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Logan-Hocking Middle School: English 8

Course Syllabus 20142015

Course Name: English 8 Teacher: Mrs. Ball and Miss Tan
Course length: Full Year/Double Block Contact:

Materials needed: Three ring binder, notebook paper, pencils, pens, and colored pencils.

Course Description & Objectives:
This class is a double-blocked Language Arts class. Students will learn the Ohio Common Core
standards which include: reading fiction, reading informative texts, writing, speaking & listening, and
language/grammar. Students will also be using Accelerated Reader.

Grade Distribution: Grading Scale:

Class Assignments 35% The scale in the student handbook, as adopted by
Quiz/Test/Projects 45% the Logan-Hocking Board of Education, will be
Independent Reading 20% used to determine letter grades

TOTAL 100%


Students: Each nine weeks, I will select an Accelerated Reader goal for you.
I want to instill a love of reading in you. Therefore, I think that you need to
choose books that interest you. A novel should be one that interests you and
is at your reading level, which you will find out after your STAR test. We have
a large selection of AR books for you to choose from.

AR Rewards:
1. 85% or higher on
quiz: Candy!
2. The team (class)
who gets to 100% or
higher first gets a pizza
3. 100% prizes from

Some Hints for Success:
1. Read every night! Dont get stuck at the
end of the nine weeks having to read a huge
2. Pick books that are interesting to you and
within your level.
3. Dont pick books that you have already
read. Youre not allowed to do that.
4. Dont pick books that are movies.
5. Pace yourself and set mini-goals.
Reading Logs:
Students will receive reading logs
every two weeks. Due dates will be
on the log. Students are expected
to read for a minimum of 20
minutes, five days per week and
log what he/she read. Students will
answer two questions on the back
of the log about their book.
Student Information Class Period ________
1. Name: (first) __________________ (last) ______________________
nickname you prefer to be called in class __________________________________
2. Name(s) of your parent(s) / guardian(s):
telephone: _________________________________
e-mail: _________________________________________________________________
3. Please include anything you would like me to know about your child. Thanks!

PARENTS: I have read the information on both sides of the syllabus. I agree to follow these policies.
Parents are responsible for being aware at all times of what their children are reading and making family decisions about
whether the content is appropriate. The middle school library contains both childrens and young adult material. If at any
time a parent or guardian decides that a book a student is reading is inappropriate, an alternative will be selected. Also,
parents need to check their childs reading log weekly to make sure he/she is completing their independent reading.
Thanks for your help!

Parent/guardian signature ______________________________________ date _______________

Student signature _____________________________________________ date _______________