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Pouch Lo6oIor

BoIo6Io ond ro6ust Io6oIng soIuton on ompty pouchs

The ponch laIeler is proen with a well reliaIle and standardized solntion. at a least and
competitie price for antomatic laIeling solntion for empt, pre-made stand-np ponches or Iags
nsed in Pharmacentical. cosmetics
Aer, Ponch laIeler is ersatile and snitaIle for appl,ing printed sticLer laIel nsing ALS201/206
and online laIel Iatch printing and laIel application nsing ALN 20. Jt is ideall, snitaIle for
prodnction enironments. which cater to a wide range of prodncts. Int on small Iatch rnns.

uperational funetions
A Innch of empt, ponches are mannall, feed into the ponch feeder. from here single
ponches are feed on to the finger cone,or. The cone,or carries these ponches towards the laIel
application point. As the ponch passes thrn the application area. a prodnct sensor detects the
ponches and triggers the laIelers to appl, the laIel on to the prodnct face. ollection tra,s collect
these laIeled ponches at the end of the cone,or.

uptional applieation:
Print and Appl, solntion ie: Lar code and prodnct relatie information wonld Ie printed
on to the laIel and then applied on to empt, ponches nsing ALN 20.
LaIeling Solntion ie: Printed laIels wonld Ie applied on to empt, ponches nsing

Key features of the poueh labeler.
JoInst & JeliaIle.
Standard indnstrial protection
Jas, maintenance.
Jas, handling & Operator friendl,
Jas, change oer.
Operator selectaIle 8 fied speeds with
Hechanical changeoer - 12LPH. 180LPH. 20PPH
No prodnct No laIel.

Head specification
ALX 720 print and Apply ALS 204/ ALS 206
Print Technology
Direct Thermal And Thermal
transfer Printer
Print Speed 10 to 30 Mtr/min NA
Dispensing speed 10 to 30 Mtr/min
30 Mtr./ Min (206), 40 Mtr/ Min
(ALS 204).
Memory 64 MB RAM, 2 PCMCIA slots CF card Slot
Label Width 25 100 mm
10 to 104 mm (204),10-
RS232, USB, parallel Centronics,
USI I/O board, Optional RS4222/
RS232, USb, Optional
Application Interface board
Label Material
paper, PP, PE (transparent or opaque) with black mark
Label Length
10 ~ 330 mm 10 ~ 600 mm
Labeling position
On Top surface of pouch On Top surface of pouch

Product Details
Pouch material Paper/PVC /Laminated polyester
Pouch Length 35 ~ 200 mm,
Pouch Width 75 ~ 150 mm ,

Machine specification
Maximum Output 250 pouch/min (depending on pouch length and label size).
Dimension 1700mm(L) x 730mm x 1770mm(H)
Weight 200 ~ 250 kg
Power Supply 230VAC mono 50 Hz

The name Avery Dennison is associated worldwide with perfect labeling. In addition to print & apply systems
and thermal transfer printers, we also offer: Service, Software and Consumables.
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