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Helps You

Simple Single Scroll
New Age Intuitive Interface
Simple Navigation and Advanced filters
New Age Navigation - Iconized
Two views of search results listed and detailed
An enhanced apply/reply functionality
Monster mPower
Search offers
elaborated user
interface &
advance search
options in a single
Simpler Search Form
The search results page has the option of a List view and a Detailed
Search Results Page -> Views
This view enables you to
see more resumes on a
single page

Detailed information on
the candidate can be
seen by moving the
mouse over the listed
Search Results Page -> List View
Search Results Page -> Detailed View
Highlighted icons
signify that the
activity has occurred
or a particular status
is live
Icon presentation will help to simplify the process of identifying the
candidate applications.
A highlighted icon signifies that an activity has taken place
Icons will show if the application is new or been viewed or been contacted
via mail or sms.

Search Listing Page ->Icon Presentation
Refine your search is introduced
with a resume filtering parameter

Using the refine your search
feature on the left panel, the
search parameter can be modified
and the required candidate results
automatically get refined.
Search Results Page -> Refine Your Search
For non-posted
opportunities, saved
resumes in the Personal
Folder, can be emailed by
selecting the desired profile

This opens a box to provide
the job information

Sending a mail embeds
Apply & Reply buttons in
the mail to the seeker

The info available in the job
gets mailed along with
Apply & Reply buttons
Apply/Reply Sending a mail to candidates from the personal folder
Jobseekers find
related to the job
opportunity in the
received mail

They can apply on
the job or reply
directly to the
recruiters email-
ID through an
Apply/Reply Mail in jobseekers mailbox
Clicking on Reply button takes seekers to a pop-up on their auto-logged-
in My Page, where they can draft, format & send their response & their CV
to the employer.

Apply/Reply Jobseeker reply pop-up

Clustering - Industry and education
Select candidates within a particular year range
Search by location
Two views of search results
Iconization of features
An enhanced apply/reply functionality
Provision to choose
similar industry
clusters in one single
Industry cluster are
logical combinations
of more then one
E.g. for financial
sales requirement,
recruiters can select
BSFI as industry
cluster which is
combination of
Banking, Insurance,
financial industries.
Top Industry Cluster
Provision to choose
similar education clusters
in one single click

Education clusters are
logical combination of
more than two education

E.g. for software jobs
one can select All
computers instead of
selecting B-tech, BE,
MCA etc individually
Top Education Cluster
Monster mPower Search will have
an option to search for candidates
using only highest or second
highest degree or the combination
of both highest and second highest

Range slider bar will help to select
candidates who have passed out
between a selected year range.
Education search flexibility
Monster mPower Search will
feature 100+ new locations. This
will help the seeker and recruiters

Feature will help recruiter to
identify the candidate in more
specific location

Most the newly added locations
are medium and large industrial

Advanced Auto Keyword suggestion Interface
Dedicated Boolean search
Search with specific language and nationality requirement
Top roles feature which would pull out the 8 top roles
Information on notice period, verified email id, profiles with photographs and more
Hide emailed candidates; hide downloaded resumes etc available
Keyword suggestion is one of the strong feature of mPower Search

Based on the keyword input, the Monster mPower Search engine will
produce relative cluster of keywords to facilitate the search for the
right candidates. Related keywords can be included to improve the
search results.
Keyword Suggestions
Upfront Boolean search option where recruiter to
combine keywords with operators such as AND, NOT
and OR to further produce more relevant results.
Boolean Search
Select Multiple IT skills
New option to select
multiple IT skills with
the use of "and" ;"or"
operator within the
same IT search
Monster mPower Search has
the ability to suggest the top
roles for the selected

Feature will help the to pick
the most common role of the
industry at the top

If the search is for a specific
role which is not in the top
roles listing, there is a more
button to display the
complete list of the role.
Top Roles
Monster mPower Search allows a search to be
done by the designation both current and past
Search by Designation
Exclude an Employer in your Search
The current or previous
employee can be excluded by
putting the company name in
the account settings exclude
company list

How to do this?
Use the Monster Shortcut in
Account Setting. Excluded
companies will never appear
with in search results. In case
the company needs to be
included in the search results,
it needs to be removed from
the exclude company list.
To exclude company go to the Monster
Shortcut in the MOHQ Account setting
Exclude an Employer in your search
Option to enter the companies which
recruiters want to exclude from
search results.
Inclusion of Disability Search Page
Inclusion of Disability Search Page
Search candidates using
the type of disability
Number of results viewable on the search results page has increased. There is an
option to customize the results that appear, the range being 40, 80 and 160
Include Notice Period option in search
Verified Email Id Indication
Add option of HIDE EMAILED CANDIDATES on Search Results
Option of HIDE VIEWED RESUMES on Search form
Option of HIDE DOWNLOADED RESUMES on Search Results
Option to HIDE PROFILES SENT VIA SMS is available
Search options with mid range (4-7 days, 8-15 days)
Search candidates by age group (minimum 30 years, range 25 30 years etc)
Search on profiles with photographs
Confidential resumes now available on a separate tab

Additional Search Features