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This - That - These - Those - Here - There

This That These and Those are considered demonstrative determiners

(big grammar expression!) and are often used with the location words
'here' and 'there'. The following conversation, short explanation and
follow-up quiz can be used in class or for self-study to better understand
when to use these essential words in English.
Read the conversations below:
David: Could you give me that book on the table over there?
Frank: Do you mean this book here?
David: Yes, that book.
Frank: Here you are. Oh, could you give me those magazines on the
table over there?
David: These? Sure, here you are.
David: Is there an apple on that table over there?
Frank: Yes, there is. Here it is.
David: Great, are there any oranges?
Frank: No, there aren't.
David: Oh, here they are, next to me on this table.
Singular Forms:
Use "here" for something which is near to us.
Here is the pencil in my hand.
Use "there" for something which is far from us.
There is the pen next to the lamp.
Use "this" for one object (singular) which is here (near to us).
This is a book in my hand.
Use "that" for one object (singular) which is there.
That is his car over there.
Plural Forms:
Use "these" for more than one object (plural) which are here (near to us).
These are my friends next to me.
Use "those" for more than one object (plural) which are there.
Those are his toys over there.
Use "there" for one object (singular) which exists - or "is" (near to us).
There is (There's) a table next to the window.
Use "there" for more than one object (plural) which exist - or "are".
There are many of my friends at the party tonight.
Complete the sentences using this, that, these, those, here and there.
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1. Could you bring me that chair over _____?
2. Here are _____ pictures.
3. Can you see _____ building next to the bank?
4. Is _____ piece of pie over there for me?
5. _____ are three boys sitting on the bench.
6. I would like some of _____ cookies on that shelf.
7. _____ bicycles over there are expensive.
8. These dolls on the table _____ are very old.
9. _____men are from Spain.
10. _____foot is dirty.
11. _____roofs are made of wood.
12. _____scissors are very sharp.
13. _____children don't have any parents.
14. _____trousers are made in China.
15. _____box is empty.
16. _____men are waiting for the bus.
17. _____mouse is broken.
18. _____tomato is very big.
19. What are the answers to ____ questions?
20. I love _____shoes but I don't like ____shirt.