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Journal Academic Research Review

The expansion of mobile networking industry: The

impact of advertising growth

Andera Bolton
Management department, University of Carian (UOC)

The unique network strategy provides U Mobile with significant savings in capital expenditure
and those savings are passed onto subscribers in the form of affordable products and services.
Even though U Mobile is a new provider compared to others, but they offered the best and the
cheapest 3G package to customers who are using smart phones. Currently the U Mobile has
about four million subscribers, of whom 90 per cent are prepaid users, the rest are postpaid. U
Mobiles plan was to transform its business support systems into an industrialized, real-time
converged environment. This transformation would enable U Mobile to become the first
operator in Malaysia to offer complete converged packages allowing them to gain an advantage
over other telecom service providers. Services are lacking in much of the rural areas in the
country, especially in East Malaysia.

Service level is an important factor (Rezaei & Amin, 2012). A cell phone user who finds that
he or she can only get service 70 percent of the time will probably become dissatisfied with his
or her service. The U Mobile users can buy the rechargeable card in many shops, internet and
Journal Academic Research Review
prepaid phone device; it is more convenient to users no matter where they are. Therefore, to
make their mobile service provider in becoming one of the leading companies in Malaysia, U
Mobile conduct training which is crucial so that employees understand the appropriate forms
of behavior and trainees adopt the best practices of the analogy (Daliri, Rezaei, & Ismail, 2014;
Julian, Rezaei, & Amin, 2014; Rezaei & Amin, 2012; Rezaei & Ismail).

Advertising is perhaps the area of business most closely in touch with socio-cultural
changes. Advertising often seeks to be hip and trendsetting, and to do this, advertising agencies
and departments cannot lose track of the pulse of the societies in which they engage in business.
U Mobile is focused on mobile phone services, which include prepaid, postpaid packages with
mobile internet as their prime seller(Amin, Rezaei, & Abolghasemi, 2014; Amin, Rezaei, &
Shajari Tavana; Daliri et al., 2014; Julian et al., 2014; Moghaddam, Rezaei, & Amin; Rezaei
& Amin, 2012, 2013; Rezaei, Amin, & Ismail, 2014; Rezaei & Ghodsi, 2014; Rezaei & Ismail;
Shahijan, Rezaei, Preece, & Ismail, 2014; Tavana, Ismail, Rezaei, & Amin, 2012). U Mobile
is a company that prides themselves on developing products based on the demands of the
market and especially for the consumer.

Moreover, U Mobile Enterprise Plan is targeting companies who are most likely to
make a lot of phone calls and need to be online 24 hours a day. The quality of the provided
services can simply boost the entire perception of consumer about the product or company and
as a result it may increase the organizations income and revenue. Different methods of
payment are suggested by U Mobile organization to make it easy for customers to choose more
convenient one. Another strategy which U Mobile uses is the competitive pricing. The
perception of consumers about the value of any item also has an effect on the pricing of that
item so for any organization, it is essential to do research about the consumer`s opinion about
the pricing because it indicates how costumers value what they want to pay.

Journal Academic Research Review

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