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For this semester, Mr. Ghazali taught our class English. I felt so lucky that he
is teaching us English because I like his teaching skill. He was made a rule that we
only can speak English in his class. Ecept English, no others language can be used
during his class. !o, we only use English to communicate with others. Indirectly, it
helps us to impro"e our speaking. Mr. Ghazali was gi"ing us a "ery complete note on
e"ery week when lecture. It helps us can easily do our re"ision during eamination.
#esides the notes, eplanations gi"en by him also "ery clear. $e can understand
what he teach when lecture. !ometimes, he will make fun with us when teaching so
that we can felt that learning English is fun while not as hard as what we think in our
mind. %hrough lecture, I had learnt many grammar and some skills such as
con&unction, preposition, and inter&ections. 'fter do some practising, I can identify
and analyse them in a gi"en tet. %hat knowledge is "ery useful in our daily life.
(uring the I!) hours, sometimes I had face problems. I e"en could not
understand what the *uestion asked about. )uckily, my lecturer and my friends are
willing to lend their helping hand to me. %hey ga"e a clearly eplanations and teach
me how to sol"e those problems. %hrough this section, I had impro"ed a lot on
grammar part and also my reading, listening, speaking and writing. +ow I know "ery
well about the skill of summary writing and writing a report.
In addition, I admire with the people can speak in English &ust like my English
lecturer. His English is "ery good. I felt that as a future teacher, we must ha"e proper
English. !o, I ha"e tried to take some action to impro"e my English. I had read %he
!tar newspaper through %he !tar online. It is free. %hough that, I can learn a lot of
new terms and words that,ll enrich my knowledge. #esides, I try to read anything and
e"erything in English. I started to read story books, magazines, blogs, comics,
instructions and ingredients on food packages and also ad"ertisements. For story
books, I don,t force myself to read something too difficult or something I know I won,t
en&oy. I try to make reading fun. #esides that, I will watch English mo"ies with
subtitles. I think this would be my fa"ourite way of learning English. +ot only do I get
to ha"e a fun time watching the mo"ie, I,d be learning new words at the same time
and knowing how to pronounce them. Furthermore, I listen to English songs also. I
read the lyrics as I listen to the songs and sing along.
In conclusion, I get many ad"antages through the processes of
completing this assignment. I feel so lucky for ha"ing such kindly lecturer and
friends who always gi"ing me a hand and ad"ices in completing this
coursework. I would like to thank to my lecturer and friends. %hank you.