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1.1 This specification covers the requirement for exchangers Mechanical esign! "uppl# of material inclu$ing
internals parts! complete tu%e %un$les! lining &'herever specifie$( no))les etc. preparation * o%taining
approval of $esign calculations! $evelopment of fa%rication $ra'ings! fa%rication! inspection! testing!
Cleaning! painting! +uarantee! pac,ing an$ for'ar$ing along 'ith spares an$ ocumentation! as applica%le
$ul# complete in all respects an$ rea$# to install an$ use.
1.- The intent of this specification is to supplement! amen$! or limit the reference co$es an$ stan$ar$s
mentione$ %elo'.
1.. Exceptions or variations sho'n in the /o% specifications ta,e prece$ence over requirements sho'n herein.
1.0 No variations from the 1o% "pecifications an$ this specification are permitte$ unless approve$ in 'riting %#
1.4 In case of an# conflict %et'een the various specifications an$ co$es! the matter shall %e referre$ to H2C3
for clarifications an$ the clarifications provi$e$ %# H2C3 shall %e final an$ %in$ing on supplier.
1.5 2reparation for shipment! transportation of the equipment at H2C3! Muma%i 6efiner#. 7en$or to %ring
necessar# lifting items li,e 'inches hoists slings for unloa$ing the equipment at H2C3 6efiner#.
.1 D!"#$% &'(!"
The follo'ing co$es in their latest e$ition inclu$ing a$$en$a at the time of %i$$ing shall form the %asis for
$esign! fa%rication! inspection! testing! an$ acceptance of equipment. 8herever co$e is applica%le for the
enclose$ exchanger $ata sheet same shall %e consi$ere$ from the follo'ing list.
-.1.1 TEMA! "tan$ar$s of Tu%ular Exchanger Manufacturers Association!
-.1.- A"TM "pecifications.
-.1.. A"ME 9oiler an$ 2ressure 7essel Co$e "ection 7III! ivision 1! :nfire$ 2ressure 7essels.
-.1.0 A8"-A"ME "pecifications for 8el$ing Electro$es.
-.1.4 AN"I-American National "tan$ar$s Institution Inc. 9 15.4! "teel 2ipe ;langes an$ ;lange$ ;ittings
an$ 9 15.11! ;orge$ "teel ;ittings! "oc,et 8el$ing an$ threa$e$ &3atest E$itions Approve$ %#
-.1.5 Expansion /oint manufacturers Association! &E1MA( "tan$ar$s.
).1 G!%!*+, R!-.#*!/!%0"
..1.1 Materials are specifie$ in the 1o% "pecifications in general terms an$ enclose$ attachments < $ra'ings.
6equire$ materials shall conform or %e equal! to the A"ME specifications given in TEMA. Cast iron
shall %e not %e use$.
..1.- esigner of exchanger unit shall %e responsi%le for furnishing equipment that is free of overstressing
for an# loa$ing 'ithin the specifie$ maximum loa$ing.
..1.. "upplier shall chec, as part of his responsi%ilit# an# $esign information issue$ %# the o'ner. An# comment
an$<or reservations shall %e state$ at the %i$$ing stage. Mo$ifications an$< or variations 'hich ma# prove
necessar# $uring the or$er phase for ensuring the full relia%ilit# an$ efficienc# of the equipment an$<or
a$/usting the $esign to suit the /o%< equipment specification the $esign co$es local regulations or to suit the
technical an$ fa%rication facilities of the supplier! shall %e his responsi%ilit# an$ lia%ilit# an$ shall in all
cases %e su%mitte$ in 'riting for the o'ner=s approval.
-0-1>-?4..$oc 2age 1 of 1.
..1.0 :nless expressl# state$ other'ise in the /o% specification or in the 2urchase @r$er! shell an$ tu%e heat
exchangers shall %e $esigne$ an$ ma$e in accor$ance 'ith references &latest e$itions( as specifie$ a%ove.
..1.4 a( uring the $esign of fixe$ tu%e sheet heat exchangers! consi$erations must %e given to the stresses
in$uce$ at operating! alternate operating! start-up! shut$o'n an$ other upset con$itions. 8here
necessar#! expansion /oints shall %e provi$e$.
%( 2erforate$ %affles are not permitte$.
..1.5 In general! tu%e to tu%e sheet /oints shall %e expan$e$. All tu%e- sheet holes an$ the grooving in them
shall conform to TEMA an$ the follo'ing supplements. +rooves shall %e square$ e$ge$ an$
concentric. 8hen heat treatment of tu%e sheet is require$! final tu%e hole si)ing shall %e attaine$ %#
reaming after heat treatment. 6efer specification %# reaming after heat treatment. 6efer specification
ATTACHMENT-II for AExpan$e$ Tu%e to Tu%e sheet 1ointsB.
..1.C The tu%e to tu%e sheet /oin shall %e 'el$e$ for follo'ing cases D
a( The $esign temperature is E F eg C or G .4F eg C.
%( esign pressure excee$ing 4F ,g< sqcm&g( for all t#pe of exchangers.
c( 8hen there is cla$$ing on the tu%e si$e face of the tu%e sheet & channel si$e! floating hea$ si$e .
$( 8here the high relia%ilit# of the /oint is require$ %ecause of lethal su%stance! pro$uct qualit#!
ha)ar$s of inter-mixing etc.
..1.> 8here state$! tu%e %un$les ma# %e $esigne$ for the $ifferential pressure given in 1o% "pecification.
7en$or shall provi$e visi%le 'arning plate a$/acent to! or part of! name plate outlining test pressure
regulations! 'hen $ifferential $esign is use$.
..1.? In case of fixe$ tu%e sheet exchangers! onl# thic, flexi%le expansion /oint $esigne$ as per TEMA shall
%e use$. These shall %e suita%le for 4FF start-up<shut $o'n c#cles an$ 4FFF operating c#cles.
At other places! light gauge %ello' t#pe expansion /oints as per E1MA ma# %e use$. These shall %e
$esigne$ for -FFF start-up<shut $o'n c#cles an$ C4FF operating c#cles.
..1.1F The minimum metal temperature shall %e ta,en as lo'er of o $eg C or the $esign temperature unless
lo'er MMT is specifie$ else'here. The requirement shall %e compl# 'ith all the co$e <specification
requirement for MMT such as impact teste$! heat treatment! ra$iograph#.
..1.11 2rovi$e multipurpose & M2 ( connections for pressure gauge<temperature in$icator<inline
h#$rotest<chemical cleaning etc. These connections shall %e 0F N9 flange$ 'ith 9; for no))le si)e 1FF
N9 an$ a%ove. ;or no))les >F N9! the M2 connection shall %e 1B-5FFF class soc,et 'el$e$ 'ith plug.
;or no))les 4F N9! the M2 connection shall %e HB I5FFF class soc,et 'el$e$ 'ith plug. 2rovi$e one
connection each on one inlet an$ one outlet no))le on each si$e of heat exchanger. In a$$ition! provi$e
vent<$rain connection 0FN9! flanges 'ith 9; on each si$e of exchanger if exchanger cannot %e
vente$<$raine$ through M2 connections.
..1.1- Integral reinforce$ no))les are require$ if an# of the follo'ing con$itions is applica%le D
a( The $esign pressure excee$s 4F ,g< sqcmg.
%( The $esign temperature is E o eg C or G .4F eg C.
c( 2late thic,ness excee$s 4Fmm or there is a limitation on 1
an$ last %affle spacing.
..1.1. All connection shall %e flanges unless specifie$ other'ise. Minimum no))le si)e shall %e 0F N9.
..1.10 No))les shall %e $esigne$ for external loa$ing from connecte$ piping. ;or equipment 'here piping
anal#sis is not in ven$or=s scope! the loa$ing on no))les shall %e consi$ere$ in $esign as 1FF Jg-m per
inch $ia of no))le & moment ( an$ 1FF ,g. 2er inch $ia of no))le & force ( in each of three $irections.
..1.14 ;or other special applications such as ,ettle re-%oilers! ,ettle steam generators! slurr# han$ling! H;
aci$ service! H#$rogen service etc.! applica%le special constructional features shall %e in$icate$ in the
1.0 MATERIALS : M+0!*#+, "2+,, 3! 4',,'5!( +" 6!* !%&,'"!( +00+&2/!%0".
1.1 T.3#%$ :
0.1.1 All tu%ing shall %e seamless an$ col$ $ra'n.
0.1.- Tu%ing shall %e in the full# heat treate$ con$itions as receive$ from the mill. Heat treatment shall %e
anneale$ for C" * "" tu%e. Copper allo# tu%es shall %e supplie$ in the anneale$ tempere$ con$ition.
0.1.. 2ro$uct anal#sis of tu%es shall %e carrie$ out an$ reporte$.
-0-1>-?4..$oc 2age - of 1.
1. B',0#%$ +%( F,+%$! C,'".*!" :
0.-.1 9olting shall consist of continuousl# threa$e$ %olts conforming to A"TM A-1?.-9C 'ith nuts in
accor$ance 'ith A"TM-1?0--H unless other'ise specifie$. 7en$or of exchanger unit shall guarantee
tightness compati%ilit# of their closure $esigns. This! especiall#! pertains to closures 'here $esigner
amalgamates components having $ifferent thermal expansion properties. "tu$ %olts shall %e full#
threa$e$. 9olt length specifie$ is the effective threa$ length. 6oun$e$ or chamfere$ en$ /oints
shall not %e inclu$e$ 'hen measuring length of %olts. The test temperature for impact testing of all
3C %olts an$ gra$e 0 nuts per A"TM A .-F shall %e -1-F $eg ;. Nuts conforming to A 1?0 gr. -! gr. -H
an$ +r. 0 in si)es greater than 1<-K shall not %e machine$ from %ar stoc,. Nuts conforming to A 1?0
+r0 in si)es smaller than 1<-K shall not %e machine$ from col$ finishe$ %ar stoc,. 9olts
conforming to A .-F +r. 9> shall %e strain har$ene$.
0.-.- ;or floating hea$ flanges! lo' har$ness %olting such as "A 1?. +r. 9 CM <"A .-F +r. 3 CM etc. shall
%e use$.

0...1 Metal /ac,ete$ gas,ets - +as,ets shall %e $ou%le /ac,ete$ enclose$ %# t'o seams 'ith graphite
or suita%le filling! shall have minimum total thic,ness of . mm %efore compression 'ith /ac,et
thic,ness of F.0 mm &min(.
0...- 1ac,et material shall %e same as H E material except for car%on steel vessel! /ac,et shall %e of
"".F0 material. +as,et contact face shall %e provi$e$ 'ith smooth finish.
0.... "piral 'oun$ gas,ets - metallic spirals 'ith as%estos or 2T;E fille$ gas,ets shall have minimum
total thic,ness of 0 mm. Each gas,et shall %e provi$e$ 'ith internal compression an$ external gui$e
ring! 'hen not availa%le integral in flange.
0...0 +as,ets shall conform to the follo'ing stan$ar$s
ou%le /ac,ete$ A2I 5F1 for corrugate$ /ac,ets
"piral 'oun$ A2I 5F1
0...4 The gra$e of %in$ers for impregnates use$ shall %e suita%le for service flui$ temperature.
0...5 The metal 'in$ings of spiral 'oun$ gas,ets shall %e of 1> Cr > Ni unless other special material
is require$ %# the process flui$. ;or operating temperatures %elo' -4F $eg ;! the centering
ring shall also %e 1> Cr > Ni.
0...C ;or ring gas,ets the har$ness of the ring shall %e lo'er than that of the flange. 8here it ma# not
%e possi%le to o%tain this feature as in the case of various allo#s! the material shall %e resolve$
'ith H2C3 .
0...> Manufacturer shall furnish gas,ets for interme$iate flanges %et'een multiple shell! $irect connecte$
0...? The har$ness of the metal for soli$ or cla$ gas,et is not to excee$ the follo'ing values D
Iron! copper! %rass! or other soft metals D Max. >F 9rinell.
"tainless steel! Monel! or other har$ allo#s! 9rinell num%er as lo' as possi%le an$ to %e minimum 14
9rinell lo'er than for the material of the flange gas,et facing.
0...1F All gas,ets shall %e ma$e in one continuous piece all aroun$ inclu$ing the pass ri%s an$ therefore
must %e cut from one sheet.
1.1 PLATES :
0.0.1 The car%on content of C" %oiler qualit# plates shall not excee$ F.-4L.
0.0.- Car%on steel plates to specification "A-414<415 shall %e in the normali)e$ con$ition.
0.0.. 2lates having thic,ness 15mm to 4Fmm & %oth inclusive ( shall %e examine$ ultrasonicall# as per
A"TM-A 0.4.
0.0.0 ;or thic,ness a%ove 4Fmm! ultrasonic examination shall %e carrie$ out as per A"TM-A- 4C> an$ shall
have acceptance stan$ar$ of level-I. :ltrasonic examination shall %e $one after the specifie$ heat
treatment of plates.
0.0.4 C" 9oiler qualit# plates< lo' allo# steel plates a%ove 4Fmm in thic,ness shall meet the follo'ing
a$$itional requirements D
i( 7acuum treatment as per the supplementar# requirement "1 of "A -F.
ii( Charp# 7-notch test as per the supplementar# requirements "4 of "A-F Test temperature D Minus -5
eg C or lo'er as specifie$ in "A -F< in$ivi$ual materials .
iii( Acceptance criteria D As per Ta%le A-.14 of "A -F.
@rientation of test %ar D Transverse to the $irection of rolling.
-0-1>-?4..$oc 2age . of 1.
;or material "A-414 +r. 5F<CF! values for "A-415 +r. 5F<CF shall %e ta,en.
iv( 9en$ test as per the supplementar# requirement "10 of specification "A -F.
0.0.5 All "" plates shall %e hot rolle$ anneale$ an$ pic,le$ an$ shall have No.1 finish on %oth si$es 'ith
reference to "A-0>F.
0.0.C 2lates representative of each heat shall %e intergranular corrosion teste$ as per A"TM A--5- practice E
for all .FF series "" materials.
0.4.1 ;langes shall %e forge$ 'el$ nec, t#pe.
0.4.- All pressure forging for C" an$ 3.A.". shall %e in normali)e$ an$ tempere$ con$ition.
0.4.. The car%on content of C" forging shall not excee$ F.-4 L.
0.4.0 C" forging a%ove C4mm! all tu%esheet forging an$ all forging of other materials shall %e 1FFL
ultrasonicall# teste$ as per A"TM A-.>>. Acceptance stan$ar$s shall %e a sper AM -F..-of A"ME
"ection 7III iv. II.
0.5.1 All pipes shall %e seamless..
0.5.- All 3A" pipes shall %e procure$ in normali)e$ * tempare$ con$ition.
4.1 DRAWING REVIEW / APPROVALD The complete $esign of the equipment $esign calculations an$ all
fa%rication $ra'ings &incl. Test rings( are to %e revie'e$ an$ approve$ %# Thir$ part# Inspection. After
approval of thir$ part# inspection! ven$or has to o%tain the H2C3Ms approval for $esign calculations an$
fa%rication $ra'ings. H2C3 shall have the authorit# to alter the specifications even after approval of
thir$ part#=s approval. ;a%ricator shoul$ stan$ guarantee for $esign of the exchanger. H2C3 shall have
the authorit# to alter the specifications even after thir$ part#=s approval. All As-%uilt tracings * prints
shall %e $ul# signe$ %# Thir$ part# inspection.
4.- In case of equipment requiring inspection %# an in$epen$ent authorit# li,e 3lo#$s! the supplier shall
o%tain the necessar# approval after getting the preliminar# approval from H2C3
4.. Thic,ness mentione$ in the $ra'ing is in$icative. 7en$or shoul$ rechec, the thic,ness of the Equipment
provi$e$ in the $ra'ing as per co$e. If the provi$e$ thic,ness is not sufficient as per co$e ven$or has to
provi$e the co$e thic,ness as per calculations. @ther'ise provi$e$ thic,ness in the $ra'ing shall %e
opte$ for fa%rication. ;or ne' $esign irrespective of material using in exchangers! Allo'a%le Material
strength shall %e consi$ere$ as 1C1FF psi for calculation purpose.
;or -.-E-5 A< 9< C! exchangers shall %e fa%ricate$ i$entical to the $ra'ings su%mitte$ as 7-.-F> &0
sheets(. Ho'ever! ven$or to chec, all parts to meet Co$e requirement. ;or an# improvements to meet
goo$ engg. 2ractices! Co$e! "tan$ar$s! please inform H2C3 for upgra$ation.
4.0 2urchaser=s or$er num%er an$ fa%ricator=s shop or$er num%er! client=s name! location of plant! item
num%er etc.
4.4 H2C3=s revie' of $ra'ings shall not relieve the 7en$or of his responsi%ilities in an# manner. The
$ra'ings shall %e su%mitte$ along'ith the $esign calculations.
4.5 The supplier shall not procee$ 'ith the fa%rication of the equipment unless the $esign an$ $ra'ings are
approve$ %# H2C3<Inspection Authorit#.
In general! no $eviations from H2C3 stan$ar$s an$ specifications shall %e permitte$. This $oes not
preclu$e possi%le innovations or improvements on the part of the supplier %ase$ on availa%le facilities.
"uch $eviations must %e clearl# points out as a separate paragraph entitle$ AE7IATI@N"B in the
supplier=s %i$! so as to avoi$ an# confusion an$ am%iguit# an$ to facilitate anal#sis of quotation in
minimum possi%le time. It shall %e ta,en for grante$ that except for the $eviations pointe$ out un$er the
AE7IATI@N"B paragraph! all other technical requirements shall %e a$here$ to! %# the supplier No
$eviations shall %e incorporate$! unless it has %een approve$ in 'riting %# H2C3. It is in supplier=s o'n
interest to get the 'ritten approval of H2C3 for all $eviations %efore accepting the 2urchase @r$er. No
$eviations shall %e entertaine$ or approve$ after the @r$er has %een accepte$ %# the "upplier. ela# in
-0-1>-?4..$oc 2age 0 of 1.
suppl# of the equipment! on account of such $eviations %eing not entertaine$ or approve$ %# H2C3 shall
%e contractor=s lia%ilit#.
In case there are no $eviations require$ %# the supplier! quotation un$er the AE7IATI@N"B paragraph
shall rea$ as AEN:I2MENT "HA33 9E ":223IE A" 2E6 H2C3=" "2ECI;ICATI@N"! C@E"
ETC.! IN A33 6E"2ECT"B It shall %e presume$ that supplier has un$erstoo$ ver# clearl# the /o%
requirements an$ shall full# compl# 'ith them.
5.1 All materials an$ accessories require$ for the fa%rication of the heat exchangers shall %e supplie$ %# the
supplier unless other'ise state$. All materials procure$ from outsi$e In$ia shall %e inspecte$ %# repute$
thir$ part# inspection agenc# shall %e %orne %# ven$or. Mill test certificates alone are not final.
5.- "tainless steel name plate shall %e provi$e$ %# the supplier on each heat exchanger shell.
5.. Test rings! $umm# shell an$ test flanges shall %e $esigne$ an$ supplie$ %# the supplier. ra'ings for
these also shall nee$ prior approval of H2C3. Material use$ for fa%ricating these shall %e of teste$
qualit#. The num%er of test ring< test flange assem%lies shall %e equal to the num%er of shells stac,e$.
5.0 Test ring shall %e provi$e$ for all floating hea$ exchangers 'ith %onnet on channel si$e an$ for channel
'ith flat covers having test pressure on tu%esi$e greater than shell si$e. esign all testing accessories for
testing the %un$le outsi$e the shell for exchangers 'ith $esign pressure on tu%esi$e greater than shell
si$e. @nl# one set of Test 6ing to %e provi$e$ for . &three( nos. of exchangers -.-E-5 A<9<C.
5.4 All necessar# arrangements such as supports! %lin$ flanges! test gas,ets! %olts! nuts an$ other accessories
shall %e provi$e$ %# the supplier for testing of heat exchangers.
5.5 "upplier shall inclu$e in his quotation suppl# of tie %olts! leveling shims or interme$iate supports for
stac,e$ units! gas,ets! nuts an$ %olts relating to interconnecting no))les & tu%e an$ shell si$e(. All these
components shall %e $ispatche$ separatel# 'ith $ue care having %een ta,en regar$ing i$entification of
these for ease of installation. "upplier shoul$ also inclu$e for minor mo$ification<a$$itions li,e la$$er
an$ insulation cleats etc. 'hich ma# %e require$ at a later stage.
5.C It is $eeme$ that supplier shall suppl# the equipment strictl# as per the requirements of the co$es!
specifications etc. As such it is presume$ that unless in$icate$ un$er the AE7IATI@N"B paragraph of
the quotation! the $imensions an$ materials for various components in a heat exchanger are as per
H2C3=s requirement. This $oes not preclu$e use of equivalent or %etter materials. Ho'ever! these
$eviations shoul$ %e clearl# in$icate$ in the quotation. If an equivalent material sought %# the supplier is
to a specification! other than I" or A"TM<A"ME! it might %e necessar# for the supplier to su%mit the
specifications of the equivalent material & translate$ in English language! if the original is not in English(.
C.1 The supplier shall suppl# -FL extra stu$s an$ nuts %ut not less than 0 stu$s 'ith > nuts for each pair of
mating flanges! interconnecting no))les! no))les 'ith %lin$ flanges etc.
9. The supplier shall also suppl# four sets of spare gas,ets other than those use$ or testing an$<or $uring
9.) An# other spares! tools an$ tac,les require$ for t'o #ears operation< maintenance shall %e supplie$.
"upplier shall su%mit the $etails of such spares in the 3#( 6+&:+$!.
>.1 2late Cutting .
>.1.1 Car%on an$ 3o' Allo# "teels D Car%on steel an$ lo' allo# steel plates are to %e cut to si)e %# flame
cutting an$<or machining. 8hen plate thic,ness $oes not excee$ -4mm! col$ shearing ma# %e use$!
provi$e$ that the sheare$ e$ge is cut %ac, %# machining or chipping for a $istance of 1<0
of thic,ness of
plate %ut in no case less than . mm. All plate! e$ges after cutting shall %e examine$ for laminations to
ensure that the sheare$ e$ges are free from crac,s. #e penetrant an$ ultrasonic chec, of e$ges forming
main 'el$ seams is recommen$e$ especiall# for higher thic,ness plates 'hen these plates are use$ for
lo' temperature or h#$rogen service. ;or lo' allo# steel plates! e$ges of plates shall %e preheate$ %efore
flame cutting
>.1.- Austenitic "teels D Austenitic stainless steel plates shoul$ %e cut %# plasma cutting! ho'ever for thic,ness
upto 14mm col$ shearing ma# also %e a$opte$. In all cases the cut e$ges 'ill %e groun$ %ac, %# - to .
-0-1>-?4..$oc 2age 4 of 1.
mm an$ chec,e$ for laminations an$ crac,s. It is recommen$e$ that cut e$ges forming main 'el$ seams
of pressure containing parts %e chec,e$ ultrasonicall# or %# $#e-penetrant examination
>.- Han$ling of Materials D To preserve the qualit# an$ finish of the materials an$ to avoi$ an# rusting! an$
minimi)e a$$itional cleaning etc.! follo'ing preventive measures shoul$ %e ta,en care of D
a( Material shoul$ %e ,ept in original cases or 'rappers until fa%rication actuall# %egins. Cases or
'rappers ma# have to %e opene$ for initial inspection! %ut after inspection! these shoul$ again %e
carefull# pac,e$. These shoul$ %e store$ in$oors on clean rac,s! shelves or platforms an$ shoul$ %e
suita%l# covere$ an$ ,ept free of shop $irt! pic,ling or plating fumes! particles or scale from steel
fa%rication! lu%ricating oil etc.
%( ;a%ricating equipment shoul$ %e cleane$ of all resi$ues %efore %eing emplo#e$ for a ne' operation on
"". 2aper or other protective covering shoul$ %e place$ on all surfaces.
>.. 6olling an$ ishing of 2lates
>...1 6olling D 6olling of plates shall %e in longitu$inal $irection of the plates. The $irection shall %e
clearl# mar,e$ on the plates. 6e-rolling after 'el$ing is not normall# recommen$e$. Ho'ever! if for
large $iameter shells! rerolling of 'el$e$ shell course is require$! this shall %e $one in the presence of
the o'ner=s authori)e$ inspector. All 'el$s on the section to %e rerolle$ must %e groun$ flush. After
rerolling! all the 'el$s on the rerolle$ section must %e chec,e$ %# the $#e penetrant test. "uch 'el$s
shall then %e su%/ecte$ to ra$iograph# as require$ %# $ra'ings< co$es.
>...- ishing D All $ishe$ hea$s shall %e single piece construction an$ ellipsoi$al in shape. Torispherical
$ishe$ hea$s 'ith ,nuc,le ra$ius greater of .T or 14L an$ cro'n ra$ius >FL of @ are also
accepta%le. "traight face shall %e minimum .>mm or .T 'hichever is more & T %eing nominal
thic,ness of plate from 'hich forming is $one (. "traight face in an# case nee$ not excee$ 4Fmm
unless specificall# in$icate$ other'ise. ishe$ hea$s shall %e su%/ecte$ to $#e penetrant test on
,nuc,le portions & %oth insi$e an$ outsi$e ( an$ 'el$ e$ges after heat treatment. All car%on steel an$
lo' allo# steel hea$s shall %e normali)e$ if not forme$ in normali)ing range. All "" $ish hea$s shall
%e solution anneale$ after forming.
>.0 8el$ing D All 'el$ing proce$ures shall %e su%mitte$ to H2C3 <Thir$ part# inspection agenc# for
approval giving all relevant $etails. 8el$ing qualification recor$s shall in$icate har$ness values of 'el$
metal! HAO an$ parent metal an$ also results of impact tests 'hen $esign temperature is F $eg C or
lo'er or 'hen specificall# in$icate$ for materials %eing 'el$e$. No 'el$ing shall %e un$erta,en until
the 'el$ing proce$ure an$ 'el$er=s qualifications have %een approve$ %# H2C3 an$< or %# the
authori)e$ inspection agenc#. All 'el$ing proce$ures an$ 'el$ers shall %e qualifie$ for the particular
t#pe of 'el$ing an$ material in accor$ance 'ith the A"ME 9oiler an$ 2ressure 7essel Co$e! "ection IP.
"upplier shall %e responsi%le for the qualit# of the 'el$s performe$.
>.0.1 8el$e$ 1oints an$ 2roce$ures D 2ressure hol$ing %utt /oints shall %e full penetration $ou%le si$e
'el$e$ %utt /oints. 6oot pass of single si$e 'el$e$ %utt /oints shall %e $one 'ith TI+ 'el$ing an$
'ith Argon gas purge. This proce$ure shall also %e follo'e$ for tu%e-sheet to shell 'el$s in fixe$
tu%esheet heat exchanger. 9ac,ing strips for single si$e 'el$e$ %utt /oints is not permitte$. All other
pressure hol$ing 'el$s! an$ 'el$s of lugs etc. 'ith pressure parts! shall %e full penetration an$ shall %e
2<M2 teste$.
All internal 'el$s on the shell! shall %e groun$ flush from insi$e. All other 'el$s ma# %e left in the
$escale$ con$ition onl#. Ho'ever! for 3TC" materials! even these shall also %e groun$ flush or
$resse$ smooth.
>.0.- "taggering of 8el$ "eams D 3ongitu$inal seams shall %e staggere$ 'ith a minimum circumferential
$istance %et'een the centers of 'el$s of 4 times the thic,ness of thic,er plate. 8el$ seams shall %e so
locate$ as to avoi$ connections an$ external attachments.
>.0.. External Attachments D External attachments li,e lugs! supports etc. of car%on steel shall not %e 'el$e$
$irectl# to high allo# or austenitic stainless steel heat exchanger components. These attachments
shoul$ %e of the same material as the heat exchanger component. If this is not so! interme$iate pa$
plates of the same material t#pe as the heat exchanger component ma# %e use$. These pa$s shall %e at
least 1FFmm 'i$er an$ longer than the attachment an$ shall %e at least 4 mm thic,. 8el$ing of car%on
steel to austenitic stainless steel shall %e $one 'ith -4L Chrome-1-L Nic,el electro$es & A8"-
7en$or to provi$e Insulation Cleats. Insulation 'ill %e carrie$ out %# H2C3.
-0-1>-?4..$oc 2age 5 of 1.
>.0.0 Tu%e - Tu%e "heet 8el$ing D Tu%e-to-tu%e sheet 'el$ing! if specifie$ in the heat exchanger $ra'ing
shall %e carrie$ out as per proce$ure approve$ %# H2C3 < thir$ part# inspection agenc#. No $istortion
'hatsoever shall %e permitte$ on the gas,et seating surfaces $ue to tu%e to tu%e sheet 'el$ing. If
$istorte$! the same shall %e machine$ suita%l#.
>.0.4 2artition 2late 8el$ing D ;or C" an$ .FF series ""! except for lo' temperature service all partition
plates shall %e 'el$e$ to channels etc. %# minimum 5mm continuous fillet 'el$s on %oth si$es. ;or all
other materials an$ lo' temperature services! all partition plate to channel 'el$s shall %e full
penetration. 2artition plates thic,er than 1Fmm shall %e tapere$ to 1Fmm at partition groove! except
'hen mentione$ other'ise on $ra'ings. @ne No. 5 $ia 'eephole shall %e provi$e$ at the center of
each hori)ontal pass partition plate an$ a 4mm ra$ius notch on top<%ottom point of each vertical pass
partition plate for all multipass exchangers for effective venting an$ $raining.
>.0.5 8el$ing Consuma%les D All 'el$ing shall %e $one 'ith electro$es! fillers an$ fluxes of repute$ ma,e!
'ith repro$uci%ilit# of results. Electro$e shall %e use$ onl# A7ANI @63ICJ@N< E""A9<*H. ;or
C" pressure parts! the electro$es shall %e of lo' h#$rogen t#pe.
>.0.C The cla$$ing shall %e cut %ac, at all seams to permit %ac, 'el$ing of the %asemetal. 8el$ metal shall
%e groun$ flush an$ full# covere$ 'ith the applica%le 'el$ $eposit. The 'el$ $eposit shall %e at least
as thic, as the lining.
>.0.> The cla$$ing shall %e 1FFL ultrasonicall# examine$ for lac, of %on$ after forming an$! if necessar#!
repaire$ %# 'el$ overla# of the same or similar anal#sis. No))les ma# also %e cla$ %# explosion
%on$ing 'ith the same examination as for cla$ hea$s! or tu%ular liners ma# %e use$ 'hich shall %e
'el$e$ to the allo# facing at the flange en$ an$ to the insi$e flush 'ith the exchanger vessel.
>.0.? All 'el$ overla#! 'hether manual or automatic proce$ure! shall %e liqui$ $#e penetrant examine$ in
accor$ance 'ith the metho$s $escri%e$ in A"TM-E154. 8hen the overla# involves t'o passes
& 3a#ers ( an$ the proce$ure uses an interme$iate heat treatment 'ith cooling to room temperature
prior to appl#ing the secon$ la#er! each la#er shall %e examine$. 8here overla# is to %e machine$!
such as in no))les an$ flange facing machine$ surface shall %e examine$. If 1FFL of overla# is
examine$ prior to the final post 'el$ heat treatment! the overla# shall %e spot examine$ & no less than
1FL of the surface ( after heat treatment. "pot examinations hall %e con$ucte$ after shop h#$rostatic
>.4 Tu%e sheet an$ 9affle-$rilling etc. D Tu%e holes in tu%e sheets shall %e $rille$ so as to allo's not less than
F.>mm in $iameter of metal for reaming. These shall then %e reame$ to final si)e. 9efore the final
reaming operation is $one! supplier shoul$ chec, the actual @ of the tu%es for the respective heat
exchanger. This is of ma/or importance in case of austenitic stainless steel tu%es. Tu%e hole grooving in
tu%e sheets shall %e carrie$ out. Tu%e holes in %affles an$ tu%e sheets shall %e $e%urre$ an$ cleane$
%efore assem%l#. The interior surface of the tu%e holes in tu%e sheets shall have a smooth finish an$ %e
free from spiral scratches an$ scores.
>.5 Cleaning of Tu%e Holes D After the reaming operation! suita%le precautions shall %e ta,en to ensure that the
interior surfaces of the tu%e holes are maintaine$ free of rust! until tu%es are inserte$. 9efore insertion of
tu%es! tu%e holes an$ tu%e en$s must %e free from oil! grease! $irt an$ protective coatings & on tu%es as
receive$ from mill ( an$ other foreign matter. ;or this purpose the tu%e en$s must %e thoroughl# cleane$
for a $istance of at least one tu%e sheet thic,ness plus .Fmm. Cleaning solution shoul$ %e chlori$es free
& especiall# for stainless steels ( an$ shoul$ not lea$ to fire ha)ar$s. This solution ma# %e spra#e$ %# an
air-pressure$ spra# gun.
>.C No))le ;langes! No))les an$ 6einforcing 2a$ss
>.C.1 ;langes D :nless other'ise in$icate$! $imensions! $rilling! facing an$ tolerances for no))les flanges
& an$ %lin$ covers if require$ ( up to -0B N9 shall %e as per AN"I 9 15.4 for the respective class.
;langes a%ove -0B N9 shall %e as per A2I 5F4! unless in$icate$ other'ise. 9olt holes on these no))les
flanges shall stra$$le principal vertical an$ hori)ontal centerlines of equipment. If the component to
'hich no))les are attache$ is su%sequentl# stress relieve$! it shall %e supplier=s responsi%ilit# to
maintain true gas,et faces %# machining or other'ise. If $istortion expecte$ is consi$era%le! final
machining operation shoul$ %e $one after stress relieving! sufficient matching allo'ance for this
purpose shoul$ %e availa%le. No))le flange facings! gas,ets! an$ %olting $etails for no))les 'ith the
piping specification an$ class shall %e in$icate$ on the $ra'ing.
>.C.- No))le 2ipes D No))le pipes shall %e attache$ to the heat exchanger components %# full penetration
'el$s. Attachment 'el$s using onl# inner an$ outer fillet 'el$s are not permitte$. :nless other'ise
sho'n on the $ra'ings! nec,s of all no))les shall %e flush 'ith the insi$e of the heat exchanger
-0-1>-?4..$oc 2age C of 1.
component. Insi$e corners of no))le pipes of shell< channel I shall %e roun$e$ off to .mm ra$ius. All
no))les -B an$ %elo' shall have t'o stiffeners .F 'i$e x 5 th, at right angles. 2ipes shall %e to AN"I
9 .5..F or .5.1? as applica%le.
>.C.. 6einforcing 2a$s an$ Testing D 6einforcing pa$s 'henever require$ as per co$es shall %e of the same
material or equivalent as the heat exchanger component to 'hich it is 'el$e$. All reinforcing pa$s
shall %e provi$e$ 'ith t'o 1<>B & .mm ( N2T tappe$ holes locate$ 1>F eg apart for air-soap solution
test. This test shall also %e require$ to %e carrie$ out for slip on flanges. 2ressure of 1.-4 ,g< sqcmg is
suggeste$ for these tests. Higher test pressure are not recommen$e$ %ecause of accompan#ing ris,s
an$ also %ecause the soap %u%%les have a chance to %lo' off. Tell-tale holes in the reinforcing pa$s
shall %e plugge$ 'ith heav# grease unless other'ise in$icate$.
>.> 9olts! "tu$s etc. * Tappe$ Holes D All inch %olting an$ threa$ing shall conform to AN"I 9 1.1 except
for si)e 1B an$ a%ove 'here it shall %e > threa$s per inch. Metric %olting< threa$ing shall conform to
I"@--51 & coarse (! tolerance me$ium! except for si)e M -0 an$ a%ove! 'here it shall have .mm pitch.
"tu$s shall exten$ %e#on$ the nut %# a%out 1Fmm! an$ shall %e threa$e$ full length. Threa$s on external
%olting! plugs etc. shall %e lu%ricate$ 'ith graphite grease for 'or,ing temperatures upto -FF eg C an$
'ith mol#%$enum $isulphi$e for higher temperature. All nut seating faces shall %e machine$ or spot
faces. Tappe$ holes $rille$ on the channel si$e face of cla$ tu%e sheets for remova%le %un$les shall %e
fitte$ 'ith plugs of a material similar to channel si$e material. E#e %olts for these shall %e provi$e$
loose an$ unless other'ise in$icate$! shall %e of car%on steel forge$. ;lange$ /oints shall %e provi$e$
'ith /ac, scre's an$ necessar# lugs as per H2C3 "tan$ar$. ;or exten$e$ tu%e sheets! tappe$ holes shall
%e provi$e$ for girth %olting. "tu$s for these shall have square en$s. Nut height shall %e equal to %olt
>.? Assem%l# an$ Han$ling D "uita%le metho$ of alignment li,e $o'els etc. shall %e provi$e$ to prevent
misassem%l# of channel! channels covers! stationar# tu%e sheet etc.
>.?.1 Heat Exchangers! 'hich are stac,e$ in service! shall %e assem%le$ in the 'or,shop for a trial fit.
"pecial care shall %e exercise$ in truing up connecting no))le flanges. Complete assem%l# shall %e
given a h#$raulic test as a single unit except 'hen the test pressures for in$ivi$ual heat exchangers are
>.?.- In case of remova%le %un$les D
a( "tationer# tu%e sheets shall %e $rille$ an$ tappe$ at vertical & F $eg C ( position for attaching e#e %olts!
or a lifting lug of a$equate thic,ness shall %e 'el$e$ 'ith -4 $ia hole & min. (
%( rilling an$ tapping as a%ove ma# %e carrie$ out on floating tu%e sheet.
c( 3ast support plate shall %e $rille$ & -4 $ia ( for lifting. 3ocal stiffening ma# %e necessar# to a$equatel#
support the %un$le.
$( The tu%e %un$le pulling force shall %e ta,en as 1FFL of the tu%e %un$le 'eight.
>.?.. A$equate lifting an$ han$ling lugs etc. shall %e provi$e$ %# the fa%ricator to ease han$ling! lifting!
erection etc. of the complete equipment.
>.?.0 2ulling e#e %olts shall %e provi$e$ for all remova%le %un$les.
>.?.4 avits shall %e provi$e$ for removal of channel! channel cover! shell cover an$ floating hea$ assem%l#.
>.1F escaling! 2ic,ling etc.
escaling! pic,ling an$ passivation shall %e $one for all stainless steel surfaces or parts 'hich are
su%/ecte$ to high temperature & 4FF $eg C an$ a%ove ( $uring forming & li,e :-%en$ing of tu%es or
$ishing ( or 'el$ing. The supplier shall suppl# $etails of the proce$ure for approval.
>.11 ;a%rication Tolerances * ;inish
>.11.1The $imensional tolerances shall %e 'ithin the limits in$icate$ in stan$ar$s. 8here tolerances are not
specifie$! these shall %e in accor$ance 'ith the requirements of TEMA & 3atest E$ition &.
>.11.-All e$ges an$ corners shall %e $e%urre$ & or ra$iuse$ if sho'n (.
>.11..;inish of all machine$ components shall %e minimum 1- microns & 4FF 6M" ( unless other'ise
in$icate$ parts su%/ecte$ to ultrasonic examination shall have minimum finish of 5 microns.
>.11.0Tu%e sheet faces shall %e flat 'ithin Q<- 1.4mm & cam%er (.
>.1- ;or non- ferrous heat exchangers! paragraph N; C an$ N; 10 of appen$ix N; in part :N; of section 7III
iv. I of A"ME Co$e are man$ator#. This applies to non-ferrous cla$$ing or applie$ lining also.
?.1 +eneral
?.1.1 The minimum extent of ra$iograph# shall %e spot.
-0-1>-?4..$oc 2age > of 1.
?.1.- "upplier shall allo' for full ra$iograph# in case of heat exchangers! 'hich fall un$er the follo'ing
categories D
a( ;or exchangers un$er I96
%( 8here the relevant $esign co$e< specification $oes not permit a lo'er class of construction.
?.1.. All pressure retaining 'el$s 'hich are not su%/ecte$ to %e ra$iographic shall %e su%/ecte$ to either
magnetic particle or $#e penetrant chec, or %oth at the $iscretion of the inspector after root pass
'el$ing! final 'el$ing an$ %ac, chipping.
?.1.0 6a$iographic an$ other requirement for lo' allo# steel 'el$s shall %e in the heat treate$ an$ final
>.1.4 If ra$iograph# is %eing su%stitute$ %# :"T for the final closing seam as permitte$ %# co$e! magnetic
particle inspection shall %e carrie$ out in a$$ition to :"T.
?.- "pot 6a$iograph#. D 8hen spot ra$iograph# is as,e$ for! it shall mean that at least 1FL of the total 'el$e$
length must %e ra$iographe$. 3ength of each ra$iograph shall %e atleast -4Fmm. ;urther! all R-R /oints
must %e ra$iographe$ an$ at least one shot must e ta,en on each longitu$inal an$ circumferential seam.
The o'ner=s authori)e$ inspector shall mar, the areas to %e ra$iographe$. This requirement shall
supplement the ones specifie$ in A"ME "ection 7III iv-I.
?.. Acceptance "tan$ar$s or 6a$iograph#.
Acceptance stan$ar$s for ra$iograph# shall %e as per A"ME "ECTI@N 7III I7 .1.
1F.12ost 8el$ Heat Treatment & 28HT ( shall %e $one 'hen require$ %# relevant fa%rication specification!
co$es! service con$itions etc. No 'el$ing or heating is permitte$ after 28HT @peration.
1F.1.1. In a$$ition to co$e requirements C" an$ 3A" shall %e 28HT inclu$ing tu%e to tu%esheet /oint if
'el$e$! if D-
a( 3o' temperature %elo' F eg C. & Tu%e to tu%esheet /oint exclu$e$ for temperatures 'armer than
%( :n$er I96.
c( @ther services 'here stipulation of har$ness of 'el$s are applica%le.
$( @ther services 'here stipulation of impact tests of 'el$s are applica%le.
1F.- All machining operations shall %e carrie$ out after heat treatment. It shall %e the responsi%ilit# of the
supplier to leave sufficient allo'ance for this purpose.
1F.. "upplier shall su%mit the proce$ure for 28HT along'ith the fa%rication $ra'ings for H2C3=s approval.
1F.0 Contact expansion in case of 'el$e$ tu%e to tu%e sheet /oint shall %e $one after 28HT.
The inspection shall %e carrie$ out %# the o'ner=s authori)e$ representative! here-in-after referre$ to as
the authori)e$ inspector.
The materials! fa%rication! an$ testing of exchangers shall %e open to inspection %# the authori)e$
inspector in a$$ition to an# inspection require$ %# the specifie$ co$e or %# local authorities having
/uris$iction over the installation.
Inspection shall %e carrie$ out %oth $uring fa%rication an$ %efore $eliver# an$ also for su% or$ere$
materials! in an#. In a$$ition to final inspection an$ certification %# inspectorS $uring the course of
manufacture! authori)e$ inspector=s 'ritten approval shall %e o%taine$ %# the supplier at all stages of
fa%rication inclu$ing .
a( 6a' material i$entification.
%( E$ge preparation for 'el$ing! inclu$ing visual chec, for laminations.
c( Alignment of longitu$inal an$ circumferential seams.
$( 6olling tolerances on in$ivi$ual section.
e( Alignment of sections an$ components.
f( 6oot pass clearance %efore 'el$ing an$ cleaning.
g( Thinning of $ishe$ en$s an$ toriconical pieces after forming.
h( Chec,ing of tu%e sheet after $rilling! inclu$ing visual chec, for laminations.
i( Tu%esheet to shell set up for fixe$ tu%esheet exchangers! prior to 'el$ing operation.
-0-1>-?4..$oc 2age ? of 1.
The presence of the authori)e$ inspectors shall not mo$if# or re$uce the o%ligation of the supplier to
carr# out his o'n tests an$ control. "houl$ an# material an$<or equipment %e foun$ not in compliance
'ith the requirements specifie$! the authori)e$ inspectors or their $elegates shall %e entitle$ to
irrevoca%l# re/ect them! even if such non compliance has not %een evi$ence$ in the course of inspection
an$<or tests.
The authori)e$ inspector 'ill! at the time of his initial visit! set up 'ith supplier actual $etails of
inspection stages to %e 'itnesse$ or carrie$ out S the sche$ule of further visits an$ su%sequent inspection
notices can %e arrange$ %et'een the inspector an$ the supplier.
The supplier shall notif# the authori)e$ inspector sufficientl# in a$vance of an# fa%ricating operations to
permit him to arrive at the ven$or=s shop in time to 'itness the operations.
2rior to final inspection! all slag! 'el$ spatter! loose scale! $irt! grit! paint! grease! oil an$ other foreign
matters shall %e remove$ in or$er to facilitate inspection. All reinforcing pa$s an$ slip on t#pe flange
'el$s shall %e pressure teste$ 'ith air an$ soap solution %efore an$ after heat treatment & if an# ( an$
%efore final h#$rostatic test.
A $imensional chec,ing of equipment shall %e carrie$ out ta,ing into account the tolerances sho'n on
H2C3 stan$ar$s! $esign specifications! or applica%le co$es. The more stringent values shall govern.
imensional chec,s are to %e ta,en of the internal measurements of equipment together 'ith external
ones an$ these are to %e recor$e$ on a cop# of the $ra'ings as %eing the Aas ma$eB $imensions.
11.-H#$rostatic an$ other tests
11.-.1These tests shall %e 'itnesse$ %# the authori)e$ inspector. 8hen h#$rostatic tests are performe$ the
in$icating gauge shall %e connecte$ to the upper most part of the equipment. Testing 'ater shall %e salt
free. ;or stainless steel equipment an$ exchangers 'ith "" %ello's! use $emineralise$ 'ater or
con$ensate. ;inal h#$rostatic tests shall %e carrie$ out using service gas,ets an$ the equipment shall %e
$ispatche$ in as teste$ con$ition. Minimum metal temperature $uring h#$rostatic tests shall %e -F $eg
C. Test pressures shall %e maintaine$ for at least one hour.
"hell an$ tu%e si$es shall %e teste$ separatel#! unless other'ise mentione$ on the $ra'ings. ;or
tu%esheet $esigne$ for $ifferential- pressure! special care shall %e ta,en $uring testing. Equipment
$ra'ings shall clearl# in$icate %# a note! if tu%e sheets have %een $esigne$ for $ifferential pressure.
11.-.-All vertical exchangers shall %e teste$ in vertical position. Alternativel# test pressure ma# %e mo$ifie$
'ith prior H2C3 approval.
11.-.."tac,e$ exchangers! 'ith no))les interconnecte$ shall %# h#$roteste$ in the stac,e$ con$ition.
11.-.0 The thir$ part# inspection agencies 'ill %e either of the follo'ing
11.-.0 Irrespective of thir$ part# inspection! H2C3 'ill have the right to visit ven$orMs premises to
ascertain qualit# an$ progress of the /o%s. All thir$ part# inspection charges 'ill %e reim%urse after
su%mission of authentic $ocuments to H2C3
11.-.4 All materials to %e approve$ %# thir$ part# inspection "ample to %e provi$e$ free of cost for
o'nerMs test.
Each exchanger 'ill %e fitte$ 'ith a name plate as per stan$ar$.
1-.- Item Num%er "tamping
The follo'ing exchanger parts shall %ear o'ner=s exchanger item num%er D
"hell girth flanges! shell cover flanges! channel girth flanges! flat channel cover! stationer# an$ floating
tu%esheets! floating heat cover flange! floating hea$ %ac,ing ring! connecting pieces! test rings! test
flanges an$ other main remova%le parts.
-0-1>-?4..$oc 2age 1F of 1.
These parts shall %e stampe$ except for heat exchangers in lo' temperature service! 'here the item
num%er shall %e mar,e$ 'ith non-remova%le in,.
1..1 "upplier shall suppl# five &4( %oun$ copies of $ata fol$ers containing the follo'ing
information D
+> All $ra'ings shall %e $evelope$ on AutoCA rel 10
3> Manufacturer=s $ata report & co$e certificate(
&> Exchanger outline $ra'ing an$ part $ra'ings correcte$ to sho' the actual $imensions
Aas %uiltB on A1 < J si)e a sheet .
(> Certifie$ material test report! sho'ing location! heat num%ers! chemical anal#sis! an$
ph#sical properties of all materials use$ in the fa%rication of the exchangers.
!> 6eports of tests ma$e on 'el$e$ test plates! if an# such tests are ma$e.
4> 2hotostat cop# of the temperature recor$ing chart o%taine$ $uring heat treatment. The
c#cle of heating! soa,ing an$ cooling shall %e sho'n.
$> Copies of h#$rostatic an$ other test reports.
2> Cop# & ru%%ing ( of name plate.
#> 6ecor$s of ra$iographic examination.
?> 2hotostat cop# of approving agenc#=s certificate if an#.
:> Metho$ of pac,aging propose$ 'ith s,etch sho'ing anchorage.
,> An# other $ocumentation as require$.
/> +uarantee Certificate for the material supplie$ %# the ven$or as per +uarantee clause
given a%ove.
%> @ne no. A"@B.#,0 0*+%"6+*!%&#!" A%'% 0!+*+3,! T!&2%'B+> 6,." "'40 &'6C #% ,+0!"0
AUTOCAD B!*"#'%.
7en$or shall su%mit follo'ing $ocuments at $ifferent stages as $escri%e$ %elo' D
2 T 2rints 6 T 6epro$uci%le
ocuments ;or Approval ;inal
esign Calculations . 2 4 2 V
;a%rication $ra'ings 0 2 4 2Q16 V
"tage Inspection 6eports V 0 p 4 2
;inal Inspection 6eports V 0 2 4 2
Material Test Certificate V 0 2 4 2
NT 6ecor$s V 0 2 4 2
+uarantee Certificate - 4 2
1( ocuments Mar,e$ V thus shall %e su%mitte$ $ul# signe$ * approve$ %# Inspection -in-
1..-Equipment shall %e $ispatche$ onl# after the completion of the $ata fol$ers.
10.1+eneral After completion of all testing an$ inspection! the insi$e of complete equipment shall %e
thoroughl# $raine$ an$ $rie$ out. Equipment shall %e complete$ $rie$ %# passing hot air for sufficient time
until no further increase in relative humi$it# of outgoing air is o%serve$. r#-out shall %e $one
simultaneousl# on %oth shell an$ tu%e si$es. ;lange faces shall %e covere$ %# a suita%le rust preventing
easil# remova%le oil an$ protecte$ %# temporar# steel covers. @pening shall on no account %e fitte$ 'ith
tapere$ 'oo$en plugs for this purpose. All threa$e$ holes shall %e suita%l# protecte$ 'ith steel %ar plugs.
-0-1>-?4..$oc 2age 11 of 1.
The exchangers shall %e fille$ 'ith Nitrogen at F.-4 ,g<sqcm pressure! an$ a non return valve provi$e$.
8rite a note in %ol$ capital letters. A Equipment fille$ 'ith Nitrogen AExchanger shall %e shippe$
along'ith complete A2ac,ing an$ "hipping InstructionB. ;or importe$ exchangers! the pac,ing shall %e
11. S2'6 P+#%0#%$
2ainting shall %e carrie$ out as per specification given %elo'.
10.-.1S2'0 B,+"0#%$ : It shall %e as per S+ 1/
10.-.-WASHING WITH FRESH WATERD All %are lines< vessels< equipment shall %e full# cleane$ %# fresh
'ater %efore cleaning < shot %lasting to remove all possi%ilities of salt $eposits. The su%/ect surface shall
%e also cleane$ %efore application of next coat if area is su%/ect to salt-'ater spra#s.
10.-..PAINTING AFTER CLEANING: The primer coat shall %e applie$ 'ithin 0 hours of cleaning.
Ho'ever! if rust spots appear even $uring this interval! the same shall %e re-cleane$ an$ re offere$ for
inspection %efore appl#ing the paint.
10.-.0RECOMMENDED VENDORS : The quotations shoul$ %e invite$ onl# from the follo'ing ven$ors on
appl# an$ suppl# %asis.D
A"#+% P+#%0", B!*$!* P+#%0", B'/3+C P+#%0", I%0!*%+0#'%+, P+#%0", D & N, S2+,#/+* P+#%0"
+> BARE VESSELS/ EXCHANGERS / AM+E#/./ S.*4+&! T!/6 F 100 (!$ C>:
S6!&#4#&+0#'% N' '4 C'+0" A66,#&+0#'%
S.*4+&! P*!6+*+0#'% : S2'0 B,+"0 0' S+ G
2rimer - Inorganic Oinc "ilicate @NE Airless spra# 1 P 5F T 5F

3> ALL OTHER BARE E=UIPMENT & SURFACES F'* WHICH S.*4+&! T!/6!*+0.*! #" 3!05!!% :
+3'B! 100 0' )00 D!$ C
S6!&#4#&+0#'% N' '4 C'+0" A66,#&+0#'%
S.*4+&! P*!6+*+0#'% : S2'0 B,+"0 0' S+ G
2rimer - Heat 6esistant Al-"ilicone 2aint @NE 9rush 1 P -F T -F
;inish - Heat 6esistant Al-"ilicone 2aint @NE 9rush 1 P -F T -F
TOTAL DFT F 10 /#&*'%"
NoteD No temperature curing is allo'e$ for the Heat 6esistant paint of this s#stem.
10.. No equipment shall %e release$ for shipment until the authori)e$ inspector approves it.
10.0Equipment to %e $elivere$ to H2 ;uels 6efiner# an$ to %e unloa$e$ 'ith the help of
o'nerMs crane. Transit insurance to %e arrange$ %# the ven$or.
Car%on "teel external surfaces other than flange$ faces an$ other machine$ surfaces shall %e given one
shop coat of primer paint. "urfaces to %e painte$ shall %e prepare$ for painting %# removing loose mill
scale! rust! oil! grease an$ other films or su%stance harmful to the a$hesion of paint. "hop coat shall %e
)inc chromate.
10.4 I$entification D The equipment item num%er! 2.@. num%er an$ o'ner=s name an$ a$$ress shall %e painte$
in %ol$ 'hite paint letters 'ritten 'ith stencil! on the heat exchanger.
10.5 ispatch of Equipment D No heat exchanger shall %e release$ for shipment until it has %een approve$ %#
the authori)e$ inspector. Heat exchangers shall %e $ispatche$ after operations as require$ %# a%ove
clauses have %een carrie$ out an$ shall %e $ispatche$ in as teste$ con$ition.
Heat exchangers shall %e securel# anchore$ for $ispatch in or$er to prevent an# shifting an$ $amage
$uring transportation. Expansion /oints an$ %ello's! 'herever encountere$ shall %e suita%l# protecte$
against an# possi%le $amage. 2ac,aging shall %e suita%le for rail or roa$ transport! an$ also sea 'orth# if
require$. "pare gas,ets an$ other loose spares shall %e $ispatche$ separatel# in a %ox an$ mar,e$ 'ith
2.@. num%er! equipment item num%er an$ o'ner=s name an$ a$$ress.
-0-1>-?4..$oc 2age 1- of 1.
14.1 The supplier shall guarantee that the equipment furnishe$ is free from fault in $esign! 'or,manship! an$
material an$ is of proper si)e an$ capacit# an$ is of proper material to fulfil satisfactoril# the con$itions
specifie$. "houl$ an# $efect in $esign! material or 'or,manship $evelop %efore or $uring the guarantee
perio$! the supplier agrees to ma,e all necessar# or $esira%le alterations! repairs! an$ replacements of
$efective equipment free of charge an$ shall pa# transportation costs involve$ to an$ from the user=s
plant. No allo'ance 'ill %e ma$e for alterations or repairs ma$e %# others 'ithout 'ritten consent or
approval of supplier. If the $efect or failure to function cannot %e correcte$! the supplier agrees to replace
promptl#! free of charge! sai$ equipment or to remove the equipment an$ refun$ the full purchase price. In
no case 'ill the supplier %e responsi%le for contingent lia%ilit#.
14.- The guarantee perio$ unless other'ise in$icate$ in the ten$er $ocuments shall %e 1- months from the $ate
of commissioning or 1> months from the $ate of $ispatch 'hichever is earlier.

15.1 "upplier shall $efen$ an# an$ all infringement suits in 'hich the o'ner an$ or H2C3 is ma$e a $efen$ant!
alleging patent infringement on equipment purchase$ from supplier. "upplier shall pa# all costs an$
expense inci$ent to an# such litigation. It %eing further agree$ an$ un$erstoo$! ho'ever! that H2C3 shall
have the right to %e represente$ therein %# counsel! of their o'n! selection an$ pai$ %# them. "upplier
shall pa# all $amages! profits an$<or cost 'hich ma# %e a'ar$e$ to the plaintiff in an# such litigationS an$!
in general! shall $efen$ purchaser an$<or H2C3 against all claim or $eman$ of ever# ,in$ to 'hich the#
ma# %e su%/ecte$ un$er the patent la's! in connection 'ith equipment purchase$ un$er this specification.
-0-1>-?4..$oc 2age 1. of 1.