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Instructor: Patrice Nganang

Ofce: Humanities Building 2124
Tel: 631 632 947
e!mail: "atrice#nganang$ston%&roo'#edu
Ofce (ours : )onda%s: 12!2:** "m+ and &% a""ointment#
Course description:
T(e course intends to "resent an outloo' on t(e most im"ortant
treatments o, se-ualit% in literature+ &% on narrati/e and
t(eoretical te-ts+ as .ell as on 0lm and t(e arts# 1tarting .it( )ic(el
2oucault3s History of Sexuality, .e .ill anal%4e (o. a s"eci0c .a% o,
tal'ing a&out se- de0nes .(at it means to "roduce literature toda%# 5s a
.a% o, com"arison+ .e .ill see (o. distinct it is ,rom "re/ious or non!
6estern discourses on se-ualit%+ read no/els mostl% toget(er .it( 0lm
ada"tations+ in a .a% to anal%4e (o. contem"orar% literature is a &lend o,
multi"le trends#
Course obecti!es:
5t t(e end o, t(e semester+ t(e students s(ould &e a&le to use anal%tical
s'ills to re/ie. no/els+ 0lms+ and &e in,ormed a&out t(e use o,
com"arati/e anal%sis ,or esta&lis(ing structures o, discourse# )ost
im"ortantl%+ students .ill (a/e &een e-"osed to some o, t(e most
im"ortant documents a&out se-ualit% in literature#
"r#din$ %rincip&es:
5ttendance 7 Partici"ation: 3*8
9ui4 7 res"onse "a"ers: 3*8
)id!Term :ssa%: 2*8
2inal :ssa%: 2*8
! 1(ort class ;ui44es .ill conclude t(e reading o, eac( &oo'#
! No a&sence allo.ed .it(out "ro/en <doctor3s note= or acce"ta&le e-cuse
<deat( in t(e ,amil%+ note o, t(e director o, undergraduate studies=# T(is is
/alid ,or lecture+ discussion and screening sessions#
! >ate su&missions o, midterm or 0nal essa%s .ill cost 8 "er da% o, %our
"a"er grade#
! )idterm and 0nal essa%s are su&mitted /ia e!mail#
! ?es"onse "a"ers are su&mitted on Blac'&oard+ and are graded on a
su&mitted@not su&mitted &asis# ?emem&er+ t(ere are 14 0lms to .atc(
and t(us+ 14 res"onse "a"ers to su&mit#
! 5l.a%s read t(e assigned te-ts &e,ore coming to class and .atc( t(e
mo/ies &e,ore arguing a&out t(em#
Re'uired boo( #nd )&*s:
)ic(el 2oucault : History of Sexuality 1 : An Introduction+ Aintage+ 199*+
I1BN!1*: *679724699
B(imamanda 5dic(ie : Half of a Yellow Sun+ 5nc(or+ 2**7+ I1BN!1*:
T(omas )ann: Death in Venice+ Breate1"ace Inde"endent Pu&lis(ing
Plat,orm+ 2*1*+ I1BN!1*: 143C7263
5risto"(ane: Lysistrata+ 1ignet Blassics+ 2**9+ I1BN!1*: *413124C
Dames Giovannis !oo"+ 2***+ I1BN!1*: *3C334C3
Eusta/e 2lau&ert: #ada"e $ovary+ Penguin Blassics+ 2**2+ I1BN!1*:
)ant(ia Fia.ara: %ho Is Afraid &f '(u(i wa )hion(o* <2**6=
5'ira Gurosa.a: !asho"on <19*=: (tt"s:@@...#%outu&e#com@.atc(H
Blaude B(a&rol: #ada"e $ovary <1991=: (tt"s:@@...#%outu&e#com@.atc(H
?u"ert Era/es: #rs Dalloway <1997=: (tt"s:@@...#%outu&e#com@.atc(H
B(er%l Fun%e: Stran(er inside <2*11=: (tt"s:@@...#%outu&e#com@.atc(H
Dean!Dac;ues 5nnaud: )he Lover: (tt"s:@@...#%outu&e#com@.atc(H
Te-t on Blac'&oard
?%Mnosu'e 5'utaga.a ! In a Grove
2rant4 2anon: NT(e 6(ite 6oman and t(e Blac' )an3+ and NT(e Blac' )an
and t(e 6(ite 6oman3+ in: $lac+ S+in, %hite #as+s
+is#bi&it, Support Ser!ices -+SS. st#te*ent:
I, %ou (a/e a "(%sical+ "s%c(ological+ medical+ or learning disa&ilit% t(at
ma% im"act %our course .or'+ "lease contact Fisa&ilit% 1u""ort 1er/ices
<631= 632!674C or (tt":@@studentaOairs#ston%&roo'#edu@dss@# T(e% .ill
determine .it( %ou .(at accommodations are necessar% and a""ro"riate#
5ll in,ormation and documentation is con0dential#
1tudents .(o re;uire assistance during emergenc% e/acuation are
encouraged to discuss t(eir needs .it( t(eir "ro,essors and Fisa&ilit%
1u""ort 1er/ices# 2or "rocedures and in,ormation go to t(e ,
.e&site: (tt":@@...#ston%&roo'#edu@e(s@0re@disa&ilities@as"#
Ac#de*ic inte$rit, st#te*ent:
:ac( student must "ursue (is or (er academic goals (onestl% and &e
"ersonall% accounta&le ,or all su&mitted .or'# ?e"resenting anot(er
"ersonPs .or' as %our o.n is al.a%s .rong# 2acult% are re;uired to re"ort
an% sus"ected instance o, academic dis(onest% to t(e 5cademic Dudiciar%#
2or more com"re(ensi/e in,ormation on academic integrit%+ including
categories o, academic dis(onest%+ "lease re,er to t(e academic Ludiciar%
.e&site at (tt":@@...#ston%&roo'#edu@uaa@academicLudiciar%@
Critic#& incident *#n#$e*ent:
1ton% Broo' Qni/ersit% e-"ects students to res"ect t(e rig(ts+ "ri/ileges+
and "ro"ert% o, ot(er "eo"le# 2acult% are re;uired to re"ort to t(e Ofce
o, Dudicial 5Oairs an% disru"ti/e &e(a/ior t(at interru"ts t(eir a&ilit% to
teac(+ com"romises t(e sa,et% o, t(e learning en/ironment+ and@or
in(i&its studentsP a&ilit% to learn#
/in#& E0#*in#tions
The academic calendar provides seven days each semester for a Final Examination Period.
The last examination of the course, whether comprehensive or covering only a portion of the
material, must be given during the Final Examination Period at the time designated for the
course. Exceptions may only be granted by the dean of the faculty members college for
compelling academic reasons. Unit exams may only be given during the last week of the
semester if a final examination is also given during the Final Examination Period. Instructors
are reminded that students who request accommodation for religious reasons are entitled to
that accommodation under New York State law. It is the responsibility of the student to plan
class schedules to avoid conflicts with Evening Midterm exams and regularly scheduled
classes, and to avoid conflicts with Final Exams. Final schedules may be found online
+et#i&ed s,&&#bus:
)onda%+ Danuar% 2C Introduction
6ednesda%+ Danuar% 3* RN@5S
)onda%+ 2e&ruar% 4 1e-ualit% and Narration
?eading: )ic(el 2oucault: History of Sexuality,
6ednesda%+ 2e&ruar% 6 1e-ualit% and
?eading: )ic(el 2oucault: History of Sexuality,
)onda%+ 2e&ruar% 11 Bio"
?eading: )ic(el 2oucault: History of Sexuality,
6ednesda%+ 2e&ruar% 13 T(e 9uestion o, Narration
T(omas )ann: Death in Venice
)onda%+ 2e&ruar% 1C T(omas )ann: Death in Venice RNo/el
and 2ilm PartsS
6ednesda%+ 2e&ruar% 2* B(er%l Fun%e: Stran(er Inside
)onda%+ 2e&ruar% 2 Bio" Btd#
B(er%l Fun%e: Stran(er Inside
6ednesda%+ 2e&ruar% 27 T(e Battle0eld o, 1e-ualit%
5risto"(ane: Lysistrata
)onda%+ )arc( 4 Fiscussion
6ednesda%+ )arc( 6 Dames Giovannis !oo"
)onda%+ )arc( 11 Dames Giovannis !oo"
6ednesda%+ )arc( 13 T(e Bentur% o, 5dulter%
Eusta/e 2lau&ert: #ada"e $ovary, Part One
Sub*ission Mid1Ter* %#pers
R)arc(+ 1C!24S Sprin$ Recess
)onda%+ )arc( 2 Eusta/e 2lau&ert: #ada"e $ovary, Part T.o
6ednesda%+ )arc( 27 Eusta/e 2lau&ert: #ada"e $ovary, Part T(ree
RNo/el and 0lmS
)onda%+ 5"ril 1 Eusta/e 2lau&ert: #ada"e $ovary RNo/el
and 0lmS
6ednesda%+ 5"ril 3 Dean!Dac;ues 5nnaud: )he Lover, ?u"ert
Era/es: #rs Dalloway R2ilmsS
)onda%+ 5"ril C #rs- Dalloway @ )he Lover R2ilmsS
6ednesda%+ 5"ril 1* 5'ira Gurosa.a: !asho"on
)onda%+ 5"ril 1 5'ira Gurosa.a: !asho"on , ?%Mnosu'e
5'utaga.a ! In a Grove R2ilm and 1(ort 1tor%S
6ednesda%+ 5"ril 17 Bolonial Fesire
?eading: 2rant4 2anon: $lac+ S+in, %hite #as+s
./arts 0 and 12
)onda%+ 5"ril 22 )ant(ia Fia.ara: %ho Is Afraid of '(u(i %a
6ednesda%+ 5"ril 24 B(imamanda 5dic(ie: Half of a Yellow Sun, Part
)onda%+ 5"ril 29 B(imamanda 5dic(ie: Half of a Yellow Sun, Part

6ednesda%+ )a% 1 B(imamanda 5dic(ie: Half of a Yellow Sun, Part

)onda%+ )a% 6 B(imamanda 5dic(ie: Half of a Yellow Sun, Part
6ednesda%+ )a% C Bonclusion
Sub*ission o2 /in#& %#pers