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An Emerging Earth Angels E-Book

Crossing Over
A Blueprint for Living on the Other Side


Copyright 2009 Karen Bishop

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, translated, stored in a
retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording
or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author.


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Crossing Over
A Blueprint for Living on the Other Side


Table of Contents

Completing the First Journey14
The Final DisconnectMy Story..22
Our Very New Families..31
Arriving in a New Dimension.33
The Blueprint for the New Reality.....41
The Model CommunityAre We There Yet?.............................................51
Feel Good Places and Our Soul Purpose...55
Navigating the Dimensional Border.58
The Secret........64



his e-book is basically broken down into two sections. The first part of the book
describes how we got where we are now, and what that felt and looked like, along
with many symptoms of permanently leaving the old reality and arriving in the new.
These were challenging times for many of us.
In this way, the first part of the book is not as uplifting as other parts of the book may be, even
though you may see yourself on any given page.which is the purposeto validate your
experience. But if you continue reading, you will find a very different energy in the second part
of the book. This is because we are now somewhere very new and different, and it feels much
So if you are not particularly uplifted during the first part of this book, dont give up! It gets better!
Just as things are now going to be better for most of us, this book merely mirrors what our
experience has been about, in regard to the ascension process. A new dawn is breaking, we
are finding our way in a very new land, it will be glorious indeed and more than we could have
ever imagined, and this e-book will hopefully light your way, validate your experience, and guide
you on your road ahead. And it is a road that really, really, feels good again.
Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life as you enter a
very new reality,



n June 21st, 2009, a line was drawn in the sand. A book was forever closed, each
chapter had been read, re-read, and completed, and a most definitive end was now
at hand. For many, much was over and done, an energetic death could be felt,
perhaps a sense of an end of an era, or even a massive severing of an old familiar purpose.
An end to what?, you may wonder. And what was this massive change all about, and how did
it indeed affect so many of us?
This grand ending, and the strange feelings and experiences it created, indeed has a very
plausible explanation, when we know the story behind it. And the story is a very interesting one
at that

The Beginning Nears Its End
Many eons ago, a small group of souls came together to create a very special place for energy
to experience itself through creating. As an added treat, these souls decided to give themselves
the option of experiencing their creation through form as well. Thus, a special physical place
was created for the simple reason that a group of souls wanted something to do. And in
addition, these souls decided that they also wanted the option of infusing their soul energy into
form, so that they could experience what they had created in another way, as a living form as
wella form placed within the parameters of their creation. In this way, their creation could be
experienced with all the senses of a living form, and thus, not just seen from above. This very
special physical place was our one-of-a-kind planet Earth.
When souls are formed, or rather when they begin as a spark that separates itself from the
creator (or God if you choose), these newly formed souls also create even more souls that
separate from themselves as well. Division occurs over and over again, thus creating many,
many souls who are experimenting with energy and having experiences far and wide. But
ultimately, each soul is connected to its original soul, and most certainly to source, as all of this
God energy is always all one.
A brief note about soul relationships: Souls created at the same time, resonate most closely to
each other, and we tend to want to label these connections as soul mates and at times twin
flames. When we encounter a soul who was created at the same time that we were, it is as if we
are looking in the mirror, and have an immediate ease, flow, familiarity, and comfort with each
other. These souls are also at the same levels in regard to how much they have experienced,

but many times they are at very different levels in regard to how they have chosen to open,
grow, and expand this time around in human form.
The ascension process created a need to gather in and retrieve all these aspects of ourselves
where we had infused our energy. We needed to wrap up this creation we had called Earth,
and begin once again as pristine souls before we moved on to a very new universe, and we
needed to restore the earth to her pristine condition as well. This is what all the letting go was
about; this is what all the endings were about; and this is what all the simplification was about as
well. We had come as far as we possibly could in regard to experiencing all that we chose to
experiencehere on Earth as well as in every aspect of this particular universe.
The earth was thus chosen as the place where we would begin again, and this process of
beginning again is called our ascension process. In order to wrap things up, we decided to
infuse our soul energies into human form, and to be born during this particular time, so we could
be present when this completion of the old Earth cycle was occurring. As so many of us were
the original creators of the earth, we wanted and needed to be very present for the ending, as
we were during the beginning. This is why many of us take what occurs on and within the earth
very personally. She is our baby, and we feel her every movement and activity as if it were our
own. We are indeed vibrational aspects of her, as being all one by creating her, and this adds
as well to the intense feelings many of us have in regard to what occurs here in all forms.
Although not all of us were the original creators of the earth, we came from far and wide, from
every nook and cranny in the universe, in order that a very strong representation from the
universe could be present for this massive and exciting undertaking. This is because what
occurs here on the earth will reverberate back to all of the universe, and thus, affect it as well
with a very new universal beginning.

The Process
We began by choosing to transmute the current darkness, or density, of the planet through
ourselves. In this way, most of us were born into situations of extreme challenge in order to
create this opportunity. In addition, many of us became healers, or movers and shakers of the
old reality, in order to bring in the higher vibrations in every way possible.
We were dedicated to our purpose for many years, and most of the time, we did not consciously
know why we were doing what we were doing. We only knew that we had a very strong desire
that seemed to come from somewhere deep within us. We knew that we were here for a very
important reason, even if in the beginning stages, we did not remember what that reason really
As we began to bring up the vibration of the planet, and at the same time, bring up our own
vibrations as well (as we continually transmuted denser energies through ourselves), we slowly
began to remember what everything was really about. We became much more connected to our
souls and to source. We were indeed successful in so many ways in regard to our own

evolutionary process. And as we transmuted more and more, and opened more and more, we
could then see and remember more and more as the density and the fog began to lift. We did
not come in with amnesia because we thought it would be a fun part of this plan, nor because
we would be overwhelmed if we remembered everything. The simple fact is that density is just
thatdense. Dense energy has limitations, and while in form in the beginning stages, there was
much more density than there is now. We simply matched the existing density of the earth while
we were here.
Near the end of this first very important phase, when we had done all that we could have
possibly done, there was a massive change of the plan. During our lifetime of purposeour
purpose being to bring this planet into higher consciousness to assist in its spiritual evolution so
that it could begin all over again, we had pulled out all the stops. We had come in droves from
every corner of the universe in order to ensure our success. We had waited months and years
beyond what we had anticipated in order to allow enough of the masses to catch up and to open
and evolve, in order to create the critical mass needed to tip the scales, and also, because this
was our original plan. And in the end, we even created a plan to flood the planet with higher
energies embodied by our new little ones. These little ones agreed to come in the form of
multiple births, bringing in the higher energy as quickly and as greatly as possible, so that they
could assist in bringing up the vibration of the planet with an even grander effort.
But as we always knew, this grand plan of beginning again and starting a very new Earth was a
calculated risk. Human beings still have free choice. And too many souls did not choose to take
a higher road, nor to wake up. This is what caused our plan to take what many of us felt was far
too long. And it was not only the souls residing within the mainstream of the planet who did
not seem to be able or willing to wake up, but it was also many of the so-called lightworkers
who did not grow and expand as was hoped.
In this way, the plan was required to change, as we had come as far as we could come, had
done all that we could possible do, were completely exhausted and worn out, and could do no
more. As of June 21
, 2009, it was over for everyone (I, and I am sure others, felt my cord snap
a year prior but stayed a while longer to assist others through the process). We were done. We
had reached the final benchmark that we had decided upon. We had given things as much time
as we possibly could. We were then set free from the purpose we had known for so long. An
enormous cord to the old world was severed, and we were no longer required to assist in any
So what about the change in the plan? What did it change and what is now different?

A Revised Plan That Lets Us Continue On
The ascension process creates differing levels of vibration. We grow and expand at different
times, according to our soul plans, and also according to free choice. This creates what I often

refer to as ascension rungs. In this way, during our ascension process, many of us are at very
differing levels, with very differing awarenesses.
In times past during the ascension process, much darkness occurred when we were purging
and releasing it (or rather transmuting what we had agreed to take on), and thus, things seemed
very dark indeed for quite some time. We could feel darkness when it was up and moving out of
us, and we could feel darkness when it was on the outside, when we were now vibrating so
much higher on the inside.
Things are different now. We are done purging and releasing, have been done for a while, and
darkness is now serving a very distinct purpose different from what we had experienced in the
Now, so called darkness exists in order to create the much needed change for those still going
through the ascension process. In the higher realms, there is no darkness, and never was. The
idea of darkness was created by lower vibrating minds that needed an explanation for
unpleasantness, and needed to feel separate from all things considered unpleasant and bad.
Thus, the idea of polarity.
The darkness is still very much involved with the ascension plan, as it now serves to support it
in the lower dimensions, and so, it still exists in the old world. All energies are in on this plan
together. We are all going in the same direction, assisting in any way possible. This is how
things are always at the higher levelslove is ever present and serving a loving purpose, even
if it manifests at times as darkness. Darkness serves to spur on needed change. Darkness is
the impetus that creates something new and different, and serves to create a willingness in
humans to try something new. Most times, human beings seem to prefer moving away from
things that do not feel good, in lieu of moving towards things that do. Human beings seem to
require a forced change, in order for it to occur, and in order to let go of their comfort zones and
their sense of security.
There will be darkness on this planet on the lower levels, creating the most highly unpleasant
experiences possible, until the souls residing here can take no more and finally agree to wake
up and do things differently. Many souls will leave during this time, as they will come to know
that the bridge to the other side is now too far for them to traverse while here in form. And
others will continue to suffer until they do indeed wake up or simply choose to leave because
they have had enough.
All of this does indeed relate to the new plan, as even though not enough souls were willing to
wake up and let go, those who did, were allowed (and agreed amongst themselves), to be
released from their old roles none-the-less. It was simply timeno more ifs, ands or buts. The
first phase of the journey was now overenough time had been allotted.we had done our
Because of this massive instance of so many souls not waking up or not willing to examine
themselves and let go of old patterns, and also much relating to greed and lower vibrating ways

of living and being, a massive re-structuring needed to now take place in order for the very
weary fore-runners to move ahead and out of the old completely. So then, very new ascension
rungs, or vibrational hierarchies were then created by the creators of the ascension plan and
process (who were indeed many of us, to be sure).
These fore-runners had let go of what they needed to let go of, and made internal changes
years prior. They had been ready for a very long time. Finding themselves unable to participate
in much of anything in the outside world, including old and outdated spiritual beliefs, old and
outdated perceptions and ways of being, and certainly old systems, these souls had spent years
in their own personal sanctuaries, wondering when things would finally be ready for the next
stepall the while waiting for enough souls to catch up in order to create the needed critical
mass for forward movement and creation of a very new level of residency.
The waiting went on far longer than was expected, and at times, made some of us wonder if
things had indeed gone too far, or quite simply, gone awry. We needed a critical mass to be
met, but we also wanted as many souls on board as possible so that no one would be left
behind. We had been stretched to our furthest limits, and keeping our spirits up seemed to
involve utilizing every spiritual tool possible. Writing Energy Alerts and WINGS posts during this
time became, for me, a role that I began to wonder if I could indeed continue to fulfill, as I knew
so many had become weary beyond measure, along with an understood lack of trust in the
process. And many others, who were just opening and not yet ready for this material, continually
mis-interpreted it from a lower level stance and applied it in very self-serving ways. All
symptoms of an ascension process that had gone on far too long before a move forward was
finally agreed upon.
The new re-structuring created a very new situation. The usual and familiar process, was for
souls to move forward at differing levels at roughly the same time, thus, new souls would fill the
rungs that were left empty by those departing. This enabled the departing souls to leave behind
what they needed to leave behind; someone else could now take over their old spot in order to
set them free. Because not enough souls on the lower rungs had opened and awakened
enough to move forward, there would now be a large chasm or gap between these departing
souls and the rung below them. This created situations where the departing souls would not be
freed up from certain obligations, but would indeed need to move forward none-the-less. A very
strange feeling indeed, as this was a very new and un-flowing experience for many, leaving
confusion, grief, chaos, and uncertainty in its wakebut a desperate readiness to move forward
So then, around the window of time of September 9, 2009, or 9-9-09, a final completion
occurred. All souls who were here for the ascension process in order to assist and create it,
were then given a choice. They could either stay here, or depart. Their old roles were over, and
many felt this very strongly as a distinct death. Even though feelings of internal death had been
occurring for quite some time, as this is part of the ascension process, the complete death was
different in that there was a distinct finality. Our internal triggers were activated, and for those

who were wired in certain ways, this final death felt like a definite departure in all waysand
very unnerving to say the least to have a cord cut!
The choices were given to all of us who had come for the ascension process. We could either
move out of our old spaces by leaving our old roles behind and become average civilians of
the planet (thus simply here for an experience and placing us in the old world reality); we could
leave our old roles behind and accept new roles (thus continuing here on the planet and
creating new and higher vibrating spaces for ourselves and through connecting with each
other); or we could simply leave altogether (meaning leaving through the 3D death process).
In order to stay and create a higher vibrating reality, we had to become clear about what we
would specifically be offering and creating, before a new space could be created for us on the
other side. Purpose is key in a higher dimension, and this is what much of this e-book will be
about, and what the focus of my new role will be about as well, as it is vital to higher
dimensional living and beingit is a thread that runs through everything in the higher realms.
So now, there will be increasing darkness, pain, and suffering in the old world, until it is finally
willing to let go and make some very new changes. When we pulled our energy out of the old
world, it created a massive vacuum. The old world then, reflected loss, confusion, chaos, dis-
order, and much else, as we were no longer holding the space. But even though we departed,
unprecedented amounts of angels from the highest realms, came in droves to assist the old
world which was rapidly deteriorating, with no seeming energy present to hold it together. The
old world was thus left in good hands, even if those hands were no longer ours.
In time, some individuals residing in the old world will choose differently, one by one, as they
needed to experience more suffering in order to let go of their grasp and allow themselves to
open to new ways of being and thinking. It is vital that these individuals come to us and ask for
helpor at the least be willing and open. The mini e-book Heavens Gate, available by donation
on this web site (, goes into great detail about how to interact
with the lower dimensions when offering assistance and when generating income through our
store-fronts. There will be many as well, in times to come, who will simply choose to depart
altogether in lieu of opening and changing.
During the time of re-structuring and departing, confusion was ever present. Things did not turn
out how we had hoped, new decisions had to be made at our highest levels, and the acute
exhaustion and emptiness many felt as their time was certainly over and they were as spent as
they could possibly be, created an extremely challenging time for many. So until things were
decided and the energy had settled once again into a very new plan, many of us wondered if
indeed we wanted to stay around for more.
The chasm now from the old reality to the new is quite massive, and it indeed feels as if much of
everything is existing somewhere else, very far off in the distance, while we are seemingly
disallowed from interacting with this far off place, if only for brief periods of time.

So for those of us who chose to stay and continue on with our spiritual paths, what happens
next? Where did we go, where are we now, how do we interact with the old world, if at all, what
are our very new roles about, and how do we indeed survive?


Completing the FirstJourney

efore we could arrive somewhere very new and different, we had to depart from
somewhere very old and familiarand this is what the ascension process creates
over and over again. In small stages and continuous increments (even though these
stages and increments may not seem small when they initially occur in the beginning phases of
ascension), we ever so slowly leave the old behind.
Even so, for some, the leaving process can occur in one fell swoop, while for others, small steps
are required. These differing scenarios are dependent upon several things:

1. If we are willing souls and very dedicated, we will allow ourselves to be placed precisely
where we intended to be when we planned the ascension process. This means that no
matter where we are in our personal growth, opening process, or in our lives, we will
arrive in the spot we intended to be in, at precisely the time we intended to be there, in
order to fulfill our roles for a particular stage of the ascension process, no matter what.

At times, if we are not completely ready when the allotted time arrives, this can create a
dramatic, intense, quick, and challenging experience, when we have to evolve very
rapidly spiritually and emotionally, as we open very suddenly. We need to be ready, so
our souls make sure we are prepared and in alignment with our needed spiritual growth
at the appropriate time. At other times, we may find ourselves suddenly moving
geographically, even though we may not be ready, or even staying behind when we felt
we were ready to move forward. Or perhaps we may experience a significant amount of
loss all at the same time in regard to jobs, loved ones, homes, or even our health. Our
souls are navigating and choreographing, and making sure we are in alignment in all
ways for whatever task we agreed to undertake, as filling a specific spot is mandatory for
the process of the matter what we may feel we want or desire at our human
levels. And know as well, that each of us has a specific spot and role relegated to who
we are and where we decided to be before it all began. In this way, there is no one who
is better or more advanced than another.

So then, if we are willing and dedicated, we may find ourselves experiencing dramatic
and swift changes, which are needed in order to place us precisely where we need to
be, at specific times, in order to assist with the ascension process, and to create our new
reality. Even though being willing can create a more intense and dramatic process, the
gift is that we are always in alignment with our souls intentions. For me, this is the most
important part of my being-ness, along with being in my purpose at all times.

2. All souls have free choice. If a soul does not choose to awaken and to contribute what
he/she came to contribute, then this creates a much more subtle and smaller step
scenario in regard to the ascension process. And at times, some souls never wake up.
Ego energy can be very strong for some, and being that the ascension process creates
and requires a letting go of so much of our ego selves, allowing us to get out of the way
and connect more fully to our souls, along with a strong willingness, anything can
happen. Some souls completely forgot why they were here, and thus, were pulled along
by the masses in small steps, or not at all. And other souls created big shake-ups in
regard to health problems and scenarios in their lives, and still did not choose to wake
up or question what the higher level purpose of these experiences was all about. Again,
all about free will and choice. This process was, again, a calculated risk in regard to
raising the consciousness and vibration of the planet.

3. Some souls chose to relegate themselves to a much more mainstream position in the
ascension process, and this spot was very needed as well. So even though some souls
were far ahead and having different experiences that may have seemed bizarre and out
there for some, others who were meant to hold a mainstream position, in order that the
mainstream could relate to them, were right where they needed to be, and thus, having a
much more slow and methodical ascension process and experience.

These are but a few examples of how and why the ascension process affected each and
every one of us in different ways, according to free will, how we chose to process and use
our ascension experience, and what role and position we agreed to embody before we were
The journey then, of arriving in a very new space and new reality, can occur very
dramatically and quickly, or for most individuals, in slow and steady steps of letting go.
Eventually, everyone arrives in the same spot and the first phase or journey is then
complete. Some souls arrived in this new space and new reality a long time ago, and have
been waiting patiently for others to arrive before they could begin creating a very new world.
Many of these souls dedicated themselves to assisting others in getting hereeither
through healing, motivating, writing, or perhaps teaching. But now that enough souls have
been given enough time to arrive, these old roles are now over. Assisting others, holding up
the planet, transmuting energy, and the like, are now roles of the past, as these roles are no
longer needed. Thus, a grand phase and first journey is now complete, leaving many quite
ready for a new adventure and experience. (A brief note: There will still be those who will be
serving individuals on the dimensional border through healing, and the like, so these roles
are not entirely over for some. They will just be providing this service for brief periods of their
time, to individuals who are ready and willing, and spending the remainder of their time on
the other side in the new reality.

Im Feeling Very Strange and I Dont Know WhySymptoms of Leaving Our Old
Roles Behind
Energetically, spiritually, and at soul levels, we are all connected at our core. Like the roots
of an aspen grove, even though we are very much separate individuals, we are also
connected deep within our root system. As mentioned earlier in this e-book, we began as
one soul, separated from our source, and then divided into soul after soul after soul. In
addition, all of us are part of this grand plan of starting over, sharing one mind so to speak,
and making decisions together at our highest soul levels. In these ways, many times we
experience the same feelings, and at times, strange ascension symptoms, all at the same
time. As we placed ourselves within this picture and plan, we are very much a part of a
beautifully connected whole, lovingly going through this process together, as we brought up
the vibration of the planet through ourselves, and are now creating the new reality as we
continue to evolve and expand.
As we progressed up the rungs of the ascension ladder, we usually experienced the same
symptoms over and over again, as there are common stages that repeat themselves with
each ascending rung of the ladder. One of the symptoms that was most common for all of
us, was the loss of a sense of place. Each time we left one rung of the ascension ladder, we
commonly had this very uncomfortable feeling. As we no longer belong in our old space, are
now vibrating much higher within ourselves, and have let go of so much, we then no longer
fit anywhere, or so it seems.
Our level of consciousness is now much higher, and no longer matches the lower level of
consciousness that created the world we are still residing in. But there is much more to this
than levels of consciousness. Consciousness can exist within a mind, but the ascension
process creates a consciousness that exists totally and completely within every cell of our
human bodies. In this way, we are vibrating much higher than our prior energetic space, and
this alone creates the uncomfortable feeling that we no longer belong anywhere on this
earthand we may also commonly feel that we no longer belong in our own skin as well.
We have changed so much, have let go of so much of who we thought we were, and aligned
so much more with our true and authentic selves, that everything and anything can seem
strange, out of place, and existing in a space that does not remotely fit where we now are.
We simply cannot relate in any way to the world we still find ourselves living in.
Yes, evolving through the ascension process is different than mentally knowing higher
level ways of being and living. We come to really be these ways deeply within ourselves,
and this is how we know that we are really and truly evolving into higher vibrating
beingsand especially when we find that a higher consciousness does not remotely
resemble what we thought it would! .
During ascension, when we begin to vibrate higher within ourselves, we can also no longer
reside in the lower vibrations for the simple fact that lower and higher vibrations cannot exist

in the same space for very long. There is a massive mis-match in frequency, and this can
cause great discomfort and a short-circuit type of experience, even if we do not consciously
know why. For this reason, if we do not leave on our own from feelings of great dis-comfort,
as we are now a higher vibrating entity or body, we will then get kicked out of a lower
vibrating space; meaning we will be asked to leave, be let go from a job, have a relationship
end, and so forth. Thus, creating even more the intense feeling and experience of no sense
of place. And as a higher vibrating physical space had yet to be created during these many
years of the ascension process, many going through the process were then relegated to
staying in their own sacred spaces, or homes, venturing out less and less, while connecting
with like-minded souls where possible, many times via the internet, as their circle of friends
grew ever smaller.
But having no sense of place really goes a bit deeper than all of the above. Because we are
all so very connected and are all part of the plan, with each energy shift or new soul mass
decision, most of us simply feel it for no apparent reason. When we had a massive
restructuring beginning in July of 2009 because too much of the masses had not yet caught
up, we really felt it. Grieving for a failure, sadness for great loss, weeping for no apparent
reason, and even simply feeling that a great change had occurred somewhere, were
common emotions and feelings during this time, even if many of us did not know why. So in
regard to having no sense of place, we can have this intense and uncomfortable feeling,
even if our lives are the same as they were only a day beforeal because these changes
are occurring deep within us and at our soul levels.
And again, as we evolve, open, and expand during this spiritual evolutionary process, we
find that what we thought were higher ways of being and living were not particularly so. We
could only assume and imagine things from a mind that existed within a certain frequency or
vibrational level of density. So then, in so many ways, what we may have assumed were
higher ways of being, simply were not.
If an individual is still in a mainstream job that involves lower level energies, perhaps
claiming that he/she has evolved so much that it does not phase them, then I would say to
you that this is not the case. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people say that
they had their ascension experience many years ago, and are now very enlightened and
evolved. This is rarely the case. The ascension process and experience is quite different,
and it began at a specific time (most intensely around the year 2000), so that we could
experience it as a group for the purpose of creating this great change and shift...we needed
as much energy as possible on board. Others may claim that they have learned to be so
detached that they no longer feel the emotions that the ascension process creates. Not so.
We cannot be detached from deep feelings and deep inner changes when we are
ascending. It is not possible. All these feelings, emotions, and experiences that so many of
us experience are a part of the one-of-a-kind ascension process. In the beginning stages,
returning to our original innocence is also a part of the process as wella vitally important
part, as we let go of so much.

If we find ourselves boasting about our progress, we really have made no progress. If we
feel very confident and secure with our spirituality, then we really have not made it at all.
The ascension process continues to created doubt, insecurity, a substantial amount of lack
of confidence, and as always, great confusion. And this is the way that it is supposed to be.
If we are not open and vulnerable to a large degree, then we cannot grow and expand. A
frequent state of being that says, I do not know it all, or really, much of anything indicates
an evolving soul. There were frequent times when I was unable to write a WINGS post
immediately when a shift occurred, because I really had no idea why certain things were
happening in a specific way and at a specific time. In time, I was usually able to figure things
out, but I am surprised very frequently, and this part I have come to really be grateful for.
The destination is always clear, but the path and timeline can frequently change.
So then, the ascension process creates many strange and unsettling feelings and
experiences, many of which we could never have imagined.

Common Symptoms of Leaving Our Old Roles Behind
1. Strong feelings of no sense of place. We have evolved beyond our prior selves, and
thus, can no longer interact and relate to things the way we did in the past. We have
left our old ascension rung as well, and this creates feelings of being dis-placed and
landing somewhere new where no one seems to be but us. And not only have we left
our prior rung, but we have left an entire plateau as well.

2. We can no longer perform the jobs we used to, especially in regard to assisting the
planet and her inhabitants. Healers may find that their practices suddenly dry up,
motivational speakers may lose their motivation, humanitarian workers may suddenly
feel bored, drained, and lifeless, and environmentalists may suddenly not seem to
care anymore. Healers, therapists, and so forth, may suddenly find that their work is
meaningless and simply over.

3. We may not know who we are anymore, and what, if anything, we now have to offer.
Because our old roles are now over, we can experience a very strong loss of identity.
For as long as we have known, our roles involved bringing up the vibration of the
planet, in whatever way possible, according to who we were and what we chose to
do. We have now finished this course, and thus, are now ready for our very next
phaseand this one is even more fun and enjoyable!

4. We have seemingly been wiped clean, left much of everything behind, and may feel
as though there is nothing left and nowhere now to go. This experience is indeed
part of the process. We do not get to take our suitcases with us. Anything and
everything that is remotely related to our old selves and our old roles, or rather the
old part of us that we no longer need, simply disappears. We can lose our source of

income, many of our close friends, our homes, and feel so drained and lifeless, that
we may wonder what in the world is going on. We are EMPTY. Is this part of
ascension? It most certainly is, as we need to be clear and light before we can move
forward and cross that new threshold.

5. Much of anything and everything that we attempted to create, would simply not
manifest for us. We cannot move forward when we are in the process of creating
something very new with a very new us. In other words, we are not supposed to be
creating new things in an old reality and which relate to our old us. In this way, we
were blocked from moving forward when we were in the final stages of transition.

6. We feel very dis-connectedfrom our source, ourselves, our lives, and most of
everything else. Similar to above, as we are in tandem, basically removed from
everything while we prepare to re-connect to somewhere very new and different.
When going to a very new plateau, as we did in June, we needed to dis-connect from
much of everything, not just partially, like we had done when simply changing rungs.

7. Weight loss. For the first phase of our ascension journey, we needed to embody as
much light as possible in order to bring up the vibration of the planet. In order to do
this, many of us gained weight, especially in the abdominal area. It seemed that no
matter what we did or how hard we tried, we were unable to lose this extra weight.
After we completed this first phase of our journey, we were then able to lose weight if
we chose to, especially during the dis-connect phase. Eating as much protein and
healthy food as possible, also helps to give us the great amount of fuel needed for
the massive morphing process we are continually undertaking. When we experience
great loss and emptiness, we at times very naturally attempt to fill up with food, but
this is not the cause of the weight gain during the first phase. Do we gain weight
again, after we are fully on the other side? I have no idea!

8. We may have a great reluctance to participate in things, or to trust that things will
work out for us. During the last two years or so of the first phase, during 2007 and
2008, we agreed at soul levels to go into the denser energies which we no longer
matched, in order to give things our very best shot at bringing up the planetary
vibration. Not enough had shifted, and we decided, along with adding these
additional two years to the plan, to go in deeper and add some more light in hopes of
achieving success for our plan. In this way, these two years were fairly unpleasant
for many of us. We experienced and interacted with darkness in a way that we had
not experienced for quite some time. And we were misled as well in regard to
becoming involved in these lower vibrating arenas, because if we had not been
misled, we would never have gone. Additionally, for the majority of 2009, we were
intensely removing ourselves from all of the old, thus experiencing internal death,
emptiness, great loss, and an extreme lack of support that results from any dis-
connect. Add even more to this, a final decision to re-structure the dimensional

hierarchies, as too many were not yet ready or willing to fill our old ascension rungs,
and great dismay, extreme disappointment, depression, loss of faith, and
hopelessness were very natural by-products. With a new loss of faith and trust in the
process for many, interacting with others once again, or even beginning a new
venture, became roadblocks at best, and at least, great challenges in regard to
reluctance to re-enter via new beginnings. But these phases are now over, most
assuredly, and as we begin to tread new waters, we will find in time that we will
indeed finally have new beginnings, and these new beginnings will be far removed
from the old world and old reality, and thus, our trust will again be restored.

9. We may feel acutely burned out, exhausted, spent, and barely able to function with a
severe dead battery. Quite honestly, we were exhausted even before we arrived on
the planet for this particular incarnation. This is our last hurrah, we have experienced
all that we came to experience in this universe over eons of time, and being that we
are very near done with this universe before we depart for yet another, our souls are
tired. Add to this the fact that we went far beyond what we had planned in regard to
the first phase, and it is no wonder that feeling empty and depleted are normal states
of being, right before we depart for a new reality. We have to empty out so much of
the old before we can depart for the new, and this creates severe states of depletion
as well.

10. We may feel as if we suddenly want to join the mainstream again, and get a
mainstream job. This feeling and urge originates from the fact that we are very
finished with our old roles, and now have a strange sense that we can now be
normal human beings againas this is perhaps all that we can relate to or have a
reference for. We have been released and let go at the higher levels, and
subconsciously, we can really feel it.

11. We may suddenly feel as if we should wrap up all our old affairs, write a will or put a
trust together, provide for our loved ones, have one last hurrah on the earth, go on a
shopping spree, or participate in any other activities that indicate the end of our days.
During the days around September 9, 2009, these feelings were very prevalent and
extreme for some of us. Deep within us, a signal was sent and received, and we
could really feel it. Our codes fired off, and departure was the key. These feelings
and timelines can be different for everyone, but they exist none-the-less.

12. We barely have anyone left in our lives anymore, even if we had many close friends
and loved ones in times prior. As we evolve ever higher, we release many individuals
in our lives due to differences in soul purpose (we may be needed in different places
as the ascension process progresses), differing levels of evolutionary progress, and
mostly due to the fact that eventually, we are no longer here to assist. In this way, we
break off from those who drain our energy, or seem to continually need it. In the
higher realms, we are all on equal turf and interacting via soul purpose to soul

purpose, and this is the state of being and reality we eventually find ourselves
inand it is also when we re-connect to others once again.

13. When we try and fulfill our old roles, or try and perform these functions, we seem to
short-circuit, get lost, cannot connect, and are left out in the cold. We may have been
good at giving readings, and then suddenly, we seem to lose our ability. We may
suddenly have nothing to say when attempting to speak at a gathering, or perhaps
we may be unable to perform any healing work. We are simply no longer wired for
our old roles, and are now very ready for something new and different, which
corresponds to where we have now arrived. We short-circuit because there is no
longer a connection between who we once were and who we are now.

14. The recipients or clients we have in regard to our old roles, suddenly seem
disrespectful, at very low levels, do not really understand or appreciate us and what
we have to offer, and become ever scarce. Basically, we have reached those we
needed to reach and are done, as there is no one left to assist and serve. Those
finding us now are residing on the furthest rungs of the ascension ladder, if on it at
all, and are far too far away for us to reach. It is now time to move into a new reality
and purpose, as our old purpose has been completed.

So then, when we are done, we commonly feel very empty and disconnected, perhaps lost and
even fearful about how we will now survive, and in the beginning stages, we may wonder if
anything will ever manifest for us ever again. What next? Where do we go from here? And how
do we fully anchor into the new reality?
Before we can completely move forward, we have to let go of absolutely anything and
everything that exists in the old reality, and this manifests as the final and complete

The Final DisconnectMy Story

f we had known how difficult and painful the ascension process would be, I wonder if we
would have agreed to participate. Of course we knew it would be a challenge, but we
also knew that we were tough old soldiers and had experienced many incarnations
before, thus equipping us with soul wisdom and endurance that could out-match most any living
thing in the universe. I do believe that we are tougher than we think. I believe that we can
stretch far beyond what we ever thought we could, and I believe that we have an unusual ability
to keep on keepin on. And through these challenges and struggles, we always have each other,
as through the ascension process, we have so much in common.
The final disconnect from the old world, was for me, the most challenging aspect of the entire
process, and in the beginning, more than I thought I could bear. After the final decisions were
made, and we had done all we could do, it was then time to move ontime to move away and
apart from the old world and old reality in all ways. Expecting that we would now finally arrive in
the promised land, with our suffering and great challenges now over, we had yet to experience
one more grand challenge.and this challenge involved the final loss of the old, a final
disconnect from many of our loved ones, and a complete severing of anything that did not
match our own higher vibrating selves.
We had given our plan so much time! We had reached out to anyone and everything possible in
order to assist and serve. This planet is our baby. The plan is our baby as well, and in this way,
we care very deeply about every living thing on the earth. And being that this was a soul plan as
well, this made it something that came from the very core of our being. Many of us were the
original creators of the earth, and also of the ascension plan. In this way, the earth and the
ascension plan rest deeply within our hearts. And within these hearts is a phenomenal caring for
every inhabitant of the earth, as we are all one. We came here to help the earth in every way
possible. It is no wonder then, that many of us shared some of these intense feelings and
emotions during the final disconnect:
1. A deep sorrow and grief, as so many were left behind. We had given it our all, far
beyond what was intended, and we had to finally depart before there was nothing left of
us. Things did not turn out as we had hoped. This was a soul level plan, and anything
that originates from soul level affects us deeply.

2. Anger and rage. Why couldnt more people just wake up!? What more would it take?
And now, the old world would experience even greater suffering, when it might not have
had to be this way. Anger at the old world and reality, and wanting it out of our space,
could be present as well, even if accompanied by a very deep sorrow and sadness.


3. A deep pain within our hearts, as if we had been stabbed through the heart with a knife.
We had to leave many of our loved ones behindbehind in an old world that would be
experiencing extreme pain and suffering, and there was nothing more that we could do.
Even though we had experienced our own inner death before we could ascend to the
next level, feeling the death of the old world and its inhabitants could be excruciatingly

4. What kind of a plan is this that causes so much grief? Who wants to move on when not
everyone gets to go? Enough said.

5. Severe disappointment. The ascension process creates many disappointments all on its
own, but leaving a world behind, as it would not wake up, was perhaps the biggest
disappointment of all.

Even though these challenges that the separation of the worlds created were rough and
almost shocking in the beginning stages, after a period of adjustment, moving on into a very
new space became the focus, and things could then become much more enjoyable.
Severing the cord in complete totality was a process that occurred over time, but after
September 9, 2009, when a line was drawn in the sand, any gradual departures were
seemingly no longer allowed. In this way, many of us found ourselves removed and without
access to our loved ones, our old acquaintances, and to energies that now resided
somewhere where we did not.
The gradual process of severing ties involved some of the following: Not enjoying
conversations with those we had enjoyed conversations with in the past; having nothing
more in common to converse about; feeling as if others depended upon us too much and
were sucking our energy; becoming weary of the dramas of others, or even tiring of a
continual role of helping. In addition, part of this process involved no longer being
comfortable around those who would not wake up or at least own their own behaviors. We
had done all we could, were very weary, and now did not have much energy nor inclination
to connect in any way to these old energies.
We may have chosen to voluntarily sever these ties over time ourselves, but in some
instances, we were literally kicked out of old connections if we did not choose to leave on
our own. And after the line was drawn in the sand, at times we were literally denied access
to those who were now residing elsewhere.
When the complete separation of the worlds originally occurred in September 2009, there
was not so much space between the old and new realitiesjust one big barricade. As time
progresses, this space or chasm will become ever wider. The old world and old reality will
seem very far away, existing in another reality entirely, and will have virtually no effect on
those who have crossed over to a higher dimension.

We were cut off and denied access for good reasonwe were being protected, and in
addition, we were no longer allowed to hold up the space for the old world. Like the sinking
of the great Titanic, we were in the lifeboats while the big ship was going down. We were in
these lifeboats for many months in the beginning of 2009 while the transition was being
completed, and now, we are reaching and setting foot upon a new shore and preparing to
create a very new world there.
During the time of the final disconnect, did we get to throw any life preservers to those in the
water? Were we allowed to throw out a lifeline and bring any of these souls into our
lifeboats? Were our lifelines long enough to reach out to sea from our new shore, and pull in
those who were sinking?

Staying Connected to Our Loved Ones
In December of 2008, I went back to North Carolina to bring my daughter and grandchildren
here to New Mexico for a new beginning. She, her husband and their four children, had
been living in a small town for ten years, and work was always scarce. They had struggled
for many years, had had enough, and were now finally ready for a new beginning.
For various reasons, my daughters husband remained behind, and although he eventually
came to New Mexico several times, he was never able to secure employment here. But
none-the-less, my daughter had wanted to end her marriage for quite some time, as she had
grown beyond him, her marriage had always been challenging, and thus, she finally decided
to part ways.
I had been helping my daughter get set up here, as she had come here to really get moving
on creating her new life. But nothing happened. For over nine months, no steps were taken,
nor decisions made, and I was left holding the bag. After much encouragement, many
suggestions, and finally even some unasked for guidance, along with what seemed like
unending financial support to keep her and her family afloat, nothing had yet changed from
the day she arrived.
When the line was drawn in the sand, we had to part. Enough time had been allotted for any
changes and growth to occur, and the time was up. I could support her no longer. And most
certainly, had to end any actions on my part in regard to helping her.
I had raised my daughter by myself from the day she was conceived. We had always been
the best of friends, just the two of us, with no friction between usonly love, caring, and lots
of laughter. She had always been my best friend, with an ease and comfort I cannot
describe. For ten years, I had watched as she created her life back in North Carolina, and I
had always allowed her to experience what she had created with no meddling, unasked for
suggestions, or saving. So by the time I brought her here that December, I was greatly
relieved to have her close by and to help if at all possibleand also glad that she had finally

decided to move forward. I knew she needed a break and was happy to provide her a space
to re-group for a while.
That September of 2009, I had been told emphatically to get settled in Corrales, New
Mexico, as a space had been created for me there, and to stay put as there would soon be
many shake-ups in the old reality. I also needed to set up my home base there, as I would
be offering my talks there as well. The house I had secured for my daughter up until then
(and my part-time residence during that time as well), was only a few minutes away from
Corrales. Through a series of what I can only describe as divine intervention and many
miracles, I purchased my very first home ever, in a matter of days, and was then very ready
to move ahead.
But when the final disconnect occurred, it became abundantly clear that my daughter would
not be going where I was goingeither physically or energetically. There was a massive
disconnect ever present, and I can only say, that I was mortified beyond words. Always just
the two of us, my daughter had been my life since the day she was born. She was the light
that had kept me going in our early days, and I the light that kept her going in our latter days.
And now along with the strong relationship I had with my grandchildren, I absolutely could
not fathom leaving them behind.
I spent several days in acute grief, and putting one foot in front of the other was all I could
seem to focus on. For my entire life, my father and daughter had always been my greatest
loves, with never a friction between us, and consistently the only ones I could always count
on to love and respect me the most, as I did them. During this time as well, my father had
been diagnosed with acute leukemia, and I had been unable to communicate with him for
several months as he teetered on the brink of a possible transition.
For me, disconnecting from other family members and friends had been a gradual process.
As these connections seemed to no longer fit, I had eased away from them in months prior,
even though those on the other end of the connection were not always happy nor accepting
about the situation. I was aware that I was letting go of much, and having a phone that had
ceased ringing for several months had soon become a normal state of affairs for me, as I
had needed to accept what was occurring and why. These disconnections had been a long
time coming, and thus, they were a bit easier to accept.
But the final disconnect from my father and daughter was almost more than I thought I
would be able to endure. The loves of my life.where had they gone? Whose movie was I a
character in, I wondered, as I would have never written a script like this one. This was a
horror beyond my imagination. These were the only people I had left in my life, and certainly
ones I desired to keep. As I awoke each morning, I felt like a knife had pierced my heart,
and that I was indeed in a walking nightmare. If this was the ascension process, then I
wanted no part of it. For me, this was entirely too much. It seems that having a choice about
the disconnections is much easier than having them occur seemingly without our consent. I
was simply now on the other end, experiencing something that I would never have
consciously chosen on my own.

I had to really get real and see what the relationship between my daughter and I had
gradually evolved into, as it indeed needed to change. I knew that I was simply not allowed
to assist my daughter in any way now. She was then left with four children, no home to live
in, no job, and no education or training. For a week or two, I had a very difficult time letting
go. One day I would be at peace with it, and on other days, especially when I was
overwhelmed with a new home in escrow, packing and moving the contents of two rental
homes, writing this book, showing my land that was for sale, and hearing the latest news
about my fathers deteriorating health, I simply could not let go of all I had ever known in one
fell swoop. And it was not about me asking for help, as I will explain further on in this book.
Adjustments can always be made over time, I knew. I had been very used to picking up my
cell phone and calling my friends and family, and nowthere was absolutely no one left to
call. A strange feeling indeed. As the family hub, and the one who had always stayed in
touch with everyone, even though most other family members rarely connected, I finally had
absolutely no one left. Around this time, I had been accidentally leaving my cell phone
behind, and knew that it was because I no longer needed it. That last month, my phone bill
indicated that I had only used 30 minutes of calling time in one entire month.
For me, this time was more challenging than most other challenges had been, because of all
the extra stressors, and no one to connect to when I had so much going on. When a store
clerk would show amazing kindness, and this happened frequently, I would almost literally
jump over the counter and hug him/her. This was when I came to realize more than ever,
how important love is in times of great challenge. And how, as well, as earth angels, we
would come to offer this love to those who were suffering on the other side, all the while
allowing for each of these souls to experience their own individual journeys. I do not know
what I would have done without my beautiful cat during that time.
For a time, I would waver back and forth with denial in regard to disconnecting from my
daughter. It was simply just too much to accept. I cried more tears during that time than I
had in an entire lifetime prior. Finally, I simply had to accept the situation. Even though I
knew that this was the very best for both of us, I was continually tempted to grasp on to her,
and hug her with all my might, as I said a heart-wrenching good-bye. I tried in vain to think of
ways we could solve this, but the simple truth was that there was no remedy at the moment.
This was the way it had to be. She was going somewhere very far away from where I was
going, and although I could endure her dramas and struggles no longer, I was still not ready
to finally let go.
During this process, we had talked several times a day, and I had been there as a good ear
in regard to what her options might beand quite frankly, she was faced with an almost
insurmountable situation. But strangely enough, what made things a bit easier, was the fact
that she no longer saw me. After the dis-connect occurred, like a sudden death, we were
simply no longer connected, and in this way, I did not feel much of any love or
acknowledgment coming in my direction, even though I continually sent it in hers.

Children always vibrate higher, and generally speaking, their vibration is higher the younger
they are. In other words, the newest arriving souls are table ready for this new reality, and
older children were born matching the vibration of the planet at the time that they arrived. In
this way, I was still very connected to my four grandchildren. We had a very linear
connection that went straight across with no reaching up or down, and we were all very
close. And being that my daughter and I had parted with much love and respect, we both
agreed that the children would be a very regular part of my life. I would still see my daughter
as well from time to time, but that disconnect would be there, and I would need to accept
that for now, as painful as it was when we were together, depending upon what choices she
ended up making, and if she would indeed open and expand to become her true and
authentic self.
My daughter was born an old soul, as many of our children are. She had many abilities and
much knowledge that she had shut off when she married, as these ways were not allowed in
her marriage, and even in her adolescence when her classmates made fun of her. At the
time of our parting, she had found a counselor to work with, in the hopes of working through
some things and finding her true self. Thus, we decided that the children would be our
bridge. That these beautiful babies would be a lifeline that would indeed keep us connected
until we could re-unite one day, or perhaps, never at all. We simply did not knowwe only
knew that things would unfold in a divine and rightful way, and that I could not move forward
while still connected to her, and neither could she, for that matter.
So then, the children were our bridge, and not only as bridges between my daughter and
myself, but they had also come to this earth to be bridges between the black and Caucasian
races as well.
After an amazingly short time, my daughter underwent a swift and intense wake-up call, of
which she heeded, due to revelations and more sudden and shocking events that unfolded
for her, along with more suffering and struggles, all resulting in her leaving a big chunk of
her old reality behind. And as I watched from the sidelines with great love and support, she
grew and expanded into her true and authentic self like a flower blooming that had been
hidden for so very long. Through this sudden process, she returned to herself, we re-
connected again, and I finally got my daughter back after so many years. Her old density
was gone, she was shiny and bright, and confidant and strong as never before.
But this story has yet more twists and turns, and as I would come to know, I had yet to be
blessed with the pleasure of her company, now that she was well on track once again. She
had indeed made her shift, but because of that shift, she would suddenly be taken back to
North Carolina, as now she could fulfill the mission of her soul as never before. Returning as
a new and stronger person, with her true and authentic self now at the helm, she was now
ready to assist the souls out there, as she had originally come to do, and then she would be
And now I cry tears of gratitude instead of sorrow, for I can clearly see how letting go and
leaving the old world and old reality, can only serve to assist those who are willing and ready

to open and expand. This is why our non-physical companions and guides stay back in the
higher realms, and only offer a specific kind of support. This is why they let us find our own
wings. This is why they allow us to suffer, so that we can eventually become them. And
through this process, we embody much more light, as it is the true and authentic light of our
own being and our own divinitynot the light that we receive from them and are tempted to
take as our own.
I still become a bit emotional when I think of our days of sitting on the sofa with one baby
under one arm and another baby under the other arm, of reading to the boys when they
were in the bathtub all together, of chasing the naked babies through the house after their
baths, giggling all the way, to our long walks, with Amayah on her scooter, Simeon on his
bike, and Ari pushing the double stroller; the times of dancing wildly in the living room to our
favorite music, and wading in the creek covered in mud, or even looking up at the moon
together on a starry night. I have come to know that her stay in North Carolina will only be a
temporary one, for how long will be up to her mission there, but ultimately, we know that we
will be united again, when we begin the next leg of our new journey that takes us all to
Hawaii. In the meantime, I will be visiting North Carolina often and our phone calls will be
Parting from my father was a very different situation. Always very close, he had been my
guidance early on, always there for me, and I respected him beyond measure. Born in China
to missionary parents, and raised in India, he had always had much to share. He had
become very weary the past few years, and at the age of 82, had been diagnosed with
acute leukemia. A CPA buy trade, he had continued to work until his diagnosis, in order to
support a lifestyle which derived from his third marriage of 40 years, even though he had
expressed to me many times that he would always have preferred a much more simple life.
From early on, I had been kept away from his illness and much surrounding it, and after a
brief period of confusion, I understood why. I was not to go there or become engulfed in it. I
knew without hesitation, that I was not to be a part of his ending, but a part of his new
beginning, as when he eventually transitioned, he would be by my side in every way. This is
how it had been with my grandmother, and I knew this is how it would be with him as well.
The hard part then, was the initial shock, and then all the waiting, as months were going by
while he continued to receive chemotherapy treatments. He was lingering on, as he did not
want his wife to be left on her own. And I never really knew as well, if he would stay on for a
few more years, or decide to completely depart. Either way, I did know that our love for each
other would keep us connected eternally, no matter where he was residing.
There were a few times that I cried buckets of tears, but the situation with him was different
than with my daughter, as I still had the mother instinct intact with my daughter, and thus
needed to reframe that for the benefit of us both. One day in between chemotherapy
treatments, my father called me on the phone. I will never forget that day. Just to hear his
voice again it was a voice from a soul who had been away on a journey, and now come
back for a brief time. I was so choked up I could barely talk. Dont you worry about me, he

said, as he sensed I was upset. How are you, and what is going on with you? Oh, how I
had missed his words. Although I miss him terribly while he is in between, and at times cry
out, Oh, Dad, I miss you so much! through a river of tears, I know that everything is OK
and as it should be. If I can only strive to be as loving a human being as he is, I will know
that I have kept his memory alive and continued on where he left off.
Eventually, my father would come and visit during the times he was in and out of his body in
between his chemotherapy treatments. He would say that he just wanted to hang out, as he
had nowhere to go during this time. He stayed with me while I was packing, and for this, I
felt truly grateful.
Yes, the ascension process moves us ever forward, even if we may not want to go at times.
When I experienced my first big leap back in 2001, and for a brief time after that, I also
experienced great panic, as I felt that I was the only one going somewhere, and that I
would be very alone, having to leave everyone and everything behind. During that time,
there were very few that had left, and we had not connected to each other nor even known
of our existence, although as time went on, many more souls began to have the same
experiences. In this way, there are most certainly fewer souls at the forefront, serving as
forerunners, and having a bit of a different experience than those who are coming along
behind. So then, meeting up with those who share our particular vibration can be a bit more
challenging, but certainly not impossible, if we are some of the first to arrive in very new
territory. Larger groups of souls inhabit the lower rungs of the new plateau, and in this way,
have much more company and do not always have the same experiences as the
forerunners do.
But as always, the vibration of love is the glue that holds so much together, and can serve
as a connector at all times, even when we can only visit these lower vibrating realities and
energies for very brief periods. Offering dignity and respect to those on the other side, along
with love, even if we do not agree with what they are creating, has been a way of being that
I have come to utilize as well when interacting with these energies. We may be removed
from them and held somewhere else, but in times of interaction, along with an unwavering
decision not to participate or become involved in their creations, showing love will always
keep us in the higher vibration that we have come to know and come to now reside within.
If we have been permanently separated from our loved ones, and it was not our choice, how
can we ease the pain and feel better again?
Keeping them in our thoughts in very loving ways, and telling them how much we love them,
if even from a distance, can make us feel better as well as making them feel better too.
Somehow and in some way, our love will reach them, if only at subconscious levels.
We can know that although they are residing somewhere else, they are on their own
individual journeys, and will reach us when they are indeed ready. In the meantime, they are
being assisted by angels from far above, until they can connect to us once again.

We have left so much and so many behind...what next? Are we to be forever alone?


Our Very New Families

s we begin to arrive in the new reality, in complete totality this time, we slowly
but surely begin to connect to our very new families. These new families are our
soul families and those whom we share some kind of connection.
Many of us have been through so much because of the ascension process. In this way, we
have become ever grateful for the smallest of things, for the presence of another, and for
any love and support that may come our way.
As we open our bleary eyes to very new light in a very new world, we are ready then, to see
where we have arrived and what is now surrounding us. So even if we have lost our
biological families of origin, we still have our soul families. I remember an e-mail I received
after I had mentioned losing my family in a WINGS post. It simply stated, Dont worry
Karen. You still have us and we are your family. Yes indeedwe are family in every way as
we experience this one-of-a-kind ascension process.
The higher we vibrate, the more we connect to our own souls. We lose so much of our
densityso much of the old ego energy that we no longer needand what is then left is the
purity of our souls. Many of us have had eons of experiences together in times past. We
know each other well. We are not strangers. Some of the greatest joys of my life have been
creating with soul partners, as it rekindles within me, memories of times past when we were
oh so connected to each other and to source; of times when we created planets together,
life systems, and things from times when we were pure soul and source energy. Feeling oh
so familiar, it is simply divine to connect in these ways.
Interacting with biological family members can be a bit different, unless they are, of course,
also members of our soul families. One good indicator that we have a soul connection with
someone, is that we laugh with them often and easily. Soul friends always play well
together. They seem to see things the same way, naturally and easily understand each
other, and laugh at the same things. Very easily, they fall into a lightness of being together,
and in this way, it is then very easy to simply have fun.
Biological family members can have a different role, if they are not specifically our soul
families. Their role was to birth us into this world. Many times, they gave us immense
challenges, which were imperative in creating the traits within us that we wanted to embody
this time around. In addition, many times we grew to model their positive traits as well, and
to embody them, as well as embodying those traits that were created within us from a need
to be strong and to survive, when we were challenged by their so-called darkness. And of
course, we were always transmuting the darker and denser energies on an on-going basis.

When we no longer need to grow from these interactions, and especially if our biological
family members have not grown, we then eventually part ways. We can love them from a
distance, but as we greatly expand and grow through the ascension process, we simply lose
the desire to stay connected to lower vibrating energies. Not only are we weary, but we
become almost baffled by energies and behaviors that are now out of our frame of reference
and reality. And in addition, we are no longer transmuting the denser energies through
ourselves. That phase is now over. It is then time to move on, seemingly whether we choose
to or not. All the old roles are over. That time will never return again.
We need to move on in order to create the new reality. We have thus been released in every
way. We are very done. If you are one who has stayed in regular contact with a biological
family member, even after your original purpose was fulfilled, and were simply interacting
out of love, and then very suddenly you found yourself moving on, most likely it was
because you were needed elsewhere to create the new reality. But know as well, that
staying connected with love is always an option too.
After my daughter made her higher level decision to come on board and shift her energy, we
have stayed very connected. We had agreed before we were born, to come together and to
love and support each other as long as we were on the planet. No matter how different our
lives may be, the love, caring, and respect we have for each other keeps us eternally
connected. Members of soul groups always help and assist each is a given, even if
at times we consciously do not know why.
So then, we soon begin to connect to our very new familiesour soul families. And these
new family members can be old friends too. What is important here, is that we decided
whom we would meet up with when this time arrived. We decided before we were even
born. Some of our soul family members did not make the cut. For whatever reasons, they
did not grow and expand as they had planned before their arrival. In this way, we will then
meet up with our alternatives, or those who most perfectly fit with who and where we are
now. Thus, we can re-create and change the original plan at any given time.
Now that we have completely crossed over to a new reality and new way of living and being,
our relationships will be very different from old reality relationships. They will derive from a
desire to create together, to unite and have fun together, and to simply be companions
together. There is not really much growth that needs to occur now, in regard to human
relationships. By now, we are more complete than ever before, not coming together from a
lack within ourselves, or a need to examine and adjust our behavior, but from a place of
coming together to complement one another and to create a whole. And know a well, that
we are nowhere near perfect either. The ascension process will continue to create within us,
a loss of more identity and more density, a stronger connection to source as we become
source ourselves, and a stronger connection to our souls as well, as time goes on.
As we come together on the other side, what will we choose to create together, and what
will our heaven on earth look like?

Arriving in a New Dimension

Creating in the New World
he first phase of our journey was all about bringing up the vibration of the planet, by
transmuting the denser energies through ourselves, attempting to bring in new and
higher vibrating ways and systems, healing and assisting others in bringing up their
vibrations, and basically, moving and shaking the energy on the planet as much as possible.
Much of the time, whether we realized it or not, these tasks were performed simply through our
presence alone, and no intent was even necessary. This is why so many of us relocated so
many times to different geographical locations, and found ourselves with individuals, systems,
and other varying scenarios that vibrated much lower than we did. Our own personal energy
and vibration was needed in order to assist with this massive undertaking.
These times and these roles, then, are now complete and forever gone. In this way, much has
changed and really, things will now be quite different. We have finally and completely left the old
reality behind, along with our prior purpose, and now find ourselves perhaps wondering what in
the world will happen next, what our new roles are all about, and even confused about what we
want to create for ourselvesor maybe even very excited about our very new lives!
Before we can create anything in the new world, we vitally need to complete a very first step
before anything can even manifest for us. This first step involves becoming very clear about
who we are, what we are here to contribute, and what it is that we really and truly desire for
It is vitally important then, to really know who we are and what our purpose is, because we will
utilize our soul purpose to create our store-fronts, as well as to determine how we will fit into the
new communities of higher living and being.
In addition, we can certainly create whatever we choose, and it does not necessarily need to fit
into the model of the new communities and into the model of our store-fronts. When the line was
drawn in the sand, we were given choiceschoices about integrating back into the mainstream,
moving forward in alignment with our soul purpose and plan, or even leaving altogether through
the physical death process.
In addition, with the advent of the big explosion that the solstice of June 2009 created, each and
every one of us was thrown out of our old grooves, landing in very new territory, with very
different connections to those around us. There was then much more space in between our
brothers and sisters, and connecting then, related to who was at our specific vibrational level
and purpose. For some of us, there was really no one then around us that felt right or in
alignment with where we were (notably, the forerunners), and for others, a new space was

created with much company and much of the same in regard to what we had been doing in the
What feels right and looks right may vary for each and every one of us. How do we know and
identify then, what it is that we really and truly desire?
In times past, we were strongly guided by source, our star families of origin, and the universe. At
times along the way, we may have thought that we really and truly wanted something, and
found to our dismay, that what we wanted simply could not and would not manifest for us. There
are several reasons for this scenario, and when you understand why, it all makes sense:
1. The group energy, or one mind of all of us who created and who are experiencing the
ascension process, made a plan, and thus, needed and agreed to follow this plan each step
of the way. As things progressed (and notably, at times, did not progress), we tweaked and
molded the plan according to the situations then present, so in this way, although there has
always been a general plan, the path there was always open to change and flexibility. As
mentioned so many times in this e-book, things did not progress as we had hoped, and if
even at all, extremely slowly. So then, we pulled out all the stops, placing ourselves in every
situation we could, in order to ensure the success of our plan. This was our main goal during
this first phaseour goal was not to manifest for ourselves, all of our hearts desires, as it
was not yet time for this particular phase. We were dedicated to our purpose then, and I
believe that most of us gave it our all. In this way, whenever we may have felt that it was
time to manifest a community, or a beautiful sacred space, or a new and special spiritual
retreat, or even much of anything for ourselves alone, we were at times unable to do these
things in the ways that we expected. Why, then, was it so hard to manifest during these

A. We were being guided and assisted by our souls and our star families, who
knew more than we did at the time. I remember a time several years ago, when
I was asked to go to a specific spot in nature, with a massive waterfall flowing
over a large mountain, in order to connect to the special energy there and to
bring it more fully into the planet. I have never believed that we were meant to
be ordered around against our will for these strange duties, so I declined. Later
that day, my grandchildren and I were trying to decide where to go for a day in
nature. Oddly enough, we ended up right at that particular spot anyway!
Bringing in and assisting with the energies in order to raise the vibration of the
planet, was our sole (soul) purpose during this first phase, seemingly whether
we liked it or not! In this way, many of us ended up in places and situations we
may not have chosen by our conscious selves.
B. We could not manifest at times, because we would soon rapidly evolve out of
our current desires, and would then have to back out or re-do or un-do what we
had just manifested. This is one of the main reasons that we were blocked at
times. Also, manifesting strictly for ourselves alone, without regard to the whole,
was not in alignment with our purpose during the first phase, but that situation

has now changed to a degree. This will be more fully explained further on in this
C. We could not manifest at times, because it simply was not yet time. The vision
that many of us have held, in regard to creating the original blueprint for the
earth, as this is really what some of us came to do, was simply not ready to be
hatched until we reached a certain frequency within ourselves and within the
planet. Many tried to create specific things, but they frequently fell apart,
disbanded, or could never get off the ground at all. It was simply not yet time,
as we were still involved with the first phase. And even though many of us were
quite ready within ourselves, we still needed to wait for the critical mass
situation to be complete before we could be released, in order to then move into
something very new.alas, our very new roles, or for some, their own version
of heaven on earth.
These are but a few of the reasons that we have been held back for so long. And these are
reasons as well, that common manifesting techniques and manifesting knowledge simply would
not work as they should have in certain situations. The soul always pulls rank on the law of
attraction, for instance, as soul level anything vibrates the highest. Our souls and soul plans
always run the roost.
So then, during the first phase of our journey, many of us learned to depend greatly upon
surrender, or rather turning things over to a higher power that seemed to know more than we
did. We came to know that getting out of the way, was a sure fire way to allow source to enter
and to assist us in every way. This was because source energy held more light than we ever
could at that time. And depending upon source energy to assist and support us in getting our
needs met, was seemingly the best way we knew how to create. Many times, trying to force
things along by wanting our own way, by pushing and manipulating, and by making things
happen ourselves, never seemed to accomplish anything except to make us tired, exhausted,
disappointed, and stressed. These were ways of the past. We had learned to utilize the energy
of source, and in this way, had made great progress in regard to creating in tandem with source
energy, and most assuredly, in opening and allowing it to fill us more and more as we released
more and more of the denser energies within us.
The ascension process is a master at removing our denser ego energy. First encounters with
the process many times involve extreme health situations that last as long as they need to, in
order to train us in getting out of the way, releasing control, opening, and allowing. We become
incapacitated and helpless, in order to create this scenario. This phase of the ascension
process is vitally needed in the beginning stages.
As time goes on, hitting brick wall after brick wall when we try to create (due to the reasons
above in A, B, and C), places us in this space as well. We begin to give up and allow a higher
power to take over. This hitting a brick wall effect occurred as well, during the first part of 2009,
when we were blocked from creating much of anything at all, as we needed to be absolutely
free and clear before we crossed over into a very new reality. In this way, we could not create

anything new, as we needed to be free of any and all baggage or ties. We really began to get
the hang of realizing and wondering if we were indeed at any helm at all! We absolutely needed
to be stripped clean of most of everything, before we could start anew with a massive re-birth
and new beginning.
With much of our ego selves now out of the way, what we now choose to create will be quite
different, and this is vitally important for the birth of a new reality. If we had begun creating too
soon, we would have created from an ego self that was too detached from source. As we
progress ever onward with our spiritual evolutionary process, we begin to realize without
exception, that everything we do, say, and create, affects everything around us, as we are all
one. In this way, although we will now be creating more for ourselves, it is the pure gold nugget
of our true and authentic selves that will create a needed piece, that will comprise and affect the
whole, of which I am referring to.
With the first phase of the ascension process now complete, so much in regard to creating as a
whole has drastically changed. We are now in new territory, and this dictates a very new
scenario. Arriving in so called heaven, means that we can now create whatever we choose. It is
most definitely up to us now, and the new reality, or even our own individual reality, can look like
whatever we want it to look like.
This brings up some interesting freedom of choice, to be sure. What is our dream about? What
makes our hearts sing? What would our ideal day look like? Who would be in it? Where would
we be? What would we spend our time doing?
When I was finally relieved of my old duties in regard to the first phase of my soul purpose, I sat
down and thought long and hard about this. I was weary beyond belief, and of course, I was
certainly ready to retire. I was ready for the promised land, no question. The first several years
of being in my soul purpose in regard to the ascension process had been great fun, I had a lot of
freedom, did not take my work very seriously, and all my needs were always met. I loved my
life and was very much in alignment with it. It was those last two years that had really taken their
tole on me, and had seemingly catapulted me back to energies I had not experienced for a very
long time. My battery was indeed dead, and I was vitally ready for something new. The process
had taken so long, that I vitally needed a rest and reprieve. The plan had been expanded so
much, in order that enough souls had an opportunity to get on board, which delayed much of
what many of us thought would occur earlier on, and I was really spent.
I craved a life where I could sit on a porch swing with a James Garner companion, on some
dusty old ranch, eating at a broken down kitchen table in a rambling ranch house, and riding a
horse here and thereall the while relaxing into a life of ease and simplicity, with great peace
and tranquility. This had been my dream for as long as I could remember, and I had
experienced it even so very briefly when I lived in southwest Colorado, right up until the
ascension process began in earnest and threw us all every which way, while we fulfilled our
obligations in regard to ascension. But now those obligations were over.

Was that dream to become a reality? Was that what I would be eternally happy with? Would I
live it for a while and then chose to create something very new? Could I indeed have this
experience, or was I relegated to continuing on with my soul purpose in regard to creating a
very new reality and restoring the original blueprint for the planet earth, before I could move on
in complete finality, to a very new universe far, far away?
Which me was the real me? Was it the connection to my soul that knew and remembered how
to live in harmony with the earth and cosmos? Was it living the life I had come to know when I
had visited so many ancient sites, and learned and remembered how to live in these ancient
ways? Was it the me that was oh so comfortable connecting to and speaking with the star
beings from so many far away lands, as we are all one? Was it the me that remembered my
very origination from source, and knew at my core who I was, why I was here, and where I
would eventually be going? Or was I really done, and now ready to simply relax and enjoy a
very simple experience on the earth, all the while letting go of any higher ways of living and
being, as they mattered no more?
Which scenario was in my most comfortable comfort zone? Which scenario felt the best and
was in the most alignment with me? How do we then make those decisions about what we want
to do and what that will look like?
In times past, the ascension process gave us an unmistakable direction in regard to who we
were and where we were going. That time is now over. Our sense of direction, then, is now
muddy and gray to some degree, as we may not be used to having so much individual choice.
But it is now all about our freedom of choice. In this way, we may have had distinct visions for a
very long time, and may have suddenly found that they seemed dis-connected from who we are
now. Our rudders may now seem out of their grooves, as our old roles and the original plan of
bringing everyone along, has now dissipated and dissolved. And are some of us too tired to
continue on with creating the new (or original) blueprint for the planet Earth?
On this new and other side, we simply get to just be. Without an agenda or perhaps any strong
direction, we are now here to enjoy ourselves and the company of our brothers and sisters. As
we look around and see who is beside us, we can then welcome them into our dream, as we
love and respect them with great reverence and gratitude.
On this other side, any pulls, tensions, struggles, and agendas are seemingly gone. All our
needs are always met, we get to relax and enjoy, and come together in whatever form that looks
In many ways, we may wonder if the ascension process ever happened at all. Has anything
even changed? Did all our transmuting and all our efforts do any good? Was it all for naught?
When we were in the process and enmeshed in the old world, we were very connected to our
souls, as we needed that energy and connection to bring up the vibration of the planet as a
whole. We were most certainly on task in every way, seemingly whether we wanted to be or
not. With the advent of the new plan, we are now completely severed from the old world, as

connecting to it is no longer necessary. Thus, we are now somewhere very new and starting
over in very new ways. So again, we may feel a loss of connection to our soul selves, or higher
parts of ourselves, even though the ascension process was designed to create a stronger
connection in these areas. This is because we are starting all over again, with a very new us,
in a very new land.
We may feel that we are now going back to our old selves, the selves that we were before the
ascension process began, and this is because in a sense we are. At the beginning of 2009, I
traded in my 2006 Toyota 4Runner for a new Toyota FJ Cruiser, as I thought I would want this
new vehicle, as it would greatly fit my needs in regard to a new piece of land I had just
purchased. By the time May arrived, and the ascension plan was beginning to change, I had
also realized that I never really liked my FJ CruiserI had never been comfortable with several
aspects of the design, among other things, and I did not enjoy driving it. So one day, while
driving up the interstate in Albuquerque, I impulsively pulled into the Toyota dealer and gave it
back. Take this damn car back! I had told the salesman. Thats what everyone says, was his
only reply. Coincidentally, they had a beautiful barely used 2006 4Runner, of which I snatched
up, and I was very happy once again. I love this vehicle! And I feel much more myself in it as
well. It felt so good to give back what did not fit me, nor feel right, and to return to something
that I was so very happy with. I felt right once again, and during that time, that car was one of
the very few things that indeed felt right, as much of everything else had been moved out of its
groove and into a very new and unfamiliar space. Taking back what I felt was the real me, was
very empowering at that time, when so much else was seemingly going haywire.
As our old roles are now forever gone, we now get to return to our true and authentic
selvesthe selves that are not here to bring up the vibration of the planet, but are here to
create and experience a very new reality. And this is the original plan as well. So like the FJ
Cruiser, with a design that did not turn out as was hoped, the ascension plan is now over, we
get to give it back, and begin creating a new world and new reality, all on our own and without
interference from an old reality that would not wake up.
These true and authentic selves, the selves we really were before the ascension process
began, are who we really are, in regard to our dreams and manifestations, or in other words, in
regard to the planet as a place for experiencing and creating. This is, then, the original blueprint
for the planet earth. The planet earth was always intended to be a place for experiencing and
creating. This is the highest level, so to speak, of being an off-shoot of source. In regard to the
ascension process, we chose to create it, as part of our experience of experiencing. The new
world then, is all about restoring the earth to this original blueprint, as this is its purpose. As the
old world continues to decline, deteriorate, and express itself in ways that are indicative of who
is residing there, and thus, what they are creating, the new world and new reality will be all
about those who are indeed residing here.
So then, where did this leave me? And what did I eventually choose?
As I looked over this situation for myself, I realized that the scenario of living on the ranch was
representative for me, of peace and tranquility. I was craving peace, unity with a good

companion, and in a setting that felt in alignment with me and with what I enjoyed and loved
surrounding me as well. It was an illusion for creating these states of being and providing
contentment and serenity. This then, was the form I had envisioned that would represent and
create these states of being with me.
Can we stay in these types of personal creations of our heaven on earth? Can we create them
and place ourselves within them for as long as we wish?
I also realized that this scenario was popping up again because I needed a rest. Although I
needed a break, I also knew that in time, after I had experienced rest and contentment, I would
indeed be craving something at a higher level. The real me loves to connect to higher level
realities and higher level energies, as this is why I loved what I did all those years writing Energy
Alerts and WINGS posts. I love bringing back these higher energies and connecting them to
current energies and realities. This is also why my real and true purpose will continue on in the
new communities as the communicator with the star beings and other non-physical beings, as I
bridge them to our new reality. This is where I feel the most comfortable and the most like me.
This is the role I can fulfill that allows me to be totally out of the way, and connected to my
higher purpose, with a clear focus on what I am doing. The rest of the time, I get to enjoy my
brothers and sisters who are surrounding me, and simply have fun and just be. And this is the
scenario, then, that I will be bringing to you through-out the remainder of this e-book, as it
embodies the blueprint for higher ways of living.
When we cross over through the 3D process of physical death, many times we find ourselves in
a place that feels great for us. Some souls might find themselves fishing for a lifetime, on a
beautiful stream in a perfect heaven. After awhile, if we stay there too long, loving beings will
come and encourage us to move on. We usually have roles of service to fulfill, and these
holding patterns of our perceived heaven, were designed from our imaginations, and also to
create a unusually needed rest period. None-the-less, I am not suggesting that there is anything
wrong with creating these things. It is entirely up to us, as we always have freedom of choice,
and it is certainly not up to me to know and make these decisions for everyone.
My new 4Runner came with a sunroof. A very simple person by nature, I felt that a sunroof was
much too extravagant for me, and basically ignored it in the beginning. I would have never
intentionally asked for it for myself. But after a very short time, I fell in love with having the sun
shining down upon me, and the open air above me, and now, cannot imagine having a vehicle
without one!
As we arrive in the new reality, our normal experiences of creating become greatly expanded.
We will find that we have much more to work with, so to speak. We will have much more at our
fingertips, we will experience much more in regard to having the tools or funds to create with,
and our new realities will thus be far more than we might have ever expected in times past. So
in this way, the world will indeed be our oyster.

Will we choose to create a reality or illusion for ourselves alone, or will we choose to remember
higher ways of living and being, and create according to our soul memories and original plan for
the Earth?
Have we indeed grown and expanded through the ascension process, and are we then now
ready to create what is in alignment with who and what we have become, or even what we may
remember as the original blueprint for the earth?
Here is the plain and simple truth, in regard to the ascension plan: The souls who created the
plan, who came to this earth to implement it, and who placed themselves within it, crossed over
no matter what. Soul energy always vibrates higher than any other energy, and overrides it in
every single instance, no matter what the circumstances. So in this way, there will be souls now
residing on the other side who have not yet awakened and who are not consciously aware of
the plan. Nor do they embody higher ways of living and being. Sounds strange, but this is the
way it is. If you are one who suddenly had the experience of re-connecting to someone from
your past, or whom you felt was a soul mate of some kind, and wondered why, as they were
really vibrating some dense energy, and then they swiftly departed, it was because they were
letting you know at soul levels that they had arrived as well. Their old roles are over at their soul
levels, as all of our old roles are over. We all arrived in totality at the same time when the line
was drawn in the sand. These souls who have crossed over and are still asleep or seemingly
vibrating lower, will undoubtedly begin creating their own individual heaven on earth. They will
either stay there and be happy, or eventually become bored and feel that something is missing.
Awakened and more conscious souls can also create their own individual heaven on earth, as
they simply want to retire and have a rest. All scenarios will be present. And yet there are others
who had the opportunity to cross over and are now stuck in between, remaining attached to the
old reality and its familiarity, while not allowing themselves to completely let go.
Although all souls on the planet experienced ascension symptoms, as the intention was to have
everyone on board, every soul then had an opportunity to awaken, but some would simply not
make the needed changes within themselveseven after repeated struggles and suffering as
an attempt by their souls to create changes within. These are the souls who have been left
behind. And these are souls who at times, comprise our biological family members. They will
indeed continue to have opportunities to awaken, but it will be much more challenging to bridge
the gap between the old and new realities as time progresses.
For those who have chosen to create a new reality, and come together in higher vibrating ways
of living and being, what then will that reality look like and how will it come together?


The Blueprint for the New Reality

any of us have carried a vision for a very long timea vision of higher vibrating
communities where all needs are met and souls exist side by side in an effortless
way, in harmony with nature and all of the cosmos.
Some of us may have attempted to create these communities and sanctuaries in times past, but
found that things would simply not hold together, nor would they sustain themselves, as many
egos present seemed to dissolve these higher visions, or perhaps they would never really get
off the ground at all. Or maybe individuals would arrive because they simply wanted someone to
take care of them. And maybe a few of these communities did very well, but then for various
reasons, disbanded over time.
What is different now, is that it is finally time for these communities to form and because of
this fact, many of these communities will be sprouting up as never before, and holding together
as never before. During the first phase of the ascension process, the forerunners were very
ready and wired for these new ways of living and being, but had to wait for enough to arrive in
higher vibrating spaces in order to create them. I can remember so many times over the years
when writing Energy Alerts and WINGS posts, when I would report what was going to happen
soon, and then it would not happen. This was because we continually chose at our soul levels,
to wait and wait, so that we would have enough on board to begin these scenarios. And now we
finally doand now we are finally ready. It is indeed, finally time.
To create a new community, or a new reality for that matter, two energies need to be present.
These are the energies of the individual along with the energies of the wholeboth vitally
important to create a very new energy all on its own.

The Individual Vs. the Whole
In many of my writings, I commonly say that the whole vibrates higher than the individual. This
is really only true when each individual is vibrating high on their own. Each individual contributes
to the whole, and thus, a whole is then created from many higher vibrating energies. A much
larger higher vibrating energy then exists. But there is more to this as well.
Energy is usually connected to other energy, as ultimately, we are all one at our core, as we
originated from the same spark and source. In this way, I believe it to be very true that we are all
one. Everything that each of us chooses to do, be, or even say, affects everything around us as

As we begin to evolve and vibrate higher, we become more and more aware of the energy of
the whole. We become more and more aware of how everything affects everything else. And we
become more and more aware of being respectful and considerate of what is out there in
addition to ourselves.
The ascension process creates a substantial loss of ego and of our old dense selves, leaving
behind our true and authentic selves. In this way, we ever so slowly come to know that
everything is not all about us, as there is very little us left intact. As we vibrate higher and
higher, we see others more clearly, we are aware of others and how they are feeling and who
and what they are being, and we are also aware of the organism called society or humanity
that surrounds us.
In addition, we perceive less and less through the filter of our own density as well, as there is
much less density now present within us. Our dense filter of how we see things is thinning and
lightening, and thus, we can now see much more clearly. In these ways, much of everything is
no longer about us, what our needs are, what we want for ourselves, and what makes us happy.
We are much more aware then, of the whole and aware as well, that the whole is vitally
important to how and what we now want to create.
Some indications that we are now vibrating higher, and thus embodying a greater awareness of
the whole, or rather, now wired for living in community and interacting with a group in higher
ways, are listed below:
1. Anger and frustration when driving a vehicle, in regard to interacting with other drivers.
We may be courteous and aware of the drivers around us, but others are not. They cut
us off, speed past us, tail gate us, and the like. They seem to only be aware of where
they need to be going, oblivious of who else is on the road. After we become wired for
group energy, these kinds of experiences can make us wonder, make us feel as if we
are somewhere where we do not belong, and perhaps make us grit our teeth and endure
until we can remove ourselves from this environment. We are not seen.

2. You are sitting in a parking lot, and a car approaches, parks, and remains there, all the
while playing loud bumping music through their sound system, and this emotes anger
within you. I cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me, and each and
every time I get out of my car, approach the offender, and ask him to turn it off. When
my five year old grandson now hears any of these bumping systems, he now says, Uh,
oh. Grandma would not like this! Deep in our hearts, we are protecting our environment,
and these things simply do not fit in. It is no longer about the individual learning to tune
things out while allowing freedom of expression. It is now all about the whole and
creating our new reality. As we begin residing in our own sanctuaries of community, and
as we detach from the old reality in all ways, we also come to know that that old reality is
not connected to us anymore, and thus, lose our desire or even interest in what is
occurring there.


3. You are ignored by others who simply act as if they do not see you, are unaware of your
needs, and even what appears to be, your very existence. Yes, most certainly, we
become nearly invisible as we vibrate higher, and anything that vibrates lower, is then
unable to see us on their radar or their level, as we are not there. But this phenomenon
also relates to the fact that as we begin to vibrate higher, we clearly see our brothers
and sisters, who they are, and what their purpose is all about. With deep respect, we
acknowledge their presence in every way, as we then have a mutual connection to each
other. In the old reality, where things vibrate lower, many individuals do not acknowledge
each other very often, and many times, not at all!

4. You go to a gathering or group meeting, with the intention that you are all working on
something as a whole, and you are ignored, disrespected, and not valued for what you
have to offer. Again, we are not always seen, but group energy is all about equal
contributions from all members via their gifts and purpose, and being highly revered for
them. End of story.

5. You find that you simply can no longer tolerate being alone. In the beginning stages of
ascension, part of the process involves losing the fear of being alone. This is because
we will eventually be in group energy much of the time, and cannot go there because of
a fear of being alone. So then, we may find ourselves alone during the ascension
process, in order to lose that fear, and also to find ourselves. The higher we vibrate, the
more we begin vibrating group energy, and in this way, we eventually feel very strange
and uncomfortable being alone as it does not fit in with higher ways of living and being.
We enter group in the higher realms from a sense of unity, all the while knowing what is
ours to contribute, and not because we are afraid of being alone or because we can no
longer take care of ourselves.

6. You are acutely weary of doing everything yourself; you feel as though you are holding
everything up with your one little finger or individual shoulders, and simply cannot do
everything yourself for one minute longer. Once we are wired for group energy, doing
everything through the shear effort of ourselves begins to get very old, but mostly, can
make us extremely tired and acutely burned out. I can remember flying back to North
Carolina one time, and being oh so grateful, that someone else was actually flying the
plane instead of me!
Feelings of being weary of doing it all by ourselves, are especially prevalent when we are in
our purpose. If we are vibrating high, or in alignment with our true and authentic selves, then
we are embodying a lot of energy. Holding so much energy all alone, many times means
that we are holding something up as well. And all of this ties in with coming together with our
brothers and sisters who are carrying a lot of energy too, in order to create a whole.
During times of the first phase of the ascension process, we moved forward as a whole. We
were all in this together, and we knew that we had planned on taking as many along with us
as possible. In addition, we needed to pool our higher vibrating energies in order to raise the

vibration of the planet. So then, during phase one, we were most assuredly a whole, but we
were a whole with one specific purposeand that purpose was to raise the vibration of the
Phase two, or creating the new reality, involves a different kind of whole. This new whole
has a lot more to do with the individual. Before we can create a new whole, or a new reality,
we must really and truly know who we are, what our gifts and talents are, what we are
passionate about, what comes easily to us, and thus, what we are here to contribute to the
Once we know these things, and are very much in this space, as so much of our denser and
ego selves have departed through the ascension process, and our pure and authentic
selves are what remains, then we are ready to come together with our brothers and sisters
and create a very new whole, or very new reality.
In this way, being an individual is vitally important to creating a whole. We can no longer do
it all alone, and we most assuredly need each other to continue to survive.
The two key concepts that are required to create a new reality then, are sustainability and
purposeand you will hear these two concepts over and over again throughout the
remainder of this e-book.
We need to know our purpose in order to create and sustain a new world or a new whole.
And it is our purpose that connects us to each other, as we come together to now create a
very new energyand energy that will vibrate very high and keep us all connected to
sourcethe new source that we now embody within ourselves.
So in this way, we no longer get energy from out there or up there. We receive higher
vibrating energy from each other, or from our connections to each other. We are now the
new reality and the new worldand we are creating the new energy through our very new
and higher vibrating connections.

Being Ready in All Ways
If we are not ready in all ways, our new reality and new connections will simply crash and
burn. What then, does being ready in all ways mean?
1. We need to have let go of wanting to wear all the hats, or of believing we have more
than one job to do, so that we can be open to allowing others to do their part. This
means letting go of having everything our way, or of wanting to run the show in all its
entirety. If we do connect with those who are now vibrating higher, we almost always
have the same vision anyway, as what remains after so much purging and releasing,
is one shared higher vibrating vision.


2. We need to have released and purged so much, that the only thing left is our true
and authentic selves, with a focus on one particular gift or contribution within us. As
old and ancient souls who have been anywhere and everywhere, we have many gifts
and talents within us. But there is one that will stand out the most, or at least a very
few at the top of the list. A brief note: Further along in this e-book, there will be
information about store-front gifts and talents, versus new community gifts and
talents, as most times, but not always, they are different and we need them both for
awhile longer.

3. We need to totally and completely SEE our brothers and sisters, and what is around
us, before we can connect to each other. I cannot tell you how often in times past,
when I came together with someone else as a partnership, or perhaps in a group,
acknowledging the gifts and talents of another or others, as they were an integral
part of the whole, and had an unsuccessful experience because no one else did. I
had frequent experiences of being discarded, along with an unacceptance and
negation of my part, because an individual could only see his or her part, and
believed that was all there was. When we are too focused on our part or contribution,
or too full of ourselves, we can very easily believe that this is what the world revolves
around and that this is what everything is about. I have seen this over and over
again. We must realize that we exist within a whole, and not entirely within ourselves.

4. We need to be self-sustaining before we can come together as a sustainable group.
As strange as it sounds, we need to be able to take care of ourselves and have the
experience of having all our needs met, before we can enter into community. This
means that we need to be able to sustain ourselves through our store-fronts, while at
the same time contributing to our new communities, so that we will not be entering
into them as a means of taking care of us and our needs. In other words, we need to
be sovereign, before we can be part of a whole.

5. We need to have completely disconnected in all ways from the old world, old reality,
and anything that pulls us back and down. We need to be free and clear with our
energy. This does not mean that we no longer interact with the old at all, as we still
need to have some interactions in order to survive. Eventually, we will be totally
sustainable as a community, but until we completely inhabit these spaces in all ways
without the need for money, we will still need to go back and forth for a bit longer, but
only for brief periods and for specific purposes. In and out very quickly, and then
back home. In order to be ready for community, we need to have left a lot behind and
let go of much of everything before we start anew. (This sounds like some kind of
strange and unhealthy cult! Ouch!) What we let go of, are things that no longer match
our new and higher vibration, as we need to be free to focus on the new and be
present there.


These are but a few of the ways that we can indeed be ready for community living. Each
and every community will have its own distinct purpose, with each member or resident
contributing to that purpose through their own individual gifts and talentsor purpose. Some
communities will literally be residential, and others will simply be comprised of individuals
with a similar vision or purpose, who come together when that purpose is needed. What will
your particular community look like, and what will be its purpose? And will you have more
than one?

Purpose and Sustainability
In the higher realms, everything has a specific purpose. After a soul has spun off and
released much that is not really his/her true and authentic self, what remains is the pure gold
nugget of our highest selves, with complete certainty and a condensed and pure energy of
Many times, I will hear individuals say that their purpose is to love. Of course, this is the
highest vibrating purpose and overall theme that all energy exists within. Similar to being in
form simply to experience, as this is the highest vibrating and overall theme for energy to
exist within as well. But within these frameworks, exists a different purpose too, and this
purpose is distinct and refined for each and every one of us.
This is why we have created an angel for this purpose, or one who vibrates this way, and
another angel for another purpose, etc. We may call on Archangel Michael for some things,
and Gabriel for others. When I need some advice at times, I will call in a non-physical being
who specializes in what I need to know about. At times, I will be talking to my star
companion, and he will simply say that this in not in his arena. His job, role, or purpose, is in
watching over me, and some things simply do not fit in with why he is here.
We may feel that our animal companions are here to love us, for us to love them, and
perhaps to make our lives better and vice versa. This is the over-all or higher purpose in a
sense, of having our own individual community with a dog present. But in another sense,
dogs have lost their original purpose for the main part. The greatest desire of dogs who are
healthy, is to be with other dogs. This is their natural state of being. They are pack animals,
and before they were domesticated and taken on by humans for companionship, they knew
very well what their purpose was.
Each breed of dog has its own individual purpose as well. Some are herders, some are
hunters, some are protectors, and some, like the Golden Retriever, are here to serve. And
they all have different energy levels and ways of interacting. Because dogs have been
robbed of their original and authentic purpose, they have then taken on the energy of their
caretakers, and have eventually become loving sponges who transmute the energy that is
now surrounding them. There are many behavior problems now with dogs, because they
have been removed from their natural surroundings and true and authentic purpose.

Cats, of course, have been domesticated too, even though there are many who live very
easily and comfortably in the wild, as dogs are capable of doing as well. I love it when I see
my cat running after moths, jumping on grasshoppers, slithering through the wild grasses,
and just sitting and gazing at the horizon. These are her natural states of being.
We have lost our purity of purpose on the planet in many ways. Restoring the planet and her
inhabitants to the original state of its pure purpose, is part of what the ascension process is
all about.
When we lose sight of our purpose, or when anything for that matter forgets its purpose,
confusion and chaos can ensue. Energy needs to know where to go. It needs direction. It
needs a glue to hold it together. In times past, we may have utilized a philosophy of coming
together and allowing a purpose to reveal itself all on its own, but now that we have evolved
and expanded, these ways are no longer appropriate.
Because we have spun off so much in regard to denser energies, and energies that are no
longer needed, we then have left, very specific energies that are concise and refined.
Allowing things to gel on their own, or to take their own form, came from a stance that said,
I do not know it all, and whatever knows more than me, can now take over. This stance
says, I need to get out of the way, otherwise, my ego will run the show. This is how we
created in the past, for the simple reason that we had a lot more ego or dense energy within
us at that time.
Energy needs to know where to go. It has to have direction. It is no longer then, about
allowing things to take shape, as by this time, we know much more about higher vibrating
ways, as we are now much more connected to our souls and to source than we were before,
and are vibrating much higher. We are then much more at the helm than ever before. What
is left within us, knows where it wants to go. Hopefully, we have learned much, and are now
very ready to create something of a much higher orderand create it we will, with the gifts
of our true and authentic selves.
Yes, there will be times when we will want to surrender and let go, and simply allow, or even
to wait for an idea to come to us. Things are not yet completely this way or that way in
regard to creating solely from our own desires now, as we still have dense energy or ego
energy within us, but we now have much less than we did in times past. Making ourselves
small because we are afraid that our egos will take over, serves no purpose at all, and
really, comes from a lot of ego! If we choose this route, we will be denying the planet and
everything around us, the pleasure of experiencing who we are and what we are here to
contribute. Creating now, involves connecting very naturally and calmly, to our true and
authentic selves, and anchoring into this energy, will always serve to place us in a
comfortable and secure groove.
This is the fine line in regard to so called ego. Another twist is present as well, and it has to
do with being versus doing. The higher we vibrate, the more that we begin creating by
simply being. The energies that surround us then, are indicative of what we are being. When

we remember and know our purpose, or what we are so passionate about and seemingly do
and be no matter what in an effortless way, things begin to fall together around us.
Purpose is an integral framework for the family structure as well. If each family member was
aware of his/her purpose, or gifts and talents, and brought them to the forefront in order to
connect with other family members, a much more well-oiled machine would result. Each job
to be fulfilled, would come from who was best at it, or from one who enjoyed each particular
endeavor the most. And with each family member contributing equally, a sustainable family
structure would then be more easily assured.
When we are aware of what each family member, or soul surrounding us, is all about, we
can then revere them for who they are and defer to them when their purpose or particular
energy is needed. This is why it is so vitally important to SEE each other, as well as
respecting and revering who and what each soul on this planet is here to contribute.
When each and every being in our surrounding space is aware of this, it works. If they are
not, it doesnt. This is what I was referring to when I mentioned earlier on about seeing
others, but others were not seeing me. We cannot do it alone. This is again why, we need to
come together now as never before.
Do we have to strain and struggle to identify our purpose? Will we be forever lost if we do
not know what it is? Is it absolutely mandatory to have this information within ourselves?
Most times, we are usually in our purpose, even if we may not consciously be aware of it.
Knowing what our purpose is, only serves to consciously validate it.
Our purpose will always reveal itself, even if we do not consciously choose to find it. Our
purpose is what we always find ourselves doing when we join a group, for instance, or even
what we always revert back to in times of crisis, as our true and authentic selves are our
comfort zones. Our purpose is what we do oh so naturally, with no effort on our parts, and
what others often ask us to do for them, as they do not have this ability themselves. Our
purpose is what we bring to a group, and how we bring it to a group as well. Our purpose is
something we simply cannot not do. It is always there, and rarely comes and goes. Our
purpose relates to how we view things, and the filter that we see everything through. And
rarely do we see or know our purpose ourselves, even though most everyone around us
does, as it is so much a part of who we are, that we do not even realize we embody it. We
usually believe that everyone has this ability, as it comes so naturally to us, and do not
realize that this is simply not the case.
We have had our purpose within us, for a very long time. It was there when we were born,
and at times, we had to shut it off as it was not yet time to be revealed. Our golden nugget
and the treasure of our purpose has been safely locked away, or perhaps even been utilized
for quite some time, but simply not yet acknowledged. Or perhaps it has been revealed and
acknowledged for a while now, and if this is so, we will know as we will feel oh so in
alignment and complete when we are in this special space. It may have come to serve us in

every way, and may have also served to keep us afloat during these recent times of
confusion, chaos, and great loss.
Our purpose is our guiding light, our north star, and what we resonate with the most. It is
what we can hold onto, when there is seemingly nothing else left. Can we have too much of
our purpose? Yes we can. I remember a story once told to me, about astronauts needing a
writing utensil while in space. The US decided to spend substantial amounts of money, in
order to create a pen that would write in zero gravity. The Russians, on the other hand,
simply decided to use pencils.
Because we are embodying so much more energy now than ever before, the energy of our
purpose can become overly exaggerated and almost too big. In this way, we may be
tempted to utilize it whenever and wherever possible, as this is what we have now become.
Our purpose need only be utilized when it is needed, and when we are called upon. We may
offer it, or perhaps ask if it is needed, but it is never a good idea to throw it at situations and
individuals when these situations and individuals have not asked. People ask for help when
they need it. They ask when they are ready to receive. They ask when they know they
cannot fulfill this particular purpose themselves. They ask when they can see us, and what
we have to offer. The remainder of the time, we need only enjoy ourselves, mind our own
business, and play together. We do not need to be on all the time. And this is where our
other purpose of love comes in as well. The higher we vibrate, the more we come to know
that playing and loving are what it is all about.
If we over-exaggerate our purpose, it then becomes a liability. In numerology, for instance, a
one energy can create an individual who goes ahead, is independent, forges new territory,
and so forth. But too much of this energy will create an individual who does not know how to
interact with a group, who is opinionated to the point where they are unable to allow for the
suggestions of others, and on and on. This one energy, then, would ideally be utilized
when that particular energy is needed. The remainder of the time, we need only enjoy
ourselves and those around us, while blending in, in a fun and enjoyable way, while simply
being on even keel with everyone in the group. No energy then, is more dominant and
overbearing than another.
So many times I have looked at this planet and marveled at how it is seemingly suffering
from lack, when it has absolutely everything it needs right now. In denser energy, separation
is more prevalent. When we are in density, not only can we have difficulty seeing through all
the walls and barriers, but we cannot see what is right next to us; we cannot see through the
If we could come together as individual souls and individual energies, thus supplying all the
necessary ingredients needed, then we would always be able to sustain ourselves with
absolutely no problem or effort required. One gift of purpose after another, contributing to
and creating a whole. If we could finally come to the point where we knew and remembered
that the earth has everything it needs to sustain us, and we used her gifts wisely and
respectably, along with the gifts of the cosmos, then all our needs would always be met.

Now that we are embodying so much more of source energy within ourselves, it is this
energy of us, that will come together and create the new reality. This higher energy no
longer arrives from up and away, as it did in times past. What many of us may not be seeing
or realizing now, is that an incredibly higher vibrating energy is waiting to be created simply
through the connections we will have to each other, as this is the way of a higher vibrating
Have you noticed how things seem to feel so much better when we connect to someone
else? Have you noticed how things seem to manifest and occur very rapidly, when we
connect to someone else? Have you noticed that although you may not have consciously
chosen it, you have been removed from those who are dragging you down and taking your
energy, as we are now very wired for connecting to those who are self-sustaining, and very
ready for their new connections to other self-sustaining energies?
It is indeed now time to come together as a whole, and to connect to each other in higher
vibrating ways, in order to create a very new reality on the other side.


The Model CommunityAre We There Yet?

he ascension process consistently creates expansion and growth into higher ways of
living and being, in slow and gradual steps. With the advent of the final completion of
the first phase in September 2009, we are now in very new territory, and it is up to us
to create something new and different. Thus, a new blueprint is ever present, and it can be
applied in a variety of ways and experiences.
Using the model of sustainability and purpose, a community can be created with high level ways
of living and being, completely separate from the rest of the world, or at the opposite end of the
spectrum, with only perhaps two members present. Whatever each of us is ready and primed
for, will undoubtedly manifest when the time is right.

The Smallest CommunityOur Perfect Partners
After we are done with the biggest chunk of purging and releasing within, we eventually come to
a place where there is not nearly as much density within us as in times past. What a job it has
been, what a tole it has perhaps taken on us, and now, we do indeed get to reap the rewards of
all the transmuting we have done. We have been removed from the old, and a new experience
is now at our fingertips.
We eventually come to a place where we are whole and complete within, not needing another to
fulfill or call to our attention any unbalanced energies we may have embodied before we began
this process. It is then that we finally get to unite with our special and beautiful partners. Some
may have already had this experience and have been in wonderful spaces for quite some time,
all the while coming into balance with each other until a good partnership has finally been
created, while others have been alone to a degree, diligently fulfilling their service to humanity
or perhaps undergoing their own ascension process all on their own.
With the new reality and ways of being on the other side, being alone is not the norm, nor will it
ever be. In this way, if you have not connected yet with your perfect partner or companion, you
will indeed have this experience in the very near future. For me, I am so sure of this event, that
it has become a given, and I have absolutely no doubt that I am on the threshold of uniting with
a soul who fits me well. For the first time in a very long time, having this acceptance of what is
soon to come, and to come very soon, has made it so very real for me, that there is no longer a
waiting period, nor even a doubt surrounding itand maybe not even an excitement as there is
simply a completion and contentment present.

Our perfect partners or companions will create a community that follows the blueprint of
sustainability and purpose. There will thus be no pulling, taking anothers energy, nor any
other energy exchanges that pull us down or wear us out. In times past, when at ancient sites
during the day of the equinox, standing on a pillar at the precise time that the sun and moon
were at the same positions on the horizon, I could feel a complete balance and sense of
equilibrium... almost as if no gravity was present. An amazing feeling of lightness indeed. This is
the feeling and the energy that our unions with our partners and companions will bring.
Consisting primarily of exchanges of love and acceptance, and a reverence for one anothers
gifts and talents, there will be a distinct separateness along with a union. Purpose will be
present as well, as the purpose of our unions will be as companions, friends, and always, a
shared love and devotion to each other.

Groups in the New Reality
As coming together will be one of the major themes in the new reality, many groups will begin to
form, and each for a specific and unique purpose. We may be drawn to one group for this
purpose, and another group for another purpose. Energies always congeal when they have an
overlap of purpose, or rather something in common. And groups will form as a means to create
something. Energy loves to create, and pulling energy together through the different vibrations
and frequencies of a group has unlimited possibilities. Just thinking of creating as a group,
brings chills up my spine, as it feels so wonderfully exciting!
Members of the group really need to be comfortable and secure with who they are and what
they have to contribute. Thus, being good at what we are about, sure about ourselves, and
having old insecurities out of the way, while being open to listening and working with others is
vitally important. I have worked with individuals before who were good at what they did, but
were not willing to listen to whom they were working with, as they thought they knew it all.
Seeing and revering all members, is again, a vitally important component as well.

Living in Community
Many of the fore-runners of the ascension process are now very ready for community living.
This is group energy at its peak. Communities will look like what each community decides it will
look like. And each community will have its own energy and theme, according to the members
who bring it together.
From looking into the higher realms, and seeing what lies ahead, to connecting with various star
beings, a specific model has evolved for me, of which I will share here. But know as well, that it
is always up to us, what we choose to create at any given time and in any given way.
The same blueprint for community living holds true for all group energy, or energies that come
together to form a whole. Each community will have a theme as its central hub, and all members

will contribute to that theme with their own special gifts, talents, and purpose. And in this way,
the community will then be sustainable.
The cells in our body, for instance, come together to form a purpose, which is a human body.
Some cells have the purpose of creating an arm, and others a nose. Other cells create the
elbow of the arm, and on and on. In this way, each cell is contributing to the overall purpose, or
human body, while at the same time, contributing to an aspect of the human body. The same
formula is true for all creation, and true for groups and communities as well.
In the beginning stages, and for a while then, community members will reside in their
community, contributing their talents and purpose when needed and called upon, to create the
sustainability needed, while the remainder of the time they will be enjoying their brothers and
sisters, and enjoying themselves through other various outlets within the community. But also,
members will be going back to the dimensional border for brief periods of time, to contribute
their purpose as a service to humanity. In this way, each member will have their monetary
needs met, until money is no longer needed. So then, the purpose of each member will be
utilized within the community, as well as in service to parts of humanity who are still residing in a
lower vibrating reality. This is where our roles as earth angels come into play.
Some may wish to create communities as a place for individuals to come when they have
nowhere else to go. These communities will do best existing on the dimensional border, as this
is an energetic space that will resonate with those who have left much of everything behind, and
perhaps do not yet know where they want to be or what they want to be creating and doing. It is
here that they can find themselves. But in order to be fully ready for higher vibrating
communities that exist fully on the other side, we must be able to sustain ourselves.
From my experiences visiting many ancient sites and speaking to the ancient residents who
resided there in times past, along with star beings who came here from different places in the
cosmos, I have my own particular vision of community, of which I will be creating with those who
share this vision, on a new piece of land waiting for me high on a mesa near Ramah, New
This community will be built in harmony with the earth, utilizing passive solar, rainwater
harvesting, and other forms of green building that fit the sustainability model. The first house
has already been designed. Alignments will also be utilized here, as there are specific points on
the property that directly line up to energy spots on the horizon, as well as with constellations
and specific stars. Community residents will be able to fulfill their purpose and passion as
cooks, gardeners, builders, animal communicators, artists, and so forth, all the while living in
harmony with the community, the cosmos, and the earth. There will also be regular
communication and interaction with star beings and our brothers and sisters from other areas of
the cosmos, in order to come together for the purpose of creating a very new world.
This community will be very small, as it needs to fit into previously established regulations for
the area, but also because it will serve as a blueprint and model for future communities. In
addition, regular short-stays will be welcomed for those performing services for humanity, for the

purpose of rest and reprieve, re-connection to source and the cosmos, and to connect with
others who are there as well, in order to assist each other through overlapping connections, or
commonality. This is what the Angels Rest Foundation will be all about in the beginning stages.
When this land was first shown to me, it was very apparent that it was something very special.
Very protected and extremely peaceful, it was in a vortex all its own. When looking around, I
would see angels flying around, different non-physical beings from about everywhere, birds
singing, and ravens soaring. It looked like something from a bar in Star Wars. It immediately
became evident that this was the place where the non-physicals hung out when they were in-
between assignments. It was their reprieve and safe haven, or stop-over spot. When I would
talk to my non-physical star companion when there, he would be completely different. Much
more relaxed and easier to connect with, it was evident that he was in a very different pocket of
energy here, than he was when in the lower vibrating realities. He was on a break here, and
much more in his own element.
This particular land was offered to me, so that I could create the same for the angels of the
earth. In this way, the earth angels will come here off and on, have a break, re-connect to each
other and to source and the cosmos, while at the same time, this haven will be created with the
blueprint for new community, and thus shared and re-created in other areas in times to come.
So then, the above is simply an example of a community and its purpose, and the one that fits
me the best. I am very excited to see what other communities transpire, and how they will look
for each and every one of us when the time is right.
But before we begin community living, we really need to be clear about who we are, what we
want to create for ourselves, and what our purpose and contribution to the planet will be all


The Feel Good Places and Our Soul Purpose

n August of 2009, I was debating about getting a place to live closer to amenities, until
winter was over and I could begin to build on my new land. One day I decided to check
into buying a house to share with my daughter and grandchildren, as buying at that time
was almost more economical than renting, and we needed a good sized home. I had never
owned a home before, but as one who loved business transactions and activities, I felt this
would be a good financial move on my part, as it was a good time to buy.
Immediately, several non-physical beings arrived in my car, and in near hysteria, began
shouting, No! We are setting up a space for you, and it is not there! Do not do anything yet!
OK! OK! I responded in alarm. No problem. Sorry! In my heart, I of course knew what area
this new space was in, but also knew that I could never afford to live there. None-the-less, I
began to explore the village of Corrales, looking at real estate options, and becoming
increasingly disappointed and saddened at the high cost of housing. I was not comfortable
contributing to what I felt were inflated home prices.
A real estate agent for that area had been referred to me, but after several unreturned calls, I
decided to take matters into my own hands. While driving down the road one day, I impulsively
stopped into a real estate office there at closing time, and was blessed to connect with the
owner. I told him I did not want bank financing (I prefer to be out of the old system as much as
possible), wanted to know if that was possible, and away we went to look at homes within the
hour. This real estate agent ended up being an angel, no doubt. A most caring, loving, and
unbiased man, he had no agendas for financial gainonly an agenda of service.
As a big and beautiful rainbow filled the sky that evening, we looked at some homes, and then
impulsively, he took me to a home far beyond my budget, and certainly, much bigger than I
would ever need. I barely glanced at it, thinking how nice it was, but also, that it was out of the
question, and really not my style as it was too high end.
That evening it became very clear to me that I would indeed be needing a large home now,
rather than later. A simple person at heart, I had always been comfortable in small and cozy
spots, no more than I needed, and usually rustic and at high elevations. This house was
different than I had ever known before, and now I would actually be buying it. No more moving
around to assist with the earth energies!
I knew that I would be offering talks in Corrales as a major part of my store-front, where I would
also be giving participants an opportunity to connect to each other, and thus would be setting up
my new home base there in order to fulfill this purpose. These paid talks would provide the
space for people to come together and connect to each other, and to validate and identify what
their new endeavors would be about, while at the same time enabling them to re-connect to

home through the information I would be providing and the space they would be entering. I
also knew that various colleagues and friends would indeed be coming to stay with me from
time to time, and I would need the space. So actually, everything did indeed fit in, even if it was
out of my comfort zone, as I had assumed I would be moving into that situation gradually.
Having seen my new life in continual visions for months prior, eventually allowed me to again
validate this unfolding situation, and allowed me to finally embrace it, even if it was very different
from my life up until then, and seemingly very sudden. (Very sensitive, I am not very good with
sudden change and rapid transitions!)
Soon the non-physicals began guiding me with all the details. They were earnest in making sure
I knew that I needed to be in that area and stay there for at least three years, as things on the
planet would be experiencing big shake-ups in times to come. They practically picked me up
and placed me there. In this way, I was grateful, although I also knew that we are always right
where we need to be, at any given time, and this was imply my version and way of getting to
where I needed to be.
The home owner miraculously agreed to owner financing. My real estate agent was shocked.
My guides told me what price to offer, which was significantly lower than the asking price, even
though the asking price had recently been dropped by about 25% already. I did not want to be
taking advantage of the owner. The way I usually do business is by meeting in the middle, with
all parties content. Before I could even mention this offering price myself, my agent, who was
also the listing agent, wrote up an offer with this exact price. On and on it went, with everything
flowing beautifully, even during a Mercury retrograde. In the end, the owner of the home said
that his Fung Shui consultant had told him that someone would come from out of the blue, that
this house was being saved for this person, and that all would be in divine and right order. So
then, the owner agreed to all the terms, because he felt the universe was guiding him. Thus,
the house was given to me in a very unusual way, and for a very unusual price. My real estate
agent said that if this was what spirituality was all about, then he was going to join a church
So then, here was my new space, and quite a big space at that. Wondering if I would become
lost in it, my guides had additionally reminded me over and over, that I needed to be sure that I
could expand the house in times to come. What??!! Are you kidding??!! was all I could muster
up, while I continued to go along with them, as I did indeed trust their knowledge and expertise,
even if I at times wondering if I could continue to pay the mortgage. And now here I was as well,
with this large house and no daughter or grandchildren to fill it.
Very soon, after all the stress began to settle down, and I was in my normal calm state, I most
certainly knew what was going on. I suppose I had always known, but considering myself a
conservative person, at times I do not like to make impulsive decisions, and especially in regard
to money matters. And I was also being pushed out of my comfort zone as well. But I also knew
what was coming for most of usand it was a life of ease and comfort, all needs met, and in
ways that we may have only dreamed about. Times were about to change, and this was simply
only the beginning.

But much more than that was really going on: My new home is representative of our new
spaces. We will be creating new physical spaces that will feel absolutely wonderful to be in. Like
universes all their own, and realities all their own, these new spaces will be the beginning of the
new world. In this way, I needed some space to create this within. Not only on my new land, but
here as well in my new home.
The new groups we will form, the spaces they will occupy, the souls who will attend, and the
purposes they will fulfill, will all be comprised of higher energy and will thus be the beginning of
the new. Starting as few, these groups and spaces will multiply, and eventually link together
forming the new grid for the new world. What a beautiful sight!
After experiencing an old reality that became almost unbearable near the end, with seeming
horrors at every turn, we will want to be somewhere that feels good, where we are revered and
acknowledged, where our ways are accepted and understood, and where we can relax,
connect, and love and appreciate each other. Feeling good spaces, then, will comprise much in
the way of our new creations. And even if we do not know how we will create them, with trust
and connections, I am sure we will succeed.
Defining our soul purpose, or what we are here to contribute, is a very important first step in
creating the new world. This is why my new space in Corrales arrived for me firstbefore I can
begin creating on my new land. I needed to become settled and grounded in the space that will
sustain me, or in other words, my store-front space. We need to be self-sustainable before we
can be community sustainable. We need to know what we will be offering the community or the
new world, before we can enter it and become a part of the whole. We cannot create a whole,
until we know what our piece is. We need pieces to make a whole. So then, pieces will come
first, and then they will combine to make a whole. In this way, our store-fronts will come first.
So how do we make money then, until we no longer need it? How do we bring our purpose to a
reality that will compensate us, and what does that purpose entail?


Navigating the Dimensional Border

he original plan was for a gradual easement into the new reality, thus allowing for a
fair amount of activity to be present along what I refer to as the dimensional border,
or the area in between sides. With free will ever present, the grand ascension plan
was subject to a calculated risk in regard to how it would succeed, the timelines of the plan, and
if it would indeed, succeed at all.
In this way, much more time was allotted than was originally planned, in order to ensure a
success and of course, that enough souls as possible would be willing to grow, expand, and be
ready for change and for a very new world to emerge. By the end of the timeline, many of us
found ourselves interacting and working with energies that were at the far reaches of the
ascension ladder, and thus, barely ready and able to grasp the concepts of the new and be
willing to embrace them. We had reached as many as we possibly could, and now, all those
who had been reached were ready and poised for something very new.
When the time was up, after this very long period of implementing the first phase of the plan, a
door slammed shut and a very distinct division was now present. Although the division was not
unusual, the gap between the old world and the new was. As discussed earlier on, this gap or
chasm was much wider than anticipated, as the souls who remained in the old world, were still
not anywhere near the dimensional border, nor ready for something very new and different. And
in addition, there were many more souls left behind than anticipated.
Can these souls who were left behind eventually move ahead and arrive at the border, allowing
for the earth angels who are residing on the other side, to assist them in successfully crossing
over? Is the door forever shut, and will there be no key to open it? Will there be a parallel earth
existing alongside another earth, and if so, for how long?
Ultimately, I suppose, none of this information really matters, as it is now time for us to simply
have fun and enjoy ourselves. And really, we need not really know any of it, as being where we
are, and enjoying ourselves in lighthearted ways, can occur anywhere we choose. Even though
the recent months and recent years have provided some experiences for many of us, that make
it more challenging to laugh and have fun, as the souls that we are, it can be very easy to shift
gears on a dime, and laugh to our hearts content, and when we do, it can really feel great. I
know that we will indeed be laughing once again, with radiant smiles on our faces, as we adjust
and become ever comfortable with our very new surroundings.
So in regard to the old world, it is now being assisted by angels of the highest order. These are
angels who vibrate much higher than we do, and thus, are now poised to deal with the changes,

discomfort, and suffering that the old world will be experiencing. We needed to be freed in order
to create the new world and new reality. It was time for us to move on.
In this way, we will be interacting for the most part, with ourselves, or with those who have made
the decision to cross over. The thrust will now be about creating, instead of healing or assisting
the planet (more on continuing in the healing arenas further on). It will be about our creativity
and about what is inside of us that is oh so ready to come forth. It will be about coming together
with our brothers and sisters, and laughing and having fun, in spending time together as equal
members of a family, and in simply being.
So then, how will we generate money and survive until money is no longer needed?
In times past, we compensated each other when we needed a service. In this way, we helped in
bringing up the vibration of the planet through ourselves and through all those eventually finding
their way to us. We will again do the same, but this time, we will be needing different kinds of
services. Health stores will thrive, web designers will thrive, works of art, furnishings, builders,
gardeners, and fabric designers will thrive. Body and hair care, clothing, food, and so much
more, will thrive. We will need these things, as well as provide these things. We can trade,
barter, and we can exchange money as well.
How will we find each other? We very simply just naturally will. Because we can SEE each other
very clearly, we will stand out in a crowd. You dont need to come to my gatherings, or to other
events like this in order to connect, but you can if you want to! And being that gatherings and
groups will become ever prevalent for various purposes and reasons, we will indeed connect in
these ways as well. And we will be oh so happy to see each other!
How about that hot and controversial question regarding healing? Will healers be needed too?
In the first phase of the ascension process, a significant amount of those who came for this
experience, were involved in the healing arena. This was because many of us wanted to assist
with raising the vibration of the planetby raising our own vibrations through healing, as well as
assisting others to do the same. In this way, healing was seemingly anywhere and everywhere.
As the ascension process progressed, there were many souls who benefited from healing, and
eventually, healing was then no longer needed, as this was a part of phase one and phase one
was nearly complete. In this way, many healers suddenly found their practices drying up, with
seemingly nowhere then to go. At the same time, as we progress through the ascension
process, and as our vibrations rise in frequency, we also come to know and to be, in spaces
where fixing anything is no longer an awareness or belief. In the higher realms, we come to
know that everything is always right where it needs to be, and so, fixing anything is never an
option. Fixing and saving are lower vibrating actions, and cannot exist in a higher vibrating
So this scenario evolved like a dance in tandem, and thus, created a situation where healing
was no longer needed, resulting in either healing practices drying up, as everyone who was

ready (and then some!) had been reached, or healers simply losing all desire to heal, as they
were now in the higher vibrating space of not fixing anything.
Will healers still be needed after the final completion occurred in September?
After we reach a higher frequency within ourselves, emotional healing, or healing the root of a
situation or health problem, only serves to take an individual right back to a lower vibrating
space where they no longer belong. In this way, after an individual reaches a certain vibrational
frequency, healing can actually be detrimental. So for those who have crossed over, healing
will feel strange and unpleasant at best. Keeping our health stabilized and sustained through
herbs, acupuncture, stress management, chiropractic, or with vitamins and minerals, for
example, will still be needed until it is not.
The ascension process creates healing within us, all on its own. It breaks apart denser energies
within us, brings any lower vibrational energies to the surface for release, and basically, heals
us all on its own. In addition, we eventually reach higher vibrational states around us as
wellmeaning we no longer attract unpleasant people or circumstances into our lives. We
never really heal ourselves completely, because eventually, the denser energies within us
simply go dormant. And because we are no longer attracting any unpleasant circumstances into
our lives, these denser energies within us are thus rarely activated.
This is why we may assume we have transmuted something within us, and then suddenly we
find that it seems to still be there. But as we begin residing in higher vibrating situations and
realities, any leftover density simply ceases to exist, as there is now nothing that exists around
us, that could possibly find a corresponding energy to dance with within us; only the higher
vibrating energies remain on the outside to connect to the higher vibrating energies that are
remaining within us. This is why we will find our special partners when we reach the other side,
if we havent already, and why we will find our special living situations, and find our special
contributions as well.
So then, will healers still be needed?
For some, their store-fronts will be about healing. These store-fronts, then, will exist on the
dimensional border, as this is where those who need healing will reside. And others may still be
providing a service to humanity, and their store-fronts will exist at the in-between spot between
where they are residing and the rungs below them. In this way, if we are all about serving in
some way, as a means to generate money, we will be serving those who are residing below us,
even if they are residing in the new reality. Those providing healing services then, will be
providing these services to those who are closest to crossing over...or rather to those who are
ready, willing, and open to receiving them. There will still be individuals needing healing
services, but not nearly as many as anticipated, as the chasm or gap has grown so wide
between the old and new realities. But know as well, that many shake-ups and harsh and strong
movements will occur in the old world, and these situations will create corresponding
movements in the souls residing there, thus bringing more individuals to the dimensional border
who are ready and asking for help.

For others, their store-fronts will be about the creativity within them, and what they have a
passion for. These store-fronts will primarily serve those who have crossed over, and are thus
very willing and able to embrace these new and higher ways. Other store-fronts that are about
the creativity within us, can still serve those who are at the dimensional border that divides the
old world and the new world. So the dimensional borders can exist in many varied places. They
can exist in between the rungs of the ascension ladder for those who have crossed over, as well
as the major dimensional border that divides the old and new realities. In these ways then, there
are a multitude of ways to generate money from our store-fronts.
When the solstice of June 2009 blasted everything out of the water and tossed everything every
which way, each and every one of us landed somewhere new and different. Some landed on
one rung of the vibrational hierarchy, and some landed on another rung. And again, the fore-
runners landed on a rung where no one had yet to arrive, so these souls have very little
company. In this way, even though so many souls crossed over, there are still many gradations
None-the-less, we will be coming together as never before, and coming together no matter what
rung each one of us is residing upon. What will connect us are the overlaps in energy, or in
other words, what we have in common. We may connect with someone who loves to knit, or
someone who is running their own business as we are, or perhaps a group that is very
interested in a specific dog breed, or for my daughter, for instance, a group of young mothers
who are exchanging childrens clothing. We may even connect with others who are experiencing
ascension and having similar experiences. Whenever we connect to another, it is because like
energy attracts like energy, and thus, there is an overlap or commonality. When I connected
with my real estate agent most recently, we found we had a special overlap in quite a few areas,
and in addition, energy began to move in other arenas for both of us after we had identified
these commonalities. So you see, this is simply another example of how coming together is
what will create any type of movement or even create high level energy all in itself. It is all about
the energy between souls nowit is up to uswe can create anything when we come together.

Experiencing Lower Vibrating Energies
When we leave our particular rung of the ascension ladder and go down a significant amount of
rungs, or especially if we visit the old reality, we will really know it. We will know it because we
will feel a huge crash or collision with the energies. It can almost feel like a train wreck. The
lower vibrating energies are so heavy, that when they come into contact with a lighter or more
refined energy, it can almost feel like hitting a big wall of confusion and mis-alignments.
Denser energy is more complicated and thus has more facets. In this way, it can feel big and
even convoluted. Ultimately, perhaps the highest vibrating energy is that of love, and it is very
simple; just one simple energy after much of everything has been purged and released. Higher
and lower vibrating energies have little in common as well, so a crash or collision can occur very

None-the-less, being out in the old world can be very easily managed because there are still
many kind and caring folks out there. The other day I stopped in at a MacDonalds out in the
middle of nowhere, on my way back to my small town of Ramah. After the clerk behind the
counter took my order, he asked, How has your day been so far? What a kind and caring man
he was. I have had grocery store employees help me put vegetables into my bag at the produce
department, loving and caring people help me with my new homeowners insurance, and on and
on. Here at our small post office in Ramah, our postal clerk most recently popped her head in
line with my P.O. box as I was getting my mail, and through the slot said a cheery, Hi Karen! I
was going to grab your hand when you got your mail, but I didnt want to freak you out! Come on
over to the window and tell me how youve been These are people who see us, and these
are people who are extending a higher vibration as well.
I have experienced much kindness and goodness from so many individuals, no matter where
they are on any so called ascension ladder. And my favorite people over the years have so
many times been average Joes, who had absolutely no inkling of ascension and spiritual
As we begin to vibrate higher, we will also find that we can very easily see the density in
individuals. Because it does not fit into a higher vibrating reality, it stands out like a red flag.
When this occurs, it can really help to focus on the higher vibrating aspects of whomever we are
interacting with at the time, because we know that this density is not real anywayjust simply a
wall or barrier that has yet to be broken down.
Another very common experience with ascension involves the way we interact with those above
and below us on differing ascension rungs. It is very common to be loving to someone on a
regular basis, while they continue to take us for granted, need our energy, and make it all about
them. But then we might turn around and exhibit precisely these behaviors to someone who is
residing above us. I have seen this pattern over and over again. We may complain about how
we are being treated by others, but then we turn around and do the same thing to those who
have been good to us. Very interesting.
Many times, those who are below us, will also be disrespectful, think they know more than we
do, do not revere us, nor are they ready and open to learn, and so forth. These are individuals
who are not yet ready for us, or our higher ways of being. All they are still seeing is themselves.
Personally, I have dis-connected from many so called friends and relatives because of this
pattern. Usually through suffering and perhaps other eye opening experiences, an opening will
eventually occur, when an individual will surrender and then ask for help. Suffering will usually
create the willingness that is needed for an individual to grow and expand. It is then that they
are ready to listen. Even so, it is never a good idea to be a continual open door for those who
are needing our energy.
So then, when people are being disrespectful of our service or love, all we need do is pull out.
Many times, people in our lives believe we are so loving and kind, that we will always be there,
no matter what. This is simply not true anymore. Evidence being that we pulled out of the old

world completely, because we were basically invisible after a while, and barely noticed for what
we came to offer.
After we remove ourselves, whatever we removed ourselves from, is then given an opportunity
to open, and on their own. Our light will no longer be their light, as they are needing to find and
embody their very own light. This process is vitally important for an entrance ticket to the other
side, as when we are residing there, we need to sustain ourselves completely, before we can
connect to anyone else, thus, eventually creating the new grid of light comprised of each other.
Pulling out then, is now the new and higher vibrating way, in a strange sense. I cannot tell you
how many individuals I have very simply dis-connected from with no explanation, as they
continually grossly mis-stepped or abused my loving energyusually because they were lost in
themselves. These old ways simply do not exist in a higher vibrating reality.
In a higher vibrating reality, as mentioned so many times in this e-book, we SEE each other.
And being that we are whole, complete, and self-sustaining, we do not pull on each others
energy. We hold each other up, and create the new reality, by combining our individual gifts and
talents. divine!


The Secret

his e-book could probably be summed up very easily in one or two sentences, as
now that we are vibrating so much higher as a group and as individuals, simplicity is
ever present.
So very simply, where are we now, and what is this new reality all about?
It is about purpose, sustainability, and connecting to each other. And that pretty much sums
things up.
We first need to know our purpose. This is the purpose that exists just below our overall
purpose of vibrating love. What are we here to contribute, what are we about, and what makes
us light up and come alive? What have we always known the most about, and been interested
in forever? Is there just one thing, or are there several? What would we bring to a community, if
it was our sole job to perform, and no one could perform it but us? What are we continually
asked to do? What do people see in us, when they do indeed see us?
Are we whole and complete within ourselves, enough to contribute instead of to take? Can we
hold ourselves up, as we embody so much energy and light, and do we know what we are about
and what we are here to do? Do others continually crave our energy (a good sign that we are
very high vibrating and whole within)? Have we experienced success in our old roles, so we
know that we can do it, and it is not then about being destitute and needing someone to take
care of us?
Are we weary beyond words from doing it all, an indicator that we are now very ready to connect
to others? Do we find that when we connect to others, we feel oh so much better, energized,
and are aware that we are creating a very new energy combined of more than one soul? Are we
more than tired of being alone? Does our old personal sanctuary now feel empty and bare, as it
now needs to be filled with the light of others? Do we want to go out there now, instead of
staying at home?
The new reality is all about connecting to each other. If we try and grasp onto anything in the
new reality, all by ourselves, we can feel as though we are grabbing at thin air without any
possibility of anything gripping or grabbing on. There is simply nothing there, and nothing will
manifest. The old ways of manifesting are very weak in the new reality in many ways. Energy
sustains itself now, and is created now, through the connection of one light being to another
light beingand these light beings are us, or those who have crossed over into the new reality.
This then, is the secretconnecting to each other is the secret. And it is a secret that will bring
new joy, endless love, and eternal happiness to us all.

Wishing you great joy, new connections, and never ending peace. Until next time,