and s!e 5eing !is &irst c!ild, a
&e%ale t!oug!, 3it! no 5rot!ers, 5eca%e an undisputed !eir apparent. 1o co%e into suc!
great luc t!ere %ust 5e so%e great pro%ise in !er !oroscope. Note so%e special &eatures.
1. ,ars, t!e planet o& aut!ority and ad%inistration is in e7tre%e point o& e7altation.
2. 1!e Sun, t!e planet o& royalty, is also e7alted and is ad:ancing to3ards its point o& e7tre%e
e7altation, 3!ic! is ten degrees in ,es!a.
3. =enus, t!e tent! lord o& ingdo%, /e3ellery and precious stones is in t!e second !ouse o&
1!oug! so &ar no principles o& predictions !a:e 5een gi:en, yet to create so%e interest, so%e
stray !ints !a:e 5een gi:en. No3 let us see !o3 t!e Das!a o& t!e Jueen !elped !er.
1. S!e 3as 5orn in t!e %a!adas!a o& ,ercury, 3!o is also !er nint! lord representing !er
&at!er 5ecause t!e nint! !ouse represents &at!er. In t!is period !er &at!er 5eca%e t!e Ding o&
2. Ne7t ca%e t!e period o& Detu, in t!e t3el&t! !ouse, t!e place o& !iding, i%prison%ent,
&oreign /ourneys and sal:ation. 1!e young $liIa5et! !ad to 5e protected &ro% t!e ar%y o&
Hitler during t!e second 3orld 3ar.
3. 1!en ca%e t!e long spell o& =enus o& t3enty years. =enus as t!e lord o& !er tent! !ouse
ga:e !er t!e ingdo% and as t!e &i&t! lord ga:e !er, &our c!ildren. 1!e tent! !ouse is Dar%a,
3or, &a%e etc. and t!e &i&t! !ouse is t!e !ouse o& c!ild85irt!.
1!ere&ore, t!ose 3!o /u%p into yogas 3it!out understanding t!e psyc!ological dept! o& a
!oroscope do !ar% to astrology and lo:ers o& astrology. Ho3 t!e classical yogas are to 5e
understood !as not 5een understood 5y t!e 3riters 3!o are %ere co%pilers and not
%ollo0 the steps given $elo0 A
1. Ne:er 5e in a !urry to /u%p to conclusions 3!en you /udge a !oroscope.
2. +ou !a:e to %ae a total analysis 3!ic! starts 3it! t!e PAC analysis.
3. 1!e PAC approac! gi:es you a total picture.
Classical Yogas
'. 2!at a5out t!e yogas gi:en in 5oos on astrology is t!e <uestion t!at %ust spring in t!e
%inds o& t!ose readers 3!o !a:e read suc! 5oos. (et %e tell you, &or certain, t!at t!ose
5oos 3ill gi:e you a totally inco!ate picture o& a !oroscope. 1!e reasons are C
-a. #e3 3riters !a:e e:en understood t!at t!e classical yogas can &unction 3it!in t!e o:erall
planetary pro%ises, as a 3!ole, o& a !oroscope, ne:er outside. 1!ere is &or instance t!e 3ell8
no3n :a0a.esari &oga. In a 5ad !oroscope 3!at is t!e role o& t!is &a%ous yoga. 1!is can 5e
understood a&ter lot o& e7perience. A &ull 5oo 3ill !a:e to 5e 3ritten on t!is &ro% an entirely
di&&erent angle.
-5. All t!e yogas gi:en in t!ose 5oos can 5eco%e totally ine&&ecti:e in %any 3ays, 5ecause
good ones get nulli&ied 5y 5ad ones and t!e re:erse also !appens.
-c. 1!ere&ore ignore t!ose yogas &irst and loo at t!e series o& e7a%ples gi:en !ere to
appreciate t!at /udge%ent in Hindu astrology can %ature only 3!en a total picture o& a
!oroscope e%erges out.
-d. A&ter doing t!e e7ercises gi:en !ere, go ne7t to t!e ot!er %e%ory 1a5let 3!ic! is
+ou 3ill see in t!e e7a%ples gi:en later !o3 li&e taes a <ueer t3ists.
2it! t!e intention to !elp people a:oid %e%oriIing. 1!e traditional Indian %et!od since
ancient ti%es !as 5een to %ae a 5oy %e%ories -Sansrit stanIas. 3!ic! ga:e in
capsules all t!ese principles. It is not possi5le to tae up suc! 5oys t!ese days and &ollo3
si%ilar %et!ods.
As it is %any people 3!o get interested in astrology, 5egin to learn t!e su5/ect, late in t!eir
li:es, and !a:e no capacity to %e%oriIe.
When learning through rote memory is not possi$le' 0hat is surely possi$le is to learn
through associative memory"
Ta(e up the horoscopes DIllustration + to Illustration )1E and descri$e them
systematically" ?eep doing this e.ercise al0ays"
+ou 3ill !ear and read a5out so%e pro&essionals lie ,;A, engineers or doctors gi:ing up
t!eir %ain line and taing up to astrology. Do not 5e i%pressed 5y all t!at. A pro&essional 3!o
!as not done 3ell in !is o3n pro&ession o:er a period is not co%petent, generally, to 5e a
good astrologer 5ecause astrology needs !ig!er analytical gi&ts and a5ility to synt!esiIe
&aster. A C!artered Accountant &ound %ore %oney in astrology t!an in !is o3n pro&ession. Do
not %istae !i% &or a %issionary astrologer.
Still, 3it!out 5eco%ing a pro&essional astrologer -as a predictor or as a %ill producing coo
5oos on astrology., eep ali:e your interest in astrology as a lo:er o& di:ine no3ledge. It 3ill
!elp you spiritually and eep you a3ay &ro% t!e 3orld o& &rauds 3!ic! is 3!at astrologers
see% to 5e 5eco%ing all o:er t!e 3orld.
".%.& "ractice )oroscopes
*earning ome +asics of "redictive "rinciples
The Memory Ta$le given $efore is P"A"C"
1!e %e%ory ta5le 3ill 5e e7panded no3 to %ae it a co%plete sc!e%e. ;ut 5e&ore learning t!e%, it is necessary
to understand so%e tec!nical ter%s o& astrology 3!ic! are used %ore co%%only.
)" ?endras DKuadrantsE A 1!e (agna, t!e &ourt!, se:ent! and t!e tent! !ouses o& t!e lagna are called endras
and t!e lords o& t!ose !ouses are called lords o& endras, 3!ere:er t!ey %ay 5e placed in a !oroscope.
*" Tri(onas DTrinesE A 1!e lagna and t!e &i&t! and t!e nint! !ouses &ro% t!e lagna are trines. 1!e lords o& t!e
&i&t! and nint! !ouses !a:e 5een descri5ed as tri.onas 3!ic! is a &allacy. 1!e 3ord #tri# in Sansrit %eans
At!reeA. In 3!at is no3n as t!e as!ta:arga, in tri.ona shodhana , t!e lagna, t!e &i&t! and t!e nint! !ouses are
taen. 1!us lagna lord is 5ot! a endra lord and also t!e triona lord.
+" Panapharas DCadentE A 1!e second, &i&t!, t!e eig!t! and t!e ele:ent! !ouses are no3n as panap!aras.
1!en a special ter% used is "pachaya !ouse 3!ic! are t!e t!ird, si7t!, tent! and ele:ent! !ouses and t!eir
1" Apo(limas D&uccudentE A 1!e t!ird, si7t!, nint! and t!e t3el&t! !ouses are no3n as apol.lima. ;ut since
t!e nint! !ouse is tri.ona, it is generally o%itted &ro% t!is category.
Points to ,emem$er
In understanding t!e %eaning o& P.A.C. t!e co%5inations o& t!e lords o& t!ese !ouses, or t!e aspect o& one o&
t!e% on a !ouse or a planet or t!e %utual aspects o& t!e lords o& t!ese !ouses re:eal the secrets of
horoscope. It is an area o& e:er8e7panding researc!, :ery si%ple apparently, 5ut :ery co%ple7.
In t!e e7a%ple !oroscope, endras are Danya, D!anu, ,eena and ,it!una.
1rionas are Danya, ,aar, =ris!a.
Panap!aras are 1ula, ,aar, ,es!a, Dara.
Apoli%as are =ris!c!ia, Du%5!a, =ris!a -F%it it. and Si%!a.
It 3ill 5e good i& a reader gets used to t!ese ter%s a&ter understanding !o3 t!ese ter%s co%e into a 3riter@s
articles in so natural a 3ay t!at t!e 3riter does not no3 t!at t!ey %ay appear &oreign to %any.
1!e per%utations and co%5inations o& t!ese, lords o& endras, trionas, panapa!ars, apoli%as and upac!ayas
are used &or predictions.
piritual ,ualities of "lanets
India 3!ic! is t!e land o& t!e origin o& &our o& t!e se:en 3orld religions, Hinduis%, ;udd!is%, >ainis% and
Si!is% and !as t!e %ost e&&icacious and nu%erous sadhanas -spiritual practices., !as also gi:en to t!e 3orld
t!e yoga syste% 3!ic! is popular all o:er t!e 3orld. =ery &e3 astrologers no3 t!at Hindu astrology is t!e %ost
de:eloped spiritual astrology 3!ic! is so%e!o3, till no3, ept as a great secret 3it! t!e saints o& India. +et in
so%e 5oos o& astrology, 3!ic! is a di&&erent 5ranc! o& astrology t!an t!e one 5eing discussed !ere, t!ere are
%any %ore !ints a5out t!e spiritual side o& !u%an personality.
+et rarely people in India go to astrologer to as <uestions a5out t!eir spiritual li&e &or a :ery e7cellent reason.
1!e people o& India !a:e t!e supre%e ad:antage o& learning t!eir spiritual lessons, &irst at !o%e &ro% t!e elders
in c!ild!ood, later t!ey see t!e guidance o& so%e spiritual person, saints, yogis, gurus and ot!er !oly persons.
1!en t!ey !a:e t!e supre%e ad:antage o& reading suc! rare spiritual literatures, in t!e 6a%ayan, t!e
,a!a5!arata and t!e Puranas t!at t!ey get %ost o& t!e ans3ers to t!eir spiritual <uestions &ro% t!ese 5oos.
,y e7perience in 4.S.A. and 3it! people &ro% t!e 3est co%ing to consult %e in India !as 5een t!at t!ey see
ans3ers 3!ic! are so%eti%es <uite ticlis! 5ecause t!ey !a:e got interested in spiritual practices and, !a:e
rarely 5een in so ad:antageous position as Indians !a:e o& getting spiritual guidance &or% so %any sources and
so %any persons.
1o &ul&ill t!at need in discussing t!e nature o& planets it 5eco%es necessary to start 3it! t!e spiritual <ualities o&
planets. 2!at is 5eing listed 5elo3 is not e7!austi:e 5ut is sound enoug! &or practical use 5y astrologer and
lo:ers o& astrology. An e<ha%stive list has )een added to the )oo. at the end.
2!at spiritual <ualities eac! planet -t!e nine 3e are using. represents is 5eing gi:en 5rie&ly.
&un A 1!e Sun, lord o& our solar syste%, !as 5een identi&ied in so%e Sansrit stotras as (ord =is!nu 5ut
generally, it is 3it! (ord S!i:a t!at !e is identi&ied. It does not %atter 3!ic! o& t!e 1rinity !e represents. 1!e
i%portant point to re%e%5er is t!at !e a3aens t!e t!irst &or spiritual li&e, 5lesses one 3it! di:ine no3ledge,
descri5ed as :yana , 3!ic! is 3!y !e !as 5een descri5ed as At%aaraa also -in >ai%ini astrology 3!ere a
planet 3it! t!e !ig!est degree 5eco%es t!e At%aaraa.. 1!ere&ore, Sun is associated 3it! p!ilant!ropic
tendencies and !as a Satt3ic nature.
Moon A I& t!e Sun is t!e atma -soul., t!e ,oon is t!e ,anas or t!e %ind. ,ental <ualities are represented 5y
t!e ,oon. It is t!e %ind t!at creates t!e &eeling o& !appiness or un!appiness. A %ind t!at is under control is a
%ind t!at de:elops po3ers o& concentration and %editation. A ,oon a&&licted 5y Saturn and ,ars creates strong
&eelings o& detac!%ent or vairagya . In t!e !oroscopes o& great yogis and saints t!is co%5ination is generally
seen. I !a:e re&erred to %any suc! !oroscopes in %y 5oos, particularly, in the &ogis* Destiny and the Wheel
of ,ime. Pure spiritual tendencies, lo:e to go to sacred places, 3ors!ipping Eoddess, indness, so&t and tender
&eelings 5orn o& Satt3ic nature are associated 3it! t!e ,oon. It is &or t!is reason t!at a strong, e7alted or
:argotta%a ,oon !as al3ays 5een praised.
Mars A >Bhoomi-s%to>* is a 3ell8no3n syno%y% &or ,ars %eaning t!e c!ild o& t!e eart!. Also no3n as t!e
co%%ander in c!ie&, ,ars represents t!e deter%ination to do sadhana* i& suc! pro%ises e7ist in any !oroscope.
He represents (ord =is!nu and !is :arious &or%s. A%ong t!e =edas !e !as 5een identi&ied 3it! t!e Sa%a =eda.
It is %y e7perience t!at in t!e case o& any g%r%* where !e in&luences t!e 't! or t!e 10t! !ouses, !e 5uilds
as!ra%s. In t!e *t! !ouse, ,ars gi:es t!e dri:e to 5eco%e t!e 5uilder o& religious institution. ;uilders, estate
agents !a:e to !a:e a pro%inent ,ars in&luencing t!eir 't! or 10t! !ouses or t!eir lords. $7tend it to %en in
religious and spiritual line and you 3ill see 5uilders o& as!ra%s, te%ples, %os<ues, c!urc!es, synagogues and
religious institutions, 3it! a strong desire to ac<uire land and 5uilding.
Mercury A ,a!ars!i Paras!ara prescri5es recitation o& t!e 9ishn% Sahastranaama in t!e periods o& ,ercury.
1!e identi&ication o& ,ercury 3it! (ord =is!nu 5eing so clear, a strong and 3ell8placed ,ercury, -in t!e spiritual
!ouses, lie ', ",12 or t!e D!ar%a !ouses lie 1, *, ) gi:es a deep yearning &or t!e study o& scriptures and also
astrology 3!ic! is a di:ine science, 5eing t!e %ost pro%inent =edanga.
,ercury generally causes t!e undertaing o& pilgri%ages 5ut not &or a long stay. 1o 5uild te%ples o& (ord =is!nu
is a 3ell8no3n <uality o& ,ercury. 1!e %ani&estations o& (ord =is!nu in all &or%s 5eing t!e identity o& ,ercury,
!e is a =ais!na:a par e<cellence. ,ercury pro%otes a strong tendency to ac<uire sel&8control. ,ercury 5eing a
ritualist, attraction &or mantras and &antras is a 3ell no3n tendency released 5y ,ercury. He
represents Atharva 9eda
:upiter A An astrologer 3ill 5e a poor predictor i& >upiter and ,ercury are not good in !is !oroscope. 1!e
!ouse o& speec!, t!e second !ouse, getting associated 3it! >upiter t!roug! position or aspect s!o3s gi&ts o&
prop!ecy, unless t!e second !ouse or t!e second lord are 5ad ot!er3ise. It also %aes one a good preac!er. A
preac!er !as to !a:e no3ledge o& scriptures supported 5y personal spiritual e7perience. >upiter represents t!e
<uintessence o& dharma. 1!e &iner aspects o& di:ine no3ledge and spiritual practices lie penances, 3ors!ip o&
god, doing o& c!arity are co%%only associated 3it! >upiter. =ara!%i!ir !as praised t!e position o& >upiter in t!e
10t! !ouse. ;eing a strict %oralist, >upiter %oti:ates one to 5e et!ical in conduct. Since >upiter represents (ord
S!i:a, a >upiter8do%inated person does not %ind %aing sacri&ices &or true religious and spiritual causes.
9enus C 1raditionally, t!e Euru o& Asuras, =enus is a learned religious person. =enusian traits can 5e s!o3y.
Fne %ay de:elop t!e tendency to turn !is religious Ieal into piety. I !a:e seen !undreds o& !oroscopes o& %en
and 3o%en 3it! =enus in t!e 10t! !ouse 5eco%ing %ore s!o3y t!an sincere in spiritual pursuits. Per!aps,
distractions in t!eir li:es, caused 5y =enus are %any. A%ong =edas, =enus represent +a/ur8=eda. 1!e liea5le
and ad%ira5le side o& =enus is lo:e &or religious songs, lo:e to decorate religious places and co%pose %usic &or,
particularly &e%ale goddesses.
&aturn C Saturn descri5ed as t!e planet o& %isery is a totally &allacious state%ent. 2it!out a &a:oura5le Saturn
in t!e 5irt! !oroscope and in transit one can ne:er de:elop deep detac!%ent. Saturn represents sel&8
a5negation, tyaag. It is tyaag and Eyaan t!at 5eco%e real strong &oundation &or spiritual li&e. A 3ea Saturn !as
5een seen to attract a sad!a, i& t!ere is also a&&licted ,oon, attraction to3ards in&erior deities.
,ahu C 6a!u !as 5een praised 5y 6a%anu/ac!ary &or dips in t!e Eanga and going to pilgri%ages 5ecause !e is
an e7tro:ert, unlie Detu, 3!o %aes one an intro:ert. 6a!u i%pels one to tae to religious and spiritual
practices %any ti%es in a rat!er uncon:entional 3ay and, can cause attraction &or non8con:entional religious
?etu C It is di&&icult to decide 3!o 5et3een >upiter and Detu is a 5etter sal:ation8gi:er. +et, Detu !as 5een called
t!e sal:ation8gi:er 5ecause !e is t!e e%5odi%ent o& su5tlest di:ine secrets. Detu in t!e t3el&t! !as 5een
praised. Detu al3ays attracts one to3ards seclusion, o5ser:ance o& ma%n t!e :o3 o& silence.
The #ash Avtaar
1!ere is one and only one Eod as t!e great Narayana Da:ac!a% in t!e Sri%ad
;!ag3at e%p!sises. 1!e (ord, 5eing play&ul, assu%es %any s!apes, &o%s al3ays. He
adorns !i%sel& 3it! :arious 3eapons.
1!e ;ri!at Paras!ar S!astr, 3orld@s greatest astrological classic, re&ers to t!e nine
incarnations o& Eod a5out 3!ic! 3e no3 and also re&ers to t!e tent! Incarnation as Eod
Dali. 1!ey are C
The Planet The Incarnation of Lod
Sun 6aa%
,oon Dris!n
,ars Narsin!
,ercury ;udd!a
>upiter =aa%an
=enus ;!aarga:
Saturn Dur%a -Dac!c!ap.
6a!u Sooara -=araa!.
Detu ,een -,atsy.
Not Dno3n Dali
"ersons whom these "lanets Represent in Daily *ife
No3, i& 3e tae t!e nor%al day to day, %undane a&&airs, t!ese :ery planets represent t!e &ollo3ing 3orldly
The &un
1!e ing o& t!e solar syste%, is t!e ing al3ays and e:ery3!ere. 1!e le:el o& regal splendour !e s!o3s 3ill
depend on !is condition in a !oroscope.
%amily A 1!e &at!er in a &a%ily and paternal relations, t!e Sun is also a digni&ied ad%inistrati:e aut!ority.
&ociety A 1!e Ding in a %onarc!y, t!e Sun is t!e dignitary in %odern de%ocracies and represents !ig!ly
placed persons 3!et!er in go:ern%ent ser:ice or pri:ate &ir%s.
The Moon
(ie t!e Sun, t!e ot!er planet representing royalty is t!e ,oon.
%amily A 6epresents t!e %ot!er and e:eryt!ing connected 3it! %ot!er.
&ociety A 1!e 3ise %en -D3i/a. o& t!e society, popular person and in de%ocracies, t!e ,oon aspected 5y
Saturn represents t!e c!aris%a so%e personalities de:elop.
,ars is t!e natural co%%ander8in8c!ie& in astrology.
%amily A ;rot!ers, sisters.
Nota$le A So%e astrologers &ollo3ing t!e ;!rigu syste% o& Hindu astrology gi:e to ,ars t!e role o& a 3o%an
in a %an@s li&e. 2!ile %any astrologers do not accept t!is, t!ere is strong enoug! reason to go deeper into t!is
aspect as so%e o& %y researc!es pro:e t!is to 5e :ery :alid.
&ociety A ,ars gi:es an i%portant %arital point 3!ic! pertains to %arriage 3!ic! is 3!y in Hindu astrology so
%uc! stress is laid on ,angalya -!appiness o& a %arriage. and also Du/ados!a -Du/a is a synony% &or ,ars.. In
social li&e, ,ars represents t!e ar%y, t!e police and %en in uni&or%, ad%inistrators, %en in !ig! position,
rulers!ip, estate agents etc.
In astrology ,ercury is t!e prince.
%amily A Cousins, %aternal uncles.
Nota$le A In 4ttar8Dala%rita, Dalidas attri5utes to ,ercury so%e ot!er special signi&ications9 %aternal grand8
&at!er, and younger co5orns and or 5rot!ers and sisters.
Nota$le A In a 3o%an@s li&e ,ercury represents, i& a&&licted 5y Saturn a !us5and 3it! less or no se7ual :irility.
&ociety A ,ercury represents no3ledge and in %odern li&e, 5usiness. So t!is planet !as %any great
signi&ications o& :ery 3ide :ariety. ,at!e%aticians, sculptors, astrologers, astrono%ers, sc!olars, speaers,
3riters, %en 3!o no3 t!e secrets o& %antras and yantras. In %odern age, ,ercury is t!e &inancial e7pert,
accountant, auditor, /ournalist, ne3spaper %an, paper %erc!ant etc.
Nota$le A 1!e association o& ,ercury 3it! certain planets in so%e ras!is &ro% t!e lagna is t!e clue to &inding it
out. (ot o& ne3 researc!es 3ill !a:e to 5e done in t!is area.
>upiter 3!o is gi:en t!e !onored place o& 5eing t!e guru o& gods, represents, t!e di:ine, t!e sacred.
%amily A C!ildren, elder 5rot!er, respected elders in t!e &a%ily -3!ose inter:ention and ad:ice !elps sol:e
&a%ily pro5le%s.
Nota$le A In 4ttar Dala%rita, t!e ot!er signi&ications gi:en to >upiter are grandsons and also grand8&at!er.
Nota$le A In ;!rigu astrology, >upiter is said to represent t!e !us5and o& a 3o%an /ust as ,ars is said to
represent t!e 3i&e o& a %an.
&ociety A 1raditionally, t!e priest, t!e sc!olar, t!e ad:iser to t!e ing -in ancient ti%es., >upiter represents
%any ne3 %odern pro&essionals.
Nota$le A 1!e /udge, t!e teac!er, t!e la3yer, t!e ad:iser in ne3 %odern &or%s 5eco%e legal e7perts, t!e
%anage%ent e7perts, t!e psyc!ologists, t!e 5aners etc.
=enus, traditionally t!e guru o& asuras -%onsters., is descri5ed as t!e lord o& si7ty8&our arts, %eaning t!at =enus
represents, culture and sop!istication.
%amily A 6epresents t!e se78li&e o& %arried partners in a tradition85ound society ot!er3ise, t!e se78li&e o& an
indi:idual. Eenerally =enus !as 5een treated as 3i&e. #or t!ose 5orn a&ter sun8rise =enus is said to tae t!e
place o& ,oon and 5eco%es t!e %ot!er.
Nota$le C Eenerally =enus represents &a%ily prosperity, con:eyances, /e3ellery, and
precious possessions.
&ociety C =enus 5eing representati:e o& arts, all &or% o& arts, &ine or co%%ercial, dance,
song, dra%a, literature, poetry 5eing its sole do%ain, dra%atists, poets, dancers etc. are
=enus8do%inant personalities.
Nota$le C In %odern conte7t, t!e per&u%ers, !oteliers, o3ners o& restaurant, co%puter8
so&t3are %en and e:en t!ose 3!o deal 3it! &les!8trade &all under t!e :ast =enusian u%5rella.
Hindu astrologers are %ostly superstitious in t!eir understanding and treat%ent o& t!e
signi&ications o& Saturn. 1rue, Saturn represents, trou5le, sorro3, old age, sicness. +et in all
t!e great classics o& Hindu astrology Saturn !as 5een gi:en so%e ot!er 5ene&icent roles
3!ic! are o:erlooed. ,y 5est researc! gi:en in %y 5oos e%p!asise t!e positi:e side o&
Saturn 3it! %any illustrations.
%amily C Fld %en and ser:ants in t!e &a%ily. Fld, dilapidated !ouses specially %ade o&
5rics. #or t!ose 5orn at nig!t Saturn represents &at!er, taing t!e place o& t!e Sun, t!e
natural signi&icator o& &at!er.
&ociety C I& t!e Sun is t!e aristocrat, Saturn is t!e de%ocrat 3!ile ,ars is t!e dictator. 1!ese
!ints !elp us in %aing predictions a5out t!e type o& go:ern%ent a nation 3ill !a:e at a gi:en
point o& ti%e. (o3er classes, de%ocrats, crippled persons, old %en, are represented 5y
Saturn in traditional astrology.
In t!e c!anged socio8econo%ic ti%es o& ours, Saturn is t!e seeer o& po3ers t!roug!
elections to de%ocratic 5odies, iron8s%it!s and also industrialists -in cooperation 3it! ,ars.,
a psyc!ologist in cooperation 3it! >upiter, an artist in cooperation 3it! =enus, a sculptor in
co8operation 3it! ,ercury etc.
Nota$le C Astrologers 3!o &ail to see t!e :ery 3ide and s3eeping range o& all ne3
pro&essions created 5y Saturn 3ill &all into t!ousands o& errors o& /udg%ents.
Ne7t to Saturn t!e %ost conde%ned planet is 6a!u. 4nless astrologers do ne3 researc!es
and see t!e positi:e side o& t!ese planets, %ore da%age 3ill 5e done to astrology t!an !as
already 5een done so &ar.
%amily C Paternal grand8parents -t!oug! 4ttar Dala%rita also uses 6a!u &or %aternal grand8
parents., old, sic person in t!e &a%ily and t!ose t!at 5eco%e non8con&or%istAs.
&ociety C 1!e &oreigner, t!e engineer, t!e arc!itect, t!e space engineer, t!e politician, air
!ostesses, aeroplane pilots and %ani&old ne3 tec!nical and se%i8tec!nical pro&essions &all in
t!e do%ain o& 6a!u.
Detu is t!e %ost 5a&&ling planet in astrology, spiritual, di:ine on t!e one !and and 5a&&ling in a
%edical sense.
%amily C 6epresents %aternal grand8parents -t!oug! 4ttara Dala%rita taes paternal grand8
parents., t!e slig!tly unort!odo7 %e%5ers o& t!e &a%ily.
&ociety C Detu is t!e planet 3!ic! plays ey role in s!aping a doctor or ot!er %en in se%i8
%edical or alternati:e syste%s o& %edicine. Detu, co%5ined 3it! ot!er planets, produces
in:entors, %en dealing 3it! su5tle secrets o& nature around our 3orld.
Nota$le C So%e !ints !a:e 5een gi:en !ere a5out t!e persons represented 5y di&&erent
planets so%e o& t!e% are traditional and so%e o& t!e% are additional. #or instance Detu
represents languages and linguists. 1!ese days 3!en people learn co%puter it naturally &alls
under Detu 5ecause t!ere is co%puter language to 5e learnt.
I& planets co%5ine, aspect eac! ot!er in certain !ouses &ro% t!e lagna, t!e %eaning o& t!is
s!ould 5e interpreted 3it! an open %ind. 1!e classical principle s!ould ne:er 5e o:erlooed
and t!e ne3 %eaning %ust 5e disco:ered ot!er3ise astrological researc! 3ill re%ain
The &pirituality Associated With Houses
In delineating t!e e&&ects o& eac! !ouse, t!e start s!ould again 5e %ade 3it! t!e spiritual pro%ise o& eac! !ouse.
;y eac! !ouse &ro% t!e (agna 3!ic! is al3ays t!e &irst !ouse. 1!us, &or a person 5orn 3it! ,eena lagna t!e
&irst !ouse is ,eena, t!e second !ouse ,es!a and t!e t3el&t! !ouse Du%5!a etc.
Since spiritual astrology is generally ept a secret and astrologers do not pay attention to it, e%p!asis s!ould 5e
laid on t!is aspect 5ot! &or t!e spiritual guidance o& t!e person concerned and &or preparation &or a &ine spiritual
era into 3!ic! %anind 3ill enter a&ter 2002 A.D.
The %irst House
1!e &irst !ouse representing onesel&, s!o3s t!e 5eginning o& a3areness o& spiritual side o& !u%an li&e. I& t!ree or
%ore planets are in t!e &irst !ouse, suc! persons, inspite o& all distractions, can practice sel&8control 3it!
deter%ination, and success&ully.
#ro% t!e &irst !ouse springs t!e desire to en/oy peace generally and t!e tendency to renounce 5ecause t!e &irst
stage o& renunciation is p!ysical. 1o understand it, t!e #our Purus!art!as o& classical Indian tradition s!ould 5e
understood. 1!e &irst one is D!ar%a -religious conduct., t!e second is Art!a -t!e desire to earn %oney., t!e t!ird
is t!e ar%a to en/oy li&e p!ysically and t!e last is ,os!a to %ae e&&orts to get sal:ation.
In Hindu astrology t!ere&ore starting &ro% t!e lagna t!ere are &our trines &or eac! t!e purus!art!as 3!ic! are9
#harma Artha ?aama Mo(sha
#i&t! !ouse Si7t! !ouse Se:ent!
$ig!t! !ouse
1ent! !ouse $le:ent!
13el&t! !ouse
1!ere is ant!er set o& &our trines 3!ic! depends on t!e di:ision o& !u%an li&e into &our parts, ;ra!%ac!arya -li&e
o& celi5acy. Eri!ast!a -t!e li&e o& a !ouse!older. =anaprast!a -detac!ing onesel&. &ro% !ouse8!older@s duties.
and Sanyas -li&e o& renunciation.. 1!e sc!e%e o& di:ision is t!e sa%e as in t!e earlier trines.
;rahmacharya Lrihastha 9anaprastha &anyas
1!e &irst !ouse Second
1!ird !ouse #ourt! !ouse
#i&t!e !ouse Si7t! !ouse Se:ent! !ouse $ig!t! !ouse
Nint! !ouse 1ent! !ouse $le:ent!
13el&t! !ouse
In /udging t!e spiritual i%portance o& eac! o& t!ese !ouses, t!ese trines s!ould 5e ept in t!e %ind.
It is al3ays i%portant to re%e%5er t!at t!e lagna and lord %ust not 5e ill8placed -in t!e eig!t! !ouse, t!e si7t!
!ouse or t!e t3el&t! !ouse. and %ust not 5e a&&licted 5y Saturn, ,ars, 6a!u, Detu particularly t!roug!
con/unction or aspect. In suc! a case t!e !ealt! %ay 5e 5ad. It is sound !ealt! t!at alone ensures any type o&
ac!ie:e%ent in anyone@s li&e, including spiritual ac!ie:e%ents. It is in rare cases t!at a person 3it! ill !ealt! 5ut
strong sense o& renunciation can 5e spiritually e7alted. ;ut 3e %ust proceed on t!e pre%ise t!at it is sound
!ealt! t!at is t!e &oundation o& e:en good spiritual li&e.
The &econd House
1!e &a%ily en:iron%ent gi:es to one so%e spiritual tendencies, 3!ic! is 3!at t!e second !ouse represents,
5eing t!e !ouse o& Dutu%5a -or t!e &a%ily one is 5roug!t up in.. #ait! in religious and spiritual traditions are
in!erited and also ac<uired generally &ro% parents. 1!e second !ouse represents it, 5esides, also 5eing t!e
!ouse o& speec!. See t!e planets -particularly >upiter, =enus, ,ercury. 3it!out a&&liction to e7a%ine 3!et!er one
!as t!e tendency to spea trut! or &alse!ood. 1!e second also 5eing t!e !ouse o& earnings, %onetary gains etc.,
t!e c!arity one does 3it! %oney and gi&ts are also to 5e seen &ro% t!e second !ouse.
Note A In t!is respect t!e role o& t!e t3el&t! !ouse is %ore i%portant.
The Third House
1!e t!ird !ouse no3n as t!e !ouse o& :alour and courage 5eco%es &a:ora5le i& t!ere is a %ale&ic lie 6a!u,
Saturn, ,ars, Detu in it. It s!o3s a deter%ination to apply onesel& to spiritual practices 3it! strong 3ill.
Note A 1!e t!ird !ouse, according to ,a!ars!i Paras!ara, is t!e !ouse o& upades!a or religious preac!ing.
1!e t!ird !ouse also is to 5e seen &or s!ort and <uic pilgri%ages.
According to t!e 4ttrta8ala%rita, t!e t!ird !ouse represents t!e part o& t!e pal% 3!ic! is 5et3een t!e t!u%5
and t!e inde7 &inger 3it! 3!ic! %any rituals are per&or%ed.
The %ourth House
1!e &ourt! !ouse representing 5uildings, represents t!e religious8p!ilant!ropic institutions one 5uilds and also
t!e trusts one creates or religious, p!ilant!ropic and ot!er good trusts 3it! t!e %oney one !as.
In t!e li&e o& an indi:idual t!e &ourt! !ouse represents !is desire to pursue !is spiritual li&e in t!e <uiet
surroundings o& a place, !ouse or as!ra% 3it! r!yt!%ic regularity. In t!e case o& a yogi it can represent
pranaya%a or 5reat!8control. ;ut i& suc! a !ouse is distur5ed, suc! persons &ind t!at 5y %o:ing &ro% one place
to anot!er only t!ey can &ollo3 t!eir spiritual pursuits.
The %ifth House
An i%portant principle o& Hindu astrology is t!at i& a planet aspects its o3n !ouse, t!at !ouse gets strengt!ened.
1!is s!ould 5e seen :ery closely in t!e case o& t!e &i&t! !ouse around 3!ic! re:ol:es t!e realiIation o& t!e
potency o& %antra, yantra, 5ecause t!is !ouse is i%portant in t3o 3ays9 in t!e case o& t!e indi:idual 3!ose
!oroscope is 5eing e7a%ined, it represents t!e spiritual %erit o& !is past li&e and in t!e case o& !is &at!er, it is t!e
!ouse o& !is spiritual %erit o& !is present li&e.
It is a good &i&t! !ouse t!at 5esto3s :i:ea or a sense o& discri%ination and deep spiritual 3isdo% 5orn 5ot! o&
t!e reading o& scriptures and spirituals practices.
The & House
In t!e li&e o& a spiritual practitioner &i&teen types o& distractions are nor%al. ,ore o&ten t!an not t!ese tae a
person a3ay &ro% t!e desired spiritual pat!. 1o o:erco%e suc! distractions, a %ale&ic in t!e si7t! !ouse is
al3ays good. As it is, a %ale&ic in t!e si7t! !ouse is good &or ensuring sound !ealt! and t!e tenacity to o:erco%e
o5stacles. In spiritual li&e t!is !ouse !elps in de:eloping one pointed concentration.
The &eventh House
1!is !ouse o& se7 is also t!e !ouse o& se78su5li%ination. It is 3!en t!e undalini po3er rises !ig! t!at se7ual
lust gets trans&or%ed into lo:e and a sad!a &eel t!e spiritual :i5rations o& t!e rising undalini.
1!e $ig!t! House
It s!ould 5e noticed t!at t!e &ourt! !ouse is t!e !ouse o& spirituality and sal:ation in t!e trines gi:en 5e&ore. 1!e
eig!t! !ouse is t!e second o& suc! !ouse, 5ut 5eing a secret !ouse -eig!t! !ouse is a !idden !ouse. one
practices one@s sad!ana in secluded and cloistered places. It is true t!at t!is !ouse also represents agonies
3!ic! %ust include spiritual disappoint%ents in t!e act attaining a 5liss&ul state o& sa%ad!i.
The Ninth House
Ne7t to t!e &i&t! !ouse, t!e !ouse on 3!ic! all astrologers lay greatest stress &or spiritual de:elop%ent is t!e
nint! !ouse. +et, t!ere is a contro:ersy a%ong astrologers 3!et!er it is t!e nint! !ouse or t!e &i&t! !ouse t!at is
to 5e seen &or t!e spiritual %erit o& t!e past li&e. 2!ile %a/ority o& astrologers see t!e &i&t! !ouse &or t!e %erit o&
t!e past li&e, it is also logical to see t!at a&ter t!e eig!t! !ouse o& sa%ad!i t!at t!e spiritual %erit o& t!is li&e
5losso%s out. 1!e nint! !ouse t!ere&ore is to 5e e7a%ined &or all acts o& penance, pilgri%age, 3ors!ip o& gods.
It is t!e !ouse 3!ic! represented t!e last stage o& &ull spiritual de:elop%ent, a&ter 3!ic! one can 5eco%e a guru
or a spiritual guide. 1!is !ouse also is &or &at!er, 3!o is one o& t!e early gurus o& a c!ild.
Note A 1!e &ourt! !ouse 3!ic! is t!e &irst !ouse o& t!e %os!a triangle represents %ot!er 3!ic! is 3!y ser:ing
one@s %ot!er is t!e ser:ice to adi8guru -t!e &irst guru..
1!e nint! !ouse, t!e last o& t!e d!ar%a triangle, s!o3s t!e i%portance o& ser:ice to one@s &at!er, as t!e ey8note
o& religious progress.
It is &or t!is reason t!at t!e Sansrit saying, L,atri de:o 5!a:aL -let %ot!er 5e t!e goddess. and LPitro de:o
5!a:aL -let &at!er 5e t!e god. is t!e eternal lesson c!ildren are taug!t to lay poper &oundation o& t!eir spiritual
li&e.In&erentially, t!ose 3!o are cruel to t!eir parents cannot !ope to 5e spiritually success&ul in t!eir practices.
1!is is a !ars! spiritual reality 3!ic! 3ill not 5e palata5le to %any %odern young people. +et an astrologer
cannot a&&ord to o:erloo t!is.
The Tenth House
1!e tent! !ouse is t!e !ouse o& t!ose deeds 3!ic! are noticed. A person 3!o !as potentised a %antra and !as
5eco%e a guru, 3ins social recognition t!roug! !is deeds -e:en %isdeeds.. It is &or t!is reason t!at >upiter, t!e
greatest 5ene&ic is pre&erred %ost in t!is !ouse &or !oly deeds 5ecause t!e tent! !ouse is t!e !ouse o& religious,
spiritual and ritualistic deeds.
Note A In t!e case o& a guru t!e tent! !ouse s!o3s t!e <uality o& !is deeds, along 3it! t!e lord o& t!e tent!
The -leventh House
In a spiritual sense, t!e ele:ent! !ouse is a :ery enig%atic !ouse. ;ene&ics in it 3ill attract one to 3ors!ip o&
%any gods and great scriptural sc!olars!ip and aut!ors!ip. ,any planets in it 3ill 5ring, as donations to a guru,
lot o& %oney as t!e ele:ent! !ouse is t!e last o& t!e a%a triangle or desires. Suc! desires can 5e good and e:il.
1!e ele:ent! !ouse is t!us t!e !ouse o& t!e last o& t!e te%ptations a religious person !as to &ace, 3!ic! %ust 5e
o:erco%e to reac! t!e &inal destination, sal:ation.
The T0elfth House
1!e t3el&t! !ouse, t!e condition o& t!e t3el&t! lord and Detu are t!e sal:ation gi:ing &actors. A 5ad t3el&t! !ouse
can ruin all t!e spiritual pro%ises o& an ot!er3ise good !oroscope.
Note C 2!at !as 5een gi:en so &ar !ere is only a 5are outline o& t!e spiritual pro%ise in!erent in a !oroscope. 1!ese :ery
pro%ises are to 5e e7a%ined in greater details t!roug! %any ot!er &iner analysis. 1!e use o& =i%s!a%s!a -one8t3entiet!
di:ision !oroscope. 3ill !a:e to 5e 5roug!t into use.
>ai%ini astrology s!ould 5e used 5e&ore any predictions a5out anyone@s spiritual li&e is gi:en ot!er3ise, spiritual astrology
%ore o&ten t!an not 5eco%es a 3ild goose c!ase.
Note A A sa&e and sound %et!od 3!ic! an astrologer can adopt is to %ae a proper use o& t!e na:a%s!a -one nint!. di:ision
o& a !oroscope and e7a%ine t!e &i&t! and t!e nint! lords and !ouses o& na:a%s!a and t!en t!e t3el&t! lord. 1oget!er 3it! all
t!is, t!e %ost i%portant &actor in t!e spiritual e:olution o& a person is to see 3!at -das!a in =i%s!ottari . se<uence one !as
got in li&e. 1!e %ost &a:oura5le periods are t!e periods o& t!e &i&t! and t!e nint! lords.
What is to seen from 0hich House
So &ar 3!at !as 5een gi:en is t!e spiritual aspects associated 3it! eac! !ouse &ro% t!e
lagna. 1!ese days %ore and %ore people !a:e generally t3o additional <uestions to as, t!e
&irst a5out t!eir spiritual li&e and t!e ot!er a5out t!eir ail%ents.
1!e ot!er traditionally associated signi&ications 3it! t!e !ouses !a:e 5een gi:en in detail in
%any 5oos, &ortunately no3 a:aila5le in translation in $nglis!, ;ut it is necessary to sound a
3arning !ere, do not tae any o& t!e interpretations gi:en in t!e% as 5eing dog%atic and
unaltera5le. 1!is %istae is co%%itted 5y so%e Indians 3!o do not %ae an in8dept! study o&
astrology and study ot!er tec!ni<ues. 2!at are gi:en in t!ese classics are aids to predictions,
not predictions t!e%sel:es.Deeping t!is &ore3arning in t!e %ind it 3ill 5e use&ul to no3 3!at
eac! !ouse represents.
The /agna
Fne is 5orn in a particular sign, 3!ic! is !is lagna and t!ere&ore t!e &irst !ouse. His personality 3ill partae o&
t!e c!aracteristics o& t!ose signs, 3!ic! 3ill 5e discussed later.
The %irst House
1!e &irst !ouse represents t!e p!ysical 5ody, good or ill8!ealt!, t!e early part o& li&e, t!e personal de:elop%ent o&
t!e c!ild and t!e c!aracter as a 3!ole.
The &econd House
It is no3n as utu%5a or t!e &a%ily o& one@s parents and is to 5e seen &or speec!, t!e &ood one eats, t!e %oney
one gets and also deat!.
The Third House
1raditionally, t!is !ouse is to 5e seen &or 5rot!ers and sisters, s!ort /ourneys, letters and <uic 3riting. ;ut t!ese
days it is necessary to e7a%ine it &or sports, artistic talents, and 5usiness agencies also.
The %ourth House
,ot!er, land, con:eyances, !appiness are t!e traditional su5/ect to 5e seen &ro% t!e &ourt! !ouse. $7tending it,
a doctor@s clinic, an artist@s studio, a p!ilant!ropist@s trust and an industrialist@s &actories are t!e %odern
The %ifth House
It is t!e !ouse o& education -t!oug! so%e tae t!e &ourt! !ouse as education. intelligence, c!ildren and t!e
po3er o& discri%ination.
The & House
Diseases, opposition, de5ts, in/uries are t!e negati:e &actors associated 3it! t!is !ouse. Fn t!e positi:e side,
accu%ulation o& 3ealt! -it 5eing t!e second o& t!e art!a trine., sports, ad:entures and &at!er@s pro&ession are
seen &ro% t!is !ouse.
The &eventh House
1raditionally, %arriage 5ut t!ese days li:ing toget!er, t!ere&ore 3i&e, lo:er, se7 li&e are associated 3it! t!is
1!ese days, it s!ould 5e seen &or 5usiness and 5usiness partners!ip, &oreign countries, and e:en settle%ent
a5road and deat!.
The -ighth House
(egacies, in!eritance, sudden &inancial gains, 3ills are t!e positi:e side o& t!is !ouse 3!ile t!e negati:e side is
long illnesses, cause o& deat!, se7ual and con/ugal li&e.
The Ninth House
1!e &at!er -t!oug! t!e tent! !ouse s!ould also 5e seen. spiritual tendencies, de:otion, learning, pilgri%ages,
association 3it! legal and religious personalities are t!e co%%onest &actors seen &ro% t!is !ouse. It 5eing t!e
!ouse o& luc, a good nint! !ouse i%pro:es a !oroscope.
The Tenth House
Fne@s pro&ession -t!e si7t! !ouse is also e%ploy%ent. &a%e, !onors, respect, dignity and one@s ac!ie:e%ents
are seen &ro% t!is !ouse.
The -leventh House
All types o& gains, titles, !onors, elder 5rot!ers and sisters, 5usiness pro&its are to 5e seen.
The T0elfth House
(oss, e7penditure, 3aste etc. are t!e traditional &actors associated 3it! t!is !ouse. 1!ese days, &oreign /ourneys,
getting settled in a &oreign country, trade 3it! a &oreign country, /ail, i%prison%ent are necessary and ine:ita5le
e:ents to 5e gleaned &ro% t!is !ouse.
#or spiritual practitioners t!is is t!e %ost i%portant !ouse &or t!e pro%ise o& spiritual li&e and sal:ation.
As !as 5een stated, a long list o& e:ents and t!ings to 5e seen &ro% eac! o& t!e !ouse can 5e co%piled in
!undreds o& pages. 2!at !as 5een gi:en !ere is &or day to day use only.
!seful Information a$out ,ashis
In %aing predictions a5out :arious e:ents t!e %ost essential in&or%ation t!at %ust 5e %ade use o& is 5eing
gi:en in descripti:e &or% partly and in c!art8&or%, partly.
In %aing su5tle predictions, t!e in&or%ation is %ade use o& 5ut at an ad:anced stage o& an astrological career.
,ore t!an se:en decades ago, an old astrologer !ad gi:en in 3riting to a &a%ous Indian not to go to !ills &or
so%e years. ;ut t!at could not 5e a:oided as t!e Indian !ad to go t!ere to per&or% !is duties. His car slid do3n
t!e !ill and !e recei:ed %ultiple &ractures. 1!at Indian 3as running t!e su58period o& a planet in Si%!a.
Si%ilarly, t!e ras!is are gi:en directions, colour, caste and it is also e7plained !o3 t!ey rise. 1!e last 5it o&
in&or%ation a5out t!e nature o& t!eir rise is %ade use o& &or predicting !o3 <uicly any 3or is done 3!en a
<uestion is put in pras!na astrology -!orary. !o3 soon a 3or 3ill 5e done or not and 3!et!er t!ere is any
pro%ise o& auspicious results.
Si%ilarly t!e <uality o& a ras!i, Satt3ic -Spirituality. 6a/asic -acti:ity. and 1a%asic -inertia. is also use&ul in
psyc!ological8spiritual, %ental and ot!er c!aracteristics t!at %ani&est in t!e %a!adas!a and t!e antardas!a
running at a gi:en ti%e.
#irections of Planets

$ast Sout! Nort! 2est
Sun ,ars ,ercury Saturn
Nort! $ast Nort! 2est
=enus 6a!u

,oon >upiter
-.panded Memory Ta$let
#" A" ," -" &"
$arlier, part o& ,e%ory 1a5let 3as gi:en, P"A"C" No3 t!e &ull ,e%ory 1a5le is 5eing 3!ic! I !a:e taug!t
success&ully to t!ousands o& students in India and in 4.S.A. 3!o !a:e &ound it 3oring as a sound
%et!odological analysis. 1!e second !al& o& t!e %e%ory ta5let is #"A","-"&"
# &or Dhana or 3ealt!, %onetary gains, t!e lords t!at s!ould 5e seen &or t!is are o& t!e &irst, second, &i&t!, nint!
and ele:ent! and o& course cords o& t!ose !ouses.
A &or Arista or %is&ortunes o& ill !ealt! and tragic e:ents. 1!e lords and !ouses to 5e seen are t!e t!ird, si7t!,
eig!t and t3el&t! including t!e lagna in:aria5ly and its lord.
, &or Ra0ayoga or co%5ination &or rise pro&essionally and ot!er3ise pro%ise o& distinctions in :arious &ields.
1!e !ouses and t!e lords to 5e seen are t!e &irst, &ourt!, se:ent! and tent! and t!eir co%5inations -PAC. 3it!
t!e lords o& t!e &i&t! and t!e nint! !ouses.
- &or ?<change So%e !oroscopes !a:e so%e :ery special &eatures 5y o:erlooing 3!ic! 3e astrologers
co%%it serious %istaes.
& &or special aspects, i& any.
&o the full Memory Ta$let is P"A"C"#"A","-"&"
1!is is to 5e applied 3it! t!e %a!adas!a and its su58periods and t!en transit o& planets o& predictions.
$ac! o& t!e #"A","-"&" is 5eing e7plained no3, one 5y one.
1!e %et!od e:ol:ed !ere !elps one grasp t!e essentials o& !oroscope 3ell. It is a&ter t!is preli%inary e7ercise
!as 5een done, t!at one s!ould go into details.
# D#han YogasE
1!e lords o& certain !ouses s!ould co%5ine to pro%ise gain o& 3ealt! in !oroscope. 1!e cardinal and t!e %ost
i%portant al3ays in t!e lagna and t!e lagna lords. 1o ac!ie:e anyt!ing in li&e, sound !ealt! is necessary. ;ad
!ealt! can 5e a reason &or po:erty, lac o& concentration in t!e 3or undertaen, ill8!ealt! and ot!er %is&ortunes.
The Com$ination for Wealth
1!oug! %any co%5inations !a:e 5een gi:en in classical te7ts, t!ree points need elucidation !ere.
a. Certain co%5inations o& lords o& di&&erent !ouses.
5. ,oon and ,ars co%5ining.
c. Concentration o& planets in t!e second, si7t! or t!e tent! !ouse.
/ords and Houses
Planetary co%5inations &or 3ealt! 3it! illustrated e7a%ples -&ull !oroscopes are not gi:en &or guarding t!e
pri:acy o& persons 3!ose !oroscope are 5eing used..
1. (ords o& t!e lagna and t!e second lord.
2. (ords o& t!e lagna and t!e &i&t! lord.
3. (ords o& t!e lagna and t!e nint! lord.
'. (ords o& t!e lagna and t!e ele:ent! lord.
*. (ords o& t!e second !ouse and t!e lord o& t!e &i&t!.
6. (ord o& t!e second !ouse and t!e nint! !ouse.
7. (ord o& t!e second !ouse and t!e ele:ent! !ouse.
". (ord o& t!e &i&t! !ouse and t!e lord o& t!e nint! !ouse.
). (ord o& t!e &i&t! !ouse and t!e lord o& t!e ele:ent! !ouse.
10. (ord o& t!e nint! !ouse and t!e ele:ent! !ouse.
Note A 2e !a:e seen t!e i%portance o& t!e second and t!e ele:ent! !ouse generally &or
gains. ;ut t!e &i&t! and t!e nint! !ouses are no3n in Hindu astrology, as (as!%i st!anas or
t!e !ouses o& t!e goddess o& 3ealt!.
Moon and Mars
1!e ,oon and ,ars co%5ination is no3n as t!e &handramangal yoga and is a classically recogniIed yoga
&or 3ealt!. It is a 3ealt!8producing co%5ination.
&pecial Houses Illustrations
,ention !as 5een %ade earlier o& t!e Artha -%oney. trine. F& special i%portance t!ere&ore is t!e concentration
o& planet in t!e second, si7t! and t!e ele:ent! !ouse.
1o predict a5out it t!e se<uence o& das!a %ust 5e seen. 2!ic! das!a 3ill produce 3ealt! 3!en, is a %atter o&
astrological /udg%ent 3!ic! 3ill 5e s!o3n t!roug! e7a%ples later.
#han Yoga Illustrations
%irst Illustration
Here t!e lord o& t!e second !ouse t!e ,oon is aspected 5y ,ars -t!e ele:ent! lord..
1!e lord o& t!e second !ouse, t!e ,oon, is aspected 5y t!e nint! lord, Saturn, 3!o 5eing also t!e eig!t! lord 3ill
so%eti%e cause o5struction also.
1!e opposition o& t!e nint! lord, Saturn and t!e ele:ent! lord ,ars is again pro%ising.
&econd Illustration
1!e lord o& t!e lagna, >upiter, aspects t!e ,oon in t!e D!anu and it is t!e co%5ination o& t!e lagna and t!e &i&t!
Here 5ot! aspect eac! ot!er %utually.
1!e second and nint! lord, ,ars aspects, t!e ,oon -t!e eig!t! aspect. t!e &i&t! lord, t!e ,oon in D!anu, 5ut
!ere t!e ,oon does not aspect ,ars. So it is only a partial pro%ise.
1!e ele:ent! lord Saturn aspects t!e &i&t! lord, t!e ,oon -t!ird aspect. and also t!e &i&t! !ouse -t!e tent! aspect.
and it is also a partial pro%ise.
;ut t3o nota5le &eatures o& t!is !oroscope are t!e e7c!ange o& t!e lagna lord, >upiter and t!e &ourt! lord
,ercury. Here >upiter !as gone into t!e &ourt! !ouse, ,it!una, 3!ose lord is ,ercury, 3!ile ,ercury, t!e &ourt!
lord !as co%e into t!e lagna, ,eena 3!ose lord is >upiter. It is no3n as e7c!ange and is :ery good.
1!e second nota5le &eatures is t!e e7altation o& t!e ele:ent! lord, Saturn, in (i5ra 3!ic! pro%ises sudden gains
-t!e eig!t! !ouse is t!e !ouse o& suddenness. and also sudden losses as Saturn is t!e lord o& t!e t3el&t! !ouse
also, t!e !ouse o& losses.
Third Illustration
Here t!e &i&t! lord >upiter -3!o is also t!e lord o& t!e second !ouse. is in !is o3n in ,eena and is 5eing aspected
5y t!e ,oon -t!e lord o& luc and is 5eing aspected 5y t!e ,oon -t!e lord o& luc and 3ealt!, 5eing t!e lord o&
t!e nint! !ouse. &ro% t!e ele:ent! !ouse, t!e !ouse o& gains.
1!e ,oon and >upiter aspect eac! ot!er, co%pleting t!e pro%ise and it is along t!e a7is, &i:e8ele:en, 3!ic! is an
e7cellent a7is &or gains.
%ourth Illustration
Here t!e lagna lord, ,ars co%5ines 3it! t!e ele:ent! lord Saturn in t!e &ourt! !ouse, a endra. He !as
esta5lis!ed a &actory success&ully and earned in %illions. 1o support it, t!e second lord, =enus co%5ines 3it! t!e
&i&t! lord, t!e Sun, 3it! ,ercury, t!e planet o& 5usiness. All t!ese aspect t!e second !ouse o& 3ealt! also.
1!is %an !as prospered t!roug! !is o3n sill, !is in!eritance and also &ro% !is 3i&e@s side. 1!e second !ouse
&ro% t!e se:ent! !ouse, represents t!e 3ealt! o& !is 3i&e.
%ifth Illustration
1!e &i&t! case is again o& a ric! %an. Here t!ere is an e7c!ange 5et3een t!e lagna lord, ,ars and t!e &i&t! lord,
t!e Sun. 1!en t!e &i&t! lord, t!e Sun co%5ines 3it! =enus in t!e lagna. #inally, t!e lagna lord, ,ars aspects t!e
ele:ent! !ouse and t!e ele:ent! lord, Saturn 3!o in turn aspects -t!e t!ird aspect. t!e lagna, t!e Sun and
=enus and returns t!e aspect o& ,ars.
& Illustration
1!e si7t! case is o& a %ulti8%illionaire. 1!ree 5ene&ics are in t!e &i&t! !ouse. ,utually t!ese are t!e co%5inations
o& t!e &irst, second, &i&t! and ele:ent! lords &or t!e purposes o& %onetary gains.
&eventh Illustration
Here t!e &i&t! (ord, >upiter and t!e nint! lord, ,ars co%5ine in t!e si7t! !ouse, an artha tri.ona. 1!e lagna lord
t!e Sun, 3it! ,ercury, t!e second and t!e ele:ent! lord in t!e eig!t! !ouse again pro%ises sudden gains 3!ic!
!appened in t!e li&e 3!en !e ca%e into a 5ig &ortune.
$ig!t Illustration
1!is is t!e !oroscope o& a :ery ric! %an 3!o !as earned &or !i%sel& a lot and is no3 prospering %ore t!roug!
earnings o& !is sons. 1!e lagna !as ,ars, t!e lord o& lagna itsel& and t!e nint! lord, representing &at!er also.
He 3as 5orn in a ric! &a%ily o& landlords and !as in:ested !is %oney in :arious :entures 3!ic! pro:ed :ery
pro&ita5le. 1!e ele:ent! !ouse -!ouse o& gains. !as suc! a 5ig concentration o& planets. #ro% t!e ele:ent!
!ouse t!ese planets aspect t!e &i&t! !ouse o& t!e c!ildren, 3!o too are success&ul and prosperous 5usiness%en.
Ninth Illustration
Here t!e second and t!e ele:ent! !ouses are :ery pro%ising, 3it! an e7alted nint! lord in t!e lagna. 1!e second
and t!e &i&t! lord, t!e Sun and ,ars in t!e &ourt! !ouse 3it! t!e ele:ent! lord, =enus is still 5etter. 1!e
co%5ination o& ,ercury, t!e t!ird lord o& 5rot!ers and t!e t3el&t! lord also, ga:e !i% a c!ance to earn a 5ig
&ortune in &oreign country 3!ere !e !as settled do3n.
He runs !is o3n 5an, !as %any grocery8stores and li:es in a ten8%illion dollar !ouse.
,he dasha-se;%ence th%s disc%ssed C 1!is person ran into t!e %a/or period o& t!e ,oon &ro% 1)7'8"', t!en t!e
se:en years period o& ,ars upto 1))1 and is no3 running t!e period o& 6a!u in t!e second !ouse. It !as 5een a
success story all along so &ar.
Tenth Illustration
Here t!e lagna lord t!e ,oon aspected 5y an e7alted ,ars, t!e &i&t! lord &ro% t!e se:ent! !ouse cause a
C!andra8%angal yoga. 1!e second !ouse is strong, 3it! second lord t!ere co%5ining 3it! t!e ele:ent! lord,
=enus. 1!e nint! lord, >upiter is also in !is o3n !ouse. 1!ree planets in t!eir o3n !ouses ensure a good, sta5le
&inancial li&e and sound !ealt!. 1!roug! !ard 3or t!is person !as 5uilt up a story o& spectacular success 3it!out
sacri&icing idealis%.
1. Astrologers 3!o %iss suc! co%5inations are apt to <uote &ro% t!e translations o& classics 5lindly and land into
3rong alleys o& predictions. 1!e classics t!ro3 lig!t on t!e %eaning o& planetary co%5inations 3!ic! %ust not 5e
&itted into strait8laced and snap8s!ot astrological readings.
2. ;ut t!en, is t!e ot!er side also. 1rue, so%e o& t!ese co%5inations are also e:il as t!ey cause sicnesses and
3. 1!e i%portant principle to re%e%5er is t!at planets gi:e %ultiple e&&ects i.e., t!ey li&tG t!ey cause a &allG t!ey
gi:e &ortunesG and t!ey t!ro3 you into deepest %oods o& despairG 2!at a planet does is t!at it gi:es !appiness
and grie&, rise and &all, and laug!ter and tears, turn 5y turn.
It is !ere t!at t!e %ost i%portant ele%ent o& astrological prediction co%es into play t!roug! a
:ery close study o&9
1. 1!e strengt! o& planets, 3!ic! a co%puter cast !oroscope gi:es.
2. 2!at as astrologer %ust do al3ays is to see t!e condition o& t!ese planets in t!e na:a%s!a -t!e one nint!
di:ision o& a !oroscope., 3!ic! again a co%puter cast !oroscope gi:es.
3. 1!en t!e das!as, %a/or and su58periods s!ould 5e seen.
'. #inally, t!e transits s!ould 5e e7a%ined, i& possi5le and t!e sarvasta.a varga, 3!ic! is an e7traordinary
tec!ni<ue o& <uanti&ying t!e strengt! o& transiting planets.
It is &or t!is reason t!at a&ter reading t!is 5oo, ad:anced 5oos 3it! t!eir tec!ni<ues s!ould 5e learnt properly.
A DArishta or Malefic InfluencesE
The second letter JAJ represents Aris!ta or %ale&ic e&&ects o& planets. Here as usual, t!e lagna lord plays
t!e %ost i%portant role. Ne7t to t!e lagna lord, t!e ,oon is i%portant. 1!en co%e into play t!e si7t! !ouse and
its lord, t!e eig!t! !ouse and its lord and t!e t3el&t! !ouse and its lord.
Eenerally planets are di:ided into t3o categories, %ale&ics and 5ene&ics. 1!e 5ene&ics are >upiter, =enus,
,ercury and t!e strong ,oon -t!e ,oon is neit!er %ale&ic nor :ery near t!e Sun.. 1!e %ale&ics are Saturn,
,ars, 6a!u, Detu and t!e Sun. So against &i:e %ale&ics t!ere are only &our 5ene&ics, >upiter, =enus, ,ercury and
t!e ,oon. $:en out o& t!ese &our 5ene&ics, t!e ,oon and ,ercury can 5eco%e ine&&ecti:e or e:en %ale&ic i& t!ey
are in t!e co%pany o& %ale&ic or co%e under t!eir in&luence. 1!en retrograde 5ene&ics also lose t!eir natural
5ene&ic nature.
Chec(list for #anger Points
1. Natural %ale&ics are Saturn, ,ars, 6a!u, Detu and t!e Sun.
2. 1!e ,oon and ,ercury under %ale&ic in&luences 5eco%e %ale&ics.
3. 6etrograde 5ene&ics lose t!eir 5ene&icence particularly i& t!ey are aspected 5y %ale&ics.
'. 1!e lagna lord placed in t!e eig!t!, si7t! or t3el&t! !ouse is 5ad &or !ealt!.
*. 1!e ,oon, in c!ild!ood, is a danger signal &or a c!ild i& under %ale&ic in&luence and e:en in adult!ood or old
age i& in ill8placed -in t!e si7t!, eig!t! or t!e t3el&t!. !ouse orKand %ale&ic in&luences.
As usual, t!e das!a se<uence and transit o& planets are i%portant in ti%ing suc! e:ents.
The #eath Inflicting Planets
1!e lords o& t!e second and se:ent! !ouses and planets in t!e second and t!e se:ent! !ouses and t!eir das!a
periods are t!e periods to 5e 3atc!ed, 3!en sicnesses and diseases a&&ect an indi:idual. 1!ere are %any ot!er
principles. Here only a :ery easy instance is 5eing gi:en. House83ise t!ey are9
#or ,es!a, =enus as t!e second and t!e se:ent! lord.
#or =ris!a, ,ercury as t!e second lord and ,ars as t!e se:ent! lord are to 5e 3atc!ed.
In t!is 3ay all t!e deat!8in&licting planets can 5e ta5ulated &or all lagnas. #or &urt!er reading re&er to %y
5oo, >Astrology* Destiny and the Wheel of ,ime>.
&ound Time Tested Principles
1!e sound and ti%e8tested principles o& good li&e and !ealt! are9
1. ;ene&ics in endras -in t!e lagna, t!e &ourt!, se:ent! and tent! !ouses. and,
2. ,ale&ics in t!e t!ird, si7t! and ele:ent! !ouses.
1!ere&ore, 5e&ore e7a%ining any !oroscope apply t!e &ollo3ing c!ec8list.
1. Are t!ere 5ene&ics in t!e endrasB
2. Are t!ere %ale&ics in t!e t!ird, si7t! and ele:ent! !ousesB
3. Are lagna lord and t!e ,oon ill placed in t!e si7t!, eig!t! and t3el&t! !ouses.
'. Is t!e lagna a&&lictedB
*. Is t!e lagna lord a&&lictedB
6. Is t!e ,oon a&&lictedB
7. Is t!e %a!adas!a running along 3it! its su58period running and t!e su58periods to &ollo3 pro%ising reco:ery
&or continuing sicness or %is&ortuneB
".Are %ale&ics in transit !ar%&ulB
).#inally, is t!e opening das!a and its su58period itsel& %ae t!at start o& so%eone@s li&e 3it! ill8!ealt!B
Arishta Illustrations
Illustration @ne
1. 1!e lagna is Si%!a 3it! t3o %ale&ics and t!e lagna lord is t!e Sun in t!e si7t! !ouse.
2. 1!e ,oon is in t!e si7t! !ouse at &i:e degrees and t!irty se:en %inutes and 3it!in t3o degrees o& t!e Sun
3!ose degrees are t!ree and t!irty %inutes. It is a 3ea ,oon and so 5adly placed.
3. 13o 5ene&ics, >upiter and =enus are in endras 5ut are 3it! %ale&ics.
'. 1!ere is no %ale&ic in t!e t!ird or ele:ent! !ouse.
*. 1!e c!ild 3as 5orn in t!e %a/or period o& t!e Sun, 3!ic! is to 5e &ollo3ed 5y t!at o& t!e ,oon o& ten years and
o& ,ars, retrograde, in t!e lagna.
1!is c!ild 5orn 3it! 5rain palsy is una5le to 3al and cra3l. 1!oug! in t!e 4nited States o& A%erica, t!e parents
o& t!e c!ild 3!o can a&&ord t!e 5est o& %edical treat%ent 5eing ric!, !a:e gi:en up !opes. 1!e prediction gi:en
3as t!at t!e c!ild 3ould not sur:i:e.
1!e last in&or%ation 3e recei:ed is t!at t!e c!ild is nearing its deat! -1))'..
The &econd Illustration
1!is young girl 3as 5orn in t!e %a/or period o& ,ercury, t!e lagna lord, 3!ic! is a&&licted 5y Saturn -t!e t!ird
aspect. and ,ars -t!e &ourt! aspect. and is in t!e second !ouse.
1. 1!e only 5ene&ic >upiter in t!e tent! !ouse is retrograde.
2. 1!e only %ale&ic in t!e ele:ent! !ouse is ,ars 3!ic! is de5ilitated, and t!ere&ore 3ea.
3. 1!e (agna is a&&licted 5y 6a!u.
'. A&ter ,ercury, t!ere is t!e period o& Detu o& se:en years in t!e se:ent! !ouse, a iller8!ouse.
*. 1!e das!a to &ollo3 is o& =enus in t!e second !ouse a&&licted 5y Saturn and ,ars again.
1!is girl su&&ering &ro% &ailed idney is struggling 5et3een li&e and deat! 3!en last in&or%ation 3as recei:ed.
Third Illustration
1. 1!e lagna !as %ale&ic eig!t! lord, Saturn, 3!o is also t!e nint! lord.
2. 1!e lagna lord, ,ercury is de5ilitated 5ut 3it! >upiter.
3. 13o 5ene&ics are in endras, ,ercury and >upiter 5ut ,ercury is de5ilitated.
'. 1!is 5oy 3as 5orn in t!e %a/or period o& t!e Sun 3it! a 5alance o& &i:e years, one %ont! and ele:en days.
*. Ne7t ca%e t!e period o& t!e ,oon, t!e second lord, and t!e 5oy 3as doing 3ell in !is studies. 1!en ca%e t!e
su58period o& Saturn in t!e %a/or period o& t!e ,oon.
6. 1!e picture does not 5eco%e apparent unless t!e navamsha -t!e nint! di:ision. is seen.
In the navamsha A
-a. 1!e ,oon is t!e second !ouse 3it! ,ars and is aspected 5y Saturn.
-5. ,ercury 3!ose su58period t!e 5oy 3as running 3!en !is paralysis 5eca%e acute is t!e eig!t! lord &ro% t!e
na:a%s!a lagna 3!ile !e is t!e lagna lord o& t!e 5irt! !oroscope.
-c. 1!e ,oon as t!e second lord o& t!e 5irt! !oroscope and 5eing associated 3it! ,ars 3!o is also t!e si7t!
lord, lord o& t!e na:a%s!a is in t!e second !ouse.
1!e 5oy did not sur:i:e as soon as t!e ,oon8=enus period 5egan. =enus in t!e t3el&t! !ouse in t!e 5irt!
!oroscope and a&&licted 5y Detu, is also a&&licted in t!e na:a%s!a 5y Detu, Saturn and ,ars.
%ourth Illustration
1!e &ourt! illustration is rat!er intriguing.
1. 1!e 5oy 3as 5orn in t!e %a/or period o& Saturn, t!e se:ent! and t!e eig!t lord, retrograde in t!e eig!t! !ouse.
1!e se:ent! !ouse is t!e !ouse o& deat! 3!ile t!e eig!t! is t!e !ouse o& prolonged illness.
2. Fne o& t!e principles o& Hindu astrology is t!at Saturn and 6a!u can 5e unconditional illers, i& t!ey are ill8
placed or are associated 3it! %ale&ics.
3. Anot!er su5tle principle o& Hindu astrology is to e7a%ine t!e results o& a %a!adas!a &ro% t!e ,oon. Here
&ro% t!e ,oon Saturn is t!e t3el&t! lord -!ospital. 3!ile t!e su58period lord 6a!u 3!o is in t!e t3el&t! !ouse is
3it! ,ars, t!e second lord &ro% t!e ,oon
'. As it is, during t!e period o& Saturn, t!e se:ent! and t!e eig!t! lord, in itsel& 5ad, t!e su58period o& 6a!u ca%e
round a5out 1)7) and t!e 5oy died o& idney &ailure in a !ospital -6a!u in t!e t3el&t! !ouse 3it! ,ars,
representing operation surgically..
*. 1!e lone 5ene&ic in endra, >upiter 3as not e&&ecti:e in sa:ing t!e 5oy as t!e aspect o& Saturn -t!ird. ruined
t!e 5ene&icience o& >upiter.
%ifth Illustration
1. Here not a single planet 3!ic! is no3n as a 5ene&ic is in a endra.
2. 1!e ,oon, t!e se:ent! lord is 3it! 6a!u and 5ot! are :ery close in degree.
3. ,ars at eig!teen degrees aspects -&ourt! aspect. t!e ,oon86a!u co%5ination :ery closely.
'. Saturn, retrograde also aspects t!e ,oon &ro% t!e ele:ent! !ouse.
*. Saturn as t!e second lord is t!e iller 3!ile ,ercury as t!e si7t! lord o& diseases is 3ea, 5eing de5ilitated.
S!e su&&ered &ro% 5lood cancer and died in Dece%5er 1)7", 3!en s!e 3as passing t!roug! t!e period o& Saturn
and ,ercury su58period.
& Illustration
1!is is t!e !oroscope o& t!e 3orld &a%ous Herr Hitler o& Eer%any a great !ero &or so%e and a great :illain &or
ot!ers. 2e are not concerned 3it! t!at contro:ersy.
So%e o& t!e principles gi:en in t!e c!ec8list can 5e tested !ere.
1. ;ene&ics in endra M Fnly =enus 3!ic! is retrograde and ,ercury 3!ic! is 5adly a&&licted 3it! ,ars, t!e Sun
and t!e tent! aspect o& Saturn.
2. ,ale&ics in t!e t!ird M Fnly Detu in t!e t!ird is t!e lone %ale&ic.
3. Are t!e lagna lord and t!e ,oon ill8placedB 1!e lagna lord in t!e se:ent! !ouse o& deat! is 5ot! retrograde
and is 3it! %ale&ics and is also aspected 5y Saturn.
'. Is lagna a&&lictedB +es, 5y ,ars, t!e Sun, retrograde =enus -t!e lagna lord. and an a&&licted ,ercury.
*. Is lagna lord a&&lictedB +es, as already discussed.
6. Is t!e ,oon a&&lictedB +es, 5y Detu and is also ill8placed in t!e t!ird !ouse and is in association 3it! t!e t!ird
and t!e si7t! lord >upiter, 3!ic! %ade !i% t!e !ero !e 3as.
7. 1!e ,a!adas!a and su58periods M It 3as t!e %a!adas!a o& 6a!u, t!e unconditional iller and t!e su58
period o& =enus -retrograde. and 3it! so %any %ale&ic in&luences on it, t!at illed !i%.
". 2ere %ale&ics in transit !ar%&ul9 Saturn and 6a!u 3ere in ,it!una, se:ent! &ro% HitlerAs ,oon on April 30,
1)'* and ,ars, =enus and ,ercury 3ere in ,eena, t!e si7t! !ouse &ro% t!e lagna and t!e &ourt! !ouse &ro%
t!e ,oon.
Hitler died in 6a!u %a/or period -t!e unconditional iller. and t!e su58period o& =enus -retrograde.. It !as 5een
stated t!at a retrograde 5ene&ic is !ardly !elp&ul.
Hitler co%%itted suicide a&ter %arrying $:a ;ro3n to sa:e !is li&e8long girl &riend &ro% t!e in&a%y o& 5eing !is
R #Ra'ayogas$
A&ter J#J and JAJ 3e no3 co%e to J,J 3!ic! represents 6a/ayogas or planetary co%5inations &or rise in
one@s 3or, /o5, a:ocation or pro&ession. 1!ere are %any 3ays o& e7a%ining it. 1!e si%plest principle is to see
t!e co%5ination o& t!e lords o& trionas -trines. and endras -<uadrants.. #irst re%e%5er t!e &ollo3ing t!ree
1. It !as 5een stated earlier t!at trines are no3n as (as!%i st!anas or !ouses o& 3ealt!.
2. It !as also 5een stated t!e <uadrants are =is!nu st!anas or t!e !ouses o& protection.
3. It !as also 5een stated t!at t!e lagna lord is t!e lord 5ot! o& t!e triona and t!e endra.
1!ere&ore t!e 6a/ayogas &or eac! !oroscope 3ill !a:e to 5e seen t!us.
1. (agna lord and t!e &ourt! lord.
2. (agna lord and t!e &i&t! lord.
3. (agna lord and t!e se:ent! lord.
'. (agna lord and t!e nint! lord.
*. (agna lord and t!e tent! lord.
6. 1!e &ourt! lord and t!e &i&t! lord.
7. 1!e &ourt! lord and t!e nint! lord.
". 1!e &i&t! lord and t!e se:ent! lord.
). 1!e &i&t! lord and t!e tent! lord.
10. 1!e nint! lord and t!e se:ent! lord.
11. 1!e nint! lord and t!e tent! lord.
Importance of the Navamsha
In Hindu Astrology 3!at is apparent in t!e 5irt! !oroscope %ay i%pro:e or deteriorate in t!e na:a%s!a. It is
ne:er sa&e to %ae any prediction 3it!out using t!e na:a%s!a. So 3e 3ill go deeper &ro% !ere on3ards.
Modern ,esearches
In industrial ti%es so %any ne3 opportunities !a:e opened up 5e&ore today@s generations t!at one can %o:e
&ro% one /o5 to anot!er and eep rising !ig!er. Here t!e so8called e:il !ouses %ust !a:e ne3 %eaning. 2!at is
necessary to stress is not to under%ine t!e i%portance o& !ouses ot!er t!an t!e endras and trionas.
#irectional &trength
Fut o& t!e si78&old strengt! o& planets popular in Hindu Astrology, 3e s!all %ae use only o&
directional strengt! !ere, 3!ic! is to 5e seen as &ollo3s9
1. >upiter and ,ercury are strong in t!e lagna.
2. 1!e ,oon and =enus are strong in t!e &ourt! !ouse.
3. Saturn is strong in t!e se:ent! !ouse.
'. 1!e Sun and ,ars are strong in t!e tent! !ouse.
*. 6a!u and Detu in t!e endras 5e!a:e lie endra lords and in trionas 5e!a:e lie triona
Note A 6a!u and Detu in t!e !ouses o& >upiter, D!anu or ,eena are generally good. I& t!ey
are aspected 5y >upiter t!ey ac<uire 5ene&icence.
Importance of the #asha
In :ie3 o& t!e i%portance o& %aing careers early in li&e, it is o& ut%ost i%portant to see 3!at
das!a one gets at t!e rig!t ti%e &or ac!ie:ing 3!at one !as ac!ie:ed. A c!ec8list is 5eing
gi:en !ere.
1. See 3!at are t!e 6a/ayogas in a !oroscope, 5y 3!ic! 3!at is %eant is t!e co%5ination o&
endra and triona lords.
2. See 3!et!er t!e planets pro%ising !ig! t!ings in t!e 5irt! !oroscope !a:e deteriorated in
t!e na:a%s!a or !a:e i%pro:ed.
3. (oo out &or ne3 %eanings in t!e c!anged ti%es in 3!ic! 3e are li:ing.
'. Note t!e planets 3it! directional strengt!.
*. See 3!at is t!e %a!adas!a and antar8das!a or %a/or and su58periods running at a gi:en
6. 2!ere:er necessary use t!e su58su58period also. So%e illustrations 3ill 5e gi:en in t!e
7. (ast 3ill co%e transit o& planets. 1o gi:e e7aggerated i%portance to transits is to %istae
t!e &eat!er o& a 5ird &or t!e 5ird itsel&.
Note A A planet 3!ic! re%ains at t!e sa%e place as in t!e 5irt! !oroscope is called
:argotta%a planet also.
". 1!ere&ore add :argotta%a planets also.
). Do not &orget to e7a%ine JAJ -aris!ta. &irst, 5e&ore launc!ing into a prediction.
Note A An astrologer is not in&alli5le. +et a sound and detailed analysis o& a !oroscope 3ill
gi:e to !i% a li&e a:erage o& eig!ty percent correct predictions. F&ten, I !a:e gi:en predictions
a5out 5ig e:ents, o:erlooing t!e LOL ele%ent and gone 3rong. In 4SA t!ose 3!o e7pect one
!our o& reading &ro% an astrologer are t!e%sel:es responsi5le &or dri:ing an astrologer into a
3rong position. So%eti%es, a !oroscope %ay tae !ours o& :eri&ication &or its correctness.
1!is &act is &orgotten 5y %any people 3!o 5la%e t!e astrologer 3it!out 5eing sure t!at t!eir
!oroscope is correctly cast.
,aFayoga Illustrations
-.ample @ne
In t!is !oroscope -all planets not gi:en., note t!e &ollo3ing &eature9
1. 1!e ,oon is in !is o3n !ouse.
2. ,ars is e7alted.
3. =enus !as ac<uired directional strengt! 5eing in t!e &ourt! !ouse.
Navamsha A
1. In t!e na:a%s!a Saturn gets e7alted.
2. >upiter also gets e7alted.
3. =enus is in its o3n !ouse.
#asha &equence A
He got t!e das!a o& =enus o& t3enty years &ro% t!e age o& &i&teen years. No 3onder !e !as
%ade a :ery good career as a 5ig go:ern%ent o&&icer in Eo:ern%ent o& India.
-.ample T0o
,aFayogas A
1. ,ars t!e lagna lord co%5ines 3it! t!e &i&t! lord >upiter and &or%s a 6a/ayoga.
2. 1!e e7c!ange o& t!e e7alted ,oon, 3it! =enus is anot!er 6a/ayoga.
3. ,ars and ,ercury are in t!eir o3n !ouses 3!ile t!e ,oon t!e lord o& nint! !ouse -luc., is
Navamsha @
1. 6a!u and Detu and t!e Sun -t!e tent! lord o& t!e 5irt! !oroscope. are :argotta%a, as t!ey
!a:e not c!anged t!eir positions.
2. Saturn and t!e ,oon occupy t!eir o3n !ouse.
#asha &equence -
#ro% t!e age o& eig!t -1)36. !e got t!e das!a o& 6a!u o& &ull eig!teen years. 6a!u 3it! e7alted nint! lord,
in:ol:ed in an e7c!ange 3it! =enus, /oins in pro%oting t!e 6a/ayoga.
,ore i%portant is t!e &act t!at 6a!u is :argotta%a.
He ne7t got t!e &ull si7teen years o& >upiter 3!o is in:ol:ed in t!e 6a/ayoga as 3e !a:e seen. He %ade !is
career in t!e period o& 6a!u and 3ent on rising !ig!er and !ig!er in t!e period o& >upiter.
Saturn again contri5uted to !is rise 5ut at t!e :ery last stage !alted !is progress 3!en !e could not reac! t!e
top%ost position.
Saturn 3it! Detu aspected 5y ,ars t!e si7t! lord -opposition. ga:e !i% -since e7alted ,oon also aspects
Saturn. tec!nically, a !ig!er post 5ut it 3as not t!e co:eted post 3!ic! !e 3anted. 2!y did t!is !appenB
Here co%es t!e i%portance o& t!e su58su58period. In #e5ruary 1)"* 3!en t!is crucial decision 3as to !a:e
5een taen !e 3as passing t!roug!9
1!e %a/or period o& Saturn
1!e su58period o& >upiter and
1!e su58su58period o& ,ercury.
Saturn as 3e !a:e already seen !as to cause !i% so%e disappoint%ent at so%e stage.
>upiter in t!e si7t! !ouse o& opposition 3it! t!e si7t! lord ,ars is also in t!e si7t! !ouse &ro% Saturn.
Note A In interpreting t!e results o& t!e das!a t!e %utual disposition 5et3een t!e %a/or das!a lord -!ere Saturn.
and t!e su58das!a lord -!ere >upiter . gi:es a :alua5le clue 3!et!er t!e 3or 3ill 5e done s%oot!ly or not.
1!e su58su58period lord is ,ercury, t!e eig!t! lord in t!e eig!t! !ouse, representing a set85ac. ;ut 5eing 3it! a
:argotta%a Sun, it did not cause any serious !andicap. He 3as gi:en a !ig!er status and not t!e co:eted post
3!ic! e:eryone t!oug!t !e deser:ed.
It 5eca%e a case o& 5eing iced Lup3ard to 5e de%oted or o:erlooed.L
-.ample Three
LaFa(esari yoga A
I& >upiter and t!e ,oon are toget!er or in <uadrants &ro% eac! ot!er, it is called a Ea/aesari +oga pro%ising
good rise in li&e.
1. 1!e Ea/aesari yoga in t!e &i&t! !ouse, t!e (as!%i st!ana o& 3ealt! is %ost pro%ising.
2. ,ars -t!e tent! lord. 3it! =enus t!e nint! lord in t!e se:ent! !ouse s!o3s t!at 5ot! !e and !is 3i&e occupy
i%portant positions in t!eir 5usiness esta5lis!%ents.
3. 1!e Sun and ,ercury are also t!e &i&t! and se:ent! lords &or%ing anot!er 6a/ayoga.
'. Saturn is e7alted, lie ,ercury.
Navamsha A
Sun gets e7altedG ,ercury is :argotta%a e7alted 3!ile ,ars is :argotta%a.
#asha A
A&ter nearly se:enteen years o& 6a!u das!a@s 5alance, !e got t!e das!a o& >upiter and !as no3 5een !a:ing t!e
das!a o& e7alted, Saturn in t!e nint! !ouse o& luc.
1!is 3ill 5e &ollo3ed 5y t!e das!a o& :argotta%a and e7alted ,ercury 3!ic! 3ill 5e e7cellent. ;ut 3!at is &ortune
is also %is&ortune. 1!is !oroscope does not pro%ise 5irt! o& c!ildren.
-.ample %our
1. 1!e co%5ination o& >upiter and t!e Sun is no3n as a 6a/alas!ana yoga, a pro%ise o& regal dignity. 1!e &i&t!
!ouse is t!e !ouse o& dignity. 1!e das!a o& t!e &i&t! lord is t!e ti%e &or suc! pro%ised dignity to %ani&est.
1!e ot!er 6a/ayogas are t!e co%5ination o& =enus, t!e lagna lord 3it! ,ercury t!e nint! lord, 3it! =enus 5eing
2. 1!e aspect o& ,ars, t!e se:ent! lord and Saturn, t!e &i&t! lord is anot!er 6a/ayoga.
A prediction 3as gi:en to !i% t!at in t!e period o& Saturn and t!e su58period o& =enus !e 3ould get a :ery
digni&ied position. He !as 5een &or &i:e years -in 1))'. no3 t!e !ead o& an Indian state.
3. 1!e na:a%s!a continues t!e pro%ise o& >upiter8Sun co%5ination. ,ars and =enus are in t!eir o3n !ouses.
Saturn is :argotta%a. 1!e ,oon is =argotta%a.
'. It 5eing t!e das!a o& !is &i&t! lord !is c!ildren are also prospering.
. / #.0change of *ords of )ouses$
2e !a:e so &ar gone t!roug! t!e &irst part t!e %e%ory ta5let JP"A"C"J and in t!e second part 3e !a:e
co:ered J#J, t!en JAJ' t!en J,JG no3 3e co%e to J-L 3!ic! represents e7c!ange.
1. So%e instances !a:e already 5een gi:en o& suc! e7c!anges earlier. 1!e second instance under J#J !as
,eena lagna 3!ose lord >upiter is in t!e &ourt! !ouse and t!e &ourt! lord ,ercury is in t!e lagna. It is an
e7cellent e7c!ange not only 5et3een t3o 5ene&ics 5ut also t3o e7cellent !ouses t!e !ouse representing 5ody
-lagna. and t!e !ouse representing !appiness -t!e &ourt! !ouse. As it is, >upiter in t!e &ourt! !ouse is good e:en
2. 1!e second instance is t!e t!e &i&t! e7a%ple under J#J . Here t!e lord o& t!e lagna, ,ars is in t!e &i&t! !ouse
o& goddess (as!%i and t!e lord o& t!e &i&t! is in t!e lagna. It is an e7cellent e7c!ange &or %aterial prosperity and
attain%ent o& !ig! positions in li&e.
3. 4nder JAJ t!e &irst e7a%ple s!o3s t!at t!e second lord in t!e si7t! !ouse ac<uires deat!8dealing
'. In t!e second e7a%ple under J,J t!e nint! lord o& t!e lagna -=ris!c!ia., is t!e ,oon e7alted in t!e 7t! !ouse
3!ile t!e 7t! lord, =enus, is in t!e nint! !ouse. 1!is person rose :ery !ig! in !is /o5.
Indira Landhi
In %y 5oo, L1!e Ne!ru Dynasty C Astro85iograp!ical PortraitsL, I !a:e gi:en a :ery detailed account o& t!e
%eaning o& suc! e7c!anges. In !er case t!e second lord gets e7c!anged 3it! t!e &i&t! lord, t!e lagna 3it! t!e
se:ent! lord and t!e si7t! lord 3it! t!e ele:ent! lord.
Indira Eand!i@s tur5ulent career o& political rise, rut!less and unprincipled crus!ing o& de%ocratic institutions, !er
de&eats at t!e !ands o& !er ene%ies and %any :ictories o:er t!e%, and, &inally !er assasination 5y !er o3n
5odyguards are 3ell e7plained 5y t!e e7c!ange in !er !oroscope.
& < D&pecial %eaturesE
$:ery !oroscope !as so%e :ery special &eatures, special yogas and t!eir intricacies are so 5a&&ling t!at it taes
%any !ours o& 3or o& %any days to unra:el t!e planetary %ysteries 3!ic! tell t!eir stories.
:a0aharlal Nehru D)556<)631E
1!e &irst pri%e %inister o& India, >a3a!arlal Ne!ru !ad an e7traordinary !oroscope in 3!ic! t!ere is a continuous
c!ain o& planets &ro% t!e lagna to t!e si7t! !ouse. It is called ,allia yoga or t!e garland o& planets, It is a rare
planetary position &or an e%peror. >a3a!arlal Ne!ru 3as t!e greatest :isionary and t!e states%an o& !is era,
t!oug!, !e, 5ecause o& !is $uropean un5ringing 3ored against t!e cultural and religious interests o& India.
1!ere&ore, a second &eature o& >a3a!arlal Ne!ru@s !oroscope t!at needs understanding is t!e aspect o& ,ars on
>upiter 3it! Detu. It is no3n a guru8c!andala yoga, guru represents t!e spiritual, cultural and religious traditions
and 3!en !e gets a&&licted 5y t3o %ale&ics !e loses t!at and 5eco%es a c!andala -t!e lo3 grade person..
+et, Ne!ru@s tent! !ouse recei:es t!e aspects o& =enus, ,ercury -se:ent! aspect. o& ,ars -t!e eig!t!. and o&
>upiter -t!e &i&t!.. 1!ree 5ene&ics aspecting !is tent! !ouse !a:e ept ali:e !is i%age as an idealist in a 3orld o&
crooed states%ans!ip.
MorarFi #esai D)563<)663E
;ot! India@s &irst pri%e %inister and later !is daug!ter Indira Eand!i, !ersel& also an Indian pri%e %inister, tried
t!eir 5est to suppress t!is in&le7i5ly rigid idealist. ;ut t!ree e7alted planets, >upiter, Saturn and ,ars, ga:e to !is
political career rarest resilience.
,orar/i 3as lucy to !a:e got t!e %a/or periods o& >upiter@s, !is tent! lord e7alted, &ollo3ed 5y Saturn again
e7alted, to sur:i:e all intrigues against !i%. (ater, in t!e ,ercury period !e 5eco%e t!e pri%e %inister o& India
inspite o& t!e terri5le intrigues o& Indira Eand!i against !i%.
,orar/i !ad t!e rare greatness to e7cuse Indira Eand!i a&ter !e 5eca%e t!e pri%e %inister and gi:e !er
ade<uate security to sa:e !er &ro% %any Indians 3!o %ig!t !a:e %urdered !er and !er son San/ay Eand!i &or
t!e atrocities t!ey !ad co%%itted during t!e National $%ergency o& 1)7*877 3!en Indira Eand!i 3as t!e pri%e
%inister o& India.
1!e e7c!ange 5et3een t!e &i&t! lord, =enus and t!e eig!t! lord, Saturn in !is !oroscope %ade !is e7periences
3it! !is c!ildren :ery pain&ul. Fne daug!ter o& !is co%%itted suicide and 3!ile !is only sur:i:ing son, Danti ;!ai
Desai 3as accused o& 5eing corrupt. ;ut is 3as t!e %is&ortune o& ,orar/i t!at !e &ound !is son, Danti ;!ai Desai,
t!e co%%onest target o& attac at t!e !ands o& t!ose o& India@s politicians 3!o 3ere no3n to 5e on t!e pay8rolls
o& %any industrialists and e:en Indira Eand!i. 1!is 5ad e7c!ange o& t!e &i&t! and t!e eig!t! lord 3as !is
1!e Sun in t!e nint! !ouse is not considered &a:oura5le &or t!e longe:ity o& one@s &at!er. 2it! 6a!u t!ere 3it!
t!e Sun in t!e nint! !ouse o& &at!er, it is not strange t!at ,orar/i@s &at!er co%%itted suicide.
;ut t!e %ost re%ara5le &eature o& t!e !oroscope o& ,orar/i is t!at &ro% Saturn, t!ree planets are in endra in
,aar, -=enus, ,ercury and ,ars. and one in t!e tent! !ouse, >upiter. See it &ro% >upiter or &ro% ,ars, =enus,
,ercury co%5ination 8 all t!ese planets are in endras &ro% eac! ot!er e7erting pressure on eac! ot!er to do
t!eir 5est o& t!e 3orst.
13o 5ene&ics, ,ercury, t!e lagna lord and =enus in t!e eig!t! !ouse 3it! e7alted ,ars aspected 5y an e7alted
>upiter !as gi:en to ,orar/i a long li&e. ;orn on #e5ruary 2)t! on a leap year in 1")6, !e entered !is !undredt!
year and 3as t!e oldest sur:i:ing states%an o& t!e 3orld. He died in 1))6 a&ter #e5ruary.
1!en an e7alted >upiter in t!e second !ouse ga:e to !i% %a/esty o& trut! speaing, a rare :irtue a%ong
The Consolidated Chec(</ist
2!at !as 5een discussed so &ar is 5eing di:ided into di&&erent sections in t!e &or% o& a consolidated c!ec8list,
3!ic! e:ery astrologer %ust practice 5e&ore gi:ing a prediction.
&ection @ne
P C See !o3 eac! lord o& t!e t3el:e !ouses is placed.
A A See 3!ic! planet aspects 3!ic! ot!er planet and t!e !ouse.
C A See 3!ic! planets are con/unct, t!eir relations!ips, t!eir lords!ips &or &urt!er analysis.
&ection T0o
# C See !o3 t!e lords o& t!e lagna, second, &i&t!, nint! and t!e ele:ent! !ouses &ro% a PAC relations!ip, to &ind
a5out t!e planetary in&or%ation a:aila5le a5out %onetary gains, losses etc.
A A See !o3 t!e lagna lord and t!e ,oon and t!e lords and !ouses no3n &ro% %ale&iscence, t!e si7t!, t!e
eig!t!, t!e t3el&t! and e:en t!e t!ird are in a !oroscope.
, A See !o3 t!e lords o& endras and trionas co%5ine to e:aluate t!e c!ances o& one@s rise in li&e.
- A $7c!anges 5et3een t!e lords o& !ouses !a:e t!eir o3n %ysterious %eaning. 1!is is an area o& great
& A $:ery !oroscope !as special &eatures, &ro% t!e %ost ordinary %anAs to t!e %ost e7traordinary. 1o
understand it one !as to read all t!e a:aila5le classics o& Hindu astrology 3!ic! !a:e, 5y one esti%ate, &i&ty
%illion stanIas in Sansrit in %any %anuscripts 3!ic! are to 5e translated into Indian languages. It is esti%ated
t!at only 2000 -one8&i&t! o& a %illion. stanIas are a:aila5le to us in Indian languages 3!ile in $nglis! only a &e3
t!ousand !a:e 5een translated.
It is 5ecause o& t!is t!at 3estern astrologers argue :ainly and 3it!out any 5asis t!at India is not t!e land o& origin
o& astrology. A nation 3it! so %any %illions o& Sansrit stanIas, so %any %anuscripts and 3it! its 5elie& in
reincarnation and trans%igration o& souls alone can 5e t!e originator o& t!e science o& astrology.
+et, special &eatures in a !oroscope, no3n as yoga0 5orn o& yoga -3!ic! %eans union o& t3o or %ore, in t!is
case, planets. gi:e to a !oroscope a ne3 and undisco:ered %eaning. ;ut %any o& t!e% are !idden in t!ose
Moon and Your Psychology
$n writing a)o%t my first visit to "SA in 5ovem)er ABBC* Dr. =rawley wrote* >$mportant Western astrologers came
to visit r. Rao. $ngrid 5aiman* one of the most prominent Western astrologers partic%larly in the field of medical
astrology received a reading from r. Rao and said that the predictive acc%racy of Hind% system as related )y
Rao had no real co%nterpart in Western tropical astrology. Reading her chart he was a)le to tell ama/ing details
of her life* incl%ding the characters and feat%res of her parents>.
In t!e sa%e report Dr. #ra3ely aslo said, L+et 6ao@s readings 3ere not %ere &easts o& prediction, !e turned out in
details t!e psyc!ological sop!istication o& Hindu Astrology 3!ic! 2estern astrologers and t!eir psyc!ology
5ased interpretation tend to ignore saying t!e Hindu astrology is o& predicti:e :alue only. 6ao s!o3ed !o3 !is
prediction o& e:ents in a person@s li&e is t!ird stage astrology, as t!e action is t!e outco%e o& an intention and a
particular %entality deri:ed t!roug! ti%e t!e circu%stances o& a person@s li&e, 3!ic! a good astrologer s!ould 5e
a5le to read in t!e c!art 5e&ore %aing conclusions a5out a person@s psyc!ology. In !is day long class !e
s!o3ed in detail t!e psyc!ology operating in t!e c!arts o& t!e Ne!ru &a%ily, as !e !as 3ritten in !is 5oo on t!e
Ne!ru Dynasty.L
2!at a%aIed %e in 4SA and in %y ot!er contacts 3it! &oreigners 3!o !a:e co%e to %e &or consultations is t!at
t!ey insist on 5eing gi:en a psyc!ological reading 3it!out &irst 3anting to no3 a5out so%e e:ents o& t!eir li:es,
stage 5y stage, to !elp an astrologer see !o3 a person@s li&e !as 5een s!aped &ro% early c!ild!ood. 1!en to see
3!at i%pact so%e e:ents in t!eir li:es !a:e !ad on t!eir psyc!e. ,ore t!an %y reading o& t!e !oroscope o&
Ingrid Nai%an it 3as !er &ine con:ersational a5ility 3!ic! pleased %e so %uc!. In reading !er !oroscope I
started 3it! !er c!ild!ood and told !er t!at I sa3 a :ery 3ell8placed &at!er 3it! tec!nical 5acground and a
%ot!er 3it! pro&iciency and distinction in &ine arts. 1otally surprised, s!e told %e t!at !er &at!er 3as a scientist
and !er %ot!er an opera singer. Since s!e did not 3ant %e to discuss !er !oroscope in any article or 5oo, I 3ill
only %ention so%e ot!er readings o& %ine 3!ic! s!e lied. Fne 3as t!at s!e !ad a spell o& a /o5 in a &oreign
country. It 3as India s!e said. And during t!at period s!e !ad an e7traordinary %otor car 3!ic! %ust !a:e 5een
t!e en:y o& %any. It stunned !er co%pletely.
2!en I %et Ingrid again in >uly 1))' s!e spent t3o e:enings discussing %any t!ings, good and 5ad a5out t!e
A%erican li&e, 3!ic! 3as sensational in %any 3ays. I& s!e e:er 3rote a5out it, s!e told %e, s!e 3ould 5e
L5u%ped o&&L.
I& Ingrid is suc! a &ine intellectual it is 5ecause o& !er early un5ringing under a scientist &at!er and artist %ot!er
3!ic!, s!e told %e, could ne:er 5e seen t!roug! 2estern astrology.
I& suc! in&luences cannot 5e seen 5y an astrologer !o3 could !e e:er clai% t!at !e could do psyc!ological
reading and t!en, to cap it, counsellingB No A%erican could gi:e %e till t!is day any satis&actory ans3er. I !ad
anot!er interesting e7perience 3!en I did on p!one t!e reading o& a 3ell8esta5lis!ed psyc!iatrist t!at !e !ad
second 3i&e 3!o 3as 5eauti&ul and per!aps an actress. He 3as surprised. #inally 3!en I told !i% t!at !e could
run into serious di&&iculties 5ecause o& so%e unet!ical practice, !e 3as s!oced. It 3as precisely a di&&icult
eig!teen %ont! period. 1!at 3as counselling and gi:en to a 3ell8esta5lis!ed and success&ul psyc!iatrist, 3!o
could not !a:e no3n 3!at 3as a3aiting !i% in &uture.
A <uestion to 3!ic! I 3ould need a :ery clear and speci&ic ans3er &ro% %y A%erican &riends. is 3!at do t!ey
%ean 5y counsellingB ,y o3n ideas are 5ased on %y seeing Indians trained in 4D or 4SA and t!eir tec!ni<ues
are :ery 3ell no3n to %e. I !ad t!e rare ad:antage o& 3oring in %y undergraduate days 3it! a 3o%an
psyc!iatrist &ro% Eer%any 3!en a pro&essor o& %ine ased %e to !elp !er. I rarely &elt satis&ied 3it! !er results.
In retrospect I can say t!at, 5ecause at !o%e I sa3 %y o3n %ot!er do :ery good counselling a&ter reading t!e
c!arts o& t!e persons 3!o ca%e to !er, and di:iding t!e re%edial %easures into :ery clear categories, as gi:en
1. Cases 3!ere t!e &ears !ad no &oundation 5ecause t!e !oroscope re:ealed no need &or any 3orry.
2. Cases 3!ere t!e &ears could 5e o:erco%e 5y using co%%on sense and 5y taing precautions in ti%e.
3. Cases 3!ere a little patient 3aiting 3ould !elp.
'. Cases 3!ere con&rontation !ad 5etter 5e a:oided.
*. Cases 3!ere t!e ine:ita5le s!ould 5e accepted.
In di&&icult cases 3!ere t!e ine:ita5ility appeared to 5e i%%inent or e:en &atal, s!e ad:ised re%edial spiritual
re%edies and e:en used so%e yantras 3!ic! s!e !ad learnt &ro% classical ;ra!%ins o& And!ra Prades! in !er
c!ild!ood. S!e ne:er taug!t t!e% to %e 5ecause s!e 3as instructed 5y !er ;ra!%in guru not to teac! t!e% to
anyone. ;ut I sa3 t!ose :ery si%ple %easures 3or :ery 3ell.
6. Cases 3!ere not!ing 3ould 3or at all.
My MotherBs Technique
I !a:e not %et any astrologer 3!o %ade so 3ide a use o& t!e ,oon in a !oroscope and t!e
>an%a8nas!atr or t!e 5irt! star.
I !a:e !ad to learn %any das!as ot!er t!an =i%s!ottari 5ased on t!e >an%a8nas!atr and
e7peri%ent 3it! di:isional !oroscopes -!ar%onic c!arts. and >ai%ini@s si7teen das!as to
searc! lig!t a%idst gloo%.
1o do it, it taes %e %any !ours o& 3or and not t!e one !ourAs guillitone, 3!ic! people in
4SA gi:e to t!eir clients. An e7perienced Hindu astrologer s!ould no3 t!at in so%e cases
&i:e %inutes 3ill do &or counselling and :ery speci&ic guidance 3!ile in ot!er cases it %ay tae
%any days.
1!e starting point o& t!is is t!e e7a%ination o& t!e ,oon, 5ut t!at is t!e starting point only. 1!e
psyc!o8analytical &ra%e in Hindu astrology is :ery ela5orate and e7ceedingly 3ell de&ined. It
3ill tae a :ery large 5oo to e7plain it. ;ut one %ust understand 3!y t!e ,oon is t!e pi:otal
point in t!e psyc!ology o& a %an.
Why the 1oon 2
In t!e nort! Indian style o& 5irt! c!arts i& t!e ,oon is a !ouse ot!er t!an t!e lagna, t3o di&&erent c!arts are
prepared to do readings, &irst &ro% t!e lagna and t!en &ro% t!e ,oon. In t!e sout! Indian c!art t3o c!arts need
not to 5e prepared 5ut t!e sa%e scienti&ic approac! is adopted.
2!y t!en is so %uc! i%portance igi:en to t!e ,oon %ust 5e understoodd.
1. The lagna is t!e 5ody, and p!ysical 5ody.
2. &i. divisional horoscopes are its si7 li%5s, 3!ic! are C
a. The $irth horoscope is &or t!e study o& p!ysical, general and 5road understanding o& a %an@s personality.
5. Hora 3!ic! is a t3o &old di:ision o& a !oroscope is to 5e seen &or 3ealt!, t!oug! it !as so%e ot!er uses also.
c. #resh(ona D#re((anaE is one t!ird di:ision o& a !oroscope &or &inding out %ainly a5out 5rot!ers and sisters
t!oug! it !as a 3ide :ariety o& uses.
d. Navamsha or t!e one8nint! di:ision o& a !oroscope &or seeing t!e su5tle, !idden planetary stories 5ut is used
%ainly &or %arital and relations!ip pro5le%s.
e. #0adashamsha or t!e Fne8t3el&t! di:ision is used to no3 a5out parents, t!oug! it !as %ost e7traordinary
uses o& ot!er inds also.
&. Trimsamsha, one t!irtiet! di:ision -actually &i:e di:isions. &or %is&ortune, t!oug! it re:eals a 3ealt! o& details
a5out one@s talents also.
3. Ft!er planets, i.e. ,ars, ,ercury, >upiter, =enus, Saturn, 6a!u and Detu are t!e &les! and 5lood o& t!e 5ody.
'. 1!e ,oon is t!e li&e8&orce and
*. 1!e Sun is t!e soul.
1o do astrology 3it!out seeing t!e :ery great role o& t!e ,oon in it is to do autopsy, not astrology, o& a
1!e great =edic seers ne3 all a5out it and !a:e used t!e ,oon in so %any 3ays t!at it 3ill need t!e e&&orts o& a
li&e8ti%e to co%pre!end t!e% and use t!e% &ully. No astrologer no3s t!e &ull uses o& t!e ,oon in a !oroscope.
;ut a sound Hindu astrologer no3s t!e great i%portance o& t!e ,oon and no3s t!at it is t!e li&e &orce o& t!e
The Approach
1o understand t!e role o& t!e ,oon in a !oroscope, one %ust &irst understand 5road and
general category &or t!e psyc!ological understanding o& a personality.
1!en understand it again in a less 5road 5ut general 3ay 5y using t!e 5irt!8star.
A&ter t!at s!ould co%e t!e %ani&old speci&ic in&luence o& t!e ,oon in a !oroscope t!roug!
%icroscopic :ie3s.
+road 3nderstanding of 1oon4s Influence in different
1!e psyc!ological in&luences generated 5y t!e ,oon in di&&erent !ouses starting &ro% ,es!a -Aries. %ust 5e
understood &irst.
Moon in Mesha DAriesE
1. Juic %o:ing and o5ser:ant eyes -not steady on one o5/ect at one ti%e..
2. Suscepti5ility to sicness is apparent.
3. Has t!e tendency to o5ser:e so%e religious nor%s.
'. His t!ig!s are generally t!icer.
*. Sense o& gratitude is less.
6. Sa:es !i%sel& &ro% sinning.
7. Has enoug! dyna%is% to 3in recognition in !ig! circles.
". 2ill 5e !appy to %ae !is spouse !appy.
). Is a&raid o& 3ater.
10. Has clear tendency to 5e ras!, o:er8dyna%ic.
11. Cal%s do3n in old age.
Moon in 9risha DTaurusE
1. Inclinations to en/oy li&e@s gi&ts are strong.
2. 1endency to gi&t a3ay t!ings is apparent in !is actions.
3. Eenerally !is !eart is pure as !is e%otions are no5le.
'. $&&iciency in t!e per&or%ance o& duty is nota5le.
*. Can e:en !a:e a :ery !ig! le:el o& spritual purity.
6. ,aes generally a strong personal presence.
7. Prosperity co%es to !i% easily.
". ;elie:es in good li:ing and en/oy%ents.
). 2ill !a:e so%et!ing %agnetic a5out !i%sel&.
10. Has a 3ide circle o& good &riends.
Moon in Mithuna DLeminiE
1. His speec! !a5its are pleasant.
2. 2ill !a:e <uic %o:ing and o5ser:ant eyes.
3. Has a sy%pat!etic !eart.
'. Is een on en/oying li&e se7ually.
*. Has %usical, artistic gi&ts.
6. Is prone to de:elop diseases around t!e nec.
7. Desires to 5e 3ell8no3n.
". 2ants to 5e prosperous.
). Has nota5le intellectual gi&ts.
10. 2ill !a:e 5rig!t co%ple7ion.
11. 2ill !a:e %ore t!an nor%al !eig!t.
12. Has cle:er speec! !a5its.
13. Eenerally strong83illed.
1'. $&&icient in t!e per&or%ance o& duties.
1*. (o:es to 5e /ust in all situations.
Moon in ?ar(a DCancerE
1. Is lie a :oluntary 3orer.
2. (ies to 5e ric!.
3. (ies to induge in 5ra:ado.
'. Has religious tendencies.
*. Ser:es !is guru.
6. 1endency to de:elop pro5le%s lie !eadac!es.
7. =ery cle:er in !is dealings.
". 4nderstands t!e inner %eaning o& so%e rituals.
). (ies to go on long /ourneys.
10. (oses all sense o& proportion 3!en !e loses !is te%per.
11. 2ea%inded.
12. De:elops a tendency to get de/ected.
13. (ies to strie &riends!ip 3it! i%portant persons.
1'. In !is o3n !ouse, de:elops !is o3n style.
Moon in &imha D/eoE
1. Has a &orgi:ing disposition.
2. (ies to accept c!allenges and &ace t!e%.
3. ;eco%es un!appy easily.
'. (ies to eat &ood 3it! less sense o& discri%ination.
*. (ies to 3ander &ro% place to place.
6. #ears cold.
7. (ies to !a:e good &riends.
". Apparently !u%5le 5ut gets angry :ery <uicly.
). 6espects !is parents.
10. Has generally so%e addiction.
11. Nurses t!e desire to 5e &a%ous.
Moon in ?anya D9irgoE
1. ;elie:es in en/oying li&e.
2. Ei:es ut%ost respect to good %en and deals 3it! t!e% 3it! pleasant %anners.
3. Is generally good looing or at least dresses !i%sel& up taste&ully toappear attracti:e.
'. His religious inclinations are transparent.
*. ;elie:es in c!arity.
6. Cle:er in %any dealings.
7. Has poetic talent.
". (o:es to stic to spiritual pat!.
). Is lo:ing and lo:a5le.
10. Al%ost gets addicted to %usic and dances.
11. (ies to li:e in a place ot!er t!an !is 5irt! place.
12. Eenerally is ill8ad/usted in !is %arriage.
Moon in Tula D/i$raE
1. Has t!e tendency to lose te%per on 3rong occasions.
2. 1endency to 5e detac!ed and t!ere&ore so%eti%es, un!appy.
3. So&t and cultured in !is speec!.
'. =ery ind %ostly and t!ere&ore gets c!eated.
*. His indness %aes !i% prosperous so%eti%es and also al%ost i%po:eris!ed.
6. Asserts !i%sel& rarely, eit!er at !o%e or outside.
7. His eyes and pupils 3ill !a:e rare %o5ility.
". ,ost sincerely spiritual, 3it! no sense o& !ypocrisy.
). I& !e taes to 5usiness o& &inancial ad:icing, is :ery i%aginati:e and 5alanced.
10. (o:es and !onours 5onds o& &riends!ips.
11. Has al%ost an insatia5le 3ander8lust.
Moon in 9rishchi(a D&corpioE
1. De:elops t!e tendency to %o:e &ro% place to place :ery early in li&e.
2. I& !e &ails to e7ercise sel&8control %ay &all into li&e@s te%ptations :ery easily.
3. $yes de:elop yello3is! colour.
'. I& unc!eced, co:ets t!e 3i:es o& ot!er persons.
*. Is rat!er !aug!ty.
6. Is cruel e:en 3it! !is o3n it! and in.
7. Does not %ind 5eco%ing unscruplous in earning %oney.
". Has little lo:e &or !is o3n %ot!er.
). Dno3s %ost o& t!e trics o& c!eating.
Moon in #hanu D&agittariusE
1. Is 5ra:e.
2. (o:es trut!.
3. Has good <ualities.
'. 2ould lie to pro%ote lo:e and peace.
*. (o:es prosperity.
6. Has a liing &or 5eauti&ul 3o%en.
7. 6espects !is %ot!er.
". Is generous in donating %oney.
). $%ploys %any ser:ants.
10. Has !istrionic talents.
11. De:elops corpulence.
12. Has t!e dangerous !a5it o& destroying a &louris!ing &a%ily or an institution.
Moon in Ma(ar DCapricornE
1. Is generally not respected in !is o3n &a%ily and de:elops co%ple7es :ery early.
2. I& in lo:e, can listen to t!e ad:ice o& 3o%en %ore.
3. Has :ery sc!olarly tastes.
'. Is :ery clear in !is pre&erence &or t!e non8traditional %usic and disciplines.
*. Succeeds in 3inning t!e respect o& 5eauti&ul 3o%en.
6. Eets ric! in :ery practical 3ays.
7. Has c!arita5le tendencies.
". Has good ser:ants to !elp !i%.
). Is ind!earted.
10. Is generally &a%ily8lo:ing %an.
11. Is 3orried a5out !is o3n !appiness.
Moon in ?um$ha DAquariusE
1. Has an innate sense o& c!arity.
2. 1endency to 5e indolent is 3!at !e %ust o:erco%e.
3. Is generally :ery !elp&ul.
'. His desire to surround !i%sel& 3it! 3ealt! and ot!er types o& lu7uries is :ery strong.
*. Has i%pressi:e eyes.
6. Is %ostly courteous.
7. Can 3or !ard to 5e a sc!olar or to 5e ric!
". $arns good na%e &or good deeds and lo:ing nature.
). ;elie:es in spending t!e %oney earned 5y !i%sel&.
10. Is generally courageous.
Moon in Meena DPiscesE
1. Is sel&8controlled and digni&ied.
2. Has t!e capacity to 5e :alorous.
3. Is tact&ul in speec!.
'. Has in5orn leaders!ip <ualities.
*. Eets angry <uicly.
6. Has &ear o& spending %oney la:is!ly.
7. Has sterling <ualities.
". Is lo:ed 5y !is o3n &a%ily %e%5ers.
). Is :ery truly spiritual.
10. Has a tendency to 3al <uicly.
11. Can de:elop %usical talents.
12. Is respected 5ecause o& good conduct.
1!is is t!e %ost 5asic psyc!o8analytical &ra%e3or 3it! 3!ic! a Hindu astrologer s!ould start. 1!ese
s!ould not 5e applied literally as t!ey undergo at least t3enty %odi&ications. (et one suc! instance o&
%odi&ication 5e gi:en !ere.
#or ,es!a (agna 3it! t!e ,oon9 As t!e &ourt! lord in t!e lagna !as a good %ot!er and ot!er do%estic
#or =ris!a (agna 3it! t!e ,oon9 (o:es to 5e spiritual 5ut is negligent o& serious studies.
#or ,it!una (agna 3it! t!e ,oon9 Has a tendency to gro3 ric!, can 5e o5stinate, and does lot o& 3or &or
#or Dara (agna 3it! ,oon9 2ill 5e !ealt!y, 5ra:e, :ery &icle and lo:es to %o:e in t!e co%pany o& t!e
opposite se7.
#or Si%!a (agna 3it! t!e ,oon9 Spendt!ri&t, does 5ad planning as a result o& 3!ic! loses %oney.
#or Danya (agna 3it! t!e ,oon9 6ic!, good natured, poet, e<uani%ous and is al3ays an7ious to gro3 ric!.
#or 1ula (agna 3it! t!e ,oon9 Is a 5orn sc!olar, !as %any good <ualities, sicly in c!ild!ood 5ut later
!appy and 5eco%es prosperous.
#or =ris!c!ia (agna 3it! t!e ,oon9 Is generally lucy, is !andso%e, sc!olarly and is lied 5ot! 5y t!e ric!
and t!e poor.
#or D!anu (agna 3it! t!e ,oon9 Has generally less longe:ity o& li&e, is 3ea, !as t!ie:ing tendencies and
is ungrate&ul to !is preceptors.
#or ,aar (agna 3it! t!e ,oon9 Is addicted to e7tra8%arital a&&airs, is :ery cle:er and is prone to sicness.
#or Du%5!a (agna 3it! t!e ,oon9 Has a 5ad !ealt!, earns &a%e, is courageous 5ut does not get on 3ell
3it! people generally.
#or ,eena (agna 3it! t!e ,oon9 Is %iserly, sc!e%ing 5ut sc!olarly and !as t!e tendency to c!eat ot!ers
o& %oney.
No3 apply to t!e ,oon t!e &ull ,e%ory 1a5let 8 PAC and DA6$S. 1!ere are already no3 nine
Eo into t!e su5tle %eaning o& t!e 5irt! star in 3!ic! t!e ,oon is positioned.
$7a%ine t!e ,oon in t!e ot!er &i:e di:isional c!arts, Hora, Dreanna, Na:a%s!a, D3ada%s!a and
1!ere are su5tler uses o& t!e ,oon in eac! !oroscope 3!ic! alone 3ill 5e around t3enty.
I& e:en so%e o& t!ese are 3ell understood and applied t!e entire psyc!o8analytical structure 3ill open out.
All t!is cannot 5e done in one !our or e:en one day.
4tter%ost caution is to 5e e7ercised i& t!e ,oon is in t!e last degrees o& ,eena or early degrees o& ,es!a,
I& in t!e last degrees o& Dara and early degrees o& Si%!a, and i& in t!e last degree o& =risc!ia and early
degrees o& D!anu. 1!ese are no3n as gandanta areas and !a:e %any !idden dangers.
Ho3 does t!e ,oon re:eal your psyc!ology and !o3 I did it in t!e case o& so%e non8indians is 5eing
e7plained no3 illustrati:ely.
5our "sychology and 1oon Illustrations
1!ose astrologers 3!o do not no3 !o3 to e7a%ine t!e i%pact o& t!eir natal ,oon -as gi:en in t!eir
!oroscopes. cannot e:en understand t!e psyc!ology o& an indi:idual.
So%e e7a%ples, 3it!out disclosing &ull !oroscopes, are 5eing gi:en !ere. 2!ile doing t!eir readings, it 3as I
3!o ased t!e% 3!at I sa3 and t!ey !ad not :olunteered t!e in&or%ation.
Ans0ers to the PuCCles
$asy and si%ple, in &act an o:er8si%plistic :ie3 o& t!e !oroscopes -3it! &ull details not disclosed. in itsel& is
enoug! to s!o3 t!e i%portance o& t!e ,oon sign.
-.ample @ne
Position C 1!e ,oon is in t!e eig!t! !ouse &ro% t!e lagna and one %ust 3ae up It is at t3enty8eig!t
degrees and t!irty &i:e %inutes and i& you no3 Hindu astrology t!ere 3ill 5e a ring o& a 5ell in your !ead.
;ut t!e 5irt! is o& s!ula pas!a -5rig!t lunar !al&. and it is nig!t 5irt!. So t!ere is t!e sa&ety :al:e and t!e
in!erent danger 5ot!.
2!at neit!er t!e psyc!iatrist nor t!e 2estern astrologer 3ould 5e intereseted in is t!at psyc!ological analysis o&
a !oroscope starts 3it! pre8destination, t!e ar%a8p!ala o& past li&e -t!e results o& t!e deeds o& past li&e. 3!ic! is
re&lected in t!e !oroscope o& t!e present incarnation o& %an.
The Portents C #ro% t!e t!eory o& re8incarnation t!e ne7t step is to see 3!at all portents are reada5le and
:isi5le. 1!is is done in a :ery detailed 3ay. #ro% t!e lunar angle alone a !oroscope is analysed in %ore t!an
t3enty 3ays in Hindu astrology.
2e 3ill use a tec!nical 3ord !ere C t!e ,oon is in a :icious gandanta.
Analysis of the Horoscope C 1o understand t!e %eaning o& t!e portents t!e &irst <uestion to 5e ased is9
is t!ere any danger to t!e c!ildB 1!e ans3er is, no. 1!en, to 3!o%B 1!e ans3er is to t!e %ot!er.
2!yB See t!e &ourt! lord &ro% t!e lagna, ,ars 3it! a po3er&ul Saturn, t!e si7t! lord o& disease and t!e se:ent!
lord o& deat!.
No3 see it &ro% t!e ,oon 1!e ne:er8&ailing Hindu 3ay is to e7a%ine t!e &ourt! !ouse. 1ae ,oon as (agna and
its lord also &ro% t!e ,oon. Here, t!e &ourt! lord &ro% t!e ,oon is ,ercury t!e lord o& ,it!una, 3it! t!e si7t!
lord, t!e Sun and t!e t!ird and t!e eig!t! lord, =enus.
1!e t!ird 3ay o& seeing it is to treat t!e &ourt! !ouse as t!e lagna, &or t!e %ot!er and e7a%ine it again. 1!e
&ourt! lord &ro% Scorpio is Saturn, e7alted 5ut in t!e t3el&t! !ouse and 3it! t!e si7t! lord ,ars.
#inally, re%e%5er t!e planetary &riends!ip M Saturn and ,ars are ene%ies. 1!us t!e &ourt! lord &ro% t!e lagna
and t!e &ourt! lord &ro% t!e &ourt! !ouse is 3it! ene%y. ;ut t!e &ourt! lord &ro% t!e ,oon, is 3it! t3o &riends.
The #asha C 1!e das!a o& ,ercury is &ollo3ed 5y t!at o& se:en years o& Detu in t!e t3el&t! !ouse aspected
5y Saturn M a :ery pain&ul period &or !is %ot!er 5ecause Detu is in t!e &i&t! !ouse o& &eelings &ro% t!e ,oon
representing t!e %ot!er.
1!en co%es t!e period o& =enus, t!e t!ird and t!e tent! lord &or% t!e lagna, co%5ust 3it! t!e Sun in t!e &i&t!
!ouse o& !is o3n e%otions.
#ro% t!e ,oon, =enus is t!e t!ird and t!e eig!t! lord 3it! t!e Sun t!e si7t! lord and 3it! ,ercury, t!e &ourt! lord
&ro% t!e ,oon. Co%es no3 t!e su58period o& t!e ,oon in t!e eig!t! !ouse representing agony and !is %ot!er
co%%its suicide.
The Psychological Impact C 2!at s!ould 5e t!e psyc!ological i%pact o& it on !i%, &or t!e rest o& !is li&e B
He !as seen a 3o%an, -in t!is case !is o3n %ot!er., in %oods o& depression. Ho3 3ould !e react to 3o%en in
!is o3n li&eB No3 see t!e se:ent! lord Saturn 3it! ,ars and t!e %eaning is clear. See t!e se:ent! lord &ro% t!e
,oon, and it is co%5ust and is aspected 5y Saturn. See t!e se:ent! lord &ro% =enus. It is ,ercury co%5ust and
Detu in t!e eig!t! !ouse aspected 5y Saturn.
He !as !ad a t3o year 5rie& period o& %arried li&e. 1!us &ar and no &urt!er.
%uture C Ho3 3ould !e s!ape in &utureB See t!e das!a se<uence, ,oon@s period 3!ic! is in t!e eig!t! !ouse
and t!en t!at o& ,ars in t!e t!ird !ouse.
Counselling C 1!ere is :ery good spiritual pro%ise in t!e !oroscope. Hat!ayoga s!ould 5e t!e starting point
and t!en %etap!ysical studies. +es, !e does t!at. I a% !appy.
It is speci&ic counselling 5ased on t!e das!a, 3!ic! is decided 5y t!e 5irt! ,oon, 3!ic! is in a dangerous
nas!atr and in dangerous degrees. ;ut t!e spiritual pro%ise and t!e inclination to study e:en astrology and
3rite 5oos, do counselling and su5li%ate !is &rustration t!roug! %usic are t!e de&inite outlets &or pent up
&rustrations 3it!in.
He 3as satis&ied 3it! %y reading.
-.ample T0o
1!e ,oon C Here t!e ,oon is dou5ly i%portant as t!e lagna lord and as ,oon itsel&. It is in its sign o&
de5ilitation. See t!e c!ec8list under LAL -Aris!ta. and note t!at e:en t!e lagna !as not 5een spared t!e
in&luences o& t3o %ale&ics t!e tent! aspect o& Saturn and t!e eig!t! aspect o& ,ars.
The Portents C ;orn in t!e das!a o& Saturn 3!ic! is e7alted it %ust !a:e gi:en !i% a good start in li&e. 1!en
ca%e t!e period o& ,ercury in !is o3n !ouse aspected 5y ,ars t!e &i&t! lord and >upiter gi:ing !i% :arious
opportunities to learn %any su5/ects, tec!nical, se%i8tec!nical and e:en astrology, as ,ercury is t!e planet &or
astrology. ;eing 3it! Detu and t!at too in t!e t3el&t! !ouse, !is attraction &or spiritual practices is :isi5le and
;ut t!en 3ill co%e t!e period o& se:en years o& Detu in t!e t3el&t! !ouse 3it! t!e Sun and, and %ost
un&ortunately, a retrograde ,ercury aspected 5y ,ars &ro% t!e si7t! !ouse.
1!e second and t!e t3el&t! !ouse represent eyes in %edical astrology In t!e last su58period o& Detu 3!en t!e
,ercury@s su58period %ust !a:e 5egun, 5ot! Detu and ,ercury %ust !a:e caused da%age to t!e eyes.
2!at 3as t!e nature o& !is illness I !ad ased !i%. L$yesL !e said and e7plained it !i%sel& 3it! t!e use o&
=i%s!ottari das!a since !e is a Hindu astrologer. +es, I a% rig!t. A%ericans learn Hindu astrology t!ey 3ill do lot
o& good to t!eir society and in decades to co%e esta5lis! it as t!e %ost dependa5le super8science %an !as e:er
Analysis of the Horoscope A 2it! t!e lagna lord 5eing 3ea, t!oug! :argotta%a and t3o %ale&ics
aspecting t!e lagna, !ealt! is a 3ea point.
1!e concentration o& planets in t!e t3el&t! !ouse 3it! a&&licted Detu aspected 5y retrograde ,ars 3ould not
pro%ise !undred percent i%pro:e%ent. >upiter is t!ere to sa:e t!e situation.
;ut =enus in t!e second !ouse is una&&licted.
+et t!e second lord, t!e Sun in t!e t3el&t! 3it! Detu and t!e aspect o& retrograde ,ars represents, toget!er 3it!
,ercury, 5ot! eyes.
Counselling A Do not do suc! 3or as 3ill strain t!e eyes %ore. 1!e present =enus period is all rig!t. ;ut
t!en 3ill co%e t!e period o& t!e Sun in t!e t3el&t!. 1!e spiritual pro%ise a!ead in years to co%e is :ery good.
-.ample Three
S!e 5reeIed into %y roo% grace&ully. S!e see%ed to !a:e so%e old 3orld c!ar% a5out !er, t!oug! not old. In
%odern A%erican parlance, s!e %ust 5e called young 5ecause I, past si7ty, 3as called young 5y an A%erican
The Moon A 1!e ,oon in 1ula aspected 5y a retrograde Saturn, de5ilitated in Aries and also 5y ,ars &ro% t!e
si7t! !ouseP 1!en t!e degrees o& t!e ,oon s!o3 t!at in na:a%s!a it 3ould get de5ilitated in Scorpio.
Portents A Suc! 3ea ,oon and so !ea:ily a&licted needed close loo. 1!is ,oon, representing %ot!er, is
aspected 5y a retrograde Saturn 3!o is also t!e %ot!er -5eing t!e &ourt! lord..
And Saturn t!e &ourt! lord 5ot! &ro% t!e lagna and t!e ,oon, is t!e %ot!er dou5ly. And Saturn is retrograde.
The #asha &equence A A&ter a 5rie& 5alance o& a5out t3o years o& ,ars 3ill co%e t!e eig!teen years o&
6a!u. 1!e se<uence o& t!e su58periods 3ill 5e 6a!u86a!u, 6a!u8>upiter and t!en 6a!u8Saturn. ,y eyes 3ere
glued on t!e retrograde Saturn, representing !er %ot!er, aspecting =enus in !er &ourt! !ouse. And =enus as t!e
eig!t! lord also could %ean so%et!ing sudden, sensational.
No3 put your &inger on t!e &ourt! !ouse, ,aar. 1!e story 5egins to un&old 3it! so%e :iolence !idden. Ho3B
#ro% ,aar t!e se:ent! lord is t!e ,oon aspected 5y retrograde Saturn and ,ars in t!e si7t! !ouse o&
2!at !appened during 6a!u8Saturn in !er o3n !ouse 3!en s!e 3as a young girl o& nine or ten yearsB
L,y %ot!er illed !er lo:er rig!t in %y presenceL, s!e said.
The Psychological Impact A Her o3n %arried li&e %ust !a:e 5een distur5ed. 1!ere are %any classical
planetary indications, so%e o& t!ose &a%ily secrets 3!ic! so%e Indian astrologers use are present. Did s!e
de:elop distrust in t!e sincerity o& %ale lo:erB Could 5e.
S!e t!en told %e t!e stories o& !er %arriage.
Counselling A S!e is passing t!roug! t!e das!a o& Saturn, t!e 5est a 1ula ascendant can get. 2!at a5out
de5ilitated SaturnB No3 notice t3o &eatures &irst, Saturn in t!e se:ent! !as directional strengt! and =enus in t!e
&ourt! also !as directional strengt!.
2!at a5out de5ilitated SaturnB 2ell, &or god@s sae, pay so%e attention also to t!e :irtuous side o& de5ilitated
Saturn. LDestroyer o& ene%ies, s!ine on t!e &ace, good position in li&e 3it! prosperity. stics to suc! nor%s o&
5e!a:iour as one sets &or onesel&, en/oys se7ual li&eL.
1!e ne7t das!a 3ill 5e o& ,ercury, t!e nint! lord 3it! t!e ele:ent! lord, t!e Sun, in t!e second !ouse aspected
5y >upiter.
1!e prosperity t!at =enus in t!e &ourt! pro%ises, is rein&orced.
1!ere is >upiter in t!e eig!t! !ouse 5ot! &or% t!e lagna and t!e ,oon. S!e 3ill need to loo a&ter !er !ealt! in
;ut >upiter in t!e eig!t! !ouse !as its positi:e side. Eenuine interest in yoga, 3it! regularity 3ill !elp !er.
S!e told %e t!at s!e !ad already 5een doing it and :ery sincerely.
In t!e ne7t period o& ,ercury, !er nint! and t3el&t! lord, !er o3n spiritual interests, starting 3it! yoga 3ill 5e
deeper. I %ade use o& %y no3ledge o& spiritual astrology 5y looing into %any ot!er details. S!e 3as !appy.
S!e deser:ed suc! counselling.
+ears ago, 3!en I !ad !eard t!e 3ord aero5ics I t!oug!t it 3as so%e ne3 craIy t!ings A%ericans %ust !a:e
started doing in t!e space. An A%ericanised Indian lady re%o:ed %y ignorance and told %e t!at aero5ics is
3!at 3o%en do on t!e ground to i%pro:e t!eir p!ysi<ue and t!ose 3!o do it 3al :ery s%artly, I 3as told.
2!en s!e 3as lea:ing I told !er, Ldo yoag, not aero5icsL.
In t!e 4SA, t!e client 3!o co%es to consult you is not 3ell in&or%ed a5out t!e i%portance o& 5irt! 3it! t!e
craIiest e:er corrections in:ol:ing so %any ti%e Iones. +ou can ne:er 5e sure t!at t!e so8called correct
!oroscope gi:en to you !as all t!e necessary corrections carried out properly. 1!e ti%e8Ione apart, t!e di&&ering
dates o& daylig!t c!anges are craIier. A5out &i:e !oroscopes gi:en to %e at t3o stations in 4SA %isled %e into
3rong reading 3!ic! 3as not %y &ault at all. 1o 3!at e7tent t!e 4S astrologers, particularly, are a3are o& t!e
%ost &antastic craIy ti%e corrections re<uired is 3!at t!ey s!ould no3.
1!ere %ay 5e :ery good and :alid resons &or 2estern astrologers doing %ore counselling t!an predictions. ;ut
t!ose o& t!e Hindu astrologers o& 4SA as !a:e decided to do %ainly counselling 3it!out understanding t!e
e7traordinary ti%e8tested tec!ni<ues o& predictions, cannot a&&ord to 5e i%itati:e. 1!ey !a:e to e:ol:e t!eir o3n
style 3!ic! t!ey can do.
I !a:e said all t!is 5ecause I re%e%5er %ost grate&ully 1S 3!o told %e so%et!ing :alua5le. I 3as doing t!e
reading o& a lady 5orn on Fcto5er *, 1)'' and 1S sat 3it! !er, a&ter getting !er per%ission, as !e !ad done
earlier also in one case in 3!ic! %y readings !ad co%e out :ery 3ell. 1!is lady &elt :ery un!appy 3it! %e and
told %e t!at I 3as getting %any t!ings 3rong.
1S ca%e to %y rescue. He told %e t!at in 4SA t!ere 3as also 3ar8ti%e correction to 5e done in t!e case o&
t!ose 3!o 3ere 5orn during t!e second 3orld 3ar. I t!aned 1S and told t!is lady t!at I could not proceed 3it!
%y readings.
Ne7t, 1S ased %e 3!at 3as t!e degree o& !is lagna according to t!e !oroscope gi:en to %e. I told !i% t!at it
3as %ore t!an eig!teen degrees in =ris!c!ia. He told %e t!at a&ter 3ar8ti%e correction it could not e:en 5e
se:en degrees. He !i%sel& 5roug!t !is correct !oroscope a day later and I did readings 3!ic! pleased !i%.
He is !i%sel& a sound 2estern astrologer. (ater 3!en anot!er intellectual 2estern astrologer 3anted %e to do
t!e reading o& !er !us5and@s !oroscope, 3it! 1S again sitting 3it! !er per%ission, 5ot! s!e and 1S appreciated
%y reading. 1S is one o& t!e &e3 astrologers I %et in 4SA 3!o 3anted to understand t!e pro&undity and t!e
reasoning in Hindu astrology, 3it!out 3!ic! any type o& counselling is s!ay.
6eading !is !oroscope I ased !i% !o3 in 1)6786) period !e !ad co%e into so%e sudden 3ind&all gains
&inancially. He said t!at !e !ad ased %e to gi:e t!e astrological reason. I told !i% t!at Saturn, !is &ourt! lord
represented a trust and !is lagna lord, ,ars in t!e second !ouse aspected 5y >upiter and t!e ,oon &ro% t!e
eig!t! !ouse 3as t!e reason &or %onetary gains.
So it is in 4SA. So%e o& t!ose &ine patterns o& gentle%an you %eet 3it! are so eenly appreciati:e o& Hindu
astrology 3it! an open %ind.
;ut t!en t!at !aunting &ear is al3ays t!ere, 3!ic! can 5e ta5ulated t!us9
1. 1!e ti%e corrections 3it! di&&erent ti%e8Iones and daylig!t sa:ing ti%e is %ind 5oggling. 2!y cannot 4SA
!a:e so%e neater solution to reduce t!ese co%plicationsB
2. Do not presu%e t!at t!e so called !oroscope gi:en to you is correct.
3. Do not presu%e t!at e:en t!e daylig!t sa:ing ti%e is o5ser:ed 5y e:ery !ospital in 4SA. It is %ost ar5itrary in
'. And &inally do not 5elie:e t!at anyone 3!o can not see an e:ent can e:er do any counselling.
What then are the elements of astrological counsellingG
1!e &irst is 5elie& in t!e pattern o& destiny as a result o& t!e deeds o& past li:es. 1!at ar%a cannot 5e c!anged.
1!e second, 3it!in t!at pattern only your &ree83ill can 5e e7ercised and not outside. 1!e President o& I%%ortals
!as dra3n &or eac! o& us an or5it outside 3!ic! your cannot stray.
1!e t!ird, astrology is t!e only science no3n to %an 3!ic! !elps you see t!e past 3it!out your !a:ing to tell t!e
present as it is, and t!e &uture t!at is to un&old.
And &inally re%e%5er t!at in astrology it is t!e ,oon sign and t!e 5irt! star t!at !elp you see t!e 3!irligig o& ti%e
3it! t!e ar%ic pattern o& eac! one@s destiny un&olding.
So 5elie:e in t!e ,oon8sign and t!e 5irt! Star.