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From the Editor

It would appear that men have degraded themselves to such a degree that using adjectives like beastly to describe their actions would amount to insulting the animals. The regularity of the incidents and the degree of brutality thrust on us through the media are alarming. Professor Debashis is lucid and explicit in his treatise on Ahimsa. If all goes well, the Mars mission will provide us Indians something to brag about next month. The Readers’ Digest story of Maricel highlights the options for the differently-abled. Home-stay and holiday homes are examples of a new economy in the making, according to David Brooks. Sasi’s piece is hilarious. Enjoy reading!

Thank you for your patronage. Damodaran Nayanar.

reading! Thank you for your patronage. Damodaran Nayanar . FEED BACK It is with great anguish


It is with great anguish that I heard the news about the sad demise of Mr. Assainar. As correctly said by Mr. Ramachandran, he was a soft-spoken gentleman. I remember the early days in my career with him at Kasaragod. My heart-felt condolence to the bereaved family.



Renting of space in homes to near-strangers was a near-impossibility until a few years back. The leading company - Air bnb- claims that eleven million travelers did stay in their destinations.

Economist David Brooks explains this as peer to peer economy. People rent out cars to people they don’t know; drop off their pets with people they don’t know; hire power tools to people they don’t know.

The middle class has been stagnating. With wages flat and families squeezed, people have to rent out to cover mortgage or rent.

The youth after finishing college have a hunger to travel, but no money. They would stay in spare bed rooms in residential neighborhoods rather than in homogenized hotels in commercial areas and prefer to enjoy the complimentary breakfast with their host.

But the most amazing fact is the transformation of social trust. In primitive economy, trust was face to face; trading was mostly within the village. Modern commerce and marketing have corporate branding under government regulations.

Today we have a new trust calculus powered by social and economic forces. Family, University, Corporation- these are structured institutions. Brooks says that people lead a loose unstructured life in their first ten years after education and the ten years after retirement. They live alone; occasionally have a room mate. The new youth develops fast intimacies, or at least pseudo-intimacies. Social connections are made fast and fluid. People are hungry for human contact. They end up with easy come easy go relationships.

Economically more people work as free-lancers; they have flexible work hours and don’t have to attend office regularly. Work from home is the in thing. They are independent of organizational systems. They negotiate directly with the peer and the boss. They make flexible and ad-hoc arrangements. The result is: they no longer trust the big institutions. By comparison, strangers do not seem especially risky – a fertile ground for peer to peer deal / commerce.

People evaluate others by social media like Face Book. New rating systems are in place. Online signaling and peer evaluation are depended upon. The evaluation is comprehensive and the individual wouldn’t risk losing his reputation with tall claims. The market place is well placed by companies who hunt for frauds and catch the bad apple that will ruin the experience. One thing they don’t rely upon is the government control and regulation. People accept less formal economy. Sectors like energy will retain top to down regulator regimes. Some sectors like bakery sales are unregulated. The new peer to peer sector is in the gray zone. If the private distributed trust mechanism becomes more efficient, the Government will play a smaller role.

David Books in New York Times

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In a shocking case, a six year old was sexually assaulted by staff members of
In a shocking case, a six year old was sexually assaulted by staff members of

In a shocking case, a six year old was sexually assaulted by staff members of a posh Bangalore school


The Karnataka State government have issued a circular to all schools for better security of our children. This circular is directed at all the schools in Karnataka. It lists 70 guidelines for them including demands like-

> Forming child protection committee in all schools

> Conducting thorough background check for the staff

> Installing CCTV cameras in schools.

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YQnVeLo]Sf yONk^-Lñ~Lp zñU A large contingent of friends and well-wishers attended the wedding of Vinitha and

A large contingent of friends and well-wishers attended the wedding of Vinitha and Deepak at Guruvayur on 06.07.2014. Lineages joins the senior engineers and wish them a happy and prosperous married life. (Er. Vinitha is the daughter of Senior Engineer Mohanan Nambiar)


Maricel Apatan, 22, stands in the kitchen of the Edsa Shangri-la Hotel in Manila, preparing to decorate a cheese cake. It would seem to be a routine task for a pastry chef, but Maricel is no ordinary chef – she has no hands.

Her disability, however, barely slows her down. Using her wrists Maricel coats the sides of the cake with crushed nuts. Next, she grips a chef’s knife tightly between her hip and left inner elbow and uses her left wrist to delicately slice grapes, iwi and strawberries in half. In short order, she arranges the fruit on the cake, adds blueberry filling and sets an elegant chocolate curl on top.

“When I first saw Maricel, I was worried she might hurt herself when using a hef’s knife, but that has never been a problem,” says Maricel’s manager. “She does not get special treatment and works just as hard as the rest of the chefs.

Maricel has come a long way since the day in September 2000 when she and her uncle were attacked near their farm in a remote area Mindanao. Five machete-wielding men who were trying to force Maricel’s family off their land, brutally hacked into her uncle, then turned on 11 year-old Maricel. She passed out as she tried to protect herself from the savage blows.

After she came to, Marciel pretended to be dead until she was sure the attackers were gone. As she staggered home, she looked down to see her hands dangling loosely on threads of bloodied flesh. Miraculously, she survived the attack and eventually they testified against to of their attackers, who are serving life sentences.

Despite financial help from the Catholic Archbishop, a distant relative, Maricel struggled to cope with her disability. “I was totally dependant on my mother,” she recalls’ She returned to school, but teasing by classmates often left her in tears,

In 2004, the Arhbishop arranged for Maricel to live in the ‘House with no steps’, a Manila Rehabiltation and Training Centre for people with disabilities. She learned how to write and do chores and more importantly, came to terms with her disability. “Trusting in God, I became more determined to strive to have a normal life. I believed that I had an important mission in life because I survived the attack.

Maricel eventually graduated from high school and enrolled in a two-year hotel and restaurant management course. Thanks in large part to her parents’ unwavering support, Maricel flourished even though she was the only disabled student in the course. “I wasn’t shy in or intimidated to sign up for class competitions like cake decorating.”

After Maricel moved back to Manila to continue her studies, the media started reporting on this indomitable young woman. She didn’t shy away from the attention. “I wanted others living with disabilities to believe it’s possible to live a normal life,” Maricel says.

When managers at the Edsa Shangri-La hotel saw Maricel on television, they hired her as part of the hotel’s Care for People project. Fellow chef Aljamil marvels at Maricel’s skills. “She asks for assistance only if she needs to move a hot kettle or large sauce-pan from the stove, or open slippery bottle caps.” says Aljamil.

Maricel has also accomplished her goal of inspiring others. One of them is Ronelyn, a 22-year-old with cerebral palsy. Confined to a wheel chair, she rarely left her Manila home and had never attended school. Then she saw Maricel on television. “I watched her demonstrate how to prepare vegetables for salad with so much confidence,” she recalls. Ronelyn, who now lives at the House with no steps, and will soon start classes, is already planning a career in IT.

Maricel’s three younger siblings have moved to Manila. She pays for the rent of their small apartment, while their parents look after their family farm in the village.”It is difficult to make both ends meet, but I don’t lose hope. I believe anything is possible if you dream, work hard and pray.”

- ROSS HARPER ALONSO in Readers’ Digest

is possible if you dream, work hard and pray.” - ROSS HARPER ALONSO in Readers’ Digest

Maricel Apatan


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Mars Orbiter Mission is India's first interplanetary mission to planet Mars with an orbiter craft designed to orbit Mars in an elliptical orbit. The Mission is primarily technological mission considering the critical mission operations and stringent requirements on propulsion and other bus systems of spacecraft.

From the beginning, space activities in the country, concentrated on achieving self reliance and developing capability to build and launch communication satellites for television broadcast, telecommunications and meteorological applications; remote sensing satellites for management of natural resources. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has successfully operationalised two major satellite systems namely Indian National Satellites (INSAT) for communication services and Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) satellites for management of natural resources; also, Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) for launching IRS type of satellites and Geostationary Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) for launching INSAT type of satellites.

Vehicle (GSLV) for launching INSAT type of satellites. The Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), informally called
Vehicle (GSLV) for launching INSAT type of satellites. The Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), informally called

The Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), informally called Mangalyaan (Sanskrit: गलयान , "Mars-Craft), is a Marsorbiter launched into Earth orbit on 5 November 2013 by the Indian Space Research Organisation. It is expected to enter orbit around Mars on 24 September 2014.

The mission is a "technology demonstrator" project aiming to develop the technologies required for design, planning, management, and operations of an interplanetary mission.

The Mars Orbiter Mission probe lifted-off from the First Launch Pad at Satish Dhawan Space Centre


SHAR, Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh, using a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) rocket C25

November 2013. The MOM probe spent about a month in Earth orbit, where it made a series of seven altitude-raising orbital manoeuvres before trans-Mars injection on 30 November 2013 .



agency to reach Mars, after the Soviet space program, NASA, and the European Space Agency. The spacecraft is currently being monitored from the Spacecraft Control Centre at ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network (ISTRAC) in Bangalore with support from Indian Deep Space Network (IDSN) antennae at Byalalu.

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successful, ISRO would



The MOM mission concept began with a feasibility study in 2010, after the launch of lunar satellite Chandrayaan-1in 2008. The total project cost may be up to 4.54 billion. The satellite costs 1.53

billion and the rest of the budget has been attributed to ground stations and relay upgrades that will be used for other ISRO projects.

The Mars Orbiter's on-orbit mission life will be between six and ten months. Assembly of the PSLV-XL launch vehicle, designated C25, started on 5 August 2013. The mounting of the five scientific

instruments was completed at ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore, and the finished spacecraft was shipped to Sriharikota for integration to the PSLV-XL launch vehicle. The satellite's development was fast-tracked and completed in a record 15 months. ISRO's PSLV-XL placed the satellite in Earth on 5 November 2013,with a perigee of 264.1 km, an apogee of 23,903.6 km, and inclination of 19.20 degrees, with both the antenna and all three sections of the solar panel arrays deployed. During the first three orbit raising operations, ISRO progressively tested the spacecraft systems.

The orbiter's dry mass is 500, and it carries 852 kg of fuel and oxidiser. Its main engine, which is a derivative of the system used on India's communications satellites, uses the bipropellant combination monomethyl hydrazine and dinitrogen tetroxide to achieve the thrust necessary for escape velocity from Earth. It will also be used to slow down the probe for Mars orbit insertion and subsequently, for orbit corrections.

Several orbit raising operations were conducted from the Spacecraft Control Centre at ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network at Peenya, Bangalore on 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 and 16 November by using the spacecraft's on-board propulsion system and Earth flybys for gravity assist. The aim was to gradually build up the necessary escape velocity (11.2 km/s) to break free from Earth's gravitational pull while minimising propellant use. The manoeuvres raised the orbit to the intended altitude and inserted MOM into a heliocentric orbit for its transit to Mars.

My neighbor


My friend Lorraine and her husband, Jim, have a beautiful lively dog named Ben. One night Ben decided to ignore Jim when he called him in from the backyard. Eventually Jim became frustrated and yelled, ”Ben, get your backside in here NOW!”

A short time later the door bell rang. The man at the door offered his hand and said, ”Hi, I’m your new

neighbor, Ben.”

A straight forward operation

A man dressed only in a gown rushes to the hospital waiting room and says to his wife, “Take me home,

now I’ve changed my mind about the operation.” “Why?” Because the nurse said, “It’s a straight forward operation – very easy. You’ll be fine, so stop worrying.” “She was just trying to reassure you,” said the man’s wife. ’She wasn’t talking to me,” he said “She was speaking to the surgeon.”

History Test

“How are you studying for the history test?” I asked my teenage son. “It’s not a big deal, mom. See?” Eli replied. He then showed me the assignment, which include a note from his teacher. “This is not an exhaustive list,” it read. “This is merely a guide to help you on your way.”

“Eli, what do you think that means?”

“It means I should not exhaust myself doing it.”

Excellent mood

I’m in an excellent mood, actually. I’ll tell you why. I got a letter from the bank, and it said, “Mr Dewsbury, we’d just like to remind you that your bank balance is outstanding.” Thank you very much!

- Readers Digest

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The monthly meeting of Senior Engineers Kozhikode was held on 12.07.14, 10:30 am at Calicut Towers. Er A.Chandran presided the meeting. In his presidential remarks he shared the information regarding retired engineers for the last month.

The president then paid homage to Er C.P. Assainar, Retired Deputy Chief Engineer who passed away last month due to a severe heart attack. C.P.Assainar was a strong member of Engineers’ Association and was active in the Senior Engineers Forum also. We really miss his presence amidst us. Several members remembered their association with Er Assainar in official and personal capacity. The meeting observed silent prayer for the holy soul.

Er Krishnanunni explained the position of DR arrears and other pending issues of Pensioners. He also read out the Lineage July. Er M M Sheriff also took part in the meeting

The meeting ended at 3 pm after lunch



The monthly meeting of Kannur Unit was held on 08.07.2014 at Engineers’ House.

a c h a n d r a n KANNUR The monthly meeting of Kannur Unit