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Dj Bhavik
Ugly (Kid)-B

It can be well believed that at
every street corner one is bound to find a DJ. What else
do you expect in a country that churns out a hundred
DJs every now and then? But the clue to excellence lies
between the hundreds and a few bright diamonds that
shine out. If you are in search of such a diamond- then
your search ends here.

Who better a DJ than one whose passion is not only

music from behind the console but also that which fills
the stage and enthrals beyond it! Music and dance have
always been bound together- one ceasing to exist
without the other. A true artist is one who
acknowledges the power of both and utilises his skill to
the optimum. And ladies and gentlemen- this DJ is an

He plays the crowd’s favourite tracks setting dance

floors on fire, he dances with blazing energy stealing
the show and the top awards and he creates music that
leaves the audience yearning for more. With all his wit,
vivacity and energy- here’s presenting The Ugly(Kid)-B.

Born and brought up in the City of Joy, Kolkata, Bhavik

was introduced to Indian classical music by his mother

at the age of 12. His love for rhythm turned him into a
professional dancer, performing for various national and
international events and competitions.

He learnt the tricks of the Dj trade under DJ Harish

from Dublin ITC (Kolkata) and was the most promising
student of his batch. His brilliance at the console soon
got him his first job at the lounge-bar Kix (Kolkata)-
where he became the resident Dj alongside Dj Dippy
(War of the DJs regional winner, National special prize
winner 2007) working for Dj Suketu (Mumbai) for
2yrs . Later, his love for music inspired him to get
enrolled for a music audio engineering program at
School of Audio Engineering (SAE) Mumbai with a goal
of creating his own music.

He has played almost all the possible genres of music in

his career, starting from bollywood to hip-hop onto
house music etc. His capability of juggling with various
genres in one night has made him a favourite in the
private party circuit. Weddings, bachelors or proms, he
has done it all.

As a Dj he has performed at these various places

around India:

• ITC Sonar Bangla (Kolkata)- as an assistant to Dj


• Kix - The Mood Bar(Kolkata) - Resident Dj

• Shack (Kolkata)-Associate Dj

• Lake Land Country Club (Kolkata)

• Royal Calcutta Golf Club(Kolkata)

• The Kenilworth Hotel (Kolkata) – The Big Ben

• Vie Lounge (Mumbai) for YourDamSelf(YDS)

as well as at various other stand alone venue for

private parties in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Udaipur etc.

Hotel City
The best however is yet to come! Despite his busy
schedule Bhavik has managed to make time for what he
loves most- that is, music. He and his friends have put
together a 5 piece fusion instrumental Electronic band
called ‘Blendz’. The band boasts of a santoor player,
a flute player, a whole lode of Indian percussions and a
classical vocalist besides a DJ. ‘Blendz’ is the only
fusion instrumental band in the country that has a DJ in
its repertoire. The band has attained tremendous
success in all the shows in Kolkata and is spreading its
music out to the masses. They were also the part of the
reality series “India’s Got Talent” where they
stunned the judges, Shekhar Kapoor, Sonali Bendre,
Kirron Kher and Shaimak Daver by their spell-bounding

Blendz at
India’s Got
An artist who keeps his passion alive and manages to
turn what he loves into his profession is the ultimate
master of the arts. Thus, be it DJing or dancing or
playing for ‘Blendz’, Bhavik has always something new
and exciting to offer to the crowds. His energy and
brilliance assures that there is never a dull moment and
time spent with him is spent in blazing ecstasy on the dance
floor as well as off it!