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I. Samuel (18)
A. The Birth of Samuel (1)
1. Elkanah has two wives, Hannah and Peninnah. Hannah is barren and there is a bitterness
between the two wives (1:18).
2. Hannah prays for a son. She tells God that she will give this son over to Him. Eli, the High Priest,
distressed about having no children. Eli promises her that God would hear and grant her petition
3. Hannah gives birth to Samuel and then brings him to Eli to raise as Gods son (1:1928).
4. The celebratory song of Hannah (2:111).
B. Eli raises Samuel (2:123:21).
1. The evil practice of Elis sons (2:1217).
2. Hannah and Samuel (2:1821).
3. Eli rebukes his sons (2:2225).
4. Samuels spiritual growth (2:26).
5. Eli is rebuked for his sons behavior and inability to control them (2:2736).
6. God speaks to Samuel in a dream (3:118).
7. Samuel grows up and is recognized by all Israel as a man of God (3:1921).
C. The Philistines and the Ark of God (4:17:2a).
1. Israel brings the Ark into battle against the Philistines (4:19). The Philistines defeat the Israelites
and capture the Ark (4:1011).
2. A messenger brings the news of the battle to Shiloh. Both Eli and the wife of his son Phinehas
die (4:1222).
3. The Ark of God in Philistia (5:16:18).
a. The Ark of God causes great catastrophe in the Philistia (5).
b. The Philistines send the Ark back to Israel (6:112).
c. The Ark enters into the border of Beth-shemesh, and the people of Israel celebrate with
offerings and sacrifices (6:1318
4. The Israelites in Beth-shemesh treat the Ark with disrespect and many die the sin unto death
5. The Ark is transported to Kiriath-jearim where it remains until the time of David (6:217:2a).
D. Samuel acts as Israels spiritual leader (7:2b8:22).
1. Samuel leads Israel in spiritual reform, as they had been under Philistine attack for another 20
years after the incident with the Ark (7:2b6).
2. The Philistines mount up an attack against Israel (7:712).
3. The Philistines remain subdued before Israel until Saul becomes king (7:1314).
4. Samuels circuit judgeship (7:1517).
5. Israel demands a king of Samuel (8:16).
6. Samuel goes to God and God allows a king to rule over Israel (8:79).
7. Samuel warns the people about having a king over them (8:1018).
8. The people remain adamant about having a king (8:1922).
II. Saul (915)
A. Saul and Samuel (910).
1. Saul and his servant search for two donkeys (9:15).
2. Saul and his servant decide to enter into Ramah to see the man of God (9:614).
3. God had told Samuel of Sauls coming (9:1517).
4. Samuel tells Saul about the donkeys and adds that Saul is the desire of all Israel (9:1821).
5. Saul enjoys a banquet in his honor Ramah (9:2224).
6. Samuel proclaims the Word of God to Saul (9:2510:8).
7. Is Saul among the prophets? (10:913).
8. Saul returns home (10:1415).
9. Saul is publically proclaimed king over Israel by Samuel (10:1727).
B. Saul as a good leader over Israel (11:114:23).
C. Saul as a poor leader over Israel (14:2415:35).
III. DavidGod Chooses and Protects David (1631)
A. David and Samuel: Samuel goes to Bethlehem to anoint the next king (16)
1. Samuel goes to the house of Jesse and anoints his son David, after rejecting all of his older
brothers (16:113).
2. Saul is tormented by an evil spirit and David soothes him with music (16:1423).
B. David and Goliath (17)
1. Goliath challenges any man in Israel to a one-on-one fight (17:111)
2. David brings supplies to his brothers and to their commander (17:1221).
3. David hears about Goliath and inquires about the situation (17:2230).
4. David accepts Goliaths challenge, and is prepared by Saul (17:3139).
5. David kills Goliath (17:4051, 54).
6. Inspired by David killing Goliath, the soldiers of Israel chase off the Philistines (17:5253).
7. Saul inquires about David and then personally interviews him (17:5558).
C. David, Saul and Sauls offspring (Jonathan and Michal) (1820)
1. David and Jonathans friendship (18:14).
2. Davids military success (18:57).
3. Sauls mental attitude sins toward David (18:816).
4. David and Merab (Sauls oldest daughter18:1719).
5. David and Michal (Sauls younger daughter18:2028).
6. David and Saul contrasted (18:2930).
7. Jonathan warns David about Sauls intentions to kill him (19:13).
8. Jonathan persuades Saul that David is not his enemy (19:46).
9. For a short time, David resumes a normal relationship with Saul; but then Saul tried to kill him
again (19:710).
10. Saul sends assassins to kill Davids and Michal helps him to escape (19:1117).
11. David goes to Samuel to escape; Sauls servants and then Saul pursue David, but they are
unsuccessful (19:1824).
12. David meets with Jonathan and discusses the situation (20:123).
13. Saul and Jonathan have a falling out over David ( 20:2434).
14. Jonathan and David meet up again, for the last time (20:3542).
D. David, Saul and the priests of Nob ( 2122).
1. David obtains a weapon and food by deception from the priests at Nob (21:19).
2. David goes to Achish king of Gath, and then rethinks this plan (21:915).
3. Saul goes to Nob and all but one of the priests executed (22:119).
4. One priest, Abiathar, escapes and hooks up with David (22:2023).
E. David and Saul (2324).
1. David delivers Keilah from the Philistines ( 23:114).
2. Saul pursues David but has to back off to fight the Philistines (23:1529).
3. David has the opportunity to kill Saul, but he chooses not to (24).
F. David and Abigail (25).
1. Samuel dies (25:1).
2. Nabal reneges on a financial arrangement with David (25:213).
3. Abigail, Nabals wife, intercedes (25:1435).
4. Nabal dies (25:3638).
5. David marries Abigail (and Ahinoam) (25:3943).
6. Davids wife, Michal, is given to another man (25:44).
G. David spares Sauls life once again (26).
H. David loosely allies himself with the Philistines in order to get away from Saul (27).
I. Israel and Philistia at war (2831).
1. Saul goes to the witch of Endor to bring Samuel up from the dead to advise him (28).
2. The Philistines will not go into battle allied with David (29).
3. David returns to his camp in Philistia and finds that the Amalekites have raided it. David pursues
the Amalekites and defeats them (30).
4. Saul and the army of Israel are defeated by the Philistines (31).

Unfortunately I dont have the author of this outline. I would give him credit if I did.