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Curriculum Vitae

Kapil Bhutani, Telecom Trainer

610/28 sham nagar, St No.4
Ludhiana,Punjab (India),141002

Mobile: +91-964-661-8770


Personal Statement

To pursue a career in Telecommunications Industry that gives me scope for better utilization of my knowledge and
skills offers continuous learning, creativity, and exposure to new ideas that stimulates personal and professional
growth. I Teach my students in more practical oriented way so that things can be more simplified and their time can
be properly utilized

Technical Skills
Strong Knowledge of GSM, GPRS,EDGE UMTS, HSDPA , HSUPA, IP and LTE(TDD/FDD) and WiMAX
GSM,UMTS, HSPA & LTE Air Interface and signalling
GSM,UMTS, HSPA LTE & WiMAX Radio Network Planning Fundamentals
GSM,UMTS,HSPA LTE & WiMAX Network Optimization
GSM,UMTS, HSPA Log File Analysis and troubleshooting
Very familiar with Nokia Siemens Networks and Ericssion solution for 2G/3G
M.B.A (Telecom Management)-2013
Indian Institute Of Telecom
Bachelor Of Technology(ECE)-2006
Guru Nanak Dev Engineering
College, Ludhiana,India

Current Employment

Freelancer Telecom Trainer

January 2013-till now


Oversee the training function.
Develop a needs assessment process and create an instructional design process with
appropriate delivery methods and post-training evaluations
Plan, develop, and provide training materials for in-house courses and staff
development programs

Trainings Delivered

GSM, GPRS & UMTS,LTE and Wimax system overview
2G Radio Planning Principles 2G Optimization
2G BSS Parameters
IP Fundamentals
2G Protocols and Signaling
UMTS Physical layer & Air Interface
UMTS Factory Product and Optimization
3G RAN Technologies
3G Drive Test With Pre-recorded Log Files
3G RAN Optimization Principles
3G RAN Parameters
3G KPIs and Counters
LTE Air Interface, Protocol and Signalling.
LTE KPI and Optimization
LTE Planning
WiMax Planning and Optimization

Work History

1) Telcoma Technologies Pvt Ltd. ,Mohali,India
Manager(Training and Project)

Duration :
February 2010-January 2013(3 Years)
Project 1.LTE Planning and Performance for AIRTEL,
Chandigarh Region

2. 3G Optimization for Airtel Chandigarh Region

In Telcoma Technologies I was Responsible for Handling the projects for Telecom Vendors for RF
Planning, Optimization and Drivetest of 2G/3G and LTE and Delivering Technical Trainings in India and
2) Telecom network solutions pvt. Ltd
RF Planning and Optimization Engineer
Duration May 2006-February 2010 (3 Years 8 Months)

1.Airtel (Rajasthan) for Ericsson
2.VodaFone (U.P) for Nokia Siemens Network

In TNS Pvt Ltd. I was Responsible for Handling the projects for Telecom Vendors for RF Planning,
Optimization and Drivetest of 2G/3G to Meet the KPIs .I was responsible to Handling the TEAM of
Driver Testers and Coordinating them.

Telecom Tool Used
TEMS 6.1.0,8.02,9.0.1,10.0.1
Agilent 14.2
Map Info 8.5
MCOM 4.2
Net Neumann
ZxG10 Integrate
Net Monitor

Customers trained

Etisalat in Riyadh(S.Arabia)
Watanya in Kuwait
Azercell, Azerbaijan
T-Mobile in Rotterdam (Holland)
T-Mobile Prague(Czech Republic)
Q-tel in Qatar
NSN in Mohali (India)
Vodafone ,India
Etisalat in Riyadh(S.Arabia)
Watanya in Kuwait
IndoSat in Bandung(Indonesia)
Multi Wireless in KualaLumpur(Malaysia)
Relaince Chandigarh,India
IDEA Banglore,India

Short term(2-5weeks) and Long Term(2-4
nths) Trainings to National and International

List is not compleat..