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A Engineering Procurement & Construction Based Training Company

MECCI Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Advance Training & Certification Program
Electrical System Design & Detailed Engineering

Course Content

For Regular & Weekend Batch
A Engineering Procurement & Construction Based Training Company
Course Outline

Overview of industry and their requirement of electrical systems.
Role, Importance, Responsibility of Electrical engineer in industry.
Knowing client requirements & collection of specific data for projects.
Understanding various phases of projects
Use of International Standards, Design Basis, std. practices/procedures and specifications.
Understanding Basic Design requirement based on the type of various plants.
Intra-Discipline co-ordination with civil, process, mechanical, piping, telecom HVAC etc...
Cable Selection and Sizing and cable laying methods.
Selection and Sizing electrical equipments used in various projects.
Preparation of equipments specification.
High voltage system requirements including substation design.
Design of Earthlings system, Lightning system and lightning protection system.
Design of power distribution system.
Equipment vendor drawing review and approval.
Procurement Requirements and installation standards.

A Engineering Procurement & Construction Based Training Company

Module 1 2Hrs

Basics of Electrical Engineering

Different types of Electrical system and their Importance
Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Utilization
Introduction of key electrical equipments used in projects
Introduction to EBOD Electrical Basis of Designing

Module 2 2Hrs

Coordination with Other Disciplines

Process Engineers
Mechanical Engineers
Civil Engineers
Instrument Engineers
Communication and safety Engineers.

Module 3 4 Hrs

Estimation of Plant Electrical Load

Preparation of Load Schedule
Determination of power Supply Capacity
Standby Capacity consideration
Rating of generators in Relation to their Prime Movers
Rating Of Motors In Relation To Their Driven Machines

Module 4 4Hrs

Development of Single Line Diagrams (SLD)

Types of SLD and their study with Legend sheet
Detail SLD
Lighting system SLD
Small power SLD, Key SLD
Metering and Control diagram

Module 5 6Hrs

Control Schematics

Block Diagram
Typical Schematics for Motor Feeder
Typical Schematics for Power Feeder
Typical Schematics for Transformer Feeder

Module 6 10 Hrs

Selection and Sizing of Electrical Equipments

Emergency Generator
Transformer and CT/PT
Neutral Grounding Resistor (NGR)
HV/MV Switchgears
LV Switchgears
HV/MV/LV Capacitor Bank
DC Battery & Battery Charger
AC/DC Machines
A Engineering Procurement & Construction Based Training Company

Module 7 2 Hrs

Hazardous Area Classification and Selection of Equipments

Zone /Division Classification
Types of Protection for Hazardous Areas
Hazardous source List Preparation
Certification of Hazardous Area Equipment
Marking Of Equipment Nameplates
Hazardous Area Drawings / Layouts Preparation
Different Code and Standards used in Hazardous Area

Module 8 6 Hrs

Cable Selection and Sizing
Power and Control cable Introduction
Cable selection
Cable sizing for Low voltage system
Cable sizing for High voltage system
Voltage Drop Consideration
Let through Energy consideration
Earth fault Loop Impedance consideration
Cable Schedule
Cable interconnection Schedule
Selection and Sizing of Cable Tray
Cable tray schedule
Cable Drum schedule
Conduit Selection
Conduit Sizing

Module 9 2 Hrs

Cable Routing

Cable routing Layout
Cable Tagging
Installation details

Module 10 4 Hrs

Earthing & Lightening Protection Design

Requirement of Earthing in Industrial Plants
Earthing Design Calculations
Type of Earthing and Details
Earthing Installation Details
Earthing Layout Design
Lightening Protection Requirement
Lightening Protection Calculation
Lightening Installation Details
Lightening Layout Design

Module 11 4 Hrs

Illumination Design

Type of Lighting Fixtures
Selection of Lighting Fixtures
Preparation of Fixture Schedule
Indoor Illumination Calculation
Outdoor Illumination Calculation
A Engineering Procurement & Construction Based Training Company

Module 12 2 Hrs

Sub-Station/ Switch Yard Layout and Design

Type of Sub-Stations and Layouts
General arrangement of substation
Equipment Layout

Module 13 2 Hrs
Procurement details of Electrical Equipment and Specification

Diesel Generator
HV /MV Switchgears
LV Switchgear
HV/LV Capacitor Bank
DC Battery Charger
Power Cables
Control Cables
Earthing and Lightening Protection


To be submitted by Every Candidates

Auto Practice Sheets
SLD and other Layouts
Different Calculations
Load list
Illumination layout and Lux Calculation
A Engineering Procurement & Construction Based Training Company
Training also includes following features:
Exclusive Study Material and documents
2 years free Membership
100 % Placement Assistance
Autocad Program for 2D and 3D
Resume Updation
PDP Classes
Mock Interview & Interview Preparation
Projects and assignments

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