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Civics and Ethics Code[edit]

As promulgated by the Manuel L. Quezn, the first President of the Philippine Commonealth
!. "a#e faith in $i#ine Pro#iden%e that guides the destinies of men and nations.
&. Lo#e your %ountry for it is the home of your people, the seat of your affe%tions, and the
sour%es of your happiness and ell'being. (ts defense is your primary duty. )e ready at all
times to sa%rifi%e and die for it if ne%essary.
*. +espe%t the Constitution hi%h is the e,pression of your so#ereign ill. -he go#ernment is
your go#ernment. (t has been established for your safety and elfare. .bey the las and
see that they are obser#ed by all and that publi% offi%ials %omply ith their duties.
/. Pay your ta,es to )a0il illingly and promptly. Citizenship implies not only rights but also
1. 2afeguard the purity of suffrage and abide by the de%isions of the ma3ority.
4. Lo#e and respe%t your parents. (t is your duty to ser#e them gratefully and ell.
5. 6alue your honor as you #alue your life. Po#erty ith honor is preferable to ealth ith
7. )e truthful and be honest in thought and in a%tion. )e 3ust and %haritable, %ourteous but
dignified in your dealings ith your fellomen.
8. Lead a %lean and frugal life. $o not indulge in fri#olity or pretense. )e simple in your dress
and modest in your beha#ior.
!9. Li#e up to the noble traditions of our people. 6enerate the memory of our heroes. -heir li#es
point the ay to duty and honor.
!!. )e industrious. )e not afraid or ashamed to do manual labor. Produ%ti#e toil is %ondu%ti#e to
e%onomi% se%urity and adds to the ealth of the nation.
!&. +ely on your on efforts for your progress and happiness. )e not easily dis%ouraged.
Perse#ere in the pursuit of your legitimate ambitions.
!*. $o your or0 %heerfully, thoroughly, and ell. :or0 badly done is orse than or0 undone.
$o not lea#e for tomorro hat you %an do today.
!/. Contribute to the elfare of your %ommunity and promote so%ial 3usti%e. ;ou do not li#e for
yoursel#es and family alone. ;ou are part of so%iety to hi%h you oe definite
!1. Culti#ate the habit of using goods made in the Philippines. Patronize the produ%ts and trades
of your %ountrymen.
!4. <se and de#elop our natural resour%es and %onser#e them for posterity. -hey are the
inalienable heritage of our people. $o not traffi% ith your %itizenship.
=-he #ital lesson e must learn from our past is that e %an triumph if e only perse#ere. -he
>ilipino people, by grit, hard or0, and faith in ?od, ill mar%h forard to fulfill their destiny.=