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You are about to start your new consultant training through our

Mission Possible Training.

Once these missions are complete you will receive a special gift from
your sponsor.
In order to receive this gift you must:
Complete the mission in ! days
Come to two consecutive monthly meetings
"e an #ctive consultant at the time the gift is awarded
ALL missions will be done through Facebook with the
exception of a part of mission 2. This way we can keep
everything all together in one place.
$hile waiting for your %it to arrive& generate some interest and
e'citement in your business and invite a couple of your friends over
for a (%it opening party) *to +ualify it must be at least , woman over
the age of ,-..
Ta%e a picture of you and your friends with your new %it. "e sure to
post it in our /aceboo% group00
Lets Get Started!!
Mission #1: New Consultant FAQ'S Scavenger
Locate the document titled "New Consultant FAQ'S" that
can be found in the "fles" section of our Facebook group
!ot it" Fabulous## $rint that bab% out and read the
&N'()& document Now* let+s ha,e a little fun with it##

-ou must message %our sponsor with answers to the
following .uestions/
0 Name 1 suggestions in this document for increasing
%our discount and2or proft
1 3ow does %our part% hostess recei,e credits and gifts"
4ho+s responsible for pro,iding these"
5 3ow do %ou process a credit card that a customer has
used to pa% for her merchandise with through the $ure
)omance site and how do %ou get the mone%"
6 3ow do %ou purchase business cards" Name badges"
4hat are the steps to order them and who do %ou order
them through"
7 Let's sa% %ou purchased the delu8e kit when %ou
started %our $ure )omance business Are %ou considered
to be an acti,e consultant" 4hat 9:S' %ou do to remain
as an acti,e consultant and keep that 67; bu%ing
< Name 5 supplemental training opportunities made
a,ailable = outlined in the FAQ document"
> Let's pretend %ou purchased the "basic" kit on sale and
decided to gi,e owning and operating a $ure )omance
business a shot# 4hat must %ou "do" within the frst <?
da%s of this kit purchase" Name two di@erent
wa%s2opportunities that allow %ou to become an acti,e
consultant o@ered b% $) to new consultants ANL- and
must be obtained within <? da%s of the kit purchase"
B Name 6 items %ou are going to need to conduct %our
frst $ure )omance part% that does NA' initiall% come in
%our kit"
C Name 5 di@erent $ure )omance "Sister &ti.uette" that
should be used when %ou shadow another sister
consultants part%"
0? Since %ou are new and are limited to in,entor% in the
beginnings of %our business* let's sa% %ou get a random
order from %our DFF that wants an item ASA$ that did not
originall% come in %our kit" Since %our sponsor li,es 7
minutes from %ou* can %ou Eust purchase it from her" 4h%
or wh% not" Can %ou purchase catalogs or an% other
business supplies from sister consultants" &8plain
In order to qualify for successfully completing
mission #1 you must message your sponsor with
the answers to these questions. Please answer in
full sentences or include the questions that were
asked. After you message your sponsor with the
answers, you must then post onto our facebook
group 3 important things you learned from the A!
document and don"t forget to tag your sponsor in
this post so she sees it and can check it o# the
Mission #&: Create 'usiness $(ail ) *our
Create %our brand new business email that brands %ourself
as a $ure )omance consultant and will be accepted and
recogniFed b% future hostesses* clients* etc9ost popular eG
mail accounts are !mail* %ahoo* and hotmail %ou will
howe&er need a gmail account when we begin using
'oogle hang out so it is suggested that you use
gmail. For e8ample/ prb%%ournameHgmailcom* or
Iisit %our consultant website Jit is usuall% a 3-$&)L(NK using
the formula http/22wwwpureromancecom2frstnamelastname
3ow does %our $ure )omance 4ebsite look"
o (s %our name listed"
o Correct phone number"
o (s %our current and accurate email address listed
o Are %ou happ% with the professional picture displa%ed
on %our website"
(f %ou answered "NA" to an% of these .uestions* follow the
steps below to f8 it/
o Log on to CAA JConsultant Anline AMceL at
o 'hen* using %our consultant (N Jgi,en in email when
%ou signed upL* and password Jlast 6G digits of SSOL
o !o to "9- D:S(N&SS" P "9- 4&DS('&"
o &dit the bod% of %our website under "9- $)AF(L&"
o Scroll down and confrm %our name and contact info are
listed correctl% and make an% fun changes to customiFe
%our page#
o Click ":$NA'& $)AF(L&"
In order to qualify for successfully completing (ission #)
using the new email address you *ust created, send your
sponsor an email stating +I ,I, I-$$. -hen, take a screen
snapshot of your updated website and post it on our -eam
acebook group.
(ake /012 you tag your sponsor in the acebook post so
she sees it.
Mission #.: S/a0ow ) +atc/ %e(o
As a new consultant it is ,ital to get a broad ,iew2,ariet% of
parties to shadow J,iewing other e8perienced consultant's
partiesL 4e recommend that %ou attend an appro,ed
consultant+s parties before %ou hold %our own so %ou can disco,er
how -A: plan to run %our part%* plan what products that will be
presented* and decide how to deli,er all of this information in one
great big prett% package## -ou will notice each week on
4ednesda%'s* our team has a thread posted about where the
,eterans and other e8perienced consultants will be part%ing for
that upcoming weekend
%our mission has two3parts4
schedule %ourself to shadow with these consultants ASA$
J%ou will fnd a list under the fles tab
o $rint out the shadow e,aluation form from the group
fles and bring them with %ou to the shadow shows
De sure to fll in the form at &AC3 show
o &arn a good reputation as a professional shadowee
Know the Shadowing !uidelines
4atch Cind% Faulkner's part% demonstration at
"http/22%outube2fF'%mC$'!:A" or t%pe in -ou 'ube's search
bar Cind% Faulkner part% demo Jit will be the ,er% frst on the
docket and is appro8 0hr 07minL
In order to qualify for successfully completing mission #3
you must message your sponsor the dates you are
shadowing and who it is with.
/econd you must post on the group and let all your sisters
5678 you ha&e watched 9indy aulkner"s party demo$$$
%ou must list 3 di#erent things you learned from this party
demo and 3 things you intend to integrate to your own
party demonstration$$ -he more speci:c you are to these
requests, -;2 <2--21$$$$$ =<e sure to tag your sponsor,
G ,o the same with each party you ha&e shadowed as
Now t/is (ission #. !S COM"#$T$ A+$SOM$
Mission #1: %ownloa0s ) Sta2ing Connecte0
to *our Tea(
!et read% to add some helpful tools and apps to %our
Apen the web browser on %our phone and download the $ure
)omance CAA Jconsultant online oMceL
o '%pe https4?? and follow the
simple instructions to put the CAA on %our phone# Now %ou
ha,e an online oMce at %our fngertips##
Now go to the app store on %our Smartphone and download the
free app "3o4er"* a walkieGtalkie app for %our cell phone so %ou
can be in touch and sta% connected to %our sponsor 3o4er sa,es
%ou from t%ping long te8ts to ask to %our sponsor or %our sister
consultants with ease and speed* not to mention %ou get to hear
a warm and friendl% ,oice#
( will pro,ide our Io8er names when necessar%
o $lease note that this does NA' mean %ou will recei,e and
instant response Q but we will get back to %ou within 01
hours once we check all messages
o 'his will not replace FD Q %ou will still need to check it
o $lease do not ,o8 a group chat when onl% needing one
:sing the settings on %our Facebook app on %our phone* turn AN
%our notifcations for our S&C)&'2CLAS&N Facebook team page as
we want %ou to be able to keep %ourself connected and "in the
know" with %our $ure )omance sisters at all times# Sta%ing
in,ol,ed with this page will gi,e %ou fantastic ideas* answer
.uestions* and keep %ou moti,ated throughout %our Eourne%# 4e
ALL want to share this great ad,enture with %ou e,er% step of the

In order to qualify for successfully completing (ission #@ you must
ful:ll all three requests4
a. screenshot or take a picture of your Pure 1omance 977 app that
is now on your phone and post it on the acebook group and tag
your sponsor in the picture you post.
b. AoBer a &oice3message to your sponsor letting her know youC&e
successfully downloaded the app. -;26 screenshot a picture of
your AoBer app on your phone and post it on < page and tag your
c. /creenshot a photo on your phone with your noti:cation screen
showing and pro&ing that anytime a post is made on the group, that
it comes through and shows on your phone. Post a picture of your
screenshot of this noti:cation picture onto the group and tag your
sponsor on that post$
M!SS!ON #1 COM"#$T$
Mission #5: 'oo6ing ) !ce 'rea6er Ga(es
(t is ,er% important to pla% a booking game at &I&)- part% %ou
hold# $lan to do this for at least %our frst %ear* or two* in the
business $att% has alwa%s taught us* "The best place to book a
party, is AT the party." 4hat will %70 do to generate e8citement
and secure part% bookings while %ou are there" Ni,as want to
'his mission re.uires %ou to do a little research of %our own so
that %ou can choose %our ,er% own plan of attack so that %ou are
sure to book at least 1 Jor moreL parties at e,er% part%##
(t+s recommended too that %ou pla% one booking game A6,
one (ce Dreaker !ame at each part%
)esearch booking games and (ce Dreaker !ames in the following

Facebook page Junder docs2flesL
-our $ure )omance Consultant Anline AMce JCAAL JRsearch
bar can be used* or as %ou na,igate through the training
center* info can be foundL
Iisit the $ure )omance Communit% Jclick "Communit%" from
%our CAA and do a search for "booking games" or "(ce
Dreaker !ames"L
In order to qualify for successfully completing mission #D
you must list 3 di#erent booking games and 3 di#erent Ice
<reaker 'ames you plan to use at your upcoming parties
and post them on acebook group and be sure to tag your
sponsor in the post$$$
Mission #7: +/o %o *ou 8now ) #aunc/ "art2
Starting from %our CAA* t%pe "4ho do %ou know" into the
search bar pro,ided $rint this crucial form and complete it
right awa%#
Lea,e no one out### Ne,er assume that someone %ou know*
whether it be a famil% member or ac.uaintance* wouldn't
help support the launch of %our business and help %ou get
started# 'his gi,es %ou e8perience on more than one le,el
so lea,e no one out#
Ne,er underestimate what women are willing to do to help
one another* which is one of the man% empowering factors
$ure )omance bases its ,er% mission and ,alues upon
Now it+s time to dig in## :sing this list* it is time to make contact with
each and e,er% person %ou can think of# Figure out what date works
best for %ourself and %our potential guests and 9AK& A NA'& FA)
-A:) I&)- F()S' LA:NC3 $A)'-#### 'his can happen at %our own
home* a friend's home* or ma%be %ou know someone who owns a local
business that would allow %ou to use their space for %our part%# -our
entire Eob is to !&' '3&9 '3&)&###
-ou can create a Facebook e,ent to in,ite these guests Jbe sure it is an
in,ite onl% e,entL* use $) in,ites that were supplied in %our kit* te8t*
email and an%wa% else %ou can think of## (t+s time to pick up that
phone* smile to show %our enthusiasm* and personall% in,ite e,er%
F&9AL& person to %our launch part% Af course* gi,e them the option
to be one of %our ,er% frst hostesses## $lan this part% to include ,er%
light refreshments and work hard to book as man% parties as %ou can
from %our initial launch part%# S&8 $lan to pla% "pop m% cherr%" during
%our part% demo Nepending on %our sponsor* she ma% also be able to
assist with %our launch part% as well De sure and ask her for details#T

In order to qualify for successfully completing mission #E
you must include
a picture of yourself actually holding the completed .8ho
do you know. list, and let all the ,i&as know when your
launch party is scheduled$ Include your date F time, how
many people you ha&e in&ited, and all methods used to
in&ite your guests$$ 2G4 H,i&as$$$ (y launch party is
scheduled for Ian )Jth at E pm and I mailed personal
in&ites, created a pri&ate acebook e&ent, teBted my
besties to be /012 they would be attending, and emailed
ladies as well$ Altogether I ha&e in&ited 1)K ladies to
share my launch party with$$ /o far I ha&e a con:rmed )E
coming as of today$$$I am super duper eBcited and
ner&ous all at the same time, but ready to ,7 -;I/$$$$
8ish me luck ladies$L Mpicture added, and be sure to tag
your sponsor on this post$$
Mission #7 is COM"#$T$
Mission #9: "ro0uct 8nowle0ge
4A4## D% now* %ou are getting reall% good at na,igating %our
Consultant Anline AMce JCAAL Now that our CAA contains a
magical search bar* it Eust makes life so much easier# 'here are a
few forms that %ou will need to refer to on a regular basis Locate
and print out these specifc forms using the search bar* or from
CAA P training center P product information

0 'o% Comparison Chart
1 Lingerie SiFe Chart
5 $roper Care Fl%er
6 $roduct )esourcesGlubricants
RNote if %ou alread% own an i$ad2mini* or !oogle29icrosoft tablets
these forms can be easil% sa,ed and stored to %our iDooks2pdfs
with one touch of the screen
After closel% stud%ing all FO:R of these forms* message the
answers to the following .uestions to %our sponsor/
0 4hat does 'LC stand for" 4h% is this so important"
1 4hat is the ideal lubricant recommended to use with the Super
Stretch" Are there an% other options that can be used" &8plain
5 (s $hillip waterproof" 3ow man% speeds does $hillip ha,e"
6 Name 5 di@erences between a waterGbased lubricant and a
silicone based lubricant 4hat ingredient is added to our silicone
based lubricants that promotes healing and helps to impro,e a
woman to maintain ,aginal health"
7 Name $)+s ANL- anal bedroom accessor% that $ure $leasure
CANNA' be used" 4h%"
< List 1 di@erent wa%s2things to teach %our clients about the
proper wa% to "store" a ,ibrator" &8plain
> Name the onl% NualGAction Iibrator $ure )omance carries that
Uust like 9e is not recommended to use" &8plain 4h%"
B Name the ideal lubricant recommended for use with AN- CG)ing
that $) carries" 'hen* name the alternati,e lubricant that CAN be
used if %our client e8plains to %ou that she is ,er% prone to
bacterial and %east infections and won't be able to purchase a
Va,ored* cream% based lubricant"
C -our client tells %ou she has an awful time attempting oral se8
with her partner She tells %ou it's not a gag reVe8 thing* she Eust
asks %ou to suggest something that would make it much easier#
Name 1 di@erent items %ou could suggest" 4h%" 3ow do the%
work2should be applied"
0? 4hat does 'A9 stand for" 4hich lubricants are
recommended for use" (s he waterproof" 3ow man% batteries
does he re.uire" 4hat is his length and girth"
In order to qualify for successfully completing mission #N
you must message the answers to your sponsor. Please
either include the questions with your answers or answer
them in complete sentences. -hen, take a picture of
yourself holding AOO four of the forms so that we can see
what you"re workin" with$ Post this picture of yourself onto
our facebook group and tell us in your post that you are
.'etting my Product 5nowledge 76 Oadies.$$

P. don"t forget to tag your sponsor in this post (I//I76
Mission #; "ro0uct 8nowle0ge cont<
$e want you prepared to give complete and accurate information on the products
you demo at your parties. Then eventually learn the rest of the products Pure
1omance has to offer.
2isit the COO 3 Training Center 3 Product Information
o This is an #M#4I56 tool to learn all about our products0
7earch "en $a "alls 8 "y Product 5ame
19#: the information sheet then copy and paste it into a
message and send it to your sponsor.
It is also a good idea to watch the video in order to get a feel of
how our Top Consultants demo the product.
To complete this mission complete the search again on all of our lubricants then
pic% one *or two. and message those to your sponsor as well. Part two of this tas%
is to research #;; of the arousal creams and message your sponsor the difference
between all & how to use& how much to use and where to put it& when one a man
can use and where to put it<..list #;; main points.
Continue to review products and videos using these sales sheets because
remember<.The more you learn 8 the more you earn =>.

Mission #=: "ure Ro(ance Me0ia Center
From %our CAA access the 9edia Center from the 9arketing tab
'ake some time to e8plore what a useful tool the $ure )omance
9edia Center can be for %our new business# 4e are pri,ileged
with a C?Gda% F)&& subscription to the 9edia Center upon
registering (t does NA' automaticall% begin with %our
consultantship* %ou must enroll -ou can continue %our own
subscription for onl% W07* monthl%# J'AX 4)('&GAFF#L 4hile it is
still F)&&* beneft and e8plore its options#
:pdate %our profle and upload a headshot photo of %ourself
9ake %our ,er% frst &GCard
De sure to customiFe it
In order to qualify for successfully completing (ission #Q
you must take a snapshot of your personaliRed e3card and
post it onto acebook page, or *ust share the e3card
through the share feature. ,on"t forget to tag your
M!SS!ON #= !S COM"#$T$
Mission #1>: Creating *our "ure Ro(ance
Consider %our "4h%"## 4hat is the sole purpose for %our recent
purchase of a kit and starting %our own business" 4here do %ou
want it to take %ou" 4hat do %ou ,isuall% see happening a %ear
from now" 1 %ears" Alwa%s start %our part% with a purpose* so
now it's time to write -A:) S'A)- Starting from %our CAA*
locate the document Writing your Pure Romance Story. 'his can
be found from t%ping it straight into the search bar* or
P'raining Center P AllGaboutGtheG$art% P Nocuments P 4riting
-our $) Stor%
R$rint out the form
R)ead and fll it out completel%
RDe sure to read it aloud to %ourself once
R'weak it down to less than 1 minutes and
practice %our Vow
In order to qualify for successfully completing (ission #1J
you must take a picture of the form you printed and
97(PO2-2,$$ Post the picture onto acebook page, and
include in the post what is your S8;%C. %ou must also
comment below the picture your tweaked )3minute intro
that you will be using to begin each of your parties. 8e
are eBcited to see this one$$ 7h, and of course be sure to
tag your sponsor in the post$$
M!SS!ON #1> is %ON$ *$S A#MOST TH$R$
Mission #11: "ure Ro(ance "olicies
Scavenger Hunt
'he $ure )omance (ncenti,e )e.uirements !uide is often Eokingl%
referred to as "'he $) Consultant Dible" simpl% because %ou will
use and refer to it so often## (t can answer most .uestions that
arise and is a great .uickG reference tool# As acti,e consultants in
goodGstanding* these are written and lawful policies that we
choose to uphold for the sake of our businesses
Locate the document Incentive Requirements Guie from %our
(t can be accessed b% simpl% using the search bar* or
'raining Center P building %our team P Nocuments P (ncenti,e
)e.uirements !uide
JRRanother document that can be stored to and referenced in
iDooks* %ou ma% ha,e recei,ed a hard cop% of this document in
%our original kit purchaseL
Are %ou read% for some fun" 'his one will take some timeY
9essage the answers to the following .uestions directl% to %our
0 4hat is $ure )omance's Nress Code for parties and corporate

1 4ho's responsible for deli,ering products to %our customers"
3ow soon after a part% should all customer backorders be
5 Free $roduct Situation/
aL 3ow much free product can one earn from $ure )omance at
the "Consultant Le,el" for retail sales of W0*51B in one calendar
month" bL 3ow much for the same amount of retail sales for
someone at the "Ad,anced Consultant Le,el" cL 4hen should
the free product order be placed" 4hat is the deadline"
6 &8plain Corporate $olic% on "Apen 3ouse $arties" 3ow do the%
di@erent from regular parties"
7 3ow do %ou return an item that didn't work when %ou tested it
before selling at %our part%" 4here on the CAA is the )9A or
4arrant% form located"
< &8clusi,e )epresentation/ Consultants who reach the Sr
Consultant le,el with the compan% are asked to sign what
agreement and wh%" 4hat if that consultant elects not to sign the
agreement* what happens"
> 3ostess )ewards+ Situation/
aL -our hostess recei,es ZZZ; of the part% subtotal in free
products and a hostess gift with a part% of WZZZZZ or more" bL
Noes the subtotal used to calculate the hostess credit include
ta82shipping charges"
B 4hat is $ure )omance's polic% regarding selling items at a Vea
C Corporate Dackorders/ a 3ow do %ou recei,e %our items
purchased that were on Corporate Dackorder" b 4hat da% can
%ou e8pedite %our corporate backorders for free"
0? Nescribe the discounts o@ered for birthda%s and %our $)
anni,ersar%" Can the discountJsL be combined if %our anni,ersar%
and birthda% happen to be the same month"
00 4hat is an "A,erride Donus" and how do %ou recei,e it" 4hat
percentage does a Sr Consultant collect on her frst downline"
01 4hen a customer places an order o@ of %our personal website*
who ships the order to the customer" 3ow does $ure )omance
pa% %ou"
05 'rade Shows = &,ents/ aL 3ow do %ou notif% corporate about
participating or renting a booth2 kiosk for a promotional e,ent" bL
4hat t%pes of products can be displa%ed at such e,ents"
06 4hen is a consultant eligible to recei,e part% leads from
Corporate" 4hat must %ou do to maintain this pri,ileged
07 4hat is corporate polic% on all car decals"
0< 4hat must %ou do to maintain an "acti,e" status with $ure
0> 4hat is corporate polic% if %ou want to change %our $ure
)omance sponsor"
0B 4hat is an AN$ card and how do ( get one"
0C 4hat number should %ou call to ask a .uestion if %our sponsor
is not a,ailable and no one on the team Facebook group knows
the answer"
1? 4hat is $)'s polic% if a potential hostess wants to in,ite %ou* a
9ar% Ka% rep* and a Scents% rep to do a part% at her house all at
the same time"
In order to qualify for successfully completing (ission #11
you must email your sponsor the answers to all )J
questions. -hen post onto our facebook group -;122
important things you learned by reading the incenti&e
guide$ ,on"t forget to tag your sponsor$$
(I//I76 #11 is complete and you are well on your way to
becoming a more informed, responsible, and ready3to3go
kinda consultant$$
Mission #1& S(art Or0ering
Pure 1omance is already set up where you can ma%e lots of money. $e want to
show you how to save and ma%e some more by ordering smart0
:ownload the 7mart Ordering :ocument under the files tab in the /aceboo%
6roup. 1ead it in its 9ntirety0
Post T$O things you learned on the faceboo% group and tag your
Mission 12 complete easy right?
Mission #13 New Consultant Corner
In order to be sure that #;; you +uestions are answered and nothing is left out it is
suggested to read the training corporate has provided in its entirety.
;og into the COO and go to Training Center 3 5ew Consultant Corner
o 1ead through the 95TI19 5ew Consultant Corner #5: the "lueprint
to 7uccess *located in your %it or as a download.
On the Facebook roup please post 2 takeaways !"# area. $2 from the %ew
consultant corner and 2 from the &lueprint'
1eminder 8 # Ta%eaway is ?ust a few sentences stating what you learned and how
you want to implement it.
Mission #14 Pure You
Patty always says (7tay a 7tudent)<..Our company goes above and beyond to
ensure our business is successful. They travel across the @.7. to see us0
;og onto your COO 3 9vents 3 Corporate 9vents and find a Pure You near you
and register for the event.
#t the meeting& ta%e your picture with the Trainer and post it on the faceboo%
group. Comment under it with two ta%eaways and how you will use them in your
business. Tag your sponsor.
If there is not a Pure You within your ! days contact your sponsor for your
e'tension date *up to two months after the completion of missions..
Mission #15 e!ual "ealth
In the COO 3 Training Center 3 7e'ual Aealth
$hile we suggest that you read through all of these we are focusing on the
following for your mission purposes:
7e'ual #natomy
Products for your Aealth
Message T$O ta%eaways from 9#CA section for a total of - to your sponsor in
order to complete this mission.

#hooo "oooo only one more to go$$$
Mission #1% &oals
Aow do you %now you got there if you donBt %now where youBre goingC
$hen top successful consultants were as%ed their secrets& the number , answer is
(I set goals and %ept them where I can see them.)
/irst find the goal setting wor%sheet under the files tab.
Ta%e time to really reflect and fill it in.
Message your goal sheet to your sponsor and director *if different..
7econd complete your business plan on the COO and email it to your sponsor
and upline *if different.
COO 3 My "usiness 3 My business Plan
Congratulations!!! Your Missions are