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Rosellnica L.

Balasoto Professor Zhanina Custodio

III 9 BS Psychology June 27, 2014
The Miracle Worker

1. Why is the movie entitled The Miracle Worker?
For the Keller family, it seemed impossible for Helen to learn basic human activities like using
utensils, and having conversations. Ever since she was a child, they always have a hard time controlling
her behaviors. This is due to her visual and hearing impairment. The most basic organs for learning do
not function. They cannot have access on her mind. Whenever Helen panics, her mother gives her
sweets to calm her down. Ergo, it seemed to Helen that doing violent actions is a way for her to have a
reward. This worsened the situation.
But her teacher, Anne Sullivan believed in her capability. Helen still has a sense of touch. She started
giving Helen things for her to touch and then, Anne will spell out the word in her hands. At first, Helen
can only spell the words back but cannot understand them fully. But Anne Sullivan held on. And after
two weeks of hard work and training, Helen finally learned not just how to interpret hand signals, but
also on how to create one.
Helen Keller learned. There has been a miracle. Anne Sullivan is a miracle worker.
2. Who are the characters in the movie? Give their distinct characteristics.
The main character of the movie is Helen Keller. She contracted a fever she was only 19 months old
that left her blind and deaf. Because of this, nobody in her family had access in her mind. She just
wanders around the house and does whatever she wants to. They had a hard time dealing with her.
Her mother, Kate Adams, is a loving one. She is always there to support and control Helen.
Whenever Helen does violent deeds, she gives her sweets for her to calm down. But this is just
temporary. Kate cannot think of other things for her to communicate with her daughter.
Helens father, Arthur Keller, always want the best for his family. He is always in control of
everything. Though he doesnt show it much, he cares deeply for the condition of Helen. He is the one
who had an idea of hiring a teacher for her.
The teacher that was hired to educate Helen is Anne Sullivan. She is so dedicated and determined.
On the first time that she saw Helen, she already knew that she will succeed in teaching her. Of course,
it has been a tough journey. But she never gave up. She believed that anyone, even people with
disabilities, can acquire basic things that full functioning people do.
3. Did Anne Sullivan succeed in her quest? Why or why not?
Yes, Anne Sullivan succeeded in her quest. Her goal is to teach Helen how to do basic things like
using utensils, and knowing the name of things and she accomplished all of them. Anne Sullivan made
it possible for Helen to learn. She never gave up. And eventually, through further hard work, Helen has
become one of the greatest writers of her generation.
4. What did you gain from the movie watched?
While watching the movie, I have come to some realizations about the field of education.
I have learned the essence of being a true teacher being patient with the student no matter what
the circumstances are. A true teacher always aims for their learning. She can withstand all of the
hardships that come along the way.
I also realized that education is possible for all. Impairment is never a hindrance. All it takes is a
patient teacher and an amenable student for it to occur. With sufficient attention and determination,
success can always be achieved.
Because of this movie, I have loved my chosen profession even more. I want to be like Anne Sullivan.
I want to influence and share my knowledge for the betterment of my future students. I want to make a
difference and leave a mark.