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John Doe.

P O Box ***.
V****.[6453]....this is important.. the [8888]
Wednesday 5!h J"ly #$$%.
&he Man'(o)an !radin* as
,lo-al Van!ed*e
PO Box 6.
+./012+V133+ 2/W [#$43]....this is important
.+4 Blood s"c5in* credi! co)pany.
6cco"n! 2")-er ************
.e7erence 2")-er ********
6lle*ed 6)o"n!4 86%#.6

Notice to agent is notice to principal and
Notice to principal is notice to agent
Notice of Conditional Acceptance and Lawful Estopppel

Thank you for your letter dated 8th July 2009 and received 14th July 2009 claiming the alleged debtor ! J"#$
%"& o'es ()"%% *+,-.$G ,!&%.T ,"/01$2 3425.41.6 the free man on the land commonly addressed by
the name John %oe hereinafter 70rinci8al9 intends not to dishonour any 8resentment and therefore conditionally
acce8ts your 8resentment for the value des8ite the issuer not bearing their o'n unlimited and unrestricted
liability or any form of commercial liability attesting to have first hand 8ersonal kno'ledge or the claim being true6
correct6 com8lete6 certain and not misleading6 but herein acce8ted as being your true and com8lete offer to the
alleged debtor.
0rinci8al on behalf of the alleged debtor6 'ishes to meet all la'ful obligations to Global :antedge and re;uires
further and better 8articulars in order to determine 'hat those obligations maybe6 if any. 0lease furnish 0rinci8al
'ithin seven days of the date of this notice6 the follo'ing< and sho'.
1. 1ny evidence 0rinci8al is same 8arty as alleged debtor /r J"#$ %"& or any other derivatives 6 adulteration
or manifestation of alleged debtor=s name other than John< %oe.
2. The document that evidences a legal>la'ful contract bet'een Global :antedge and the alleged debtor or
0rinci8al and 8recisely ho' said contract 'as breached.
5. .f Global :antedge fails to 8roduce timely their verification of the claim6 by 'ay of the document that evidences
the contract bet'een them and alleged debtor or 0rinci8al6 that their claim 'ould be a fraudulent security6 and
the 8enalty of attem8ting to 8rocess fraudulent securities is not a term of im8risonment.
4. .f Global :antedge fails to 8roduce timely their verification of claim6 by 'ay of the document that evidences the
contract bet'een them and alleged debtor or 0rinci8al6 that their claim 'ould not be a fraudulent security and
that attem8t to re;uest>demand 8ayment from alleged debtor or 0rinci8al 'ould not be la'fully deemed
?. ailure to 8rovide evidence of Global :antedge or alleged debtor=s valuable consideration in it=s alleged
contract 'ith the alleged debtor does not 8ermit 0rinci8al to invalidate any alleged claim to a contract.
4. 0rovide evidence of any la' that does not 8ermit 0erinci8al to conduct his affairs directly and 8rivately 'ith
8rinci8als rather third 8arty non interested 8arties6 'ithout the e@8ressed consent of all 8rinci8al 8arties to said
A. *ho' Global :antedge is not attem8ting to raise a controversy 'ith intent to inBure 0rinci8al6 Bointly and
severally 'ith (loodsucking credit com8any on the absence of any verification of claim via affidavit duly
autogra8hed identifying the name of claimant under their o'n unlimited commercial liability attesting to the facts
being true6 correct6 com8lete6 certain and not misleading and 'ith first hand 8ersonal kno'ledge.
8. *ho' if Global :antedge can not 8roduce the la' that evidences they can not be held liable for the results of
their actions including any inBuries they caused 0rinci8al as a result of their unsubstantiated claim6 'ould not be
la'ful admission by all 8arties 'ith a real interest in this matter of Global :antedge accountability and liability for
it=s negligent action. *hould you fail to furnish said 8articulars 'ithin the ne@t seven days of the date of this
$otice of ,onditional 1cce8tance6 it shall be deemed by all 8arties that no such contract or 8articulars e@ist6 that
your claims are irrelevant and that you are soliciting for business you are not entitled to.
*hould you or nominee CBointly and severally 'ith Global :antedgeD fail to 8rovide 8articulars via affidavit on a
8oint for 8oint basis against the 8oints raised by the 8rinci8al yet 8roceed 'ith your attem8ts to recover monies
from alleged debtor or 0rinci8al 'ithout their e@8ressed 8ermission6 including but not limited to6 any future
solicitation via mail or tele8honically6 it shall be deemed by all 8arties that you consent to 8aying /! J"#$ %"&
the follo'ing sums in lieu of inBury<
1. Ten Thousand %ollars C3106000.00D for each communication made to /! J"#$ %"& 'hether tele8honically
or in 'riting6 'hich is not in affidavit from signed under your CcollectivelyD o'n unlimited 8ersonal liability6
regarding your unsubstantiated claimE
2. Three times the value of any 8ro8erty6 the enBoyment and use of 'hich by /! J"#$ %"& or the 8rimary
creditor is im8aired as a result of Global :antedge=s actions 'ithout having first 8rovided documentation verifying
their claimE
5. The e;uivalent of ive Thousand %ollars C3?6000.00D for each transactions initiated by /! J"#$ %"& 'here
/! J"#$ %"&=s commercial ability is im8eded due to your or Global :antedge=s adverse credit re8orting6
4. Global :antedge o'es /! J"#$ %"& the amount e;uivalent to *i@ #undred and T'enty Three %ollars and
Thirty five ,ents C3425.5?D of your unsubstantiated claim and tri8le damages6
?. The e;uivalent of Ten Thousand %ollars C3106000.00D for each court a88earance /! J"#$ %"& or the
0rinci8al makes in res8onse to Global :antedge=s unsubstantiated claimsE and you or nominee and Global
:antedge also voluntarily agrees to<
4. 1uthoriFe the 0rinci8al and /! J"#$ %"& to record a +,, GG 1 both on you or nominee and Global
:antedge and insert their name=s individually as debtor=s to secure the debt o'ed /! J"#$ %"&E and
A. 0rove your claim against the estate of /! J"#$ %"& if you force the alleged debtor into involuntary
8. The terms and conditions to the enclosed $otice of Hritten ,ommunication.
The matter is finally and totally settled.
This is a 8rivate communication to you in your individual ca8acity and is intended to effect an outGofGcourt
settlement of this matter. ,"$%+,T 2"+!*&) 1,,"!%.$G)2.
1ny mail addressed in any 'ay other that at the head of this notice in the 8ro8er &nglish language format 'ill be
returned to you 'ithout dishonour as undelivered as addressed as 'ill any mail not 8ro8erly autogra8hed and
issuer contact name identified bearing their o'n commercial liability6 and should verification of your claim not be
submitted therein6 'ill immediately incur an invoice issued to you for inBuries 8ursuant to the above sti8ulations.
The 0rinci8al trusts this com8letes the matter.
2ours *incerely.

John %oe. 0rinci8al.
1ll rights reserved..