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Finding Nemo

Nemo is a clownfish who lives with his dad, Marlin, in the Great Barrier Reef coast of Australia. Marlin has a beautiful family
with Coral, his wife, but a big shark attacked them, and killed her and ate most of her eggs.
Just Nemo survived being the only child of a single-parent family. As Nemo doesnt have a mom, his daddy is over protective.
When Nemos first day at school arrived, he is very excited. Marlin and his son swim through the Ocean to the school where
Nemo meets new friends.
Mr. Ray is his teacher so when he invites his students to swim off, Nemo says goodbye to his dad who still is worried about
his baby.
Nemo and other students swim off to the limit of the Great Barrier Reef where they feel impressed. They think the view is
incredible. They are enjoying the magnificent view when they see a boat. One of Nemo friends start to swim to the boat, but
the open sea makes him feel afraid so he swims back at once. In than moment Nemos father shows up in front of them and
tells Nemo he is angry with him because he knows it is dangerous to swim at open sea. Nemo feels ashamed and while his
daddy is talking to him, he swims off into the ocean by himself near the boat he is captured by a scuba diver in a net and
taken to Sydney.
The scuba diver is a dentist who not only takes Nemo to his office but also puts him in an aquarium with other sea creatures.
Soon they became good friend, but change Nemos name in a funny ceremony. Nemo is tiburoncin now. He enjoys his
days at the aquarium know that Marlin has been looking for his son, taking all kind of risks; they decided to help Nemo to
scape. Marlin has swam off the open sea where not only lived amazing but dangerous experiences, but also net Dory. Dory is
a blue fish with short-term memory who helps Marlin to find the way to Sydney and represents the value of friendship. She
stays next to Marlin all the time, no matter the danger they have to face because she feels she is at home while they are
Marlin and Dory travel a long way through the ocean and have many adventures till in the end, Nemos friends in the fish
tank help him to scape and he meets his dad in the ocean just off Sydney.
Lets answer these questions!!!!!
1. Who is Nemo?
2. Where does he live?
3. Why doesnt Nemo have a mom?
4. What kind of father is Marlin?
5. What does Nemo do in his first day at school?
6. Where is Nemo taken?
7. Does he make new friends in the fish tank?
8. What do the creatures do in a funny ceremony?
9. Who is Dory?
10. What do the creatures in the aquarium do when the know about Marlin?
11. How does the story end?
12. Whos your favorite character? Why?