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Mohammed Salman I., M.Pharm.

(Pharmacology) Mobile: 91!9"#$%5#5#&
Looking for a good challenging career track in a progressive concern, where I can share my
knowledge, skill and contribute constructively as well as consistently for the concern.
-'./ E0PE.IE1*E
2d3in4s +hera5e46ics limi6ed, (angalore, *linSync *linical .esearch Pri3a6e 7imi6ed,
8yderabad, India
*4rren6 designa6ion: 9MP/ Scien6is6
Department and
Duration Designation
Department: Drug metabolism,
pharmacokinetics and Clinical
uly !""# to December !"$" %rainee &'dvinus (inishing School)
anuary !"$" to 'pril !"$" 'sst. *esearch Scientist
+ay !"$" to till date *esearch Scientist
,ote: -orked as editor in .relude solutions, Chennai after /. .harm. for 0 month
)'( .ESP'1SI(I7I+IES 2+ 29,I1:S and *7I1S;1*
$. Supporting in .harmacokinetics for new chemical entities, preparing drug broucher,
.reparing synopsis for clinical studies, bioe1uivalence studies and involved in medical
writing for few internal pro2ects
!. %o3icokinetic in4charge for to3icity studies &involved in about $"" to3icity studies as a
study personnel5 to3icokinetic in4charge)
6. .reparation of protocols for .7 studies and inputs for to3icokinetics in to3icity studies.
8. Conduct of pharmacokinetic studies in rodents and non4rodents as per 9L.5,on49L..
:. Conduct of mass balance, tissue distribution and biliary e3cretion study using radio
labeled compounds in rodents.
0. .harmacokinetic5to3icokinetic data analysis using -in,onlin
<. .harmacokinetic5%o3icokinetic report preparation as per regulatory needs &9L.5,on
=. +aintenance of animal house as per regulatory norms &*odent and non4rodent section)
#. +aintenance of form D for rodents and ,on4rodents and one of the representatives for
D+.7 in I'>C.
$". .reparation and implementation of S?. for the conduct of pharmacokinetic studies and
to3icokinetic data analysis.
$$. .reparing documents for I,D
$!. Currently, involved as a .7 in4charge for a clinical study &In4house molecule@ .hase4I)
and also assisting in .D calculations
+.2I1I1< :19E.-E1+
Andergone one month industrial &.roduction, Buality control, .roduct development,
stores) training in '.>C L'/?*'%?*I>S. Chennai.
Ander gone training in ,ational institute of mental health and neuron sciences
(1IM821S) in animal handling, care main6aining and breeding under the guidance
of Dr. Suresh Chandra, Sr Det officer, ,I+E',S, /angalore.
'dvinus (inishing School: ?verall understanding of Drug discovery and development.
.ractical training in various aspects of drug development in the department of Drug
safety assessment &rodent and non4rodent sections), safety pharmacological studies,
'nalytical * F D and .rocess chemistry. 9L. working standards and fair knowledge on
regulatory guidelines.
P.')E*+ -'./
+i6le: E3al4a6ion o= *ardio3asc4lar e==ec6s on +y5e II in diabe6ic ra6 models.
Ased two models
$. ,eonatal split dose S%G induced diabetes
!. S%G low dose H Eigh (at Diet induced insulin resistance %!D+
6. >valuated combinational therapy of 'mlodipine, 9liclaIide, and 'torvastatin on /lood
pressure, >C9, 'therosclerosis and adiposity inde3.
+i6le: >valuation of 'nti4 .arkinsonism, 'nti4 convulsion, 'nti4 nociceptive and anti4 microbial
activity of Dite3 negundo.
.ublished the work in few reputed 2ournals.
E9:*2+I'127 >:27I?I*2+I'1
+. .harmacy: 'l4'meen College of .harmacy, /angalore@ 'ggregate: ="J
/. .harmacy: '. College of .harmacy, Chennai@ 'ggregate: <<J
Love to take seminars in classes, *eading books and articles, playing cricket.
PE.S'127 9'SSIE.
Date of /irth : !!K"<K$#=:
,ationality : Indian
+arital status : +arried
Languages known : >nglish, Eindi and %amil.
I here by declare that the particulars of information and facts stated herein above are true, correct
and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.