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Hard Candy Making

In the manufacture of hard candy, sugar is cooked, flavored, and placed

on water-cooled tables in a semisolid state where a batch is kneaded into

an oblong shape.

Fillings are added at this stage.

The batch then is

worked into a cylinder about 10 inches in diameter and 6 feet- long.


tapering in a heated canvas hammock the point is fed through a die-casting machine (Fig. 10-90), which automatically shapes and cuts the candy.

Twenty footcandles of general illumination should be provided for ingredient mixing and cooking, and the levels should be increased by supplementary lighting to a minimum of 50 footcandles at the die-casting

machine. Supplementary luminaires should be located between the

operator and the die-cutting machine.

Because of the specular reflectance

of hard candy, luminaires with a large low-brightness luminous surface

should be centered 4 feet above each hand-mixing table. Continuous

fluorescent-lamp luminaires also may be used. An illumination level of

not less than 40 footcandles is recommended.

Assorted Candy Packing There are three methods of packing candy:

In the progressive method candy is placed in

simple containers in front of the operators who sit on each side of a long

table along the center of which extends a belt conveyor.

2. Stationary method. In the stationary method long flat tables, 36 inches high and 36 inches wide, are used. Directly over the center of the

table a stock rack, 18 inches wide, is suspended from the ceiling or fastened to the table so that its bottom is 18 inches above the top of the table. The operator removes eight or ten different types of candy from the rack

and packs them in a box in front of her.

1. Progressive method.






FIG. 10-90. Hard-candy-forming machine. The batch is revolved slowly in the

canvas hammock. Heat is applied for surface glazing. The operator tapers one

end to enter the dicing machine at point A, which cuts and forms in one operation

and delivers the pieces to a cooling conveyor. An illumination level of 30 foot- candles should be supplied at point A.