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Microsoft Power Management Test Utilities for Windows Vista

October 15, 2006

This package contains the Microsoft Power Management Test Utilities for Winows !ista"
The #tilities an reso#rces containe in this package ma$ be #se to test Winows !ista
power management capabilities, incl#ing res#me performance an processor power
management f#nctionalit$"
System Requirements Installation
Microsoft Winows !ista ()2*bit or 6+*bit (,6+- .ersions-
The installer will place the files liste in the file manifest in the 0Microsoft PwrTest1
irector$ insie of the s$stem program files irector$"
Using the PwrTest Utility
PwrTest is a test tool that enables e.elopers, testers an s$stem integrators to e,ercise an recor
power management information from the s$stem" PwrTest can be #se to a#tomate sleep an res#me
transitions as well as recor processor power management an batter$ information from the s$stem a perio of time"
PwrTest feat#res rob#st logging an a comman*line interface" PwrTest is capable of logging
information to both a Winows Test Technologies (WT2- an 3M2 file format"
To et Started with PwrTest!
1.) 4tart a comman prompt winow as an 5ministrator"
2.) 6a.igate to the 0Microsoft PwrTest1 irector$ in the Program 7iles irector$"
3.) %#n the comman 0PwrTest 891 for help"
PwrTest f#nctionalit$ is separate into scenarios" :#rrentl$, PwrTest s#pports the following scenarios'
o ;,ercises sleep an res#me transition f#nctionalit$" 4leep8res#me transitions can be
a#tomate an target sleep states can be specifie"
o <ispla$s an recors processor power management (PPM- information an metrics"
Performance (5:P/ P states- an processor ile (5:P/ : states- state information can
be logge for a perio of time at a specifie"
o <ispla$s an recors batter$ information an metrics" =atter$ capacit$, .oltage, rate
of rain an estimate life time remaining can be logge for a perio of time at a
o <ispla$s s$stem power management information, s#ch as a.ailable sleep states an
processor power management capabilities"
o <ispla$s an recors threa e,ec#tion state changes" Threa e,ec#tion states allow
applications an ser.ices to temporaril$ o.errie power management settings s#ch as
the monitor an sleep ile timeo#ts"
o <ispla$s an recors s$stem ile e.ents" 4$stem ile e.ents allow the #ser to
etermine if the s$stem is c#rrentl$ accr#ing ile time an making progress towars
the sleep ile timeo#t, if enable"
7or aitional help with the PwrTest Utilit$, see the help oc#mentation in the Microsoft PwrTest
Pro*lem Re+orting and (eed*ac,
Please an$ feeback to Microsoft" 7or technical assistance, or to report an$
problems, please contact'
(ile Manifest
The following files are incl#e in this package'
(ile )escri+tion
license"rtf The en*#ser license agreement (;U25-
for this package"
%eame"rtf This reame oc#ment"
PwrTest Utility
PwrTest"e,e Microsoft PwrTest Utilit$
Wtt2og"ll WTT 2ogging 2ibrar$
?elp"rtf Microsoft PwrTest ?elp <oc#mentation
Resume Performance Resources
PwrPerf5.".bs %es#me Performance 5.ance 4cript
;n of file