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GE Power & Water
Water & Process Technologies
Focus on your core business with
GEs long-term water services agreement
GE offers long-term, full-service contracts with Build-Own-
Operate (BOO) contracts, designed to put you in control of
your business by allowing GE to assist you with your plants
daily water operations. GE makes a life cycle commitment
with BOO to ensure that the required quantity and quality
of product water is delivered to your treated water tank or
process. GE provides this assurance by drawing on deep
expertise and reliability as a manufacturer of equipment
and chemical technologies used in hundreds of GE BOO
projects globally. With exible durations and robust
proven technologies, GE ensures that the quantity and
quality of water needed is safely and reliably delivered.
A GE BOO also provides customers with additional assurance.
If for some reason the BOO is not able to deliver the results
needed, GE will use the worlds largest mobile eet to
ensure contract compliance. This assurance essentially
gives our customers the benet of on-site plant redundancy
without the associated costs and complexities.
GE Water currently owns and operates hundreds of industrial
and municipal plants processing more than 60,000 m
(360 MGD) of water or wastewater around the world.
Focused in the power/steam generation, rening, chemical
processing, steel, microelectronics, desalination, and pulp and
paper industries, GE provides operations and maintenance
services for customers with water processing needs ranging
from 10-20,000 m
/hr (44-88,000 gpm). GE also has the
ability to process water from nearly any source, including
rivers, boreholes/wells, lakes, seas, waste, and industrial
processes. We treat these sources to produce water for boiler
feed, semi-conductor manufacture, food process, drinking
purposes, industrial processes, and other applications.
GE employs more than 1000 Field Service Representatives
(FSRs) globally. These hands-on technical experts provide
local service and support. GE can provide a dedicated
service technician at every customer site. We ensure our
commitment to exceeding the highest EHS standards and
to the successful worry-free operation of your plant.
Owning vs. outsourcingthe benets of
a BOO service contract
GE offers a host of options designed to assist you with your
water treatment goals. Choosing a BOO service contract
means that you are free to focus on your companys core
activities and are better able to utilize business capital. If your
business could benet from long-term reliability, predictable
economics, and an optimized water treatment system, a
BOO service and maintenance agreement could be a great
solution for you. With a BOO contract, you are in control
of your contract termanywhere from one to 20 years.
When compared to the traditional approach to water treatment
systems, BOO just makes sense. In the traditional approach,
you invest capital in non-revenue producing assets. Since you
have merely purchased the water treatment equipment, you
also have the responsibility of developing a conceptual design,
paying for site audits, hiring an EPC rm, issuing RFPs, evaluating
bids, installing the equipment, and operating and maintaining
it. You assume all risk for budget over-runs, schedule delays,
operational upsets, maintenance, and variable feedwater.
Normally, you receive a one- or two-year warranty that is on
materials and workmanship only. With a BOO contract, you
save capital to invest in revenue producing assets; and GE helps
you meet your business objectives through a performance-
based service contract at a predetermined pricewithout any
of the drawbacks associated with the traditional approach.
Let GE specify, design, and install the equipment for your new
project. At the same time, we can replace outdated equipment
in your existing plant, improve your operating expense by
process upgrade, or help you increase your plants production
capacity. With a BOO contract, you not only get the system
design and support you need, you will also have GEs expertise in
equipment, chemicals, consumables, maintenance, and service
to ensure your plants treated water quality and quantity. With
minimal capital investment, predictable cash outow timing,
and hands-off operations, you will be able to focus on growing
your business, all while transferring much of the risk to GE.
GEs industrial BOO expertiseall you need
to run a successful water treatment plant
GE has the technologies, systems, and experience to help our customers meet their operational, environmental, and
protability goals. Leveraging our broad expertise, vast portfolio, and the largest available eet, GE can guarantee quality
and quantity, utilize your existing resources, and maintain our commitment to environmental, health, and safety excellence.
We also provide on-site pilot testing, bench-top testing, installation, commissioning, and emergency service. GE is also
focused on chemical treatment designed to provide you with solutions to your odor, corrosion, scaling, and microbiological
concerns. Each BOO contract is as unique as the water we treat. Let us design the BOO contract that works best for you.
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Here are a few of our success stories
PowerUnited States
Challenge: A U.S. power producer needed to reduce
hazardous chemicals required for ion exchange
regeneration at nine sites, and replace an aging
demineralizer system with limited capital investment.
Solution: A 200-400 gpm (45-91 m
/h) system to produce
demineralized water was used for boiler makeup utilizing
pretreatment, reverse osmosis, electrodeionization, and
mixed beds regenerated at a GE Service Center.
Results: A 15-year BOO that reduces operating costs and
improves technical performance.
ReningUnited Kingdom
Challenge: A new bioethanol renery needed a clean water
supply because city water expansion was not available.
Solution: 247 gpm (56 m
/hr) of lagoon condensate
was reprocessed using GEs ZeeWeed 500 ultraltration
Results: A 14-year BOO that provides the renery with an
alternate clean water source.
Challenge: The renery needed to replace its hot lime
softener for environmental reasonsthe system was
overproducing sludge.
Solution: A 500,000 GPD (79 m
/hr) containerized system
was used.
Results: A 10-year BOO that replaced the hot lime system
softener and meets environmental compliance.
Water Reclamation and ReuseMiddle East
Challenge: There was an insufcient quantity of water for
irrigation and human consumption.
Solution: GE puried 100 MGD (378,500 m
/d) of wastewater
to be used for irrigation so that the limited fresh water could
be used for drinking.
Results: A 30-year BOO that provides an alternate water
source for irrigation, reserving the fresh water supply for
human consumption.
As a testament to GEs full commitment to both service and EHS, GE experiences an excellent renewal rate on expiring global BOO
contracts. GEs BOO projects provide customers with limited capital expenditure, reduced operating costs, and improved technical
performance. GE representatives perform site surveys using technical and economic models to show you the value of a BOO. If
you would like more information about how a BOO contract can optimize your water treatment plant, contact your local GE Water
representative, visit us at or contact us through the numbers below: