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Previous LRP ROLES OFFERED: Performance Management
GD Case:
A new country South Sudan is born out of Sudan. Its wealth is in the form of oil resources,
but can be routed only via North Sudan. Its GDP is also comprised of Agriculture. India has to
send 6 people on a diplomatic mission. Who all will you choose?
BlackBerry, Samsung and Apple - What should they do to increase
Behavioral interview:
How does the company fir your goals and aspirations?
Wont you change roles? How can we believe you?
What skills do you have as an HR that helps you improve as a person?
What have you learnt in your SIP company(KPMG)?
Why shift from Finance to Marketing?
Tell me about yourself.
Design Performance management system for a Govt Hospital
Launch a new noodle brand, when Maggie is already a market leader.
How will you connect with Facebook users for kitkat on digital media.
How would you design the compensation of XYZ Company? What approach would you take?
What is the long term process capability for a six sigma process?
How to cure middle bulge organizations?
Outsourcing versus contract labor
Others :
Why do you want to be a consultant?
Do you know we have a rough routine? How will you cope up?
Questions on SIP experience?(Interviewer had a good knowledge about SIP project)



Process: Resume Short listing, General GD, Interview
"Premier B-schools such as IIMs, XLRI, Harvard opening new campuses -will it lead to brand
Group of 8 people |Panel - 3 people, Time - 20mins |2-3 mins given in the beginning to think
about the topic
16 people shortlisted for GD. 5 were shortlisted for interview after the GD.
Group touched upon the following points.
Need to open multiple campuses for some institutes due to lack of resources(location etc) in
the current setup (eg XLRI)
Possible to open multiple campuses and maintain the brand equity by investing in the new
campus (eg ISB Mohali)
The discussion was very cordial and panelists were primarily looking at your communication skills
and the ability to articulate your thoughts in a concise manner.
2 rounds of interview
1st interview - Technical
Tell me about yourself
My summer project was on Competency Modelling... questions on what i did? how i did it?
Who was ur mentor and guide?
some questions about my summer internship organization.. business case for my summer
CLRA Section 10 (2).. in a factory, can packaging job be outsourced?
Why consulting? why not FMCG?
Your strengths and weaknesses?
2 reasons why we should take you and 2 reasons why we shouldn't?
o Tell me about yourself, about ur family
o your biggest achievement in life6 | P a g e
o your biggest failure in life
o Anything you would like to ask me?"
Be thorough with ur summer internship project, Projects on Competencies, Compensation are a
huge plus, Just be confident... focus on the thought process, not the final answer,Keep asking
questions to the interviewer .



Interview began with general questions and running through your resume.
Tell us about yourself
Almost 15 minutes spent on internship project
Since internship project was on compensation, questions moved in that direction.
2 people join your company with 10+ yrs work ex from diff organizations and have the same
JD. 1 was recruited from a premier B school early in his career, the other from a Tier 2
institute and therefore the current salaries are different. How do you pay them? Should they
be on different salaries or same? How can you use pay correction in such a scenario?
Any other favorite subject? PMA. Design a PMA system for a manufacturing company setting
up a plant in Jamshedpur.
Questions based on the answers written in form.
Any instance of crisis handling at work/XL
How does my career graph till now support a transition to consulting and EY
Questions on travelling and past work ex to judge the candidate's fit for consulting.
Difference between a sales incentive plan and a retention plan.
Subject knowledge required for EY: MCCD, Compensation, PMA, OCD. Anything extra is always
helpful. Looking for clarity on some basic concepts. It is important for them to identify a candidate
who will be willing to slog it out + a fit for the consulting culture.
Interview round is followed by a Partner round in person or via VC
Process : Resume Shortlisting + 2 Interviews (Behavioral + Academic)
Interview Experiences:
Experience 1
First interview:
It was a very long interview with first interview going on for 1:15 hrs and second for 30 minutes. First
interview was mostly case based.
First case was that "A pharmaceutical company representative has come and asked me that their
Product Delivery Time is high, what can they do about it".
The approach that I used was first to identify whether the problem was internal or external to
company and then pin pointed the problems and proposed a solution that was basically
restructuring the company departments and processes.
After the first case he asked few behavioral questions. Why no POR? Rate different things about
myself such as Problem Solving, Task Management and Relationships, etc. ;questions about my
presentation skills.
Then he asked a second case that "Tata Motor representative has come to me and asked to identify
the 6-7 behaviors or skills of highly successful managers". In this case first I asked about the


objective in indulging such an exercise and then proposed different models. Finally he asked me
whether I would recommend anything to tata motors, I said no because their objective was to
replicate these skills to be successful in future but I said each and every situation is different and
what might work in one might not work in other situation. Moreover I said that diversity element
will decrease and in long run it will hurt the company.

Second interview was about m presentation skills. They told me that after my first interview they are
worried about my presentation skills and I have to convince them that they are good. So basically it
was a debate and they grilled me for half hour on "why HR? One question that was common was
that in my six months at XL how many times i have fought in groups and why?

Just have a broader approach in solving case. Moreover since my first case was good I became
brutally honest while facing questions like why no POR? I directly told them i never cared about
participating because in my free time i liked to read and watch sports. It might not work every time.

Experience 2:
2 rounds of interview.
First interview with a partner.Starts off with tell me something about yourself and generic
behavioural. He asks 2-3 scenarios and you are supposed to say how you are going to solve it. Look
for approach more than the solution itself.
2nd interview was kind of stress interview. Told you have been unorganized all your life. Teach
photography within 1 min. You are getting no where etc. Try to justify whatever you can. Then in
general about what kind of company, working style, career plans.
No acads directly asked. They expect you to apply acads. Be very specific, plot diagrams.

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