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Ayurvedic Medical
Science | ISSN 2279-0772
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Sunday% July 0$% 20$2%*u&lis+ed &y M'asvo [ar(icle url
Published papers title : The Concept of
Swapna (Dream) in Ayurveda- A iterary
Authors : Sahu Divya "# Sin$h !ani %# &r '''(
Deptt# of Siddhant Darshan( )aculty of Ayurveda
('*S( +,-# "# Assistant Professor( Deptt# of
Siddhant Darshan( )aculty of Ayurveda ( '*S(

2 | a j m a m s | b y m p a s v o | w w w . a j m a m s . c o m | O r i g i n a l A r t i c l e

Asian Journal of Modern and Ayurvedic Medical Science (ISSN 2279-0772) Vol.1no.1 July
2012.!"#$e Au%$or 2012&
'u(lis$ed (y M)asvo *e%%er No.V-+,-.,/e0.-++12007-2002All ri0$%s reserved.3or )er4issions e-
Mail 5 4anees$as$u6la7.7rediff4ail.co4 8 c$iefedi%or9a:4a4s7ya$
Research Paper
The Concept of Swapna (Dream) in Ayurveda-
A iterary !eview

Divya Sahu % !ani Sin$h "

#$e ;eclara%ion of %$e au%$ors for )u(lica%ion of /esearc$ 'a)er in Asian Journal of Modern and
Ayurvedic Medical Science (ISSN 2279-0772) ;ivya Sa$u and /ani Sin0$%$e au%$ors of %$e researc$
)a)er en%i%led #$e <once)% of S=a)na (;rea4) in Ayurveda- A *i%erary /evie= en%i%ies descri(ed in
ayurveda declare %$a% >e %a6e %$e res)onsi(ili%y of %$e con%en% and 4a%erial of our )a)er as >e
ourself $ave =ri%%en i% and also $ave read %$e 4anuscri)% of our )a)er carefully. Also >e $ere(y 0ive
our consen% %o )u(lis$ our )a)er in a:4a4s #$is researc$ )a)er is our ori0inal =or6 and no )ar% of i%
or i%?s si4ilar version is )u(lis$ed or $as (een sen% for )u(lica%ion any=$ere else.>e au%$orise %$e
@di%orial Aoard of %$e Journal %o 4odify and edi% %$e 4anuscri)%. >e also 0ive our consen% %o %$e
)u(lis$er of a:4a4s %o o=n %$e co)yri0$% of our researc$ )a)er.
Received january ,2012;accepted june 15, 2012 ,published july1,2012
A+ST!ACT5 yurveda is %$e science =$ic$ deals all s)$eres of life (ased on i%s
sound funda4en%al )rinci)les. #$ere are 4any %$eories and conce)%s suc$ as
'anc$a4a$a($u%a #ridos$a #ri0una *o6a-'urus$a sa4ya and S=a)na e%c.
=ere )ro)ounded (y our ancien% seers of yurveda. A4on0 %$e4 S=a)na is one
=$ic$ is no% in clinical )rac%ice %oday (u% i% $as i%s o=n si0nificance in %$e field of
4edicine. Accordin0 %o 4odern science also ;rea4in0 is (iolo0ically i4)or%an%.
Al4os% all %$e 0rea% sc$olars of yurveda li6e <$ara6a Sus$ru% Va0($a%%a
Bas$ya) A$ela Cari%a S$aran0d$ar and A$ava)ra6as$ $as 0iven due
considera%ion %o %$is vary conce)% ri0$% fro4 )$ysiolo0ical as =ell as )ro0nosis
)oin% of vie=. <$ara6 Sa4$i%a =$ic$ is %$e firs% and %$e fore4os% %rea%ise
of yurveda $as 0iven 0rea% i4)or%ance %o %$e ;rea4s and c$a)%ers $ave (een
devo%ed for %$e sa4e. I% is descri(ed in de%ail in %$e DIndriyas%$an? in con%eE% of
Aris$%a la6s$an (si0ns of i44inen% dea%$) aus)iciousness and inaus)iciousness.
;rea4s are su))osed %o occur due %o %$e deran0ed or vi%ia%ed s%a%e of ;os$as (
Va%a 'i%%a Ba)$a) =$ic$ affec%s %$e Manas(Mind) and )roduces drea4s
accordin0ly indica%in0 i%s 0ood or (ad effec%. ;rea4s $ave (een 4en%ioned in
4any diseases li6e /a:ya6s$4a( %u(erculosis) /a6%a)i%%a((leedin0 disorder)
Fn4ada(insani%y) A)as4ara( e)ile)sy) e%c. =i%$ res)ec% %o
'urvaru)a()rodro4al si0ns) /u)a(sy4)%o4s) and Aris$%a la6s$an. So drea4s
$ave dee) rela%ions$i) in %$e causa%ion 4anifes%a%ion and )ro0nosis of a disease.
3 | a j m a m s | b y m p a s v o | w w w . a j m a m s . c o m | O r i g i n a l A r t i c l e

S%udies $ave s$o=n %$a% ;rea4s are no% only )syc$olo0ically i4)or%an% (u% even
)$ysiolo0ically also. Al%$ou0$ so4e s%udies $ave (een done (y so4e researc$
sc$olars on ;rea4 in yurveda even %$en 4ore effor%s are reGuired %o eE)lore
%$e )ossi(ili%y of a))lica%ion of %$is conce)% in %$e field of $eal%$ and diseases.
Ayurveda is %$e science and
)$iloso)$y of life (ased on %$e la=s
of na%ure. #$ere are 4any %$eories
and conce)%s )ro)ounded (y our
ancien% sc$olars of Ayurveda suc$
as Sa4anyavada *o6a-'urus$a
Sa4ya 'anc$a4a$a($u%aMana
A%4a Bala ;is$a #ridos$a
Sva($avo)ara4vada e%c. A4on0
%$ese S=a)na is one =$ic$ is no% in
clinical )rac%ice %oday (u% i% $as i%s
o=n si0nificance in %$e field of
4edicine. All %$e ancien% Ayurvedic
sc$olars $ave 0iven 0rea% i4)or%ance
%o %$is conce)% ri0$% fro4 (ir%$ %o
dea%$ in differen% con%eE%. ;rea4s
are rela%ed =i%$ %$e s%a%e of $eal%$
and disease and even %$e )ro0nosis
of diseases as 4en%ioned in
Ayurvedic classics.
*aterial and *ethod-
<ollec%ion eE)osi%ion and
in%er)re%a%ion of su(:ec% 4a%%er fro4
differen% %eE% of Ayurveda.
Etymologically( %$e %er4 S=a)na is
derived fro4 %$e Sans6ri% roo% - - - - +
(4asculine) =$ic$ 4eans %o
slee) fall aslee) %o lie do=n recline
u)on drea4in0 or
drea4(Sir.M.M.>illia4s).#$e =ord
S=a)na $as (een used in %=o
references in Ayurveda one in %$e
con%eE% of Nidra(slee)) for eEa4)le
in #rayo)s%a4($a 8i-n-ii ;ln i-n-ii ;ln i-n-ii ;ln i-n-ii ;ln
iri -i rl-ln| iri -i rl-ln| iri -i rl-ln| iri -i rl-ln|
(Ch#Su#%%./0) and %$e o%$er for
drea4s. #$e )resen% =or6 is rela%ed
%o %$e S=a)na as drea4s.
Classification of Swapna
- niin ilin l~n nii| - niin ilin l~n nii| - niin ilin l~n nii| - niin ilin l~n nii|
iil ii - nli iil ii - nli iil ii - nli iil ii - nli
l|| l|| l|| l|| -(Ch.In.5/43)
<$ara6a $ave s%a%ed seven %y)es of
S=a)na suc$ as5
1. - - - - (Drishta): -l-ln -l-ln -l-ln -l-ln
iii| iii| iii| iii| (ili-n ili-n ili-n ili-n )
-visual eE)eriences of an
individual in $is1or $er
2. n n n n (Shrita): i-ii i-ii i-ii i-ii
-nin ili nrn nii -nin ili nrn nii -nin ili nrn nii -nin ili nrn nii
ni-iii ni lnii ni ni-iii ni lnii ni ni-iii ni lnii ni ni-iii ni lnii ni
in| in| in| in| --- (Arundutta on
- Audi%ory eE)erience 4eans
$earin0 of differen% sounds and
=ords (self crea%ed)
3. in in in in (Anubhuta): inn inn inn inn
iilnin-| iilnin-| iilnin-| iilnin-| (ili-n ili-n ili-n ili-n )
- @E)erience of false )leasures and
)ains in drea4s.
4. ilin ilin ilin ilin (Prarthita): ilin ilin ilin ilin
iilin-| iilin-| iilin-| iilin-| (ili-n ili-n ili-n ili-n )
- 3ulfill4en% of s%ron0
desires in %$e drea4s
5. l~n l~n l~n l~n (2alpita): l~nl-ln l~nl-ln l~nl-ln l~nl-ln
-i iiln-| -i iiln-| -i iiln-| -i iiln-| (ili-n ili-n ili-n ili-n )
- I4a0inary or self crea%ed
4 | a j m a m s | b y m p a s v o | w w w . a j m a m s . c o m | O r i g i n a l A r t i c l e

6. iil iil iil iil (+havi3a): iill-ln iill-ln iill-ln iill-ln
iiliiiii-| iiliiiii-| iiliiiii-| iiliiiii-| (ili-n ili-n ili-n ili-n
-;rea4s rela%ed %o %$e fu%ure
7. ii ii ii ii (Doshaja): iil-ln iil-ln iil-ln iil-ln
~i ~i ~i ~iinilii-| inilii-| inilii-| inilii-| (ili-n ili-n ili-n ili-n
- ;ue %o involve4en% of vi%ia%ed
;os$as. Si4ilar vie= $as (een
4en%ioned in As$%an0 San0ra$a and
As$%an0 Cridaya. (A.S.Sa.12112
Classification of Swapna
alon$ with their
Conse4uences: #$e resul%s of
drea4s $ave (een de)ic%ed as
Sa)$al (4eanin0ful) and A)$al
(4eanin0less). I% $as (een classified
on %$e (asis of %i4e and dura%ion
=$ic$ can (e s$o=n
dia0ra44a%ically as5
Conse4uences of Swapna

%# Saphal(meanin$ful) "#

A# 5n the basis of its intensity +# 5n the basis of

%#Alpaphala "# Mahaphal %# Shubha "#
Ashubha (ess meanin$ful) (,i$hly meanin$ful) (Auspicious)
%# Saphal
#$ese drea4s i4)ar% so4e
4eanin0 $avin0 defini%e
resul%.Doshia and !havita
%y)e of S=a)na (dreams )as
4en%ioned (y <$ara6a are
considered as Sa)$ala
S=a)na(4eanin0ful drea4)
(y <$a6ra)ani ;u%%
iliiiil ii iliiiil ii iliiiil ii iliiiil ii
-| -| -| -| (Cha3rapanidutta
on Ch#in#0.66)
Ac$arya Bas$ya) $as also
0iven 4eanin0ful or frui%ful
drea4s suc$ as
"drishta (#$e unseen
"shrita( Fn$eard)
"nuta (Fn%old)
(Fni4a0ined )
#aryamatram (drea4s
=i%$ou% any reason)
(Ba. I. 2- 2.)
A0ain %$e Sa)$al S=a)na
can (e divided on %$e
(asis of %$eir in%ensi%y of
resul%s and aus)iciousness
suc$ as -
A# Swapna on the basis of
I. Alpaphala (ess
#$e drea4 seen in
early $ours of ni0$%.
Si4ilar vie= $as (een
0iven in As$%an0
5 | a j m a m s | b y m p a s v o | w w w . a j m a m s . c o m | O r i g i n a l A r t i c l e

San0ra$a and
A.S.Sa.1211+ 8
II. Mahaphal (,i$hly
meanin$ful): ;rea4s
=$ic$ )or%ends resul%
i44edia%ely (Sadya)#
If one does no% 0e%
slee) in ni0$% af%er
seein0 drea4s.
(<$.In.-1,-) Alon0
=i%$ %$is %$e drea4s
seen in %$e early
4ornin0 no% ne0a%ed
(y un$el)ful =ords or
a=a6ened (y $ars$
=ords also co4es
under %$is ca%e0ory as
said in As$%an0
San0ra$a and Cridaya.
(A.S.Sa 1211- 8
A.C.Sa .1.+)
+# Swapna on the basis of its
'# Shubha
s dreams): #$e
Ac$aryas $ave
ela(ora%ed a lis% of
S=a)na =$ic$ are
considered as Su-
S=a)na. Accordin0
%o S$aran0d$ara %$e
drea4s =$ic$ are
seen (y a sic6
)erson )or%ends
relief fro4 disease
and if seen (y a
$eal%$y )erson
)or%ends $eal%$ is
6no=n as s$u($a
(Sa.S.'u.+1+9). 3or
eEa4)le dialo0ue
=i%$ %$e 0ods and
forefa%$ers in %$eir
)leasin0 4ood
Vision of =$i%e
0ar4en%s Vision of
clean la6e drea4s
of s=i44in0 in %$e
=a%er i4)rove4en%
of $eal%$ and end of
sufferin0 e%c. are
s$u($a s=a)na
If one eE)eriences
an inaus)icious
drea4 (u% %$ereaf%er
aus)icious one %$is
is indica%or of an
aus)icious resul%.
II. Ashubha Swapna
dreams): Ac$aryas
$ave descri(ed so4e
S=a)na as (ad
o4ens. #$ey are
seen (y (o%$ $eal%$y
and diseased. In %$e
$eal%$y %$ey
announce %$e arrival
of an illness and in a
diseased %$ey $erald
(Sa.S.'u.+1+0). 3or
eEa4)le a))earance
of (a4(oo s$ru(s
cree)er e%c. over
$ead defea%ed (y
vul%ures o=ls do0s
cro=s 0e%%in0
arres%ed or defea%ed
fallin$ or des%ruc%ion
of %$e s%ars 0od
la4) and eyes .
"# Aphala Swapna
(meanin$less or result less
Fnder %$is ca%e0ory follo=in0
are considered accordin0 %o
#$e firs% five %y)es of
drea4s i.e. ;ris$%a
6 | a j m a m s | b y m p a s v o | w w w . a j m a m s . c o m | O r i g i n a l A r t i c l e

Sri%a Anu($u%a
'rar%$i%a and Bal)i%a.
;rea4s seen durin0
day %i4e(durin0 day
#oo lon0 drea4s
#oo s$or% drea4s
Accordin0 %o Ac$arya Bas$ya)a
As$%an0a San0ra$a and Cridaya
acce)%ed all a(ove alon0 =i%$ so4e
4ore drea4s.
Accordin$ to Sushruta
;rea4s =$ic$ are seen durin0
day %i4e(si4ilar %o <$ara6a)
#$ose =$ic$ are for0o%%en or
des%royed (y %$e neE% drea4s
;rea4s seen under )revailin0
%ension (Su.Su.291.7)
Accordin$ to Ashtan$a
San$raha and ,ridaya
#$ose =$ic$ are for0o%%en
;rea4s =$ic$ are accordin0
%o one?s cons%i%u%ion
;rea4s seen =$en )erson is
no% fully aslee)(As$%an0a
(A.S.12112 and A.C..11.2)
Ac$arya Bas$ya)a $as 4en%ioned
A$avi%a and ;os$a:a as 4eanin0less
drea4s al%$ou0$ <$ara6a $as s%a%ed
%$e4 under %$e ca%e0ory of
4eanin0ful drea4s.Bas$ya)a $as
4en%ioned ;os$a:a %y)es of drea4s
in Nidans%$an (sec%ion of )a%$olo0y)
(u% %oday %$e Nidans%$an of Bas$ya)
Sa4$i%a is no% availa(le.
(Ba.S.In12+ 2,)
Duration of result of Swapna: Ac$arya Cari%a $as 0iven %$e dura%ion of
%$e resul% af%er seein0 a drea45-
Time of Seein$ Swapna

Duration of !esult
3irs% )ar% of ni0$% 0ne year
Second )ar% of ni0$% SiE 4on%$
#$ird )ar% of ni0$% #$ree 4on%$
3our%$ )ar% of ni0$% or early 4ornin0 #en days
;urin0 day %i4e1 /ainy season SiE 4on%$
(Ca.S. 2121+ ,)
#$is 6ind of vie= is also 0iven in %$e
Ara4$avaivar%a 'urana
!elation of Swapna with Prakriti
$%apna and Prariti (o%$ are %$e
na%ural )$eno4enon.
Definition of Prakriti-
i i i i iilinin i iilinin i iilinin i iilinin i iiii--| iiii--| iiii--| iiii--|
lnin n n-i - ii ii lnin n n-i - ii ii lnin n n-i - ii ii lnin n n-i - ii ii || || || ||
Means %$e Dosha =$ic$ is
)redo4inan% a% %$e %i4e of union of
$hura (s)er4) and $honita (ovu4)
%$e prariti is de%er4ined accordin0
%o %$a%. #$e drea4 con%en%s deno%in0
%$e 'ra6ri%i of an individual are 0iven
in al4os% all %$e Ayurvedic classics
eEce)% <$ara6a Sa4$i%a. 3or
Vata Prakriti
7 | a j m a m s | b y m p a s v o | w w w . a j m a m s . c o m | O r i g i n a l A r t i c l e

;rea4s con%en% S.
1 4ovin0 or flyin0 or =anderin0 in %$e
2 ;=ellin0 on %rees - - H - - -
+ #ravellin0 on %$e 4oun%ains()ea6s-
- H H - - -
, #ravellin0 %$e dried uneven and
irre0ular rivers
- H - - -
- /ides on ca4el - - - - - H
/ef-A.S.Sa.2111 A.C.Sa.+122Sa.'u..1., A.'.'u.,1-, A$ela.Vi.,112
Prariti parishana (eEa4ina%ion) is
very i4)or%an% for 4ain%ainin0 %$e
=ell(ein0 and Aala )ari6s$an
(eEa4ina%ion of s%ren0%$) Ayu
)ari6s$an (eEa4ina%ion of life s)an)
and dia0nosis of %$e disease
%rea%4en% and even %$e )ro0nosis of
disease also.
Manas prakriti(Psychic
temperament) and Swapna:
Sus$ru%a $as 4en%ioned %$ree %y)es
of #a4as 6aya a %y)e of )syc$ic
%e4)era4en%. #$ey are Pashav
aya(ani4als )syc$e) 'atsya
aya(fis$e?s )syc$e) (anaspatya
aya()lan%?s )syc$e). A4on0 %$ese
%$e )erson of Pashav aya (ani4als
)syc$e) drea4s everyday as
indul0in0 in co)ula%ion.
....... ....... ....... .......-i-- -ni - -i-- -ni - -i-- -ni - -i-- -ni -
-il-ni| -il-ni| -il-ni| -il-ni| ........ ........ ........ ........lni iii nii|| lni iii nii|| lni iii nii|| lni iii nii||
(Su.Sa. ,19+)
!elation of Swapna with
diseases: #$ere are 4any diseases
=$ere drea4s are seen a% various
s%a0es li6e 'urvaru)a /u)a and
Aris$%a la6s$ana.
Swapna in Purvarupa (prodromal
si$ns): #$e )rodro4al si0n is very
$el)ful in %$e dia0nosis %rea%4en%
and )ro0nosis of a disease and
drea4s are also seen a% %$is s%a0e in
differen% disease li6e ratapitta,
rajyashma, shosha, unmade and
apasmara. 3or eEa4)le in
Ratapitta((leedin0 disorder) %$e
drea4s seein0 %$e s$inin0 o(:ec%s of
red (lue yello= or (lue (lac6 colour
freGuen%ly.( <$.Ni.21. A.C.Ni+17).
Swapna in Rupa (si$ns)5 Si4ilarly
%$e drea4s seen a% %$is s%a0e of
diseases are also very i4)or%an%
suc$ as in madatyaya and garvisha
etc) 3or eEa4)le seein0 %errifyin0
and inaus)icious o(:ec%s is an
indica%or of madatyaya (alco$olic
in%oEica%ion) (<$.<$i.2,110.
Dreams indicatin$ Arishta
lakshana (si$ns of definite
death): #$ere are drea4s in
differen% disease =$ic$ indica%e
defini%e dea%$ of )a%ien% li6e
ratapitta, rajyashma, gulma ,
unmada, e%c. for eEa4)le %ravellin0
%o=ards sou%$ =$ile ridin0 do0
ca4el ass and don6ey in a $%apna
indica%es dea%$ of a )a%ien% sufferin0
fro4 Rajyashma *tuberculosis+)
(<$.In.-12 9 A.C.Sa..1,2
A.S.Sa.12112). Si4ilarly friends$i)
=i%$ 4on6eys in a drea4 is an
indica%or of dea%$ of a )a%ien%
sufferin0 fro4 $hosha (consu4)%ion)
Swapna relatesd to pre$nancy:
#$ere are various drea4s =$ic$
indica%e differen% as)ec%s of
)re0nancy suc$ as5
8 | a j m a m s | b y m p a s v o | w w w . a j m a m s . c o m | O r i g i n a l A r t i c l e

1. ;rea4in0 a(ou% 4ale or
4asculine o(:ec%s durin0
)re0nancy indica%es seE of
%$e 4ale c$ild and drea4in0
a(ou% fe4ale or fe4inine
o(:ec%s indica%es seE of %$e
fe4ale c$ild. (<$.Sa.212,
Su.Sa.+1+2 A.Sa.21+.
A.C.Sa.1170 A.'.+1,7)
2. Ac$arya Bas$ya)a $as
descri(ed drea4s indica%in0
dea%$ of %$e )re0nan% lady
%$a% if a =o4an =$o rides a
don6ey $o0 (uffalo do0 or
ca4el durin0 drea4s s$e dies
alon0 =i%$ %$e fe%us
(Ba.6$ila.10117- 17.) and
%$e =o4an =$o s4iles durin0
slee) or drea4s of ridin0
%o=ards cre4a%ion 0round
%$a% )re0nan% =o4an =ill
suffer fro4 o(s%ruc%ed la(our
and dies =i%$ fe%us
Swapna related with Balgraha:
Ac$arya Basya)a $as descri(ed
)ar%icular drea4s in rela%ion %o
s)ecific Ira$a afflic%ion. #$ese
drea4s $ave (o%$ dia0nos%ic as =ell
)ro0nos%ic values. #$ey 4ay also
i4)ly %$e ineluc%a(le dea%$ af%er
(ein0 afflic%ed (y %$a% )ar%icular
,raha. #$ese drea4s are ei%$er seen
(y %$e 4o%$er Dhatri *%$e =e%
nurse) or (y %$e c$ild. 3or eEa4)le
in Revati ,raha a--liction, %$e 4o%$er
or c$ild drea4s of dro=nin0 of c$ild
in sea or =a%er reservoir. (Ba.In.11)
*ethods for Pacification of
Ashubha Swapna/duha swapna
(bad dreams):
Al%$ou0$ no s)ecific dru0 %$era)ies
$ave (een advised (y Ac$aryas li6e
in %$e diseases (u% so4e 4e%$ods
$ave (een 4en%ioned for As$u($a
S=a)na in differen% con%eE%.
Sashodhan !hikitsa
(purification therapy):
Sa4s$od$an <$i6i%sa is indica%ed in
<$ara6a Sa4$i%a for a )erson
o(servin0 inaus)icious drea4s as i%
)acifies %$e vi%ia%ed dos$as and
es%a(lises %$e s%a%e of eGili(riu4.
ni-l,-- ni-l,-- ni-l,-- ni-l,--i-n-i- i-n-i- i-n-i- i-n-i- ......... ......... ......... .........
| | | | ( . .. . . .. .c,r c,r c,r c,r )
Sashaana !hikitsa
(pacification therapy)"%$ere are
%=o %y)e of %$era)ies 4en%ioned in
#$ Drav%abhuta
chikitsa(Dru$ therapy):
;ru0 li6e 'ritsanjivan
"gad $ave (een
)rescri(ed for %$e
%rea%4en% of Duhs%apna,
4en%ioned in con%eE% of
(isha .hiitsa(%rea%4en%
of )oisonin0) . (<$.<$i.
Fsin0 %oo%$ cleanin0 s%ic6 of
/aati(:as4inu4 officinale-
oleaceae fa4ily)
0agar(valeriana =allic$ii-
valerianaceae fa4ily) and
'adaar(calo%ro)is 0i0an%ia-
ascle)iadaceae fa4ily) for
(rus$in0 is 4en%ioned in
iini nn -i - iini nn -i - iini nn -i - iini nn -i -
lln| lln| lln| lln|..(B.P.Pur.5/34)
Fse of 0e4 s%udded
nr nr nr nr l-r l- l-r l- l-r l- l-r l-
-ii-| -ii-| -ii-| -ii-| .............. .............. .............. ..............
-iiiiii-|| -iiiiii-|| -iiiiii-|| -iiiiii-||

&$ Adrav%abhuta !hikitsa

In Sus$ru%a Sa4$i%a
4e%$ods li6e 0e%%in0 u) early
in %$e 4ornin0 and offerin0
Mas$a((lac6 0ra4)
#ila(sesa4u4) Iron and Iold
9 | a j m a m s | b y m p a s v o | w w w . a j m a m s . c o m | O r i g i n a l A r t i c l e

%o %$e Ara$4anas c$an%in0 of
aus)icious $y4ns suc$ as
#ri)ada Iaya%$ri reci%in0
Vedas. If %$e drea4 is seen
durin0 %$e firs% Ja4a of ni0$%
%$en one s$ould slee)
%$in6in0 of aus)icious even%s
(,). Si4ilarly in
As$%an0 San0ra$a i% is
advised %$a% af%er 0e%%in0 u)
one s$ould %a6e %$e (a%$ and
offer red Mus%ard or
Sesa4u4 seeds s4eared =i%$
I$ri%a %o %$e fire in %$e na4e
of Savi%$ri (As.S.S$.121+0).
In As$%an0 Cridaya i% is
4en%ioned %$a% (ad drea4s
(eco4e less effec%ive (y
indul0in0 in c$ari%y sacrifice
or incan%a%ions e%c.
(As.C.S$..1.,) K%$er
Ac$aryas $ave 0iven 4ore or
less si4ilar vie= in %$is
Discussion: Af%er 0oin0 %$rou0$ %$e
en%ire li%era%ure of Ayurveda rela%ed
%o $%apna indica%es %$a% in ancien%
%i4e %$is conce)% =as Gui%e )revalen%
in clinical )rac%ice. I% is rela%ed %o all
s)$ere of life =$e%$er illness or
=ell(ein0. Various as)ec%s li6e
prariti parishan, balgraha,
poorvaroopa, roopa and arishta of a
disease =ere assessed (y %$is
a))roac$ in all disci)line of
4edicine.#$e i4)or%ance of $%apna
in 4a%ernal and c$ild $eal%$ care is
also descri(ed in de%ail. $%apna
rela%ed =i%$ seE of )ro0eny 4ay (e
i4)or%an% for fur%$er s%udy %o %es%ify
our %eE%s. As far as %$e resul% is
concerned drea4s seen in early
4ornin0 are considered $i0$ly
4eanin0ful. >$y is i% soL I% is
o(serva%ion (ased. #$is can (e
unders%ood (y Ma$ayan Su%ra
San0ra$a s%a%in0 )redo4inance of
$atva in four%$ prahar*Part+ of ni0$%.
ir -rn l--i-n -i-ii ir -rn l--i-n -i-ii ir -rn l--i-n -i-ii ir -rn l--i-n -i-ii
iii-ii| iii-ii| iii-ii| iii-ii| (A# ,# Su#".%)
Si4ilarly aus)icious and inaus)icious
drea4s 4ay also $el) a )$ysician
re0ardin0 %$e )ro0nosis of a disease
so %$a% one can %a6e decision
accordin0ly. In con%eE% of Dashvidha
Parisha <$ara6a $as 4en%ioned
%$a% s%a%e of $eal%$ can (e
ascer%ained (y %$e a(sence of (ad
drea4s. iliii iliii iliii iliii
-ii-i-| -ii-i-| -ii-i-| -ii-i-| ( . .. .l l l l. .. . s,ss s,ss s,ss s,ss)
If Ayurvedic )rac%i%ioner =ill 0ive
so4e a%%en%ion %o %$is a))roac$
$o)e i% =ill 0ive so4e (enefi% in
4ain%ainin0 %$e $eal%$ and curin0 of
disease. <$ara6a $as s%a%ed %$e
i4)or%ance of 6no=led0e of $%apna
for a )$ysician re0ardin0 )rodro4al
si0ns and drea4s so %$a% $e =ill no%
%rea% %$e incura(le cases for %$e sa6e
of $is )res%i0e.
ii -i ;-i l-n ii -i ;-i l-n ii -i ;-i l-n ii -i ;-i l-n
iii| iii| iii| iii|
-iriii -iiin -iriii -iiin -iriii -iiin -iriii -iiin
lii|| lii|| lii|| lii|| ( . .. .; ;; ;. .. .r,/ r,/ r,/ r,/)
Summary and conclusion- In %$e
ancien% %i4e =$en no so)$is%ica%ed
%ools and %ec$nolo0ies =ere
availa(le %$e conce)% of S=a)na =as
very )o)ular in clinical )rac%ice for
%$e dia0nosis and )ro0nosis of
diseases as =ell as for %$e
4ain%enance of $eal%$. Ac$arya?s
$ad 6een and )rac%ical o(serva%ion
re0ardin0 drea4s =$ic$ do eEis% in
%$e )resen% %i4e. I% reGuires
a%%en%ion for eE)lora%ion
in%er)re%a%ion and a))lica%ion
sincerely =i%$ )a%ience and devo%ion.
1. A)%e Va4an S$ivra4
Sans6ri% Cindi Bos$a Mo%ilal
Aanarsidas Varanasi 1927
2. A$isa0acarya Sa%ya)ala
Basya)a Sa4$i%a revised (y
Va%sya Cindi %ransla%ion
<$au6$a4(a Sans6ri%a
! | a j m a m s | b y m p a s v o | w w w . a j m a m s . c o m | O r i g i n a l A r t i c l e

Sans%$ana Varanasi 10%$
edi%ion 200-
+. ;=ivedi.A.B Ios=a4i.'.B
<$ara6a Sa4$i%a =i%$
Ayurveda ;i)i6a co44en%ary
(y <a6ra)anida%%a
<$o=6$a4(a Bris$nadas
Acade4y Varanasi 2nd
edi%ion 200..
,. Bavira: Bun:alal A$is$a0ra%na
Sus$ru%a Sa4$i%a =i%$
@n0lis$ %ransla%ion vol
1su%ras%$an c$au6$a4(a
Sans6ri% Series Varanasi
Second @di%ion 19.+
-. Bus$=a$a Caris$ <$andra
<$ara6a Sa4$i%a =i%$
Ayurveda ;i)i6a Cindi
%ransla%ion <$au6$a4(a
Krien%alia 1
edi%ion 200-.
.. Mur%$y. B./. Sri6an%$a
Sus$ru%a sa4$i%a =i%$ @n0lis$
%ransla%ion vol 1 su%ras%$an
c$au6$a4(a orien%alia
Varanasi second edi%ion.
7. Mur%$y B./. Sri6an%$a
A$av)ra6as$ vol I @n0lis$
%ransla%ion 6ris$nadas
Acade4y Varanasi.
2. '%. Cari Sadas$iva S$as%ri
'arad6ara A"#MN0a C$daya of
VM0($a%%a =i%$ %$e
SarvM%0as&ndarM of Arundu%%a
and 'yurvedarasMya%a of
Ce4MdrO <$au6$a4(a
Sur($ara%i 'ra6as$an
Varanasi 2011.
9. S$ar4a /.B. 8 ;as$
A$a0=an <$ara6a sa4$i%a
=i%$ @n0lis$ %ransla%ion
<$au6$a4(a Sans6ri% series
office Varanasi re)rin% 2010.
10. Sas%ri '%. Bas$ina%$ and
<$a%urvedi Iora6$na%$
<$ara6a Sa4$i%a =i%$
Vidyo%ini co44en%ary ()ar%1
and 2) <$o=6$a4(a A$ara%i
Acade4y 1s% edi%ion 2002.
11. Sas%ri /a4avala4(a Cari%a
Sa4$i%a %eE% =i%$ As$a Cindi
co44en%ary 'rac$ya
'ra6as$an Varanasi 1

edi%ion 192-.
12. #arini P$a Ara4$avaivar%a
'urana (QrO Bris$na :an4a
6$anda u%%arard$a) Cindi
Sa$i%ya Sa44elan
1+. #i=ari '.V.Basya)a Sa4$i%a
=i%$ @n0lis$ %ransla%ion
<$au6$a4( Vis$=a($ara%i
1s% edi%ion 2002
1,. #ri)a%$i Ara4$ananda
S$aran0d$ara Sa4$i%a =i%$
An:ana Nidana of A0nives$a
and ;i)i6a co44en%ary
<$au6$a4(a Sur($ara%i
'ra6as$an 2nd edi%ion2001.
1-. Vaidya Jadav:i #ri6a4:i
SuRru%a Sa($i%M =i%$
<o44en%ary of QrO
;Sal$a)Mc$arya <$au6$a4(a
Sur($ara%i 'ra6as$an
Varanasi 2010
1.. >illia4s.M.M. A Sans6ri%
@n0lis$ ;ic%ionary A$ara%iya
Iran%$ Ni6e%an Ne= ;el$i

| a j m a m s | b y m p a s v o | w w w . a j m a m s . c o m | O r i g i n a l A r t i c l e