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What is ERP?
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business integrate software that allows an organization to integrates
multiple applications/functions such as Human resourses, Finance,operation, manufacturing, sales,
prouction, !uppl" chain #anagement, an mar$eting%
What is !&P?
!&P is one of the top Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software in the worl%
!&P stans for !"stems, &pplications an Proucts in 'ata Processing%
What are the ifferent software pac$ets a(ailable in mar$et?
Few of the top /ol ERP!)s are *aan,+' Ewars Enterprise,ne from ,racle,#a-imo from
.*#,#icrosoft '"namics,People!oft from ,racle,m"!&P from !&P,Ramco ERP from Ramco !"stems%
What are the ifferent moules of !&P?
!&P #oules are classifie into / t"pes
!&P Functional #oules
!&P 0echnical #oules
!&P 1ew 'imensional #oules /!&P 1ew #oules
!&P .! 2 .nustries specific moules%
What is the full form of !PR,?
!PR, stans for !&P Pro3ect Reference ,b3ect
What are the ifferent t"pe of pro3ects?
0here are 4 t"pes of !&P HR pro3ects
5% !&P .mplementation Pro3ect%
6% !&P !upport Pro3ect%
7% !&P Roll2,ut Pro3ect%
/% !&P Enhancement Pro3ect%
8% !&P 9pgraation Pro3ect%
:% !&P #igration Pro3ect%
4%!&P &c;uisition/#erger Pro3ect%
What is Roles &n Responsibilities ,f !ap Hr <onsultants?
5)=egac" Process 9nerstaning%
Functional consultant is li$el" to get $nowlege about the current business process in the compan",
esign of current business flows% Prepare &! .! ocument > 0o2*e ocument%
6).entif"ing the ?aps an !olution 'esign
?&P anal"sis > !olution 'esign
7) Re;uirement ?athering
/) *usiness blue print Preparation
8)Writing functional specifications
:)<onfiguration > customisation
4) 0esting
Prepare test scripts for testing > test% 0"pe of testing are 9nit 0esting, regression testing, integration
testing, Prouct .ntegration 0esting etc%
@) En user manual preparation an En user training
A)?o li(e cut o(er acti(ities
5B)Post ?o li(e !upport
What is &!&P methoolog"?
&!&P is !&P)s stanar implementation methoolog"%
Phases in !&P .mplementation #ethoolog"
Phase 5C Pro3ect Planning
Phase 6C *lueprinting
Phase 7C Realization
Phase /C Final Preparation
Phase 8C ?o =i(e
What are the .mportance of .nfot"pes in !&P Hr
.nfot"pes are use to store all rele(ant Hr ata of emplo"ees in an organization%
.t is represente b" a D/) igit number%EgCBBBB,6BB5,5BB6 etc%
.nfot"pe is a collection of logical or business relate characteristics of an ob3ect% .nfot"pes are also calle
information t"pes to enter rational relate information for an emplo"ee
For eg Personnel ata (BBB6) infot"pe ha(e fiels li$e title,first name, mile , last name,birth ate,
language etc
.nfot"pe PeriosC
E(er" infot"pes has a specific (aliit" ates (start an en ates) %0he (aliit" perio allows to maintain
an emplo"ee)s ata histor"% While upating an emplo"ee)s ata, the earlier ata is automaticall"
.nfot"pe !ub t"pesC
!ome infot"pes are again separate in ifferent groups ha(ing same nature%
For eg C !ub t"pes of infot"pe aress(BBB:) are
72Home aress
82#ailing aress etc%
0here are two t"pes of fiels in an infot"pe %0he" are manator" fiels > optional fiels%
&% .nter(iew Euestions in Personnel &ministration
What are the .mportant infot"pes in !&P Personnel &ministration?
.mportant Personnel &ministration .nfot"pes are
BBBB &ctions
BBB5 ,rganizational &ssignment
BBB6 Personal 'ata
BBB7 Pa"roll !tatus
BBB8 =ea(e Entitlement
BBB: &resses
BBB4 Planne Wor$ing 0ime
BBB@ *asic Pa"
BBBA *an$ 'etails
BB5/ Recur% Pa"ments/'es%
BB58 &itional Pa"ments
What is '"namic &ction?
'"namic &ction feature is ma$e a(ailable in !&P HR to perform automaticall" b" the s"stem base on
certain conitions%
What are the .mportant 0 <oes in !&P Personnel &ministration?
P&5B 2 Personnel file
P&6B 2 'ispla" HR #aster 'ata
P&7B 2 #aintain HR #aster 'ata
P&/B 2 Personnel &ction
P&/5 2 <hange Hiring 'ata
P&/6 2 Fast 'ata Entr" for E(ents
PR#' 2 #aintain HR #aster 'ata
How to elete Personnel recors/HR Recors ?
9se transaction coe P9BB to elete recors%
RP9'E=P1 is report/program to elete the personnel numbers in bul$% &ll infot"pes can be elete of a
personnel number%
How to loc$ the personnel number for generating pa"roll?
*" chec$ing chec$ bo- Fpersonal number loc$e Fin info t"pe .0BBB7%
What is <oncurrent emplo"ment ?
<oncurrent emplo"ment allows one Person to hol more than one position in uner a single compan"
<onitions for <oncurrent Emplo"ment are (i) & person has se(eral personnel assignments with the same
organizational unit at the same time (ii) emplo"ee)s ata is manage in the same !&P R/7 s"stem for all
personnel assignments%
E-ample C
Gimberl" #athew is a F<onsultantH hols to two positions (i) !&P HR consultant > (ii) !&P F.<,
consultant at the same time uner same organizational unit F!&P consulting I1orth &mericaH%He wor$s
#on2Fri ,A%BB257%BBhrs as a !&P HR consultant > #on2Fri ,5/%BB254%7B hrs as a !&P F.<, consultant%
Which is the transaction to create <ustom .nfot"pe?
P#B5 is the transaction to create <ustom .nfot"pe
*% .nter(iew Euestions in 0ime #anagement
What are the ifferent t"pe of Wage 0"pes? What are the characteristics of wages?
0"pes of wage t"pes
5) Primar" wage t"pe
6) !econar"/0echnical wage t"pe
7) <ustomer specific wage t"pe
Wage t"pe characteristicsC
5) &mount
6) 1umber
7) Rate
What is time management status ?
0ime #anagement status is the lin$ between time management an pa"roll %0he feature for time
management status is 0#!0&%
0ime #anagement status fiel is a(ailable in infot"pe BBB4 %
Jalues for the 0ime #anagement status are
B 2 1o time e(aluation
5 2 0ime e(aluation of actual times
6 2 P'< time e(aluation
4 2 0ime e(aluation without pa"roll integration
@ 2 E-ternal ser(ices
A 2 0ime e(aluation of planne times
!tructures in !&P Human Resources/H<#
0here are three t"pes of Human Resource structure
5%Enterprise !tructure
6%Personnel !tructure
7%,rganizational !tructure
.ntegration between Personnel &ministration > ,#
.ntegration between P& an ,# is re;uire to get efault for 3ob,position,org unit cost center etc in
.0BBB5% Position is the integration between ,# > P&%
<onfiguration !tepC
.#?22K P&22K ,#22K *asic settings 22K integration22Kset up integration with P&
0able for ,# 2 P& integration is 044!B
.n the abo(e table set the integration switch P=,?. ,R?& to L
.f this is set to MLM 2 the integration is turne MonM
.f this is a blan$ 2 the integration is turne MoffM%
Reports in P& > ,# .ntegration/.ntegration tools
5% RH.10EBB 2 0o transfer ata from P& to ,#
6% RH.10E5B 2 0o transfer ,# ata to P& tables
7% RH.10E6B 2 0o etermine whether the ata rele(ant for integration is a(ailable in both P& an ,#
/% RH.10E7B 2 0o upate .0BBB5 (org assignment)
<% .nter(iew Euestions in 0ra(el #anagement
What are important infot"pes in 0ra(el #anagement
#anator" .nfot"pes
.nfot"pe .nfot"pe 1ame
BBB5 ,rganizational assignment
BBB6 Personal ata
BB54 0ra(el Pri(ileges
BBB: &resses
,ptional .nfot"pes
.nfot"pe .nfot"pe 1ame
BBBA *an$ etails
BB64 <ost 'istribution
B/45 Flight preference
B/46 Hotel preference
B/47 <ar rental preference
B/48 <ustomer program
B/4B 0ra(el profile
B5B8 <ommunication
B6B@ Wor$ 0a- area
B758 0ime !heet 'efaults
0ra(el #anagement Process Flow
5% 0ra(el Re;uest
*usiness nees to a trip for meeting/iscussion/presentation/auiting etc%Raise a tra(el re;uest ,
which re;uires appro(al b" manager% 0he manager can appro(e the re;uest, sen it bac$ for
corrections or re3ect it%
6% 0ra(el Planning
&fter a tra(el re;uest has been appro(e b" manager, the tra(eler ecie on flight ,car, hotel etc %
7% *oo$ a trip
<reate a trip using PRB8 transaction from !&P or an" other mobile applications or es$top
/% 0ra(el !ettlement
0he s"stem settles the trips%
8% 0ra(el E-penses
&fter the trip is o(er, the tra(eler completes an submit all necessar" ata an ocuments such as
trip receipts for accommoation, meals, air fare
&ppro(e > release for settlement
Reimbursement of trips b" chec$, ban$ transfer, pa"roll processing %
.ntegration between Personnel &ministration > P'(Personnel Planning an 'e(elopment)
.ntegration between P& an P' is set b" turn on switch the P=,?. ,R?& with an L in 044!B table%
Report RH.10E5B set up P& > P' integration % 0his program allows "ou to create ob3ect t"pes in
Personnel &ministration which ha(e alrea" set up in Personnel Planning an 'e(elopment%
.ntegration between Personnel &ministration > 0ime #anagement
.nfot"pe BBB4 (Planne wor$ing time) is the integration between P& > 0ime #anagement% For P& >
0ime integration we nee to maintain .nfot"pe BBB4%
0his integration is also base on P& an P!& grouping an E? an E!? grouping%
.ntegration between Personnel &ministration > Pa"roll
.ntegration between P& > Pa"roll through below info t"pes%
Recurring Pa"ments/'euctions (BB5/)
&itional Pa"ments (BB58)
<ost 'istribution (BB64)
,rganizational &ssignment (BBB5)
.ntegration between Personnel &ministration > Recruitment
.ntegration between Personnel &ministration > Recruitment can set up using the following two features
0ransfer emplo"ee ata to the applicant atabase (feature PRE=R)
0ransfer applicant ata to the emplo"ee atabase (feature P&P=. an feature PRE=.)
'% .nter(iew Euestions in ,rganizational #anagement
What are plan (ersions use for?
Plan (ersions are use in ,# to create scenarios in which "ou can create organizational plans% 0he
current plan (ersion shoul be MB5M, as set in P=,?. P=,?.%
6% What are the basic ob3ect t"pes?
0he fi(e basic builing bloc$ ob3ect t"pes in ,# are !P,<G%
! 2 Position
P 2 Person
, 2 ,rganization 9nit
< 2 +ob
G 2 <ost <entre
What is the ifference between a 3ob an a position?
&ns% +ob is not concrete, it is is generic%(EgC #anager, &ssistant #anager,<onsultant)%
Positions are relate to persons %Position is concrete an specific which are occupie b" Persons% (EgC
#anager IFinance , <onsultant I !&P HR)%
What are the ifferent methos to customize ,rganizational structure of an organization?
0hree methos to customize ,rganizational structure of an organization%
5% !imple #aintenance
!&P Eas" &ccess 2K !&P #enu 2K ,rganizational #anagement2K E-pert #oe 2K !imple
#aintenance 2K PP,<N,=' < reate
6% E-pert #oe / 'etaile #aintenance
7% ,rganization an !taffing
!&P Eas" &ccess K !&P #enu K ,rganizational #anagementK ,rganizational Plan K
,rganization an staffing K PP,<E
Which infot"pe maintain relationships between ob3ects?
.nfot"pe 5BB5 efines the relationships between ifferent ,# ob3ects%
What is an e(aluation path?
&n e(aluation path escribes a chain of relationships that e-ists between ini(iual organizational ob3ects
in the organizational plan%
Oou can maintain e(aluation paths on img 2K Personnel #anagement 2K,rganisation #anagement2K
*asic !ettings2K #aintain E(aluation Paths %
.ntegration between ,rganizational #anagement an Recruitment
0his integration allows to manage compan" (acancies > positions%
.ntegration to Recruitment is switche through table 0448!B
P=,?. P=,?. B5
PPJ&< PPJ&< 5
.ntegration between Recruitment an Personnel 'e(elopment
0his integration manage ;ualifications in recruitment
0he integration to Personnel &ministration is switche in 0448!B table
P=,?. E9&=. 5 &B76 E
.ntegration between ,rganizational #anagement > 0ime #anagement
,# to 0ime management integration is ta$e place with !hift planning an with position substitution
(substitution .0 6BB7)%
Following ere shift planning switches
PE.1! J&R0.
PE.1! J&R0!
PE.1! J&RW.
PE.1! &W&R0
What are important features in 0ime #anagement?
E%.nter(iew Euestions in Pa"roll
Which infot"pes are generate automaticall" b" s"stem in !&P HR?
.nfot"pe BBB7 ( Pa"roll !tatus )
E) Which characteristics oes a a" with a" t"pe 5 ha(e?
&) .ts ,FF an Pai
E) <an a posting run be elete?
&) Oes .t can be re(erse before the *an$ transfer% ,nce the transfer is one the pa"ments nee to be
a3uste in the ne-t pa"ments%
E) What acti(ities are possible when the pa"roll control recor is set to M Release for Pa"roll M?
&) When "ou set the status to Release for pa"roll MQQQR "ou cant ma$e an" change to master ata% .ts
actuall" release for pa"roll
E) How oes the s"stem $now when to trigger retroacti(e accounting for a particular emplo"ee?
&) Oou ha(e to mention the retroacti(e accounting ate in .0 BBB7 in the rele(ant fiel% otherwise it will
ta$e the earlier hiring ate%
E) .s it possible to branch irectl" from the pa"roll log to maser ata an time ata maintenance?
&) Oes "ou can go in a separate sessions%
E) How to create pa"roll area, pa" scale t"pes an le(els for ifferent emplo"ee group an subgroup?
&) 0o create Pa"roll &rea "ou nee to go to P#2P&2,rganization &ssignment 2 <reate Pa"roll &rea2
<hec$ 'efault Pa"roll &rea
0o create Pa"scale 0"pe an Pa"scale &rea u nee to followC P#2P&2Pa"roll 'ata2<hec$ Pa"scale t"pe/
<hec$ Pa"scale &rea
Pa"scale =e(els an groups are create while oing the step Re(ise Pa"scale groups an le(els an
'efine !alar" ranges%
E) 'o "ou $now in ,# 2K cop" plan (ersion?
&) 0o cop" plan (ersion the 0coeC RENRH<,P=BB%
0his report is onl" for cop"ing ob3ects from one plan(ersion to another plan(ersion to $eep upate
structures% &lwa"s onl" one plan (ersion woul be acti(e which is current% 0his report oes not help to
cop" an" masterata%
E) How o . esign the .nian Remuneration statement for the first time as the .1B5 which is copie an
rename is showing blan$%
&) &fter cop"ing the .1B5 form go into the form an clic$ on the winows where "ou fin so man"
entries to be mae%
E) What actuall" happens in real time Recruitment?
&) Real 0ime in the sence of !&P or .0 or 'omain% Oou shoul ha(e as$e him the ;uestion, ,$ it shoul
be !&P for inter(iew For !&P <onsultant% &n" compan" wants a sophisticate Wor$ to be one an with
more useful an accurate result e(en after spening more an more on EPR, !o !&P Recruitment helps to
Rect people of the client to get the e-act people for not onl" their e-perience , with also Eucational ,
E-p, !$ills, Past e-perience an all re; areas without entering all the ata of the re;uirement%
&s in normal people has to sit on the re;uirement of the position an then shortlist all the applications, it
also helps to $now the internal emplo"ees to call for inter(iews an the best wa" of shortlisting is going
for Profile #atch 9ps, an recruitment is useful for integration with all other moules for P', PO also for
rele(ant reports an up graations%
E(en rect moules will be able to sen the recruiter a P,P up sa"ing the Position is (acant an it shoul
be fille with re;uirement%
E) . got struc$ in P*5B initial entr" screen% While assigning personnel officer b" efault its showing the
stanar one li$e &PP=Rs amin group onl"% .ts now accepting what . ha(e create uner P& efine amin
group an . assigne uner efine amin group also (P.1<H)%
&) ,nce "ou assign "our aministrator group uner P.1<H, please chec$ whether "ou acti(ate or not
an also chec$ "our groupings%
E) . am facing problem in P&/B% While entering the inputs in Personal ata in hiring action, . am ha(ing
the fiel which is calle M<9.=/ <9.0M (Which it shows $e" fiel)% . o not $now about this fiel an
how to enter the ata in this fiel% . woul li$e to remo(e this fiel from personnel ata% ...l" i am ha(ing
one more fiel in *an$ etails in hiring action, . am ha(ing the fiel M*an$ Ge"M . woul li$e to $now
how to elete/ remo(e this fiel from the action, or else how to input the ata in this fiel%
. can suggest "ou can hie this fiel b" using the following path% 1ot onl" this "ou can hie an" fiel in
"our screens% Here is the .#? PathC !PR,22Kpersonnel management22 Kpersonnel aministration2
2Kchange screen moificationsS
#o% Pool 222 #PBBB6BB, !creen 222 6BBB, Feature 222 PBBB6, Jariable $e"222 6A, &lt%screen2226B6A, 1e-t
screen222 B
0hen e-ecute etails, in B55 22 EBBB62<<9.= 22 Wor$er ientification coe 22 acti(ate Hie chec$bo-%
Oou can use screen moifications an hie the fiel% after "ou hie it an sa(e the settings, <<9.= will
not be seen on the screen% !ame proceure can be use for ban$ $e" too% .n the same screen "ou can also
choose the options to set a specific fiel to be ,ptional,an #anator"%
Q)Which time we have to consider as a o!in time"
.s it 5) swiping machine recore time or 6) !"stem login time%
&).f an compan" is going for both the s"stems, first the compan" want to ecie to go for swapping car
s"stem or s"stem log in time, if "ou re;uire the both, then "ou iscuss with the time aministrator to
esign for both, as per the compan" re;uirement the time aministrator will ecie%
5) What is the purpose of creating s"mbolic a/c, what is transaction coe for same? <an we assign one
s"mbolic a/c to multiple wage t"pes?
.t epens upon "our pa"roll re;uirement to create salar" hea li$e e-pense account etc%
6) What is controlling area, what oes it o, an how where is it assigne?
<ontrolling area is uner of F. person which helps to set for costing purposes also base on these fiscal
(ariant is set%
7) What is REP,R0 J&R.&10 F,R ,FF <O<=E &<0.J.0.E!, what o we o in this step?
Jariant is to sa(e all input fiel parameters% once "ou sa(e as a (ariant , "ou can use the same for future
/) What all infot"pes which has to be create at the time of hiring ,R P&/B an cannot be maintaine
later with P&7B ?
Wh" "ou re;uire creation of infot"pes%%%
8) What is internal recruitment?
.nternal recruitment is search for internal applicants% when "ou integrate with personal e(elopment, "ou
can use profile match up which help to search for resources internall"%
&lso .n recruitment it is represente b" RPR as Person an R&PM as e-ternal person%
:) .f we ha(e to create multiple positions, what metho ,R tool we can use to a(oi errors ue to creating
them manuall"%
Oou can create multiple position b" =!#W or batch programs for the 0coe PPB5 or PP,<E
4) What o is =&1'!<&PE in !&P Pro3ect, . thin$ its relate to no% of ser(ers use, Pls correct me if .
am wrong, ,r what it is?
.t is relate to *asis
@) What are problems generall" face while posting result to F.<,?
1ormall" mismatching of amount gets poste%
A) What is the role of a aministrator in P&?
0o restrict access to Personnel aministration base on P&/P!&%
5B) What is go li(e actuall"? What is the role of a functional consultant in it?
?o li(e is transferring of ata from 'e(elopment ser(er to Prouction ser(er%
'e(elopment 22222K Eualit" ser(er
.n Eualit" "ou nee to 9nit, .ntegration testing, once it is ,G in Eualit" ser(er,
0hen "ou nee
'e(elopment 2222K Prouction
55) What are the other moules integrate with ,#?
,# contains all the moules to be integrate, epening client re;uirement it is one% &s ,#2P&, ,#
2RE<0, ,#2*E1EF.0!, ,#20R&.1.1? > EJE10 #?#0, ,# 2 P' &1' ,0HER!%
<HE<G 0H.! *O ?,.1? 0, .#? 22K <0R= F &1' ?.JE .10E?R&0.,1 W.0H ,# )
<HE<G &== ,F 0HE# , ?, F,R PR,?R&#
RH.10EBB PH.10E5B , PRH.10E6B , PH.10E7B &1' /B &=!,%
56) How is 0ime management an pa"roll is integrate?
0# #?#0 an Pa"roll are integrate in wa"s are time ata is collecte from the info t"pe BBB4 an
these hours are ta$en in basic as 1umber of hours wor$e or utilize, an e(en with time e(aluation an
last with schemas integration%
LBBB schema carries -tBB an these ata can be transferre between other moules%
57) .n 0#, if group of emplo"ees get 5B a"s of annual lea(e, what will be the time e(aluation status?
0.#E e(aluation shows the e-act etails maintaine o(er to the emplo"ee through his 6BB: an 6BB5% if
the" are all allowe to ta$e lea(e it shows lea(e as pai or unpai epening on the configuration one b"
the consultant for these situation% in
processing time ata in pa"roll or e(en 0ime e(aluation ( Jaluation of absences ) also%
5/) How to group emplo"ees for their allowances in pa"roll?
?o to basic salar" of .nia in Pa"roll .nia an group the emplo"ee first epening on the allowances to
be pai an this is
applie for e(en ifferentiating the emplo"ees into groups epening on their pa" structures%
58) Fin the scenario an gi(e the resultC &, *, < are emplo"ees, where &, * will get basic, HR&, '&% <
gets *asic an '&% How to group for the allowances?
&llowances are pai epening on his graation an e(en wages are also pai on this criteria, if &* are
pai bas, hra an '& then ta$e three wage t"pes ans assign to the E! ?rouping an onRt gi(e HR& wage
t"pe to <%
<hec$ basic salar" of .nia an &llowances in .nian pa"roll thoroughl", because first of all we ha(e to
unerstan this first an
then "ou ha(e to ecie the emp sub groupings%
5:) .n ,#, how to get the etails for group of emplo"ees (e-%) group of 'ri(ers in the organization?
'ri(ers can be ientifie epening on their position at which the" are wor$ing an "ou can ha(e a
ifferent 3ob coes for them who o "ou want to loo$ into%
5% What is the ifference between P<R an <&P?
&ns) P<R%% Personnel calculation Rules <onitions that are written to the !chemas (in pa" roll an 0#)%
0o eit them to met the specific re;uirement of the <lients 0ime an Wages e(aluation%<&P is <ollecti(e
&greement Pro(ision base on which the ifferent groups of Emplo"ees are eligible for ifferent $ins of
pa" scale structures an benefits an son on% <&P is base on the following components C
5) Pa" scale t"pe
6) Pa" scale area
7) Emplo"ee subgroup grouping for <&P
/) Pa" !cale ?roup an Pa" !cale =e(el
6% How o "ou run pa"roll?
&ns) 0here are the steps to run the pa" roll
a) !imultaion%% to see wheather e(er"thing is fine or not
b) Release Pa" roll( here "ou are actuall" changing the staus in the pa" roll control reor)
c) !tart pa" roll
) <hec$ the pa" roll
e) <orrection an E-it the pa" roll
7% How o "our correct pa"roll?
&ns) .n the pa" roll log "ou woul see the errors or thriugh the <hec$ tpa" roll an ma$e necessar"
correction in <orrections (P<BBN#AANP&B7N<,RR)
/% .f . want to inclue some more wage t"pes, sa" bonus from toa"% How shoul . o that?
&ns) "ou ha(e to configure those wage t"pes%
8% What is meant b" pa"roll area? What are the uses of pa"roll area?
&ns) Pa" roll area inicates group of Emplo"ees for Whom pa" roll is run at the same time%TPa"roll can
be runT separatel" for ifferent emplo"ee groups, using ifferent pa"roll areas Which pa"roll area the
emplo"ee belongs to epensorganizational assignment% Emplo"ees who belong to ifferent compan"
coes can, also be groupe in the same pa"roll area% !ap recommens to ha(e as less no pa" roll areas as
:% What is meant b" a control recor%
&ns) .t controls the &cti(ites of the Pa" roll% Oou can see the status of pa" roll in this recor% Oou can
change the status of pa" roll manuall" here%( tcoe P&B7)%
4% What is meant b" retroacti(e accounting?
&ns) Running pa" roll from a pre(iosus ate% if "ou ont o an" thing in the s"stem, the s"stem will ta$e
the Earliest Retoacti(e account ate store .n Pa" roll staus .nfot"pe that BB7%
@% How o "ou create customize .0s? What is the no% range for customer specific .0s?
&ns) .t can be one through P#B5 an the range is ABBB to AAAA
A% What are a" t"pes? How man" a" t"pes e-ist? What are the"? Where o "ou configure them?
&ns) 0he a" t"pe etermines the pa"ment rele(ance for a a" an the rele(anc" of the a" for
calculating attenancesthe for each a" of 'W!% B,(wor$ pai) 5I ,ffIpai 6I,ffIunpai 7 offIspecial
a" an / to A are customer specific are the a"s t"pes, 0he" configure in after Wor$ scheules in 0#%
5B% What is a counting rule?
&ns) <ounting rules ar rules use to count absences an special attenances%
55% What is absence t"pe?
&ns ) &bsence t"pes are nothing but lea(e t"pe, *asing on the t"pe &bsence 0"pe, pa" roll is affecte%
56% How o "ou configure absence? ?i(e an e-ample%
&ns) .n 0ime recor aministration "ou will ha(e to configure the absences%first"ou group the emplo"ees
for the absences an configure the ifferent absences in the ne-t screen%
57% What is absence ;uota t"pe?
&ns) &bsence ;uota is the ;uota up to which an emplo"ee can be absent from wor$% ?enerall" sic$ness
lea(e, &nnual lea(e, <asual lea(e etc are t"pes of absence Euotas whci (ar" accoring to E!?s%
5/% What are the features "ou use in benefits?
&ns) <ommon Features 9se in benefitsC
PB5:4%efaulting screens for .0B5:4%%
PB5:@ efaulting screens for .0B5:@
PB5:A efaulting screens for .0 B5:A
PB54B efaulting screens for .054B
PB545 efaulting screens for B545
PB546 efaulting screens for .0 B546
58% How man" health plans ha(e "ou configure, what are the"?
&ns) 0his is alwa"s "our choice%but general names are
2 Health 'ental Plan
2 #eical Plan fro chilren
2 Health #eical Plan 6
2 #eical plan with Partner
2 #eical plan for !ingles
5:% What are the most important .0s in benefits?
&ns) I ?eneral *enefits .nformation B545
2 &3ustment Reasons . B74@
2 Health Plans B5:4
2 .nsurance Plans B5:@
2 !a(ings Plans B5:A
2 !toc$ Purchase Plans B74A
2 <reit Plans B67:
2 #iscellaneous Plans B744
2 Retirement Plan <umulations B:B6
2 Retirement Plan <umulations B:B6)
2 Retirement Plan Jaluation Results B8:8
2 *enefits #eical 'ata B74:
54% =ist the applicant actions in recruitment%
5@% What is the feature use for Personnel &ministrator% What group shoul "ou use in that?
&ns) P.1<H
5A% What are the .0)s use in 19#GR? (. sai 19#GR is associate with ,rg% &ssgnmt%)
&ns) .ts for efaulting 1o range in .0 BBBB,BBB6,BBB5,BBB:,BB4,BBB@,BBBA etc %.nfact this feature enable
to efault no range in all the .0s of Hiring infogroup which again customize on clients specifications%
6B% What is an applicant group?
&ns) &n &pplicant ?roup(&?) is use to group together applicants on the basis of the t"pe of wor$
relationship for which the" ha(e applie for e-ample,permanent emplo"ees , temporar" emplo"ees,
<asual wor$ers etc,%% 0he&pplicant <lass is a characteristic of the &?%0heapplicantclassinicates whether
the applicant is internal (class TPT) or e-ternal (class T&P)% 0he re;uire configuration has to be one for
the groups%T
65% What is an unsolicite applicant group?
&ns) the group of &pplicants who ha(e applie without an" a(ertisement or re;uirement from the
compan"%(the best e-ample is , these a"s, most of the 3ob see$ers, go to compan"s 9R= an an loa
their c( etails%% these etails get store as 91!,=.<.0E' &PP.<&10! in the <ompan"s .ntranet%
66% What is the t%coe for authroizations?
&ns) PF<? for roles authorizations an !9B5 for creating 9sers
67% 'ifferentiate between Pa"roll area an pa"scale area%
&ns) Pa" roll area inicates the group of emplo"ees for whom pa" roll is run together, Pa" scale area iis
geographical are or groups of emplo"ees for whom a particular <&P is Jali%
Which characteristics oes a a" with a" t"pe 5 ha(e?
.ts ,FF an Pai
<an a posting run be elete?
Oes .t can be re(erse before the *an$ transfer%,nce the transfer is one the pa" menets nee to be
a3uste in the ne-t pa"ments%
What acti(ities are possible when the pa"roll control recor is set to H Release for Pa"roll F?
When "ou set the status to Release for pa" roll FD "ou cant ma$e an" change to master ata% .ts actull"
release for pa" roll
How oes the s"stem $now when to trigger retrocati(e accounting for a particular emplo"ee?
Oou ha(e to mention the retro acti(e accounting ate in .0 BBB7 in the rele(ant feil% other wise it will
ta$e the earliesr hiring ate%
.s it possible to branch irectl" from the pa"roll log to maser ata an time ata maintenance?
Oes "ou can go in a seperate sessions%
How to create pa"roll area, pa" scale t"pes an le(els for ifferent emplo"ee group an subgroup?
0o create Pa"roll &rea "ou nee to go to P#2P&2,rganisation &ssignment I <reate Pa"roll &rea2<hec$
'efault Pa"roll &rea 0o create Pa"scale 0"pe an Pa"scale &rea u nee to follow C P#2P&2Pa"roll 'ata2
<hec$ Pa"scale t"pe/ <hec$ Pa"scale &rea Pa"scale =e(els an groups are create while oing the step
Re(ise Pa"scale groups an le(els an 'efine !alar" ranges%
What was the t"pe of time recoring "ou use in time management% Positi(e or negati(e? What is positi(e
time recoring an negati(e time recoring? What are the ifferences between them? &nswer
Positi(e time #anagement recors all the time entere b" the
emplo"ee ie absences an &ttenances
ie recoring all e(ents
Where as in 1egati(e 0ime management, we recor e(iations
from the planne wor$ing time%
What r all the feature r u using in u r pro3ect, &nswer
19#GR(1umber range assignment)
P.1<H(&ministrator ?roup)
&*GR!(Pa"roll &rea)
0&R.FF(Pa"scale &rea/0"pe)
.1J&=A(Waget"pe <harecteristics)
an =?#!0, PRP10, PRP1<,/BE<<, /BE<!, !<HPG, E9,#,
How o "ou eri(e amounts in pa"roll? &nswer
u eri(e amounts in pa"roll through wage t"pes
how man" ti$ets i u get in per a", &nswer
its epenence on u r pro3ect,
s"stem genrate tic$ets or errors, an en user will sen
the some tic$ets
What is an E-port moe an how o "ou use it an what for? &nswer
. guess, Oou mean, E-pert #oe,
Well, E-pert #oe is use in ,# to create ini(iual ob3ects
(,rg% 9nit, Position, +ob, tas$ etc) using the infot"pe%
0ransactionC PPB5
What is meant b" pa"scale structure? How i "ou configure pa"scale structure? How o "ou import
pa"scale ata from non !&P to !&P?% &nswer
Pa"scale structure means creation of pa"scale area,
pa"scale t"pe,area,le(el an group with Emplo"ee sub group
grouping for P<R an <&P
What is iff between simple maintenance an etaile maintenance? &nswer
.f we want to create huge structures we will prefer for
simple maintainence%
.f we want to create org structures using ob3ects an
infot"pes we prefer etaile maintainence%
How i "ou create pa" scale structure? &nswer
0he pa" scale sturcture consits of
For Hourl" emplo"ees
Pa"scale 0"pe
Pa" scale area
For salarie emplo"ees
Pa"grae t"pe
Pa"grae area
an then its groupe base in the E!? with ifferent
pa"scale grous an le(els
How o "ou transfer ata from P& to ,#% &nswer
there is 6 wa" for integration of pm>om
5,plogi orga -
6,thru RH.10EBB20R&1!&<0.,1 <,'E ,,PH2if om is installable
as astan alone
How o "ou restrict the ata to be entere in pa"roll area? &nswer
1o,their is no thing li$e restricting the ata to be
entere in pa"roll area
we can restrict the pa"roll b" using the control recors
i%e%,e-it pa"roll we can restrict for that month
How i "ou integrate Pa"roll with Financial &ccounting for Pa"roll processing?
!"mbolic accoutning
What were the pa"roll perios for the pa"roll? &nswer
.n pa"roll, the emplo"ees pa" is calculate for a certain
numbe of a"s li$e
*i Wee$l"
#,nthl" etc%
*ase on this the on a Fiscal calener can be i(ie into a
number of perios%
for #onthl" there will be 56 peroios
.n a bi2wee$l" there will be 6: pa"roll perios ie%86/6 U 6:
.n !&P pa"roll if "ou want to run the pa"roll for a perio,
the pa"roll shoul be complete an e-ite for the pre(ious
.f i will not select u then what u will o?
Well, e(er" step is a learnin e-perince fr me%%if im not
selecte , this inter(iew woul be a learin e-p fr me,. will
anal"ze what went wrng,wor$ on it an impro(e an gi( m"
best shot in ne-t inter(iew% being an optimistic . woul
thin$ the best opportunit" is still waitin fr me%%
What is "our best achie(ement?
=i$e uring the pro3ect what all the challenges "ou face
uring configuration of ,# P& 0.#E &1' P&OR,== an "ou nee
to e-plain atleast one situation to the inter(iewer%
i want to run pa"roll for monthl", wee$l" an semi monthl" same a" for this i nee to create ifferent
ate moifiers or single ate moifier? &nswer
Oou nee to create the separate pa"roll area for all the
'ifferent fre;uencies%%%
'ate #oifiers is use to istinguish between the pa" ate
for the same fre;uencies pa"roll area%
What were the reports generate b" "ou in pa"roll? &nswer
. ha(e generate =0& report this report ispla" how man"
number of emplo"ee(#ale/female) is acti(e in begin of
months an how man" number of emplo"ee are recruite
transferre ,btaine PR/WP resigne in one month an how
man" number of emplo"ee(#ale/Female) reaming in En of
month an after that whole ata shoul be printable format
an lots of report generate%
What is the use of structural authorizations? &nswer
!tructural authorization can be efine as the &uthorization
base on the time epenent structures in HR li$e
,rganization 9nit, *usiness E(ent Hierarchies etc%
EgC .f "ou assign authorizations base on Position(,rg
9nit), who e(er assigne to that position will get the
What is the ifference between Personnel &rea an Pa" scale &rea? .f . ha 5BBB areas, woul i create
5BBB pa" scale areas) &nswer
Personnel area is an organizational unit which represents
!pecific area of the compan" organize accoring to the
&spects of Personnel aministration, time management an
pa"scale area is the geographical location where pa"scale
t"pe is (ali
.f . ha 5BBB areas, woul i create 5BBB pa" scale areas
&1!WERC 1,
How can "ou <op" ,rg% structure from other structure? What is the 02<oe for that an process path?
#a$e sure that the plan number is establishe through the
.#?% (&n that it is
not the acti(e plan%)
?o Human Resources 2K ,rganizational #anagement 0ools 2K
Plan (ersion 2K
.t runs RH<,P=BB% &ll or an" portion of the plan ma"be
copie an manipulate
an then copie bac$ in to the acti(e plan%
What is the ifference between e-empt emplo"ee an non e-empt emplo"ee? &nswer
Emplo"ees who wor$ in non2e-empt positions are not e-empt
from the o(ertime pa" re;uirements of the F=!&% 0he" $eep
recors of the specific times the" wor$ so that the" are
pai o(ertime when the" wor$ more than /B hours in a
wor$wee$% ,(ertime is pai at 5%8 times the emplo"ee?s
hourl" rate%
Emplo"ees in e-empt positions o not recei(e o(ertime pa" no
matter how man" hours the" wor$ in a wor$wee$% !ince the"
on?t recei(e o(ertime pa", there is no nee for them to
$eep recors of the specific hours the" wor$%