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Headword Pronunciation Part of Speech

Unit 1
adventurous adjective 13
ambitious mb.s adjective 12
artistic adjective 13
bossy bs.i adjective 12
bother b. verb 11
catch up on kt p n phrasal verb 11
cautious k.s adjective 13
challenging tl.nd adjective 11
cheeky adjective 13
childish tal.d adjective 12
client kla.nt noun 11
competitive adjective 13
dash d noun 11
depressing dpres adjective 11
emotional m.n.l adjective 13
energetic en.det.k adjective 13
exhausted !std adjective 11
fascinating " adjective 11
foolish "#.l adjective 13
grab rb verb 11
number in
greedy ri.di adjective 13
head for $ed " phrasal verb 11
irritating r.te.t adjective 9
make up for mek p " phrasal verb 11
optimistic adjective 12
peak pik noun 11
query k%.ri noun 11
refreshed r"ret adjective 11
roll rl verb 11
schedule ed.#l noun 11
sensitive adjective 12
sympathetic sm.p&et.k adjective 14
task tsk noun 8
thoughtful &t."l adjective 12
unsurprisingly n.spra.!li adverb 11
Unit 2
at ease t i! expression 1
at first sight t "'st sat expression 21
balanced diet bl.ntst dat noun 1
bargain b.n noun 1
be attracted to b trktd t# phrase 21
break off brek " phrasal verb 21
phrase 21
catering noun 18
break somebody!s
brek sm.b.di!
chop tp verb 18
consume kns(#m verb 18
phrase 21
go off " phrasal verb 18
heat up $it p phrasal verb 1
in season n si.!n phrase 18
junk food dk "#d noun 1
phrase 21
phrase 21
live on lv n phrasal verb 1
lose touch l#! tt phrasal verb 21
portion p.n noun 1
propose to prp! t# phrasal verb 21
ripe rap adjective 18
skip skp verb 1
slice slas verb 18
son"in"la# sn.n.l noun 21
starving stv adjective 1
phrase 21
tough t" adjective 18
Unit 3
along #ith l % expression 29
ashamed of emd v expression 29
associated #ith % expression 29
capable of v expression 29
conscious of kn.ts v expression 2$
get on somebody!s
et n sm.b.di!
keep somebody
kip sm.b.di
leave somebody
liv sm.b.di
ng for granted
tek sm.b.di
smp.& "
cruise kr#! noun 24
familiar #ith "ml.i. % expression 29
fed up #ith "ed p % expression 29
get a#ay et..%e phrasal verb 2$
phrase 2
in connection #ith n knek.n % expression 29
in need of n nid v expression 29
in place of n ples v expression 29
in relation to n rle.n t# expression 29
in response to n rspnts t# expression 29
in terms of n t'm! v expression 29
in vie# of n v(# v expression 29
involved in nvlvd n expression 29
means of transport phrase 2
no sign of n san v expression 29
obliged to bladd t# expression 29
obsessed #ith bsest % expression 29
prepared to prped t# expression 29
required to rk%ad t# expression 29
sensitive to t# expression 29
sort of st v expression 29
be supposed to b sp!d t# verb 29
thanks to &ks t# expression 29
the trouble #ith i trb.l % expression 29
have nothing to do
$v n&. t#
d# %
min! v trnt
tour operator t noun 2$
trekking trek noun 24
voyage v.d noun 24
#ander %n.d verb 24
#ith regard to % rd t# expression 29
Unit 4
absurd b!'d adjective 38
bi&arre b! adjective 38
bother b. verb 3'
breathtaking bre&te.k adjective 38
cast kst noun 32
count on kant n phrasal verb 33
delightful dlat."l adjective 38
depend on dpend n phrasal verb 33
dreadful dred."l adjective 38
entertaining en.tten adjective 32
exceptional ksep.n.l adjective 38
fine "an adjective 38
focus on ".ks n phrasal verb 33
go on n phrasal verb 3'
impressive mpres.v adjective 38
log on l n phrasal verb 33
lyrics lr.ks phrase 32
moving m#v adjective 38
mysterious mst.ri.s adjective 38
outstanding atstn.d adjective 38
plot plt noun 3
poor p adjective 32
regret rret verb 3'
rely on rla n phrasal verb 32
remarkable adjective 38
scene sin noun 32
set set verb 32
shot t noun 32
solo s.l noun 32
soundtrack sand.trk noun 32
superb s#p'b adjective 38
tend tend verb 3'
tense tents adjective 38
theme &im noun 38
tremendous trmen.ds adjective 38
#ork %'k noun 32
Unit 5
academic k.dem.k adjective 4(
acquire k%a verb 43
commerce km.'s noun 44
consultant knsl.tnt noun 4
current kr.nt adjective 43
demanding dmnd adjective 43
double db.l verb 43
duty d#.ti noun 44
earnings '.n! plural noun 44
gain en verb 43
graduate rd.(#.t noun 4(
highly $ali adverb 43
institution nt.stt(#.n noun 44
inventor nven.t noun 41
lecturer noun 41
management mn.d.mnt noun 43
manufacturing noun 44
motivated adjective 43
novelist noun 41
operator noun 41
overtime .v.tam adverb 44
position p!.n noun 43
production prdk.n noun 44
qualify k%l.."a verb 4(
roughly r)i adverb 43
seminar sem..n noun 4(
shortly tli adverb 43
supplier spla. noun 41
take on tek n phrasal verb 43
take out a loan tek at e ln phrase 43
take over tek.v phrasal verb 43
take up tek.p phrasal verb 43
thesis & noun 4(
tutor t(#.t noun 4(
unlike nlak preposition 43
competitive adjective '4
diving dav noun '2
eat up it p phrasal verb '1
facility "sl..ti noun '4
helmet $ noun '2
illness l.ns noun 48
infection n"ek.n noun 48
injury n.dr.i noun 48
medal med.l noun '1
pitch pt noun '2
slope slp noun '2
smell smel noun 48
speak up spik p phrasal verb '1
spectator spekte.t noun '3
sum up sm p phrasal verb '1
taste test noun 48
thermometer &mm..t noun 48
touch tt noun 48
treatment trit.mnt noun 48
use up (#! p phrasal verb '1
#ound %#nd noun 48
Unit !
acid rain s.d ren noun '$
alternative lt' noun '9
bear in mind be n mand verb $1
chemical kem..kl noun '9
climate change tend noun '$
conservation knt.sve.n noun '$
cut do#n on kt dan n phrasal verb '9
device dvas noun '8
disposal dsp.!l noun '9
extreme kstrim adjective '$
free&ing "ri! adjective '$
frost "rst noun '$
generate verb '9
global #arming %m noun '$
hi"tech%high"tech $a tek adjective '8
in all n l expression $1
in doubt n dat expression $1
in due course n d# ks expression $1
in practice n prk.ts expression '9
in progress n prres expression $1
in the long term n i l t'm expression $1
in the meantime n i mintam expression $1
industrial #aste nds.tri.l %est phrase '$
mild mald adjective '$
mist mst noun '$
play a part in ple e pt n phrase $(
poisonous p.!n.s adjective '$
process prses verb '9
regulation re.(le.n adjective '9
severe sv adjective '$
shelter el.t noun '$
solar po#er s.l pa. noun '$
substance sb.stnts noun '8
substitute noun '9
toxic adjective '8
tropical storm trp.kl stm noun '$
Unit "
absorb b!b verb $
anti"virus adjective $9
application p.lke.n noun $9
atom t.m noun $$
bookmark noun $9
breakthrough brek.&r# noun $$
broadband brd.bnd noun $4
bro#se bra! verb $9
bug b noun $9
carbon dioxide noun $$
carbon monoxide noun $$
casually k.( adverb $'
cell sel noun $$
charge td verb $9
crash kr verb $9
data de.t noun $9
database de.t.bes noun $4
desktop noun $4
display dsple verb $9
element el..mnt noun $$
faint "ent adjective $9
instant messaging noun $4
interact n.trkt verb $4
launch lnt verb $9
prove pr#v verb $9
run rn verb $9
satellite noun $9
social net#orking s.l net.%'k noun $4
spreadsheet noun $4 da
k.sad m
test tube test.t(#b noun $$
theory &.ri noun $9
times tam! adverb $9
tone of voice tn v vs noun $'
undo nd# verb $'
update pdet noun $'
#ave %ev noun $
Unit #
admiration d.mre.n noun '
broadcasting brd.kst noun 2
commercial km'.l noun 2
current affairs kr.nt "e! plural noun 2
editor ed..t noun 2
encouragement nkr.d.mnt noun
episode noun 2
gossip column s.p kl.m noun 2
headlines $ed.lan! plural noun 2
phrase '
microphone"n noun 4
net#ork net.%'k noun 2
presenter pr!en.t noun 2
make a name for
mek e nem "
press pres noun 2
privacy noun '
producer prd(#s noun 2
production prdk.n noun
promotion prm.n noun
publication pb.lke.n noun 2
publicity pbls..ti noun '
qui& sho# k%! noun 2
reality )* sho# ril..ti tivi noun 2
role model rl md.l noun '
script#riter skrptra.t noun 2
set designer set d!a.n noun 2
tabloid tb.ld noun 2
Unit 1$
bargain b.n noun 8(
be out of b at v verb 8(
brand brnd noun 81
casual k.(#.l adjective 8(
catalogue kt.l. noun 81
consumer kns(#.m noun 8(
debit card deb.t kd noun 82
designer label d!a.n noun 8(
exchange kstend verb 8(
export ekspt verb 8(
false "ls adjective 8(
genuine den.(#.n adjective 8(
guarantee r.nti noun 82
ideal adl adjective 8$
import mpt verb 8(
in stock n stk expression 8(
loose l#s adjective 8(
massive ms.v adjective 8(
on offer n ". phrase 82
out of stock at v stk expression 8(
purchase p'.ts noun 8(
reflect r)ekt verb 8(
run out rn at phrasal verb 8'
sale sel noun 8(
sales sel! noun 81
sell out phrasal verb 81
shopkeeper pki.p noun 8(
sophisticated s" adjective 8(
stunning stn adjective 8$
suit s#t verb 8(
thro# out &r at phrasal verb 8'
tight tat adjective 8(
trolley trl.i noun 82
try out phrasal verb 81
turn out t' phrasal verb 8'
vivid vv.d adjective 8$
%efinition &'amp(e sentence
able to create or enjoy art
+on,t be so bossy-
to make someone feel #orried or upset
to learn or discuss the latest ne#s or events
describes someone #ho avoids risks .e,s a cautious driver/
0he,s got such a cheeky grin/
a customer or someone #ho receives services
)here #as a mad dash for the exit/
1 find this #eather so depressing/
having and expressing strong feelings
having or involving a lot of energy
extremely tired
extremely interesting )here are such fascinating people here-
un#ise2 stupid or not sho#ing good judgment )hat #as a rather foolish thing to do/
#illing to try ne# or difficult things2 or exciting and
often dangerous things
1,m trying to be more adventurous #ith
my cooking/
having a strong #ish to be successful2 po#erful or
0he,s an ambitious2 hard"#orking young
.is friends are all artistic " they,re
painters2 musicians and #riters/
describes someone #ho is al#ays telling people
#hat to do
1!m used to the noise no# and it doesn!t
bother me/
1t,s good to catch up on the day!s events
#ith friends/
difficult2 in a #ay that tests your ability or
1,d like a more challenging and satisfying
slightly rude or sho#ing no respect2 but often in a
funny #ay
3disapproving4 1f an adult is childish2 they behave in
a #ay that #ould be expected of a child/
.e #asn,t enjoying the occasion so he
thought he,d spoil it for everyone else " it
#as very childish of him/
5y #ork involves meeting the public and
dealing #ith client queries/
#anting very much to #in or be more successful
than other people
6ou,re very competitive " it,s meant to be
a friendly match-
#hen you run some#here very quickly you ,make a
dash for it,
making you feel unhappy and #ithout hope for the
0he became very emotional #hen 1 told
her she #as going to be a grandmother/
0he,s usually very energetic and full of
1!m feeling too exhausted to go out this
to take the opportunity to get2 use or enjoy
something quickly
1 usually just grab a quick lunch #hen 1,m
#anting a lot more food2 money2 etc/ than you need 0ome people are so greedy and selfish-
to go in a particular direction
making you feel annoyed )he #ay she speaks is very irritating/
less hot or tired 1 feel so refreshed after that cup of tea/
5y son rolled out of bed at about midday/
a piece of #ork to be done
#hen you first see someone or something 7hen they met it #as love at first sight/
1f you are attracted by or to someone2 you like them 0he #as not really attracted to him at all/
to end a relationship
.e,s broken a lot of girls, hearts/
.e #as heading for the gym #hen 1
bumped into him/
to take the place of something lost or damaged or
to compensate for something bad #ith something
1 make up for lost sleep by having a short
nap during the day/
hopeful8 believing that good things #ill happen in
the future
0he is optimistic about her chances of
#inning a gold medal/
the highest2 strongest or best point2 value or level of
7e sa# a victory by an athlete at the
very peak of her fitness and career/
a question2 often expressing doubt about
something or looking for an ans#er
1f you have any queries about your
treatment2 the doctor #ill ans#er them/
to move some#here easily and #ithout sudden
movements8 to move some#here by turning in a
circular direection2 or to make something move this
a list of planned activities or things to be done
sho#ing the times or dates #hen they are intended
to happen or be done
1 have no spare time and have to keep to
a very tight schedule/
easily upset by the things people say or do2 or
causing people to be upset2 embarrassed or angry8
understanding #hat other people need2 and being
helpful and kind to them
.er reply sho#ed that she #as very
sensitive to criticism/
describes someone #ho sho#s2 especially by #hat
they say2 that they understand and care about
someone,s suffering
.e suffers from back trouble too2 so he
#as very sympathetic about my problem/
.is first task at #ork is to ans#er any
early"morning emails/
kind and al#ays thinking about ho# you can help
other people
0he is al#ays so thoughtful and #illing to
used to say that something is not unusual or
9liver #orks at home and2 unsurprisingly2
is a late riser/
:lisa is #orried and doesn!t look at all at
a combination of the correct types and amounts of
7e are changing to a balanced diet of
healthy2 freshly cooked food/
something on sale at a lo#er price than its true
0he al#ays kno#s the best times to pick
up a bargain/
0he decided to break off her
to make someone #ho loves you very sad2 usually
by telling them you have stopped loving them
the activities involved in preparing and providing
food and drink
;irst 1 #ent to catering college2 in the
autumn of 2((1/
.e #as chopping #ood in the yard/
to eat or drink2 especially a lot of something
to annoy someone a lot
;ruit is cheaper #hen it,s in season/
food that is unhealthy but is quick and easy to eat .e eats nothing but junk food/
to stay #ith someone so that they are not alone 1,ll keep you company till the train comes/
to stop speaking to or annoying someone <eave me alone- 1,m trying to #ork/
to only eat a particular type of food 5any poorer people live mainly on rice/
1 ordered six portions of chicken/
to ask someone to marry you
to cut something into thin2 flat pieces
your daughter,s husband 7e are very fond of our son"in"la#/
very hungry <et,s get something to eat2 1!m starving-
0he felt he #as taking her for granted/
describes food that is difficult to cut or eat )his steak is very tough/
in addition to someone or something else
.e #as ashamed to admit to his mistake/
to cut something into pieces #ith an axe2 knife or
other sharp instrument
.e consumes vast quantities of chips
#ith every meal/
.is bossy2 impatient manner started
getting on her nerves/
1f food or drink goes off2 it is not good to eat or drink
any more because it is too old/
)his cheese smells a bit funny " do you
think it,s gone off=
to make something hot or #arm2 or to become hot
or #arm
1 usually just heat up a ready meal for
1f fruit and vegetables are in season2 they are being
produced in the area and are available and ready
to eat
to stop communicating #ith someone2 usually
because they do not live near you no#
7e both #ent a#ay to university and
sadly #e lost touch #ith each other/
the amount of a particular food that is served to one
person2 especially in a restaurant or a shop #hich
sells food ready to be eaten
1 remember the night your father
proposed to me/
3of fruit or crops4 completely developed and ready
to be collected or eaten
)hose bananas aren,t ripe yet " they,re
still green/
not to do or not to have something that you usually
do or that you should do
0kipping meals is not a healthy #ay to
lose #eight/
0lice the mushrooms thinly and fry in
1f you take situations or people for granted2 you do
not realise or sho# that you are grateful for ho#
much you get from them/
>alifornia2 along #ith ;lorida and .a#aii2
is among the most popular ?0 tourist
feeling guilty or embarrassed about something you
have done
connected in your mind #ith someone or something
;or many people2 holidays are
associated #ith reading/
having the ability2 po#er or qualities to be able to
do something
9nly the +emocratic @arty is capable of
running the country/
a#are that a particular thing or person exists or is
1 think she,s very conscious of being the
youngest in the family/
7e,re hoping to go on a cruise next year/
kno#ing something or someone #ell 1,m sorry2 1,m not familiar #ith your poetry/
1,m fed up #ith my job/
1 just need to get a#ay for a fe# days/
on the subject of something
having to have something that you do not have Are you in need of help=
instead of someone or something
in connection #ith something
as an ans#er or reaction to something
included in something
a #ay of travelling
#illing2 or happy to agree to do something
#hen it is necessary for you to do something
easily upset by the things people say or do
)his sort of camera is very expensive/
because of someone or something
a journey on a large ship for pleasure2 during #hich
you visit several places
bored2 annoyed or disappointed2 especially by
something that you have experienced for too long
to go some#here to have a holiday2 often because
you need to rest
to have no connection or influence #ith someone or
1n the evening he likes to read books and
articles #hich have%are nothing to do #ith
his #ork/
)hey #ant to talk to you in connection
#ith an unpaid tax bill/
6ou can use margarine in place of butter
in some recipes/
0he used the map to discover #here she
#as in relation to her surroundings/
5anagement have granted a 1(B pay
rise in response to union pressure/
used to describe #hich particular area of a subject
you are discussing
1n terms of money2 1 #as better off in my
last job/
because of a particular thing2 or considering a
particular fact
1n vie# of #hat you,ve said2 1 think #e
should reconsider our proposed course
of action/
1t #ould be difficult not to involve the
child,s father in the arrangements/
@eople can choose their o#n means of
transport such as travelling by rail/
1f there is no sign of someone or something2 you
cannot see them/
1,ve searched for my hat2 but there,s no
sign of it any#here/
forced to do something or feeling that you must do
0he feels obliged to be nice to Cack
because he,s her boss/
unable to stop thinking about something8 too
interested in or #orried about something
7hy are people so obsessed #ith
@eople are not really prepared to talk
about these kinds of personal problems/
6ou are required by la# to stop your car
after an accident/
.er reply sho#ed that she #as very
sensitive to criticism/
one of a group of things #hich are of the same type
or #hich share similar qualities
to be expected to be something8 to be considered
by many people to be something8 intended or
expected to/
)hese batteries are supposed to last for
a year/
1t,s thanks to 0andy that 1 heard about
the job/
used to say #hat is #rong #ith someone or
)he trouble #ith this carpet is that it gets
dirty very easily/
a long journey2 especially by ship
in connection #ith
stupid or unreasonable8 silly in a humorous #ay 7hat an absurd thing to say-
very strange and unusual a bi&arre situation
to make the effort to do something 1 didn!t bother to check the time/
extremely exciting2 beautiful or surprising
the actors in a film2 play or sho#
to be confident that you can depend on someone
very pleasant2 attractive or enjoyable 9ur ne# neighbours are delightful/
funny and enjoyable 1t,s a really entertaining play/
0he has an exceptional talent for singing/
excellent or much better than average )his is a very fine painting/
to continue
<og on using your name and pass#ord/
the #ords of a song2 especially a pop song
causing strong feelings of sadness or sympathy )hat #as a very moving story/
strange2 not kno#n or not understood
7hat an outstanding performance-
the story of a book2 film2 play2 etc/
)he quality of #riting #as very poor/
a company that makes arrangements for travel and
places to stay2 often selling these together as
package holidays
0he co"founded the nation,s largest tour
operator for foreigners visiting the ?0A/
the activity of #alking long distances2 usually over
land such as hills2 mountains or forests
)hey enjoy active holidays such as
trekking or sailing/
.e #as a young sailor on his first sea
to #alk around slo#ly in a relaxed #ay or #ithout
any clear purpose or direction
7e spent the morning #andering around
the old part of the city/
1 am #riting to you #ith regard to your
letter of 1' 5arch/
)he vie# from the top of the mountain is
After the final performance2 the director
thre# a party for the #hole cast/
6ou can al#ays count on 5ichael in a
to trust someone or something and kno# that they
#ill help you or do #hat you #ant or expect them to
1,m depending on you to keep your
very bad2 of very lo# quality2 or shocking and very
)he food #as bad and the service #as
much greater than usual2 especially in skill2
intelligence2 quality2 etc/
to give a lot of attention to one particular person2
subject or thing
)onight,s programme focuses on the #ay
that homelessness affects the young/
7e really can,t go on living like this " #e,ll
have to find a bigger house/
1f an object or achievement is impressive2 you
admire or respect it2 usually because it is special2
important or very large/
)here are some very impressive
buildings in the to#n/
to connect a computer to a computer system by
typing your name2 so that you can start #orking
@aul 0imon #rites the lyrics for most of
his songs/
)here,s something very mysterious about
excellent8 clearly very much better than #hat is
)he plot #as so complicated that none of
us could follo# it/
not good2 being of a very lo# quality2 quantity or
1 regret saying that 1 didn,t trust her/
1 rely on you for good advice/
7hat is your favouite scene in the film=
)he film begins #ith a long tracking shot/
of excellent quality8 very great .e is a superb dancer/
1 enjoy reading tense thrillers/
the main subject of a talk2 book2 film2 etc/
very great in amount or level2 or extremely good 6ou #on= )hat,s tremendous-
to get something 1,d like to acquire some ne# skills/
the activities involved in buying and selling things 0he ,s hoping to get a job in commerce/
1 #ork as a financial consultant/
of the present time
needing a lot of time2 attention or energy
to increase in #eight2 speed2 height or amount
to feel sorry about a situation2 especially something
sad or #rong or a mistake that you have made
to need a particular thing or the help and support of
someone or something in order to continue2 to #ork
correctly2 or to succeed
unusual or special and therefore surprising and
#orth mentioning
Delson 5andela is a truly remarkable
a part of a play or film in #hich the action stays in
one place
1f a story2 film2 etc/ is set in a particular time or
place2 the action in it happens in that time or place/
,7est 0ide 0tory, is set in De# 6ork in
the late 19'(s/
a short piece in a film in #hich there is a single
action or a short series of actions
a musical performance done by one person alone2
or a musical performance in #hich one person is
given special attention
0he plans to sing a solo at the end of the
the sounds2 especially the music2 of a film2 or a
separate recording of this
)he best thing about the film is its
to be likely to behave in a particular #ay or have a
particular characteristic
7e tend to get cold #inters and #arm2
dry summers in this part of the country/
1f a situation is tense2 it causes feelings of #orry or
)he theme of loss runs through most of
his novels/
something created as a result of effort2 especially a
painting2 book or piece of music
)he museum has many #orks by
@icasso as #ell as other modern
relating to schools2 colleges and universities2 or
connected #ith studying and thinking2 not #ith
practical skills
0he has lots of impressive academic
someone #ho advises people on a particular
5y current post is a job in local
)he #ork is demanding but very
to become t#ice as much or as many2 or to make
something t#ice as much or many
1 #ill double my income if 1 get this ne#
something that you have to do because it is part of
your job2 or something that you feel is the right
thing to do
)he duty of the agency is to act in the
best interests of the child/
the amount of money that someone is paid for the
#ork they do
Average earnings for skilled #orkers are
.oliday #ork is a good #ay to gain
very2 to a large degree2 or at a high level
.e,s famous inventor/
someone #ho teaches at a college or university 0he is a senior lecturer at the university/
the business of producing goods in large numbers
#anting to do something #ell
a person #ho #rites novels 0he is no# a famous novelist/
a job
the process of making or gro#ing goods to be sold
approximately 1 kno# roughly ho# much money it costs/
soon 0hortly after midnight 1 heard a noise/
to start doing a particular job or activity .e,s taken up the post of supervisor/
a person #ho has a first degree from a university
or college
Dearly one in five graduates are still
looking for their first job/
1t,s highly unlikely 1,ll ever go to the
a large and important organisation2 such as a
university or bank
9xford and >ambridge are t#o of the
best kno#n academic institutions in the
someone #ho has invented something or #hose
job is to invent things
the group of people responsible for controlling and
organising a company8 the control and organisation
of something
5anagement has%have offered staff a 3B
pay increase/
Cobs in manufacturing #ill be affected by
the ne# la#s/
6ou,ll need to be highly motivated to
someone #hose job is to use and control a
machine or vehicle
6ou,ll need to contact a computer
3time spent #orking4 after the usual time needed or
expected in a job
)hey,re #orking overtime to get the job
finished on time/
0he applied for a position in the firm that
1 #ork for/
)his ne# type of electric car #ill go into
production next year/
to successfully finish a training course so that you
are able to do a job8 to have or achieve the
necessary skills2 etc/
0he hopes to qualify as a la#yer at the
end of the year/
an occasion #hen a teacher or expert and a group
of people meet to study and discuss something
0tudents are required to attend the
#eekly seminar/
a company2 person2 etc/ that provides things that
people #ant or need2 especially over a long period
of time
)hey used to be a leading supplier of
military equipment/
to accept a particular job or responsibility8 to
)he ne# job means taking on a lot of
ne# responsibilities/
to borro# a sum of money2 often from a bank2
#hich has to be paid back2 usually together #ith an
extra amount of money that you have to pay as a
charge for borro#ing
7e had to take out a large loan to buy
our house/
to get control of a company by buying most of its
)here are rumours that a major
corporation is considering taking over the
a long piece of #riting on a particular subject2
especially one that is done for a higher college or
university degree
1,m planning to #rite a thesis on
0hakespeare,s tragedies/
different from someone or something ?nlike you2 1,m not a great dancer/
involving competition .e likes taking part in competitive sports/
1 enjoy diving and s#imming/
to eat all the food that you have been given
a strong hard hat that covers and protects the head
a disease of the body or mind 0he died after a long illness/
A supporter ran onto the football pitch/
+ogs have a very good sense of smell/
)he spectators began to cheer loudly/
1 love the taste of garlic/
Al#ays use a reliable thermometer/
to finish a supply of something
.e had a gunshot #ound in his leg/
a teacher #ho #orks #ith one student or a small
group2 either at a Fritish college or university or in
the home of a child
1!m meeting my personal tutor on
the sport of jumping into #ater or s#imming under
Fe a good boy and eat up your
a place2 especially including buildings2 #here a
particular activity happens
7e have facilities for a #ide range of
indoor and outdoor sports/
1t is essential to #ear helmets for certain
a disease in a part of your body that is caused by
bacteria or a virus
>ertain insect bites can lead to serious
physical harm or damage to someone,s body
caused by an accident or an attack
+o you have any health problems or
injuries at the moment=
a small metal disc2 #ith #ords or a picture on it2
#hich is given as a re#ard for #inning a sports
<aura #on her first medal #hen she #as
an area painted #ith lines for playing particular
sports2 especially football
a surface or piece of land that is high at one end
and lo# at the other
0no# had settled on some of the higher
the ability to notice or discover that a substance is
present by using your nose
to speak in a louder voice so that people can hear
>ould you speak up= 7e can,t hear at
the back/
a person #ho #atches an activity2 especially a
sports event2 #ithout taking part
to describe or express the important facts or
characteristics about something or someone
)o sum up2 it,s been a pleasure #orking
#ith you/
the flavour of something2 or the ability of a person
or animal to recognise different flavours
a device used for measuring temperature2
especially of the air or in a person,s body
the ability to kno# #hat something is like by feeling
it #ith the fingers
9ur sense of touch develops at a very
young age/
the use of drugs2 exercises2 etc/ to cure a person of
an illness or injury
@erhaps it,s time to try a ne# course of
+on,t use up all the milk2 #e need some
for breakfast/
a damaged area of the body2 such as a cut or hole
in the skin or flesh made by a #eapon
rain #hich contains large amounts of harmful
chemicals as a result of burning substances such
as coal and oil
Acid rain has harmful effects on plants
and animals/
something that is different from something else2
especially from #hat is usual2 and offering the
possibility of choice
)hey #ant to find an alternative to
burning coal/
the #ay the #orld,s #eather is changing
1,m trying to cut do#n on coffee/
very severe or bad
extremely cold
)here #as a frost last night/
to cause something to exist
#ith everything added together to make a total
at a suitable time in the future
in reality rather than #hat is meant to happen
happening or being done no#
for a long period of time in the future
to remember a piece of information #hen you are
making a decision or thinking about a matter
7hen #e decide #hat to do2 #e!ll need
to bear in mind the cost/
any basic substance #hich is used in or produced
by a reaction involving changes to atoms or
:ach year2 factories release millions of
tonnes of toxic chemicals into the
0cientists are trying to establish ho#
human activity affects climate change/
the protection of plants and animals2 natural areas2
and interesting and important structures and
buildings2 especially from the damaging effects of
human activity
0he,s very interested in #ildlife
to do less of something or use something in smaller
an object or machine #hich has been invented for a
particular purpose
Gescuers used a special device for
finding people trapped in collapsed
#hen you get rid of something2 especially by
thro#ing it a#ay
5anufacturers of electronic goods need
to ensure their safe disposal/
)hey have special clothing to protect
them against extreme #eather
Amelia #asn!t #earing a coat2 despite
the free&ing #eather/
a period of time in #hich air temperature is belo#
the free&ing point of #ater2 or the #hite2 po#dery
layer of ice #hich forms in these conditions2
especially outside at night
)he ne# development #ill generate 1'((
ne# jobs/
a gradual increase in #orld temperatures caused
by polluting gases such as carbon dioxide #hich
are collecting in the air around the :arth and
preventing heat escaping into space
Hlobal #arming is destroying the :arth!s
beautiful rainforests/
using the most advanced and developed machines
and methods
)his #eapons system is an affordable2
hi"tech solution/
1n all2 there #ere 2( volunteers #orking
on the project/
1f the future or success of someone or something is
in doubt2 it is unlikely to continue or to be
0pending cuts mean that the future of
the tree"planting scheme is no# in doubt/
)he results of the enquiry #ill be made
kno#n in due course/
1n practice2 the ne# regulations have
done little to reduce #aste/
7ork is in progress on a series of ne#
#ind po#er schemes/
Gising sea levels #ill do terrible damage
in the long term/
until something expected happens2 or #hile
something else is happening
1t!s 9/1' and my appointment isn!t until
1(/ 1n the meantime2 1!ll text my friends/
un#anted matter or material caused by the process
of producing things in a factory
1t is forbidden to dump industrial #aste in
the river/
7e,ve had a mild #inter this year/
to help to achieve something
very harmful and able to cause illness or death
an official rule that controls ho# something is done
material #ith particular physical characteristics
to take something in2 especially gradually @lants absorb carbon dioxide/
Eeep this site as a bookmark/
to look at information on the 1nternet
a mistake or problem in a computer program
describes #eather that is not very cold or not as
cold as usual
thin fog produced by very small drops of #ater
collecting in the air just above an area of ground or
)he mountain villages seem to be
permanently shrouded in mist/
:veryone should play a part in helping to
conserve areas of natural beauty/
>an you tell the difference bet#een
poisonous mushrooms and edible
to prepare2 change or treat food or ra# materials as
a part of an industrial operation
)hey live near a a #aste processing
)he ne# regulations have done little to
reduce #aste/
causing very great pain2 difficulty2 #orry2 damage2
etc8 very serious
.e is suffering from a severe chest
3a building designed to give4 protection from bad
#eather2 danger or attack
1t #as fortunate that 1 found a place to
take shelter/
electricity produced by using the energy from the
7e no# produce much of their energy
from #ind and solar po#er/
5ost of these substances are completely
a thing or person that is used instead of another
thing or person
)ofu can be used as a meat substitute in
vegetarian recipes/
7e need to find better #ays of disposing
of toxic #aste/
an extreme #eather condition #ith very strong
#inds and heavy rain that forms over tropical
)he ne#s report #arned that a tropical
storm #as on its #ay/
produced and used to protect the main memory of
a computer against infection by a virus
1!m going to run the anti"virus soft#are
on the computer/
a computer program that is designed for a
particular purpose
+o you use spreadsheet applications for
your #ork=
the smallest unit of any chemical element2
consisting of a positive nucleus surrounded by
negative electrons/ Atoms can combine to form a
A molecule of carbon dioxide 3>924 has
one carbon atom and t#o oxygen atoms/
a record of the address of an internet document on
your computer so that you can find it again easily
an important discovery or event that helps to
improve a situation or provide an ans#er to a
0cientists are hoping for a breakthrough
in the search for a cure for cancer/
a system that makes it possible for many
messages or large amounts of information to be
sent at the same time and very quickly bet#een
computers or other electronic devices
1nternet connection via broadband offers
many advantages/
1 decided to spend some time bro#sing
some #ebsites/
A bug caused the company,s computer
system to crash/
the smallest basic unit of a plant or animal
5y laptop,s crashed again/
1,ve got a ne# desktop at #ork/
to sho# on a computer screen
Aluminium is an element/
not strong or clear8 slight
to communicate #ith or react to
to sho# that something is true
the gas formed #hen carbon is burned2 or #hen
people or animals breathe out
1t is important to have la#s restricting
carbon dioxide emissions/
the poisonous gas formed by the burning of carbon2
especially in the form of car fuel
)here is an alarm #hich #arns if there is
too much carbon monoxide in the air/
in a #ay that sho#s you do not find something
difficult or important
7e #rite emails as casually as #e make
a phone call these days/
7e took turns to study a cell through a
to put electricity into an electrical device such as a
0he drove the car round the block to
charge 3up4 its batteries/
1f a computer or system crashes2 it suddenly stops
information2 especially facts or numbers2 collected
to be examined and considered and used to help
decision"making2 or information in an electronic
form that can be stored and processed by a
)he data #as%#ere collected by various
a large amount of information stored in a computer
system in such a #ay that it can be easily looked at
or changed
7e,re linked to the on"line database at
our head office/
a type of computer that is small enough to fit on the
top of a desk
6ou can display several documents on
the screen at the same time/
a simple substance #hich cannot be reduced to
smaller chemical parts2 e/g/ hydrogen
1 heard a faint sound coming from
a type of service available on the 1nternet that
allo#s you to exchange #ritten messages #ith
someone else #ho is using the service at the same
+o you have instant messaging on your
0ocial net#orking sites have transformed
the #ay #e interact #ith our friends/
to send something out2 such as a ne# ship to sea
or a rocket into space
A spokesman for the dockyard said they
hoped to launch the first submarine
#ithin t#o years/
)hey suspected that she,d killed him but
they could never actually prove that it
#as her/
1f you run a computer program2 you use it on your
7e,ve run the computer program2 but
nothing happens/
a device sent up into space to travel round the
:arth2 used for collecting information or
communicating by radio2 television2 etc/
)hey have satellite television in their
the activity of sharing information and
communicating #ith groups of people using the
1nternet2 especially through #ebsites that are
specially designed for this purpose
+o you use any of the social net#orking
a computer program2 used especially in business2
#hich allo#s you to do financial calculations and
1t,s a good idea to put all your data into a
multiplied by )#o times t#o equals four 32 x 2 I 44/
Gemember to use a calm tone of voice/
ne# information
#hen you admire someone or something
political ne#s about events happening no#
1 can,t #ait to #atch the next episode-
to become famous or respected by a lot of people
)he reporter #as carrying a microphone/
someone #ho introduces a television or radio sho# 1,ve al#ays #anted to be a )* presenter/
a small glass tube2 #ith one closed and rounded
end2 #hich is used in scientific experiments
Go#s of test tubes stood against the
a formal statement of the rules on #hich a subject
of study is based or of ideas #hich are suggested
to explain a fact or event or2 more generally2 an
opinion or explanation
+ar#in,s theory of evolution had a huge
effect #hen it #as published/
a quality in the voice #hich expresses the speaker,s
feelings or thoughts2 often to#ards the person
being spoken to
to remove the good or bad effects of an action or
several actions
1t is no# impossible to undo any of the
harm the internet has caused/
Co,s just doing an update on the mailing
the pattern in #hich some types of energy2 such as
sound2 light and heat2 are spread or carried
6our micro#ave dinner is heated by radio
5y admiration for that #oman gro#s
#hen programmes are sent out on television or
.uge amounts of money are spent on
an advertisement #hich is broadcast on television
or radio
)here are just too many commercials on
)* these days/
)hey enjoy listening to radio
programmes about current affairs/
a person #ho corrects or changes pieces of text or
films before they are printed or sho#n2 or a person
#ho is in charge of a ne#spaper or maga&ine
0he,s a senior editor in the reference
department of a publishing company/
#hen someone talks or behaves in a #ay that gives
you confidence to do something
>hildren need lots of encouragement
from their parents/
one of the single parts into #hich a story is divided2
especially #hen it is broadcast on the television or
the part of a ne#spaper in #hich you find stories
about the social and private lives of famous people
0he #rites a gossip column for a daily
the lines of #ords printed in large letters as the title
of a story in a ne#spaper2 or the main points of the
ne#s that are broadcast on television or radio
.e hit the country!s headlines #hen he
sailed solo across the @acific/
.e,s made a name for himself as a
talented journalist/
a piece of equipment that you speak into to make
your voice louder2 or to record your voice or other
a large system consisting of many similar parts
that are connected together to allo# movement or
communication bet#een or along the parts or
bet#een the parts and a control centre
0he #orks for a #ell"kno#n television
:veryone is entitled to some privacy/
1,d like to get into television production/
activities to advertise something
+o you #atch many reality )* sho#s=
)he tabloid press love this sort of story/
1f it!s a bargain 1!ll buy it/
to have no more of something
a type of product made by a particular company
.e usually #ears casual clothes/
1 paid #ith my debit card/
ne#spapers and maga&ines2 and those parts of
television and radio #hich broadcast ne#s2 or
reporters and photographers #ho #ork for them
)he press #as%#ere out in force at the
a#ards ceremony/
someone,s right to keep their personal matters and
relationships secret
a person #ho makes the practical and financial
arrangements needed to make a film2 play2
television or radio programme
1!ll talk to my producer about doing a
ne#s report on this/
the activity of organising the practical and financial
matters connected #ith the preparation of a film2
play or television or radio programme
9bviously as sales manager he,ll be very
involved in the promotion and marketing
of the product/
the act of making information or stories available to
people in a printed form
)he brochure #ill be ready for publication
in 0eptember/
the activity of making certain that someone or
something attracts a lot of interest or attention from
many people2 or the attention received as a result
of this activity
1!m not the sort of person #ho!s
comfortable #ith publicity/
a )* or radio programme based on a game or
competition in #hich you ans#er questions
7e produce programmes ranging from
sports and soaps to qui& sho#s/
a television programme about ordinary people #ho
are filmed in real situations2 rather than actors
a person #ho someone admires and #hose
behaviour they try to copy
0ports stars are role models for
thousands of youngsters/
a person #ho #rites the #ords for films or radio or
television broadcasts
0he,s a successful .olly#ood
a person #ho decides #hich pictures2 furniture2 etc/
#ill be used #hen a film or play is performed or
As the set designer 1 decide ho# the
stage or studio #ill look/
a type of popular ne#spaper #ith small pages
#hich has many pictures and short simple reports
something on sale at a lo#er price than its true
7e!ll be out of petrol if #e don!t stop at a
garage soon/
)here are cool brands of clothing that
#e,d like to sell/
describes clothes that are not formal or not suitable
for special occasions
a book #ith a list of all the goods that you can buy
from a shop
5y mother buys everything from mail"
order catalogues/
a person #ho buys goods or services for their o#n
>onsumers need to be careful if they buy
from dealers in second"hand goods/
a small plastic card #hich can be used as a method
of payment2 the money being taken from your bank
account automatically
something made by a famous company that makes
expensive clothes2 bags2 etc/
.o# important are designer labels to
1,d like to exchange this item please/
to send goods to another country for sale
not real2 but made to look or seem real 1s she #earing false eyelashes=
#ithout fault8 perfect2 or the best possible 0he,s the ideal person for the job/
to buy or bring in products from another country
available to buy
3of clothes4 not fitting closely to the body
very large in si&e2 amount or number
)hey usually buy food that is on offer /
not available to buy
something that you buy
to sho#2 express or be a sign of something
1 bought this in the Canuary sales/
the number of products sold
a person #ho o#ns and manages a small shop
having a good kno#ledge of culture and fashion 0he #as slim2 svelte and sophisticated/
extremely beautiful or attractive Hosh2 #hat a stunning dress-
to take something back to the shop #here you
bought it2 and change it for something else
;rench cheeses are exported to many
different countries/
1f something is genuine2 it is real and exactly #hat it
appears to be/
)hey claimed the chair #as made from
genuine leather/
a promise that something #ill be done or #ill
happen2 especially a #ritten promise by a company
to repair or change a product that develops a fault
#ithin a particular period of time
)he video recorder comes #ith%has a
t#o"year guarantee/
7e import a large number of cars from
)he ne# edition is in stock in major
7ear comfortable2 loose clothing to your
exercise class/
0he died after taking a massive
overdose of drugs/
1f goods in a shop are on 3special4 offer2 they are
being sold at a lo#er price than usual/
1,m afraid your si&e is currently out of
.o# do you #ish to pay for your
.o# far do think people!s clothes reflect
their personalities=
to finish2 use or sell all of something so that there is
none left
)hose scarves are very popular #ith
customers and #e!ve run out of them
an occasion #hen goods are sold at a lo#er price
than usual
)he store must increase sales if it is to
1f a supply of something sells out2 there is no more
of that thing to buy/
A #eek after their ne# style of shirt #as
launched2 it #as completely sold out/
)he ne# line in jeans #as so popular
that shopkeepers soon ran out/
3usually of a colour or style of clothes4 to make
someone look more attractive
7hat styles and colours of clothes suit
you best=
to get rid of something that you do not #ant any
)hose old socks have got holes in- 7hen
are you going to thro# them out=
>lothes or shoes that are tight fit the body too
closely and are uncomfortable/
)hat jacket,s too tight " you #ant a bigger
a small vehicle #ith t#o or four #heels that you
push or pull to transport large or heavy objects on
9h no- 1 left my purse in the shopping
.o# did the recipe turn out=
very brightly coloured 0he #as #earing a vivid pink shirt/
to use something to discover if it #orks or if you like
5y brother!s just bought a ne# computer
and 1 #ant to try it out/
to happen in a particular #ay or to have a particular
result2 especially an unexpected one