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3/21/2014 My most frequently used Resharper and VS.

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My most frequently used Resharper and VS.Net
1. Resharper
ReSharper is a VS.Net Plug-in that gives you solution wide error analysis with lots of refactoring features.
I can say with confidence that my productivity has gone up after I started using this tool and completely addicted to
These are some of the shortcuts I regularly use. In version 4.5 some of these tasks have been given new shortcuts
but the old one still works.
(2.5): Shortcuts from Version 2.5
(4.5): Shortcuts from Version 4.5

Go To
Go to Type: Ctrl + N (2.5) (or) Ctrl + T (4.5)
Go to File: Ctrl + Shift + N (2.5) (or) Ctrl + Shift + T (4.5)
Go to Type declaration: Ctrl + Shift + T (2.5) (or) Ctrl + Shift + F11
Go to File Member: Ctrl + F12
Go to next Error: F12 (2.5) (or) Shift + Alt + Page Down (4.5)
Go to Declaration: Ctrl + B (2.5) (or) F12 (4.5)
Go to Implementation (or Inheritor): Ctrl + Alt + B
Go to previous Error: Shift + F12 (2.5) (or) Shift + Alt + Page Up (4.5)
Recent Files: Ctrl + E (2.5) (or) Ctrl +, (4.5)
Locate in Solution Explorer: Shift + Alt + L
Go to Usages: Ctrl + Alt + F7
Find Usages (Window): Alt + F7

Coding Analysis
Alt + Enter: For Quick fixes and context actions
Symbol Code Completion: Ctrl + Space
Move Code Up: Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Up Arrow
Move Code Down: Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Down Arrow
Extend Selection: Ctrl + w (2.5) (or) Ctrl+ Alt + Right Arrow (4.5)
3/21/2014 My most frequently used Resharper and VS.Net Shortcuts - Sujith' s Blog 2/3
Shirt Selection: Ctrl+ Shift+ w(2.5) (or) Ctrl + Alt+ Left Arrow (4.5)
Enable/Disable Code analysis in the current file: Ctrl + 8
Method information: Ctrl + Q

Refactor this: Ctrl + Shift + R
Rename: F2 (2.5) (or) Ctrl + R, R (4.5)
Move Type or Member: F6 (2.5) (or) Ctrl + R, O
Change signature: Ctrl + F6 (2.5) (or) Ctrl + R, S

Code Generation
Generate Code (Constructors, properties etc in class file): Alt + Ins
Create file from Template (Classes, Interfaces, folder in Solution Explorer): Alt + Ins
Insert Live Templates: Ctrl + J (2.5) (or) Ctrl+E, L (4.5)
Surround with Live Templates: Ctrl + Alt + J (2.5) (or) Ctrl+E, U (4.5)

2. My favorite VS.Net Shortcuts

Go to last line of Location: Ctrl + minus
Go to next line of Location: Ctrl + Shift + minus
Code View: F7
Designer View: Shift + F7
Close the File: Ctrl + F4
Switch between Tabs: Ctrl + Tab

Code Formatting
Reformat the Code: Ctrl + K Ctrl + F
Comment the Code: Ctrl + K Ctrl + C
Uncomment the Code: Ctrl + K Ctrl + U
Wrap the Code: Ctrl + R Ctrl + R (VS 2003) (or) Ctrl + E Ctrl + E Ctrl + W (later)
Since Ctrl + E is recent files in Resharper, I have set it to Ctrl + R Ctrl + W. Works in
output window also
Select Text Vertically: Alt + Drag cursor
3/21/2014 My most frequently used Resharper and VS.Net Shortcuts - Sujith' s Blog 3/3

Breakpoint toggle: F9
Build: Ctrl + B
Run: F5
Step Over: F10
Step Into: F11
Step Out: Shift + F11
Run to Cursor: Ctrl + F10

Published Monday, July 20, 2009 12:34 AM by skjagini
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# re: My most frequently used Resharper and VS.Net Shortcuts
Monday, July 20, 2009 4:30 AM by Koistya `Navin
Nice collection ^_^
# re: My most frequently used Resharper and VS.Net Shortcuts
Wednesday, July 13, 2011 8:57 AM by Linus Joseph
dude pretty good.. i found this on the first page on google search.. helpfull and impressive. Thanks for sharing
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