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1st Grade
2nd Grade
rd Grade
Preschool !ath Wor#sheets and Games
Free printable preschool math worksheets and fun math games for preschoolers practice counting and skip counting,
read and write numbers, before and after numbers,fun color by numbers sheets, learn basic shapes, comparing
numbers to understand more or less, connect the dots coloring pages, cut and paste Numerical Order activities, read
and write tally marks.
Some advanced topis include beginning math operations like adding pictures and subtracting pictures, fill in the
missing numbers math games, challenging math problem solving skills like make a number, and math reasoning
"nglish Wor#sheets and Acti$ities
Al%habet Coloring &oo#
Alphabet train,
animal, or toy
decorative letters
coloring book.
asy words group
by starting letters
coloring pages to
make a picture
Al%habet letter
!ead, trace, color,
and write letters with
spring theme,
"inosaurs, halloween,
and #hristmas
$rint out alphabet
worksheets by letter.
(dd one out
%eginning reading
worksheets for kids
to read pictrues and
find the different one
%uild up
observation and
concentration skills
A&C acti$ities
Alphabet recognition
games, activities, and
printable flash cards.
&ords and sentences
by starting letters.
Al%habetical order
'( printable picture
worksheets for young
children to read and
cut word pictures and
then glue to worksheet
blank box in abc order.
&eginning sounds
)nitial Consonants
Free printable
sound recognition
worksheets for
)dentify beginning
sound of words
Letters games
$lay games online
and learn letters in a
fun way.
"rag and drop the
images in abc order
by beginning letter.
(%%osite 'ords
$lay opposite words
matching games.
$rint out opposite
words flash cards with
favorite pictures.
Positional Words
Online games for
kids to learn
positional words*
above, next, right,
left, under.
Phonics games
$reschool phonics
scramble games and
fill in the missing
letters game
+each preschool
age kids short vowel
words, long vowels,
and consonant
*eading readiness
'or#sheets %age
!ead pictures and
find the alike and
%age 2 .
!ead and answer
*hyming 'ords
preschool picture rhyming words
matching games.
Word 'all flash
Free printable picture words
flashcards for class room or home
Words %uzzle
games Letter
%eginning word pu--les for young
kids to learn high fre,uency words
Preschool reading
$rintable picture worksheets for
preschoolers to read pictures and
group things together.
Custom Search
Seasons theme, sea
animals name
month,fruits words
group by beginning
&ords group by
themes like animals
words, whether
words, nature
Learning &asic Conce%t Wor#sheets and Acti$ities
+ize 'or#sheets
#ompare si-e of ob.ects big or small,
bigger, biggest concepts.
,ay or night 'or#sheets
+alking about day and night activities
Long or short 'or#sheets
!ead pictures and learn concepts of
longer or longest, shorter, shortest.
Color 'ro#sheets
$rintable color recognition
worksheets, learn color names, color
words, and play color matching
(nline %atterns games
Free games for kids to learn patterns
by playing shape patterns, letter and
shark picture patterns.
-our seasons game
$lay games and learn different
seasons and the matching season
Preschool Lesson Plans and .hemes
,inosaurs %reschool lesson %lan
Free preschool dino lesson plan and
worksheets, dinosaurs memory
games, pu--le games. $reschool
dinosaur theme to teach kids facts of
dinosaurs, dinosaur alphabet
activities, dinosuars games, dinosaur
coloring pages.
-eelings lesson %lans
+each kids about emotions and
feelings, make faces and expresss
feelings and emotions. Free printable
teaching materials for preschool
teacher to show their students happy
feeling, sad, angry human feelings.
+ea animals lesson %lan
/ids learn facts of beach and ocean,
play ocean animals games, teach
preschoolers sea animals facts, shark
coloring pages for kids. Also provides
.ungle and rainforest animals teaching
!ore %rintable %reschool materials for the follo'ing lesson %lans/
&utterfly lesson %lan
Free online preschool science lesson plan and printables for teachers to teach
butterfly life cycle and science pro.ect.
Arts and crafts %reschool acti$ities
Step by step learn drawing worksheets. $reschool teachers can print out instructions
and teach your preschool students learn to draw .ungle animals, sea animals, draw
toys and cars.
-arm animals lesson %lan
+each preschoolers about what food farm animals eat, location of origin and purpose
of farm animals . easy craft pro.ects, farm animal songs, poems, and books
$reschool teachers and day care centers can print out plants lesson plan, all about me theme printables and
worksheets, nglish language arts lessons, birds lesson plan resources, four seasons, insects, money lesson plan, pets,
colors lesson and worksheets, weather, and other popular lessons plans for preschoolers.

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Print out lesson %lans and teaching themes materials/
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