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Unit 9 Test Review

Test will be given on: __________________________
Covers Chapters 26 and 27: Everything from the notes and reading is fair game!
10 Matching- 1 point each
48 Multiple Choice- 1 point each
Choice of 2 out of 3 essays- 5 points each
58 points total!

1) Satellite Nations:

2) Iron Curtain:

3) Cold War:

4) Containment:

5) In the _________________ Doctrine, President Truman promised to support/oppose (circle
one) nations trying to resist Soviet control.

6) The Soviet Union refused to participate in the _________________ Plan.

7) The _____________ airlift was President __________________s response to the Soviet
blockade of North/South/East/West (circle one) _________________.

8) In response to the formation of NATO, the _______________ ____________ created the
______________________ Pact.

9) One reason the United States became involved in affairs in the Middle East following World
War II was to prevent/encourage (circle one) oil-rich Arab nations from falling under
_______________ influence.

10) At the Yalta Conference, Roosevelt, Churchill, and ______________ decided to divide
Germany into ______ sectors American, ____________, ______________ and ____________.

11) As World War II ended, a major disagreement between the United States and the Soviet
Union involved Soviet domination of ________________.

12) An immediate result of the Truman Doctrine was that Congress approved $_________
million to help ____________ and ____________ resist Soviet influence.

13) Both President Trumans _______________ ______________ ______________ Program
and Senator Joseph ________________s hearing aimed to expose Communists in the United


14) During the _________ War, a major goal of United States policy in Latin America was to
protect American _________________ investments Latin America.

15) The Soviet Union wanted to rebuild after the war in ways that would ____________ its own

16) For nearly ________ years, the Cold War was characterized by _______________ conflict
and military tensions.

17) President Truman issued the Truman Doctrine to response to Stalins demands at the
_________________ Conference.

18) One goal of the Marshall Plan was to create stable __________________ that could resist

19) A number of nations joined ____.____.____.____. in 1949 to protect themselves from
possible Soviet aggression.

20) Truman reacted to the USSRs deployment of an __________ bomb by giving approval for
the U.S. development of an even more powerful _____________.

21) After ___________ fell to Mao Zedongs forces, some members of Congress called for the
protection of the rest of _________.

22) At the end of World War II, Korea was divided into Northern/Eastern/Southern/Western
(circle one) pro-American government and a Northern/Eastern/Southern/Western (circle one)
pro-Communist government.

23) General ___________ favored breaking the stalemate in the war by opening a second front
by attacking the ____________ mainland.

24) The policy of making the military power of the United States and its allies so strong that no
enemy would dare attack it for fear of retaliation is known as _________________.

25) Essay: How were the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan relevant to the American
foreign policy goal of containment?

26) Essay: Explain how the contrasting post-World War II goals of the Soviet Union and the
United States led to the Cold War.

1) Franchise:

2) Per Capita Income:


3) Modern Republicanism:

4) Baby Boom:

5) GI Bill:

6) Reconversion:

7) One effect of business expansion after World War II was a shift in the workforce from
________- collar to ___________- collar jobs.

8) One long-lasting effect of the major highway-building projects of the 1950s was more/less
(circle one) reliance on the public transportation system.

9) One of President Trumans greatest challenges in reconverting to a peacetime economy was
keeping ______________ in check.

10) The 19______ launching of Sputnik caused Congress to increase/decrease (circle one)
spending on teaching science and mathematics.

11) In the 1950s, the gross national product changed because both Gross National Product and
per capita income increased/decreased (circle one) dramatically.

12) Women were expected to fulfill the role of full-time ______________ in the 1950s.

13) The beatniks of the 1950s rebelled against ________________ and traditional social

14) Congress passed the ___________-___________ Act in 1947 to restrict labor strikes that
threatened national interest.

15) Computers came into widespread use in the 1950s mainly because they were
_______________ and _________________.

16) In the 1950s, scientists succeeded in using atomic energy to generate __________________

17) ______________ cards became popular because they were easy and convenient to use.

18) Members of the _______________ generation chose to pursue entertainment and fun.

19) ___________ - and - ________ gave the young people of the 1950s a style they could call
their own.

20) When the government lifted price controls after the war, prices sank/rose (circle one) faster
than wages.

21) Trumans ___________ ____________ aimed to extend the New Deals goals.

22) ____________ ____________ goals included a higher minimum wage, national health
insurance, and housing assistance.

23) During the 1950s, Americans placed the most value in ____________ and ____________.

24) One result of the baby boom was that families moved from the ___________ to the

25) Essay: What effect did developments in technology have on the American way of life in the