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Begin All Things By First Using The All

Month, 6
day, 69
Year, Yamassic Calendar
[August 27, 2014]
Mandate o' the (or)in* $ro+, on the iss+e o' h+man ri*hts and transnational cor,orations and
other -+siness enter,rises
Tendered to the Working Group on the issue o hu!"n rights "nd tr"nsn"tion"l #orpor"tions "nd other $usiness
enterprises $y %&hie%'"ny"()h""$u%*il+,T- on $eh"l o the %At(sik(h"t" %'"tion o %."!"ssee(-oors/
10 %&hie%'"ny"()h""$u%*il%+,T- 12 24 00 '/ 3"t4 112 21 00 W/ 3ong
5"p"s#h"se[Tre"ty 6], Turtle 7sl"nd 8 Atl"n
[G9 )T' -A7' , *9-:'T:', AB T1; 2G<]
5hone% 1<7(712(062= , 7<0(<=2(47=7
*!"il% truen"ti>e=?y"hoo/#o! , "tsikh"t"y!?g!"il/#o! ,
@@@/"#e$ook/#o!8'"ny"/)h""$u/*il ,
@e$site% http%88sites/google/#o!8site8"tsikh"t"n"tiony
20 %-"tri"r#h%9i"ni('"A"%Bey
3enni 3en"pe, Turtle 7sl"nd 8 Atl"n
22 9eg 26 26 '/3"t4 <4 9eg/ 17 17 W/3ong
#8o 2104 ;"#kson )treet Apt/ 7&, 5hil"delphi" , 5A[1=141]
5hone% 267(1=2(4172
/ 0 S+-stansi1e Elements to -e addressed in a National !ction Plan
A national action plan should be based upon the general principles set out in the Guiding
Principles, in terms of their scope (all States and all business enterprises, both
transnational and others, regardless of size, sector, location, ownership and structure) and
the grounding in international human rights standards. n particular, in each area co!ered
b" a national action plan, due regard should be gi!en to the re#uirement that the Guiding
Principles be implemented in a non$discriminator" manner, with particular attention to
the rights and needs of, as well as the challenges faced b", indi!iduals from groups or
% &he 'or(ing Group is grateful to St)phanie *agoutte, Senior +esearcher at the ,anish
nstitute for -uman +ights, for her assistance in preparing this document.
. /or a preliminar" outline of the process elements, see the informal discussion paper prepared
for the State pre$session meeting at the 0123 annual /orum on 4usiness and -uman +ights5
: Pillar 2 of the Guiding Principles5 &he State dut" to protect human rights.
; Pillar 3 of the Guiding Principles5 Access to remed".%
populations that ma" be at heightened ris( of becoming !ulnerable or marginalized, and
with due regard to the different ris(s that ma" be faced b" women and men.
The guiding 5rin#iples irst "nd ore!ost should h">e " #le"rly deined list o 9einitions "nd Ter!s/ This @ill
#le"r up "nd neutr"liCe "ny "!$iguity, #onusion, !isunderst"nding, !isinterpret"tion, !isspe"king th"t #ould
"rise in the e>ent o "ny #ontro>ersy reg"rding 7ntern"tion"l hu!"n rights st"nd"rds, 7ndigenous Dights,
7ntern"tion"l tre"ties "nd #on>entions/ -ost )t"tes h">e in their legisl"tion, deinitions8ter!s o @h"t the @ords
!e"n in the legisl"tion so "ll p"rties "re on the s"!e p"ge "nd there is no #onusion "$out @h"t is s"id, @h"t is
!e"nt "nd @h"t the st"tes "re o$lig"ted to o$ey, reg"rding 7ntern"tion"l 3"@, Tre"ties, &on>entions "s @ell "s
7ndigenous Dights "nd Eu!"n Dights "s it rel"tes "nd is o$lig"tory on "ll !e!$ers8st"tes o the United '"tions/
/02 Indi*eno+s Peo,les
/ree, prior and informed consent is a fundamental element of the rights of
indigenous peoples, on which rests the abilit" to e9ercise and en<o" a number of
other rights/
)t"tes should re#ord, ile "nd tr"ns!it #opies o "ll Free, 5rior "nd 7nor!ed #onsent inter"#tions th"t they h">e
h"d @ith indigenous peoples/ The d"t" should "lso $e or@"rded to the Working Group on the issue o hu!"n
rights "nd tr"nsn"tion"l #orpor"tions "nd other $usiness enterprises, "s " #he#k "nd $"l"n#e @hi#h @ill ensure
th"t !e!$er st"tes "re in "#t honoring, o$eying "nd #o!plying @ith the und"!ent"l ele!ent o the rights o
7ndigenous 5eoples "nd 7ndigenous '"tions/ This @ill $e " pro#ess th"t @ill ensure tr"nsp"ren#y, integrity,
honor "nd li"$ility to the Gener"l prin#iples st"ted or this n"tion"l "#tion pl"n/ )hould "ny #ontro>ersy "rise,
there @ill $e " re#ord @hether the st"te !e!$er notiied 7ndigenous 5eople 8 )t"keholders, "nd @h"t @"s the
result, i "ny, o the #o!!uni#"tion $et@een the st"te !e!$er "nd the 7ndigenous 5eople8 7ndigenous
'"tionsF )t"keholders0 in Guestion/ This pro#ess @ill "lso speed up the "$ility or #onli#t resolution,
#ontro>ersy resolution "nd redu#e unne#ess"ry "d!inistr"ti>e "nd $ure"u#r"ti# #o!!uni#"tionsFred t"pe0/ This
#he#k "nd $"l"n#e pro#ess @ill "llo@ or "ster "nd Gui#ker solutions o issue $et@een st"te !e!$ers, $usiness
org"niC"tions "nd 7ndigenous 5eoples 8 7ndigenous '"tionsF)t"keholders0/ 'oteH 1/2 @ould "ll under the s"!e
pro#ess, "s there @ill $e " re#ord sho@ing #o!!uni#"tions reg"rding% Free, prior "nd inor!ed #onsent sho@
#o!!uni#"tions "nd di"logue th"t h"s $een done $et@een st"te !e!$ers, $usiness org"niC"tions "nd
7ndigenous 5eoples 8 7ndigenous '"tionsF)t"keholders0, reg"rding 7ndigenous #hildren4 this is ne#ess"ry "s
7ndigenous 5eoples h">e the right to edu#"te their #hildren "s they see it, $eing )el(9eter!in"tion "s outlined
in U'9D75 h"s $een endorsed $y so!e st"te !e!$ers "nd is do!esti#8n"tion"l l"@ $y so!e st"te !e!$ers "s
/030 Children
States must ha!e ade#uate legal and institutional framewor(s to respect, protect
and fulfil children=s rights, and to pro!ide remedies in case of !iolations in the
conte9t of business acti!ities and operations.
1.4. Other individuals from grous or oulations that !an "e at heightened ris#$
States should identif" groups which are at heightened ris( of discrimination and
human rights abuse, and ensure that particular consideration is gi!en to protect
such groups against business$related human rights abuses. Such groups ma"
include, amongst others5
8ational or ethnic minorities>
+eligious and linguistic minorities>
Persons with disabilities>
?igrant wor(ers and their families>
-uman rights defenders.
%. S&A&E APPROAC' (GP 1)
$+idin* Princi,le / 4 State d+ty to ,rotect
States must protect against human rights abuse within their territor" and6or
<urisdiction b" third parties, including business enterprises. &his re#uires ta(ing
appropriate steps to pre!ent, in!estigate, punish and redress such abuse through
effecti!e policies, legislation, regulations and ad<udication.
The )t"tes duty to prote#t !ust "lso $e #le"rly deined "nd pen"lties tr"nsp"rent "nd enor#ed/ )i!ple lip
ser>i#e is in"deGu"te4 there !ust "lso $e tr"nsp"ren#y "nd re#ording o the "$uses, @hi#h should "lso $e sent to
7ntern"tion"l $odies, "s "n un$i"sed #he#k "nd $"l"n#e or keeping tr"#k o "$uses "nd @h"t resolutions, i "ny,
th"t @ere "#hie>ed/
The Follo@ing is " s!"ll list o )t"te !inistries "nd "gen#ies @hose @ork in "#t does tou#h on $usiness I
hu!"n rights "$uses%
African AmericansC rights organizations (. @, %D P
Amnest" nternational BSA
nstitute for Global *abour and -uman +ights
8ew Eor( State ,i!ision of -uman +ights
*nited States
Amazon 'atch
@enter for nternational 7n!ironmental *aw (@7*)
@enter for 'orld ndigenous Studies (@'S)
@ultural Sur!i!al
7arth Peoples
ndigenous Peoples @ouncil on 4iocolonialism (P@4)
ndigenous Peoples *aw and Polic" Program (P*P)
nternational ndian &reat" @ouncil (&@)
ndigenous 'orld Association
nternational 8ati!e &radition nterchange (8&)
?e9ica ?o!ement
+ainforest /oundation BS
Bnited 8ations Permanent /orum on ndigenous ssues (B8P/)
The )t"te should gi>e ull dis#losure to to 7ndigenous 5eoples87ndigenous '"tions o ho@ $usiness
org"niC"tions "re a!tuall+ r"n do!esti#"lly8n"tion"lly, "nd ho@ those do!esti#8n"tion"l oper"tions8 $usinesses
inter"#t "s it rel"tes to 7ndigenous 5eoples87ndigenous '"tions "nd @hen those org"nCi"tions #o!e into #ont"#t
@ith 7ntern"tion"l l"@, @h"t pro#edures th"t the st"te "nd $usinesses h">e in pl"#e, in de"ling @ith !"tters o
7ntern"tion"l l"@/
79ample5 Police departments in the Bnited States( 8EP, F 8ew Eor( Police
,epartment) ha!e a #uota re#uirement of officers for each shift that must be fulfilled>
failure to fulfill the re#uirements results in penalties6disciplinar" actions against the
8EP, Gfficers for failure to meet their shift #uota. &he 8EP, Polic" is in total
opposition to, among others, the B8 @on!ention on 7conomic, Social H @ultural +ights
and the Bnited 8ations ,eclaration on the +ights of ndigenous Peoples, et. Al. see5
n"pd$officers$discuss$data$dri!en$departmentIpageJall 5 Kuotas e9ist, said Lohn
7terno, a former 8EP, captain. An"one who tells "ou an" different is a liar. &he" occur
and right now the" are stringent about it, particularl" with the "oung cops.
Ne, -or# (CNN) $$ &he first wee( of a lawsuit see(ing to reform 8ew Eor(Cs stop$and$
fris( polic" featured emotional accounts from men who sa" police stopped them for no
reason and 8EP, officers who sa" mandated #uotas forced them to ma(e unnecessar"
&he federal class$action lawsuit, /lo"d !. @it" of 8ew Eor(, claims police routinel" stop
minorit" men without a legal reason. t was filed in 011D.
Gfficer Adh"l Polanco, an eight$"ear !eteran of the 8EP, who wor(s in the 4ron9,
testified &uesda" that he was told at a dail" roll call that he had to log at least fi!e stop$
and$fris(s, ma(e one arrest and write 01 tic(ets each month, according to @88 affiliate
n the "ears since 8ew Eor( Police ,epartment Gfficer Adrian Schoolcraft emerged with
secretl" recorded e!idence of misconduct in a 4roo(l"n precinct, other cops ha!e been
inspired to follow in his footsteps, capturing their commanders pressuring them to hit
illegal #uotas.
&he 8EP, has long denied that itCs compelled officers to reach certain figures for
arrests, stop$and$fris(s, and summonses. 4ut the recordings pro!ed that officers faced the
threat of bad assignments, transfers, or other punishment if the" didnCt ma(e their
SchoolcraftCs tapes pla"ed in dramatic fashion in the recent landmar( stop$and$fris(
trial, which could lead to a federal monitor o!erseeing the 8EP,. &wo 4ron9 officers
also made similar recordings, as did an unnamed super!isor, who caught his bosses
profanel" complaining about cops who didnCt ma(e their #uotas.
Guiding Prin!ile % . E/traterritorialit+
States should set out clearl" the e9pectation that all business enterprises domiciled
in their territor" and6or <urisdiction respect human rights throughout their operations.
%.4 Imlementation of re!ommendations from *N &reat+ 0odies or the 'uman
Rights Coun!il
Assess follow up gi!en to an" recommendations from B8 human rights treat"
bodies, special procedures mandate holders or the -uman +ights @ouncil=s
Bni!ersal Periodic +e!iew process on steps to pre!ent abuse b" business
enterprises, including with regard to operations abroad of businesses domiciled
within its <urisdiction.
20 Elements, 5hich ha1e the *reatest ,otential to ,re1ent, miti*ate and redress ad1erse -+siness4related
h+man ri*hts im,acts0
(hite S+,remacy 444 htt,.665550-ro5n45atch0com65hat4is4racism627/764626the4de'inition4o'4
(hite S+,remacy 444 htt,.665550-ro5n45atch0com65hat4is4racism627/764626the4de'inition4o'4
By Fr"n#es &ress Welsing, -/9/, 5sy#hi"trist, W"shington, 9/&/
&!CISM 85hite s+,remacy9, is the local and global power s"stem and d"namic, structured
and maintained b" persons who classif" themsel!es as white, whether consciousl" or
subconsciousl" determined, which consists of patterns of perception, logic, s"mbol formation,
thought, speech, action and emotional response, as conducted simultaneousl" in all areas of
people acti!it" (economics, education, entertainment, labour, law, politics, religion, se9 and
war)> for the ultimate purpose of white genetic sur!i!al and to pre!ent white genetic annihilation
on planet earth F a planet upon which the !ast ma<orit" of people are classified as non$white
(4lac(, 4rown, +ed and Eellow) b" white s(inned people, and all of the nonwhite people are
geneticall" dominant (in terms of s(in coloration) compared to the genetic recessi!e white s(in
5eople @ho #l"ssiy the!sel>es "s White, @ho @ish to $e t"ken seriously, "nd @ho "re
righteous "nd responsi$le, @ill only t"lk "$out ending White )upre!"#y FD"#is!0
"nd repl"#ing it @ith ;usti#e/ /or further understanding, read M&he @ress &heor" of
@olor$@onfrontation and +acism ('hite Supremac")M, 2N;1. Also, M&he sis Papers (&he
Oe"s to the @olors)M, /rances @. 'elsing, &hird 'orld Press, 2NN1.
9r/ Welsing st"tes th"t, or the s"ke o Bl"#k !ent"l he"lth "nd or Bl"#k intelligen#e, "ll people
o #olor !ust underst"nd the dyn"!i#s o r"#is!8@hite supre!"#y, @h"t it is "nd ho@ it @orks,
so th"t they #"n h">e "n "ppropri"te, sel(respe#ting response to r"#is!8 @hite supre!"#y/ 9r/
Welsing urther st"tes th"t, on#e the #olle#ti>e people Fnon(@hite0, underst"nd this und"!ent"l
issue Fr"#is!8 @hite supre!"#y0, the ulti!"te org"niCing o "ll the "ppropri"te $eh">iors
ne#ess"ry to neutr"liCe this gre"t inAusti#e o the @hite supre!"#y syste!, it @ill only $e " !"tter
o ti!e/ Fro! the 1i!higan Citi2en Gctober 0., 011N.
U0S0 Constit+tion can -e "OI# in U0S0Co+rts -y U0S0 :+d*es8sic9
B.S. Supreme @ourt ssues *andmar( ,ecision5 @onstitution is Poid
A&*A8&A, Lan. 2D, 0122 6P+8ewswire$BS8ewswire6 $$ &he B.S. Supreme @ourt issued a
landmar( decision that ser!es to allow <udges to !oid the @onstitution in their courtrooms. &he
decision was issued on Lanuar" 2D, 0122, and the @ourt did not e!en e9plain the decision
(,oc(et 8o. 21$:30, 21$:33, and 21$:N1). Gne word decisions5 ,787,.
www."outube.com6watchI!J,0Q2:!K4wg5 /eb D, 0120 $ Bploaded b" -. Eu"a Assaan$A8B
Gn Lanuar" 32, 0122 3udge ,onald +. Penezia announces in open !ourt that he suspends the
B.S. @onstitution.
Police #o Not %a1e a Constit+tional #+ty to Protect Someone
3usti!es Rule Poli!e <o Not 'ave a Constitutional <ut+ to Prote!t Someone
Published5 Lune 0D, 011.
'AS-8G&G8, Lune 0; $ &he Supreme @ourt ruled on ?onda" that the police did not
ha!e a constitutional dut" to protect a person from harm, e!en a woman who had
obtained a court$issued protecti!e order against a !iolent husband ma(ing an arrest
mandator" for a !iolationR( Castle Ro!# v. Gon2ales= No. 54.%>8. ?s. Gonzales did not
ha!e a Mpropert" interestM in enforcing the restraining order, Lustice Scalia said, adding
that Msuch a right would not, of course, resemble an" traditional conception of propert".M0
&e; <4 6 the =in* !l'red Plan
This in#isi>e "rti#le on the repe"l o #i>il li$erties irst pu$lished $y GD in August 2006, $rings
to oreront o de$"te the ongoing ro"d !"p to@"rds " 5oli#e )t"te in A!eri#"/ F-/&h, GD
'e are dangerousl" close to a situation where S if the American people too( to the streets in
righteous indignation or if there were another N622 S a mechanism for martial law could be
#uic(l" implemented and carried out under +7T D%.
The &heney8Bush "d!inistr"tion h"s " pl"n @hi#h @ould "##o!!od"te the detention o l"rge
nu!$ers o A!eri#"n #itiCens during ti!es o e!ergen#y/
The pl"n is #"lled D*J <4, short or De"diness *Ker#ise 1=<4/ Through DeK(<4 "n undis#losed
nu!$er o #on#entr"tion #"!ps @ere set in oper"tion throughout the United )t"tes, or
intern!ent o dissidents "nd others potenti"lly h"r!ul to the st"te/
The DeK <4 5rogr"! @"s origin"lly est"$lished on the re"soning th"t i " L!"ss eKodusM o
illeg"l "liens #rossed the -eKi#"n8U) $order, they @ould $e Gui#kly rounded up "nd det"ined in
detention #enters $y F*-A/
*Kisten#e o the DeK <4 pl"n @"s irst re>e"led during the 7r"n(&ontr" Ee"rings in 1=<7, "nd
su$seGuently reported $y the -i"!i Eer"ld on ;uly 1, 1=<7
&hese camps are to be operated b" /7?A should martial law need to be implemented in the
Bnited States and all it would ta(e is a presidential signature on a proclamation and the attorne"
general=s signature on a warrant to which a list of names is attached.
he =in* !l'red Plan a)a &e; <4
&he +e9 D% Program
7stablished on the reasoning that if a mass e9odus of illegal aliens crossed the ?e9ican6BS
border, the" would be #uic(l" rounded up and detained in detention centers b" /7?A. +e9 D%
allowed man" militar" bases to be closed down and to be turned into prisons.
Gperation @able Splicer and Garden Plot are the two sub programs which will be implemented once
the +e9 D% program is initiated for its proper purpose. Garden Plot is the program to control the
population. @able Splicer is the program for an orderl" ta(eo!er of the state and local go!ernments
b" the federal go!ernment. /7?A is the e9ecuti!e arm of the coming police state and thus will head
up all operations. &he Presidential 79ecuti!e Grders alread" listed on the /ederal +egister also are
part of the legal framewor( for this operation.
&he camps all ha!e railroad facilities as well as roads leading to and from the detention facilities.
?an" also ha!e an airport nearb". &he ma<orit" of the camps can house a population of 01,111
prisoners. @urrentl", the largest of these facilities is <ust outside of /airban(s, Alas(a. &he Alas(an
facilit" is a massi!e mental health facilit" and can hold appro9imatel" 0 million people.
8ow let=s re!iew the <ustification for an" actions ta(enR
79ecuti!e Grders associated with /7?A that would suspend the @onstitution and the 4ill of +ights.
&hese 79ecuti!e Grders ha!e been on record for nearl" 31 "ears and could be enacted b" the stro(e
of a Presidential pen5R
7T7@B&P7 G+,7+ 21NN1
allows the go!ernment to ta(e o!er all modes of transportation and control of highwa"s and
nternational 7mergenc" 7conomic Powers Act
enables the President to seize the propert" of a foreign countr" or national. &hese powers were
transferred to /7?A in a sweeping consolidation in 2N;N.
he />24 Blac) Codes a)a the Na,oleonic ?Blac) Codes@
E/amle$ 4*A@O @G,7 G/ *GBSA8A
. ,ecrees the e9pulsion of Lews from the colon".
. ?a(es it imperati!e on masters to impart religious instruction to their sla!es.
. Permits the e9ercise of the +oman @atholic creed onl". 7!er" other mode of worship is
P. 8egroes placed under the direction or super!ision of an" other person than a @atholic, are
liable to confiscation.
P. Sunda"s and holida"s are to be strictl" obser!ed. All negroes found at wor( on these da"s are
to be confiscated.
P. 'e forbid our white sub<ects, of both se9es, to marr" with the blac(s, under the penalt" of
being fined and sub<ected to some other arbitrar" punishment. 'e forbid all curates, priests, or
missionaries of our secular or regular clerg", and e!en our chaplains in our na!" to sanction
such marriages. 'e also forbid all our white sub<ects, and e!en the manumitted or free$born
blac(s, to li!e in a state of concubinage with blac(s. Should there be an" issue from this (ind of
intercourse, it is our will that the person so offending, and the master of the sla!e, should pa"
each a fine of three hundred li!res. Should said issue be the result of the concubinage of the
master with his sla!e, said master shall not onl" pa" the fine, but be depri!ed of the sla!e and of
the children, who shall be ad<udged to the hospital of the localit", and said sla!es shall be
fore!er incapable of being set free. 4ut should this illicit intercourse ha!e e9isted between a free
blac( and his sla!e, when said free blac( had no legitimate wife, and should said blac( marr"
said sla!e according to the forms prescribed b" the church, said sla!e shall be thereb" set free,
and the children shall also become free and legitimate > and in such a case, there shall be no
application of the penalties mentioned in the present article.
See more at5 http566www.blac(past.org6primar"6louisianas$code$noir$2;0%Usthash.1%ltGGn&.dpuf
#emocratic ,arty 5ho created the ===
State Sen. Stephen ?artin was recentl" as(ed to weigh in on contro!ersial comments b"
GGP *ieutenant Go!ernor candidate 7.'. Lac(son that denounced the Ou Olu9 Olan,
Planned Parenthood and the ,emocratic Part" in the same breath.
n defending Lac(son, ?artin spar(ed a contro!ers" of his own.
M&he fact is that both the OOO and Planned Parenthood are creations of the ,emocratic
Part",M> ?artin, +$@hesterfield, said in a ?a" 03 inter!iew with the +ichmond &imes$
Presidential E;ec+ti1e Order /2<73
4" the authorit" !ested in me as President b" the @onstitution and the laws of the Bnited
States of America, and in order to ensure that the Bnited States achie!es the most
beneficial economic use of its resources, it is hereb" ordered as follows5
Section 2. ,efinitions. /or purposes of this order5 (a) MPri!atizationM means the disposition or
transfer of an infrastructure asset, such as b" sale or b" long$term lease, from a State or local
go!ernment to a pri!ate part".
(b) Mnfrastructure assetM means an" asset financed in whole or in part b" the /ederal
Go!ernment and needed for the functioning of the econom". 79amples of such assets include, but
are not limited to5 roads, tunnels, bridges, electricit" suppl" facilities, mass transit, rail
transportation, airports, ports, waterwa"s, water suppl" facilities, rec"cling and wastewater
treatment facilities, solid waste disposal facilities, housing, schools, prisons, and hospitals.
F#0 P:rigin"lly "uthoriCed purposesP !e"ns the gener"l o$Ae#ti>es o the origin"l gr"nt progr"!4
ho@e>er, the ter! is not intended to in#lude e>ery #ondition reGuires or " gr"ntee to h">e
o$t"ined the origin"l gr"nt/
Fd0 PTr"nser pri#eP !e"ns% Fi0 the "!ount p"id or to $e p"id $y " pri>"te p"rty or "n
inr"stru#ture "sset, i the "sset is tr"nserred "s " result o " #o!petiti>e $idding4 o Fii0 the
"ppr"ised >"lue o "n inr"stru#ture "sset, "s deter!ined $y the he"d o the eKe#uti>e dep"rt!ent
or "gen#y "nd the 9ire#tor o the :i#e o -"n"ge!ent "nd Budget, i the "sset is not
tr"nserred "s " result o #o!petiti>e $idding/
Fe0 P)t"te "nd lo#"l go>ern!entsP !e"ns the go>ern!ent o "ny st"te o the United )t"tes, the
9istri#t o &olu!$i", "ny #o!!on@e"lth, territory, or possession o the United )t"tes, "nd "ny
#ountry, !uni#ip"lity, #ity, to@n, to@nship, lo#"l pu$li# "uthority, s#hool distri#t, spe#i"l distri#t,
intr"st"te distri#t, region"l or interst"te go>ern!ent"l entity, #oun#il o go>ern!ents, "nd "ny
"gen#y or instru!ent"lity o " lo#"l go>ern!ent, "nd "ny eder"lly re#ogniCed 7ndi"n Tri$e/
)e#/ 6/ Preser!ation of 79isting Authorit". 'othing in this order is in "ny intended to li!it "ny
eKisting "uthority o the he"ds o eKe#uti>e dep"rt!ents "nd "gen#ies to "ppro>e pri>"tiC"tion
propos"ls th"t "re other@ise #onsistent @ith l"@/
)e#/ 7/ Ludicial +e!iew. This order is intended only to i!pro>e the intern"l !"n"ge!ent o the
eKe#uti>e $r"n#h, "nd is not intended to #re"te "ny right or $eneit, su$st"nti>e or pro#edur"l,
enor#e"$le $y " p"rty "g"inst the United )t"tes, its "gen#ies or instru!ent"lities, its oi#ers or
e!ployees, or "ny other person/
George Bush
The White Eouse,
April 20, 1==2/
Citation: George Bush: "Executive Order 12803 - Infrastructure Privatiation!" "#ri$ 30! 1%%2& On$ine '( Gerhard Peters
and )ohn *& +oo$$e(! The American Presidency Project& htt#:,,---&#residenc(&ucs'&edu,-s,.#id/23021&
CON$&ESSION!L &ECO&# P!$E ! 3227
Statement of @arl 4. +i9, ?ilwau(ee, 'isconsin 5 appear in fa!our of the amendments.
@ongress is no longer bound b" its constitutional s"stem of delegated power. ts onl" test is
under the obligator" power to promote human rights in these fields of endea!or5 @i!il, Political,
economic, social and cultural. &hese are found in Article .. H .: of the @harter of the Bnited
8ations, a ratified and appro!ed treat". &he" are being promoted in all parts of the world b" the
Bnited 8ations.
$old Arin*ed Ala* in U0S0 Co+rt &ooms, P+-lic O''ices B $o1ernment #e,artments
&he flags displa"ed in State courts and courts of the Bnited States ha!e gold or "ellow
fringes. &hat is "our 'A+88G that "ou are entering into a foreign encla!e, the same as
if "ou are stepping into a foreign embass" and "ou will be under the <urisdiction of that
flag.&he flag with the gold or "ellow fringe has no constitution, no laws, and no rules of
court, and is not recognized b" an" nation on the earth, and is foreign to "ou and the
Bnited States of America.
?*&A+E /*AG '&- &-7 GG*, /+8G7
1artial La, Alag BPursuant to 4 *.S.C. !hater 1= CC1= %= D ?E E/e!utive Order
158?4= August %1= 1F6FE %4 A.R.7876> a militar" flag is a flag that resembles the regular
flag of the Bnited States, e9cept that it has a E7**G' /+8G7 border on three sides.
&he President of the Bnited States designates this de!iation from the regular flag, b"
e9ecuti!e order, and in his capacit" as @ommander$in$@hief of the militar". &he placing
of a fringe on the national flag, the dimensions of the flag and the arrangement of the
stars in the union are matters of detail not controlled b" statute, but are within the
discretion of the President as @ommander in @hief of the Arm" and 8a!".M ?4 Os. Att+.
Gen. 8?.
President, ,wight ,a!id 7isenhower, b" E/e!utive Order No.158?4, signed on August
02, 2N.N and printed in the /ederal +egister at %4 A.R. 7876, pursuant to law, stated
that5 MA militar" flag is a flag that resembles the regular flag of the Bnited States, e/!et
that it has a +ello, fringe "order on three sides.M
&-7 *A' G/ &-7 /*AG
&he *aw of the /lag, an nternational *aw, which is recognized b" e!er" nation of the
planet, is defined as5
M... a rule to the effect that a !essel is a part of the territor" of the nation whose flag she
flies. &he term is used to designate the +G-&S under which a ship owner, who sends his
!essel into a foreign port, gi!es notice b" his flag to all who enter into contracts with the
ship master that he intends the *aw of that /lag to regulate those contracts, and that the"
must either submit to its operation or not contract with him or his agent at all.M +ef.5
Ruhstrat v. Peole, .; 8.7. %2
4" the doctrine of Mfour corneringM the flag establishes the law of the countr" that it
represents. /or e9ample, the embassies of foreign countries, in 'ashington ,.@., are
Mfour corneredM b" walls or fencing, creating an Mencla!e.M 'ithin the boundaries of the
Mencla!eM of the foreign embass", the flag of that foreign countr" establishes the
<urisdiction and law of that foreign countr", which will be enforced b" the *aw of the
/lag and international treat". f "ou enter an embass", "ou will be sub<ect to the laws of
that countr", <ust as if "ou board a ship fl"ing a foreign flag, "ou will be sub<ect to the
laws of that flag, enforceable b" the Mmaster of the ship,M (@aptain), b" the law of the
'hen "ou enter a courtroom displa"ing a gold or +ello, fringed flag, "ou ha!e <ust
entered into a foreign countr", and "ou better ha!e "our passport with "ou, because "ou
ma" not be coming bac( to the land of the free for a long time. &he @udge sitting under a
gold or +ello, fringe flag "e!omes the B!atainB or BmasterB of that shi or en!lave
and he has a"solute o,er to ma#e the rules as he goes. &he gold or "ellow fringe flag
is "our warning that "ou are lea!ing "our @onstitutionall" secured +G-&S on the floor
outside the door to that courtroom.
&his is e9actl" wh" so man" <udges are appointed, and not elected b" the people. &he
/ederal <udges are appointed b" the President, the national militar" commander in chief.
&he State <udges are appointed b" the Go!ernors, the state militar" commanders. &he
<udges are appointed because the !ourts are militar+ !ourts and !ivilians do not Bele!tB
militar+ offi!ers.
Under Martial la56Maritime La58U0S0Co+rts9, yo+ are ,res+med *+ilty +ntil ,ro1en innocent/
This yello@ Fringe Fl"g in U/)/ &ourts et/"l/, is $l"tently "g"inst the 7&*D9, U' &h"rter, U' 9e#l"r"tion on
the Dights o 7ndigenous 5eoples "nd the U' 9e#l"r"tion on Eu!"n Dights/
)o upon entering the U/)/ &orpor"te #ourts, the "#tions o the #ourt "re to tre"t "nyone @ho enters "s guilty "nd
to "ssu!e "nd presu!e they "re guilty/ The #urrent syste! "s it h"s $een set up is preAudi#i"l "nd is #ontr"ry to
the 7&*D9 "nd U' &h"rter @hi#h the United )t"tes o A!eri#"Freligious #orpor"tion0 h"s r"tiied "nd "gree to
honor/ This "lso $ring up the "#t th"t &ri!es "g"inst hu!"nity >iol"tions #o!!itted $y the U/)/F eder"l
#orpor"tion0 ;usti#e syste! "s they h">e ull kno@ledge they "re going to deny due pro#ess "g"inst 7ndigenous
peoples i the issue th"t is in #ontro>ersy is to their $eneit4 "lso kno@n do!esti#"lly "s Geno#ideF Title 1< U)&
se# 10=10, D"#keteeringF D/7/&/:/ A#t0 "nd 5ir"#yFTitle 1< U)& )*& 70/
&here are no Ludicial courts in America and there has not been since 2;DN. Ludges do not
enforce Statutes and @odes. E/e!utive Administrators enfor!e Statutes and Codes.
(/+@ !. G7 0D2 BS %:%, Oeller !. P7 0:2 BS %0D, 2 Stat. 23D$2;D). &here ha!e not "een
an+ 3udges in Ameri!a sin!e 1>8F. &here ha!e <ust been Administrators. (ARC v. GE
%81 *S 474= Geller v. PE %71 *S 4%8 1Stat. 1?8.1>8) 21. According to the GA&& "ou
must ha!e a Social Securit" number. -ouse +eport (213$D0:).
-"niest 9estiny8 9o#trine o 9estiny @hi#h h"s $een used "nd is still $eing used in the
U/)/ &ourts F "nd &"n"d", "s &"n"d" is " #orpor"tion registered in W"shington, 9/&/ on
the U/)/ )e#urities "nd *K#h"nge &o!!ission, see "tt"#hed U5D report $y %At(sik(
h"t" %'"tion o %."!"ssee(-oors0 "s is kno@n "s the -"rsh"ll trilogy @hi#h purported
th"t 7ndi"ns "re not "llo@ed to o@n l"nd nor h">e title to l"nd/
;ohnson I Gr"h"!Ws 3essee >/ -#7ntosh, 21 U/)/ < Whe"t/ 142 142
;ohnson I Gr"h"!Ws 3essee >/ -#7ntosh
2/ U0S0 8< (heat09 C43
7++G+ &G &-7 ,S&+@&
@GB+& G/ **8GS
A title to lands under grants to pri!ate indi!iduals made b" ndian tribes or
nations northwest of the +i!er Ghio in 2;;3 and 2;;. cannot be recognized in the
courts of the Bnited States. ,isco!er" the original foundation of titles to land on
the American continent as between the different 7uropean nations b" whom
con#uests and settlements were made here. +ecognition of the same principle in
the wars, negotiations, and treaties between the different 7uropean powers.
Adoption of the same principle b" the Bnited States.
&he e9clusi!e right of the 4ritish go!ernment to the lands occupied b" the ndians
has passed to that of the Bnited States. /oundation and limitation of the right of
Application of the principle of the right of con#uest to the case of the ndian
sa!ages. 8ature of the ndian title, as subordinate to the absolute ultimate title of
the go!ernment. 7ffect of the proclamation of 2;:3.
Further, it is not dis#losed to 7ndigenous 5eoples "nd non(7ndigenous peoples grie>"n#es #"n $e t"ken dire#tly
to the 5ope/
BIf +ouHve got a ro"lem ,ith Ne, -or# Cit+
"eing the !aital of the ,orld=
ta#e it u ,ith the Poe.B
As the ma"or of 8ew Eor( @it", +udolph Giuliani was as contro!ersial as he was
determined to re!italize Mthe greatest cit" in the world.M 8e!er one to pull
punches, he did things the wa" the" had to be done, not the wa" e!er"one else
thought the" should be done.
4ut during the chaotic aftermath of the Sept. 22, 0112, terrorist attac( on the
'orld &rade @enter, GiulianiCs courageous actions and bold decisi!eness
propelled him from his place as the leader of a cit" under siege to the belo!ed
?a"or of America. Gn that da" and for man" da"s afterward, he stood up and
spo(e with strength and compassion V and for that he will be remembered b" not
onl" 8ew Eor(ers, but all Americans.
8ow, in his own words, readers can e9perience the wisdom, inspiration, and
genuine M8ew Eaw(M attitude that ha!e brought +udolph Giuliani from the tough
streets of 4roo(l"n to the carnage of Ground Qero and into the annals of histor".
he Po,eDs a-ility to a-olish U0S0 La5
&he Pope can abolish an" law in the Bnited States. (7lements of 7cclesiastical
*aw Pol.2 .3$.%) ( %1 &hings e!er" American should (now $
http566home.iae.nl6users6lightnet6world6essa"s.htm ).
Contradictory #e'initions o' the United States o' !merica and the United States0
With these "#ts presented it is #le"r to see th"t the U/)/ 3eg"l syste! "nd its #ourts "re in dis"rr"y "t @orst "nd
t"ngled @e$ o de#eption, #orruption, tre"son, r"ud "nd 9is#ri!in"tion "t $est/
the United )t"tes, United )t"tes o A!eri#" "s sho@n%
&he Bnited States is a) (2.) Bnited States meansV
(A) a /ederal corporation>
(4) an agenc", department, commission, board, or other entit" of the Bnited States> or
(@) an instrumentalit" of the Bnited States. (
b) http566www.supremelaw.org6letters6us$!$usa.htm
All &itles of the Bnited States @ode (BS@) are strictl" meant for the Bnited States and none of
the .1 states of the Bnion. 7ach of the .1 states ha!e their own constitutions and laws. See
-epburn !. 7llze", % Cran!h= 446= 46%, and Lohn 4arron ! &he ?a"or and @it" of 4altimore 30
B.S. 0%3 (2D33). &hese last two cases clearl" state that the Bnited States is not the .1 states of
the Bnion.

See Paragraph . #uoted here5

B6. &he *nited States of Ameri!a are a !ororation
endo,ed ,ith the !aa!it+ to sue and "e sued= to !onve+
and re!eive roert+. 1 1arsh. <e!. 1>>= 181.
0ut it is roer to o"serve that no suit !an "e "rought
against the *nited States ,ithout authorit+ of la,.B

8ote that the plural !erb MareM was used, pro!iding further
e!idence that the MBnited States of AmericaM are plural,
as implied b" the plural term MStatesM. Also, the author
of that definition switches to MBnited StatesM in the second
sentence. &his onl" adds to the confusion, because the
term MBnited StatesM has three (3) different legal meanings5


-owe!er, the decision cited abo!e is Lustice ?arshall issuing dictum,
and it is 8G& an Act of @ongress. -ere, again,
be !er" war" of courts attempting to MlegislateM in the absence
of a proper Act of @ongress. See 2 B.S.@. 212 for the
statute defining the re#uired enacting clause5

And, pa" attention to what was said in that definition here5
Bno suit !an "e "rought against the *nited States
,ithout authorit+ of la,B. &hat statement is not onl"
correct> it also pro!ides another important clue5
@ongress has conferred legal standing on the MBnited StatesM
to sue and be sued at 0D B.S.@. 23%. and 23%:, respecti!el"5

@ongress has 8G& conferred comparable legal standing
upon the MBnited States of AmericaM to sue, or be sued,
as such.

/urthermore, under the Articles of @onfederation, the term
MBnited States of AmericaM is the MstileM or phrase that was used
to describe the Bnion formed legall" b" those Articles5

Arti!les of Confederation and eretual *nion "et,een the States
of Ne, 'amshire= 1assa!husetts "a+= Rhode Island and Providen!e
Plantations= Conne!ti!ut= Ne, -or#= Ne, 3erse+= Penns+lvania=
<ela,are= 1ar+land= Iirginia= North Carolina= South Carolina and

Arti!le I. &he Stile of this Confedera!+ shall "e
B&he *nited States of Ameri!a.B

Arti!le II. Ea!h state retains its sovereignt+= freedom=
and indeenden!e= and ever+ o,er= @urisdi!tion= and right=
,hi!h is not "+ this Confederation e/ressl+ delegated
to the *nited States= in Congress assem"led.J
'hen section P of this report and is read and compared to the go!ernments response, it is clear
to see that the Bnited States of America, Bnited States and the B.S. *egal S"stem and their
courts ha!e clearl" not informed the @7+, committee of the contradictions, flaws, deficiencies
in its courtrooms. &he united States of America has also failed to inform the @7+, committee
that because of its numerous contradictions and deficiencies in its court operations that it does
not ha!e a s"stem in place to address the B.S. Lustice s"stem=s failure to accept ndigenous
8ati!e Americans who are of African ,escent rights and their right to claim their ndigenous
heritage as protected b" @7+, Article . , B8,+P, Presidential Proclamation ;.11 and
Presidential 79ecuti!e Grder 231;,
U0S0 #e'initions o' racial discrimination not en'orced0
A. <efinitions of ra!ial dis!rimination in domesti! la, and the Convention
;. ,efinition of racial discrimination in domestic law. 79isting B.S. constitutional and statutor"
law and practice pro!ide strong and effecti!e protections against discrimination on the bases
co!ered b" article 2 of the @on!ention in all fields of public endea!our, and pro!ide remedies for
those who, despite these protections, become !ictims of discrimination.2 /or discussion of B.S.
constitutional pro!isions and laws pro!iding protections against racial and ethnic
discrimination, please see sections and of the common core document.
D. Prohibition of discriminator" effects or disparate impact. 'ith regard to paragraph 21 of the
@ommittee=s concluding obser!ations, although establishing a race discrimination !iolation of
the B.S. @onstitution re#uires proof of discriminator" intent, man" B.S. ci!il rights statutes and
regulations go further, prohibiting policies or practices that ha!e discriminator" effects or
disparate impact on members of racial or ethnic minorities or ///
20. ,ifferential treatment based on citizenship or immigration status. &he Bnited States strongl"
shares the @ommittee=s !iew that citizens and noncitizens ali(e should en<o" protection of their
human rights and fundamental freedoms. Although the @on!ention b" its terms does not appl" to
distinctions, e9clusions, restrictions or preferences made b" a State Part" between citizens and
non$citizens, as a general matter the Bnited States belie!es that e!er" State must be !igilant in
protecting the rights that noncitizens en<o" in the State, regardless of immigration status, as a
matter of applicable domestic and international law.
23. As the common core document ma(es clear, the Bnited States has one of the most open
immigration s"stems in the world. Aliens within the Bnited States, regardless of their
immigration status, en<o" substantial protections under the B.S. @onstitution. ?an" of these
protections are shared on an e#ual basis with citizens, including protections against racial and
national origin discrimination. &he guarantee of e#ual protection of the laws addition to
constitutional protections, which, for e9ample, ma(e it unlawful to den" elementar" and
secondar" school children in the Bnited States a free public education on the basis of their
immigration status, see, e.g., Pl"ler !. ,oe, %.; B.S. 010 (2ND0), man" federal statutes prohibit
discrimination against noncitizensW.
FH)ee% #o!!on #ore do#u!ents U' 7&*D9 Aug 11 (2= , 2014 "nd %At(sik(h"t" %'"tion o %."!"ssee(-oors
U' &*D9 &o!!ittee Deport on the United )t"tes o A!eri#"?
#eclaration o' Inde,endence
&he language of the ,eclaration of ndependence is e#uall" conclusi!e5
t begins b" declaring that, Cwhen in the course of human e!ents it becomes necessar" for one
people to dissol!e the political bands which ha!e connected them with another, and to X:1 B.S.
3N3, %21Y assume among the powers of the earth the separate and e#ual station to which the
laws of nature and natureCs God entitle them, a decent respect for the opinions of man(ind
re#uires that the" should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.C
t then proceeds to sa"5 C'e hold these truths to be self$e!ident5 that all men are created e#ual>
that the" are endowed b" their @reator with certain unalienable rights> that among them is life,
libert", and the pursuit of happiness> that to secure these rights, Go!ernments are instituted,
deri!ing their <ust powers from the consent of the go!erned.C
&he general words abo!e #uoted would seem to embrace the whole human famil", and if the"
were used in a similar instrument at this da" would be so understood. 4ut it is too clear for
dispute, that the ensla!ed African race were not intended to be included, and formed no part of
the people who framed and adopted this declaration> for if the language, as understood in that
da", would embrace them, the conduct of the distinguished men who framed the ,eclaration of
ndependence would ha!e been utterl" and flagrantl" inconsistent with the principles the"
asserted> and instead of the s"mpath" of man(ind, to which the" so confidentl" appealed, the"
would ha!e deser!ed and recei!ed uni!ersal rebu(e and reprobation.
Scott 10 San'ord #ecision /<C> 67 U0S0 393 8/<C>9
;usti#es $eg"n to deli>er eight sep"r"te opinions/ The !"Aority ruled th"t )#ott @"s still "
sl">e/ Three, in#luding T"ney, s"id no 'egro, e>en i ree, #ould hold #itiCenship in the
United )t"tes/ And or the irst ti!e sin#e 1<02, the &ourt held "n A#t o &ongress null
"nd >oid/ Under the &onstitution, it "nnoun#ed, &ongress h"d no po@er to li!it the
eKp"nsion o sl">ery $y l"@, "s the -issouri &o!pro!ise o 1<20 h"d done/ ( )ee !ore
"t% http%88@@@/supre!e#ourthistory/org8history(o(the(#ourt8history(o(the(#ourt(28the(
U0S0 Co+rt O''icials are !*ents o' EF+eenG EliHa-eth II o' En*land0
Attorney I Audges o the United )t"tes "re Agents o the #ro@n "nd "ns@er to *liC"$eth 77 [ -7)':-*D% the
[Sueen o *ngl"nd] e>iden#e%
+egina !. Lah http566mtrial.org6node6233 A short !ideo highlighting
M#ueenM 7lizabeth 0 promising to uphold M&he *aws of GodM, which forbid her,
parliament, or an"one else from legislating. She has bro(en this binding
contract, and thus the contract is !oided, meaning she has no actual authorit" to
bring !ictimless, legislated charges against an"one.(
http566www."outube.com6embed6o8n"ctc7%eK ).
7lizabeth Ale9andra ?ar" 'indsor ?ount4atten 4attenburg has "een roven to
"e a fraud in an English !ourt and is therefore not Kueen. Eli2a"eth Kindsor
!annot legislate= has no authorit+ and "+ fault= fraud and default neither !an
her heirs= assigns= agents= reresentatives= "arristers= soli!itors and attorne+s>
&herefore= never having "een La,full+ !ro,ned= she has NO authorit+ to ut
the defendant on trial and the @udge has NO authorit+ to tr+ him= "e!ause the
@udgeLs Mauthorit+J !omes from her(htt$44mtrial.org4node41??).
this includes the Bnited States courtsW as the" ta(e their orders from her
operate under the +o"al @ourts of Lustice in *ondon. ( +egina !. Lah Lur" Perdict
Apostilled b" 5At$si($hata 58ation of 5Eamassee$?oors
he I+eenEEliHa-eth IIG has amended the social sec+rity act
S&A&B&G+E 8S&+B?78&S
1FF> No. 1>>8
&he Social Securit" (Bnited States of America) Grder 2NN;
?ade 00nd Lul" 2NN;
@oming into force 2st September 2NN;
At the @ourt at 4uc(ingham Palace, the 00nd da" of Lul" 2NN;
&he KueenCs ?ost 79cellent ?a<est" in @ouncil
'hereas at *ondon on the 23th /ebruar" 2ND% an Agreement on social securit" between
the Go!ernment of the Bnited Oingdom of Great 4ritain and 8orthern reland and the
Go!ernment of the Bnited States of America (hereinafter referred to as Mthe AgreementM)
and an Administrati!e Agreement for the implementation of the Agreement (hereinafter
referred to as Mthe Administrati!e AgreementM)X2Y were signed on behalf of those
Go!ernments and effect was gi!en to the Agreement b" the Social Securit" (Bnited States
of America) Grder 2ND% (hereinafter referred to as Mthe Principal GrderM)X0Y5
And 'hereas at *ondon on :th Lune 2NN: a Supplementar" Agreement between the
Go!ernment of the Bnited Oingdom of Great 4ritain and 8orthern reland and the
Go!ernment of the Bnited States of America (which Supplementar" Agreement is set out
in Schedule 2 to this GrderW and is hereinafter referred to as Mthe Supplementar"
AgreementM) amending the Agreement and a Supplementar" Administrati!e Agreement
amending the Administrati!e Agreement (which Supplementar" Administrati!e
Agreement is set out in Schedule 0 to this GrderW and is hereinafter reerred to "s Pthe
)upple!ent"ry Ad!inistr"ti>e Agree!entP0[2] @ere signed on $eh"l o those
he United States is Still a British Colony
An *sGuire in the "$o>e us"ge @"s " gr"nted r"nk "nd Title o no$ility $y the king, @hi#h
is $elo@ Tnight "nd "$o>e " yeo!"n, #o!!on !"n/ An *sGuire is so!eone th"t does not
do !"nu"l l"$or "s signiied $y this st"tus, see the $elo@ deinitions/
P*sGuires $y >irtue o their oi#es4 "s Austi#es o the pe"#e, "nd others @ho $e"r "ny
oi#e o trust under the #ro@n////or @hose>er studieth the l"@s o the re"l!, @ho
studieth in the uni>ersities, @ho proesseth the li$er"l s#ien#es, "nd @ho #"n li>e idly, "nd
@ithout !"nu"l l"$or, "nd @ill $e"r the port, #h"rge, "nd #ounten"n#e o " gentle!"n, he
sh"ll $e #"lled !"ster, "nd sh"ll $e t"ken or " gentle!"n/P Bl"#kstone &o!!ent"ries p/
P*sGuire ( 7n *nglish 3"@/ A title o dignity neKt "$o>e gentle!"n, "nd $elo@ knight/
Also " title o oi#e gi>en to sheris, serAe"nts, "nd $"rristers "t l"@, Austi#es o the
pe"#e, "nd others/P Bl"#ks 3"@ 9i#tion"ry ourth ed/ p/ 641
BenA"!in Fr"nklin, ;ohn Ad"!s "nd ;ohn ;"y "s you #"n re"d in the Tre"ty @ere "ll
*sGuires "nd @ere the signers o this Tre"ty "nd the only negoti"tors o the Tre"ty/ The
represent"ti>e o the king @"s 9">id E"rtley *sGr//
BenA"!in Fr"nklin @"s the !"in negoti"tor or the ter!s o the Tre"ty, he spent !ost o
the W"r tr">eling $et@een *ngl"nd "nd Fr"n#e/ The use o *sGuire de#l"red his "nd the
others British su$Ae#tion "nd loy"lty to the #ro@n/
7n the irst "rti#le o the Tre"ty !ost o the kings #l"i!s to A!eri#" "re relinGuished,
eK#ept or his #l"i! to #ontinue re#ei>ing gold, sil>er "nd #opper "s g"in or his $usiness
>enture/ Arti#le 2 gi>es A!eri#"ns the right to ish the @"ters "round the United )t"tes
"nd its ri>ers/ 7n "rti#le 4 the United )t"tes "greed to p"y "ll $on" ide de$ts/ 7 you @ill
re"d !y other p"pers on !oney you @ill underst"nd th"t the in"n#iers @ere @orking
@ith the king/ Why else @ould he prote#t their interest @ith this Tre"tyN
7 @onder i you h">e seen the !"in "nd o$>ious pointN This Tre"ty @"s signed in 17<2,
the @"r @"s o>er in 17<1/ 7 the United )t"tes dee"ted *ngl"nd, ho@ is the king gr"nting
rights to A!eri#", @hen @e @ere no@ his eGu"l in st"tusN We supposedly dee"ted hi! in
the De>olution"ry W"rX )o @hy @ould these supposed p"triot A!eri#"ns sign su#h "
Tre"ty, @hen they kne@ th"t this @ould >oid "ny so>ereignty g"ined $y the 9e#l"r"tion
o 7ndependen#e "nd the De>olution"ry W"rN 7 @e h"d @on the De>olution"ry W"r, the
king gr"nting us our l"nd @ould not $e ne#ess"ry, it @ould h">e $een ours $y his loss o
the De>olution"ry W"r/ To not di#t"te the ter!s o " pe"#e tre"ty in " position o strength
"ter @inning " @"r4 !e"ns the @"r @"s ne>er @on/ Think o other @"rs @e h">e @on,
su#h "s @hen @e dee"ted ;"p"n/ 9id -#Arther "llo@ ;"p"n to di#t"te to hi! the ter!s
or surrenderN 'o @"yX All these !en did is g"in st"tus "nd pri>ilege gr"nted $y the king
"nd insure the su$Ae#tion o uture un"@"re gener"tions/ Worst o "ll, they sold out those
th"t g">e their li>es "nd property or the #h"n#e to $e ree/
When &orn@"llis surrendered to W"shington he surrendered the $"ttle, not the @"r/ De"d
the Arti#le o &"pitul"tion signed $y &orn@"llis "t .orkto@n Footnote 20
;on"th"n Willi"!s re#orded in his $ook, 3egions o )"t"n, 17<1, th"t &orn@"llis
re>e"led to W"shington during his surrender th"t P" holy @"r @ill no@ $egin on A!eri#",
"nd @hen it is ended A!eri#" @ill $e supposedly the #it"del o reedo!, $ut her !illions
@ill unkno@ingly $e loy"l su$Ae#ts to the &ro@n/P////Pin less th"n t@o hundred ye"rs the
@hole n"tion @ill $e @orking or di>ine @orld go>ern!ent/ Th"t go>ern!ent th"t they
$elie>e to $e di>ine @ill $e the British *!pire/P
All the Tre"ty did @"s re!o>e the United )t"tes "s " li"$ility "nd o$lig"tion o the king/
Ee no longer h"d to ship !"teri"l "nd !oney to support his su$Ae#ts "nd #olonies/ At the
s"!e ti!e he ret"ined in"n#i"l su$Ae#tion through de$t o@ed "ter the Tre"ty, @hi#h is
still $eing #re"ted tod"y4 !illions o doll"rs " d"y/ And his heirs "nd su##essors "re still
re"ping the $eneit o the kings origin"l >enture/ 7 you @ill re"d the ollo@ing Guote
ro! Title 26, you @ill see Aust one situ"tion @here the king is still #olle#ting " t"K ro!
those th"t re#ei>e " $eneit ro! hi!, on property @hi#h is pur#h"sed @ith the !oney the
king supplies, "t "l!ost the s"!e per#ent"ge%
26 U)& )e#/ 14=1
)e#/ 14=1/ 7!position o t"K
There is here$y i!posed on the tr"nser o property $y " #itiCen or resident o the United
)t"tes, or $y " do!esti# #orpor"tion or p"rtnership, or $y "n est"te or trust @hi#h is not "
oreign est"te or trust, to " oreign #orpor"tion "s p"id(in surplus or "s " #ontri$ution to
#"pit"l, or to " oreign est"te or trust, or to " oreign p"rtnership, "n eK#ise t"K eGu"l to 21
per#ent o the eK#ess o (
F10 the "ir !"rket >"lue o the property so tr"nserred, o>er
F20 the su! o (
FA0 the "dAusted $"sis For deter!ining g"in0 o su#h property in the h"nds o the
tr"nseror, plus
FB0 the "!ount o the g"in re#ogniCed to the tr"nseror "t the ti!e o the tr"nser/
FAug/ 16, 1=14, #h/ 726, 6<A )t"t/ 2614 :#t/ 4, 1=76, 5u$/ 3/ =4(411, title J, )e#/
1011F"0, =0 )t"t/ 16174 'o>/ 6, 1=7<, 5u$/ 3/ =1(600, title Y77, )e#/ 701Fu0F140FA0, =2
)t"t/ 2=1=/0
Present day O+tcome
This #urrent st"te o ""irs in the U/T/ &ourts, "pplies to the United )t"tes &ourts "nd its syste!4 "s su#h the
Ad!inistr"tors [;udgesFsi#0], #ongress!en, sen"torsFunder the Y"ti#"n0 "re "gents o [Sueen] *liC"$eth 77 "nd
"s su#h put the! in% #onli#t o interest, r"ud, #o!!er#i"l r"ud @ithout s#ienter, tre"son, tr"ding @ith the
ene!y, perAury, #onspir"#y, r"#keteering et/"l, "s "ll U/)/ #ourt pro#eedings "re not gu"r"nteed, nor o$lig"ted,
nor reGuired, to gi>e% ree, prior "nd inor!ed #onsent "s !"nd"ted $y% the United '"tions #h"rter, U'
&on>ention on *#ono!i#, )o#i"l I &ultur"l Dights, U'9D75, 7&*D9H , et/"l/
W5At$si($hata 58ation of 5Eamassee$?oors B8 @7+, @ommittee +eport on the Bnited States of AmericaZ
7t is "pp"rent $y the #ondu#t o the &orpor"tions o the United )t"tes "nd the United )t"tes o A!eri#", they
still h">e " long @"y to go in "##epting the "#t th"t those so(#"lled Bl"#kZs 'egros, Ari#"n(A!eri#"ns "re in
"#t 7ndigenous not only in Ari#", Asi", *urope "nd )outh A!eri#", $ut here "s @ell/ 9is#ri!in"tion "g"inst
those so(#"lled Bl"#kZs 'egros, Ari#"n(A!eri#"ns @ho #l"i! their 7ndigenous st"nding is still "n ongoing
pro$le! on the l"nd @e kno@ "s% Turtle 7sl"nd, Atl"n, -uu(l"n, 3"nd o the Frogs, *gypt o the WestF#oined $y
A$r"h"! 3in#oln0, Utl", EeKi"n F http%88sites/google/#o!8site8"uthenti#eKport8"tsikh"t"(190 The &orpor"tions o
the United )t"tes "nd the United )t"tes o A!eri#" need to "#e this "#t, "##ept it "nd sol>e the "#t th"t they
h">e " pro$le! not dis#ri!in"ting "g"inst so(#"lled Bl"#kZs 'egros, Ari#"n(A!eri#"ns @ho #l"i! their
7ndigenous st"nding in "##ord @ith 7&*D9/
30 (hat are concrete e;am,les o' *ood ,ractice concernin* the s+-stanti1e elements
identi'ied 8incl+din* a -rie' descri,tion and rele1ant lin)s6doc+ments90
7 Tender the ollo@ing #on#rete eK"!ples%
E;am,le J /
)/&on Des/ 26 ((( htt,.66thomas0loc0*o16c*i4-in6F+ery6#Kc///.3.06tem,6Lc///<tIO5r..
S0CON0&ES026 44 (hereas d+rin* the history o' the Nation, the United States has *ro5n into a sym-ol o'
democracy and 'reedom aro+nd the 5orldM 8&e'erred in %o+se 4 &A%9
)&:' 26 DFE
111th &:'GD*))
1st )ession
S0 CON0 &ES0 26
:+ne /<, 2779
Deerred to the &o!!ittee on the ;udi#i"ry
ApologiCing or the ensl">e!ent "nd r"#i"l segreg"tion o Ari#"n(A!eri#"ns/
[Where"s Ari#"ns or#ed into sl">ery @ere $rut"liCed, hu!ili"ted, dehu!"niCed, "nd su$Ae#ted to the indignity o $eing
stripped o their n"!es "nd herit"ge4
Where"s !"ny ensl">ed "!ilies @ere torn "p"rt "ter "!ily !e!$ers @ere sold sep"r"tely4
E;am,le J 2%
EAr(1=4 ((( http%88@@@/gpo/go>8dsys8pkg8B733)(110hres1=4ih8pd8B733)(110hres1=4ih/pd
ApologiCing or the ensl">e!ent "nd r"#i"l segreg"tion o
Where"s !illions o Ari#"ns "nd their des#end"nts @ere
ensl">ed in the United )t"tes "nd the 12 A!eri#"n #olo(
nies ro! 161= through 1<614
Where"s sl">ery in A!eri#" rese!$led no other or! o in>ol(
unt"ry ser>itude kno@n in history, "s Ari#"ns @ere #"p(
tured "nd sold "t "u#tion like in"ni!"te o$Ae#ts or "ni(
ED*) 1=4 7E
Where"s Ari#"ns or#ed into sl">ery @ere $rut"liCed, hu!ili(
"ted, dehu!"niCed, "nd su$Ae#ted to the indignity o
$eing stripped o their n"!es "nd herit"ge4
Where"s ensl">ed "!ilies @ere torn "p"rt "ter h">ing $een
sold sep"r"tely ro! one "nother4
Where"s the syste! o sl">ery "nd the >is#er"l r"#is! "g"inst
persons o Ari#"n des#ent upon @hi#h it depended $e(
#"!e entren#hed in the '"tionZs so#i"l "$ri#4
E;r(2 ((( http%88@@@/gpo/go>8dsys8pkg8B733)(110hAres2ih8pd8B733)(110hAres2ih/pd
To "#kno@ledge " long history o oi#i"l depred"tions "nd
ill(#on#ei>ed poli#ies $y the United )t"tes Go>ern!ent
reg"rding 7ndi"n tri$es "nd oer "n "pology to "ll '"ti>e
5eoples on $eh"l o the United )t"tes/
Where"s the "n#estors o tod"yZs '"ti>e 5eoples inh"$ited
the l"nd o the present(d"y United )t"tes sin#e ti!e i!(
!e!ori"l "nd or thous"nds o ye"rs $eore the "rri>"l o
peoples o *urope"n des#ent[
E;am,le J 3.
5residenti"l *Ke#uti>e :rder 12107 (((
)e#tion 1/
7!ple!ent"tion o Eu!"n
Dights :$lig"tions/
F"0 7t sh"ll $e the poli#y
"nd pr"#ti#e o the Go>ern!ent o the
United )t"tes, $eing #o!!itted to the pro(
te#tion "nd pro!otion o hu!"n rights "nd
und"!ent"l reedo!s, ully to respe#t "nd
i!ple!ent its o$lig"tions under the inter(
n"tion"l hu!"n rights tre"ties to @hi#h it is
" p"rty, in#luding the 7&&5D, the &AT, "nd
the &*D9/
E;am,le J 4
U' 9e#l"r"tion on the Dights o 7ndigenous 5eoples ((( U,loaded on #ec />, 27/7
5resident B"r"#k :$"!" "nnoun#ed the U/)/ support o the United '"tions 9e#l"r"tion
on the Dights o 7ndigenous 5eoples "t the 9e#e!$er 16, 2010 Tri$"l '"tions
&onsult"tion in W"shingtong, 9/&
E;am,le J C
5residenti"l pro#l"!"tion 7100 ((( Proclamation 7500--National American Indian
Heritage Month 2001
No!em"er 12 2001
4" the President of the Bnited States of America
! Proclamation
The strength o our '"tion -y Ad!inistr"tion @ill #ontinue to @ork 5ith tri-al
*o1ernments on a so1erei*n to so1erei*n -asis to pro>ide '"ti>e A!eri#"ns @ith ne@
e#ono!i# "nd edu#"tion"l opportunities/ 7ndi"n edu#"tion progr"!s @ill re!"in "
priority, so th"t no A!eri#"n #hild, in#luding no '"ti>e A!eri#"n #hild, is let $ehind/
(e 5ill ,rotect and honor tri-al so1erei*nty "nd help to sti!ul"te e#ono!i#
de>elop!ent in reser>"tion #o!!unities/ We @ill @ork @ith the A!eri#"n 7ndi"ns "nd
Al"sk" '"ti>es to preser>e their reedo!s, "s they pr"#ti#e their religion "nd #ulture/
E;am,le J 6
Title 2< U)& se# 1260 ( http%88@@@/l"@/#ornell/edu8us#ode8teKt82<81260
2< U/)/ &:9* \ 1260 ( )TAT* &7Y73 ;UD7)97&T7:' 7' A&T7:') T: WE7&E
7'97A') AD* 5ADT7*)
8a9*"#h o the )t"tes listed in the ollo@ing t"$le sh"ll h">e Aurisdi#tion o>er #i>il #"uses o "#tion
$et@een 7ndi"ns or to @hi#h 7ndi"ns "re p"rties @hi#h "rise in the "re"s o 7ndi"n #ountry listed
opposite the n"!e o the )t"te to the s"!e eKtent th"t su#h )t"te h"s Aurisdi#tion o>er other #i>il
#"uses o "#tion, "nd those #i>il l"@s o su#h )t"te th"t "re o gener"l "ppli#"tion to pri>"te persons or
pri>"te property sh"ll h">e the s"!e or#e "nd ee#t @ithin su#h 7ndi"n #ountry "s they h">e
else@here @ithin the )t"te%
State o' Indian co+ntry a''ected
Al"sk" All 7ndi"n #ountry @ithin the )t"te/
&"liorni" All 7ndi"n #ountry @ithin the )t"te/
-innesot" All 7ndi"n #ountry @ithin the )t"te, eK#ept the Ded 3"ke Deser>"tion/
'e$r"sk" All 7ndi"n #ountry @ithin the )t"te/
:regon All 7ndi"n #ountry @ithin the )t"te, eK#ept the W"r! )prings Deser>"tion/
Wis#onsin All 7ndi"n #ountry @ithin the )t"te/
8-9'othing in this se#tion sh"ll "uthoriCe the "lien"tion, en#u!$r"n#e, or t"K"tion o "ny re"l or
person"l property, in#luding @"ter rights, $elonging to "ny 7ndi"n or "ny 7ndi"n tri$e, $"nd, or
#o!!unity th"t is held in trust $y the United )t"tes or is su$Ae#t to " restri#tion "g"inst "lien"tion
i!posed $y the United )t"tes4 or sh"ll "uthoriCe regul"tion o the use o su#h property in " !"nner
in#onsistent @ith "ny Feder"l tre"ty, "gree!ent, or st"tute or @ith "ny regul"tion !"de pursu"nt
thereto4 or sh"ll #oner Aurisdi#tion upon the )t"te to "dAudi#"te, in pro$"te pro#eedings or other@ise,
the o@nership or right to possession o su#h property or "ny interest therein/
8c9Any tri$"l ordin"n#e or #usto! heretoore or here"ter "dopted $y "n 7ndi"n tri$e, $"nd, or
#o!!unity in the eKer#ise o "ny "uthority @hi#h it !"y possess sh"ll, i not in#onsistent @ith "ny
"ppli#"$le #i>il l"@ o the )t"te, $e gi>en ull or#e "nd ee#t in the deter!in"tion o #i>il #"uses o
"#tion pursu"nt to this se#tion/
E;am,le J >
&he B.S. @ongress has not "een "ound "+ the !onstitution of the Bnited States( a corporate
constitution, which is not the same as the constitution for the united states of America F
organic constitution) since ?a" 22 2N..) Congressional Re!ord age A?%%5
entered on the house record b" @arl 4. +i9, President of the American 4ar Association5
@ongress is no longer bound b" its constitutional s"stem of delegated powers. ts onl"
test is under the obligator" power to promote human rights in these fields of endea!or5
@i!il, political, economic, social and cultural. &hese are found in Articles .. and .: of
the @harter of the Bnited 8ations, a ratified and appro!ed treat". &he" are being
promoted in all parts of the world b" the Bnited 8ations. @ongress ma" now legislate as
an uninhibited bod" with no shac(les of delegated powers under the @onstitution.
40 S+-stanti1e considerations to %el, States #e1elo, and enact a national action ,lan to Im,lement the
$+idin* Princi,les on B+siness B %+man &i*hts.
Consideration J /.
&he ?ost -ol" /rancis issued an Apostolic *etter on Lul" 22 and effecti!e September 2,
0123 that effecti!el" stripped awa" the immunit+ of all @udges= attorne+s= government
offi!ials and all entities esta"lished under the Roman Curia Xhint5 All !ororations are
established under the Roman CuriaY. All of these MpersonsM can now be held
accountable for war crimes, crimes against humanit", Xhint5 ,i!ine Spirit is humanit"Y,
for the unlawful restrictions of the liberties of the di!ine spirit incarnate> for failure to
settle the accounts> for continued prosecution of claims alread" settled, etc.
proprioB20120711Borg"ni(giudiCi"ri/ht!l ((( F0en 0ernan#e announ!ed that he is
resigning the Aederal Reserve effe!tive Setem"er 1= %51?.
One of the Aederal Reserve Governors has resigned effe!tive Setem"er 1= %51?.
3anet Naolitano N'omeland Se!urit+O has resigned effe!tive Setem"er 1= %51?.)
Consideration J 2
A@&P7 *78 G8 &-7 PA&@A8 6 -G*E S77 5 September N, 011N
$ http566www.scribd.com6doc6.113;N;%6011N$0%1N;3.$:1;3D1$B$ 011N1N1N$
PBP78&AGG8 $
Consideration J 3
3ien on the United )t"tes "nd the White Eouse signed $y U/)/ )e#ret"ry o )t"te
&ondoleeC" Di#e, http%88n"tur"l#redit/tripod/#o! /
Consideration J 4
A@&P7 *78 A8, @7+&/7, S&A&7?78& G/ @*A? against5 7lizabeth Ale9andra
?ar" 'insdor ?ountbatten$4attenburg \?S8G?7+5 Kueen 7lizabeth , see5
http566mtrial.org6node6233 , &his is a short !ideo with e9tracts from a documentar" about
7lizabeth not wanting her coronation to be tele!ised b" the 44@. &he reason for that, as
e9plained here $$ <ahtruth.net6stone.htm $$ is because she was terrified that people would
(now she was l"ing about the Stone of ,estin".
,irect "outube lin(5 http566www."outube.com6embed6'B?Ph3Bl+&%
Consideration J C
A short !ideo highlighting M#ueenM Eli2a"eth % romising to uhold B&he La,s of
GodM, which forbid her, parliament, or an"one else from legislating. She has bro(en this
binding contract, and thus the contract is !oided, meaning she has no actual authorit" to
bring !ictimless, legislated charges against an"one.
Please share with e!er"one. &he direct "outube lin( is5
Consideration J 6
&his Patican6-ol"See$&reatise(http566www.scribd.com6doc620D:2%21N6Patican$-ol"$See$
&reatise) is SSB7, in Accord with5 &he /irst Gfficial Act of the5Bni!ersal$Postmaster$
General of 5Atlan, 5Ame9em, 5&urtle$sland, 5*and of the /rogs5@hief 58an"a$
Shaabu57il5 ]^&? 6 5@hief54rown$7"es5-aw( ]^&? 6 5Plenipotentiar" of
5Atlan,5Albion, Ame9em, 5&urtle$sland, 5?uu$lan, 5-e9ian, 57g"pt$of$the$'est, 5*and$
of$&he$/rogs., b" PG,8G the Papal 4ull of 2%N0 ( September N, 011D $
http566(emit2N.googlepages.com6(nowledgetothe!atican $ (nowledge gi!en to Pope
4enedict TP on the e9istence of Atlan, Ame9em, &urtle sland , *and of the /rogs and
the 8on$79istence of the Bnited States of America, @anada and ?e9ico.) , Gfficial
Bniform @ommercial @ode5 3$31., 3$31:, 3$31;, D$21., D$.1., N$:1; H N$:1N > Bnited
8ations @harter, Bnited 8ations ,eclaration on the +ights of ndigenous Peoples, -ol"
&ablets @hapter 21 &ablet 20 !. %10 F %3; > 2:22 Oing Lames 4ible $+e!elation 35N.
Consideration P >
*Kport"tion o the U/)/ &"n"d" I -eKi#o &orpor"tions to the -iddle o The Atl"nti#
:#e"n/F -"r#h 17, 200<0/
5"rt 1 ((( https%88@@@/youtu$e/#o!8@"t#hN>OBleTU9C<;@0
5"rt 2 ((( https%88@@@/youtu$e/#o!8@"t#hN>Out2$lT>g($4
Consideration J <
T-e!"iltoY"ti#"n*liC"$eth77'o>72012 ( %At(sik(h"t" %'"tion o %."!"ssee(-oors &ourt is
&ourt Doo! 211 "t *d!onton 3"@ &ourts
This e!"il is "n :FF7&7A3 &o!!uni#"tion "nd 5ri!" "#ie *>iden#eFU&& 1(2020 in "##ord
@ith% Uni>ers"l 5ost"l Union &onstitution, Arti#le 11 o the Do!e )t"tute o the 7ntern"tion"l
&ri!in"l &ourt, &onstitution o the %At(sik(h"t" %'"tion o %."!"ssee(-oors, U&& 2(210F20,
U'9D75, U&& <(101, U&& =(607, U&& =(60=, U'&7TDA3, U'73:), 3ie$er &ode,
11408166681707 ( &estui Gue >ie trust "#ts,
The "$o>e e!"il "ddresses "re% 5ope Benedi#t JY7 "nd the @e$!"ster o% *liC"$eth AleK"ndr"
-"ry Windsor -ount$"tten B"tten$urg @ho thru their @e$!"ster 8 @e$"d!inistr"tors h">e $een
gi>en ':T7&* "nd T':W3*9G* th"t the *d!onton 3"@ &ourts &ourt roo! 211F "nd the
#ourts #onne#ted to it $y Aoinder0 "re 'o@% %At(sik(h"t" %'"tion o %."!"ssee(-oors &ourts I
Consideration J 9
Pope /rancis in commercial ,ishonor> @G??7+@A* ,S-G8G+ of the Patican
-ol" See 6 Pope /rancis PB4*S-7, G8 EGB&B47
TE* :D7G7'A3 *'Y*3:5*/ WE. WA) TE* A99D*)) :F TE* YAT7&A' 8
E:3. )** &:Y*D*9 A'9 WE. WA) 5:5* FDA'&7) 7 'A-* )&DAT&E*9
:UTN TE7) 7) -A73(TA-5*D7'G, A) W*33 A) &:--*D&7A3 97)E:':DFU&&
2(201, U&& 2(206, U&& 2(207, U&& <(101, U&& =(60=, =(60=0/
U&& 1(102 A33 7'97G*':U) D7GET) D*)*DY*9 *T*D'A33./ U'9D75/
[%&hie%'"ny"()h""$u%*il%FD0F#0T-] %At(sik(h"t" %'"tion o %."!"ssee(-oors
1<7(712(062= 4 7<0(<22(47=7 ] *!$"ssy o the %At(sik(h"t" %'"tion o %."!"ssee(
C0 Comments on the dra't list o' ,ractical to hel, States to de1elo, and enact a national action ,lan to
im,lement the $+idin* Princi,les incl+ded in the ,resent doc+ment0
1/ The Guiding 5rin#iples o this n"tion"l "#tion pl"n on their "#e "re sound4 Eo@e>er, the !ore i!port"nt issue is%
7!ple!ent"tion o the 5rin#iples ] @h"t @ill ensure th"t the 5rin#iples @ill $e i!ple!ented, ollo@ed, o$eyed "nd
"dhered to $y st"tes "nd the $usiness #o!p"nies @ith those st"tesN This needs to $e deined "nd dis#losed/
2/ 7 the st"te "ppro"#h is in #ontr"st "nd #onli#t @ith 7ntern"tion"l 3"@, @ith the U' &h"rter "s " r"tiied tre"ty
$eing supre!e, "nd the st"te still pro#eeds "g"inst 7ntern"tion"l 3"@, @h"t is the re!edy "nd re#ourse ">"il"$le
to 7ndigenous 5eoples so their grie>"n#es #"n $e resol>ed/ This !ust $e de"lt @ith in " n"tion"l "#tion pl"n/
2/ 5"rti#ul"rly @ith respe#t to the United )t"tes o A!eri#" F United )t"tesFsi#00 "nd its 7nter"#tion @ith 7ndigenous
5eoples4 The st"te !e!$er should h">e "n "ll in#lusi>e #o!!ittee rel"ting to grie>"n#es 7ndigenous 5eoples "nd
7ndigenous '"tions !"y h">e, @hether or not they "re eder"lly re#ogniCed/
4/ The issue o 5ri>"tis"tion "nd 5u$li# 5ro#ure!ent should h">e "n open pro#ess, rel"ted to grie>"n#es th"t
7ndigenous 5eoples h">e reg"rding de>elop!ent on :ur l"nd/ The st"te "nd $usiness p"rtners h">e " tenden#y to
le">e out "nd ignore de>elop!ent on 7ndigenous 3"nd, @hi#h is #ontr"ry to 7ntern"tion"l 3"@, tre"ties "nd
&on>entions4 this !ust $e de"lt @ith "s per the prin#iple or " n"tion"l "#tion pl"n, not $y @ords only $ut
genuine ,M good "ithM de"lings/
1/ 5oli#y &oheren#e needs to $e ully sol>ed, sin#e the United )t"tes o A!eri#" 8 the United )t"tes h"s so !"ny dierent
!e"nings this #re"tes " pro$le! @hen trying to resol>e &onli#ts, #ontro>ersy in 5oli#y o the st"te "nd $usiness "nd
"##ess to re!edy/ Further, sin#e the #ourts oper"te under -"riti!e8Ad!ir"lty 3"@, this is preAudi#e "g"inst 7ndigenous
5eoples @ho h">e "l@"ys h"d " #onne#tion @ith the l"nd/ Further, sin#e there "re no ;udges "nd there h">e not $een sin#e
17<=F 20 things e>ery A!eri#"n should kno@% https%88@@@/youtu$e/#o!8@"t#hN>Okl@W#p=ei5@ 0 these "re
"d!inistr"tors enor#ing st"tutes not l"@, this is% r"ud, geno#ide, r"pe, "p"rtheid, #ri!es "g"inst hu!"nity, tr"i#king in
hu!"n #"rgo, peon"ge, sl">ery "nd preAudi#e "g"inst 7ndigenous 5eoples "s the sour#e o re!edy "nd re#ourse is ounded
upon r"ud, perAury "nd r"#keteeringFD/7/&/:/0/
6/ A##ess to re!edy needs to $e #le"rly deined under @h"t Aurisdi#tion "s it rel"tes to 7ndigenous 5eoples sin#e the
United )t"tes o A!eri#" 8 United )t"tes "re oper"ting !"riti!e, #o!!er#i"l, "d!ir"lty I e##lesi"sti#"l l"@ in its #ourts,
this is #ontr"ry to @h"t the 7ndigenous people "nd 7ndigenous '"tions h">e $een told, so #le"rly the st"te !e!$er needs to
#o!e #le"n "$out its #ourt syste!8 Audi#i"ry "nd the "#t it is "#tu"lly doing "d!inistr"ti>e $"nking in its #ourts @hi#h "re
oper"ting on 7ndigenous l"nd @ithout our ree, prior "nd inor!ed #onsent/
7/ The Guiding 5rin#iples o " n"tion"l "#tion pl"n "s deined in se#tions%2(10 4 21(2<, "nd 21 should h">e "n intern"tion"l
re#ording to ensure th"t prin#iples st"ted in this tent"ti>e n"tion"l "#tion pl"n "re in "#t #"rried out/ )hould it $e ne#ess"ry
to h">e " #o!!ittee est"$lished or st"tes to report toF or the purpose o " tr"nsp"rent "nd "$o>e $o"rd #he#k "nd
$"l"n#e0 "s @ell "s re#ei>e the d"t" ro! st"tes, then th"t @ould $e "gree"$le in ter!s o est"$lishing trust "s it rel"tes to
issues in>ol>ing "nd reg"rding 7ndigenous 5eoples/
<0 Ca1eat and reminder to the state.
$+idin* Princi,le 3 4 Scr+tinisin* State ,olicies and re*+lations
n meeting their dut" to protect, States should5
(a) 7nforce laws that are aimed at, or ha!e the effect of, re#uiring business
enterprises to respect human rights, and periodicall" to assess the ade#uac" of such
laws and address an" gaps>
(b) 7nsure that other laws and policies go!erning the creation and on$going
operation of business enterprises, such as corporate law, do not constrain but enable
business respect for human rights>
(c) Pro!ide effecti!e guidance to business enterprises on how to respect human rights
throughout their operations>
(d) 7ncourage, and where appropriate re#uire, business enterprises to communicate
how the" address their human rights impacts.
$+idin* Princi,le > N Ens+rin* that -+siness enter,rises res,ect h+man ri*hts in
con'lict4a''ected areas
4ecause the ris( of gross human rights abuses is heightened in conflict$affected
areas, States should help ensure that business enterprises operating in those conte9ts
are not in!ol!ed with such abuses, including b"5
(a) 7ngaging at the earliest stage possible with business enterprises to help them
identif", pre!ent and mitigate the human rights$related ris(s of their acti!ities and
business relationships>
(b) Pro!iding ade#uate assistance to business enterprises to assess and address the
heightened ris(s of abuses, pa"ing special attention to both gender$based and se9ual
(c) ,en"ing access to public support and ser!ices for a business enterprise that is
in!ol!ed with gross human rights abuses and refuses to cooperate in addressing the
(d) 7nsuring that their current policies, legislation, regulations and enforcement
measures are effecti!e in addressing the ris( of business in!ol!ement in gross human
rights abuses.
$+idin* Princi,le < 4 Ens+rin* -oth 1ertical and horiHontal ,olicy coherence
5ithin the State States should ensure that go!ernmental departments, agencies and
other State$based
institutions that shape business practices are aware of and obser!e the State=s human
rights obligations when fulfilling their respecti!e mandates, including b" pro!iding
them with rele!ant information, training and support.
$+idin* Princi,le 9 4 Economic a*reements concl+ded -y States
States should maintain ade#uate domestic polic" space to meet their human rights
obligations when pursuing business$related polic" ob<ecti!es with other States or
business enterprises, for instance through in!estment treaties or contracts.
$+idin* Princi,le 2C N the State d+ty to ens+re access to e''ecti1e remedy
As part of their dut" to protect against business$related human rights abuse, States
must ta(e appropriate steps to ensure, through <udicial, administrati!e, legislati!e or
other appropriate means, that when such abuses occur within their territor" and6or
<urisdiction those affected
$+idin* ,rinci,le 26 4 E''ecti1eness o' State4-ased O+dicial mechanisms
States should ta(e appropriate steps to ensure the effecti!eness of domestic <udicial
mechanisms when addressing business$related human rights abuses, including
considering wa"s to reduce legal, practical and other rele!ant barriers that could
lead to a denial of access to remed".
$+idin* ,rinci,le 2> 4 State4-ased non4O+dicial *rie1ance mechanisms.
States should pro!ide effecti!e and appropriate non$<udicial grie!ance mechanisms,
alongside <udicial mechanisms, as part of a comprehensi!e State$based s"stem for the
remed" of business$related human rights abuse.
$+idin* Princi,le 3/ 4 E''ecti1eness criteria 'or non4O+dicial *rie1ance
n order to ensure their effecti!eness, non$<udicial grie!ance mechanisms, both State
based and non$State$based, should be5
(a) *egitimate5 enabling trust from the sta(eholder groups for whose use the" are
intended, and being accountable for the fair conduct of grie!ance processes>
(b) Accessible5 being (nown to all sta(eholder groups for whose use the" are
intended, and pro!iding ade#uate assistance for those who ma" face particular
barriers to access>
(c) Predictable5 pro!iding a clear and (nown procedure with an indicati!e timeframe
for each stage, and clarit" on the t"pes of process and outcome a!ailable and means
of monitoring implementation>
(d) 7#uitable5 see(ing to ensure that aggrie!ed parties ha!e reasonable access to
sources of information, ad!ice and e9pertise necessar" to engage in a grie!ance
process on fair, informed and respectful terms>
(e) &ransparent5 (eeping parties to a grie!ance informed about its progress, and
pro!iding sufficient information about the mechanism=s performance to build
confidence in its effecti!eness and meet an" public interest at sta(e>
(f) +ights$compatible5 ensuring that outcomes and remedies accord with
internationall" recognized human rights>
(g) A source of continuous learning5 drawing on rele!ant measures to identif" lessons
for impro!ing the mechanism and pre!enting future grie!ances and harms>
$+idin* Princi,le 2< 4 Non4State4-ased *rie1ance mechanisms
States should consider wa"s to facilitate access to effecti!e non$State$based
grie!ance mechanisms dealing with business$related human rights harms.
The United )t"tes is " eder"l #orpor"tion/
The United )t"tes is still " &olony o Gre"t Brit"in 8 United Tingdo!/
*liC"$eth 77 @"s ne>er #oron"ted "s SueenFsi#0 , h"s no so>ereignty "nd no "uthority/
*sGuires, Attorneys, ;udges, U/)/ &ourts et#/ do not h">e "ny "uthority "s their "uthority #o!es ro! *liC"$eth
-"ry AleK"ndr" -"ry Windsor -ount$"tten B"tten$urg "nd she h"s $roken her ;une 2 1=12 &oron"tion :"th/
The United )t"tes is $"nkrupt "nd h"s #o!e out o $"nkrupt#y $y selling its L"ssetsM "nd Linr"stru#tureMF eK/
:rder 1220</
The United )t"tes o A!eri#" is " Deligious &orpor"tion/
The &onstitution or the united st"tes o A!eri#" #"n $e >oided in #ourt $y U/)/ ;udges/ This h"s "lre"dy $een
done $y )t"te ;udges, @hi#h @ill end up $eing >oided out $y the lo#"l #ourts/
The United )t"tesF "long @ith &"n"d" I -eKi#o #orpor"tions0 h"s $een eKported to the -iddle o the Atl"nti#
:#e"n/ http%88sites/google/#o!8site8"uthenti#eKport8"tsikh"t"(1 /
The 5resident o the United )t"tes is " &/*/:/ o this &orpor"tion #"lled the United )t"tes o
A!eri#"Fhtt,s.665550yo+t+-e0com65atchK1PB<a($5eQoC) % #e Aacto Con*ressmen, !llen (est
Con'esses U0S0 President is CEOR 0
The histori#"lly hidden, sh"do@ "nd silent go>ern!ent8so#iety8o$lig"tions th"t the united st"tes o A!eri#"
#urrently h"s, reGuires " publicl" signed dis#losure "nd Public #ontr"#t or those !"tters to $e% re>e"led,
#orre#ted, "nnulled, #losed "nd settled so th"t 7ndigenous 5eoples, 7ndigenous '"tions "nd the 5u$li# h">e ull
dis#losure o the r"udulent n"ture o the st"tes eKisten#e/ This is " !"Aor reGuire!ent to ensure th"t the united
st"tes o A!eri#" #"n in "#t, ulill its 7ntern"tion"l o$lig"tions @ithout hesit"tion or !ent"l reser>"tion/
With the history o the United )t"tes o A!eri#"Zs "#tions rel"ted to 7ndigenous peoples "nd 7ndigenous
'"tions, Tri$"l )o>ereignty, tre"ties "nd eGu"lity, it is $y no !e"ns " stret#h to reGuire% ull dis#losure
"$o>e $o"rd, good "ith, tr"nsp"ren#y, li"$ility "nd trust o the "#tions o the United )t"tes o A!eri#"
"nd "ll its su$(#orpor"tions "nd $usiness p"rtners/ 7t is "pp"rent or this to o##ur, there !ust $e
7ntern"tion"l #he#ks I B"l"n#es, "s the Eistory o the United )t"tes o A!eri#" h"s sho@n, it is highly
resist"nt to th"t @hi#h does not suite its interests, e>en i he h"s "greed in prin#iple, #"rrying out it
o$lig"tions it @ill shirk i desires to do so/ )ee% Chero)ee 10 the State o' $eor*ia F20 U/)/ 1 5et/ 1 1
F1<210 "nd the Tr"il o Te"rs8 7ndi"n De!o>"l A#t o 1<20/
With The )pirit o our An#estors "nd 9es#end"nts, 7 honor"$ly tender this #onsult"tion/
Eotep 7l" Antuten 8 5e"#e to you All/
!ll &i*hts &eser1edS UCC /437<0UN#&IP0 Constit+tion o' the .!t4si)4hata .Nation o' .Yamasee4Moors
:n Beh"l o the %At(sik(h"t" %'"tion o %."!"ssee(-oors