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Geopathic Stress and the Elementals

Earth Acupuncture and Geopathic Stress

March 1998--By Shakura Rei
Geopathic stress may be defined as deelopin! bodily imbalance or illness" due to
lines of harmful ener!ies" #hich radiate from the earth$ Earth acupuncture is the
process used to neutrali%e these fields$
Geopathic stress has been found to be the common factor in many serious and
minor illnesses and psycholo!ical conditions" especially those conditions in #hich the
immune system is seerely compromised$
&ardioascular deficiencies" attention deficit disorder" immune deficiency disorders"
chronic fati!ue" and can--r" are samples of chronic !eopathic stress influence$
Some lesser effects of influence are chronic body pains" headaches" and sudden si!ns
of physical a!in!" irritability" and restless sleep$ 't is also a common factor in cases
of infertility and miscarria!es" learnin! difficulties" behaioral problems and
neurolo!ical disabilities in children$
(hen treatin! patients #ho continue to be affected by earth radiation durin!
periods of sleep or #ork" response to treatment tends to be slo# or uneentful"
ho#eer #hen their home or #ork place is neutrali%ed" the !eopathic stress
conditions resole themseles and the body be!ins to heal$ )here are four lines of
!eopathic ener!y" #hich can be detected and neutrali%ed* )he +artmann Grids and
Geopathic ,ones adersely affect the cellular structure of liin! or!anisms$
'nterference ,ones and -ersonal ,ones effect one.s emotions and ob/ecties$
-ersonal ,ones may also affect one.s physical health$
A German medical doctor" Ernst +artmann" discoered +artmann Grids in 1901$
)he lines form a !rid around the earth" runnin! north to south and east to #est" and
e2tend to a hei!ht of 31 - 311 feet$ )he north-south lines appear appro2imately eery
3 feet 3 inches and the east-#est lines appear appro2imately eery 8 feet 4 inches$
Accordin! to 5r$ +artmann" the #orst place that a person can sleep or #ork is oer
a +artmann knot" #here t#o +artmann lines cross" as harmful radiation is
intensified at this /uncture$
Geopathic ,ones hae a ran!e of influence from 4 to 411 feet" and reach a hei!ht of
311 to 61"111 feet$ )heir direction is random and may be hori%ontal" ertical or
dia!onal$ (hen natural radiation rises throu!h the earth" its #aelen!th is distorted
by #eak electroma!netic fields emanatin! from subterranean runnin! #ater"
mineral concentrations" fault lines and under!round caities$
)hese distorted fields of radiation are harmful to liin! or!anisms" and produce the
!eopathic %ones$ 't is not uncommon to find them parallel to" or imposed upon the
+artmann Grids$ Geopathic %ones can also be man made$ )hese #ould include
electroma!netic fields" #hich emanate from such structures as hi!h tension" or
satellite to#ers" electrical street poles" or fuse bo2es$
-ersonal ,ones are also random in direction" #ith a ariable ran!e of influence and
hei!ht$ )hese %ones produce ener!ies that uni7uely affect an indiidual on a
personal leel$ Simply stated" they produce an ener!y that !rates on the ener!y of
any !ien person" producin! a chronic subtly annoyin! and irritatin! effect$ )hese
%ones also affect animals$
'nterference 8ines" as #ith -ersonal ,ones" are random in direction" #ith a ariable
ran!e of influence and hei!ht" and produce an ener!y" #hich interferes #ith one.s
personal !oals$ 'nterference lines #ere only discoered seeral months a!o" and '
can attest to the po#er of their ne!atie influence" and the 7uick and incredible
positie chan!es that occurred #hen they #ere neutrali%ed$
' stron!ly recommend that one.s house be checked for 'nterference lines if one has a
home-based business" #hich seems to be hindered in some #ay" or feels that
9somethin!9 is blockin! one.s !oals$
' personally had 11 interference lines runnin! throu!h my house$ )he day after
neutrali%in! them clients and money be!an pourin! in: ' #as truly astounded$ )here
#as a definite shift that occurred" and continues to this day$ ;ffice buildin!s should
also be neutrali%ed to increase production and cash flo#$
<eutrali%ation of all !eopathic lines is first accomplished by discoerin! the lines
throu!h do#sin!$ After findin! the direction of flo# and center of the line" #e bury
copper #ire perpendicular to its center$ )his blocks the line" causin! the ener!ies to
dome oer the structure bein! neutrali%ed$
)he effect from +artmann and !eopathic lines can literally be seen in the
atmosphere" as they tend to produce a !ray" dull appearin! sky" typically seen in
many parts of the Mid#estern =$S$ (hen these lines are blocked and dome" the
atmosphere is suddenly relieed of these ener!ies and a beautiful blue sky appears
directly oer the structure$
Article 4 * Enironmental &learin! #ith the 5eas > the Elementals
)here is another method of neutrali%in! !eopathic lines usin! a more co-creatie
method #ith nature$ (e do this by assistin! <ature.s deas and elementals - nature
spirits - to clear the atmosphere themseles$
(hen #e bury copper rods oer a !eopathic %one" #e are basically usin! hard#are -
a third dimensional tool$
)his method #orks #ell and is e2cellent for those #ho need to see or do somethin!
physical before they can comfortably beliee in an intended effect" especially if that
effect is ob/ectie$ 't also #orks #ell for clearin! small areas" such as under a house
or a small plot of land$
)here are certain dra#backs to this method ho#eer" particularly #hen one
considers the !reat masses of land that are in need of clearin!$
Also be a#are that not only land" but also all bodies of #ater" includin! the oceans
and riers" hae !eopathic %ones coursin! throu!h them$ )hese are beyond our
ability to neutrali%e throu!h the techni7ue of buryin! rods$
)o better e2plain the manner in #hich #e can #ork #ith nature spirits to neutrali%e
these %ones" let me briefly e2plain the nature of deas and elementals$
Elementals are the creators of form" or the 9form builders$9
As an e2ample" consider the process that occurs #hen a seed sprouts" !ro#s and
becomes a -onderosa -ine tree$
&onsider the difference in appearance bet#een a small seed from a pine cone" and
the end result of that seed - a to#erin! adult tree$ )he elementals are the intelli!ent
sparks of consciousness #ho #orked #ith the ener!y of the seed" eentually formin!
it into a tree$
All liin! thin!s take their form throu!h the actiities of an elemental" and not all
elementals are part of the plant kin!dom$
A dea is an intelli!ent ener!y that #orks in con/unction #ith the elementals" but
more in an oerseein! capacity$ )he deas do not create form" but are responsible
for the actiities of the form builders$ (here an elemental may hae responsibility
oer a pine seed" the oerseein! dea may hae responsibility for the entire -ine
(ith this understandin!" #e can see the !reat ability and kno#led!e that nature
spirits possess of their !ien enironment$ (e also kno# that they can literally
9build into9 that enironment certain elements or 7ualities$
)herefore" if humans #ere a#are of an element that #ould be helpful to the
enironment" and discussed it #ith the deas #ho a!reed and chose to 9build9 it
into their enironment" then #e #ould be #orkin! co-creatiely #ith <ature
to#ards the healin! of this Earth$ And that is e2actly #hat #e hae done #hen #e
neutrali%e !eopathic lines #ith the help of the deas and elementals$
)#o indiiduals" Slim Spurlin! and Bob 5ratch combined their efforts and
produced an audiotape called 9S#ept &lear$9 )his tape contains holoforms of pure
#ater" and emanates sound fre7uencies" #hich are used to free stuck patterns$
(hen played throu!h Slim Spurlin!.s +armoni%er #e hae seen tremendous results
in air pollution reduction in arious cities$ 't #as su!!ested that the fre7uencies
produced by the holoform tape literally alter the structure of pollutants" and could
neutrali%e emanations from !eopathic %ones$ 'f this #as true" then inte!ratin! the
tape.s fre7uency into the enironment should produce a continuous reduction in air
pollutants and an elimination of !eopathic emanations$
)o test this theory ' did an e2periment$ ' #ent to a local lake and do#sed seenteen
feet alon! its shore$ ' #as lookin! for +artmann and !eopathic lines" lines
interferin! in the #elfare of the inhabitants of the lake" and personal %ones for the
inhabitants of the lake$ ' found 14 lines$ <e2t ' spoke to the deas and elementals"
played them the tape" and asked them their opinion$
)heir response #as ery positie$ ?ie minutes after our discussion ' a!ain do#sed
in front of the lake" but this time there #as not one !eopathic line@ )hey told me that
they #ould incorporate the fre7uency oer the entire hundred-thirty-fie acre park
in #hich the lake resided$ )his #as the domain of the -ark 5ea$ )o check" ' droe
to the other side of the park and do#sed - no lines$
' droe to another location - no lines$ ' looked up to the sky and the clouds parted"
displayin! blue sky oer the entire circumference of the park$ ' #as thrilled@ 8ater '
spoke to the deas of the city in #hich ' am currently residin!" &olumbus" ;hio$
)hey had heard #hat ' had done at the lake and #ere #aitin! for me to inite them
to take the fre7uency also$ ' played them the tape and they spread it throu!hout the
entire city$
After#ards ' droe all oer &olumbus do#sin!" and there #ere no lon!er any
!eopathic emanations$ )his is e2citin! enou!h" but to add to the /oy &olumbus
repeatedly stands in a circle of blue sky" #hile dark clouds and pollutants surround
the city$
)here hae been ma/or reductions in both pollutants and crime in cities #here the
dea and clearin! #ork hae been incorporated$ )he deas are ery e2cited at the
potential of clearin! the deserts and oceans throu!hout the #orld" and desire this
techni7ue spread throu!hout other countries$
)he .tree. is dynamic life itself" the result of +EAAE<" EAR)+" and (A)ER: it is
the feminine" nourishin!" shelterin! ima!e of the Great M;)+ER" rooted in the
earth and reachin! to#ard the heaens" eocatie of eternity$ An eer!reen
symboli%es immortality" and the )ree of 8ife and the )ree of Bno#led!e are both in
'f you feel like connectin! #ith a tree -
as you sit at your computer$ $ $
&lose your eyes $ $ $
Aisuali%e a tree $ $ $
#hose branches e2tend around and throu!h
planet Earth connectin! #ith eerythin! $ $ $
formin! !rids $ $ $
linkin! eerythin! $ $ $
)he C)he )ree of 8ifeD
#hich creates all thin!s in the =nierse$
Become ;ne #ith your .)ree.$ $ $
Eou are tall and stron! $ $ $
Eou are the .)ree of 8ife. $ $ $
E2perience the unierse from the point of ie# of bein! that .tree of creation.@@
&reate a unierse - one in #hich can you manifest #hateer you #ant@@
'f you are feelin! analytic -
see if you can determine #hy you created the unierse the #ay you did@