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1) Who is Angela Davis ?

Give some information about her background, her education,

where she lived, what she did as a job, the causes she
he was born in Alabama from a famil! of African" American
intellectuals, she was a brilliant student. he fled south through
scholarshi# and want to German! to stud! #hiloso#h!. $hen she
came back and worked as a #hiloso#h! #rofessor at the universit!
of %alifornia. he was #oliticall! engaged. he was a feminist.
he su##orted the communist #art!&the %ommunist club %he
'umumba), she was close to the (lack )anther )art!. he lost her
job, under the #ressure of Gov. *onald *eagan. he went to jail.
+) he has left her mark in American histor! and the evolution of
the establishment and counter"culture.
What #eriod of time does it concern ?
Define the two terms.
,ow was she #erceived b! the establishment ? (! the
counter"culture ?
-t was during the 1./0s and 10s, from the earl! /0s to the
earl! 10s.
"$he establishment corres#onds to the dominant grou# that
held #ower in the 2, )resident 3i4on, the #ress, the #olice,
Governor *onald *eagan. -t corres#onds to a traditional,
conservative wa! of thinking, conventional ideas,
mainstream, the majorit! of the #o#ulation5s wa! of thinking.
"$he counter"culture was a new culture that emerged in
reaction against the #ower and the traditional beliefs. -t didn5t
inter#ret things like the 6stablishment did. -t was against the
7ietnam war, for e8ual rights for women and black #eo#le. -t
included !oung #eo#le, women, %ommunists, black #eo#le.
" he was #erceived as a dangerous agitator who
indoctrinated her students, who disturbed the natural order.
he was a threat so she was on the 9(-5s list of most wanted
terrorists too. &)resident 3i4on said she was a dangerous
" he was admired, a heroine, an icon, a s#okeswoman of
counter"culture, beautiful, educated, 6uro#ean, with
oratorical skills, she embodied the disenfranchisement of
black #eo#le, of women.
:) he sta!ed in #rison from 1.10 to 1.1+ after being arrested and
%an !ou e4#lain what she was charged with ?
Give as much information as !ou can about the oledad
(rothers &George ;ackson and his !ounger brother)
What was the outcome of this ?
he was charged with hel#ing an esca#e attem#t of
im#risoned black #risoners b! #roviding them with a gun.
$hese black #risoners were unjustl! accused of a crime, and
during their trial at the court, the! used Angela Davis5s gun to
tr! to esca#e. $he! took the judge and members of the jur!
hostage. 2nfortunatel!, there was a gun fight and the judge,
the #risoners and some members of the jur! were killed.
$he oledad brothers were figures of the counter"culture.
$he! were called that name because the! were im#risoned in
oledad #rison. Georges ;ackson was among them. $he!
were : African"American inmates charged with the murder of
white #rison guard in retaliation for the shooting deaths of
three black #risoners in the e4ercise !ard . $he oledad
(rothers Defense %ommittee was formed and Angela Davis
was leading the movement. George ;ackson5s 11"!ear"old
brother ;onathan ;ackson held u# the courtroom to free the :
#risoners. -n 1.11, before his trial in the guard5s killing, the
+."!ear"old ;ackson launched an u#rising in a #rison with a
gun and was killed b! a guard. $he other + oledad (rothers
will be ac8uitted of the original charges of murdering a
#rison guard .
-n the end, Angella Davis was ac8uitted in 1.1+, es#eciall!
under the #ressure of international su##ort committees with
slogan <free Angela=>. -t was a close call because she could
have been found guilt! and sentenced to death. (efore her
trial, she had been released on bail