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(On Letter Head of Dealer)

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
____________________________ (Regional Ofce)
(Complete address)
SUB: Authority Letter for employees of Dealership.
Dear Sir/Madam,
I Karan Dev Kamboj, the proprietor of M/s. Kamboj Filling Station
(hereinafter referred to as dealer) of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation
Ltd. At (V.P.O. Gumthala Rao, Distt Yamuna Nagar,Haryana) under a
Dealership Agreement dated ____________ executed between Hindustan
Petroleum Corporation Ltd., and me/us.
1)That I have executed the dealership agreement dated ______________ with
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd for running the dealership at
(V.P.O. Gumthala Rao, Distt Yamuna Nagar,Haryana) and as per the
terms of the above dealership agreement I/We am/are required to
actively participate in the management and operation of the dealership
and to personally run the dealership.
2)That I am aware that transfer of any right or interest in the above
dealership directly or indirectly to any persons without prior written
consent of your Corporation amounts to a violation of the dealership
terms and in such circumstances your Corporation shall be well within
its rights to forthwith terminate my/our dealership.
3)That as per the requirement of the above dealership agreement, I/We
shall remain personally liable to be present for operation of the
dealership and in case, I/ We am/are unable to witness any sampling/
inspection procedure at our Retail Outlet due to any reason beyond
my/our control, then I hereby give consent and authorize the below
named employees of my/our Dealership to witness such sampling/
inspection procedure and sign on such sampling reports/inspection
reports on my/our behalf:-
i.)Shri./Smt. ______________________(signature)__________________________
4)That the above mentioned persons are employees at my/our Retail Outlet
and assisting me/us for carrying out the day to day business of Retail
Outlet in that capacity only and shall have no further right or interest
whatsoever in the operation of the dealership.
5)That in case I myself /any of our partners are not present at the Retail
Outlet at any given time to witness/sign sampling/inspection procedure
then any of the above mentioned employees of the dealership present at
that time shall be considered as authorized person to witness and sign
such sampling/inspection reports and such witnessing and signing of
the reports shall be legally binding on me/us for all acts or omissions of
the terms of the Dealership Agreement aforesaid.
6)Notwithstanding anything contained hereinabove, in case I/We or any of
the above mentioned representatives are not present during
sampling/inspection , the Inspecting Ofcial will have right to take
signature of any other employee present at the time of inspection
/sampling and such employee shall be deemed to be authorized for this
purpose and for signing of the reports by them shall be legally binding on
me/us for all acts or omissions of the terms of the Dealership Agreement
7)That I further undertake and state that as per the requirement under the
Dealership Agreement I/We shall be entirely responsible for the action of
above mentioned employees, until and unless the authority hereby given
to them is rescinded and communication to that efect is received by the
Corporation in writing.
Yours faithfully,
(Proprietor/Partner/Authorised Signatory)
Note -: In case of partnership, communication to be signed by all
partners and in case of Co-operative Society/Company, authority os
Signatory to be attached.