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Math 1 - Advanced

Segment 1
Mrs. Cuomo-Yokel
Math 1 Instructor
DUE DATE ASSIGNMENTS (print out and cross off assignments as you complete them) WEEK
8/22/14 01.00 Module One Pretest 1
01.01 Adding and Subtracting Decimals
01.02 Multiplying Decimals
01.03 Division
8/29/14 01.04 Mid-Module Check 2
01.05 Division of Fractions
01.06 Division with Mixed Numbers
9/5/14 01.07 Unit Cubes and Volume 3
01.08 Module One Practice Test
01.09 Discussion-Based Assessment
End Grace Period 01.10 Module One Test
9/12/14 02.00 Module Two Pretest 4
02.01 Understanding a Ratio
02.02 The Unit Rate
02.03 Equivalent Ratios
9/19/14 02.04 Mid-Module Check 5
02.05 Percentages
02.06 Measurements
9/26/14 02.07 Unit Conversions 6
02.08A Complex Unit Rate Advanced
02.09 Module Two Practice Review Test
10/3/14 02.09 Module Two Practice Test 7
02.10 Discussion-Based Assessment
02.11 Module Two Test
02.12A Module Two Advanced Test
10/10/14 03.00 Module Three Pretest 8
03.01 GCF and LCM
03.02 Positive and Negative Numbers
03.03 The Number Line
10/17/14 03.04 Mid-Module Check 9
03.05 Ordering of Numbers
03.06 The Absolute Value
10/24/14 03.07A Applying the Number Line Advanced 10
03.08A Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers Advanced
Below is the pace chart for Segment 1 success. Each week's assignments are due by Friday at 11:59pm.
If all assignments are not turned in by the Sunday after the due date, you will be considered behind pace.
Activation Date of August 19, 2014
10/31/14 03.09A Multiplying Rational Numbers Advanced 11
03.10A Dividing Rational Numbers Advanced
03.11 Module Three Practice Review Test
11/7/14 03.11 Module Three Practice Test 12
03.12 Discussion-Based Assessment
03.13 Module Three Test
03.14A Module Three Advanced Test
11/14/14 04.00 Module Four Pretest 13
04.01 Ordered Pairs
04.02 Plotting on the Coordinate Plane
11/21/14 04.03 Ratios and the Coordinate Plane 14
04.04 Applications with Coordinates
04.05A Characteristics of a Proportion Advanced
11/28/14 04.06 Module Four Practice Test 15
04.07 Discussion-Based Assessment
04.08 Module Four Test
04.09A Module Four Advanced Test
04.10 Segment One Practice Test
04.12A Segment One Advanced Exam
It is understood that students may choose not to submit during OCPS Thanksgiving,
Winter, and Spring Breaks, which may change their completion date according to this
pace chart.
Learning Goals:
Module 1:
Students will be able to understand how to add, subtract, multiply, divide
fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals. Interpret the meaning of the quotient,
use models and solve problems using division of fractions and mixed numbers.
Find the volume of right rectangular prisms and model using fraction length edges
and unit cubes.
Module 2:
Students will be able to understand how to create ratios, rates, equivalent ratios,
find the percent of a number, solve percent word problems, and convert between
units of measure.
Module 3:
Students will be able to find the LCM, GCF, utilize positive and negative numbers
and incorporate them into real world situations, locate a number and its opposite
on a number line, find the absolute value, order rational numbers, interpret
statements of inequalities by using a number line and write, interpret, and explain
statements of order in real world contexts.
Module 4:
Students will be able to recognize, compare, determine relationships about an
ordered pair and position rational numbers on a coordinate plane. Decide
whether two quantities are in a proportional relationship and explain the
characteristics of the graph.