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Sent: Sunday, March 09, 2014 3:39 PM

Subject: Action-Items-LXIV [2nd-Amendment & Gun-Control]

Noting that Turner Classic Movies and the u.s.p.s. are to honor charlton heston with a forever-stamp,
perhaps it is propitious to deal with 2
Amendment Controversies, rationalizing them for Libs who are
eager to confiscate firearms, even if it were to prompt amending the Bill of Rights; not being a member
of the NRA or the Gun Owners of America, it has nevertheless become apparent that conservatives
reflexly claim the 5-Freedoms in the 1
Amendment are promptly followed by a clause that the Framers
intended to empower people to protect themselves from governmental infringement thereupon. Also,
Guzzardi notes the PA Constitution *21: The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves
and the State shall not be questioned.+ is more direct than is the US Constitution *eliminating reference
to a militia+; therefore, absent any reference to insurrection, it is necessary to reinforce this right.
{BEN CARSON has succinctly explained why the Founders wrote the Second Amendment.}

This blast encompasses hyperlinks culled from myriad sources during the past year,
again minimizing commentary and maximizing the capacity for headlines to follow the
maxim res ipso loquitur. They tell the tale of how gun-rights have been reinforced,
despite BHOs consistent efforts to politicize each/every event that has transpired; also,
they demonstrate how this controversy has been manufactured [to a great degree]
because of the desire to create a distraction from an otherwise-poor track-record.

As a result of having compiled this themed-blast, the reader should
assume that articles encountered in the future will be circulated only if
they either contradict a point already made or prompt clarification.

To facilitate the ability to follow the logical-thread throughout this blast, note that
after the introissues encompassed include the UN-Gambit, Bloomberg, Navy Yard,
self-defense, confiscation-threat, and the raging PR-Battle (reacting to Real-Life Events).
Thos who may perceive such a lengthy blast e-mail as overwhelming are invited to
channel the difficulty encountered when assembling it cogentlyand then are asked to
overcome feeling overwhelmed by skimming topics and delving into articles only to the
degree to which particular issues have piqued interest. As always, critique is invited.

Amazingly, even the Ninth Circuit Court Again Struck-Down Californias Gun Control Law recently [Ninth
U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled "San Diego County violates the Constitution's Second Amendment by
requiring residents to show 'good cause' " before being allowed "to obtain a concealed carry permit"],
illustrating the view that there really should be very little controversy regarding private gun ownership;
furthermore, when I chatted with Mike Fitzpatrick after he dropped a bill *comparable to Toomeys+
that would close loopholes, I noted two defects that were indefensible *definition of mental illness
needed clarification, and empowering any AG to apply even more prosecutorial discretion was unwise].
{Note that a Proposed policy is to allow concealed weapons in 'non-sensitive areas' of PA campuses.}

After I told our core-group that, after having read todays mail, it seemed Guzzardis
latest tally was just-below 2000 and the count of 10 counties greater than 100+ was a
bit marginal, I was reassured that mega-signatures will be arriving via overnight-mail


within a few hours [e.g., 19 signatures from Bucks, 6 from Philly, 50 from Berks, etc.];
having been vetting their quality, only a half-dozen are potentially-deficient. Thus,
blasted were optimistic statements that reflected our collective mood, as the formal
filing-plan came into focus; others were scrambling to provide a buffer, although we did
not feel it necessary to accrue twice-the-total [~4000] because circulators are seasoned.

Into this mindset came an e-mail that perhaps conveys the politics of
the strong feelings nurtured by firearm-enthusiasts [channeled by a
patient who is forever armed-to-the-teeth, even when she travels to
receive her chemo-Rx+. Note what just arrived: I just told Bob I have
130 from Bucks County. I am doing the Leesport gun show tomorrow
with [a friend]. [Another friend] is doing the Lancaster gun show with [a
third friend]. I will work out how to get them to Bob. Vote-rich groups
such as these enthusiasts constitute constituencies that will presumably
be targeted after Guzzardi is certified but, certainly, these people can be
expected to voteand to draw their friends/family into this process.

Thematically, these blasts have lambasted BHO, and he again invited condemnation;
he inserted stealth-sections in this years Budget to fund 'Improved Background Checks'
and Forced Dealer Inspections. {He is so ideologically incorrigible, it is unbelievable.}
Indeed, BHO Clamped Down on Guns while he loosened Restrictions on Marijuana, for
BHO is the-most-rabidly-anti-gun-president-in-history. OBAMA BYPASSED CONGRESS
ON GUN BACKGROUND CHECKS, instead signing-23-executive-orders-on-new-gun-laws
and Obama Admin. Proposed New Gun Background Check Measures that appear DOA
[intended to clarify gun restrictions for the mentally ill and to make it easier to add
information about mental health restrictions into the federal background check system].
Obama administration proposed new executive actions on gun background checks,
while BHO said-he-will-use-executive-action-on-gun-control [as has reflexly been done];
Obama also asked-Congressional-Black-Caucus-To-Keep-Marching-For-Gun-Control,
essentially saying To USA ~> Care More About Gun Control ~> While I Arm Al-Qaeda.
While obama-declared-open-season-on-illegal-guns, darrell-issa charged BHO with
waging-a-war-on-guns-with-rogue-atf-sting-operations rather than with rule-of-law.

Local events have paralleled many of those [vide infra] occurring nationally; a state trooper cant have
gun when not working and a PA Police Chief is Willing to Lose Job for the 2
Amendment. Meanwhile,
PA universities may scrap any uniform gun policy [The existing proposal would ban weapons in campus
buildings and at sporting events, outdoor class meetings and assemblies; guns generally would be
allowed in outdoor areas and in parked cars. Some critics, including the faculty union, called for an
outright weapons ban, while gun rights supporters said it went too far and would endanger safety.].
Also, a Joint State Government Commission released the report, Violence Prevention in Pennsylvania.
The report, commissioned by a 2013 Senate Resolution introduced by State Senator Stewart J. Greenleaf
(R, Montgomery, Bucks), makes 44 recommendations to help prevent violence, addressing school safety,
mental health, responsible gun ownership, and violence in media.


The UN Gambit Failed

BHO failed in an attempt to use a back-door approach to achieving Gun Control; Conservatives viewed
this as that brief, glorious moment in history when everyone stands around...reloading. BHO [and
Bloomberg] wanted Americans to Turn Over Their Rights & Sovereignty to United Nations but, instead,
Congress Will Not Fund [and, therefore, not enter into the] U.N. Arms Treaty Implementation.
[Championed by the Obama Administration, it would have effectively placed a global ban on the import
and export of small firearms, affecting all private gun owners in the U.S.; additional language would
have implemented an international gun registry on all private guns and ammo.] Regardless of how one
personally interprets the 2
Amendment, Americans must not relinquish any Constitutional rights to the
U.N., an anti-American, completely-incompetent, morally-bankrupt, embarrassment of an organization.
Yet, again, because Dems are so "Party" allegiant that they will subordinate American self-determination
to a 3
party, they chose this approach rather than arguing their point [despise private gun ownership]
and proposing a Constitutional Amendment. The 53-46 vote showed 46 Dems were willing to give away
our Constitutional rights to a foreign power. Here are the 46 senators:
Baldwin (D-WI)
Baucus (D-MT)
Bennett (D-CO)
Blumenthal (D-CT)
Boxer (D-CA)
Brown (D-OH)
Cantwell (D-WA)
Cardin (D-MD)
Carper (D-DE)
Casey (D-PA)
Coons (D-DE)
Cowan (D-MA)
Durbin (D-IL)j
Feinstein (D-CA)
Franken (D-MN)
Gillibrand (D-NY)
Harkin (D-IA)
Hirono (D-HI)
Johnson (D-SD)
Kaine (D-VA)


King (I-ME)
Klobuchar (D-MN)
Landrieu (D-LA)
Leahy (D-VT)
Levin (D-MI)
McCaskill (D-MO)
Menendez (D-NJ)
Merkley (D-OR)
Mikulski (D-MD)
Murphy (D-CT)
Murray (D-WA)
Nelson (D-FL)
Reed (D-RI)
Reid (D-NV)
Rockefeller (D-WV)
Sanders (I-VT)
Schatz (D-HI)
Schumer (D-NY)
Shaheen (D-NH)
Stabenow (D-MI)
Udall (D-CO)
Udall (D-NM)
Warner (D-VA)
Warren (D-MA)
Whitehouse (D-RI)
Wyden (D-OR)

Despite this loss and ongoing scrutiny of the NRA the Lefties persist; for example, GUN CONTROL
*BHOs street-organizing group] and Anti-Gun Groups Politicize Sandy Hook Anniversary and Obama
Marked Sandy Hook Anniversary With Call for More Gun Control. Yet, despite the NFLs antigun efforts
and the efforts of Gabrielle Giffords [who launched a PAC to Help Gun Control Supporters], newtown-
didnt-lead-to-gun-control; indeed, the Missouri Senate passed a gun law nullification bill while the
Arizona Senate Took-Up Nullification of Federal Gun Laws. Also, Gun Owners Turned Ohio Gun-Control
Rally into 'an NRA Rally', constituting an epic-fail; ultimately, a gallup poll concluded that americans-
fault-mental-health-system for gun-violence. {Also, note this hilarious-gun-commercialand its ending.-


The Bloomberg Gambit Failedin Colorado and Elsewhere

Bloomberg's Gun Control Group Pushed Ahead Amid Scrutiny, although one Mayor Quit Bloomberg's
Gun Control Group Because Goal Was 'Confiscation'; indeed, Dems Asked Bloomberg to Back-Off his
Gun Control Push, as he moved beyond advocating expanded background checks to actually targeting
Senators who did not support more gun control in 2013. Illustrating the effect of a compliant media,
Politico Ran Bloomberg's Claim that Seven Kids Are Murdered with Guns Each Day without vetting it;
although there are many reasons why he won in VA, Bloomberg Talked with Gun Control Ally McAuliffe
About Virginia Election ahead-of-time, prompting McAuliffe to be Endorsed By Anti-Gun Mayors; thus, it
is likely Bloomberg May Court McAuliffe to Bring Gun Control to Virginia.

The [Arapahoe High School] Colorado shooting [Karl Halverson Pierson, an 18-year-old
student wounded one other student before shooting and killing himself with a shotgun]
yielded tremendous turmoil, not the least of which was grudging awareness that the
Senate's Gun Control Bill Would Not Have Stopped him. Also, suppressed was
awareness of the shooters socialist views, a phenomenon that would not have occurred
had he harbored right-wing views. [Classmates said he held-communist-views and was-
smart-and-outspoken, Media Worked To Keep his Profiles Secret, he spewed-democrat-
talking-points-on-social-media, Denver Post Scrubbed 'Socialist' from his Description;
also, The Denver Post reported he had "very strong political beliefs" and that one of his
Facebook posts tore into Republicans as the political party that wanted people to die.]
In any case, Polling thereafter showed that 50% of Coloradans Wanted Armed Teachers
in Schools; when punitive bills were passed, magpul-industries-moved-out-of-colorado-
over-gun-control-legislation, as promised. Regarding gun-free zones, the media didnt
report the little-known fact that the colorado-shooting was over-in-80-seconds-because-

In any case, the-gun-control-moment-passed, and a recall election was successful.

Both Anti-Gun Senators Angela Giron AND John Morse RECALLED in Colorado
Colorado Lawmakers Ousted in Recall Vote Over Gun Law
Colorado finally has something about which to brag [in addition to Michelle Malkin &
Passion Defeats Money in Colorado Recall Elections
CO Sen Morse's Concession Speech: Loss Is 'Purely Symbolic,' Democrats Still In Control
Gun Control: Media Rebuked (Again) In Colorado Recall
Colorado Senate President John Morse, state Sen. Angela Giron ousted
Colorado Recall Stifles Gun Effort in Congress
Pro-Recall Forces to Take Next Step in CO: Repeal Gun Control Laws


Dem Polling Firm PPP Buried Poll Unfavorable to Recalled CO Legislator

Yet, illustrating the ongoing hysteria about such concerns is a spate of over-reactions by adults to the
type of behavior which suddenly is condemned among children [10-Year Old Suspended for Pointing
Finger Like Gun, 7
-grader-suspended-for-playing-with-airsoft-gun-in-own-yard, suspended-student-
may-be-expelled-for-rest-of-the-year-for-playing-with-toy- in-his-own-yard, and 12-year Old RI Student
Suspended For Small Keychain Gun+. What ever happened to playing cowboys and Indians?

Navy Yard Shooting Gun-Free Zones

Thematic, here, is the generic-query When Did Military Bases Become 'Gun-Free Zones'? When the
usual suspects choose sides, it is amazing how the Dems combine with the Establishment-GOP
*DAVID FRUM BLASTS GUN RIGHTS ADVOCATESlets-not-wait-to-talk-about-gun-control], despite the
fact that the media-uses-false-narrative-about-ar-15-to-push-gun-control. Perhaps not so amazing was
the observation that the Media Lost Interest in Navy Murders Due to Lack of Anti-Gun Narrative [e.g.,]
and that the navy-yard-murderer-aaron-alexis-created-webpage-with-name-mohammed-salem; also,
perhaps predictable was the fact that BHO said Navy Shooting Proves Need for More Gun Control, even
while it was transpiring [President turned deeply political as shooting rampage unfolds]. Subsequent
investigation was naught, even when it was found that the Navy Yard Gunman and Snowden had been
Vetted by Same Firm [GOVERNMENT MISSED NAVY YARD SHOOTER RED FLAGS+; the chickens came
home to roost @ CNN, however, when Piers Morgan Hawked New Gun Control Book Within Days of
Navy Yard Shootingand later was blasted by Ben Shapiro *CNN's Morgan Slams Down Constitution,
Calls It 'Your Little Book'], perhaps triggering events that have now led to his having been fired from his
prime-time slot (for he will have been supplanted within three weeks).

Problems with Obama's Navy Yard Speech the Media Still Ignore - The mainstream
media have awoken to the fact that Obama's partisan attack on Republicans during the
Navy Yard attack on Monday may not have been the best idea, even if only for tactical
reasons. It is encouraging that the media have noticed Obama's attack, although most
networks cut away after he briefly mentioned the Navy Yard shooting.

while, navy-yard-mass-killing-unfolding, obama-warns of extreme-wing-republicans
Obama: Fight for Gun Laws 'Ought to Obsess Us'


Obama's Opportunism at Navy Yard Shooting Memorial: Crusade for New Gun Laws
'Ought to Obsess Us'
obama-says-navy-yard-shooting-shows-better-gun control needed

The remaining hyperlinks encompass other facets of what transpired; none alters the above-views.

Armed Emergency Response Team Ordered to Stand Down at Navy Yard as Shooting

Why the Media's Fixation on the AR-15 Is Foolish

'Happy Days' Star Pounces on Navy Yard Shooting to Promote Gun Control



Feinstein's Weapons Ban Exempts Shotgun Used by Navy Yard Shooter
Feinstein Calls for Further 'Debate' on Gun Control in Wake of DC Shooting

The Nuclear Option: Terror Reigns in the Land of Gun Control

Washington Navy Yard security weakened through cost-saving measures

Politicians, media outlets red-faced over wrong claims about gun in Navy Yard shootings


Gunman in Navy Yard Rampage Was Hearing Voices



Urgent Need for Security Clearance, Not Gun Control

FBI: Navy Yard gunman had shotgun, got handgun, no assault rifle



this occurs on-campus [even when such policy-fails-to-deter-dangerous-gunman-somehow] and in the
shopping-malls [COLUMBIA MALL SHOOTING: ANOTHER GUN-FREE ZONE], but this did not forestall a


Self-Protection Rationale American as Apple-Pie

Feelings of people who wish to be empowered to engage in self-defense are reflected in the comments
of miss-kansas-theresa-vail [tattooed and supportive of guns & the military], who breaks stereotypes;
simply put, they feel a gun-in-your-hand-is-still-the-best-protection, as illustrated by multiple examples
of gun-usage by potential-victims as a crime-deterrent [man-attacked-then-charged-with-murder-after-
killing-bad-guy-with-gun, Detroit Homeowner Shoots, Kills Intruder During Break-In, Detroit Police Chief
feels Concealed Carry Deters Crime and Saves Lives, 90-Year-Old Laundromat Owner Pulls Gun and
Robber Flees, houston-man-shoots-and-wounds-naked-aggressive-home-intruder, i-thank-god-i-had-a-
gun; disabled-64-year-old-woman-uses-9mm-glock-to-fight-off-drugged-up home-intruder, son-shoots-
burglar-pointing-gun-at-father; i-wasnt-going-to-have-my-dad-die-in-front-of-me, armed-citizens-take-
down criminals with guns, man attacked-then-charged-with-murder-after-killing-bad-guy-with-gun, and
Teens in Muslim garb try/fail to rob NJ gun shop]. Thus, noting the dramatic increase in gun purchases,
articles have appeared addressing how-to-choose-your-first-home-defense-gun and gun safety; also, it is

Shotgun preteen vs. Illegal-alien Home Invaders...

Two illegal aliens, Raphael Resindez, 23, and Enrico Garza, 26, probably believed they
would easily overpower home-alone 11-year-old Patricia Harrington after her father had
left their two-story home.

It seems the two crooks never learned two things: they were in Montana and Patricia
had been a clay-shooting champion since she was nine.

Patricia was in her upstairs room when the two men broke through the front door of the

She quickly ran to her father's room and grabbed his 12-gauge Mossberg 500 shotgun.

Resindez was the first to get up to the second floor only to be the first to catch a near
point blank blast of buckshot from the 11-year-old's knee-crouch aim.

He suffered fatal wounds to his abdomen and genitals.


When Garza ran to the foot of the stairs, he took a blast to the left shoulder and
staggered out into the ...street where he bled to death before medical help could arrive.

It was found out later that Resindez was armed with a stolen 45-caliber handgun he
took from another home invasion robbery.

That victim, 50-year-old David 0'Burien, was not so lucky. He died from stab wounds to
the chest.

Ever wonder why good stuff never makes NBC, CBS, PBS, MSNBC, CNN, or ABC

An 11 year old girl, properly trained, defended her home, and herself...... against two
murderous, illegal immigrants.....and she wins.

She is still alive.

Now THAT is Gun Control!

Thought for the day.... Calling an illegal alien an 'undocumented immigrant' is like calling
a drug dealer an 'unlicensed pharmacist.

['I like this kind of e-mail! American citizens can defend themselves and their homes.]

Confiscation-Threat Persists

Its unclear what-good-it is for-citizens-to-have-guns-when-the-government-has-tanks [despite warnings
that guns-ammo be acquired-for-protection-in-case the fed-government collapses], but eighth-graders
have learned that-cops-can-seize-guns-for-no-reason; the new Connecticut Carry law has resulted in
claims that the State 'Does Not Have the Balls' to Enforce 2013 Gun Ban because inter alia connecticut-
gun-registration-lines-looks-like-weimar-germany. Some feel Lessons should be drawn from Gun Control
in the Third Reich, proffered by Dr. Halbrook, who is an expert on the 2
Amendment as well as having
been involved in key cases before the Supreme Court; a book on this topic (Gun Control, the Jews, and
the Third Reich) detailed how Hitler Disarmed Jews and "Enemies of the State." Indeed, such concerns


are enhanced when it is noted that gun-re-registration-law-began-in D.C. and new-york-city is also
confiscating-rifles-and-shotguns [although NY Sheriffs Refused to Enforce Cuomo's Gun Control Law].

As is his wont, BHO issued new-gun-control-executive-orders, but Congress-Has-No-
Interest-In-Gun-Control because reid said we-dont-have-the-votes [while claiming that
the Senate is Not Done Pushing Gun Control]; this has not stopped Pelosi from saying
Republicans are 'Preying on People' and claiming BHO 'has been certainly nonpartisan'
[while BHO criticizes lawmakers opposing gun bill]. Akso, the FORMER WH CHIEF OF
Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (MDA) and Mayors Against Illegal Guns
(MAIG), Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) charged Congress with "complicity" in gun violence.
{Also, Senator Hagan Lost Ground politically After Voting for Gun Control.}

Their bill would allow feds to track gun-owners via a national-database,
to be enforced by local-police; Registration could easily be followed by
Confiscation, explaining why Rep. Mike Kelly warned, 'They're Coming
for Your Guns.' Also, banning reimportation of military weapons really
only affects old M-1 Garand 30-06 rifles, which have been used in the
Civilian Marksmanship Program and are mainly purchased by collectors.

Again acting imperial, BHO has prompted the epa to push gun-control-through-green-
ammunition-mandates and, as a result, EPA Rules Forced Closure of Last Ammo Maker;
there is a new director, but the same old direction, at-the-bureau-of-ATF and explosives.
He still doesnt control the judiciary, noting that proponents of the right to carry a
handgun outside the home are riding high following two federal appeals courts rulings
in their favor in a wave of Second Amendment fervor; they have concluded that the
right-to-bear-arms-doesnt-stop-at-front-door. More recently, states-are-now-signed-

Polling [in addition to points made supra] has consistently shown that 52% of Americans say stricter gun
laws won't make a difference in preventing mass shootings and that a Majority of Americans Oppose
Expanding Background Checks at Gun Shows ; even as per CNN, Opposition to Gun Control Up 23% Since
January. And, after a Quinnipiac poll asked voters about BHOs agenda *"What do you think should be
the top priority for President Obama and Congress in 2014?+, the results were conclusive [income
inequality = 1%, class inequality = 1%, gun issues = 1%, and immigration = 2%]. Such information helps
explain why 2-million-bikers were participants in a head-to-d-c-for-911 event.


The PR-Battle Rages, Reacting to Real-Life Events

A Congressional Study showed that the Murder Rate Plummets as Gun Ownership Soars, and a Harvard-
study-showed-gun-control-doesnt-save-lives [indeed, Gun Control Increases Crime]; it is felt that the
concealed-gun and carry-laws-result-in-fewer-murders and, thus, the Journal of American Physicians
and Surgeons concluded: Guns Do Not Cause Crime, People Do. These data have not stopped the media:

Media's New Message on Guns: 'Gun Control' to 'Gun Reform'
CNN Exploits One Criminal Gun Use, Ignores Thousands of Legal Uses
There's No Unlimited Right to Bear Arms [Los Angeles Times]
After His Gun Control Debacle, Scarborough Releases Book On How GOP Can Win
WaPo: Send Us 'Gun Violence' Stories for Newtown Anniversary
Media Super Fail: Newtown Results in Surge of Looser Gun Laws

Nor has it stopped Hollywood:

Harvey Weinstein TARGETS NRA IN 'THE SENATOR'S WIFE' - Harvey Weinstein promised
that an upcoming film he's making, starring Meryl Streep, will destroy the National Rifle
Association: 'I don't think we need guns in this country. And I hate itI think the NRA is
a disaster areaand we're going to take this head-on.And they're going to wish they
weren't alive after I'm done with them. Weinstein described the film as a full feature
drama, a 'big movie like a 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,'' which he hopes will make
audiences think: 'Gun stocks - I don't want to be involved in that stuff. It's going to be
like crash and burn.'

-- SEN. TED CRUZ (R-TEXAS) fired back at Weinstein, calling the studio head a hypocrite
for using violence in his own films. Citing Quentin Tarantino's 2003 film 'Kill Bill' - which
Weinstein produced - the Texas senator said the sword fight at the end of the movie is
an epically violent scene." He added, "A pen in the hand of this president is far more
dangerous than a gun in the hands of any of Americas 200 million law-abiding citizens."

Aberrations are the norm [NYT Laments Gun Companies Ending Freebies for Pro-Gun Control Authors],
and local law-enforcement has indubitably erred [texas-police-target-gun-owner-with-no-knock-raid;
107-year-old-Arkansas-man-died-in-shootout-with-SWAT, perhaps because he was blind and deaf; and
Police Charge Three Men With Disorderly Conduct For Peaceably Obeying Texas Law Allowing Un-
Chambered Rifles To Be Openly Carried. Because he feels the 'THE 2
GROUP to characterize RICK PERRY as 'CALLOUS' FOR VISIT TO BERETTA FIREARMS. This back-and-forth
of activists has even affected businesses [STARBUCKS WON'T BAN GUNS, but ASKS CUSTOMERS NOT TO
OPENLY CARRY, while anti-gun-group-that-got-starbucks-to-ban-guns-now-gunning-for-staples] and
education [AP History Textbook Rewrites the Second Amendment]. Perhaps most important is increased
scrutiny of the pivotal mental-health component of this debate *again recalling my chat with Mike+.

People note the absurdity of what occurs anecdotally, nationally [Man Turned Away
From Voting for Wearing Pro-2
Amendment Shirt in Texas, Donnelly Seizes on Kashkari
Blunder on Gun Rights in California, california-legislature-places-even-more-restrictions-
on-gun-rights, californias-new-anti-gun-laws-target-guns-ammunition-and-recreational-


hunting, 'This is Marxism': Cuban Refugee Manuel Martinez Confronts Oregon
Lawmakers on Gun Control Attempt, 2
meeting-by-police-after-criticizing-gun-control, former Florida bank manager fired for
carrying a legal, concealed handgun, and gun-owner-unarmed-unwelcome-in-maryland.

And, in particular, people decry the situation in Chicago, about which the Dems remain silent:

3-year-old boy shot in face
FBI: Chicago now nation's murder capital
13 shot in mass shooting at Chicago park
South side on lock-down
chicago gun laws are so effective, governor considering-sending-national-guard-to stop-
Chicago Ends Gun Registry, Eliminates City Gun Permit Requirement

Although the Knockout Game occurs too-quickly without gunfire, bystanders are less able to defend
potential-victims if unarmed; it can backfire [also: KNOCKOUT GAME BACKFIRES IN LAS VEGAS MALL].
Although an MSNBC Host argued the Knockout Game was Over-Covered [perhaps responding to its
alleged-racism component, noting that AG-Holder has selectively charged a white knockout-suspect]
and Jon Stewart Chuckled Over 'Knockout Games' while Claiming its not a Trend, these events have
continued unabated [as documented previously, extensively, contemporaneously, also noting that a
Peoria Man was Victim of Knockout Attack, Orthodox-Jews-Prep-for-Knock-Out-Attacks-with-Defense-
Classes, and Long Island man arrested in multiple 'knockout' assaults]. This recalls, of course, the classic
definition of a conservative *a liberal who has just become the victim of a street-crime+.


Sent: Sunday, March 09, 2014 7:43 PM
Subject: Action-Items - LXV - [Guzzardi, CPAC, Israel, Cruz]

It always seems that matters are coming to a head and, in that regard, attention must be paid to the
yeoman-effort to acquire requisite-signatures so that a Corbett-Guzzardi GOP-Primary can transpire;
selflessness motivates the major contributors to maintain anonymity, but it must be appreciated that
this petition-drive has unearthed both problems [cold-shoulders+ and opportunities *farmers markets+
that will help guide the next phase of this operation. As always, Guzzardi is his own Press Secretary,
although he has allowed me to covet the Valerie Jarrett position in his Virtual Cabinet; therefore, it is
desirable to convey some thoughts that emerged during last nights visit to California Pizza, where I ate
the best pepperoni pizza of my lifetime *including fond gastronomic memories of Rizzos in Glenside+.

Others consider him to be the most conservative governor in PAs modern history, I feel
Corbett deviates from mainstream conservatism in ways that are both fundamental and
unnecessary to fuel his re-election campaign. Why should he continue to implement
Common Core, when other states are recognizing its liberal theology *amply shown in
prior blasts+ and rejecting it forthwith? How does his expansion of Medicaid [a.k.a.
ObamaDontCare+ and, now, his dropping the work-requirement differ from the acts
of BHO? When did he decide he could violate his campaign-pledge not to raise taxes
*not just income taxall taxincluding the indirect tax of 7-cents/gallon]? Who does
he think will be fooled when his prior videos attacking gays are aired *incest+, even if
he now supports an expanded Human Rights Commission [thereby forcing employers to
prove their innocence via extensive discovery, inter alia, manifesting pure-statism+?
Where will he be able to hide when daily stories remind 1/3-million PSU-grads [plus all
who decry pediphiles] of his having slow-walked the Sandusky investigation *todays
reminder: resigning Penn State trustee Al Clemens: firing Paterno a decision he regrets]?
What did he plan when pledging to prioritize liquor-privatization and pension-reform?

Recalling how methodically he has documented his concerns with Corbett, both on his liberty blog and
on his personal web-site, it had appeared inevitable that he would offer a great alternative assuming
as has occurredCorbett continued to poll poorly due, in part, to how he has failed to lead the state;
scandal-free he has been, nice-guy he probably is, competent thinker he has demonstrated himself to be
BUT the aforementioned why/how/when/who/where/what suggests the logic of Guzzardis campaign.
The Corbett-Camp cannot complain that they did not receive informed-consent directly from myself,
as manifest both orally [maintaining eye-contact] and repeatedly during the past year on PoliticsPA;
thus, if nothing else, he should have deferred to Cawley [who lacks the Sandusky albatross].


The key-concern, therefore, is to ensure the Dem-nominee lacks sufficient coat-tails to
flip the Legislature; both Sen. Rafferty and Rep. Vereb have been told of my availability
to help with its PR, and there is no conflict between trying to flip the top-of-the-ticket
and hoping that fundamental GOP-policies are properly-hawked to the skeptical voters.
They know where Guzzardis policies are and how they are constantly well-validated
[e.g., Common Core and the Faith-Based School finds, While focus has been on the
issues the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) are creating for public education,
private faith-based schools stand to be affected negatively by the standards, as well+;
yet, he hasnt spoken-out on the need to emulate Wisconsin as a right-to-work state
[and it would be desirable for him to show strong leadership against the Gun Controllers
when, for example the Idaho House Passed Campus Carry 50-19]. He lacks a soap-box.

{Lest there be any ambiguity regarding the ability of Corbett to reverse-course as to his
endorsement of Common Core, while a CPAC Panel Slammed Common Core Standards,
it was explicitly shown How States and School Districts Can Opt Out of Common Core.
Indeed, noting the absence of leadership in this realm, the comment @ CPAC of Gov.
Bobby Jindal appears not only apt with regard to Obama and Holder [who 'Stand in
Schoolhouse Doors' when they Deny School Choice+, but also to Corbetts silence. This is
not an insignificant concern, for it may explain why Tension Between newly-elected
NYC-Mayor De Blasio and NY Gov. Cuomo has Escalated [even as Buyer's Remorse has
started, as New Yorkers are Turning on Mayor De Blasio], inasmuch as Cuomo is now
Fighting De Blasio's Charter School Crackdown, just as BHO did in D.C. years ago. Finally,
perhaps as an off-shoot of the culture of Common Core, the SAT Exam has Loosened
Standards Further, for the essay will be optional and no penalties for wrong answers.}

Guzzardi simply notes that candid-reviews of the 2014-election-governor-races have consistently found
that Republican Tom Corbett is arguably the most vulnerable incumbent governor in the country he
tops national Democrats list of 2014 targets and has consistently had approval ratings in the 20s and
low 30s. Thematically and philosophically, Guzzardi contrasts; for example, he would find that an essay
in praise of being against stuff would mirror his approach, particularly when George Ross Fisher, III, MD
*former AMA Delegate+ constantly defined his charge as blocking adoption of problematic policy.
Thus, the compulsion to create a program for everything constitutes the type of statism he abhors.

Even if some would wish to exhibit selective-amnesia when gently/firmly reminded that
the commonwealth foundation declared 2014 to be a-year-for-pension-reform, when
told that some lament the fact that some non-unionized state govt. employees are
missing pay raise, when informed that PAROLED EX-LAWMAKER JOHN PERZEL HOLDS A
DIFFERENT VIEW OF HARRISBURG THESE DAYS, when advised that some wonder
whether PA could benefit from 'border bleed' when others come to buy booze, and
when the idea is floated that another natural gas severance tax might be passed. Here,
in each of these instances, Guzzardis long-term positions have been proven correct;
specifically [respectively], the pension-bomb may detonate imminently [and he would
have to emulate Scott Walker to balance the budget, laying-off/cutting-back services],


shutdown would not result in providing back-pay *he doesnt like paying people for not
having worked+, he supported Purzels Dem-opponent [Kevin Boyle] despite being
accused of party-heresy, he has publicly/repeatedly/avidly lamented the combined
impact of unions and GOP-bigwigs [that blocks sale of the State Stores], and he has
claimed that it isnt desirable for the Commonwealth to kill the Golden Eggs Goose
[which, in this instance, is the major growth-industry]. Can Corbett match this record?

Articles exploring why the Pa. GOP feud spilled into public at sensitive time will continue to be written,
as Scott Wagner expects his state senate campaign to spend $750K+; the Dems will compete assiduously
[a little-known factState Treasurer Rob McCord is Jewish and from Montgomery Countyemerged
when he joined the Dem-Rally prior to the 12-election [along with Allyson, Leach, Wasserman-Schultz]
for the opportunity to break that mysterious-tradition that all PA-Govs have been re-elected for almost
a half-century [after adoption of the modern Constitution]. Meanwhile, regarding PA-13, as has been
detailed previously, three Republicans Fight For Seat [although my letter notes that the candidate who
spoke 11 days ago @ the RJC isnt mentioned, while a new oneof whom I hadnt been awarewas
profiled]; of-interest on the D-side is the fact that Leach was endorsed by loud-mouth Alan Grayson,
who has a History of Violent Rhetoric which was manifest when a Divorce Spat just occurred [indeed,
one former Alan Grayson Associate Witnessed the past/present Congressman's Temper Toward Wife].

In the interest of full-disclosure, conflicting reports are captured [Eagles not interested
in keeping Vick and Eagles haven't ruled out Vick return] noting that Vikings RB Peterson
feels 'Vick would make us a playoff team'; again, it is necessary to quote the Davidsons
*Judy/Jeff+ with whom Ive had extensive debates over the years. They are less apt to
emphasize his felonious past, and more aware that his short-stature explains why
passes are batted-down, even when appearing to have been in the throwing-lane.

Before moving to domestic-/foreign-policy concerns, it should be noted that a PHILLY JUDGE'S RULING
THOUGHTS [a posture with which I concur, for it is
disgusting to read tangentialoften obsceneattacks when exchanging ideas on a blogging-site]. Also,
a friend provided a quiz for readers of a certain age: tv actors first name (1950s).


Having already concluded that BHO is an anti-Semite, it should not be surprising that the GROWING
emerged when *on Breitbarts new London-themed page, which now must be monitored as well] it was
AGAINST ISRAELIS. Compounding this affront is the juxtaposition of two facts that SHOULD FINALLY
prompt Kerry to cease/desist; Abbas said, 'No Way' He'll Recognize Jewish State and The Arab League
will not Recognize Israel as Jewish State although, curiously, perhaps in response, the STATE DEPT. now


CPAC & Uninvited II hyperlinks recapitulate myriad topics *loosly-themed, with relevant cites]:

Cruz Currently Leads CPAC Speeches Measured By You Tube Views
Ted Cruz Delivers Comprehensive National Security Address
Ted Cruz Delivers Comprehensive National Security Address
Ted Cruz: 'Barack Obama Is The President Richard Nixon Always Wished To Be'
After Cruz noted that Reagans Conservatism won, while the moderation of
Dole, McCain and Romney didnt, McCain claimed [selectively]that Cruz had
'Crossed Line' and Should Apologize to Dole; it should be noted that McCain's
Home State Approval Lowest in the Country *hes the Least Popular Senator]
and that his simple-mindedness view is that Russians deserve better than Putin.
Matthews Hopes Cruz Has a Bad Weekend as He Attacks Un-American, Fullmooners at



'I Do Not Like This Uncle Sam, I Do Not Like His Health Care Scam'
Palin Slams Liberals for Treating Women Voters like 'Cheap Dates'
Sarah Palin to GOP 'Beltway Boys' on 2010 Election: 'You Didn't Build That; the Tea Party
Sarah Palin: Debo Adegbile Shows 'Evil' of Obama's Reign
Sarah Palin: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul Top My 2016 List

Rand Paul: Russia Risks Future with Actions in Ukraine
Rand Paul Does American Crossroads Robocall to Thwart Libertarian Candidate in FL-13
Rand Paul at CPAC: Fourth Amendment as Vital as Second Amendment

Poll: 30% of Republicans Won't Vote for Christie, 50% of All Voters Reject Jeb Bush

Dr. Ben Carson: 'Top-Down Cookie-Cutter' Obamacare Won't Work
OPT OUT: Bill to Make Fine $0 for Violating Individual Mandate Passes
by 90 Votes
Michelle O To Obamacare Counselors: 'You Are Doing God's Work'
Surcharge Appearing on Restaurant Bills Across Country
Obama Promises Illegals: Sign Up Info Won't Be Used for Deportation
*corroborating Rep. Joe Millers exclamation You Lie.+
Top Obamacare Architect Resigns
Study: 73% of February Obamacare Enrollees Already Had Health Insurance
Obama Assures Latinos: Obamacare Signup Won't Lead to Deportations
Nearly 10,000 Casino Union Workers May Strike Over Obamacare
Brent Bozell Claims GOP Will Not Fight Obamacare if They Win Senate
New Obamacare Delay Will Aid Democrats in November Elections


Rick Perry Hammers President at CPAC: 'The Bill Is Due on Obama's Bad Economy and
Foreign Policy'

Santorum Blasts Republicans 'Pushing to Lose' at CPAC
Santorum at CPAC: Fear Got Obama Reelected
Rick Santorum Goes Populist at CPAC: 'Do We Really Accept There Are Classes in America?'
Billionaire backer: Rick Santorum 'needs to be heard' in 2016


CPAC Panelists See More Than a Smidgen of Corruption at the IRS
IRS to Hand Over All Lois Lerner Emails
Flashback: Lois Lerner Said IRS Was Under Pressure to 'Fix' Problem of
Political Money
New Emails Point to IRS Officials Targeting Political Groups
Elijah Cummings Gives Oscar-Worthy Performance in IRS Hearing
Pleads the 5
Lerner Seeks Immunity
Issa: Lois Lerner Will Testify Before House Oversight Committee
it is unclear what lois-lerner will do-at-Wednesdays-oversight-hearing because
she fears-for-her-life-if-she-testifies openly


Newt Gingrich: We Must Stop Hillary Clinton From Being Elected the 'Next Prison Guard'
DNC Members Can't Name Even One Hillary Clinton Achievement

Schlafly: History Shows Grassroots Can Win on Amnesty
Ann Coulter: I Never Believed GOP Was Racist Until I Read Marco Rubio's Amnesty Bill
Rosemary Jenks: Amnesty Advocates Declaring 'War on American Workers'
Rep. Steve King: Amnesty Ends American Exceptionalism and Rule of Law
Steve King: Amnesty Could Permanently Cripple Rule Of Law In U.S.
Sen. David Vitter: 'Amnesty Now, Enforcement Later' Approach on Immigration 'Fatal
27 Illegals Convicted of Child Sex Crimes Arrested Near Mexican Border
Latino Group Leader: Obama Is 'Deporter in Chief'
Poll: Plurality of Americans 'Less Likely' to Vote for Candidates who
Support Amnesty

Dinesh D'Souza Debuts New Film Trailer: What if George Washington died in battle?
Rep. Jim Bridenstine Warns Inflation Is Coming
Obama hits up Fla. golf course with Alonzo Mourning, Ahmad Rashad

Author Richard Miniter: Obama Injecting Political Correctness into Military
Congressmen, Experts, and Judge Jeanine Pirro at Uninvited II: EMP Attack Could Kill
Millions of Americans
Rep. Brooks Warns 'Uninvited' of Fiscal Risk to National Security

Benghazi Panel to Boehner: Time for a Bipartisan Commission


Cornyn Demands Obama Be Held Responsible at CPAC

Fred Thompson: Conservative Films Not Made Because of Hollywood 'Cocktail Currency'
Tammy Bruce: War on Boys Attempt to 'Create Society of Frightened People'
LaPierre Calls Media's 'Intentional Corruption' of Truth 'An Abomination'
Hollywood Actress: Public Schools Are Brainwashing Kids With 'Progressive Agenda'
The Gayest CPAC Ever
HuffPo Slams CPAC over Exclusion of Gays, 25 Min. Too Early

BHO continues to assume control over the Crimean Peninsula, even risking military-conflict:

Ukraine's Crimea Formally Requests to Join Russia
Obama Issues Exec Order on Ukraine Sanctions
London's lucrative Russia ties hang over sanctions debate
Russia Risks Future with Ukraine Action
KISSINGER: How Ukraine Crisis Ends *its probably desirable for him to retire+
Putin Carterizes Obama, Totally - Dems are vulnerable again on handling the world.
NATO, Ukraine discuss 'grave European security threat'
Estonia Prime Minister: Evidence Shows Maidan Leaders Behind Snipers in Kiev
Obama Rejects Crimea Referendum
Europe Warned by Reagan Administration Not to Rely on Russian Energy
The Nuclear Option: Ukraine Exposes Obamas Unexceptional Axis of Wrong
Hillary Calls Putin 'A Tough Guy with a Thin Skin'
Krauthammer: 'Unwise' to Take Ukraine NATO Military Response 'Off the Table'
Warning Shots Fired at OSCE Members Trying to Enter Crimea
Russia Threatens to Stop Weapons Inspections over Ukraine Crisis
Ukrainian Soldiers Report More Russian Troops in Crimea
Scraping the Rust Off the Iron Curtain
Putin mocks the West and threatens to turn off European gas supplies
Obama Continues Telephone Outreach From Florida
Neo-Fascist Leader to Run for President of Ukraine
Sophisticated cyber weapon 'Snake' attacks Ukraine's computer networks
Crimean Government Pushes Secession from Ukraine Vote Forward
Ukraine Exposes Obamas Unexceptional Axis of Wrong


Putin's Real Great Game: Energy Imperialism
Warning Shots Fired at OSCE Members Trying to Enter Crimea
Obama Speaks to Six World Leaders About Ukraine, Russia
European Nations Ask US for Gas if Russia Cuts Flow
Russia Threatens to Stop Nuke Inspections
Crimea and the Limits of Gestural Foreign Policy
Ukraine crisis threatens to interrupt President Obama's perpetual cycle of vacations and
Jonah Goldberg's Prediction on Crimea Comes True
Russian troops drop a minefield in Crimea
Putin dismisses warnings
Redesigns military to menace neighbors
Neo-Fascist Leader to Run for President of Ukraine
Confidential DNC talking points attack GOP 'hypocrisy'
BOEHNER: Stand up to Putin by liberating U.S. natural gas
Krauthammer: 'Unwise' to Take Ukraine NATO Military Response 'Off the Table'
Lt. Col. Allen West: U.S. Demonstrating Weakness in Handling of Ukraine
Russians Know U.S. Sanction Threats Are a Joke

Before Crimea Was an Ethnic Russian Stronghold, It Was a Potential Jewish Homeland

Certain excerpts speak to Guzzardis intent *each being self-explanatory]:

Jim DeMint: 'A Vast Army of Little Platoons' Will Restore Constitutional Federalism in
Breitbart EIC: Now Is the Time for Grassroots-Establishment Civil War
'Act Worthy of Yourselves': Daniel Hannan Urges Americans to Safeguard the World's Freedom
Daniel Hannan: European Tea Party Movements Becoming Mainstream
Pat Caddell Eviscerates 'Political Class' of Both Parties Who Put Privileged Access Ahead
of Patriotism
IRS Hearing and Obamacare Changes Make America Nation of Men, Not of Laws



THE GRIDIRON CLUB and Foundation's 129th anniversary Spring Dinner was held last night. It's D.C.'s
only white-tie-and-tails event, and one of the few that remains off-camera, a throwback to the days
when newspaper bureau chiefs ruled the town and TV journalists ("sparklies," in the lingo of the club's
old-timers) came second in the journalistic pecking order. The club has just 65 active members and for a
slot to open, you basically have to wait for someone to die, retire or get laid off.

Last night's four inductees reflect the disruption to the city's power grid: Bret Baier, Fox
News chief political anchor and anchor of "Special Report"; Olivier Knox, chief
Washington correspondent for Yahoo News; Ken Strickland, NBC News Washington
bureau chief; and Heidi Wiedenbauer, Washington bureau chief for Cox Media Group.

Combining the desire to maintain a political focus and to insert levity, the POLITICO Playbook contains
excerpts from remarks of SECRETARY OF STATE KERRY, Charlie Crist and Ted Cruz [out-of-order, here].

SECRETARY OF STATE KERRY, less than 24 hours after an overseas trip focused on the Ukraine crisis, got
rave reviews for his sporting, self-deprecating remarks. He walked to the dais to "Ruffles and Flourishes"
(the starting sounds of "Hail to the Chief"), followed by "La Marseillaise," the French national anthem:

"Je m'appelle John Kerry et je suis reporting pour devoir! [Salutes, echoing the opener of
his 2004 convention speech] ... It really is humbling to be here. I know this speaking slot
is usually reserved for the President. It's not lost on me that I wasn't your first choice --
or his.

"Look at you guys: all dapper in your fancy clothes - white tie and tails. Or, as we call it
at our house, workout gear. [Laughter] Or as we call it at our other house: pajamas. [He
pronounced it 'paghammas.'] Or as we call it at our other house: swimming costumes.
Which, by the way, reminds me of something President Obama asked me to tell you: If
you like your rented tuxedo, you can keep it. ...

"Every day I've gotta deal with people who haven't changed their ways for centuries -
people who won't let go of outdated traditions, no matter how removed they seem
from our modern world. But at least on my night off, I get to hang out with a bunch of
print reporters at the Gridiron. Al Hunt asked me if I was nervous about tonight. I said,
'Hell, no. If my jokes bomb, the Gridiron Veterans for Truth will just tell the world that I
was never here. ... Is Charlie Crist still here? I had to check - he's always so quick to leave
a party. [Laughter] No, I admire Charlie: after all, he was for the GOP before he was
against it. You were great tonight, Charlie [age 57]. Or as the people of Florida call you,
'that nice young man.' Of course, we Vietnam vets just call you 'Agent Orange.'

"Ted Cruz was also really funny. But this is the first time in Gridiron history that the
Republicans asked for time to respond to the Republican speech. Ted, I don't know if


you're planning to run for president - or, as Hillary and I call it, Secretary of State
Tryouts. But if you do, my best advice is this: choose your convention keynote speaker
really carefully - you might end up working for him one day. ... Ted and Charlie are tough
acts to follow. But no one was harder to follow than Hillary Clinton. Not since J. Edgar
Hoover has a Presidential appointee left such high heels to fill. ...

"[Turning serious:] Your commitment to journalism has never been more important -
and our freedom of the press is part of the power of our example to the world. Never
forget that it's part of what brings immigrants here to seek refuge from humanity's
worst evils: refuge from religious persecution, refuge from totalitarian oppression - or in
Ted Cruz's case, refuge from universal health care."


CHARLIE CRIST, the very tanned former Florida governor (then a Republican), now
running for Florida governor as a Democrat:

"I know what you're thinking: Why Charlie Crist? Simple: The Gridiron wanted someone
of color. ... The Gridiron always pokes fun at candidates from both parties. You could
have saved time and just invited me. ... I'm running for office again. Bottom line, I want
my old job back. It's the same reason Hillary is running for President. ...

"As I join you here in the nation's capital, I'm struck by the biggest difference between
Florida and Washington D.C. We have shark attacks; you have books by Bob Gates.
[Groans] ... Ted, you really are an amazing guy. I mean, to filibuster for 21 hours straight.
As lawyers, we both know that's about 63 billable hours. Since I'm following Ted, I
prepared a breakfast speech. ... You know things are bad at CNN when they say they
may go to a print edition."

SEN. TED CRUZ (R-Tex.), attending his first Gridiron, crushed his speech - even Dems said he knocked it
out of the park:

"Thank you for the kind hospitality to my wife Heidi and me, and for the meal we've
been served -- which my food-taster tells me is exquisite. Actually, since I've been
thrown out of our Senate lunches, it's really nice to be invited to dinner. Tonight, [I was
sitting at the head table next to] Mayor Bloomberg ... [S]omething in his expression said,
'Thirty billion dollars, and I couldn't buy a better seat?' ... I'm here officially representing
Mitch McConnell. He asked me himself. And when Leader McConnell wants something,
who am I to say no? ... Twenty-one hours and 19 minutes [in the filibuster] -- hearing
nothing but my favorite sound. We're talking Biden territory. And so typical of how this
town works, they cut me off just as I was coming to my point.


"By the way, does anyone know the record for the longest speech ever at this dinner? I
looked it up, and in the late 1800s, New York Senator Chauncey DePew enthralled his
audience until well past midnight. So LOOSEN UP THOSE WHITE TIES, settle back, and
what do you say we make Gridiron history? [Applause] [I]n front of conservative and
tea-party audiences, I am hailed as the anti-Obama. But tonight, I'm the anti-Crist. ...
John Kerry ... crossed the world to be here. What a treat it must be for him to share the
dais with one of only three senators who voted against his nomination to be secretary of
state.] ... You squeaked by with 97 votes. That's fine. We in the Gang of Three have
other fights to lose. ... My relations with John McCain ... have greatly improved. This
week, ... he's only once demanded a public apology from me. As wackobirds go, that's
pretty good.

"I've been watching the second season of 'House of Cards.' It's very realistic, very life-
like. But I was a little worried when I got a late-night call from Mitch McConnell. He said,
'Uh, Ted, why don't you meet me at the Metro station?' Then there was a tense
encounter I had with Dianne Feinstein. I was accused of acting like some pompous,
condescending know-it-all. We're all familiar with the type, and at Harvard Law School
there is even a word for it: alumni. ... Things didn't get any better for me last year when
that whole born-in-Canada business came up. Frankly, there have been moments when I
just wanted to self-deport. ... Canadians are so polite, mild-mannered, modest,
unassuming, open-minded. Thank God my family fled that oppressive influence before it
could change me.

"I might add that Canadians are also extremely efficient . No red tape at all in handling
my application to renounce citizenship. They had that thing approved before I even sent
it in. The simple truth is that for a very brief time my family lived on the plains of
Calgary. That does not make me a Canadian. Although Elizabeth Warren says that it
does make me an Algonquin Indian. Of course, my family is Cuban. ... At first, when he
got here, my dad washed dishes for 50 cents an hour. He was so low on the totem pole
where he worked that even Marco Rubio's father bossed him around. ... We are still a
nation of laws. You just have to check with Barack Obama every day to see what they
are. ...

"[Turning serious:] Thank you for speaking truth to power. I hope you do so even more.
Whichever party is in power in this town, you're always at your best when you show a
little fight, and America counts on that independent spirit. I can't tell you how much I'm
looking forward to the day when those FCC monitors start showing up in newsrooms,
and you tell them where they can put their questionnaires. And remind them how a free
press works in this country."



Sent: Wednesday, March 12, 2014 8:58 AM
Subject: Action-Items-LXVI [Guzzardi, Illegals, E-Cigs, Politics, NSA]

There are simply too many #1 stories [and deferred again is proof that BHO has finally, absolutely,
deviated from Israels priorities in a fundamental, self-defense arena]; here, the focus is on Guzzardi,
Phillys City Council [noting upcoming hearings on Sanctuary-City and E-Cigs bills], Politics and the NSA.

Guzzardi for Governor

Guzzardi Filed almost 3000 petitions; this is considered to be bullet-proof, particularly because a dozen
counties have far more than 100 signatures [the minimum that must be met in at least 10 counties]; this
hyperlink provides quotations from myriad media [after I had informed key-people of this achievement
within minutes of its having been satisfied, yesterday-p.m.].

Guzzardi will appear as the featured guest on an upcoming PCN Call-In Program on
Tuesday, March 18
; this LIVE discussion/program runs from 7:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. The
program format involves a short introductory discussion with the program host, and
then the host will take viewer questions and comments for the majority of the
remainder of the show. Anticipated discussion would include the race for governor; he
will be the sole guest on the program.

Major state-level issues illustrating why Guzzardi is running include the following: PA CONSIDERS
Legislators propose bill to split up PA-owned university system, allegedly Letting universities secede with
your tax dollars [Guzzardi loves free-market competition, but would not wish The Forgotten Taxpayer to
be burnt in the process]; Gas tax could factor into Pennsylvania gubernatorial race [this was the trigger
for Guzzardi having entered the race]; Pension reform study costs PA taxpayers $1M+ [this is one of the
major issues Corbett hasnt resolved, a major component of the fiscal-iceberg Guzzardi views as
threatening the Commonwealths solvency+; federal-sentence-ending-mellow-faces-state-trial [Guzzardi
has been railing about bipartisan legislature-corruption, including (pointedly) supporting Perzels
opponent (deviating from party loyalty); and Michigan Right to Work: 8,000 Teachers Refusing to Pay
Union Dues [this illustrates the importance of paycheck-protection in PA].

Dramatizing the ongoing process of reminding voters of the Tom [Corbett] and Jerry
*Sandusky+ Show that Dems are assuredly going to invoke if Corbett defeats Guzzardi,
are two pieces issued yesterday [plus news that Jay Paterno is running for Lt. Gov.]:
Dottie Sandusky gives first TV interview, tells 'Today' show that husband is innocent and
Ex-Sandusky attorney has $310K+ in federal, state tax liens filed against him.


Also, some claim otherwise, but the GOP-establishment is in Retreat Against Tea Party Incumbents,
perhaps because they forget that tea-party is-an-attitude that increasingly pervades libertarianism
within the GOP, even as tea-party-backers-slam-chambers-$50m-assault [on alternatives] as-insane.

Rep. John McGinnis [who has a Ph.D. in Finance and is a former Penn State Altoona
professor] was elected after having received support from the Citizens Alliance of
Pennsylvania [led by John Kennedy and Leo Knepper] which, in turn, Guzzardi supports
financially]; therefore, it is not surprising that this Blair County legislator's press
conference in York was focused on ripping the upcoming special election.

Guzzardi does not wish to focus on social issues, but it is noted that a Pew Poll showed GOP Youth
Supports Gay Marriage and that Democrat-Led West Virginia Legislature Passes 20-Week Abortion Limit.
Noting that Rep. Scott Perry supports medical marijuana, it should also be noted that Colorados new
marijuana-law reveals problems [Denver hosts first marijuana job fair; Colorado Falls Short of Projected
Marijuana Sales; and CO Middle School Students Arrested and Expelled For Eating Pot Candy In School];
nationally, AG-Holder and DOJ Crack Down on Heroin as Gateway Drug as Marijuana Flourishes. Note
what a patient just reported, noting her prior use of extensive medications to control pain/nausea:

Medical marijuana not recreational, tightly controlled, will help with physical (not
psychological) addiction to oxycodone and other pain Meds.

I never used it before, would not be rolling doobies, but the brownies and cookies that I
tried gave me the first relaxing 4 days I have had since my Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Sjogrens
Syndrome flare. I went back to pain Meds last night to see the difference. There are
major differences that favor the marijuana.

I am keeping track of symptoms and relief from both.

There are myriad types of cancer, MS, arthritis, autoimmune disease sufferers who vote;
many do so via absentee ballot, because we cannot even get to the polls.

I do not believe recreational drug use is ever a good idea.

Regarding another dramatic difference between Guzzardi [against] and Corbett [for] is Common Core;
the Gates Foundation targeted opponents of massive student database and Common Core Woes Led to
New 'Dumbed-Down' SAT Common Core Woes Led to New 'Dumbed-Down' SAT, while the Georgia
Legislature Suddenly Switched from Repeal of Common Core to implementing it. [In other education-
related news, a Math teacher who had cussed out students was fired; and a PA teacher misconduct bill
stalled. Thus, simply put, many parents-are-paranoid-about-common-core.


Redstate, noting the us-vs-them theme, noted that The United States Chamber of
Commerce, already in the tank for amnesty, is now in the tank for Common Core. The
Chamber of Commerce will be funding Republican candidates to beat conservatives.
[The New York Times noted the corrupt and entangling alliances within the Mainstreet
Partnership, a group of liberal Republicans funded by an alliance of Wall Street and
Labor Unions that oppoes conservative incumbents and challengers to Republicans.]

Overnight, an exchange occurred on PoliticsPA that serves as a metaphor for this entire effort; the
complete text follows [with those who wish not to be unduly exposed to inside-baseball simply advised
to skim to the next topic]:

David Diano on March 12, 2014 at 1:24 am said:


I just looked at the online filing which has 3 petition pages for the Initial for Cumberland.
The first page has 3 signatures. The 2nd signature is for Zachary Nye who writes his
name as Zack and uses 314 S. Hanover for his address, but is registered at 26 S. Hanover
as of Feb 10th state voter file. However, more glaring is the dates.

1st is 2/23-14

2nd is 2/23-14

Ive never seen anyone mix slash and dash on a date.

I suspect that they wrote 2/23 and the circulator added the year after the fact. If so, this
would invalidate all 3 signatures as the rule is to drop all signatures after a bad date
entry or entry by circulator.

Finally, the BACK signed by the Circulator says Bucks county, though the front side and
addresses are for Cumberland.

I thought the Circulator had to be from the same county. If so, that yet another defect.

On the second petition page, the first signature is from Fulton J. Kennedy. He is also the
circulator, but misspells his own name as Fultun on the affidavit on the back.
Gosh, that seems odd.

The 3rd petition page has only one name, James E. Spangler. However, while his street
matches his registration, he entered Mechanicsburg for the city. However, hes
registered in Silver Spring.


So, depending on how good Corbetts lawyers are (and if the inks/detail of the originals
provide evidence of defects), this could throw out up to 14 signatures (of the 3 pages
and 14 sigs I looked at).

Statistically, the odds of my first 3 petition pages for Cumberland being
uncharacteristically bad are low. If the rest of the petitions are this weak (and the judge
is in a stickler), Corbetts team should have a field day.


Robert B. Sklaroff, M.D. on March 12, 2014 at 5:20 am said:


You wrote, regarding our petition-effort, I am completely shocked that anyone actually
wasted their time on this. Regarding your nit-picking, I conclude, I am completely
shocked that anyone actually wasted their time on this.


You dont account for the key-concept when petitions are assessed by the Court,
namely, whether the signature is authentic; unlike others, each/every individual who
was circulating petitions was unpaid [i.e., not receiving $ for each line-item].

Thus, although Guzzardi now has all the photostats of the petitions [so I can't look-up
what you're referencing+, your petty critique includes criteria that arent on the
Commonwealth Courts spread-sheetsuch as how dates are recorded ["2/23-14"]and,
thus, would constitute a reach if the challenge-effort were initiated.

Lets take another concern *"Zachary Nye writes his name as Zack and uses 314 S.
Hanover for his address, but is registered at 26 S."]; although nicknames are eschewed,
he IDed himself in a fashion that allows for someone to read the 31 as a scribble for
2as long as his signature is authentic. As you undoubtedly know, the DoS will be able
to access this info from each countys Voter Registration Department and, thus, forgery
would be IDed. *Also, the advice against using nicknames is aimed @ people who know
they are "Margaret" but who often write "Peggy"; this voter may actually think he had
initially registered as "Zach," which is indubitably comparable to "Zachary."] Do you
really suspect that Zachs input was illegitimate, based upon your superficial scrutiny?

Your next complaint is generically comparable ["Fulton J. Kennedy misspells his own
name as Fultun on the affidavit"] because you are now attempting to suggest that the


interpretation of two letters ["o" and "u"] may toss a signature, even when the rest of it
is fine.

It is true that it is desirable to write the city/township/borough and not the post-office
locale, but this is requested so that the signer can be IDed in the precise fashion you are
doing online. Know that Mechanicsburg is a borough in Cumberland County and that
Silver Spring Township is a township in Cumberland County when you note that James
E. Spangler entered Mechanicsburg for the city. However, hes registered in Silver
Spring. And, when you admit that his street matches his registration, it would be a
cinch to toss any challenge before it were to be before a judge by simply confirming that
the voter is who he said he is. [Remember, he may not have realized that "Silver Spring"
is the entity under which he votes, when he perceives himself as residing in

{As you know, if a challenge is filed, the total of allegations against the petitions must
exceed the buffer and, thus, almost 1000 would have to be unearthed before a filing has
been issued; wouldnt it be embarrassing for Corbetts group to be rebuffed by a DoS
that would be helping to complete preliminary adjudication (routinely ordered to be
accomplished between the parties) before the matter were to be presented formally?]

And you are totally incorrect when you write I thought the Circulator had to be from
the same county. If so, that yet another defect. Each document must be county-specific
[i.e., each and every signer must be from same county, as ID'ed front/back], but any PA-
Republican can circulate in any of PAs 67 counties.

Id love to know the on-line resources you employed, if for no other reason than to vet
the numbering that Guzzardi was provided when he supplemented the filing on Tuesday
[after, for example, I had dropped-off petitions with a total of 60 names in his mailbox,


This was a grass-roots effort, as the county-distribution data illustrate; Corbetts people
would be better advised to help him bone-up for debates defending his decision-
making, than to risk embarrassing his incumbency via a challenge-gambit predicated on
a whim [and, BTW, Guzzardi has ID'ed a brilliant attorney, just in-case...].

As fatigued as he was after two successive Harrisburg-runs, Guzzardi found time to post info regarding
key-issues on his Facebook page; citing a recent article *Morning Call 9 February 2013 Time Line of
Pennsylvania Public Pensions Key Dates and Debates+, he referenced his own analysis on his liberty blog
*pension-crisis-how-it-began-act-9-of-2001-act-38-of-2002-and-act-40-of-2003+. This is the level of
baseline knowledge he brings to the table, amplified by his irreverent choice of graphics:


Philadelphia City Council Testimony

On Wednesday, during a public-comment period, Bruce Marshall will explain why Philly-Should-NOT-
Become-a-Sanctuary-City; on Thursday, Bill Godshall will explain why

On Thursday, Philadelphia City Councils Health Committee [Chaired by Marian Tasco] will hold a hearing
on anti e-cigarette legislation [at 1 P.M. in Room 400 City Hall]; anyone requesting the opportunity to
testify should send an e-mail requesting this to its staff [ and], who can be reached at 215-686-3454. Written testimony can/should be
sent to them by tomorrow (but its unclear if written testimony must be submitted to testify orally).

Councilman Greenlees legislation (No 140095) would ban vaping everywhere smoking is
banned (including outdoors within 20 feet of building entrance, outdoor patios and
sidewalk cafes), would require employers and managers to enforce this unenforceable
ban, would falsely redefine smokefree vaporizers as electronic smoking devices (to
further confuse and scare the public), would require signs posted at all banned
locations, would impose $300 fine for violators. Also, it appears that the PA Clean
Indoor Air Act preempts Bill No 140095.

Please urge Philly Council members to reject Bill No 140095.

Councilman Greenlees other bill (No 140096) would falsely define smokefree vaporizers
as electronic smoking devices, would create new category of unapproved nicotine
delivery product, would ban sales of both to minors, would require all e-cig retailers to
post intentionally deceptive signs stating: "SALE OF ELECTRONIC SMOKING DEVICES AND


Please urge Philly Council members to amend Bill No 140096 so it is consistent with PA
Senator Tim Solobays bill (SB 1055) to ban sale of alternative nicotine products to
minors, which was unanimously approved by the PA Senate Judiciary Committee, and
please urge Philly Council to urge PA Senators to support SB 1055.

CASAA Call to Action urging support for PA bill (SB 1055) to ban e-cig sales to minors.

CASAA issues Call to Action to oppose proposed e-cig usage ban in Philly, urges vapers
and vendors to testify at public hearing Thursday, March 13 at 1PM.

Philly Health Depts so-called Fact Sheet on E-cigs repeats many false and misleading
fear mongering claims about the lifesaving products

Philly Health Depts so-called Electronic Cigarette Merchant Fact Sheet

Bill Godshall
Executive Director
Smokefree Pennsylvania
1926 Monongahela Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15218

Illustrating how far some fanatics will go is this piece: Beach Town Bans Smoking on Boardwalk.

Political Jockeying & the 2

In Congress, ObamaDontCare Hurting Dems Already; IT BEGINS: REPUBLICAN WON FL CONGRESSIONAL
SEAT. Florida-Special-Election-Results: GOPs-David-Jolly-Wins - Privately regarded by Republicans as a
weak candidate, the former lobbyist David Jolly overcame both funding obstacles and a Libertarian party
challenger [who received 5% of the vote] to beat Democrat Alex Sink [who had tremendous name-
recognition, having run for Guv]. Noting that Dems Midterm Hopes Rested on Florida Special Election


and Stuart Rothenberg Called Florida Race 'Must-Win' for Dems, that Jolly defeated Sink in Florida 13

constituted a big blow to Dems' 2014 hopes, a conclusion that is highly consistent with observations by
CNN's King: Obama's Poll Numbers Have Flat-Lined, Now Threaten Both House And Senate Dems.

*To follow is a bit of levity, remitted by a friend who hates politics.+

"Bless me Father, for I have sinned. I have been with a loose girl."

The priest asks, "Is that you, little Joey Pagano?"

"Yes, Father, it is."

"And who was the girl you were with?"

"I can't tell you, Father. I don't want to ruin her reputation."

"Well, Joey, I'm sure to find out her name sooner or later so you may as well tell me
now. Was it Tina Minetti?"

"I cannot say."

"Was it Teresa Mazzarelli?"

"I'll never tell."

"Was it Nina Capelli?"

"I'm sorry, but I cannot name her."

"Was it Cathy Piriano?"

"My lips are sealed."

"Was it Rosa DiAngelo, then?"

"Please, Father! I cannot tell you."

The priest sighs in frustration. "You're very tight lipped, and I admire that. But you've
sinned and have to atone. You cannot be an altar boy now for 4 months. Now you go
and behave yourself."

Joey walks back to his pew, and his friend Franco slides over and whispers, "What'd you

"Four months vacation and five good leads..."


Speech in Opening Monologue; it may be recalled that the sudden firing of Leno may have been due to
the desire to have the late-night host satirize only the GOPsparing the Dems.

Regarding Guns, allow this concept to resonate: When 5 men try to burglarize your
home with you and your family inside and one is trying to force his way into the home
with a loaded gun and you think hes shot at you, you take your shotgun and shoot
them. Thats what Vice President Joe Biden said to do right? - Now it seems in this
climate of national confusion that youre a murderer. Then note why the following
hyperlinks illustrate well why the Feds should invoke Federalism, empowering states:

If 2
Amendment Doesn't Protect AK-47s, 1
Amendment Doesn't
Protect Media
Sheriff Clarke at CPAC: 'The Armed Citizen Made This Country Free'
Banquet Hall Cancels Gun Show Because George Zimmerman Was
Dr. Ben Carson claimed Americans 'Should Be Really Concerned' About
Martial Law
ABA Conference Speakers: 'Litigation,' 'Public Health' Strong Avenues
for Gun Control
Utah Legislators Move to Protect Ability of Citizens to Open-Carry
Bob Costas: My Armed Security Doesn't Make Me a Hypocrite on Guns

Coupled with increased worriment about the NSA, is there any wonder why a recent
Pew Study concluded that a Majority of Millennials Oppose Gun Control?

Regarding the 2016-POTUS nominations, on the Dem-side, Clinton World has gone After WaPo and its
Super PAC is readying New Hampshire; potential competitors include ANDREW CUOMO and Rahm
[although ABC's Jonathan Karl: 'Bizarre' for Ted Cruz to Think Obamacare Can Be Repealed]; Rand Paul
claimed, My Foreign Policy Is the Same as Reagan's Peace Through Strength and averred, regarding
Cruz: 'I'm Not Real Excited About Him Mischaracterizing My Views' [in response, Ted Cruz Brought It
Down A Notch In Fledgling Fight With Rand Paul], Rick Perry showed he was Gunning for 2016 with a
'Little Rebellion' That Wowed CPAC, Rep. Peter King is pondering a 2016 Presidential Bid [claiming 'I
Would Do a Better Job than Rand Paul' because peter-king said rand-paul is unfit-be-leader of GOP], as
Many New Jersey Characters Accused Christie of Corruption [while a Poll showed More New Jerseyans
Disapprove Than Approve of Christie for First Time, explaining why the future holds Troubled waters for
Christie-Sweeney partnership while it appears Top Christie appointees devised toll-hike plan to bolster
image of NJ, NY governors because it was all for show!]. Ultimately, a Straw poll signaled Paul-Cruz
showdown for 2016 presidential nod among Conservatives and, perhaps, the entire GOP.


Now note the broad import of this observation by Neil W. McCabe of Human Events:

There is a movement that will impact gun rights gaining strength in
America that I call Neo-Federalism. It is the organic action by the states
to reclaim the initiative and the control over their sovereign selves.

Look at the changes in gambling and drug laws as examples of how this
movement is happening in other sectors, too.

Both presidents Richard M. Nixon and Ronald W. Reagan championed
"New Federalism," which was the top-down effort to shift power from
Washington to the states. This was doomed to failure because there
was no way the entrenched power in Washington was going to hand it

Instead, this Neo-Federalism, does not rely on the good will of

In terms of the restoration of gun rights, this week in Idaho, we should
see the governor sign a campus carry law that passed the Idaho House

In Georgia, South Carolina and Kansas the legislatures are working to
take the hand cuffs off gun owners and make their own communities

The other side of the coin is that state-centric action can go the other
way as we have seen in New York, Maryland, Connecticut and even New

The open-minded conservative realizes that states rights are good, but
they mean more work. Frankly, that's why the gun grabbers got the
drop on us in some places and we got the drop on them in other places.

Clearly, to save American civilization, to say nothing of our democracy,
Washington must be defunded and defanged. If less money passes to
Washington for distribution, watch the lobbyists go away--same for the
regulations that amount to Washington taking away your rights and
then giving them back to you or someone else on the sly.

Our model for restoring gun rights has matched the movement of


power to Washington, but now the action is in the states, where
Jefferson told us it belongs.

Take the time this week to find your local gun rights chapter. But, first,
take the time to read the articles we have put together this week.

Note his weekly-blast is called Guns and Patriotsintertwining its motivations.

Another concern that allows one to characterize Corbett as Dem-Lite is the fact that he ordered the
DPW to mitigate food-stamp cuts, as lamented by Marc A. Scaringi: Why is our Republican Governor
thwarting the modest benefit reduction in food stamp benefits recently passed by Congress? I thought
Republicans were supposed to be about limited government, personal responsibility and personal
liberty? Our state and federal governments are bankrupt. And our federal government, for once, enacts
a slight reduction in spending in one of the most fraud-ridden welfare programs, and our own
Republican Governor acts to reverse the reduction. What a disappointment! {Of course, contrary views
have been posited by the libs [huffingtonpost &], but Corbett clearly mirrors BHO.}

This reflects the view of hard-core gun enthusiasts,
but it is increasingly shared by people aghast @ BHOs excesses.

The NSAs Excesses Dem. vs. Dem.

Yesterdays events serve as the culmination of much that has been occurring during the past -year,
noting the discussion last night of the Fox All-Stars during Special Report *@ 6:38 p.m. E.D.T.+.
Intriguing was the consensus view when, portraying this situation as a 'Defining moment,' Sen.
DIANNE FEINSTEINs charged that the CIA is spying on Senate [by having secretly searched a Senate
computer system that had been established for Congress] was denied by CIA Director John Brennan,
saying that "nothing could be further from the truth" and "we wouldn't do that.That's just beyond the
scope of reason." On a broader scale, CIA emails revealed tension over terrorism probe; it should be
recalled that the NSA nominee had defended bulk data collection [replete with other moments when
the Director had Denied problematic behavior] The most charitable characterization of this situation was


delivered by NPRs Mara Liaisson [whose recent assessment of the Ukraine/Crimea had been to BLAME
BUSH+, when she suggested more revelations will reveal the complexity of what had transpired.

Data Spying in the States: Public Safety or Invasion of Privacy? - While the public has
focused on disclosures by former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward
Snowden about his former employers powerful spying capabilities, it is worth paying
attention to recent reports of sophisticated data spying by state and local police
agencies, and what these revelations mean for policy debates. USA Today reported that
at least 125 police agencies in 33 states have used a variety of spy-worthy tactics and
technologies to obtain information about thousands of cell phones and their users.

It is perhaps desirable, employing a longitudinal perspective, to recognize why everyone has seen the
Edward Snowden that they want to see; consider this left-right exchange, for starters:

The New York Times argued, "It is time for the United States to offer Mr. Snowden a
plea bargain or some form of clemency that would allow him to return home, face at
least substantially reduced punishment in light of his role as a whistle-blower, and have
the hope of a life advocating for greater privacy and far stronger oversight of the
runaway intelligence community."

The editors of National Review responded that Snowden "has done huge damage to the
work of his country's security services now and in the future and is hiding from the
due punishment by seeking refuge in a hostile foreign country that benefits from the
fallout of his work. This sounds more like a defector than a whistleblower."

Nina Burleigh objected to NR's point that "what is most striking about Snowden's leaks
is the sheer amount of them that have nothing to do with Americans' privacy at all,"
contending that "any of these can and apparently are being used in the homeland."

Then note that revelations about the NSA's capabilities are applicable to discussions of domestic
surveillance. But Snowden leaked a heck of a lot more information than that, and most of his defenders
(and some of his detractors) focus on one portion of his leaks and avert their eyes from the rest. Indeed,
the statement "a significant portion of Snowden's leaks have nothing to do with domestic surveillance"
is a controversial and outrageous statement among people who haven't followed Snowden that closely,
and/or don't want to see the whole picture; here's just a partial list of Snowden's leaks that have little or
nothing to do with domestic surveillance of Americans:

The classified portions of the U.S. intelligence budget, detailing how much we spend and
where on efforts to spy on terror groups and foreign states, doesn't deal with
Americans' privacy. This leak revealed the intelligence community's self-assessment in
50 major areas of counterterrorism, and that "blank spots include questions about the
security of Pakistan's nuclear components when they are being transported, the
capabilities of China's next-generation fighter aircraft, and how Russia's government


leaders are likely to respond to 'potentially destabilizing events in Moscow, such as large
protests and terrorist attacks.'" The Pakistani, Chinese, and Russian intelligence agencies
surely appreciate the status report.

Our cyber-warfare capabilities and targets don't deal with Americans' privacy. The
revelation that the U.S. launched 231 cyber-attacks against "top-priority targets, which
former officials say includes adversaries such as Iran, Russia, China and North Korea and
activities such as nuclear proliferation" in 2011 has nothing to do with Americans'

The extent and methods of our spying on China have nothing to do with Americans'

British surveillance of South African and Turkish diplomats has nothing to do with
Americans' privacy.

The NSA's successful interceptions of communications of Russian President Dimitri
Medvedev has nothing to do with Americans' privacy. This is not a scandal; it is literally
the NSA's job, and now the Russians have a better idea of what messages were
intercepted and when.

Revealing NSA intercepts and CIA stations in Latin America -- again, nothing to do with
U.S. citizens.

Revealing a U.K. secret internet-monitoring station in the Middle East -- nothing to do
with U.S. citizens.

The extent and range of NSA communications monitoring in India.

The fact that the United States has "ramped up its surveillance of Pakistan's nuclear
arms," has "previously undisclosed concerns about biological and chemical sites there,"
and details of "efforts to assess the loyalties of counterterrorism sources recruited by
the CIA."

The U.S.'s spying on Al-Jazeera's internal communication system.

What we know about al-Qaeda efforts to hack our drones.

The NSA's ability to intercept the e-mail of al-Qaeda operative Hassan Ghul.

The NSA's ability to read the e-mail of the Mexican president.


The U.S.'s electronic intercepts of communications to French consulates and embassies
in New York and Washington.

The existence of NSA surveillance teams in 80 U.S. embassies around the globe.

NSA's spying on OPEC.

NSA's collecting data on the porn habits of Muslim extremist leaders to discredit them.

. . . none of these stories have much of a tie to Americans' privacy.

The all-or-nothing terms of the Snowden discussion are persistent, baffling, and
obscuring the truth. The NSA's willingness to vacuum up and store the communications
of ordinary Americans -- with no tie to terror, crime, or foreign governments at all --
obliterates any remaining meaning of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution and
deserves every bit of public outrage and rebuke. But that doesn't necessarily mean
Snowden is the good guy in the story. This story probably doesn't have a good guy.

apparently, snowden-didnt-need-to-hack-the-nsa-to-get-files; regardless, he feels Spies Want him Dead
and that explains why he is 'NOT COMING BACK' TO USA. In any case, as he slams hypocrisy, he claims
he no longer has any confidential documents [plus that the NSA uses data for economic purposes].


Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2014 5:12 AM
Subject: Action-Items - LXVII [E-Cigs, Guzzardi, International, National, Statewide, Regional, Local]

Having provided extensive documentation on multiple levels, its easier now to update same. First, know
that State Sen. LeAnna Washington (D-4) has been charged by AG-Kane with using her elected office for
political and financial gain; she is my State-Sen., suddenly enhancing the prospects of the GOP [Robin
Gilchrist]. "A Time for Choosing" by Ronald Reagan was amazingly propheticin 1964and Jeffersons
Final Warnings were focused on the need to enhance Federalism [and to decentralize government].

Levity: Two-Year-Old Boy Boogies Like Elvis, Penn & Teller Fool Hippies Into Banning
Water, Man Enchants A Crowded Street Using The Newly Created Hang Drum, hang
drum duo, hang drum played in a tunnel, 600 Students In Ireland Play The "Cups" Song,
Clueless Liberal College Students @ Columbia Made Fools Of Themselves, best-way-to-
recognize-the-artists-of-paintings, future-litigator-explains-to-his-mom-why-he-needs-a-
cupcake, 4 year old Sruli Muschel does the speech from A Few Good Men, Funny Talking
Animals, 12-stores that were essential to your-childhood-that-dont-exist-anymore, and
1930: Rare Footage Of Helen Keller Speaking With The Help Of Anne Sullivan.

Regarding tomorrows Philadelphia City Council Hearing on regulating e-cigarettes, I have prepared
testimony in opposition; also included in this hyperlink is that of Bill Godshall [SmokeFree PA]; our view
is countered by that of Dr. Walter Tsou *whom weve known for two decades+, as he can do little more
than surmise e-cigs could be shown to have been harmful [while failing to note innocuous constituents].

Guzzardis Gambit


Regarding Guzzardi, he was interviewed at 2 p.m. on KDKA 1020 Pittsburgh News Radio; he emphasized
the fact that what occurs in York County affects life in Allegheny County. Indeed, this was part of a large
narrative Guzzardi has been disseminating among the media, for he has unabashedly rebuked it for
having ignored what he considers to be the major underlying concerns facing PAs survival; e-mails have,
for example, virtually taunted those who buy ink by the barrel to confront the fiscal iceberg that has
many manifestations *such as the Pension Bomb+ and, thus, to recognize Corbetts profound failings.

Anyone who wants to look @ any of the scanned petitions can do so online; anyone
who wants to experience intense R-D byplay [in the comments-section] can do so by
reviewing guzzardi-to-appear-on-republican-ballot and the PA-Gov: Petition Scorecard.
One of the PoliticsPA reporters [Brittany Foster] provided key-education regarding what
can be anticipated by the independent candidates; their deadline to acquire signatures
*~16K+ isnt until ~8/1/2014, balancing the higher threshold with a greater time-frame
[noting that the Libertarians and the Green Party are attempting to field candidates].
Guzzardi was only one in the parade of candidates filing for May 20 primary.

In an article announcing to the pittsburgh audience [c/o cbslocal] that corbett got-a-republican-primary-
challenger, Guzzardi was properly quoted: Tom Corbett made promises to the voters who voted for
him in 2010 that he would not raise taxes and increase fees, he said. He broke those promises.
Specifically, Tom Corbett had broadened his no-new-taxes pledge during a televised debate with
Democratic rival Dan Onorato, saying it also rules out increases in feessuch as motor-vehicle levies
or employee contributions to the state unemployment trust fund.

guzzardi-seeks-answers-regarding-waugh-job - The man mounting a primary challenge
to unpopular Republican incumbent Gov. Tom Corbett, today, March 12, asked for an
investigation into a sweetheart job received by one of the governor's political allies.

Guzzardi has adopted a position which is apparently identical to that of Corbett regarding HB-76, which
is intended to alter the Property Tax; his focus is on reducing spending, rather than re-distributing the
taxation-burden, and he notes that Daryl Metcalfe's memo asserted it is "revenue neutral." Facebook:


No, I do not support HB76/SB76. I do not support replacing one bad tax with another.
Targeting or favoring one group of tax payers over another is not good policy.
Redistributing the tax burden is equivalent to redistributing the wealth. Lowering taxes
on one segment of the community (property owners) of taxpayers and raising them on
another segment (businesses) not only violates the spirit of the Constitutions
uniformity clause but reduces productive growth and reduces the freedom to choose
your own path to happiness. We are all on the same Titanic headed for the Fiscal
Iceberg so plainly ahead.

The policy I support is 1) reducing spending. The Fiscal Iceberg ahead will sink us all. It is
a communal burden. It is feasible to cut billions. 2) increase the power of the school tax
referendum by limiting the exemptions in Act 25 of 2011. However, given the pension
bomb it is highly likely that taxes will have to be increased at both state and municipal
level and that some municipalities will face real fiscal stress even de facto bankruptcy
like Scranton.

Tom Corbett Broke His Promises to YOU. It is hard for me to understand how any
Republican who voted for Tom Corbett in 2010 will humiliate himself or herself and vote
for a man who repeatedly broke his promises to them. How do you vote for someone
who broke his promise to you? Will you? Will you humiliate yourself? Who would do
that? And for what? Tom Corbett cannot win in November. Every poll and the Kane v
Freed race tell us that.

Illustrating the fact that Sandusky will continue to haunt Corbett are todays contemporary references:
former-psu-president-graham-spanier-signed-paternos-lt-gov-petition and John Ziegler Previews
Interview He & Dottie Sandusky Did With Matt Lauer/Today Show. The details matter not; pivotal is the
fact that this reminder continues to ensure voters dont forget Corbetts having allowed Sandusky,
pedophile, to roam the streets for years after awareness had impinged upon the AGs office of his crime.

Guzzardi on Facebook regarding Social Issues [abridged], recognizing that Guzzardi feels
these are tangential to his campaign-theme: Neither a Governor nor any law can make
[or force people to be] good; to the contrary, change is incremental, person-to-person,
one-by-one. He has thought-through [after having read, studied, debated] many issues
[economics, history, politics] for years. He feels that values underlie fiscal policy, and
when expenditures exceed revenue, it is not only a fiscal failure, it is a moral failure.

Guzzardi views Late-Term and Partial-birth abortion as infanticide, a view with which
this physician concurs because they transpire after viability [~22 weeks].

Therefore, I do not favor legalization of marijuana; let us see what happens in Colorado,
because I don't think it will work out well. Medical marijuana is the stalking horse for
legalized marijuana. Dangerous drugs are prescribed by physicians. A medical decision a


matter of politics because there is another agenda. What makes marijuana different
than any other dangerous drug? In fact, it may be less harmful than some of the cancer
chemo that is routinely prescribed. So why is there is a distinction? And why is this a
matter of politics? And because there is an agenda, because medical marijuana is a
stalking horse for "anything goes" morality of recreational marijuana, it is appropriate to
analogize legalizing marijuana to legalizing prostitution.

Pa has a Defense of Marriage Act, and its unclear what else need be done; Gay
Marriage is not a threat to marriageDivorce is, and its unrealistic to ban them
legislatively. There are many sinners among us, and it is doubtful my denouncing
Adulterers or Fornicators would satisfy social-conservatives, and it is highly unlikely it
would affect the lives of individual Pennsylvanians.

Keep your eye on the Ball
Guzzardi preaches Focus

Pennsylvania's Fisc is in a nose dive.


There is a Fiscal Iceberg ahead that will sink us all.

If you don't think this is the most important issue facing Pennsylvania's Forgotten Taxpayers,
then vote for the candidates who are promising "Free Ice Cream".


Regarding Crimea/Ukraine, a consensus view *that isnt defeatist, as are most from the Dems+ is that:
DeMint: Obama Must Show 'Global Leadership'
Russia puts Crimea in security stranglehold as referendum nears...
Internet editor fired in Kremlin crackdown...
Kerry to Moscow in Last-Ditch Diplomatic Effort...
Iran, Russia discuss adding nuke plants...
Russian politicians want FIFA to kick the USA out of the World Cup...
UKRAINE REVOLUTION - What You're Not Being Told
BHO is holding-aid-to ukraine-hostage


Ukraine Parliament Issues Crimea Ultimatum Over Referendum
Crimea Votes for Independence Ahead of Referendum
Gunmen Stop Flights to Crimea Except Those from Moscow
West Backs Down, Putin and Most Powerful Russian Oligarchs Escape Sanctions
Ukraine President Says Won't Intervene in Crimea
NBC's David Gregory Chides Obama Foreign Policy Advisor: 'Putin Is Not Listening to You'
Unarmed Ukrainian Soldiers Confronting Heavily Armed Russian Troops
Good job, Mr. Putin! Thank you from all of us Ukrainians (Russian and Ukrainian-speaking) for uniting
Ukraine against your military aggression.
Ukraine Crisis: Just Another Globalist-Engineered Powder Keg
The liberal magazine The New Republic admitted that Mitt Romney was right about Russia after the
Vladimir Putin-led nation invaded the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea late last week.
GOPs attempt to tie Clinton to the Ukrainian crisis

Regarding Israel, peril persists:
The Origins of the Palestinian Arabs by Daniel Pipes
Islam is not a religion of peace [absent a reformation]
Todays barrage of missile fire *over 60 rockets+ aimed at southern Israel from Gaza shows [one of which
Hit a Populated Area in Southern Israel] shows any Palestinian state presents a clear and present danger
to both the Jewish state and regional stability; after Islamic Jihad Terrorists Fired at Israeli civilians From
Civilian Areas, used as human shields, BB vowed 'lots of noise in Gaza.' [Soon thereafter, an IAF Strike
Killed Three Islamic Jihad Terrorists in Southern Gaza after they had fired mortars at Israeli soldiers;
Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman said Israel must 'Retake the Islamist-held Gaza' Strip in response.]
Hamas-Terrorist Who Cut Jerusalem [in Armon Hanatziv and Gilo] Gas Pipes, in the hope of causing
deadly explosions, was Nabbed; he also stabbed a Jewish man two years ago.
Cameron: Israel is Jewish homeland, will not be challenged by boycotts
Jordanian MPs: Release Terrorist Who Killed Israeli Schoolgirls

Accusations Fly as Israeli-Palestinian 'Peace Process' Nears Deadline


Israeli Government Says Missile Defense Needs More Funding and is asking Congress to significantly
increase funding it receives for joint missile defense programs under Obamas fiscal year 2015 budget,
contradicting administration claims that it has fully satisfied the Jewish states defense needs.
Obama Makes it Easier for Syrians, Harder for Israelis to Enter US
Palestinian daily claims US isnt insisting the PA recognize Jewish Israel
"Are you supporting Obama or Israel?" "Gaps between Obama & Netanyahu are unbridgeable"
"In an unprecedented breach of diplomatic etiquette, U.S. President Barack Obama once
again sandbagged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In a carefully orchestrated
interview with Jeff Goldberg, a columnist for Bloomberg View, released a few hours
before the prime minister's arrival in the U.S., Obama reverted to his May 2011 role as
an Israel basher and engaged in personal savaging and humiliation of Netanyahu. This
was despite Netanyahu's intimation that Israel intended to adopt the Kerry framework."

To answer Obama accusations, here is a decision by all Arab states: " Arab League
rejects recognizing Israel as a Jewish state", and "....Mahmoud Abbas -- who had
rejected Olmert's offer for 97 percent of territories over the Green Line and refused to
even conduct negotiations unless Israel released mass murderers whom he currently
fetes as heroes. Obama made no reference to Palestinian intransigence and total
unwillingness to compromise...".... published on 3-11-14

Netanyahu said, regarding the shipment of weapons for terrorist organizations by Iran:
"..... Nobody has the right to ignore the true and murderous actions of the regime in
Tehran. I think that it would be proper for the international community to refer to Iran's
true policy, not its propaganda." and
...Iranian Zarif said that, "Iran will only accept a solution that is respectful, that respects
the rights of the Iranian people...."
Arab League, Abbas reject recognizing Israel as 'Jewish state' - Arab League chief urges Arab countries to
stand firm against Israeli demand for Palestinian recognition of Israel as Jewish, claiming the request is
an attempt to foil peace talks.
Abbas: 5 Million 'Refugees' Must be Allowed into Israel - Palestinian Authority chairman says no to
'settlement blocs,' no to a Jewish state. Watch and decide: is this a peace partner?
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has won the backing of the Arab League for his
positions and demands.

Israel Lawmakers Voted 67-1 To End Blanket Ultra-Orthodox Draft Exemption
Shadow War - The interception last week by the Israeli navy of a ship in the Red Sea carrying rockets
apparently destined for Gaza was part of an ongoing battle to block Iranian arms shipments that is


usually waged out of the public eye, security officials in Tel Aviv said over the weekend. [When the
Karine A was seized, Bush-43 ended interaction with Arafat; what a contrast is now occurring!+
Fresh Israeli provocations around Al-Aqsa Mosque threaten to explode an already tense situation while
peace talks go nowhere, writes Khaled Amayreh in the Israeli-occupied West Bank
Israeli Navy Soldiers Sing Shabbat Song At Sea, En Route to Stop Iran's Weapons Shipment

Regarding the ongoing threat emanating from Iran, denial remains dominant:
the Lockerbie Case wont be reopened because it would force people to Face the Truth About Iran.
Bank of Hawaii Unfroze Iranian Accounts - Further evidence of sanctions unwinding
Iran General: 'Hands on trigger' to destroy Israel
Lawmaker: Obama Failing to Stop DoD Contractors From Dealing with Iran - Secretary of Defense Chuck
Hagel sidestepped questions on Thursday about numerous Pentagon contractors who are currently
seeking to begin business with Iran.
The Day After EU Foreign Minister Leaves Tehran "Confident" of Progress; Iran Boasts Annihilation of
Israel at 'push of a button."
Iranian Arms Ship Carried 40 Rockets, 181 Mortar Shells - IDF reveals Klos C's deadly cargo, including
rockets, 400,000 bullets for Kalashnikov assault rifles.
Iran Foreign Minister Accuses Israel of Lying About Intercepted Arms Shipment

Regarding BHOs support for Islamists opposing Egypt:
Obama administration rejects urgent appeal from Egypt for Apache attack helicopters
egypt-tightened-noose-around-gazans *news provided from the Arabists perspective+
Egyptian woman accused President Barack Obama of interfering in Egyptian politics
Egyptian Clampdown Leaves Hamas Government in Gaza on Brink of Bankrupcy

Regarding Syria:
Syria to Miss Deadline to Destroy Chemical Arms Sites
Syria rebellion dominated by al-Qaida and Islamic jihadists

Regarding anti-Semitism:
the-most-powerful-song-ever-recorded: hatikvah, from-the-bergen-belsen-concentration-camp


Holocaust survivor describes scenes of 'hell' at Bergen-Belsen death camp to Maesteg School pupils -
Mala Tribich, 83, urged teenagers to use her story as inspiration to fight prejudice and injustice
dirty-jew-go-home-to-israel; jewish-girl-in-france-attacked-by-arab-mother-and-daughter
Anti-semitism on rise in Hungary...
pink-floyd-co-founder-roger-waters said he-cant-be-an-anti-semite because his father-fought-nazis
Roger Waters, the co-founder of the rock band Pink Floyd, is upset that Gerald Ronson singled him out
for criticism at an influential Jewish dinner.
right-wing-leader [Family Research Council leader Jerry Boykin] says-jews-are-the-cause-of-all-the-
Stockholm Schools Daubed with Swastikas and Anti-Semitic Graffiti

Regarding Islamism:
british-schools-ban-pork-to-avoid-offending-muslim-students; its replaced-with-halal-meat


Regarding Cruz and POTUS-16 competition within the GOP:
Sen. Ted Cruz calls out career politicians in both parties for putting politics before the people
senator-ted-cruz/sen-ted-cruz-with-chris salcedo
ted-cruz-raw-interview focused on Senate takeover


New Jersey governor Christie may be going through a rough patch right now, but a closer look at the
GOP electorate by Henry Olsen in the magazine National Interest shows why he may still be the
RICK PERRY: 'America's a Great Place for Second Chances'...

Regarding Sarah:
OK Sen. Candidate T.W. Shannon: U.S. Debt Threatens National Security
Ben Sasse, Shane Osborn Hit Obama Hard in Nebraska Senate GOP Primary Debate
Public deserves Oklahoma U.S. Senate race focused on policy and pragmatism

Regarding yesterdays vote in Florida, polling data prognosticate DOOM for the Dems in November:
The new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows confidence in Obamas ability to handle the economy
or put the country on the right path continues to decline.
WSJ/NBC News Poll: Obama's Approval Rating Hits New Low - Marks Could Be Hurdle for Dems in
November Amid Broad Dissatisfaction
Mark Levin noted an article from last Fridays Politico that quoted anonymous Washington Republicans
who chose to trash David Jolly just days before his big vote.
gop-may-reap-rewards of obamas-unpopularity-in midterms

Regarding ObamaDontCare, problems and complications continue to abound:
Obama's Health Rationer-in-Chief - White House health-care adviser Ezekiel Emanuel blamed the
Hippocratic Oath for the 'overuse' of medical care.
Megyn Kelly talked about the series of lies that President Obama has told about ObamaCare
HHS quietly repealed ObamaCare's individual purchase Mandate rule for two more years
higher-percentage of uninsured-under-obamacare-than-in-2008-says-gallup


Premiums will rise in 2015, says Sebelius
medicare-paid-millions-to-dead-people and to illegal-immigrants
obamacare-impossible-enforcement of unworkable-law
oklahoma-man-lost-insurance-due-to-obamacare and owes-$100k
finessing-obamacare-wont-save-dems, noting florida-13 as predictive of midterms
Obamacare's War on Seniors
Obamacare dramatically increases costs for some small businesses
Rubio (R-FL) warned that Dems in Congress appear to be angling to move toward a single-payer
healthcare type system as the disastrous roll-out of Obamacare continues to march on.
Judicial Watch Confronts 'One-Man Congress' with Obamacare Appeal
Dem. Rep. Moore Pushing Obamacare Enrollment Event Sponsored by Planned Parenthood
Obama in Strangely Humorless 'Funny or Die' Skit to Promote Healthcare [VIDEO]
'What's It Like To Be the Last Black President?'
Study: States That Voted for Obama Have Most Income Inequality
300,000-Member Union Drops Bombshell Obamacare Report - The report by Unite Here--a North
American labor union that represents workers in the hotel, gaming, food service, manufacturing, textile,
distribution, laundry, and airport industriesis entitled: "The Irony of ObamaCare: Making Inequality
Colorado Reporter Confronts Carney, Demands Repeal of ObamaCare
900,000 Obamacare 'enrollees' still haven't paid for coverage?
WSJ: Secret Mandate Exemption
45-state study: Obamacare offers less choice, higher prices, breaking another promise
Insurers participating in Obamacare 'very worried,' industry consultant says
Union: Obamacare will slash wages by up to $5 an hour
GOP Building Database of Millions Who Lost Insurance Due to Obamacare
Charlie Crist: 'God Bless' Obama for ObamaCare
charlie-crist-tells-democrats-stop-running-scared and strengthen-up
Crist Presses Party to Support President

The ripple-effect of yesterdays election can only enhance the pain of the Dem-Senators:


sink-ing-ship: why-loss-in-florida-bad-news-for-senate-democrats
Pryors Cuts To Medicare Advantage Harm Todays Seniors

The GOP-POTUS competition is underway, recalling that Im rooting for Ted Cruz *+/- Scott Walker].

Regarding BHOs Arrogance and Imperialism:
Psychiatrist Charles Krauthammer is in denial about Obama [Walid Shoebat]
Obama: 'I Don't Have Time to Waste. Clock Is Ticking'...
Threatens to veto bill requiring him to follow law...
Five Democrats joined Republicans in passing a bill that directs Obama to follows the laws clearing the
House by a 233 to 181 vote
obama-visits-gap and amazed at credit-card-machine

Regarding BHOs handing of the economy:
cbo-slammed-obamas-recovery-as-sluggish; labor-force-wont-recover-for-years
Is America really going to accept a permanent economic slowdown?
obama-to-reportedly-order-expansion of overtime-pay-for-millions of workers

Regarding BHOs Scandal-Sheet, the favoritism towards his cover-ups continues:
Poll Worker Who Voted Multiple Times For Obama Released From Prison Early
ig-report: epa-employees-used-federal-charge-cards-to-buy-gym-memberships-gift-cards-hotel-space


Regarding Illegals, Americas retreat now extends to being ordered not to enforce the law:
Ryan: We don't have the votes on immigration, but 'we're working hard'

Regarding prioritizing the 2

Regarding the Dems, generically, basic ignorance of American History explains why it is discounted:

Regarding the Dems, generically, the work-ethic has disappeared:
Obama Democrats Versus Kennedy Democrats

Regarding the Dems, generically, all Republicans are demonized, all the time:
Wendy Davis Won Primary In Texas Gubernatorial Race
Politico Ignores Bio-Gate, Declares Wendy Davis 'Most Judged Woman In America'

Regarding the GOP-Establishment, the permanent government continues to rule:
gohmert feels republicans-do-not-have-enough-of-a-voice-under-boehner
gohmert-launched-pac-to-battle-fellow-republicans *note spin, here, compared with next piece+



Regarding the NSA-Spying:
Issa: CIA spying on Congress may be 'treason'...
White House tried to mediate dispute...
Blowup between Feinstein, spooks had long, slow fuse...
Secret whistle-blower?

Regarding the media, arrogance and aloofness continue to dominate political discourse:
MSNBC Host Throws Civility Out the Window With Latest Sarah Palin Insult
MSNBCs Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski made an alarming accusation about those in the
millenial generation who join the military. According to her, people in this generation only join
because they need the money.
Chris Matthews Blooper: 20 Seconds of Dead Silence on Air

Michael Smerconish Debuts on CNN after Leaving MSNBC - If Smerconish isn't far enough left for
MSNBC, this just shows how far left MSNBC really is.
Kerry, Crist Mock CNN's Ratings Collapse

Star Benghazi Reporter Attkisson Exits CBS Due to 'Liberal Bias'
Bozell & Graham Column: CBS Allows A Real Journalist to Resign

The NY-Times failed to cover the House Oversight Committee Report on Lois Lerners Involvement in the
IRS Targeting of Tax-Exempt Organizations; noting that its highlights had been distilled, it was covered
by Paul Mirengoff , the WaPo, The Wall Street Journal, and CBS News.
the-economist-is-pro-palestinian-and-anti-israel I have noted this consistently; it loves BHO


Former Slate Writer's New Website Sponsored by Corporation He Once Called 'Evil'



CPAC Tea Party Version Of Ellens Oscar Selfie


Regarding PA [higher] public-education, penn-state-ranks-39
College Group at South Puget Sound Community College Banned Whites From Diversity Happy Hour

Regarding Common Core:
We need to get the federal government out of the education business, Stutzman said during
Conversations with Conservatives, a monthly gathering of House members hosted on Capitol Hill in
conjunction with The Heritage Foundations Foundry.
Missing link to quality charter schools - accountability
Crisis for Common Core: Indiana's Uncommon Ruckus Over Education Standards

Regarding PA-politics, hope springs eternal regarding the prospects of Scott Wagner in York:


Regarding Paycheck Protection, a debate occurred among Wendell Young - UFCW1776, David Fillman -
AFSCME Council 13, Matt Brouillette - PA Commonwealth Foundation, and Simon Campbell -
Pennsylvanians for Union Reform.

Regarding Voter-Fraud:

Regarding the Gas-Tax Hike, Legislators [including Kate Harper] are self-congratulatory:

Regarding the Pension-Bomb:
PA Senate Dems to propose bond to fund pensions [bonds = borrowing = delayed taxation]

Regarding the Media:
Biased media ignores Corbett's successes and Obama's failures

Regarding *Iron Workers+ Union Violence:
The Pennsylvania House, today, March 12, passed HB 1154 that would amend the criminal code to
prohibit harassment, stalking and the "threat to use weapons of mass destruction" by union members
during labor disputes.


Regarding Pot-Legalization:


Top Philly police and Nutter administration officials said in the hearing that they were open in most
instances to ending arrests for possession of small amounts of marijuana, per pending legislation.
pot-pays; colorado-posts-first-official-marijuana-tax-totals/

For the fifth year in a row, the Philadelphia School District is preparing to deliberately shrink itself, giving
some of its most-troubled schools to charter operators for turnaround.

Regarding Pa-13:
Former President Bill Clinton is scheduled to be the special guest at an April fundraiser for Marjorie
Margolies effort to reclaim the U.S. House seat she lost two decades ago after providing the decisive
vote to pass Clintons budget. [Also noted: bill-clinton-posed-with-prostitutes-for-photo.]

The following misrepresents history and, in the process, undermines anti-big-government efforts,
inasmuch as each depicted event [including that on Osage Ave. in West Philly under Mayor W. Wilson
Goode] was directed [perhaps mismanaged in the process] at an effort to maximize law-enforcement.


[This is on-point.]


Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2014 9:52 AM
Subject: Action-Items LXVIII [Guzzardi, International-Affairs]

The volume of information conveyed in the last blast may have obscured key-points therein;
therefore, this recapitulates key-concepts therein, and then embellishes other points with fresh links.
Unlike the customary effort to ID the action-item *beyond the obvious desire to provoke support for
Guzzardis candidacy+, the goal additionally is to chronicle his activitiesand to invite intense feedback.
Otherwise, it is again assumed that anyone following any hyperlink who draws a conclusion that then
deviates from those previously articulated hereinis cordially invited to challenge accumulated-data.


Guzzardi warns of a fiscal-iceberg and observes a distinction-with-a-difference when citing the Titanic;
both hit icebergs, regardless of whether anyone saw it or not, but divergence occurred after the trauma.
The crew and the captain went down with the ship whereas, in Harrisburg, they become super-well-paid
lobbyists like Tom Ridge. In any case, he advocates
Liberty and Limited Government
Pro Growth
Economic Freedom
Constitutional Limited Government Spending
Reduced Regulation and Restricted Government Intervention in the Free Market
Low taxes
Individual Empowerment, Personal Autonomy, Personal Responsibility
and is planning to make-the-rounds of the Editorial Boards. He is also receiving unsolicited advice
regarding what others want him to say and do; he unabashedly repeats his messaging, inviting recipients
to upgrade their viewpoints accordingly. Indeed, in follow-up of his formal filing yesterday regarding
alleged engineering of electioneering in York County, it is noted that Citizen activist Gene Stilp also has
called for a probe into any 'political deal' behind Mike Waugh's sudden Farm Show appointment. [Also,
notwithstanding claims by a Dem who feels guzzardis plan to-appear-on-republican-ballot may be
successfully challenged, his cursory review of the on-line Cumberland-County filings did not yield any
meaningful slam-dunk; this is not surprising because of the experience of the petition-circulators.]

Guzzardi notes that ObamaDontCare has probably prompted Highmark to eliminate
100+ PA jobs, and he notes that a proposed hike in CHICAGO PROPERTY TAXES [THEY
MAY DOUBLE] has been proposed TO FUND PENSIONS; thus, other governments are
being forced to tackle what he perceives as the major problem facing Pennsylvania.
[Thus, when queried about reports that Republicans have come out in support of
legalizing gay marriage, he notes the word denotes heterosexuality and then, politely,
labors to change the discussion-topic back to fiscal management by a businessman;


emphasized is the fact that gay people need to make a living and want to pay low tax.
[One agenda-item is to explore the ability to network via the PA Freedom Network.]

Meanwhile, Guzzardi will continue to bash how Corbett made promises to the voters who voted for him
in 2010 that he would not raise taxes and increase fees. It is notable that his recent ads proclaim that
these promises had been honored with regard to the income taxation rate, but notably absent was any
defense of having raised fees. Guzzardi notes the pervasive effect of this hidden-tax [which already is @
~7 cents/gallon and is expected to rise to ~28 cents/gallon]. Such costs will be integrated, for example,
into what businesses must budget when determining transportation-overheadyielding higher prices.
And he will continue to rail against granting millions to billionaires *both people and corporations+.
It is recognized that some feel Tea Party groups are facing uphill challenges in GOP
primaries, but are upbeat about the future; such mixed-sentiments are amplified when
they hear Mitch McConnell [being primaried by Bevin, who had STRUGGLED TO EXPLAIN
A PRO-TARP LETTER] tell the New York Timesperhaps thinking of the strong fiscal
support he and establishment-GOP candidates are receiving from both Karl Rove and
the Chambers of CommerceI think we will crush them everywhere.I dont think
they will have a single nominee anywhere in the country. Guzzardi certainly shares the
fiscal-responsibility views of the TEA [Taxed Enough Already] Party Movement butjust
like he gets prickly when others advise him regarding what his themes should be
attendance @ prior TPM-events has purely been as a listener; he has not spoken at any,
while maintaining cordial relationships with all except those that are self-absorbed.

Therefore, he will be happy to receive support from them, but he will remain wary of those that are
using the TPM as a vehicle through which they channel their strongly-held social-conservatism; again,
although Guzzardi is personally pro-Life [as snippets of quotes have confirmed], he distances himself
from those who wear it on their sleevesan approach that is equally applicable to the people who
have approached him with single-issue advocacy concerns. Therefore, maintaining this self-discipline
has precluded being characterized in any particular movements corneror anything but his own man.

The issues covered at the end of the last blast *higher education, Common Core, Scott
Wagner, Paycheck-Protection, Voter Fraud, Pension Bomb, Media, and Union Violence]
have been forthrightly addressed, thereby clearing-the-way for Guzzardi to convey what
he considers to be the most urgent problems that the next governor will have to face.



The hyperlinked 2-minute video probes Obama's Year of Reckoning, as events quickly devolve in 2014;
last night, on FNCs Special Report, the question posed was whether relations with any one country
had gotten better during the past half-decade, and one panelist suggested France while others noted
unique electoral circumstances that had been more responsible [flipping to a more liberal governance]
than had BHO. Regardless, BHOs decisions will continue to be played-out on the world stage.

Our inaction in Benghazi has emboldened our enemies. When we failed to act when
Syria crossed BHOs red-line on its use of chemical weapons, Putin in Russia filled the
vacuum of leadership. Now Putin feels he can treat Obama with impunity as he goes
into the Ukraine with no tangible consequences from the U.S. Meanwhile, China, Iran,
and North Korea are watching, and the world is becoming a more dangerous place.

This is due precisely to what was suffered under Carter, liberal policies of appeasement and diplomacy.
Tyrants only understand strength and power. Obama and his political allies don't understand *or dont
want to appreciate] the nature of tyrants and hence will continue to remain weak and feckless.

When a region such as Crimea experiences strife and instability the first to come under
threat are the Jews and, on-cue, a Ukrainian rabbi told Kiev's Jews to flee city; indeed,
fearing violence against Ukraine's Jews, the Jewish community has asked Israel for
assistance with the security of the community. This is quite ironic, of course, because
there were Jews who fought for Hitler ['We did not help the Germans. We had a
common enemy'], having fought alongside them, healed them, and befriended them.
Such little-mentioned conflicts are experienced today by, for example, by Finland's Jews.

In short, when Cheney observes that Obama Has No Credibility With Allies, it is difficult to conjure how
to Punish Putin, as would be desired by Clifford May; in fact, even were there suddenly to be a
recognition of the need to reverse Americas unilateral disarmament, Paul Ryan has found, predictably,
that Obama has Negotiated in Bad Faith on Defense Cuts. In any case, Robert Fisk has noted that
Ukraines future is tied up with Syriasand Vladimir Putin is crucial to both, while Putins paid-media
consists offor examplea Russia Today Anchor who is Kremlin-Funded, Anti-Israel, 9/11 Truther.

Nationally, Regionally, Locally

The jockeying for POTUS-16 [for both parties] will continue; it would seem the Ted Cruz/Rand Paul
dichotomy/unity reverberation will continue unabated, while others strike-out on their own [Jindal,
perhaps] or ultimately choose-up-sides [Kasich, perhaps]. Rick Perry will probably fade, as Texas-$ goes
to Cruz, and Rick Santorum will have to accept his having experienced his 15-minutes of fame. Indeed,
Sarah will probably emerge as the king-maker for this arm of the party [and, perhaps, for the others],


but it is hoped the GOP will grow beyond depending upon playing-it-safe by relying on ObamaDontCare
in lieu of positing positive proposals. If/when the GOP takes-over the Senate, BHO will need to choose
his nominees [such as to the SCOTUS, should a seat open] mighty-carefully, and the issue of BHOs ego
will assuredly be the subject of enhanced scrutiny as he adjusts to lame-duck status; overhanging,
naturally, is BHOs Scandal-Sheet, although most observers would expect him to skate to 1/20/2017.
Perhaps by default, he will end-up shying away from tangential initiatives [guns, illegals], sensing that
eroding strength will increasingly prompt other Dems to hold him @ arms lengthanswering his actions
[in ignoring Congress] comparably to how a son [who had been ignored by his father, in song] ended-up
growing-up just like you, Dad *Harry Chapin, Cats in the Cradle+. It is anticipated that two themes
that havent yet been elucidated *NSA and Economy+ or updated *IRS and BenghaziGate+ will emerge
[and the media will continue to merit monitoring], but none of these issues will affect Guzzardis plans.


Sent: Friday, March 14, 2014 10:38 PM
Subject: Action-Items - LXIX [e-cigs]

This is a single-focus blast e-mail with a double Action-Itemone for Philly and one for Harrisburg.
Addressed specifically are e-cigs, which afford another method of nicotine-delivery to cigarette-addicts
that is admittedly far safer than are tobacco-products; although some of my literary flourishes infra may
appear extreme, the goal is to shake legislators into seeing a forest rather than individual trees.
Specifically, as an anti-tobacco activist for 1/3-century, I have observe the world evolve from viewing us
skeptically to perceiving us as empowered-fanatics; its time to return-to-baseline, for all stakeholders.

Philadelphia City Council should DEFEAT Bill No 140095 *which, per Bill Godshall, would
ban vaping everywhere smoking is banned (including outdoors within 20 feet of building
entrance, outdoor patios and sidewalk cafes), would require employers and managers
to enforce this unenforceable ban, would falsely redefine smokefree vaporizers as
electronic smoking devices (to further confuse and scare the public), would require
signs posted at all banned locations, would impose $300 fine for violators+;

Philadelphia City Council should AMEND Bill No 140096 [which, per Bill Godshall, would
falsely define smokefree vaporizers as electronic smoking devices, would create new
category of unapproved nicotine delivery product, would ban sales of both to minors,
would require all e-cig retailers to post intentionally deceptive signs stating: SALE OF

Pennsylvania Senate should PASS SB-1055.

To follow is a reformulation of what I have written about the current situation in Philly; essentially,
those who claim to be promoting Public Health are actually sabotaging its fundamental goal, namely,
to help individuals achieve optimal medical well-being. Why they feel compelled to corrupt how a
reasonable individual would interpret the peer-reviewed medical literature, such analysis is deferred.
Here is what I wrote to the activist-community:

I have a suggestion; lets engage in the battle-field of ideas!

I have uploaded my testimony, and its easy for everyone else to do likewise @ scribd.

I invoked this hyperlink within my comment on the piece in the Daily News [broken-up].

This contrasts with broad assertions from advocates of these bills, which are also online.


The Gentle-Reader is then empowered to compare/contrast available literature
[anecdotal] with sweeping conclusions [condemnatory]; when recognized simply as
nicotine-delivery systems, it is detrimental to a recognized-addicts best-interest to deny
him/her maximal potential-usage of e-cigs.

Indeed, ponder how truth is mangled by a conclusion in an edict based upon a false
premise, for e-cigs are NOT marketed as safewhen the justifiable, intuitive claim is
that they are safer.

Sez advocates for restrictions:

Ecigarettes should not be recommended for customers to quit smoking
or as a safe alternative to smoking.
Although they are marketed as a safe alternative to cigarettes,
these claims are untested.

THEREFORE, lets get all these data and analyses online, disseminate key-hyperlinks
among ourselves, and then present this opportunity achieve awareness to the 17
members of Phillys City Council; in the process, we can invoke what is transpiring
statewide regarding youth-access as a reasonable alternative [and, thus, as an
amendment that can be subject to a vote prior to considering adoption of these two
parent measures+.

In response to a depiction of what transpired yesterday [Committee approves adding e-cigs to public
ban on smoking+, Jimmy Mack characterized this effort as A solution looking for a problem, and
ipray4philly provided a political insight *Your Dumbocrat gubment is doing everything for you,
including controlling where you can and can't smoke your e-cigs. Don't blame me! Blame yourself for
voting them in year after year! No hope, only chains!+; this is what I wrote i *broken-up, due to length]:

It is appalling that a "nanny-state" attitude trumped all available scientific data.

Should government ban [a.k.a. "regulate"] behavior because we fear that, at some
future time, it may be found--possibly--to be harmful?


During the colloquy, witnessing the simple-mindedness of those who adhered to using
the word "smoke" to depict "vaporizing" was both contrary to all dictionary definitions
and denigrating to the memory of those who suffered death and disability from


There is not a shred of evidence to support the theory that e-cigs serve as a "gateway
drug" to teens who might subsequently pick-up tobacco; indeed, such Draconian


measures as are proposed, here, contravene the trend to liberalize the use of Medical

That's why long-term anti-tobacco activists congregated yesterday to drive some sense
into the ideologues promoting this bill.

In my case, I had first testified before the NYC Board of Estimate--a zoning entity--
against advertising on bus-stop shelters in 1979; this time, I heavily referenced the
yeoman-labor of Bill Godshall, M.P.H. [Smokefree Pennsylvania] and the dependable-
reasonableness of Gilbert Ross, M.D. [American Council on Science and Health].

E-cigs supplant disease-causing tar and carbon-monoxide with innocuous water-vapor,
'tis all.


This prompts me to feel that I am an "Alice in Wonderland" observing our unserious City
Council at-work, defying medical knowledge; perhaps the full body, "Wizards of Oz," will
recognize that "Harm Reduction" is a realistic nicotine-addiction is confronted

Far from restricting e-cigs, as a public-health tool, it would actually be desirable,
perhaps, to provide them to cigarette-smokers free-of-charge!

,It hadnt been published due to its length and usage of two hyperlinks, until edited-
down; I thank Joshua Mellman [] for having sent it back to me via
e-mail, for I had not saved a copy prior to trying to upload it [a reminder for us all!].}

In addition, the safety of e-cigs appears to have been confirmed @ Drexel, in Philly: Burstyn I. Peering
through the mist: systematic review of what the chemistry of contaminants in electronic cigarettes tells
us about health risks. BMC Public Health 2014, 14:18 doi:10.1186/1471-2458-14-18]. It was digested by
advocates for TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION (THR) *the public health strategy of encouraging smokers to
switch to low-risk alternatives like smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes. It is the only proven method for
reducing smoking below about a fifth of the population once it becomes established+ as disseminated
by the CASAA [The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association].