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Note: This questionnaire will be used purely for academic research only. Information
provided will be kept confidential.
1. Gender:- Male Female
2. Age:
a) Less than 18 years d) 18-21 years
b) 21-25 years e) 25-35 years
c) 35-50 years f) 50-years & above
3. Occupation:
a) Service
b) Business
c) Profession
4. Income level :
a) Less than Rs. 25000 per month
b) Between Rs. 25000 Rs. 50000 per month
c) Between Rs. 50000 Rs.75000 per month
d) Between Rs. 75000 Rs. 100000 per month
e) Rs. 100000 & above
5. From how many years you are associated with this Bank?
Less than a year 1-5 years
More than 5 years
6. How do you come to know about Home Loan schemes of this Bank?
Newspaper Television
Internet Other Resources
7. Are you Aware of these type of Loans?
Home purchase loan Home construction loan
Home improvement loan Home extension loan
Home equity loan Land purchase loan
8. Are you Aware of all terms and conditions of Home Loans?
Yes No
9. Are you satisfied with the interest rate charged by your Bank?
Strongly Agree Agree
Strongly Disagree Disagree
10. Your Bank offer which types of Services?
Mobile Banking Net Banking
Forex Banking
11. Do you agree that your Bank loan processing is fast?
Strongly Agree Agree
Strongly Disagree Disagree
12. Do you satisfy with the after home loan services provided by your bank are best as
compare to other bank?

Strongly Agree Agree
Strongly Disagree Disagree
13. Does the cost of home loan is appropriate, according to your demand?

Yes No
14. Are you satisfy with the employees behaviour of the bank?

Yes No
15. Does the bank give any discount upon loan services?

Yes No
16. Are you satisfy by the time taken in sanctioning the loan?

Yes No
17. Do you face any difficulty while taking the loan?

Yes No
If Yes than Specify

18. Which grade you want to give for home loan schemes of your bank?

Excellent Good

Average Below Average

19. Any Suggestions you want to give