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The Meaning and Science of

Gayatri Mantra
Lecture by
Dr. Pranav Pandya, MD (Medicine)
Head All World Gayatri Pariwar
Chancellor- Dev Sanskriti University
|| O bhrbhuva sva
tatsaviturvareya bhargo
devasya dhmahi dhiyo yo na
pracodayt ||

-Rigveda 3/62/10; Samveda 1462,
Yajurveda 3/35, 22/9, 30/2, 36/3

(May Almighty illuminate our intellect and
inspire us towards the righteous path)

The Gayatri Mantra
The Meaning of Each Syllable
O Brahma or Almighty God
bh embodiment of vital spiritual energy (Pran)
bhuva destroyer of sufferings
sva embodiment of happiness
tat that
savitu bright, luminous like the Sun
The Meaning of Each Syllable
vareya best, most exalted
bhargo destroyer of sins
devasya divine
dhmahi may imbibe
dhiyo intellect
yo who
na our
pracodayt may inspire
The Foundation of Indian Culture
Several concepts are prevalent in the Hindu
religion and there are controversies and
conflicting opinions also in respect of some
of them. But all the sects, saints and rishis
have accepted the pre-eminence of Gayatri
mantra with one voice.
Paeans in Praise of Gayatri
Atharva Ved incorporates a prayer (19-1-71)
in praise of Gayatri stating that it grants
longevity, energy, power, fame, wealth and
divine brilliance (Brahma-tej).
Paeans in Praise of Gayatri
Rishi Vashishtha says persons who are
dull, way-ward and fickle-minded become
highly intelligent and steadfast and rise to
great heights in worldly and spiritual
pursuits by Gayatri Sadhana. Those who
worship Gayatri steadfastly and piously
attain self-realisation.
Paeans in Praise of Gayatri
Shri Rama Krishna Paramhamsa stated I
tell people that it is not necessary to get
engaged in complicated Sadhanas. Perform
simple Gayatri Sadhana and see the results.
Great Siddhis are attained by Gayatri
Sadhana. This Mantra is short, no doubt, but
it is extremely powerful..
Paeans in Praise of Gayatri
Vivekanand said, only that thing should be
begged from a king which befits his dignity.
Spiritual wisdom alone is the most suitable
gift which could be asked from God. God
grants spiritual wisdom which leads to
advancement on the right path and results in
our happiness. One who is advancing
towards the truth always remains happy.
Gayatri mantra is instinct with spiritual
wisdom and, therefore, it has been
acclaimed the greatest of all the mantras.
Paeans in Praise of Gayatri
According to Mahatma Gandhi, constant
Jap of Gayatri Mantra is useful for curing
physical ailments and for the upliftement of
the soul. Gayatri Jap performed with a calm,
unperturbed mind has the power of averting
crisis in the hour of distress.
Activation of Energy Centres
Activation of Energy Centres
Constant and rythymic recitation , with
meditation , of Gayatri Mantra activates
other dormant energy centres of body
Activation of Energy Centres
Letter Gland Involved Energy
1. tat Tapini success
2. sa Saphalta bravery (Parakram)
3. vi Vishwa maintenance (Palan)
4. tur Tushti wellbeing (Kalyan)
Activation of Energy Centres
Letter Gland Involved Energy
5. va varda Yog
6. re revati love (prem)
7. ni Sookshma money
8. yam gyana brilliance(tej)

Activation of Energy Centres
Letter Gland Involved Energy
9. bhar bharga defence (raksha)
10. go gomati intellect (buddhi)
11. de devika suppression (daman)
12. va varahi devotion (nistha)
Activation of Energy Centres
Letter Gland Involved Energy
13.sya sinhani dharna (power of retention)
14. dhee dhyan Pran (life-breath)
15. ma maryada self-restraint (sanyam)
16. hi sfuta tap

Activation of Energy Centres
Letter Gland Involved Energy
17. dhi medha far-sightedness
18. yo yogmaya jagriti (awakening)
19. yo yogini production
20. naha dharini sarasta (sweetness)
Activation of Energy Centres
Letter Gland Involved Energy
21. pra prabhava ideal
22. cho ooshma courage
23. da drashya wisdom (vivek)
24. yat niranjan sewa (service)
Activation of Energy Centres
According to the science of acoustics, the
patterns of sound waves produced by each of
the twenty-four letters of the Gayatri Mantra
are very special and their combined effect is a
source of immense energy.
Activation of Energy Centres
The nerves connected with the components of vocal
cord, tongue, palate and fingers used in the recitation
of Mantra have more than 60 % representation in the
cerebral cortex.

The bioelectrical currents generated by the excitation
of the nerve cells complete one neuronal cycle per
recitation and activate the brain with fresh energy.
Four categories of brain wave pattern
Four categories of brain wave pattern
The Two Foundation Pillars of
Indian Culture
Gayatri Righteous Knowledge and
Yagya Virtuos Deeds

Are the two foundational pillars of divine
Indian culture which teaches world peace,
prosperity and brotherhood