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VLSIGuru Online Training Course Brochure

1. Courses offered (Number of sessions(2Hr 15 min), Course Duration):
a. System Verilog Training (15 Sessions, 5 Weeks)
a. Introduction to VLSI & SoC Design
b. Introduction to SoC & Module level functional verification
c. System Verilog constructs
d. Standard Protocol Training(AXI, AHB, OCP, etc)
e. Verification IP(VIP) development for above protocol
f. Industry standard SV based verification project from scratch (Memory Controller,
bridge protocols, USB2.0, similar complexity projects)

b. Methodology Training (15 Sessions, 5 Weeks)
a. SoC & Module verification testbench setup using Methodology
b. Methodology(UVM & OVM) constructs
c. Standard Protocol Training(AXI, AHB, OCP, etc)
d. Universal Verification Component(UVC) development for above protocol
e. Industry standard project methodology & SV based verification project from
scratch (Memory Controller, bridge protocols, USB, etc of similar complexity)

c. VLSI Training for Functional Verification (38 Sessions, 13 Weeks)
a. System Verilog Training (#a above)
b. Methodology Training (#b above)
c. SoC Verification concepts
d. ARM architecture concepts
e. Peripheral Bus Protocol Training(PCIe Gen3, USB3.0, etc)
f. Peripheral Bus based design test bench setup concepts
g. PERL Training specific to functional verification

d. Standard Protocol Training(10 Sessions, 3 Weeks )
a. AXI4.0, OCP3.0, AHB2.0, PCIe Gen3, USB3.0, etc
b. Verification IP development for 1 of above protocols

2. Material & assistance during course:
Access to questasim license installed on our servers
Checklist for each session of course(summary of each session)
Course material softcopy
Course assignment(VIP development, SV & Methodology practice, Industry standard

+91-9986194191 #154, 1st Main Road, Munishwara Layout,, Bommana Halli, Bangalore-76 WWW.VLSIGURU.IN
3. What student can expect towards end of course?
Complete understanding on SV, Methodology, Standard Protocol concepts
Verification IP development using SV & Methodology for any standard protocol(AXI,
AHB, USB etc)
Ability to drive functional verification for a given module from scratch

4. Online Training Frequency Asked Questions?
Do you organize a demo class for online training?
o Yes, we organize a demo class 1 week prior to course commencement date.
Course prerequisites?
o Exposure to Verilog HDL, digital design concepts
o Exposure to OOP is added advantage, but not expected
Does course have practical aspects covered?
o Course is majorly focused on learning practical aspects of SV, Methodology.
o Other than VIP & UVC development and complex design verification in both SV &
UVM/OVM, each feature of SV & UVM is learnt with relevant examples. All these
examples (100+ in SV, 60+ in UVM) are shared with student.
Access to the tools during course and after course completion?
o Student will have access to the required tools both during course and after the
course for 6 months duration.
Is the Projects executed complex enough to be put in resume?
o All the projects executed can be put in resume. Industry requires 2-4 engineers
working for 4-6 months to complete these projects.
o Please download a sample Project Execution Flow PDF
Each Session Duration & timings?
o Session duration: 2Hours 15 minutes; Timing is based on student preference.
Do you have online tutor or Recorded lectures?
o All our sessions are done by an online tutor.
Missed sessions?
o We try to compensate by doing an additional session.
o Student has option to redo whole course for next 1 year at no additional cost.
Will I be perfect with SV, UVM, and Standard protocol after 2-3 months of training?
o It takes lot of effort from student to get perfection on SV, Methodology and
standard protocols. We just give the required guidance in putting students
efforts in right direction.
o Student is expected to put required effort in reading the documents provided
during course and complete assignments provided during the course.
Online Trainer profile?
o IIT Graduates, 10+ years exp
o Wide experience of working in different domains across Chip Design Industry.

+91-9986194191 #154, 1st Main Road, Munishwara Layout,, Bommana Halli, Bangalore-76 WWW.VLSIGURU.IN
Placement assistance?
o We do not give any commitment on placements; however we provide reference
in different companies.
Do you offer any support after completion of course?
o SystemVerilog doubt clarification session organized on 10
of every month.
o UVM doubt clarification session is organized on 15
of every month.
o Student can attend these sessions any time while doing the course or after
course completion. These sessions are organized to cover all the doubts related
to course aspects covered in SV & UVM.

5. Fee Payment?
Student should attend demo session one week prior to course commencement date.
Student should register for course by transferring fee online before the course

6. Contact Details
Mail : Phone: +91-9986194191