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Illuminati: New World Order

Blank Cards
1 Employ as a talisman to ward off giant crawdads.
2 Insert between bicycle spokes to make that "fwip, fwip, fwip" noise.
3 Wrap a deckful in tinfoil and leae it in a friend!s free"er.
# $se to get blank money from blank %&' machines.
( )eae at crime scenes.
* $se a stack to leel off that wobbly old table.
+ )eae one with your tip at a restaurant to impress the attractie waitstaff. ,-ptional. Write your phone number on it first./
0 1old two up to your mouth and make whistling noises.
2 )eae as a bookmark in an appropriate place ,3ederal 4egistry, 5ideon 6ible, etc./.
17 8i9 words. :r. &ung!s 3;: 1ouse of <ards=
11 &ape them together into a giant pyramid and fly it like a kite. When the sky darkens, wait for further instructions.
12 :raw a rectangle on the card. %sk celebrities to autograph it, but impress upon them that they must not mark outside the rectangle.
13 8lip them into your faorite psychic!s tarot deck.
1# Walk around with a set in your hands shouting, "Waitaminute= &his was no boating accident="
1( >lace your cards in a circle around you. "&hey" cannot get to you while the circle remains unbroken.
1* <ut some into flowers and gie them to your beloed. >retty flowers. :ark, twisted flowers.
1+ 3end off attackers with :eadly ?in@a &hrowing <ards.
10 6id as ante.
12 <oncentrate on the card. 3eel it grow cold in your hand.
27 8i9 words. ?ot @ust for breakfast, any more.
21 8how the back of one to an opponent, then stick it blank side out to his sweaty forehead. %sk him to guess which one it is. )augh.
22 'ake them into blank grunge @ewelry. %ccessori"e.
23 &hese cards lose their radioactiity only in the presence of open flames. <onince others.
2# 3rame and mat them. Inite modern art critics oer for a showing. ,>ut out cheese and crackers ; they loe art shows that do that./
>ull out of your @acket when you can!t get a seat on a crowded bus. 8hout, "&hey!re blank. 6lank, I tell you=" )augh. 8hake uncontrollably. &ake
any aailable seat.
2* 5o to a party and hand one to whoeer answers the door. )ook annoyed no matter what they do.
>ersuade friends these are ultra;4are, misprinted <rystal 8kulls. If they don!t beliee you, hold one tight to your chest and whisper softly,
"<rystal 8kull, <rystal 8kull. I loe you."
20 $se in play. <laim they are special "3reak 6li""ard" :isaster cards ,Instant %ttack, >ower 37/ from the new issue of >yramid.
22 &urn a stack into a blank animation flip book.
37 3our words. &hey make great pets.
31 $se in a poker game. Eerything!s wild=
32 $se as money in prison.
33 )ick one. E9claim to a friend, "&hey!re blank, e9cept for the flying monkeys="
3# $se as your Illuminati group. 8pecial 5oal. blank cards count double toward ictory conditions=
3( Aust a hint. a thick enough stack will stop a bullet.
3* <lip to your 17#7EB instead of a W;2. %pply for a passport, first.
3+ $se to purchase small household items. If cashier gies you any guff, flash one and tell him he!s under arrest. 5o find local constables.
30 >lay ">ick a <ard, %ny <ard." %ma"e your friends by guessing which card they drew.
32 1old one oer each eyeC stare blankly.
#7 &wo words. 'ore fiber.
#1 8Duash flies, one per card. 8ae, collect, trade=
#2 &ear one in half. 5ie one side to a stranger. 8ay, "&he rest is yours when the parrot dies."
#3 In a <heating 5ame, switch them for someone!s face;down >lots.
## 1and two to a friend and ask, ":o these look the same to youE &ake your time."
#( 8eal in a bottle and toss in the ocean, the lake, a swimming pool, a sandbo9 . . .
#* 'ail one to the >resident. ,8end blank >lots, write your ideas on them./
#+ >lay #12;card pickup.
#0 >rint your business cards on them. Impress your friends.
#2 3orge 8ecret 8erice credentials on one, gain access to game companies eerywhere.
(7 -ne Word. -rigami=