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Purifying Fire.
The Aesch-Mezareph dates from the
16th or early 17th centuries.
The wor was !rst pu"lished in #atin in
$norr %on &osenroth's
Kabbala denudata( )ulz"ach( 1677-16*+.
A translation into ,nglish was issued in
-. -ynn -escott's '.ollectanea /ermetica'
series at the end of the 10th century.
Produced "y
&estorers of Alchemical Manuscripts
-ith attached notes and hightened indications "y Mazohir( una1liated with
&AM) or /ans 2inztel.
./APT,& 3
Elisha was a most nota"le prophet( an e4ample of natural wisdom( a despiser
of riches( 5as the history of the healing of 2aaman showeth( 6 $ings( c.7( %.168
and therefore truly rich. According to what is said in Pire A"oth( %iz.( Who is
rich ? He that rejoiceth in his portion( cap. +. For so the true physician of
impure metals hath not an outward show of riches( "ut is rather lie the Tohu
of the !rst 2ature( empty and %oid. Which word is of equal number with
the word Elisha, iz!, "##. For it is a %ery true saying in 9a"a $ama( fol. 71.
col. 6. The thin$ which causeth riches, %such as natural wisdom& is
supplied instead of riches!
#earn therefore to purify 2aaman( coming from the north( out of )yria( and
acnowledge the power of :ordan; -hich is as it were 'ar-din that is the
(ier of 'ud$ment )owin$ out of the north!
And remem"er that which is said in 9a"a 9athra( fol. 67( col. 6. /e that will
"ecome wise( let him li%e in the )outh< and he that will grow rich( let him turn
himself toward the north( etc. Although in the same place &a""i :oshua 9en
#e%i says( let him li%e always in the south( for whilst "e "ecomes wise( at the
same time he "ecomes rich. =#ength of >ays is in her right hand( and in her
left( &iches and /onour.= Pro%.( c.?( %.16. )o thou wilt not desire other riches.
9ut now( that the mysteries of this wisdom( di@er not from the superior
mysteries of the $a"alah. For such as is the consideration of the predicaments
in holiness( the same is also in impurity< and the same *ephiroth which are
in Atziluth, the same are in Assiah, +ea, the same in that ,in$dom,
which is commonl+ called the mineral ,in$dom- althou$h their
e.cellenc+ is alwa+s $reater upon the spiritual plane! Therefore the
metallic root here possesseth the place of /ether, which hath an
occult nature, inoled in $reat obscurit+, and from which all metals
hae their ori$in- een as the nature of /ether is hidden, and the
other *ephiroth )ow from thence!
0ead hath the place of 1ho,mah, because 1ho,mah immediatel+
proceeds from /ether, as it immediatel+ comes from the metallic root(
and in enigmatic similes( it is called the =father= of the following natures.
Tin possesseth the place of 2inah( shewing age( "y its greyness( and
shadowing forth se%erity and Audicial rigour( "y its cracling.
*iler is placed under the 1lassis of 1hesed( "y all the masters of the
$a"alah( chieBy for its colour and use.
Thus far the white natures. 3ow follow the red.
4old is placed under 4eburah( according to the most common opinion of
the $a"alists< :o" in c.?7( %.66( also tells us that gold cometh from the north(
not only for its colour( "ut for the sae of its heat and sulphur.
5ron is referred to Tiphereth( for he is lie a man of war( according to ,4od.(
c.17( %.6( and hath the name of =*eir Anpin=( from his swift anger( according
to Psalm 6( %.ult.( 6,iss the son lest he be an$r+!6
3etzach and Hod are the two median places of the bod+, and the
seminal receptacles, and refer to the hermaphroditic brass! *o also
the two pillars of the Temple of *olomon %referrin$ to these two
*ephiroth& were made of brass( 3 $ings( c.7( %.17.
'esod is ar$ent ie. For to this( the name =li%ing= is characteristically gi%en-
and this liin$ water is in eer+ case the foundation of all 3ature and
of the metallic art!
2ut the true medicine of metals is referred to Mal,uth( for many
reasons- because it represents the rest of the natures under the
metamorphoses of 4old and *iler, ri$ht and left, jud$ment and
merc+, concernin$ which we will spea, more lar$el+ elsewhere!
Thus 3 ha%e deli%ered to thee the ey to unloc many secret gates( and ha%e
opened the door to the inmost adyta of 2ature. 9ut if anyone hath placed those
things in another order( 3 shall not contend with him( inasmuch as all systems
tend to the one truth.
7or it ma+ be said, the three supernals are the three fountains of
metallic thin$s! The thic, water is /ether, salt is 1ho,mah, and
sulphur is 2inah- for ,nown reasons! And so the seen inferior will
represent the seen metals, iz!, 4edulah and 4eburah, *iler and
4old- Tiphereth, 5ron- 3etzach and Hod, Tin and 1opper- 'esod, 0ead-
and Mal,uth will be the metallic woman, and the 0una of the wise
men- and the 8eld into which the seeds of secret minerals ou$ht to be
cast, that is the water of 4old, as this name %Mezahab& occurs( Cenesis(
c.?6( %.?0.
9ut now( my )on( that such mysteries are hid in these things as no tongue
may "e permitted to utter. 9ut 3 will not o@end any more with my tongue( "ut
will eep my mouth with a "ridle( Psalm ?0( %.6.
4ehazi the *erant of Elisha, is the t+pe of the ul$ar students of
3ature, who contemplate the alle+ and depths of 3ature, but do not
penetrate into her secrets!
/ence they la"our in %ain( and remain ser%ants for e%er. They gi%e counsel
a"out procuring the son of the wise men whose generation e4ceeds the power
of 2ature( "ut they can add nothing to assist in his generation( 6 $ings( c.+(
%.1+ 5for which purpose a man lie ,lisha is reDuired&! 7or 3ature doth not
open her secrets to them, !9:, but contemns them, !;<, and the
raisin$ of the dead is impossible to them, !;#! The+ are coetous,
cap! =, !9<- liars, !99- deceiers, !9=- prattlers of other men>s
deeds, 9 /in$s, c!?, !"-=, and instead of riches, contract a lepros+
themseles, that is disease, contempt and poert+, !9@! 7or the word
4ehazi, and the word 1hol, profane or common, hae both the same
./APT,& 33
3n metallic things( 4eburah is of the class to which 4old is referred< which
has again its decad < 5i.e.( ten orders or de$rees8. )o that(
1. .hethem, that is, pure 8ne 4old, is referred to the /ether thereof<
which( .anticles( c.7( %.33( is referred to the head.
6. 9atzar( Cold( is referred to .hornah( as though laid up in strongholds( :o"(
c.66( %.6+( 67( and c.?6( %.10.
?. 1harutz, Pro%.( c.*( %.1E( is referred to 2inah( from the digging of it< which
name "elongs to the feminine gender.
+. Aahab *hachut, that is, 8ne and drawn 4old( 6 .hron.( c.0( %.17(
"ecause it hath the analogy to the thread of .hesed.
7. Aahab, alone, is referred to 4eburah( "ecause gold cometh from the
north( :o"( c.?7( %.66.
6. Baz, and Aahab Muphaz, are referred to Tiphereth( 3 $ings( c.1E( %.1*<
Psalm( c.61( %.+( and 10( %.11 < and >aniel( c.1E( %.7. For so Tiphereth and
Maluth are compounded in the golden throne( 3 $ings( c.1E( %.1*< also when it
is called a %essel of Cold( :o"( c.6*( %.17< a crown of Cold( Psalm 61( %.?< "ases
of Cold( .ant.( c.7( %.77.
7. Aahab *a$ur, is referred to 3etzach, that is 4old shut up( 3 $ings( c.+(
%.6E( 61( :o"( c.6*( %.17( to wit( to "ring forth seed.
*. Aahab Barajim, is referred to Hod< 6 .hron.( c.?( %.6( 3 $ings( c.6( %.6E(
from its lieness to the "lood of young "ullocs( for this ind is red at the left
0. Aahab Tob, is referred to Cesod, that is $ood 4old( Cen.( c.6( %.16( for
this ind is called good( after the manner of a good man.
1E. 2ut Aahab Dphir, is referred to Mal,uth( :o"( c.66( %.6+( for it is the
name of a land 5or earth8 as called so from ashes. )ee also 3 .hronicles( c.60(
And now concerning the name Faha"( 3 will lead thee into the ca%e of the
hidden matter( and will show thee the treasuries of )olomon mentioned in
2ehemiah( c.1?( %.1?( %iz.( the Perfection of )tones( ,4odus( c.66( %.6.
.ome seeG There are many places( to which Cold is referred( %iz.( Ce"urah and
9inah( and other special places( where the species of Cold are disposed "y one
thus( "y another other ways. 9ut now 3 represent to thee the nature of Cold in
2either can you o"Aect out of the Fohar or Tiunim. For now( that in this
place ought to "e understood Tiphereth( of the measure or degree of Ce"urah.
And it is a great mystery( "ecause Tiphereth commonly contains 3ron under it(
from whence we see Cold.
This is the *ol or *un of nature and art, whose lesser number is ten, the
s+mbol of all perfection which number b+ 4ematria also shows +ou the
lesser number of Tiphereth li,ewise the word Atah belon$in$ to the
same in its lesser computation.
Min$le therefore 5ron and 1la+( >aniel( c.6( %.??( and thou shalt hae the
foundation of 4old!
This is that 4old, to which is attributed the notion of Tetra$rammaton(
,4odus( c.?6( %.7( in the histor+ of the calf, which was to be $round to
powder, and thrown upon the waters, %.6E( whence +ou shall see seen
,inds of 4old immediatel+ followin$ one another in the wor,!
First( simple Cold( which is called Faha"( "arely< for it is truly Cold though not
digged out of the earth< nor destroyed "y the %iolence of the !re( "ut li%ing(
rising out of the waters < sometimes of a "lac( sometimes of a yellowish( and
often lie a peacoc's colour< going "ac of its own accord into the waters( and
this may he called Faha" )a"a( as though you should say( )a"i( the Cold of
capti%ity( "ecause it is newly captured( and shut up in its prison< where it eeps
a fast of forty days and nights( that you now not what is "ecome of it( ,4odus(
c.?6( %.1 < for there is then no e4ternal appearance( e%en as Moses was hidden
and they new not what had "ecome of him.
*econdl+, it becomes Aahab *hacuth as thou$h ,illed and slain, for it
dies and its corpse putre8es and $rows blac,E then it is under
jud$ment and the shells rule it, and the powers of the name of "9
letters ful8l their time upon it!
Thirdl+, but then follows Aahab Dphir, as thou$h +ou should sa+ Aphar,
for it is of the colour of ashes- which time the twent+-two letters of
the alphabet will determine for +ou!
Fourthly( it "ecomes Faha" To"( "ecause it is good to colour( though not of the
colour of Cold( "ut )il%er. This may "e called .hethem. For it may "e so called(
according to #am.( c.+( %.1. /ow shall Cold "e coloured with redness( and /a-
chethem /atto"( i.e.( good )il%er "e changedH And thence is referred that te4t
in :o"( c.66( %.6+( and put it upon Ipher( he would ha%e said Ipheret( #ead(
9atsar( )il%er( that is this white Cold. For from hence you shall ha%e )il%er. And
to )il%er when it shall "e in the state of a stone( add 2achlim( ri%ers of metallic
waters< from whence you shall ha%e Iphir( that is Cold of Iphir( which was
accounted the "est. 2ow you shall ha%e the num"er of the great name
Ehe+eh< for thou shalt possess( after twenty-one days( these things. 3f thou
wilt now open thy treasure( open it < "ut it shalt yet only gi%e )il%er as stones( 3
$ings( c.1E( %.67.
9ut if thou desire more( let thy Cold "e(
Fifthly( Faha" )agur( i.e.( shut-up Cold ; #et it remain in the prison( in the place
of its maturation( in the "owels of the earth of the wise men all the time of the
>ecum"iture of ,zeiel( c.+( %.6. And thy Cold shall "ecome the
)i4th( Jara &a( i.e. yellow Cold( lie Faha" Par%aAim. These are the thirty
men( :udges( c.1+( %.10( whom )amson slew. For this "eing done(
)e%enthly( your Cold will "e Paz and Muphaz and Kphaz< "eing strengthened to
conDuer and colour all imperfect metals.
This is that .harutz( that sharp pointed 5or penetrating8 thing< which :o"( c.+1(
%.?E( says ought to "e cast upon clay( i.e.( imperfect metals( that hath .ohach(
power to produce Cold; for Tit and .ohach are of eDual num"ers. And mae it
to "oil lie a deep pot( a sea of thic metallic waters < and it shall "ecome lie a
%essel of paint ; 9ut after that it shall mae the path to shine( %.?1-?6. 2lessed
be the name of the $lor+ of his ,in$dom for eer and eer!
3 write these things( 3 the insigni!cant one( according to my slender nowledge(
who hae earnestl+ sou$ht out secret thin$s, to the healin$ of all
creatures! 2ut that which moed me thereto is spo,en in Aohar
Heaesinu( fol. 1+7( cap. 7*E( concernin$ the oFce of a ph+sician, that 5
should not desist from the $ood and ri$ht wa+ until 5 should 8nd the
best medicine E And the words are these-
3t is written( >eut.( c.?6( %.1E( 6He found him in desert land and in the
waste howlin$ wilderness- he led him to 8nd the causes, and made
him understand and ,ept him as the apple of his e+e! And ri$htl+
because he hath compelled all the cortices to sere him!6 Thus far was
it written in the boo, of /artanaeus the ph+sician! And then he drew
from this te.t arious obserations necessar+ to a wise ph+sician
about the cure of the patient, l+in$ in the chamber of sic,ness,
Cenesis( c.?0( %.6E( where the capties of the ,in$ ma+ worship the lord
of the world! 7or when a prudent ph+sician comes, he 8nds him in the
land of the desert, and in the wilderness of the howlin$ solitude,
which are as the diseases aGictin$ him, and 8nds him in the captiit+
of the ,in$!
Here it ma+ he objected that it is not lawful to cure him, because the
Hol+ Dne, who is blessed for eer, hath caused him to be ill and as if a
captie! 2ut this is not so < for >a%id says( Psalm +1( %.6( 62lessed is he
who considereth %the curin$ of& the poor - the 0ord will presere him
and ,eep him alie!6 7or he is poor who lies in the house of sic,ness -
and if the ph+sician be wise that Hol+ Dne, who is blessed for eer,
loads him with blessin$s, in reference to him, whom he cures! That
ph+sician 8nds him in the land of the desert, that is ill, etc! And what
is to be done for him < (abbi Eleazar hath told us ; /itherto we ha%e heard
nothing of that physician( nor of his "oo< e4cept that once a certain merchant
told me that "e heard his father say( that in his time there was a certain
physician( who ha%ing seen a patient( presently said( =this one will li%e and that
one will die= < and that it was reported of him( that he was a Aust and true man
fearing sin< and that( if any man could not procure those things he needed( he
would "uy them for him( and freely supply his necessities < and that it was said(
there was not so nice a man in the whole world( and that he did more with his
prayers( than with his hands. And when we supposed this man to "e the %ery
same physician( the merchant made reply( =1ertainl+ his boo, is in m+
hands, hain$ been left to me as an inheritance b+ m+ father- and all
the sa+in$s of that boo, are hidden in the m+ster+ of the lawE And in
it we do 8nd profound secrets, and man+ medicines - which
notwithstandin$, is not lawful to appl+ to an+, e.cept to him that
feared *in( etc.= &a""i ,leazar said( =lend it to me=. He replied, 65 will, so
as to show to +ou the power of the sacred li$ht!6 =And you ha%e heard=
5said &a""i ,leazar& 6that 2oo, was in m+ hands twele months, and we
found in it sublime and precious li$hts, etc!, and we hae found in it
arious sorts of medicines, ordered accordin$ to the prescriptions of
the law, and the profound secrets, etc! And we said, blessed be the
hol+ and merciful one, who bestoweth a share of wisdom upon men
from the supernal wisdom!6 Thus far here.
These thin$s moed me to see, the li,e $ood and secret boo,s - and
from the $ood hand of m+ 4od 5 found that which 5 now teach to thee!
And the camea of this metal is alto$ether wonderful, for it consists of
si. times si. partitions, eer+where wonderfull+ showin$ the irtue of
the letter Hau, related to Tiphereth! And all the columns and lines( as well
from the "ottom to the top( as from the right to the left( and from one angle to
another( gi%e the same sum and thou mayest %ary the same ad in!nitum. And
the %arious totals always o"ser%e this principle( that their lesser num"er is
always ?( 0( or 6 < and again( ?( 0 or 6 and so on. .oncerning which 3 could
re%eal many things to thee.
3ow 5 add this e.ample, which shows as the total of a line the number
9#: of Ar+eh our wonderful lion, #" times, which is the name Aahab,
4old! 1ompute and be rich!
11 6? 7 67 60 1
1? 61 7? 77 17 70
?7 67 ?1 60 +7 +7
?7 ?0 +? +1 ?? 67
+0 77 10 17 71 6?
71 0 67 7 ? 61
./APT,& 333
1HE*EBH, *iler is referred to 4edulah on account of its whiteness
which denotes Merc+ and Bit+! 3n &aya Mehena it is said that "y 7E sil%er
sheels( >eut.( c. 66( %. 60, is understood 2inah, Inderstandin$, but
when from =< portals it inclines to the side of 4edulah--see the boo,
Bardes (immonim, tract 6?( c. 11.
.heseph( )il%er( in Metallic things &a""i Mordechai writes thus;
#et the &ed Minera of )il%er "e taen( let it "e ground %ery !nely< add an Iunce
and a half of the .al4 of #una to si4 Iunces of it. #et it "e placed in a )and "ath
in a Lial sealed. #et there "e gi%en a small Fire for the !rst ,ight >ays( lest its
&adical /umidity "e "urnt up. The second -ee( one degree stronger< and the
third yet stronger< and on the fourth( that the sand may not "e red hot( "ut so
that when -ater is dropped upon it( it may hiss. Then on the top of the Class(
thou shalt ha%e a -hite Matter( which is the Materia Prima or tinging Arsenic(
"eing the li%ing -ater of Metals( which all Philosophers call dry -ater( or their
Linegar. #et this "e puri!ed thus; Tae of the .rystalline Matter su"limed< #et it
"e ground upon a Mar"le( with an eDual part of .al4 of #una( and let it "e put
into a Lial sealed( and set in a )and "ath again( the !rst two /ours with a
gentle Fire( the second with a stronger( and the third with one yet more %iolent(
and increased till the )and will hiss( and our Arsenic will "e su"limed again( the
starry 9eams "eing sent forth. And since a Duantity of this is reDuired thou
shalt augment it thus;
Tae si4 Iunces of this( and an Iunce and a half of the most pure Filings of
#una( and mae an Amalgama( and let them "e digested in a Lial in hot Ashes(
till all the #una "e dissol%ed( and con%erted into Arsenical -ater.
Tae an Iunce and a half of this )pirit( and place it in a closed Lial; #et this "e
put into hot Ashes( and it will ascend and descend< which heat continue( till it
lea%es o@ )weating( and it lies at the "ottom the .olour of Ashes. Thus the
matter is dissol%ed and putre!ed.
Tae one part of this .inereous Matter( and half a part of the aforesaid -ater(
let them "e mi4ed and sweat in a Class( as "efore( which will happen in a"out
,ight >ays< when the .inereous ,arth shall "egin to wa4 white( tae it out( and
let it "e im"i"ed with !%e -ashings of its #unar -ater( and digested as "efore.
#et it "e im"i"ed the third time( with !%e Iunces of the same -ater( and
coagulated as "efore( for ,ight >ays. The fourth 3m"i"ition reDuires se%en
Iunces of the #unar -ater. And the )weating "eing ended( this Preparation is
2ow for the -hite -or. Tae 61 >rachms of this -hite ,arth( 1+ >rachms of
the #unar -ater( 1E >rachms of .al4 of most pure #una< mi4 them upon a
mar"le sla" and commit them to .oagulation( till they grow hard< im"i"e it with
three parts of its own -ater( till it hath dran up this Portion< and repeat that so
often( till it Bow on a .opper Plate( made red hot( without )moe< and then
thou shalt ha%e the Tincture for the -hite( which thou mayest increase "y the
means aforesaid.
For the &ed( you must use .al4 of )ol( and a stronger Fire< and 'tis a wor of
a"out four months. Thus this author.
#et this "e compared with the -riting of the Ara" Philosopher 5Ce"er8( where
he writes %ery fully of the Arsenical Matter.
1hesed, in the Metallic /in$dom, is 0una, 3emine 1ontradicente! And
so the 0esser 3umber of 4edulah is as that of *ama, or *ima! *iler is
referred to in Pro%.( c. 16( %. 16( and c. 17( %. ?( and also Psalm 16( %. 7( and
:o"( c. 6*( %. 1! *iler is also found allotted to each one of the *ephirotic
Jecad, thus see the c. ?* of ,4odus( %. 17 and 10( where *iler forms the
1hapiters of the Billars representin$ /ether or the summit! While
*iler is compared with 1ho,mah, in Broerbs( c. 6( %. +( and to 2inah(
in Pro%.( c. 16( %. 16.
4edulah is manifest out of the Histor+ of Abraham, where *iler is
alwa+s preferred( Cen( c. 1?( %. 6( and c. 6?( %. 17( 16( and c. 6+( %. ?7( 7?.
4eburah is shewed, when *iler is put in the 7ire( Pro%.( c. 17( %. ?( and
2um.( c. ?1( %. 61. Psalm 66( %.1E. Pro%.( c. 67( %. 61. 3saiah( c. +*( %. 1E. ,ze.(
c. 66( %. 66. Fech.( c. 1?( %. 0. Mal.( c. ?( %. ?.
Tiphereth is the 2reast of the *tatue( in >an.( c. 6( %. ?6.
3etzach is a Hein of *iler( in :o"( c. 6*( %. 1.
Hod are the *iler Trumpets( 2um.( c. 1E( %. 6.
Cesod is found in Pro%.( c. 1E( %. 6E( and Maluth( in Psalm 16( %. 6.
The .amea of this Metal represents nine times nine )Duares( showing the same
sum twenty times( %iz.( ?60( and in its lesser 2um"er 0( which all the Lariations
shew( though they should "e a thousand times a thousand< because this
1hesed %which is Merc+& endureth for eer. Psalm 1?6( %. 1.
?7 7* 60 7E 61 66 1? 7+ 7
6 ?* 70 ?E 71 66 6? 1+ +6
+7 7 ?0 *E ?1 76 6? 77 17
16 +* * +E *1 ?6 6+ 6+ 76
77 17 +0 0 +1 7? ?? 67 67
66 7* 1* 7E 1 +6 7+ ?+ 66
67 67 70 1E 71 6 +? 77 ?7
?6 6* 10 6E 11 76 ? ++ 76
77 6* 60 6E 61 16 7? + +7
2arzel, 5ron< in the 2atural )cience( this Metal is the middle #ine( reaching
from one e4treme to the other. This is that Male and 9ridegroom( without whom
the Lirgin is not impregnated. This is that )ol( )un or Cold of the -ise Men(
without whom( the Moon will "e always in >arness. /e that nows his &ays(
wors in the >ay< others grope in the 2ight.
Parzala( whose lesser num"er is 16( is of the same account as the 2ame of that
9loody Animal >o%( a 9ear( -hose 2um"er is 16 also.
And this is that Mystical thing( which is written( >an.( 7( 7( =And "ehold another
9east( a second lie unto a 9ear( stood on its one side( and it had three &i"s
standing out in his Mouth( "etween his Teeth< and thus they said unto it( Arise(
eat much Flesh.= The Meaning is( that in order to constitute the Metallic
$ingdom( in the second place( 3ron is to "e taen< in whose Mouth or Ipening
5which comes to pass in an ,arthen Lessel8 a threefold )coria is thrust out(
from within its whitish 2ature.
#et him eat 9atsar( i.e.( Flesh( whose lesser 2um"er is 7( that is Pu( that is
)ti"ium( whose lesser 2um"er in lie manner is 7.
And indeed much Flesh( "ecause the proportion of this( is greater than of that<
and indeed such a proportion as Pu( that is 1E6( "ears to 9arzel 6?0< such
shall "e the proportion of 3ron to Antimony.
9ut understand the Flesh of the #ion( which is the !rst Animal< whose ,agle's
-ings( and so much as is %ery Lolatile in him( shall "e drawn out( and it shall
"e lifted up( and "y purifying "e separated from its ,arth or )coria; And it will
stand on its Feet< that is( shall get its .onsistency( in a .one< lie a Man erect
and with a shining .ountenance( lie Moses. For ,nos and Moses in full writing
"y Cematria each gi%e ?71. And the /eart of 3ron( Mfor the heart( #e% and iron(
9arzel( in their least 2um"er "oth gi%e 7N( 5Mineral8 i.e.( the Tiphereth of Man
Mineral shall "e gi%en to it.
7or een the name of the *tar belon$in$ to this, is Edom, which hath
the 1onnotation of a (ed Man.
These things "eing done( the third 9east ought to "e taen( which is as it were
a #eopard( i.e.( -ater not wetting< the Carden of the -ise Men< for 2imra a
#eopard( and :ardin in their lesser 2um"er( mae the same )um( %iz.( 16( )uch
also is the Ouicness of this -ater( that is not unlie a #eopard upon that
And he shall ha%e four -ings of a 9ird upon his 9ac( the four -ings are two
9irds( which e4asperate this 9east with their Feathers( to the intent he may
enter and !ght with the 9ear and #ion< altho' of himself he "e %olatile and
"iting enough( and %enomous lie a -inged )erpent and 9asilis.
And the 9east had four /eads< in which -ords are understood four 2atures
luring in his .omposition( i.e.( white( red( green( and watery.
And power was gi%en him o%er the other 9easts( i.e.( the #ion and the 9ear(
that he may e4tract their gluten or 9lood.
From all these are made one Fourth 9east in the 7th %erse( which is frightful(
terri"le( and %ery strong; For it casts forth so great Fumes( that at some times
there is Peril of >eath( if he "e handled at undue time and place.
And he hath great Teeth of 3ron( "ecause this is one of the Parts and Materials
compounding it< ,ating and 9reaing himself( and others to pieces( and
Treading the &esidue under his Feet. That is( of a 2ature so %iolent( that "y
many "ruisings and tramplings( he is as it were tamed at length.
And he had ten horns, because he hath the 3ature of all the Metallic
A little /orn( etc.( for out of this is e4tracted the young $ing( who hath the
2ature of Tiphereth 5that is of a Man8 "ut of the 2ature or Part of Ce"urah; For
it is that Cold which predominates in the -or of the -ise Men. Thus far the
And now the 9east is to "e illed( and his 9ody to "e destroyed and deli%ered
up to the Fire to "e "urned( etc. For now follows the &egimen of the Fire.
.oncerning which elsewhere.
The )word of the 3llustrious 2aaman is also related to the word 9arzel.
#ancea< in the )tudy of the Metallic 2atures( the /istory of Phinehas( 2um"ers(
c. 67( %. 7( "elongs to this place. 9y the Fornicators are understood the
5Masculine8 Arsenical )ulphur( and the 5feminine8 dry -ater unduly mi4ed(
together in the Mineral.
9y the )pear of Phinehas is meant the Force of 3ron acting upon the Matter to
cleanse it of >ross; 9y which 3ron( not only is the Arsenical )ulphur illed( "ut
also the -oman herself is at length morti!ed< so that the Miracle of Phinehas
may "e !tly applied here. )ee also the Targum on this Place( i.e.( 2um"ers( c.
67( %. 7. For the 3ature of 5ron is wonderful, as its 1amea %whose lines
add up to := each wa+& %AJo3a5 K :=& shews! %Microcosm,
3t is here gi%en; the 2um"er 7( and its )Duare 5i.e.( 678 denote the Feminine
2ature( which is corrected "y this Metal.
11 6+ 7 6E ?
+ 16 67 * 16
17 7 1? 61 0
1E 1* 1 1+ 66
6? 6 10 6 17
./APT,& 3L
2edil, Tin< in 2atural )cience( this Metal is not greatly used< for as it is deri%ed
"y )eparation( so its Matter remains separate from the Kni%ersal Medicine.
Amon$st the Blanets, Aede, is attributed to it- a white wanderin$
Blanet, to which the 4entiles applied an 5dolatrous 3ame, mention
whereof is forbidden( see ,4odus( c. 66( %. 16( and a greater ,4tirpation is
promised( /osea( c. 6( %. 17( and Fechariah( c. 1?( L. 6.
Amongst the 9easts( no Allegory is "etter applied to this metal than that(
"ecause of its .racling( it should "e called .hazir MiAaar( a 9oar out of the
-ood( Psalm *E( %. 1+( whose 2um"er is 7+7< which is not only made !%e times
from 1E0( "ut in its lesser 2um"er shews a Ouinary( as the 2ame Fede 10+<
which 2um"ers "eing added( mae 1+< and they mae the 2um"er 7( which
twice taen is 1E( the lesser 2um"er of the word 9edil( "y the two !gures of +6
"eing added together. 2ut 8e times ten shews the 7ift+ 4ates of 2inah,
and the 8rst 0etter of the *ephira 3etzach, which is the *ephirotic
1lass to which this Metal is referred!
3n particular Transmutations( its )ulphurous 2ature alone doth not pro!t( "ut
with other )ulphurs( especially those of the &ed Metals( it does reduce thic
-aters( duly terri!cated into Cold< so also into )il%er( if its nature "e su"tilized
into a thin water "y Ouicsil%er which 5amalgam8 amongst others is made well
enough "y Tin.
9ut its %iscous and watery 2ature may "e meliorated into Cold( if it "e duly
pul%erized with the .al4 of Cold through all the >egrees of Fire( for ten >ays(
and "y degrees thrown upon Bowing Cold( in the form of little masses( which
also 3 am taught is to "e done with )il%er. 9ut no man is wise unless his Master
is ,4perience.
3 add no more< /e that is wise may correct 2atures and help "y ,4periments
where they are imperfect.
$assitera( Tin< )ee 9edil's .amea( where the 2um"er resulting from e%ery side
is >al< representing the Tenuity and Lileness of this Metal( in all Metallic
+ 1+ 17 1
0 7 6 16
7 11 1E *
16 6 ? 1?
./APT,& L
HDJ, in the Wisdom of 3ature, is of the 1lassis of 2rass< for the 1olour
e.presses the 3ature of 4eburah, which this *ephira contains! And
the Ise of 2rass was for instruments of Braise and Music, 3 .hronicles(
c. 17( %. 10. =And 9razen 9ows were of Kse in -ar.= 6 )amuel( c. 66( L. ?7( :o"(
c. 6E( L. 6+( and the lie( )amuel( c. 17( %. 7( 6( ?*.
2ut as Hod is encompassed with a *erpent, so 3echuseth --2rass is of
the same (oot with 3achash a *erpent!
>The *eent+ Talents of 2rass of the Dblation> ,4odus( c. ?*( %. 60(
represent *eent+ Brinces- for about this place is the $reatest 7orce
of the 1ortices or *hells! Whence in Hod is a de$ree of Brophetical
(epresentation, as from the (oot 3achash comes 3echashim,
Enchantments( 2um"ers( c. 6?( %. 6?( and .. 61( L. 3. 9ut he that will "e
curious( may !nd( that /od has a special >ecad. )o also in the /istory of 9rass(
from the #aw( he may easily gather a >ecad.
For may not that I"lation in general from which afterwards Lessels were made
for the Ta"ernacle( ,4odus( c. ?*( %. 60( "e referred to $ether( since all the
other degrees spring from this.
Joth not the 0aer of 2rass( ,4odus( c. ?E( %. 1*( shew the 3ature of
1ho,mah, from which an 5n)u. is let down to all the 5nferiors? 2ut the
2asis thereof, which also was of 2rass, is 2inah- for 1ho,mah resides
Afterwards the 2razen Altar( ,4odus( c. 67( %. 6( with its 7urniture
represents the two E.tremes, for the two 2ars in the same place were
coered oer with 2rass- and are as it were the two Arms, 4edulah
and 4eburah! The 2od+ of the Altar itself, Tiphereth! The four (in$s of
2rass, to the ri$ht and left are 3etzach and Hod!
And the 2razen 3et, which was instead of a 7oundation, is Cesod!
And if you say( that the Altar was to "e referred to Maluth( according to the
most common Ipinion( which Altar may represent the 2otion of a -oman; 3
answer( 'Tis true according to the general >istri"ution of the Ta"ernacle and
Temple. 9ut amongst the special .lassis of 9rass( where all things "efore
incline to the Female( and so also Tiphereth( the 2otion of the Male will not "e
so remote.
7or there are +et Adne, 2razen 2ases( ,4odus( c. 66( %. ?7( and c. 67( %. 1E(
which bein$ as it were the bottom of the Tabernacle, hae
con$ruousl+ enou$h the 3ature of Mal,uth!
/e that would here trace these Mysteries more largely( might easily prolong his
>iscourse; 9ut a wise Man will in short understand the Foundation.
The wonderful 1amea belon$in$ to the 1lassis of 2rass, contains
seen times seen *quares- and the *um of each 0ine, whether
Horizontal, Hertical, or Jia$onal, are equal to each other, and to
Tzephah !
66 +7 16 +1 1E ?7 +
7 6? +* 17 +6 11 60
?E 6 6+ +0 1* ?6 16
1? ?1 7 67 +? 10 ?7
?* 1+ ?6 1 66 ++ 6E
61 ?0 * ?? 6 67 +7
+6 17 +E 0 ?+ ? 6*
As for ,4ample( /ere all the .olumns mae the same Tzephah( 177( as is to "e
seen a"o%e< for the !rst .olumn to the right( +( 60( etc.( maes 177( and so the
rest to the last towards the left. After the same manner note the
uppermost corner 99, %where is the M+ster+ of the 99 0etters& +7( etc.(
and endin$ with the number ", where note the M+ster+ of the
Tetra$rammaton and so all to the "ottom. #astly( crosswise from the Angle
"etween the ,ast and )outh( to the Angle "etween the -est and 2orth( +( 33(
1*( etc.( are 177( and from the Angle "etween the ,ast and 2orth( to the Angle
"etween the -est and )outh( %iz.( 66( 6?( 6+( etc.( mae all 177.
Therefore contemplate these things and thou shalt see an A"yss of Profundity.
Knless thou hadst rather allude to those .o%erings( in which 9rass was used(
,4odus( c. 67( %. 6( 6( etc.
)o if 2o. 1 "e omitted( and you "egin with line 6( there meets you the )um
9otzatz( 1 )amuel( c. 1+( %. +( writ defecti%ely. 3f you "egin with line ?( you will
ha%e the lie )um of 1*0. 3f you "egin with line +( then 106. 3f you "egin with
line 7( then 6E?. And so they ascend( e4ceeding one another "y 7.
9ut if "y a sip you dispose the 2um"ers 1( and ?( and 7( and 7( and 0( etc.(
then "egin with which you will( you will o"ser%e the same Proportion. Also 1(
and +( and 7( and 1E( and 1?( etc. Also 1( and 7( and 0( and 1?. This )eptenary
2et will always( from e%ery Face( represent the same )um( whose farther Kse 3
should "e a"le to open elsewhere.
3echusheth, 2rass( see Aohar Be,ude( 1E?( +1E( etc.( and see Hod as
aboe! Amon$st the Blanets 3o$ah, Henus corresponds to it! A
necessar+ 5nstrument to promote the Metallic *plendour.
Jet it hath more the part of a Male than Female. For do not decei%e thyself( to
"elie%e a white )plendour is promised to thee( as the word 2ogah infers. 9ut
/od ought to recei%e a Ce"uric 3nBuence( and gi%es it also. I( how great is this
0earn therefore to lift the *erpent up on hi$h, which is called
3echushtan, 9 /in$s, c! #?, ! ", if thou wouldst cure in8rm 3atures
after the E.ample of Moses!
./APT,& L3.
1HD/MAH, in the Metallic Joctrine, is the *ephira of 0ead, or
Brimordial *alt, in which the 0ead of the Wise Men lies hid! 9ut how is
so high a Place attri"uted to lead which is so 3gno"le a Metal( and of which
there is so seldom Mention made in the )criptureH
9ut here lies -isdomG 5ts seeral Je$rees are ,ept er+ secret- hence
there is er+ little mention made of it! 9ut yet here will not "e wanting
e4amples of the particular )ephiroth.
7or ma+ not that which, in Fech.( c. 7( %. 7, is called a 0ifted up Talent of
0ead, and brou$ht from the deep, represent the $rade of /ether? And
that which in the same 1hapter( %. *( is spo,en concernin$ the *tone of
0ead, it sets before itself the 0etter Cod, which is in 1ho,mah!
Then ,zeiel( c. 67( %. 16( 0ead is referred to the place of the
con$re$ation, of which t+pe is 2inah!
And Amos( c. 7( %. 7( Ana,, a 0eaden Blummet, denotes the Thread of
1hesed! 7or Ana,, with the whole Word, hath @9 the 3umber of
1hesed. 9ut in 2um"ers( c. ?1( %. 66( 0ead is rec,oned amon$st those
thin$s which can abide the 7ire, will be referred to 4eburah!
9ut :o"( c. 10( %. 6+( $raen with an 5ron Ben and 0ead are joined
to$ether, from whence +ou hae Tiphereth!
2ut in Eze,iel( c. 66( %. 1*( 6E( there is the 7urnace, of Trial, or of 4race,
or 7urnace of 'ud$ment, in which also is put lead- hence, 3etzach and
Hod- for thence ou$ht to )ow a (ier of *iler.
And :eremiah( c. 6( %. 60, the 7urnace of Brobation- out of which, b+ the
means of 0ead, $ood *iler is loo,ed for! 5s not the just Man, and he
that justi8es, Cesod 5i.e.( the Foundation8H
2ut if +ou see, the bottom of the *ea, loo, upon E.odus, c! #=, ! #<,
where the 3otion of Mal,uth will occur!
This is that (ed *ea, out of which the *alt of Wisdom is e.tracted, and
throu$h which the *hips of *olomon fetched 4old!
Iphereth( in the >octrine of 2atural things( is referred to -isdom( for a great
Treasure of -isdom lies hid here. And hither is referred the Duotation Pro%er"s(
c. ?( %. 10. The #ord in -isdom hath founded the earth< 3 say( the ,arth(
concerning which :o" speas( c. 6*( %. 6( which hath >ust of Cold. -here( tae
notice of the -ord Iphereth( i.e.( #ead. This #ead( "y a Mystical 2ame is called
.hol( "ecause therein lies the )ystem of the whole Kni%erse. 7or its 7i$ure
has below a 1ircle, the *i$n of Iniersal Berfection, and oer the
circle is a cross formed of four Jaleths, whose An$les meet in one
Boint- so +ou ma+ ,now, that all Luaternit+ lies here, and the
Luaternions of Luaternit+E whether +ou refer to the Elements, or
1ortices, or 0etters or Worlds!
And in this 0ead of the Wise Men, four Elements lie hid, i!e!, 7ire, or
the *ulphur of the Bhilosophers- Air, the *eparator of the Waters- the
dr+ Water- and the Earth of the Wonderful *alt!
There are also hid in it the four 1ortices, described in Eze,iel( c. 1( %. +,
for in the Breparation of it there will occur to thee the Whirlwind, a
$reat 1loud, and a 7ire enfoldin$ itself, and at len$th the desired
*plendour brea,s forth!
Also the 3atural *ephira of the Tetra$rammaton( and the Metal thereof(
occurs to thee here. And you will naturally tra%el through four -orlds in the
%ery #a"our< when after the Faction and Formation( la"orious enough( there will
appear the wonderful creation; after which thou shalt ha%e the ,manation of
the desired 2atura1 #ight.
And note( that the word /ol, whose 3umber is =<( multiplied b+ #=( %CH&
accordin$ to the 3umber of the *acred 1haracteristic 3ame in the
*ephira of Wisdom, will produce the 3umber of Dphereth, i!e!, @=<!
Also the /amea of that Metal is also wonderful, in which the 3umber
#=( %iz.( the 3ame Cah( i.e.( a form of :eho%ah( in a Magic )Duare of nine
)Duares 5"ecause we are in the ninth )ephira8 throughout all its .olumns(
shows itself after this manner.
+ 0 6
? 1 7
* 7 6
The Blanet *habthai denominated from 6(est,6 because in this
Brinciple is oMered the most desired (est!
And if you shall compute the words #aha" )ha"thai( i.e.( the point or edge of
)aturn( there will arise the 2um"er of the 2ame Iphereth< %iz.( #ead.
1! Ar+eh, a 0ion %9#:&, in 2atural )cience is %ariously applied.
=For there is 4ur Arjeh, a 0ion>s Whelp<= as :aco" speas( Cenesis( c. +0( %.
0. That word Cur( a -help( 2um"ers 6E0( and if +ou add the whole Word in
the place of a Init, it will be 9#<, which is the 3umber of the word
63aaman the *+rian, the 4eneral of the Arm+ of the /in$ of Aram,6 9
/in$s, c! =, ! #, b+ whom is Alle$oricall+ to be understood the Matter
of the Metallic Medicine, to be puri8ed *een times in 'ordan, which
man+ men, studious in Metallic AMairs, call 4ur.
6. And that thou ma+est the better understand this Matter, ta,e the
0esser 3umber of this word 3aaman, which is 9#, this is equal to the
3umber of the 3ame of /ether, which is Ehe+eh, 9#!
?. The 3umber of 3aaman, with the whole Word, is 9##- to which
another 3ame of the 0ion is equal, Ari, 9##.
+. And so also Ar+eh, a 0ion is equal in 3umber to the 8rst word of
that wonderful Histor+, 9 /in$s, c! =, ! #! 6And 3aaman, etc!6 7or this
constitutes 9#:!
7. Moreo%er( the word /ephir, a +oun$ 0ion, and 'eri,( agree also in their
2um"er< for each of them gi%e ?1E. And now it is nown in Metallic Mysteries(
that at the %ery ,ntrance( we meet the AEni$ma of the 0ion of 4reen
$rowth, which we call the 4reen 0ion< which( 3 pray thee( do not thin is
so-called( from any other .ause "ut its .olour. For unless thy Matter shall "e
green( not only in that intermediate state "efore 'tis reduced into -ater( and
also after the -ater of Cold is made of it( remem"er that this Kni%ersal >ry
Process must "e amended.
6. The other 3ames of 0ions, are 0ebi, which is a 0ioness( according to
:o"( c. +( %. 11. The -helps of the #ioness shall separate themsel%es< ,zeiel( c.
10( %. 6. =Thy Mother "eing a #ioness lay amongst the #ions<= 2ahum( c. 6( %.
16. =A #ioness is there=< %. 1?( =The #ion did strangle them for his #ioness.=
Also 0ish, which denotes a 8erce 0ion, with lon$ strai$ht hair; as found
in Pro%er"s( c. ?E( %. ?E. These two 2ames( in their #esser 2um"ers each
contain a )eptenary( for #e"i num"ers +?( which gi%es 7( and #ish ?+E( which
gi%es 7 also. To these the 2ame Pu( )ti"ium is eDual( whose )um is 1E6( and
its lesser 2um"er is 7( than which nothing could "e more plain. ,specially if the
)irname of that Mineral "e considered( when it is called the /airy )er%ant( or
he with long hair or &uddy haired< with many lie 2ames gi%en to it.
7. There is +et another 3ame of a 0ion accordin$ to the Masters of the
*anhedrim( in chapter 11( fol. 07( col. 1( i.e.( *hachatz- which also the
Targum uses< and Psalm 17( %. 16< its 2um"er is ?0*( in its lesser 2um"er it is
6. And the 1haldaic Word Tzadida shews the same lesser 3umber 9,
bein$ used in Tar$um( 6 $ings( c. ?E( %. ?E( :eremiah( c. +( %. ?E( 5instead of
the /e"rew -ord Pu( which is Antimony8 for its sum is 1E0( which together
with the whole -ord( is 11E( and its lesser 2um"er 6.
*. At length also there( meets us the 3ame of the 2lac, 0ion, to wit,
*hacal, whose 3umber is ;;?, and its lesser 3umber =!
2ow ta,e the least 3umber of the word 3aaman 9#<, which is ;, and
the least 3umber of the 1haldaic word Barzel, 5ron, which is 9, and
+ou will hae =, the 2lac, 0ion.
0. Aahab, 4old, is called b+ the name (ed 0ion< and so not only the least
2um"ers of the 2ames #e"i and #ish mae 1+( which 2um"er Faha" hath< "ut
also the least 2um"er of the word Faha" is 7( as 3 said "ut now to "e eDual to
9ut under this 2otion is to "e understood Cold( either already Morti!ed( or now
at length drawn from the Mines of the -ise Men(---2lac, in 1olour, but (ed
in Botenc+!
./APT,& L33.
'A(JE3, denotes a Mineral Water, useful in the cleansin$ of Metals,
and 0eprous Minera5s! 2ut this Water )ows from two sources, whereof
one is called 'eor, i!e!, a )uid, hain$ the 3ature of the (i$ht Hand,
and er+ 2ountiful! The other is called Jan, (i$orous and of a sharp
2ut it )ows throu$h the *alt *ea, which ou$ht to be obsered, and at
len$th is thou$ht to be mi.ed with the (ed *ea- which is a *ulphurous
Matter, Masculine, and ,nown to all true Artists!
9ut now thou( that the 2ame Fachu( i.e.( Purity( "eing multiplied "y *( the
2um"er of :esod( produces the 2um"er )eder( i.e.( Irder( which is 66+. -hich
2um"er is also contained in the word :arden< thus you may &emem"er( that at
least ,ight Irders of Puri!cation are reDuired( "efore the true Purity follows.
Cesod, in natural thin$s, contains under itself Luic,siler- because
this Meta5 is the 7oundation of the whole Art of Transmutation!
And as the 3ame of El, doth insinuate the 3ature of *iler, because
both belon$ to the 1lassis of 1hesed, %but here to that 1hesed, which
is inferior, iz!, Cesod&! *o the name of El 1hai, is the same as it were,
1heseph 1hai, i!e!, Luic,siler!
And so $oa"( a )tar( is the 2ame of the Planet( under whose Co%ernment this
Matter is( with the whole -ord is +0< which same is the 2um"er of ,l .hai.
9ut remem"er that all Ouicsil%er doth not conduce to this -or( "ecause the
sorts of it di@er e%en as Fla4 from /emp or )il( and you would wor on /emp
to no purpose( to mae it recei%e the Tenuity and )plendour of !ne Fla4.
And there are some that thin it a sign of #egitimate -ater( if "eing mi4ed with
Cold( it presently ferments. 9ut the common liDuid Mercury( precipitated "y
#ead( performs this. And what will it do H
Lerily 3 tell thee( there is no other )ign of a true Mercury "ut this( that in a due
heat it in%ests itself with a .uticula which is the purest re!ned Cold< and that in
a little space of time( yea( in one night.
This is that which( not without a Mystery( is called $oa"( a )tar< "ecause
according( to the natural $a"alah( 2um"ers( c. 6+( %. 17( out of 5the Metal8
:aco" comes a )tar< or in Plain language the shapes of &ods( and 9ranches(
arise< and from this )tar Bows this 3nBuence( of which we spea.
This Argent Li%re( in the Cemara Tract Cittin( ch. 7( fol. 60( is called ,spherica(
i.e.( )pherical -ater( "ecause it Bows from the Mundane )phere.
And in Cenesis( c. ?6( %. ?0( it is called Mehetabel( as tho' it were Me'
/ath"ula( "y changing the order of the #etters( i.e.( the -aters of 3mmersion(
"ecause the $ing is immerged in them to "e cleansed.
Dr as tho> it were the El Hatob, b+ a li,e 1han$e of 0etters- the Waters
of the $ood El, or of 0iin$ *iler- for 0ife and 4ood hae equal power,
as Jeath and Eil hae the same.
This is called the >aughter of Metred( that is( 5as the Targum teaches(8 the
Cold-maer( #a"ouring with daily -eariness.
7or this Water )ows not out of the Earth, nor is di$$ed out of the
Mine- but is produced and perfected with $reat 0abour and much
This -ife 5or female8 is also called Me Faha"( the -aters of Cold( or such a
-ater as sends forth Co3d.
3f the Artist "e "etrothed to her( he will "eget a >aughter( who will "e the
-ater of the &oyal 9ath. Although some would ha%e this 9ride to "e the -aters
that are made out of Cold< which 9ride 5notwithstanding8 poor Men lea%e to "e
espoused "y great Men.
The Husband of Mehetabel is that Edomite /in$, and /in$ of (edness,
who is called Hadar( 4lorious- iz!, the 2eaut+ of the Metallic
/in$dom, which is 4old( >aniel( c. 11( %. 6E-60. 2ut such 4old as ma+ be
referred to Tiphereth! 7or Hadar represents 9<N, which 3umber also
the Tetra$rammaton, multiplied b+ ?, produces, %which is the 3umber
of 1ircumcision and 'esod& if the whole Word be added as one!
2ut that thou ma+est ,now, that Tiphereth, of the de$ree of 4eburah,
is understood- ,now thou, that that 3umber bein$ added to the
whole, is also contained in 5ssac, which in li,e manner is of the 1lassis
of 4old.
The 1it+ of that /in$ is called Be$no, 2ri$htness, from its *plendour,
accordin$ to Jeut!, c! ;;, ! 9! Which 3ame, and the 3ame 'oseph, %b+
which Cesod is meant&, hae the same 3umber #=:! That +ou ma+
,now that Ar$ent ie is required to the Wor,- and that the (o+al
2eaut+ doth not reside out of this *plendid 1it+!
To this place "elongs another )irname( i.e.( ,lohim .haAim( as tho' it were
called #i%ing Cold< "ecause ,lohim and Cold denote the same Measure. 9ut so
this -ater is called( "ecause it is the Mother and Principle of #i%ing Cold; For all
other inds of Cold are thought to "e dead< this only e4cepted.
2or will you err( if you shall attri"ute to it another special name( for it may "e
called Meor MaAim .haAim( that is( a Fountain of #i%ing -ater. For( from this
-ater the $ing is enli%ened( that he may gi%e #ife to all Metals and #i%ing
The /amea of this Water is alto$ether wonderful, and e.hibits in li,e
manner the 3umber 1hai %i!e! 0iin$& #? times, the same *um in a
Ma$ic *quare of :" *quares, which is the *um of Mezahab, Waters of
4old- bein$ ariable, after this manner, to in8nit+!
* 7* 70 7 + 66 6? 1
+0 17 1+ 76 7? 11 1E 76
+1 6? 66 ++ +7 10 1* +*
?6 ?+ ?7 60 6* ?* ?0 67
+E 66 67 ?7 ?6 ?E ?1 ??
17 +7 +6 6E 61 +? +6 6+
0 77 7+ 16 1? 71 7E 16
6+ 6 ? 61 6E 6 7 77
/ere you ha%e the )um 66E( from the "ottom to the top( from the nght hand to
the left( and "y the >iagonal< the lesser 2um"er of 66E is *( the 2um"er of
:esod< as also the &oot of the whole )Duare is *.
The )ym"ol of the !rst )um is 66E( which maes the word )ar( i.e.( =he went
"ac(= "ecause in going forward the )um always goes "acward through the
For ,4ample( if you "egin with 6( reconing the !rst .olumn for * the )um will
"e 66*( which is resol%ed in 7.
3f you "egin with the ? 5reconing * for the second .olumn8 the )um will "e
676( which resol%es into 6. And so of the rest. And so also the num"er of
Puri!cations increasing( the -eight of thy -ater decreases.
./APT,& L333.
:K2,/( a >o%e< amongst the A,nigmas of 2atural things( the 2ame of a >o%e is
ne%er applied to the Metals themsel%es( "ut to the Ministering and Preparing
forms of 2ature.
/e that understands here the 2ature of the 9urnt I@ering will not tae Turtles(
"ut two young male Pigeons( or )ons of the >o%e( #e%iticus( c. 1( %. 1+( and ..
16( L. *( and c. 1+( %. 66.
9ut count the word 9eni 66( and 6 for a Pair of >o%es( and thence is the
num"er 6+ of the word 2ogah( which is the 2ame of the 7th amongst the
Planets( and you shall go the true way. ,lse =la"our not to "e &ich< .ease from
thy own -isdom;= -ilt thou cause thine eyes presently to discern itH That will
not "e; 9ut the )cholar of the -ise Men maeth to himself -ings( and Bieth as
an ,agle( e%en as he doth the Minerals of the )tars to hea%en. Pro%.( c. 6?( %. +(
:arach( the Moon or #una in the /istory of 2atural Things is called the =Medicine
for the -hite(= "ecause she hath recei%ed a -hitening )plendour from the )un(
which "y a lie shining( illuminates and con%erts to her own 2ature all the
,arth( that is the impure Metals.
And the place of 3saiah( c. ?E( %. 66( =the moon shall "e as the )un(= may "e
mystically understood of this( "ecause the -or "eing !nished( she hath a
solar )plendour< "ut in this )tate( the place of .anticles( c. 6( %. 1E( "elongs to
her(---= fair as the Moon.=
9y the same 2ame the Matter of the -or is called; and so indeed it is lie to
the crescent Moon( in the !rst )tate of .onsistence< and lie to the Full Moon in
the last )tate of Fluidity and Purity. For the words :arach( the Moon( and &azia(
)ecrets( also &a"ui( a Multitude( ha%e "y Cematria the same 2um"ers(
because in this Matter are found the *ecrets of Multiplication.
4ophrith is *ulphur< in the *cience of Minerals this Brinciple is
referred to 2inah, to the left because of its 1olour- and to left also,
4old is wont to be referred- and 1harutz, a ,ind of 4old, is also
referred to 2inah, and bein$ @ in its lesser 3umber a$rees with that of
Therefore the Cold of 2atural -isdom ought to "e .harutz< that is digged out(
or the lie not e4cocted. And this is that )ulphur( which hath a !ery .olour( and
is penetrating and changing to impure ,arths< to wit( )ulphur with )alt( >eut.(
c. 60( %. 6?. )ulphur with Fire( rained down upon the -iced(---that is the
impure Metals( Psalm 1E6( %. 6.
Jou must dig up this )ulphur< and it is to "e digged out of the -ater( that you
mayest ha%e Fire o"tained from -ater. =And if your -ays "e right "efore the
#ord( your 3ron shall swim upon the -ater(= 6 $ings( c. 6( %. 6. =Co thy way then
to the &i%er :ordan with ,lisha=< see %. +. =9ut who shall declare the Ce"urah of
the #ordH= Psalm 1E6( %. 6.
Many see other )ulphurs( and he that hath entered the =/ouse of the Paths=
shall understand them( Pro%er"s( c. *( %. 6. For the )ulphurs of Cold and 3ron(
the ,4traction whereof is taught "y many( and is easy< also of Cold( 3ron and
9rass< also of Cold( 3ron( .opper and Antimony( which are gathered together
after Fulmination "y Linegar( out of the li4i%ium( which are changed into a &ed
Iil( with a moist /ydrargyrum(---do tinge )il%er. For from Pro%er"s( c. 61( %. 6E(
we now there is a Treasure to "e desired and also an Iil to "e found in the
dwelling of a Man of -isdom.
- 7inis -