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Leading in Diversity Empowering Communities and Changing Lives

Volume 11 Number 15
The Michigan Banner
August 16, 2014
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
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Celebrating 11 years of Positive News!
saginaw NaacP Freedom Fund
Dinner 2014 honorees announced
Saginaw - The Saginaw County
Branch of the National Association
for the Advancement of Colored
People (NAACP) will hold its 44th
Annual Freedom Fund Banquet on
Sunday, September 28, 2014,
6 p.m., at the Horizons Conference Center, 6200 State
Street in Saginaw. The banquet theme is NaacP:
all in for Justice and equality.
Four individuals will share in the honors during
the 44th Annual Freedom Fund Banquet; they are
Patricia Franklin-Lindsey, Chemical Bank; Gerald
Kariem, United Auto Workers; Renee Johnston,
Saginaw Community Foundation; and Rev. P. David
Saunders, Bethel A.M.E. Church.
Tyrek Brown, Saginaw winner of the 36th Annual
National Afro-Academic, cultural, Technological,
and scientific olympics (acT-so) Competition
will also be recognized during the program. He won
a Silver Medal in Computer Science and a Bronze
Medal in Physics during ACT-SO competitions during
the NAACP national convention held in Las Vegas,
NV in July. Tyrek Brown is a Saginaw Public
School District 10th grade student attending Saginaw
Arts and Sciences Academy.
The Rev Jonathan C. Augustine, J.D. will be the
keynote speaker. Rev. Augustine is senior pastor of St.
Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church (AMEC) in
New Orleans. He is a bi-vocational minister, public
theologian, author, and social justice advocate.
The 5 p.m. opening business reception will
recognize more than 30 young African American
business, medical, and education professionals in the
greater Saginaw area.
Tickets to the 44th Annual Freedom Fund Banquet
are $60.00 for adults. Tickets may be obtained by
calling the Saginaw County NaacP branch office
The President of the Saginaw Branch of the
NaacP is Leola Wilson. The Freedom Fund
Banquet is chaired by Odail Thorns.
The NaacP, founded in New York in 1909 and
headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland is a 501(c) 3
entity comprised of seven regions representing 49
states, five countries and the District of Columbia.
The NaacP ensures the political, educational, social
and economic equality of minority group citizens
through democratic processes.
Gerald Kariem
United Auto Workers
Renee Johnston
Saginaw Community Foundation
Rev. P. David Saunders
Bethel A.M.E. Church
Patricia Franklin-Lindsey
Chemical Bank
1400 W. Genesee saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475
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The Michigan Banner
August 16, 2014
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
August 16, 2014
The Michigan Banner
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First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
The Michigan Banner
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Ludington - Its the end of a high-flying era at two west
Michigan state parks. After 17 years at Mears State Park
and 12 years at Ludington State Park, Air Fun Kites of
Pentwater, Michigan, offered its final Kite Night Aug. 4
at Ludington State Park. Mike and Susan Castor, owners of
Air Fun Kites, began the program in 1997, helping campers
of all ages to build and fly their kites on the shore of Lake
Since the program began, the Castors provided free
materials and instruction for visitors to make a total of
17,866 kites. The couple is now entering retirement, but
their Kite Nights at the parks have left many campers and
park staff with fond memories.
Mike and Sue have given generations of families a
wonderful gift of happiness and memories through kite
making and flying, said Allan Wernette, interpreter at
Ludington State Park. Our staff and visitors will certainly
miss their generosity and love for making children happy
ages 3 to 103. The Castors helped to give Ludington State Park its outstanding reputation as one of
Michigans favorite state parks.
In 2014, each park hosted four Kite Nights, with a total of 715 participants. The last program of
the season brought in the highest participation this year, with 141 kites made during one Kite Night.
Air Fun Kites is a family business that has
changed the lives of a lot of people, Mears
State Park Explorer Guide Clayton Breiler said.
I will forever have the lyrics of Lets Go Fly
a Kite in my head, thanks to Kite Nights.
Jim Gallie, supervisor at Ludington State
Park, agreed the Castors have had a lasting
impact on park visitors.
Ive had the opportunity to see Mike and
Susan in action for the past ten years while
managing at both Mears and Ludington state
parks, Gallie said. They are truly special
people. Theyve shared their love for kites
and the Lake Michigan shoreline breezes
that power them with thousands of kids and
parents. They helped make camping at Mears
and Ludington a special experience for these
families. Were going to miss working with
them, but wish them a happy retirement.
Kite shop owners Retire after 17 years of
Free Kite Making Programs at state Parks
Photo Credit: Michigan DNR
Air Fun Kites owners Mike and Susan
Castor provided kitemaking equipment
and instruction, free of charge, to Mears
and Ludington state park visitors for more
than a decade.
Kite Night participant making memories

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The Michigan Banner
August 16, 2014
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
1400 W. Genesee saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475
celebrating african culture in the Great Lakes Bay Region
By Chet Allen
During the month of August, Saginaw
celebrates the rich African heritage at Saginaws
African Cultural Festival, held at Morley School
Park, 2601 Lapeer.
In times past, participants have traveled
from around the world to participate, and at
this years 46th year of celebration, the festival
was alive with renewed energy and growth that
included youth and a larger diverse audience in
The festivities included the usual storytelling
and historical graphics, and there were many
activities of what some would call old school
fun with games of jacks, double-dutch, four-
square, and unique form of bingo.
The crowd pleasing Ultimate Taste Band
of Muskegon performed Friday and Saturday
evenings along with a jazz combo with bassist
Roland Williams of Midland leading.
There was the timeless art of spoken-word,
mime and modern-dance presentations by groups
and individuals including The Sophisticated
Divas and solo presenter Kamahria Crittle.
Sunday began with praise and worship
service conducted by Elder Kareem J. Bowen,
of the Potters Touch Ministries, in Saginaw, and
later featured the singing voice of the extremely
talented, Gwen Goodman, and her praise team.
I closed the final day of the festival with a
short, smooth jazz set on saxophone.
The planning committee has greater plans
for 2015 and expects the festival to continue to
attract even more participants from the Mid-
Michigan area to walk in the memories of the
culture and to create new ones for the next
Jazz Combo with Roland Williams Leading
Saxophonist Chet Allen
Ultimate Taste Band
Kamahria Crittle performs an interpretive dance Vocalist Gwen Goodman ( in green) with Candy Cork
Courtesy Photos
Leading in Diversity Vamos Adelante
Volume 2 Number 15
The Latino Banner
August 16, 2014
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Latino Newspaper
1400 W. Genesee saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475 The Latino Banner
Detroit - Great Lakes Bay
Region resident, Roxanne Chantaca,
gives an inspiring performance at
Comerica Park as she sings for the
9th annual Fiesta Tigres celebration
commemorating the contribution of
Hispanic baseball players.
This is the third time I have been
honored to sing the American national
anthem before a Fiesta Tigres game,
said Chantaca.
Photos Credit: Rochelle Chantaca
The players begin to take the field before ceremony and
the national anthem.
Roxanne Chantaca sings the national anthem.
Roxanne Chantaca with family at the celebration.
1400 W. Genesee saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475 The Latino Banner

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The Latino Banner
August 16, 2014
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with or conflicts with the mission of the newspaper.
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TeaM sBa Financing Roundtable
University Center The Small Business Administration and the
Michigan Small Business Development Center Great Lakes Bay Region
will offer a free TEAM SBA - Financing Roundtable at Delta College,
1961 Delta Road, Rm. H113 in the H Wing, University Center on
Thursday, Sept. 18 from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.
Before you apply for a business loan, we recommend that you first
attend a TEAM SBA Financing Roundtable on small business lending.
The roundtables are a free orientation session conducted by local
lenders, a business consultant from the SBAs network of Michigan
Small Business Development Centers, and an SBA representative.
The roundtable will debunk the myths and demystify the process
of small business financing; explain how the lending process works
and what is expected of you; and explain how the SBA can assist local
lenders with its SBA Guaranteed Loan Program.
This forum is best-suited to those serious about seeking financing
for their business, have good credit, a solid business idea, and some
money to invest in their business. Because the SBA does not provide
loan guarantees to real estate investment firms, including purchasing
and rehabbing houses for sale, this type of financing is not discussed at
the roundtable.
For more information and to register for seminars visit www. or call 989. 686-9597. Roundtable sponsors are
Delta College, Small Business Administration, SBA Certified local
lenders and the Michigan Small Business Development Center Great
Lakes Bay. Entrepreneurs and small business owners are encouraged
to access the services of the SBDC Great Lakes Bay Region (serving
Arenac, Bay, Midland, and Saginaw counties).
The Michigan Small Business Development Center provides expert
business assistance to help Michigan businesses raise capital, develop
business plans and export strategies, and commercialize technologies.
The Michigan SBDC State Headquarters is located at Grand
Valley State University, Seidman College of Business in Grand Rapids,
Michigan small business owners may access the Michigan SBDC
services by contacting 616.331.7480 or
August 16, 2014
The Latino Banner
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Vamos adelante
1400 W. Genesee saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475 The Latino Banner
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The Latino Banner
August 16, 2014
Vamos adelante
1400 W. Genesee saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475 The Latino Banner
August 16, 2014
The Michigan Banner
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First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
1400 W. Genesee saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475
Saginaw - Herbert A. Spence, Jr. is remem-
bered as a man of dedication in the business
world, and for the great humanitarian accom-
plishments he participated in so people in the
communities would have better lives.
Herb Spence, Jr. helped Saginaw Habitat
for Humanity build its first 61 houses as an all-
volunteer organization, said Cameron Brady,
executive director of Saginaw Shiawassee
Habitat for Humanity.
Spence Jr., 84, died Tuesday, July 22, at his
Born April 15, 1930, in Saginaw, he began
his distinguished career with his familys busi-
ness, Spence Brothers as a part-time summer
laborer in Grayling. After his graduation from
University of Michigan in 1953, he returned to
work full time until 1990, serving as company
president for 11 years.
During his 45-year career, Herb was the
senior member of the third generation of the
Spence office and was the estimator and project
manager for hundreds of major projects includ-
ing the $35 million Ann Arbor Wastewater Treat-
ment Plant, the companys largest contract of his
At the age of 61, he decided to retire from
business to lead and work at Habitat as the vol-
unteer executive director of Habitat for Human-
ity. If he hadnt been here at that time, things
wouldnt be the same as they are today, Brady
Spence Jr. was the recipient of the presti-
gious Spirit of Saginaw award from the Saginaw
County Chamber of Commerce in 1996, and was
inducted into the Michigan Construction Hall of
Fame in 2010.
He was a member of St. Johns Episcopal
Church where he served as Senior Warden, Ves-
try, lay reader and Eucharistic minister. He was
a former member of both the Saginaw Country
Club and the Saginaw Club.
Spence Jr. is survived by his wife, Mary,
four children, eight grandchildren and two great-
Intersection of Business & Wealth
Page 10
The Michigan Banner
August 16, 2014
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
1400 W. Genesee saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475
Businessman and community Volunteer Remembered
Herbert A. Spence, Jr.
Photo courtesy of Saginaw Habitat for Humanity
and Spence Brothers
New York The General Motors Foundation
recently donated $25,000 to the National CARES
Mentoring Movement to help fund critical men-
toring programs for black youth in challenging
environments nationwide.
Funds from the GM Foundation will also
help ensure that nearly 60 volunteer-based local
CARES affiliates receive ongoing training to
implement responsive education programs.
CARES mentoring teams include a mix of
professionals literacy tutors, retired teachers,
psychologists, social workers, health experts
along with an intergenerational group of vol-
unteer mentors. Through this diverse network,
students receive tutoring, academic and career
advice, along with strategies for managing chal-
lenges and living healthy, purpose driven lives.
As corporate and community leaders, we
have a responsibility to guide, teach and encour-
age the next generation, said GM Foundation
President Vivian Pickard. We share CARES
passion to provide resources and programs that
aim to strengthen young minds and instill hope
in our nations future leaders.
The National CARES Mentoring Movement
was founded in 2005 by Susan L. Taylor with
the goal of addressing illiteracy among children
in African American communities and providing
solutions to help students reach their fullest po-
tential academically and personally.
It would be impossible to overstate the grat-
itude CARES feels toward the GM Foundation.
The consistent commitment the Foundation has
shown to our precious children not only serves as
a corporate model, but as assurance that the most
vulnerable ones among us will not be left be-
hind, said Susan L. Taylor, CEO of the National
CARES Mentoring Movement and Editor-in-
Chief Emerita of Essence Magazine.
CARES has a robust national reach, which
includes a network of dedicated members who
mentor over 190,000 children annually. In 2013,
86 percent of youth involved with CARES stated
that they felt more engaged in school, and 94
percent indicated that they felt more confident
they will succeed academically.
Source: The Michigan Chronicle
GM Foundation Donates $25,000 to National caRes to support youth Mentoring Program
By AJ Williams
august is Black Business Month
When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world. George Washington Carver

1400 W. Genesee saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475
August 16, 2014
The Michigan Banner
Page 11
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
yeo & yeos amy R. Buben Receives Women to Watch award
from the Michigan association of certified Public accountants
Saginaw - Yeo & Yeo
is pleased to announce that
the Michigan Association of
Certified Public Accountants
(MICPA) named Amy R.
Buben, CPA, CFE, senior
manager, a recipient of its
2014 Women to Watch
Emerging Leader Award.
The MICPAs Womens Initiatives Task
Force chose three recipients from nominees
across Michigan in each of the two award
categories: established leaders (professionals
who have advanced to a higher leadership
position within their organization) and emerging
leaders (professionals who have made significant
contributions to the accounting profession and
the community, and are progressing toward the
highest levels of advancement).
This award recognizes Amys contributions
to the CPA profession, her demonstration
of leadership and her commitment to the
community. Amy has the unique ability to take
on complex problems and work through them
to get the answer quickly. She is a positive role
model and an energetic ambassador for Yeo &
Yeo in the community. We are extremely proud
of Amy, says Thomas E. Hollerback, president
& CEO of Yeo & Yeo.
Buben started with Yeo & Yeo in 2006
and now serves as senior manager in Yeo &
Yeos business management advisory services
department. She is also a co-leader of the
firms Manufacturing Services Group and a
member of the firms Business Valuation &
Litigation Support Group. Amy is an accredited
Certified Fraud Examiner specializing in fraud
investigation and prevention. Other areas
of expertise include managerial consulting,
financial reporting, and tax planning and
Buben is a member of the Association
of Certified Fraud Examiners, Inforum -
Great Lakes Bay Region and the Michigan
Manufacturers Association. She is an
Ambassador for the Saginaw County Chamber
of Commerce, a board member and volunteer for
Junior Achievement of Northeast Michigan, and
a graduate of Leadership Saginaw and Saginaw
County 1,000 Leaders.
The MICPA announced the winners on
June 19 at the Womens Leadership Breakfast
in Auburn Hills, Mich., and the awards will be
presented at the 2014 MICPA Awards Dinner on
September 30 in West Bloomfield, Mich.
Amy R. Buben
saginaw county chamber of commerce
Welcome to the chamber!
a clean cigarette
3055 Bay Rd., #1
Saginaw, MI 48603
a clean cigarette
6515 State St. (inside
Pay-Per-Klip Salon)
Saginaw, MI 48603
a clean cigarette
4787 Bay Rd. (inside
Fashion Square Mall)
Saginaw, MI 48604
1000 businesses strong:
are yoU a member?
or 989 757-2112
for more information.
Midland The Michigan Small Business
Development Center Great Lakes Bay Region
will offer a Starting a Business seminar at the
Grace A. Dow Memorial Library at 1710 W. St.
Andrews in Midland on Thursday, September 4,
from 6 p m to 8:30 p m for free.
This seminar is designed for individuals
who are considering self-employment and those
who may be at the beginning stages of starting
a business. Delivered in a seminar format, this
introductory session helps aspiring entrepre-
neurs assess their abilities.
For more information about Michigan
SBDC, go to or call
(989) 686-9597. Pre-registration is required.
starting a Business
effort only fully releases its reward
after a person refuses to quit.
Napoleon hill
Page 12
The Michigan Banner
August 16, 2014
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
1400 W. Genesee saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475
Know your Numbers
Five Keys to Understanding Financial Statements to Maximize Cash Flow and Increase Access to Capital
University Center - The Michigan Small
Business Development Center Great Lakes
Bay Region is pleased to offer a financial
tools workshop at Delta College. Know Your
Numbers is a state wide program, sponsored
by Fifth Third Bank, designed to help the non-
financial business owner/manager understand
financial statements to achieve Fiscal Fitness,
and improve the ability to access the capital
businesses need for growth.
The five key topics include:
Identifying problems using your
balance sheet and income statement
Providing ways to increase your
companys cash flow
Using breakeven analysis to improve
Planning the working capital to
support your growth
How to keep your lender on your side
Recently I attended a seminar called Know
Your Numbers that was held by our local SBDC
Great Lakes Bay Region. In a word...Wow! I
have been to numerous seminars that tell you
what you should do to improve your business
but very rarely have I attended one that actually
gave you the tools and told you how to go about
it. This seminar is a must for all small business
owners. Kathie Fuce-Hobohm - SPACE, Inc.
The Know Your Numbers workshop will
be held at Delta College, H Wing, 1961 Delta
Road, University Center on Wednesday, August
20, with networking and continental breakfast
from 8 to 8:30 a.m. and workshop 8:30 a.m. to
12:30 p.m. no cost to attend thanks to Fifth Third
Bank. Pre-registration is required online at www. (search topic is Finance
and Accounting or call (989) 686-9597 for more
National Black Business Month co-Founders Discuss how to increase economic Growth
Ca. - On the eve of Augusts 11th annual
National Black Business Month, co-founders,
Frederick E. Jordan Sr. and John William
Templeton discussed how to increase economic
growth in Black neighborhoods at a meeting
of San Francisco Travels Diversity Advisory
Jordan noted the 31 Ways 31 Days
strategy that urges all to visit at least one Black
business each day of August.
Since they started National Black Business
Month in 2004, it has been featured in such
media as Black Enterprise Magazine.
Franchising as a Business ownership option
Midland - Linda Belford, franchise
placement specialist from FranNet, will bust
some common franchise myths, and enlighten
you on the wide-range of categories and
investment levels available today.
She will also discuss the various entry
strategies available in the world of franchising,
ranging from single unit owner/operator to
semi-absentee investor to regional developer.
The seminar on September 9, 10 a.m. to 12
p.m. will be held at the MidMichigan Innovation
Center, 2007 Austin St., Suite M, in Midland.
10 a.m. to 12 p.m., at the MidMichigan
Innovation Center, 2007 Austin St., Suite M, in
For additional information and to register
visit, or call 989.839.2333.
United Way of Bay county Names Marybeth Laisure to serve as ceo and executive Director
Bay City - The
United Way of Bay
County has named
Marybeth Laisure
to serve as its new
Chief Executive
Officer and Executive
Director. The Board of
Directors approved the
appointment at a special
meeting on Tuesday,
August 5.
Marybeth has spent the majority of her life
in Bay County, attended TL Handy High School,
and graduated from Saginaw Valley with a
degree in Sociology.
After 23 years at The Bay Area Family
YMCA, with Associate Director being the last
held position, Marybeth shifted her career focus
to eliminating childhood hunger, and became the
Director of Michigan Hunger Solutions, an anti-
hunger advocate for children.
Other community achievements for
Marybeth include; Past President of Bay County
Master Gardeners, Past President of Kiwanis
and member since 1997, 1997 graduate of
Leadership Bay County and current Secretary of
the Michigan After school Partnership.
I am very excited about this opportunity to
build strong relationships with the UW Partner
Agencies as well as to be a part of Bay Countys
hub for Human Services as we continue to
improve the lives of the residents in this
community. Marybeth avowed after accepting
the position.
Ellen Talbott, United Way President,
McLaren Bay Region is very comfortable
with the decision of the search committee.
Marybeth has a very broad and diverse
background in both fundraising and human
services, as well as an excellent standing in
our community. I am confident that she will
lead our organization in the right direction and
continue to strengthen the foundation of Bay
Laisure will begin her position at United
Way as CEO/Executive Director effective
August 25, 2014. She replaces Mike Dewey,
who resigned in July to take a position with
the Mid-Michigan Community Advancement
Marybeth Laisure
1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475 1400 W. Genesee saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475
August 16, 2014
The Michigan Banner
Page 13
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
Football and social security
By Vonda VanTil,
Social Security Public Affairs Specialist
Grand Rapids - Good
coaching and a great play-
book can make all the dif-
ference in the world for
a winning football team.
Fail to create a sound game
plan, and youre likely to
miss opportunities and fall
The same is true for retirementexcept you
call the plays, including when to retire and how
much to save. If you walk onto the retirement
field without a game plan, you may have to work
longer than you had hoped. You certainly dont
want to find yourself unable to have the comfort-
able retirement you envisioned.
You may have to call your own financial plays,
but Social Security has tools to help you. We can
help you decide what options might be successful
in any situation you may find yourself in.
For example, how much can you expect to
get from Social Security? How much more could
you get if you worked a year longer? Two years?
What about your spouse, if you are married? And
are you saving enough in addition to your ex-
pected Social Security benefits?
By simply visiting,
you can get answers to all of these questions.
You will find several financial planning tools,
including our easy-to-use and secure Retirement
Estimator. You can use it to get quick retirement
estimates based upon your own earnings record.
Its like training camp for financial planning.
All you have to do is provide some informa-
tion about yourself to verify who you are for
security purposesyour name, Social Security
number, date and place of birth, your mothers
maiden name, and an estimate of your last years
earnings. The Retirement Estimator will then
create Social Security benefit estimates based on
your entire career earnings record.
The Retirement Estimator shows what you
could receive in Social Security benefits if you
retire at age 62, what you could receive at your
full retirement age, and what you could receive if
you work until age 70.
Interested in other play options, such as what
will happen if you made more money in the fu-
ture? Or if you want to stop work at a different
age than the three we show you? You can try out
alternate game plans using the Retirement Esti-
mator if you change your mind about your initial
retirement plans.
The last thing you want to do is depend on a
Hail Mary pass when it comes to your retire-
ment. With a good game plan, you will score a
retirement touchdown.
Remember what one of footballs most ac-
complished and respected coaches, Vince Lom-
bardi, said: Theres only one way to succeed
in anything, and that is to give it everything.
so give everything you have to developing the
playbook for your retirement. and the best
place to begin your game plan for a successful
retirement is at
Vonda VanTil is the public affairs specialist
for West Michigan. You can write her c/o Social
Security Administration, 3045 Knapp St NE,
Grand Rapids MI 49525 or via email at vonda.
Vonda VanTil
Sam Parker
Finance Manager
Garber Chrysler
Youll Do Better at
Better Car Buying Experience
4 Garber Locations in the Great Lakes Bay Region
Garbers Exclusive 3 Day Return Policy Garbers Exclusive 3 Day Return Policy
See dealer for complete details.
5330 Bay Road - Saginaw
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August 16, 2014
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
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Phone (989) 667-2000 Ext 341
Direct (989) 460-0341
Fax (989) 667-0103
Labadie Buick Cadillac GMC
711 S. Euclid Ave. Bay City, MI 48706
Terry Reed
Sales Professional
Used Cars
A special thanks to
all of my customers.
I appreciate each
one of you.
senior Wins statewide employee of the year honor
Spring Arbor - When Spring Arbor University Radio
faced a time of need due to maternity leaves of two em-
ployees, senior Eric Iden stepped up to help fill the void.
SAU Radio benefited from his commitment so much
that his supervisor, Tonya Hernandez, nominated him for
Spring Arbor Universitys annual Student Employee of
the Year award. After taking top honors, the university
entered him into the statewide Midwest Association of
Student Employment Administrators (MASEA) competi-
tion, which he also won.
When I heard I received this award, I was humbled. Ive always had the
mindset of doing my job to the best of my ability and never thought anything
of it, says Iden.
As on-air personality for and production assistant for SAU
Radio, Iden plays an important role at the radio station. He has a two-hour
show every weeknight on I get to share stories and pass on
important information our listeners may need. I am also the production
assistant and one of a few sports broadcasters at SAU. I am in charge of
broadcasting mens basketball games for SAU Radio. This means I go to the
games and either broadcast the play-by-play or color commentary with one
other coworker, says Iden.
The contest is sponsored by MASEA, a non-profit, professional orga-
nization comprised of administrators and counselors from post-secondary
institutions who are involved in securing employment opportunities for stu-
dents. Idens state recognition marks the first time a Spring Arbor University
student has won since the Student Employee of the Year program began in
1995. Iden competed with 74 student employees from other colleges like
Michigan State University, Grand Rapids Community College and more.
Iden was honored thanks to characteristics he displayed in several cat-
egories including reliability, quality of work, initiative, professionalism and
uniqueness of contribution. Eric stood out because of his charisma and at-
titude. We look for any attributes that stick out. Students who see a bigger
picture and make it easier for others to work, says Deb Scripter, director of
student employment and MASEA member.
According to Hernandez, Iden possesses those characteristics and then
some. Students often show interest in one or two aspects of radio and focus
their energy into that specific area. After his first couple of years working
with us and focusing on his DJ skills, Eric decided he wanted to learn more.
He wanted to know everything about radio. He took it upon himself to im-
prove his sports play-by-play abilities, but also asked for more responsibility
and training other off-air radio duties. He quickly learned several produc-
tion procedures and started gaining more production duties as part of his job
with us, says Hernandez.
Outside of his regular work with us, Eric has taken the initiative to
mentor other students in their roles with us. Oftentimes, students will refer-
ence something they learned because, Eric stopped in the studio the other
night and told me, says Hernandez.
One of my favorite parts about working here is I have been mentored
the whole time by my amazing bosses and really have learned so much from
them, both as professionals in the workforce and through my interactions
outside of work. I also love working with other students and watching them
grow as broadcasters as well, says Iden.
Iden, a youth ministry major who graduated in May, plans to work as the
teaching pastor at the Allen United Methodist Church.
Eric Iden
Spencers Restaurant
5530 Gratiot Road,
between M-47 & Center Rd. in Saginaw
M-F Open for Lunch 11:30 a.m.
Sat Open at 5 p.m.
Spencer Dambro, Owner
1400 W. Genesee saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475
August 16, 2014
The Michigan Banner
Page 15
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
Business Directory
The Law Offces of Alan A. Crawford PLLC
Alan A. Crawford, Attorney At Law
615 Griswold Ste. 1215, Detroit, MI 48226
803 Court Street, Saginaw, MI 48602
313.556.2487 (Fax)
Michael L. Oakes, Attorney At Law
2811 E. Genesee
Saginaw, MI 48601
Labadie Olds
711 S. Euclid
Bay City, MI 48706
Terry Reed
Sales Professional
989-667-2000 Ext. 341
Direct 989-460-0341
Fax 989-667-0103
McDonald Pontiac-GMC, Inc.
5155 State Street Saginaw, MI 48603
Leon V. Washington
Sales & Leasing Professional
Saginaw Valley Ford Lincoln
4201 Bay Road
Saginaw, MI 48603
Parys Liddell
Sales Consultant-Lincoln Certifed
Auto Detail
Morningstar Auto Detail Shop
306 East Remington Street
Saginaw, MI 48601
Lighthouse Bakery
285 S. Outer Drive Saginaw, MI 48601
989-754-7088 Fax 989-754-7099
Sweet Creations
Owner Anesha Stanley
Address: 116 N. Michigan Avenue
Phone: 989-797-6727
Banquet Facilities
Rowan - West Facility
1400 W. Genesee
Saginaw, Michigan 48602
Illusions Beauty Salon
Valerie King
1400 W. Genesee Street
Saginaw, MI 48602
Imani Beauty Salon
Felicia Thomas
212 Federal Ave. (Downtown)
Saginaw, MI 48601
Refections of U Too
Louise McKinnie, Owner
2103 Sheridan Ave.
Saginaw, Michigan 48601
Sports Barbershop
1400 W. Genesee
Saginaw, Michigan 48602
Unique Cuts & Massage
1502 Court Street
Saginaw, MI 48602
Unique Cuts II
3125 E. Holland
Saginaw, MI 48601
Business Solutions
The Growth Coach
Cal Talley, Owner
293 Provincial Ct. #78 48602
Cleaning Services
Extreme Carpet & Upholstery
William & Denise Murphy - Owners
Commercial & Residential
Janitorial Services
Best Choice
Floor Maintenance & Carpet Cleaning
Community Centers and Services
First Ward Community Services
1410 N. 12th Street
Saginaw, Michigan 48601
EnviCare Consulting, Inc.
Billy J. Strawter, Sr., President
2809 Blairmont Drive
Midland, MI 48622
Jack W. Nash, DDS
Cosmetic and
Restorative Dentistry
1320 S. Washington Ave.
Saginaw, Michigan 48601
Where Did U Get That Hat?
Specialize in Custom Designs
Sundays Best
Yvonne Ellison/Milliner
Phone 989-529-4193
City of Saginaw
Block Grant & Rehab Program
1315 S. Washington Avenue, Room
Saginaw, MI 48601
Saginaw Economic Development Corporation
Shontaye Bibbs
1315 S. Washington Avenue, Room 207
Saginaw, MI 48601
Erikas Flowers
214 Federal Ave.
Saginaw, MI 48607
Food & Dining
Spencers Route 46
Spence Dambro
5530 Gratiot
Saginaw, MI 48638
Funeral Homes
Deisler Funeral Home
2233 Hemmeter Rd.
Saginaw, MI 48603
TBF Graphics Digital
803 S. Washington Ave.
Saginaw, Michigan 48601
Heating and Cooling
Azola Williams
989-755-8650 Business
989-233-3295 Cell
Home Health Care Services
Comforcare Home Care
320 S. Washington Ave. Ste. 202
Saginaw, MI 48607
E.B. Studio
212 Washington Ave.
Saginaw, MI 48607

David Hall
Crimiel Publications LLC
POB 20061
Saginaw, Michigan 48602
Brother Arthurs Fish & More
2522 E. Genesee
Saginaw, MI 48601
Rite Spot
1205 Lapeer
Saginaw, MI 48601
Savoy Bar & Grill
127 S. Franklin Street
Saginaw, MI 48607
2203 E. Genesee
Saginaw, MI 48601
Shoe Repair
Morgans Shoe Repair
308 Federal Ave.
Saginaw, MI 48607
Tax Services
Robert McDuffy Tax & Accounting
Service/ERO e-fle
2127 Ledyard
Saginaw, MI 48601
Business - 989-443-0115
Fax 989-752-1467
Advertisers Are Talking 24/7 Around The Great Lakes Bay Region And Beyond @ www.themichiganbanner.
com! To Join The Conversation Contact The Sales Staff at 989.753.3475, or

1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475
Page 16
The Michigan Banner
August 16, 2014
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
Saginaw County Youth Making a Difference
The Saginaw Community Foundation
Summer Youth Program is continuing to
empower communities and create jobs for
the Saginaw County youth with community
partners, Mexican American Council, STRIVE,
The Michigan Banner, Victorious Believers
Ministries, and World Outreach.
Throughout the program the participants
earn money while learning work ethic and skills,
as well as, natural resource based recreation
activity skills.
The youth will also participate in the
planting of vegetable gardens to be distributed to
the community at the end of the program.
Saginaw Community Foundation Summer Youth Program Participants:
L-R, Front Ashley Wheeler, Site Supervisor; Glenda Buckley, Site Supervisor; Geraldine McKinnie, Program
Manager; Dawn Hughey, Volunteer; Ramona DeLeon, Site Supervisor.
L-R, Back Zakyia Young, Site Supervisor; Carmen Hamilton, Volunteer; Calvin Talley, Curriculum Director;
Raymond DeLeon, Site Coordinator; Patricia Gaines, Volunteer. Missing from the photo-Pastor Hurley Coleman, Jr.,
Site Coordinator; Sandra Coleman, Site Supervisor; Kenyatta Pryor, Site Coordinator; Inez Williams, Site Coordinator;
Corey Pritchett, Site Supervisor.
Saginaw Community Foundation Youth Photo Credit: The Michigan Banner Photos/Lacresha Lincoln

August 16, 2014
The Michigan Banner
Page 17
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475
Photo Credit: The Michigan Banner Photos/Lacresha Lincoln
Page 18
The Michigan Banner
August 16, 2014
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475
Painting Poem
As the brush hits the page,
with vicarious color,
colors of hurt and pride,
of envy and of pain.
The lookers eyes,
see as though rain,
is distorting
the message.
The message,
what is the message?
is the looking glass that the
lookers eyes use as a guide,
to find whatever they are seeking
metaphorically speaking.
If you and I filled our hands
with liquid color.
You on the left,
I on the right,
and threw our hands onto the canvas of life
would our paintings reveal the same?
Or is the thought of replication inane?
Though our paintings may be parallel,
our thoughts are perpendicular.
And the madness that tries to kill individuality
insists that our paintings be similar.
That we blend,
till we change,
into the men and women of a mundane world.
But difference is a gift,
a promise,
we should use to lift up one another.
So continue to throw your paint
while I throw mine.
Dare to color outside the lines,
dare to find the find,
that makes
YOURS different than MINE.
Copyright 2014 Michigan Banner Outreach
August 16, 2014
The Michigan Banner
Page 19
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475
Central Michigan College of Medicine Second Class Ready To Go
Mount Pleasant - Noting that caring, char-
acter, curiosity and a sense of community are
qualities that led them to the Central Michigan
University College of Medicine, Interim Dean
Linda Perkowski welcomed 104 incoming medi-
cal students recently at a traditional ceremony
where the future doctors received their white
You are joining the large community of
CMU and a community of physicians, she said.
We hope you wear these white coats with pride
and honor.
The white-coat ceremony signals the com-
mitment students make on their way to becom-
ing primary-care physicians. At 104 students, the
second class is larger than the inaugural class of
64, and it was selected from more than 3,000 ap-
plicants. Ninety percent of the incoming students
have ties to the state of Michigan.
Dr. Sarah Yonder, the assistant dean of stu-
dent affairs for the College of Medicine and a
physician with CMUs University Health Ser-
vices, gave the keynote address. She encouraged
students to focus on patients, family, friends
and themselves as they move through medical
The connections with your fellow class-
mates are important to nourish, too, she said.
Some of you will form friendships here that
will span your lifetime. Please support each
other and learn from one another.
Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Joel Lanphear spoke about what the white coat
symbolizes not only to those who wear it, but to
people they will meet and work with throughout
their lives.
The expectation of leadership will accom-
pany you through-
out your medical
careers, Lanphear
said. Wherever your
medical journey takes
you, patients and fam-
ilies indeed, entire
communities will
look to you not only
for health care answers, but to serve as a strong,
informed voice.
The CMU College of Medicine is the na-
tions 137th medical school, created to address
an anticipated shortage of 4,000 to 6,000 physi-
cians in Michigan by 2020.
Students spend their first two years of study
on CMUs main campus in a state-of-the-art
60,000 square-foot-facility. The third and fourth
years will be spent in clinical training at a num-
ber of medical facilities across central and north-
ern Michigan, including Covenant HealthCare
and St. Marys of Michigan in Saginaw.
A $25 million, 46,000-square-foot College
of Medicine educational facility is under con-
struction on the Covenant HealthCare campus in
Saginaw. Construction will be complete by May
2015, in time for the inaugural students third
year of study.
August 21 is NAtioNAl
seNior CitizeNs DAy
Spend some time with senior citizens
Show our appreciation for senior citizens
Do volunteer work in support of the elderly
If you are a senior citizen, enjoy your day
any way you desire. After all, this is your day.
Contact Wardene Talley
A child with Severe Emotional Disturbance
gets support from many places. But that support
only helps that child if each provider works as
part of a well coordinated team. We maximize
teamwork by making sure every step the team
takes is focused on the betterment of that child.
Page 20
The Michigan Banner
August 16, 2014
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475
August 16, 2014
The Michigan Banner
Page 21
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475
Covenant HealthCare is listed
among the Top 100 Hospitals
and Health Systems with
Great Oncology Programs
The hospitals featured on the list have all received recognition
from several reputable ranking agencies, including U.S. News &
World Report, Truven Health Analytics, the National Cancer Institute,
and the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer, Care-
Chex and the BlueCross BlueShield Association, according to a July
22 press release from the Beckers Hospital Review.
Covenant HealthCare offers three specialized centers as part of its
cancer care services: the Cancer Care and Infusion Therapy Center,
the Breast Health Center and Saginaw Radiation Oncology Center.
Covenant also offers the Survivorship Training Program, provid-
ing patients with comprehensive and coordinated cancer rehabilita-
tion by a team of STAR Program clinicians.
Covenant Medical Center is designated by the American College
of Surgeons Commission on Cancer. Additionally, the Breast Health
Program is designated as an American College of Radiology Breast
Imaging Center of Excellence and is accredited by the National Ac-
creditation Program for Breast Centers.
The Covenant Cancer Care Center was also recognized by the
2014 Womens Choice Award as one of Americas Best Hospitals
for Cancer Care and one of Americas Best Breast Centers.
Iron Tips For Teens
Teen boys and girls need iron to support
their growth.
Eating foods listed below can help you
to do just that!
Fish and shellfish
Lean beef
Iron-fortified cereals
Enriched and whole-grain breads
Cooked dried beans and peas like
black beans, kidney beans, black-eye
for a Healthy
needed at a local agency to help with sponsoring mobile
blood drive by taking charge of volunteer scheduling
and special promotions specific to that drive.
To volunteer, call Henrietta Watson at the United
Way of Saginaw County 755-0505, Ext. 216, hwatson@ Or visit the web-based volunteer
program at
Page 22
The Michigan Banner
August 16, 2014
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475
Across Saginaw County, youth are gearing up to return to
the classroom. What can we do as a community to mentally
prepare them for the upcoming school year and ensure that
they remain resilient, healthy, and ready to learn?
I think that if we support children to participate in school functions and extracurricular activities, help
them create healthy habits and hobbies, and create an understanding of the importance of a good
education, were setting them up for success.
REO, Community Member
As a community, we need to support the efforts and dedication of our educators. We can do this
by becoming involved and staying on top of the educational needs of our children. One way would
be to have a conversation with the folks who represent us on the boards of education to get a better
understanding of what faces us as a community. We can also make sure that the children of our
community are ready to learn. One way is to support efforts that provide good nutrition and access
to healthy foods. We can donate or become champions of school nutrition programs that help all
children, but especially those who come form households where budgets are stretched.
Colleen Sproul, Director of Health Home and Integrated Care,
Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority
The best way to ensure that youth are resilient, healthy and ready to learn is to present new ideas,
dreams and goals to them. We must not limit their dreams and goals within the walls of the classroom or
the lines of our county. By opening minds we will not just open opportunities, we will instill great passion
and drive from within our youth for those ideas, dreams, and goals.
Angelo Vallejo, Wraparound Care Coordinator, Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority
The foundation starts at home. Families need to instill the importance of good education and
encourage their children to stay in school and follow their dreams, whatever they may be.
Lillie Bell, Customer Service Specialist, Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority
We can become actively involved in our childs education to support school preparation and mental
resilience. Parents can have a tremendous impact by simply meeting their childs teachers,
participating in school activities, taking a tour of the school with their child, asking questions about daily
classroom structure and routines. Collaboration between family and school systems is an important part
of the childs success.
Brian Shetler, Infant Mental Health Specialist, Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority
Encourage youth to keep striving for success and working to overcome all obstacles. Let them know
that if they are having a diffcult time, its okay to talk to parents, teachers, role models, or professionals.
Help them create positive goals for life and stay on the path to achieve them. Remind them that their
past is their past, this is a new school year and its a clean slate. Dream big!
Yalonda Freeman, Empowered to Reach and Teach Families Team

1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475
August 16, 2014
The Michigan Banner
Page 23
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
McGraw Joins Skill Development Staff at Disability
Network of Mid-Michigan
Midland Heidi
McGraw has joined
Disability Networks Skill
Development program as
an employment training
Skill development
and independent living are
part of Disability Networks
(DNMM) core services,
said DNMM Executive
Director David Emmel. As an employment
training specialist, Heidi works with people with
disabilities in order to identify and overcome
barriers to employment. As people of all
abilities can attest, employment is one of the key
ingredients to personal independence.
As part of her role as an employment
training specialist, Heidi facilitates the Delta
Project for Midland County, said Lowell Gisel,
DNMM Skill Development Program Manager.
The Delta Project is a skill development
program for high school students aimed at easing
their transition from high school to college. As
a recent college graduate herself, Heidi brings a
unique and valuable perspective and insight to
our agency and our consumers.
McGraw obtained a Bachelor of Social Work
degree from Saginaw Valley State University in
2014. She previously held an internship at the
Great Lakes Region CAN Council where she
worked with children and families dealing with
She also worked with the MPA Group in Bay
City, providing assistance for people with mental
and physical disabilities. McGraw is a member
of the National Association for Social Workers.
An avid outdoors enthusiast, she enjoys
fishing, boating, camping, hiking, and spending
time with her family, her boyfriend, and her
Disability Network of Mid-Michigans
skill development program provides youth
and adults with the skills necessary to increase
their independence. The program is available to
persons with disabilities over 14 years of age.
For more information, visit or
call 989-835-4041.
Heidi McGraw
Members of National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Incorporated
Gamma Kappa Chapter Receives Trauma Training
Submitted by Saginaw MAX System of Care
Saginaw - The ladies of National Sorority of
Phi Delta Kappa, Inc., Gamma Kappa Chapter
participated in a 2-day training session entitled:
Caring for Children Who Have Experienced
Trauma: A Workshop for Resource Parents.
The Sorority consists of active and retired
educators committed to Youth, Education, and
Service whose purpose is to foster a spirit of
sisterhood among teachers and to promote the
highest ideals of the teaching profession.
As a result of the training and the violence
that is so prevalent in the Great Lakes Bay
Region, National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa,
Inc., Gamma Kappa Chapter is now on a mission
to bring public awareness to trauma, the effect of
trauma, and resiliency to trauma to birth parents,
foster parents, educators, professional clinicians,
court system, victims of trauma, child advocates,
and the community.
The two-day workshops were held in two
sessions. Session One was held July 29 and July
31; Session Two was held August 5 and August
7, 2014 at the Department of Human
SEE P 26, Trauma Training
Members of National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa bring public awareness to trauma.
The National Head Start Associations Two
Generations Together Initiative will increase
awareness of two-generation adult education
and job training models that are part of the
comprehensive child and family services
delivered by Head Start programs across the
Head Start has a fifty year history of
achieving long-term outcomes for children
both by supporting their health and learning
and by enabling their families to achieve
their own goals for education, employment,
stability, and success.
As we approach our next fifty years, Two
Generations Together will highlight the most
successful two-generation efforts that have
developed in Head Start programs across
the country and disseminate strategies and
resources to help other Head Start and early
learning programs develop or enhance two-
generation work of their own.
This work is made possible by the
generous support of Ascend at the Aspen
Many Head Start and Early Head Start
organizations have programs in place to
help parents access ESOL or GED classes,
attain college credits and degrees, participate
in workforce training programs, and earn
certificates or credentials. If your organization
integrates these opportunities for parents with
early learning for their children, youre doing
two-generation work already! We encourage
you to apply!
Six selected programs will be featured in
a nationally-distributed case study report on
Head Start two-generation models, invited
to present at the Two Generations Together
Institute before NHSAs 2015 Winter
Leadership Institute, and have their efforts
shared across NHSA and Ascend at the Aspen
Institutes national networks.
Other programs whose applications
demonstrate a commitment to two-generation
work will be mentioned in our nationally-
distributed case study report and included
on the Ascend website with two-generation
programs across the country. All applicants
will be included in the first phase of a new
NHSA Learning Network on two-generation
To apply to be featured as part of the Two
Generations Together Initiative, complete the
application at There is no
cost to apply.
For additional information, contact
Emmalie Dropkin of the National Head Start
Association at
Sabrina Beeman-Jackson
Saginaw ISD Head Start/Early
Head Start Program Director
NHSA Dollar Per Child Campaign
The goal of the
NHSA Dollar per
Child Advisory
Council is to help
you succeed in your
fundraising effort,
whether you're
holding a bake sale or
hosting a parents night out. No matter
the size of your fundraiser, every dollar
you raise for Head Start can help keep
the window of opportunity open for at-
risk children. Visit for
additional information and your toolkit.
1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475
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The Michigan Banner
August 16, 2014
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475

August 16, 2014
The Michigan Banner
Page 25
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
What is Great Start?
Saginaw Countys Great Start Collaborative:
Is part of a statewide network working to improve the system of early
childhood services.
Is under the Michigan Department of Educations Office of Great Start.
Formed in 2006 as a partnership of parents, community agencies, business leaders, educators,
health care providers, faith and philanthropic leaders.
Includes Physical and Social-Emotional health, Early Education and Care and Parent Leadership
and Support.
Has projects going on to reduce infant mortality, increase information about school readiness
and strengthen Home Visiting services.
Covers more than 12,000 children under 5 living in Saginaw County.
Is important because brain research shows that by age 4, 85% of a child's brain is formed.
Those first few years of life are pivotal in shaping a child's future!
Saginaw Countys Great Start Parent Coalition:
Consists of parents and caregivers of children 12 and younger.
Includes parents who have used early childhood services and want to share their experiences.
Is a network of parents who share ideas, concerns and successes.
Works to educate and build awareness with other parents.
All children deserve a healthy foundation in life!
To learn more or get involved, visit or like us on Facebook.
This summer:
Check your local library for Summer Reading programs.
Look for Birth-5 playgroups around the county.
1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475
Page 26
The Michigan Banner
August 16, 2014
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
FROM P 23, Trauma Training
Services, 411 E. Genesee, Saginaw, Michigan.
The training was conducted by Kelley Blanck,
Technical Assistance Coordinator for Saginaw
Max System of Care and Keva Clark, M.Ed.,
Family Involvement Coordinator for Saginaw
Max System of Care.
Eight modules were covered that opened
the understanding of why children are defiant
towards the people who are trying to care for
them and how we all have a responsibility to
become advocates for our children. Many
children in the foster care system have lived
through traumatic experiences. Understanding
how trauma affects children can help foster
parents, educators, and those working with a
traumatized child to make sense of a childs
behavior, feelings, and attitudes.
Once it is understood why a child behaves
the way he or she does, then we as a community
will be better prepared to help children cope
with the effects of trauma. There is an African
proverb that states, It takes a whole village to
raise a child.
It is important to understand that birth
parents, foster parents, and those involved with
children, who have been victimized, need to
take the time to be educated about the effects of
trauma, and how the quality of life can improve
for the victims and their families.
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health
Services Administration, US Department
of Health and Human Services funded the
workshop curriculum. The National Child
Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) that
was established by Congress in 2000 as a
collaboration of academic and community-based
service centers whose mission is to raise the
standard of care and increase access to services
for traumatized children and their families across
the United States supported the training.
Combining knowledge of child development,
expertise in the full range of child traumatic
experiences, and attention to cultural
perspectives, the NCTSN serves as a national
resource for developing and disseminating
evidence-based interventions, trauma-informed
services, and public and professional education.
To educate our community about Trauma
and its effects, the National Sorority of Phi Delta
Kappa, Incorporated, Gamma Kappa Chapter
will be hosting a Trauma Summit entitled
Unmasking the Faces of Trauma: Caring
for Children through Resiliency, Saturday,
November 15, 2014 at Saginaw Valley State
University from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Workshops
and Keynote Speakers will share how we as a
community can be advocates and how we can
help our greatest resourceour children feel
safe and grow up to become ambassadors and
advocates for future generations.
The summit will also help foster parents
be more effective and have a more positive
experience that make being a resource parent so

Girl Pride
Sugar & Spice
Young Men Who Dare
GEMS Parent Committee
Tuesday Tutoring

Now taking applications for
youth ages 6-18 wanting to
meet new friends, explore
ideas, and learn different
aspects of life.
For more information call
(989) 399-9275 / 737-9286

Sponsored by:
Women of Colors, Inc.

Get Ready for Kindergarten Suggestion!
Walk with your child by the school, play on the playground, and maybe take him or her inside for a special tour. Research shows that children who
have established routine in their lives feel more safe and secure.

August 16, 2014
The Michigan Banner
Page 27
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475
9 A.M. 6 P.M.
The philosophy
of the school
room in one
generation will
be the philosophy
of government in
the next.
Abraham Lincoln
Page 28
The Michigan Banner
August 16, 2014
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475
A.Philip Randolph Institute
POB 1107
Saginaw, MI 48606
American Red Cross
1232 N. Michigan
Saginaw, MI 48602
CAN Council Saginaw County
1311 N. Michigan Avenue
Saginaw, MI 48602
(989) 752-7226 / fax (989) 752-2777

Circle of Love
1809 Durand Ave.
Saginaw, MI 48602
Emmaus House of Saginaw
733 S. 15th Street
Saginaw, MI 48601
P.O. Box 3470
Saginaw, MI. 48605-3470
Phone: 989.755.1620 Fax:
First Ward Community Center
1410 N. 12th Street
Saginaw, MI 48601
Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan
5470 Davis Rd.
Saginaw, MI 48604
Good Neighbors Mission
1318 Cherry Street
Saginaw, MI 48601
Health Delivery, Inc.
501 Lapeer Ave.
Saginaw, MI 48607
Houghton-Jones Task Force
1708 Johnson Street
Saginaw, MI
Lighthouse Outreach Center
808 Janes Street
Saginaw, MI 48601
Mobile Medical Response
834 S. Washington Ave.
Saginaw, MI 48601
Michigan Banner Outreach
1400 W. Genesee
Saginaw, MI 48602
Pit and Balcony Theatre
805 N. Hamilton
Saginaw, MI 48602
989. 754.6587
Public Libraries of Saginaw
Butman-Fish, Claytor, Hoyt,
Wickes & Zauel Libraries
505 Janes Avenue
Saginaw, MI 48607
Restoration Community Outreach
1205 Norman
Saginaw, MI 48601
(989) 753-1886 / fax (989) 753-2880
Saginaw County Community Action
Agency, Inc. (CAC)
2824 Perkins Street
Saginaw, MI 48601
The Saginaw Community Foundation
1 Tuscola, Suite 100
Saginaw, MI 48607
Women of Colors
POB 5525
Saginaw, MI 48603
989.399.9275 or 989.737.9286
Saginaw-Shiawassee Habitat
for Humanity welcomes Dr. Donald
J. Bachand as the fourth president
of Saginaw Valley State University.
Having spent his entire career with
SVSU, Dr. Bachand understands the
needs of the student community and
the greater Great Lakes Bay Region
We are blessed to have such a kind,
knowledgeable and approachable leader at the
helm of one of our regions greatest intellectual
and cultural assets. With representation
from 33 countries in 90 programs leading to
baccalaureate degrees and 15 graduate programs
(including one doctoral program), plus 10
specialized accreditations, our communitys now
50-year relationship with Michigans youngest
public university is in good hands.
Fortunately for all of us, Dr. Bachand
clearly understands the important
function SVSU plays in community
engagement for the greater good
which builds students into leaders for
international opportunities and greater
global citizenship. God bless Dr. Bachand
in his new role.
On behalf of our board of directors, staff and
volunteers, congratulations!
Cameron M. Brady
Executive Director
Saginaw-Shiawassee Habitat for Humanity
Faith International Vending
Eddie & Genevieve Benson Owners
989.239.6771 or 989.992.2233
We Have a Treat For You
285 S. Outer Drive
Tel: 754-7088 Fax: 754-7099
Stop in Today and Try One of our
Homemade Specialties

August 16, 2014
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Page 30
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August 16, 2014
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475
FUNdraising Good Times
Reader Success!
By Mel B. and Pearl D. Shaw
We eat, drink and sleep fundraising. Its what
we love. We truly enjoy and embrace the people
and organizations we work with. We get excited
when clients take the tools we develop for them
and put them to work. We cherish their successes
and most importantly we celebrate their work.
At the end of the day fundraising is all about
attracting resources for nonprofit organizations
and institutions that make a difference in peo-
ples lives. While not every organization is in a
position to hire fundraising counsel, there are so
many people doing wonderful things who need
just a few suggestions, or some new information
so they can do a better job and raise more money.
These are the people we write FUNdraising
Good Times for.
This column is our way of giving back and
sharing information about fundraising, fund de-
velopment and the important roles of nonprofit
board members, staff and volunteers. It was
almost nine years ago that FUNdraising Good
Times debuted in The Globe Newspaper in Oak-
land, CA. There are now 30 papers and two mag-
azines from around the country that publish this
column. This commitment on the part of publish-
ers and editors demonstrates their commitment to
growing the nonprofit sector and supporting the
people who give their time and energy to serving
We cherish our readers, though most are un-
known to us. As writers
you dont always meet
your audience. But, we
did recently meet a reader
who embraced us sharing
I read your column all
the time. We were con-
ducting a workshop for
the ArtsMemphis commu-
nity engagement fellows
when Judy Davis came
up to us and shared that
she raised $45,000 using suggestions from our
column. That caught our attention and we had to
learn more!
We learned that Davis, the membership out-
reach manager at the Metal Museum in
Memphis, played an important role in The 10th
Anniversary Gates Campaign. The museum was
celebrating the 25th anniversary of the most
beloved part of their permanent collection the
10th Anniversary Gates. These are metal gates
adorned with 331 unique rosettes that were con-
tributed by over 200 metal smiths from around
the world. After 25 years of exposure to the ele-
ments the gates and rosettes desperately needed
restoration. This required removing, repairing
and cleaning each rosette, and then sandblasting
and repainting the gates.
The campaign raised $45,000 by inviting
museum members and visitors to sponsor a
rosette with individual donations ranging from
$100 - $500. Each rosette sponsor received a
credit line in a catalog published to commemo-
rate the rededication of the newly restored gates
on Mothers Day, 2014.
This was Davis first professional fundrais-
ing project and she was armed with inspiration
and information from our columns.
Next week: The details!
Mel and Pearl Shaw position nonprofits, col-
leges and universities for fundraising success.
For help with your campaign visit www.saa- or call (901) 522-8727.
Copyright 2014 Mel and Pearl Shaw
Mel B. and Pearl D. Shaw
Saad & Shaw Comprehensive Fund
Development Services
Judy Davis
Metal Museum
Membership Outreach
Bike Run Funds Advocates for Abused Children
Saginaw - Mike and Amy Beyerlein,
owners of Grand Central Sports Bar & Grill,
are hosting the 6th Annual Kruisin 4 Kids Fun
Run on Saturday, August 16th. Proceeds benefits
CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)
of Saginaw County. CASAs are highly trained
volunteers serving as the voice for children who
are in the system due to abuse or neglect.
Register your bike or classic car for $10
($15 with a passenger) at 10 a.m. on August
16, at Grand Central located at 3504 State St.,
in Saginaw. The run begins at 11 a.m. and ends
back at Grand Central in time for the evenings
Pig Roast. Stops will be made at bars throughout
Saginaw and Bay Counties.
The public is welcome to join Fun Run
participants for the Pig Roast and entertainment
at Grand Central from 5 to 7 p.m. for just $10
per person.
Christopher Boyd, Saginaw County Chief
Assistant Prosecutor & Kruisin organizer, says,
The Kruisin bike run is a great way to have a
little fun and help neglected and abused children
in the process. Ive been involved with the CAN
Council for a long time, and they do a wonderful
job in our community and deserve our support.
For more information on Kruisin 4 Kids,
call Amy Beyerlein at 989. 529.0091 or Delores
Gale of the CAN Council at 989.752.7226. For
more information about the CAN Councils
CASA Program visit
August 16, 2014
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First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
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ISIS a Direct Threat That Could Launch Attack on
US Soil, Warns Sen. Lindsey Graham
By Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post Reporter
The militant Islamic State group could
launch a direct attack on U.S. soil, warned
South Carolina GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham,
who urged President Barack Obama to do more
to counter the group that has taken large parts
of Iraq and Syria.
Mr. President, be honest with the threat we
face, Graham said in a Fox News interview on
Sunday. They are coming.
The Republican senator, who is also
a member of the Senate Armed Services
Committee, identified the militants as a direct
threat to our homeland.
The U.S. has launched limited airstrikes at
terrorist installations in northern Iraq to defend
American personnel. The militants, formerly
known as ISIS, continue taking cities in Iraq,
threatening the central government and forcing
thousands of Christians to flee their homes.
A senior U.S. official said that the U.S.
is also sending arms to Kurdistan forces in
Iraq who are fighting back against the Sunni
militants. American military has also been
helping facilitate weapons deliveries to the
Kurds, providing logistic assistance and
transportation to the north.
Close to 20,000 minority Yazidis have
been rescued in northern Iraq, though tens
of thousands reportedly remain stranded on
mountains hiding from the Islamic State.
Christians have also been driven out by the
thousands, with Lebanons Maronite Patriarch
Beshara Rai calling on the international
community to intervene and stop the ongoing
We renew the patriarchates call to the
Arab League, the United Nations, the Security
Council and the International Criminal Court
to put a stop to ISIS attacks and those of
other fundamentalist organizations against
the Christians of Mosul and the villages of
Ninevah in dear Iraq,
and allow the return
of those Christians
to their homes and
properties with
dignity, securing for
them a decent life in
their home countries
with all the rights
of citizens, AINA
quoted Rai as saying
during Sunday Mass
in Diman, north
President Obama
confirmed that U.S.
forces have conducted
airstrikes against
terrorist forces
outside the city of
Erbil, and explained that the White House is
pursuing a broader strategy in Iraq.
We will protect our American citizens in
Iraq, whether theyre diplomats, civilians or
military. If these terrorists threaten our facilities
or our personnel, we will take action to protect
our people, Obama said.
More broadly, the United Nations in Iraq
is working urgently to help respond to the needs
of those Iraqis fleeing from areas under threat.
The U.N. Security Council has called on the
international community to do everything it can
to provide food, water and shelter. And in my
calls with allies and partners around the world,
Ill continue to urge them to join us in this
humanitarian effort.
Responses to the presidents strategy have
been mixed. Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Maryland, has
backed Obama and highlighted the importance
of the humanitarian effort to help the refugees,
and called on Iraq to develop a stronger, more-
inclusive government.
California Sen. Dianne Feinstein of
the Democratic Party, who serves as the
chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence
Committee, warned that it will take strong
action to defeat the Islamic State, however.
It takes an army to defeat an army, and I
believe that we either confront [Islamic State]
now or we will be forced to deal with an even
stronger enemy in the future, Feinstein said
on Friday after the airstrikes were announced.
Inaction is no longer an option.
Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, has also
warned that the militants are getting stronger
all the time and growing in numbers.
They have attracted 1,000 young men
from around the world who are now fighting
on their side, McCain explained. This ISIS
is metastasizing throughout region. And their
goal, as theyve stated openly time after time, is
the destruction of United States of America.
Source: The Christian Post
Praise Connections and Life
Page 32
The Michigan Banner
August 16, 2014
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475
Ebola Virus Death Toll in West Africa Passes 1,000
THE World Health Organization says the
death toll in the Ebola outbreak in West Africa
has passed 1,000. The UN health agency said in
a news release on August 11, that 1,013 people
have died in the outbreak, which has hit Guinea,
Liberia, Sierra Leone and possibly Nigeria.
Authorities have recorded 1,848 suspected,
probable or confirmed cases of the disease,
which causes a high fever, vomiting and
bleeding. The outbreak was first identified in
March in Guinea, but it likely started months
earlier. The updated WHO tally includes figures
from August 7 to August 9, during which 52
people died and 69 more were infected.
Ebola is highly lethal and there is no
licensed vaccine or treatment for the disease,
but so far three infected people have received an
experimental drug.
The news comes as a US company which
makes an experimental drug for treating the
virus sends all its available supplies to West
In responding to the request received
this weekend from a West African nation, the
available supply of ZMapp is exhausted, said a
statement on the Mapp Bio website on Monday.
Any decision to use ZMapp must be made
by the patients medical team, it said, adding
that the drug was provided at no cost in all
cases. The biomedical collaboration between
US and Canadian researchers involves a drug
that is manufactured in tobacco leaves and is
hard to produce on a large scale.
The company did not reveal which nation
received the doses, or how many were sent,
though CNN reported that Liberia was to receive
the sample doses.
The two American missionary workers who
fell ill with Ebola while working in Monrovia
last month were given doses of the drug. Both
have been transported to an isolation unit at
Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia,
where they are receiving continuous care.
A Spanish priest who was infected with
Ebola and given a dose has died.
The ethics of distributing experimental
medications to some people but not others was
the focus of a special meeting of the World
Health Organization on Monday.
The US Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention have repeatedly stressed that the
drugs effects are unknown, since it has not been
through a process of rigorous clinical trials.
CDC Source Map of Ebola
True Vine Missionary Baptist Church
Celebrates Pastoral Anniversary
TrueVine Missionary Baptist
Church located at 2930 Janes
Street will celebrate the 24th
Pastoral Anniversary of Pastor
and Mrs. Paul E. Broaddus on
Sunday, September 14, 2014, at
10:45 a.m. and 4 p.m.
The theme for this grand
occasion is Celebrating Our
Pastors Steadfast Vision-
Inspired by God, Driven by
Faith, and Empowered by the Holy Spirit (2 Timothy 3:16;
Hebrews 11:1, 2 & Peter 1:21) KJV.
The celebration will begin at 10:45 a.m. with guest minister,
Pastor Dr. Cullen Hill of Greater Concord Baptist Church from
Detroit, and continue in celebration at 4 p.m. with guest minister,
Pastor Rufus Bradley and the New Life Baptist Church of the city.
The public is invited to come out and celebrate this special
occasion. For further questions or concerns contact the church at
989. 752.0751, Monday to Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
We are looking to have a glorious time in the Lord!
Pastor and Mrs. Paul E. Broaddus
Bethel AME Church
Pastor P. David Saunders
535 Cathay St.
Saginaw, MI 48601
(989) 755-7011
Bread of Life Harvest Center
Senior Pastor Rodney J. McTaggart
3726 Fortune Blvd.
Saginaw, MI 48603
(989) 790-7933
Christ Disciples Baptist
Pastor Eddie Benson
3317 Lapeer Street
Saginaw, MI 48601
(989) 754-2444
Christ Fellowship MBC
Pastor Robert Davis
818 N. Washington Ave.
Saginaw, MI 48601
(989) 754-4435
Corinthian Baptist Church
Pastor Roy L. Manning
104 S. 10
Saginaw, MI 48601
(989) 754-1820
Faith Harvest Church
Bishop Ronald E. Chipp
Faith Harvest Church
1734 N. Mason
Saginaw, MI 48602
(989) 799-4200
Greater Freewill Missionary
Grace Chapel Church
Pastor James Nelson
2202 Janes Ave.
Saginaw, MI 48601
Greater Williams Temple
Bishop H.J. Williams
608 Remington
Saginaw, MI 48601
(989) 755-5291
Jacobs Ladder
Pastor Dempsey Allen
1926 Fairfield Street
Saginaw, MI 48602
Life In Christ Ministries
Pastor Dennis Cotton, Sr.
2915 S. Washington Ave.
Saginaw, MI 48601
Messiah Missionary Baptist Church
2615 Williamson Road
Saginaw, MI 48601
Pastor Otis Washington
Phone: 989-777-2636
Fax: 989-777-2640
Mt. Olive Baptist Church
Pastor Marvin T. Smith
1114 N. 6th Street
Saginaw, MI 48601
(989) 752-8064
New Beginning Christian Church
Reverend Dr. Willie F. Casey
1016 Sherman Road
Saginaw, MI 48604
New Beginnings Life Changing
Pastor Otis Dickens
2312 S. Washington Ave.
Saginaw, MI 48601
(989) 755-3650
New Birth Missionary Baptist
Pastor Larry D. Camel
1418 S. Warren
Saginaw, MI 48601
(989) 755-6604
New Covenant Christian Center
Pastor Ron Frierson
523 Hayden
Saginaw, MI
New Life Baptist Church
Pastor Rufus Bradley
1401 Janes St.
Saginaw, MI 48601
(989) 753-1151
Ninth Street Community Church
Pastor William L. Scott, Jr.
Assistant Pastor Rex Jones
1118 N. 9th Street
Saginaw, MI 48601
Prince of Peace Baptist Church
825 North 24th Street
Saginaw, MI 48601
Pastor Robert B. Corley, Jr.
Resurrection Life Ministries Church
Pastor Carolyn L. Wilkins
2320 Sheridan Avenue
Saginaw, MI 48601
St. Paul Baptist
Pastor Vincent D. McMillon
120 N. 15
Saginaw, MI 48601
(989) 752-5023
Saginaw Valley Community
Pastor Richard Sayad
3660 Hermansau
Saginaw, MI 48603
(989) 752-4769
St. Lukes CME Church
1121 Tuscola
Saginaw, MI 48607
(989) 755-0351
The Potters Touch Ministries
Pastor Kareem J. Bowen
1402 North 6th Street
Saginaw, MI 48601
989.755.9406 Potters Touch
Transforming Life Ministries
Pastor William Brown
3024 South Washington Avenue
Saginaw, MI 48601-4353
(989) 754-9573
True Vine Baptist Church
Pastor Paul E. Broaddus
2930 Janes Street
Saginaw, MI 48601
Victorious Believers Ministries Church
Rev. Christopher V. Pryor
624 S. Outer Dr.
Saginaw, MI
(989) 755-7692
Wolverine Baptist State Convention
615 S. Jefferson Ave.
Saginaw, MI 48607
World Outreach Campus of
Greater Coleman Temple Ministries
Supt. H.J. Coleman Jr.
2405 Bay Rd.
Saginaw, MI 48602
(989) 752-7957
Zion Missionary Baptist Church
Pastor Rodrick Smith
721 Johnson
Saginaw, MI 48607
(989) 754-9621
To Celebrate a Life
Call 989.753.3475, or email
Obituaries and Memorials
August 16, 2014
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First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
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Page 34
The Michigan Banner
August 16, 2014
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475

Saginaw - Draymond Green was a standout
as an athlete at Saginaw High, Michigan State,
and is now continuing to be the outstanding
athlete as he continues in his third year in the
NBA as a Golden State Warrior.
However, those that know Green, remember
him also as a Saginawian that cared about his
community, and the youth who are living here
with their dreams and aspirations of one day
reaching their goals.
So, on August 9, he returned to Saginaw
to fulfill one of his dreams to host a basketball
camp in his hometown, and to be an
inspiration to other youth as others were once to
The basketball camp welcomed 150 youth
and taught them various skills while providing
an atmosphere of success from a positive role
It means a lot, Green said. Not too
long ago, I was that same kid from Saginaw,
Michigan wondering how do I live my dream?
... I remember growing up going to the Darvin
Ham camp and the Jason Richardson camp. To
be able to come back and put one of these on
myself is a dream come true.
August 16, 2014
The Michigan Banner
Page 35
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475
Draymond Green Hosts 1st Annual Free Basketball Camp in Hometown
By The Michigan Banner Staff
Courtesy Photos
August Long-Range Weather Forecast
AUGUST 2014: temperature 73 (4 above avg.); precipitation 2 (2 below avg.); Aug 1-7: T-storms, then sunny, nice;
Aug 8-12: Scattered t-storms, warm; Aug 13-24: Sunny; cool, then hot; Aug 25-31: A few t-storms, warm.
Little League Baseball Celebrates 75th Anniversary Schedule @
Success is where preparation and
opportunity meet.
Bobby Unser

Tackling life is a matter of problem solving thats
Terrance Moores way of thinking. And what better way
to improve the world than to help others as they leap lifes
hurdles? The junior criminal justice major likes to be there
when someone can use a helping hand: Terrance serves
as a resident assistant, helping his students overcome the
roadblocks of college life, and as vice president of the
Cardinal Military Association, supporting veterans through
any diffculties they might face.
A frm believer in support systems, Terrence is also a
member of the National Leadership and Success Society,
an organization that unites students who want to set and
achieve goals. And as part of the Greek fraternity Tau Kappa
Epsilon, the Criminal Justice Society, and the co-ed service
fraternity Alpha Sigma Pi, hes learned that the best way to
lead is by example. If I dont help, he said, who will?
i am
a role model
Prospective or transfer students can check out SVSU by taking
a campus tour and meeting with an admissions representative.
Call (989) 964-4200 or email
Visit us online at
Page 36
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August 16, 2014
First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper
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