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Panera Bread Franchisee, Ohio

Watt Stopper Lighting Controls Produce Savings for

Panera Bread Franchisee
Aware of the energy savings poten- the night, this
tial and convenience of lighting con- level of con-
trols, Breads of the World sought a trol flexibility
control system for its Panera Bread is essential for
retail stores. The company’s goal was maintaining a
to find a solution that offered both comfor table
energy efficiency and simple, flexible and hassle
automated operation. free work
Before the decision to install an environment.
automated control system, executives W i t h
encouraged managers at the bakery- push-button pancy sensors were
cafés to turn lights off in an attempt to programming and prepro- installed to keep lights off
save energy. Although this worked for grammed control scenarios, the light- during times of vacancy. WT-600 ultra-
short periods of time, lights were often ing control panel is easy for store sonic sensors control lights in
left on when managers became busy managers to use and change the set- restrooms; able to detect motion
with other projects. tings. Managers trained the mainte- through restroom stalls, Panera does-
After researching lighting con- nance personnel on the system in one n’t need to worry about false OFFs.
trols, Breads of the World decided on afternoon. CB Low Temperature occupancy sen-
an integrated control solution from For the stores’ outdoor lighting, sors, designed to work in areas as cold
The Watt Stopper. The system, which Panera combined time scheduling and as -40° F, control lighting in freezers.
includes a lighting control panel, occu- daylighting control. Astronomic sched- Keith Willis, Construction Project
pancy sensors, and photocells, were uling through the panel’s clock pre- Manager for Breads of the World,
installed at select Panera stores in dicts sunrise and sunset times and noted that, "the greatest thing for us is
Colorado and Ohio. turns lights on and off accordingly. For that the lighting control just happens
additional energy savings, photocells without variance.”
The greatest thing for us is that
the lighting control just happens were used to keep outdoor lighting off As Willis reflects, “The lighting
without variance. if enough natural light is present. control system makes it easy for our
- Keith Willis These two control methods ensure sales team to focus on our customer
Construction Project Manager
exterior lighting control operates and not have to worry about energy
Panera selected The Watt smoothly regardless of the season. consumption; the store operates by
Stopper’s Smartwired TM
Lighting Photocell and time-scheduled control itself.”
Control Panel to provide flexible from the panel also manage signage, Working seamlessly together, The
scheduling. It allows overlapping days parking, and security lights. Watt Stopper products easily meet
and blink warnings of lighting prior to Some of the Panera stores feature each store’s needs for automated con-
shut-off. The panel works in conjunc- skylights that provide significant day- trol, flexible scheduling, and energy
tion with dataline switches for simple light. In these stores, a Watt Stopper efficiency.
timed overrides. With the store’s long EM photocell transmits daylight level Thrilled to find a cost effective
daytime operating hours combined data to the control panel. The panel solution from one manufacturer,
with nightly baking hours, varying holds lighting off if enough natural Breads of the World plans to install
weekday/weekend hours, and with light is present. similar systems at more of its Panera
managers often working throughout To further energy savings, occu- stores in 2004.

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